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Contacting ACS Customer Service Center

ACS is a Xerox company that outsources customer service and customer care via a call center environment. In addition, the company offers an interactive call center so you can see how things should be setup if you are planning an in-house operation. Call centers are utilized by nearly every retail industry, including banking, mail orders, online orders and more. If there is a major business offering products and/or services, there is bound to be a call center on the other end of the call. Xerox also owns the ACS Education company that processes student loans and provides cloud computing, document management, IT outsourcing and HR services.

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Contact Info

Much of the contact information provided by ACS can be used to learn more about the services ACS provides. If you are already a customer, you may have a different list of contact information – likely the business specialist in charge of your account.

Phone Contact Numbers

ACS customer service is available from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST Monday to Friday. The call center is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Business Solutions: 1-877-414-2676 or 1-315-529-3284

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address for ACS customer service, but there is an address for Xerox corporate offices.

Xerox Corporation
45 Glover Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06856-4505

Official Website

The official website for ACS is You will find links to other service websites from Xerox listed on the Services page. Some service websites allow customers to log in to an account to make changes, pay bills and such. Other sites, like the main ACS website does not have a log in for customers at all.

Customer Service Email

ACS does not list a customer service email address in the traditional form, but they do offer a contact email form customers can use to learn more about available business services. The contact form is not the place to contact ACS about billing matters or to send credit card information if there is a billing issue. This is only a general contact form.

Our Experience

Unfortunately, a company which offers customer service in a call center environment should have someone answering the phones. We attempted over the course of an hour to reach a customer service representative to no avail. Finally after an hour, we attempted to contact customer service again. This time a representative answered the call in less than 10 seconds. With the start of colleges and universities, we asked about the student loan services available through the company. The representative answered our question with an air of authority.

If you take out the hour lag just to talk to a customer service representative, the experience went rather well. Do you share the same sentiments? Let us know below.

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9 Comments on “Contact ACS Customer Service
  1. I worked for ACS for a couple of years. My supervisors (both) are no longer working and I don’t know where to direct future employers for a recommendation.

    Maryanne Patterson

  2. I am trying to talk to a customer service person, my credit report neds updating by you. You currently show my loan 60 day late and I have no curren tpayment due. Who can I speak to?

  3. This company is corrupt. I was attempting to have my loan looked at and was sent a paper saying my loan had been issued before I was born. Everyone I spoke to had thick accents and refused to answer how I received a loan before I was born and refused to connect me with a supervisor or anyone that speaks English. Not only are they stealing from American’s they’re using our money to employ people overseas. Shame on you and your illegal and immoral business practices.

  4. This company is awful to work with!!!! For starters you can not ever speak to anyone…Why is there no connection to speak with a representative??? This is so frustrating!! Looking to move my business elsewhere…this is ridiculous!!

  5. Try working at this company! Talk about immoral corrupt business practices. They are guilty of surgery, discrimination, breaking federal laws forging signatures disregarding HIPPA & PRIVATE HEALTH INFORMATION JUST TO NAME A FEW THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY I HAVE EVER SEEN. THEY HIRE KIDS THAT DONT AND WONT HESTITATE TO STEAL YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION THEY KNOW IT AND THEY SWEEP UNDER RUG CORRUPT NOT WORD FOR IT

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