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Contacting Acer Customer Service Center

Acer began as a small company in the late 1970’s and has since grown into the second largest manufacturer of notebook computers in the world. The company maintains its place in the industry by focusing on breaking the barriers of technology, while placing people on the forefront of every decision.

The company is not merely a stand-alone company, it is an umbrella corporation for brands individuals know and trust, including:

  • Gateway
  • Packard Bell
  • eMachines

When customers want to voice questions and concerns to the customer service department, the company provides several avenues designed to provide quick and accurate responses.

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Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service department located at the corporate headquarters Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Additional methods to communicate with the customer service department include email and traditional mail.

The company also offers a method in which customers can contact customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service, Answers by Acer, is paid yearly fee where customers have direct access to the customer service department. The plan includes:

  • One issue: $99
  • Five issues: $149
  • 15 issues: $200
  • 30 Issues: $300
  • Single use “how-to”: $19 – $80

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting the customer service department mean calling the corporate headquarters.

  • Corporate headquarters: 1-408-533-7700
  • Media: 1-949-471-7040
  • Technical support (new products only): 1-800-517-2237

In order to call the customer service department, you will need to verify your product is eligible. In the event the product is out of warranty, customer will need to purchase one of the Answers by Acer plans.

Mailing Address

Acer America 333 West San Carlos St.Suite 1500San Jose, CA 95110

Official Website

The official Acer website provides insight into the computer company. Customers can purchase products, download update and manuals and even learn more about all applicable products and services. Customers can register a device or visit the customer support page for invaluable knowledge regarding their products. An additional resource is the answers page.

The customer support center allows customers to connect with the customer service department via email, Live Chat, traditional mail and phone. The phone service is only applicable if your device is under warranty or if your purchase an Answers by Acer plan.

Customer Service Email

If customers want to email the customer service department, they will need to use the email address here: In order to send a message, customers will need to sign into their account or register for the site. Signing up for the site is simple and does not require an excessive amount of personal information.

We sent an email asking if the company has a list of service centers. We are awaiting a response. Additional ways to communicate with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department at the corporate headquarters, we were asked to hold for the next available operator. We anticipated a longer than average wait, but we were mistaken. In less than one minute, the operator answered the call and transferred us to the customer service department. We asked if the company had a section of the website where we could review manuals of older model computers. The representative explained the company did and walked us through the process of finding the portion of the site.

We didn’t expect the operator to go above and beyond, but they did. When calling the customer support team, did they go beyond your expectations and “WOW” you? We want to hear. Whare your store with us below.

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18 Comments on “Contact Acer Customer Service
  1. How could you ever think of using soft metal on laptop hinges? Simply opening my Aspire 9410 caused the left hinge to actually break apart. Is this planned obsolesnce on your part? You should be ashamed of taking advantage of customers by such shoddy workmanship!

  2. I just bought your acer aspiron and was extremely unhappy with it. You didn’t even bother to put on that program that you get up when you hit the start button. you couldn’t even find the software you downloaded yourself. You had very little backgrounds / themes to choose from. and the list goes on as far as your screw ups on making a computer friendly machine. I have had computers for the last 20 years and I have never been so disappointed in a computer. THE WORST PART WAS that you print up that you ONLY get 3 months tech support where every other computer manufacturer gives you a year of that. The worst part came when I called your tech support. The man I got on the phone was extremely rude, arrogant and he would do anything but help you. The worst part he did was telling me “I can’t help you but I will put you through to someone and then THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THAT. I told him that there was no charge for the first 3 months AND HE HUNG UP ON ME. I packed up the computer and sent it back to the site where I bought it. “ACER, YOU MAKE A CRAPPY COMPUTER, YOUR TECH SUPPORT SUCKS BIG TIME AND GET RID OF THOSE CRAPPY LITTLE THIN MANUALS THAT HAVE ONLY 3 PAGES OF MAKE BELIEVE HELP.” I will go back to the computer I bought in the past, at least they are reliable. Acer is the worst company ever to make a computer!!!!!!!

  3. Question: how much $ to change this terrible Android OS to UBUNTU ?
    I have the! Acer A100 TABLET. I do not want to be coerced into a Google Gmail account before I can use apps or Google play.

    I want: Firefox browser / Libre office writer / .

    Thank you, Francois

  4. My Acer notebook N/B V3-371 NXMPFEM-001 Wht cant open because I forgot the password but I am remember about the hint password so when I put the hint password it is not accepting so please try to help about this matter

  5. Ok so I won an Acer Aspire R11 at my works company picnic. I spent the first week and a half trying to up grade it to windows 10. It was suposed to be ready our of the box….. called acer told them the drive was only 20gig but that after all updates there was only 9 gigs lefy and after runing ms tool for win 10 there was only 2 gig left and it would not install. I told them I did not think the hd was problem cause it went all the way to reboot and froze. I got error 0xc1009101-0x20017 installation problem on softboot_os windows is starting were windows 10 started instal. So I downloaded to usb stick. Same thing happened. Acer still had me return machine to default and re do updates and try again. Same results. They said it was Microsofts problem. Three days later and three techs later with Microsoft they say that it is because there is not enough drive space. I thank them and call Acer again. Hoping a new person would know something. This guy jose procedes to tell me it is because the machine has corrupted the files and that is why it will not install. He saids for a one time chage he could get windows ten installed as they do not cover software with warrenty. I told him I would get a local tech to look then. But I remembered my old schooling that said look at the bios. I found the only thing not updated was the bios. I went to support for software and drivers found the bios update that reads. Must install to use windows 10. “DING, DING, DING!!
    Guess what updaed bios with that file windows 10 installed no problem. Acer personal even looked at the msinfo file and missed it. At it cost me just a little time. Hope this helps someone.

  6. I want to let you know that this is the worst computer company you guys sell junk laptops they are slow and the don’t work I will never buy acer again. losers

  7. My son bought me a Acer laptop not even a year ago this December, I have only had this laptop a few months when I started to have some real issue’s. When I first used Acer there was a reg. cleaner that every time I started the computer it would always be on there, no matter what I did it didn’t work. I ended up taking it in to a computer place and I had a virus and had to have a new hard drive as well. It was stated that my computer may have infected when I first used it. It is a shame to have that kind of problem when the computer is not even a year old. Am a elder person who doesn’t travel much nor to anything special on the computer. Just had a bad laptop that I ended up paying to have fixed. Thank you for your time. Joyce Whited

  8. I purchased a new Acer aspire es1-512 about two months age and been trying to register it with acer and they will not take my e-mail address, they keep saying it is incorrect. I tried my aol and my Microsoft one they won’t take neither one. When I find the Acer postol address I will mail it in. Can you give an answere

  9. I just wanna start out saying I’m a very unhappy client. I bought my Acer desktop n august 2015. It stopped working in Dec. I called they said send it back, they’ll fix it.They fixed it they said when I turned it on it smelled like it was burning, my daughter could smell across the room. I called them back they said send it back they’ll fix it.when I received it back the paper said there was no smell when they received it. That is so not true.ok when I turned it on yes there was no smell this time.So as I’m hookin upp everything I relies one of the opening on back where the moniter screws into is missing.I must say by now I’m very upset. Icall them back and he says I’m sorry all I can do is put another work order n . I was like I’m not gonna send it back because the srew thing missing. ill never get it back. I shoulda recived iit the way I sent it r better. The guy filed a complant for me he said. I don’t no if he did.So I turn the com on within a few hrs it will make a music noise and the screen will go black for a few seconds then come back on . It does this for awhile. It comes and goes.Needless to say I was ballistic by then. I call back again for the fourth time since dec. he says I’m sorry send it back again and we`ll have a higher up person look at it this time, WHAT really.!!! I WILL TELL U IM AM SO TIRED OF DEALING WITH THIS.I WILL NEVER BUY ANTHER ACER PRODUCT, WILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT IT. All I wanted was a good com and this is what I got nothing but a big headach. I would appreciate it if someone would help me out here. I’m tired of getting the runaround.Itseems like they don’t know how to fix a com right.I am not some dumb female that don’t know anything about com, I do know some things about them.thx Jeanette Seal The snid num is 42101235230

  10. Hello I cannot even use my new Acer ES1-111-C6NU computer as the mouse is uncontrollable. I cannot contact Acer in anyway I have an international service warranty I bought the computer in Montevideo in April 2016 I am now in Canoa Ecuador where there is virtually no internet. Why is there no email address fro me to contact Acer. This model number is unrecognised. Awful service. This is the 4th Acer computer I have had it is awful, normally I have found Acer to be a great computer, bad choice in buying I realise but now I cannot use it! How can I get it replaced or even contact Acer??

  11. Technical support individuals are extremely rude and there is no warranty on an expensive product!!! A person spends their hard earned money on a device to help them in their education and all they get is “I can repair your brand new computer after we supplied a defective unit????” I will be sure and share this ridiculous policy with everyone I possibly can at the University, work, friends, family and anyone else who will listen!

  12. I have an Acer Iconia One 8…. BIGGEST TECH MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!!!! I’ve had problems since day 1, and support is no help! Contacted them in first week, was told my warranty was exired…REALLY?!!
    But they would look at it, for a hefty fee… gee thanks..

  13. I have an Acer Iconia One 8…. BIGGEST TECH MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!!!! I’ve had problems since day 1, and support is no help! Contacted them in first week, was told my warranty was exired…REALLY?!!
    But they would look at it, for a hefty fee… gee thanks..
    Don’t bother with customer service or technical support… there is none

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