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Contacting Accu-Chek Customer Service Center

Accu-chek is a diabetic supply company that sells small blood glucose monitors and accessories. Many of the products available from Accu-chek are sold over the counter at major retailers and pharmacies throughout the United States. Some insurance companies cover diabetic supplies and others do not so check with your insurance company before purchasing to see if you qualify for insurance reimbursement or coverage. You do NOT have to be diagnosed with diabetes to check your blood glucose levels or purchase some Accu-chek devices.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Accu-chek customer service department is open 24 hours a day to answer product questions from customers. Blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery can be life-saving, so handling problems with equipment immediately is extremely important. Calling Accu-chek is the best means of contacting an agent, especially if there is a problem with a device.

  • Customer Care: 1-800-858-8072
  • Roche Diagnostics: 1-317-521-2000

If you are having trouble with computer software used with some Accu-chek devices, you can call for tech support from 8 AM to 10 PM ET Monday to Friday. Software is NOT needed to check blood glucose it just keeps track of your levels for convenience.

Mailing Address

After quite a bit of searching, we found the company address Accu-chek customers are write with concerns. The address if for the parent company behind Accu-chek devices.

Roche Diagnostics US9115 Hague RdIndianapolis, IN 46250

Official Website

The main Accu-chek website in the US is The company describes current products and announces any product recalls or safety issues on the front page. Connecting with the company via customer service is as simple as clicking the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Social media is another place where customers can read Accu-chek updates and connect with the Accu-chek customer service team. At times social media is faster than calling or emailing.

Customer Service Email

There is a general email form for Accu-chek customer service, but the description of the form claims it is for website questions and comments – not product help. Accu-chek prefers customers call the Customer Care number listed above for all product inquiries.

We sent a message to the customer service department about low cost monitors for people who want to keep track of blood glucose for overall health reasons.

Our Experience

Speaking with a customer service department should be a delightful and positive experience, not a chore. This is the case when we contacted Accu-chek. The automated system provided several options, but none directed our call to the customer service department. Several attempts to press 0 in order to speak with the operator failed. This only returned the call to the beginning of the call. We decided to listen to the entire message and eventually select an option. This led us from one department to another and finally the customer service department.

We asked the agent if we could return used products if they are defective. After all of the hassle, the agent explained customers could not due to health concerns. We feel as if this information should be located on the main website. We want to know if other customers experience such a low level of customer service or is it just us? Have a story? Share it below.

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36 Comments on “Contact Accu-chek Customer Service
  1. Sent email on Monday – no response to diagnose Accu-Chek Advantage – battery died and error appears EEE. Please contact my wife at above email.

  2. Feeling I might have a low blood sugar experience, I used my AccuCheckCompact … but it came up with an E5 error. Tried correcting with info on the website – but did not work. Dialed the number on back of meter … went through the drop-down menus … and recording promised there would be an extended wait, followed by the announcement there are 20 customer ahead of me. Still waiting two hours later. Customer service was much better a few years ago when I got my first meter.

  3. I called customer service on 3 different days. Each time I got a message that there were 20 callers ahead of me and I might experience a long wait time. I waited 15 minutes and there was still over 20 calls ahead of me. I have been using an Aviva for years and have had good experiences up until now. I guess I will have to find another company now.

  4. Trying to contact via phone for 3 Days, always same message, 20 callers ahead of you, 35 min. Wait!!!!
    Still 20 callers ahead! Need another meter, this one’s readings are much higher than the other 2 brands I’m testing! Just bought your download equip. But will move on if I can’t contact EASILY!!! Got enough stuff going on!!!!

  5. Have been on hold for approximately 30 minutes. Was told there are 20 callers ahead of me. After 15 minutes of holding, was told there are STILL 20 callers ahead of me. Really????? You call this customer service. This after having been asked a bizillion questions by the automated system….now I wait. Going on 40 minutes!!!!!!!!!

  6. My 81 year old father needed to speak with someone in customer service. The display on his meter is not working. He does not use a pc. I am his daughter. I have been on hold for over 1.5 hours. As I write this I am still on hold. I cannot imagine a more uncaring and unprofessional company. You do very well with advertising your product. Shamefull customer support. From what I gather from reading previous comments this is an ongoing problem. Shame on you.

  7. They have no customer service if you have to wait a fking week and no ones is there to answer your questions. I have expired strips and just wanted to find out if they were exchangable. After a 15-minute wait I gave up and started an internet search on overriding the date on the Accuchek Aviva. Changing the date did not work. It still gave me an expired error code with the date changed on the meter. So, I based on the fact they are expensive and that there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE available, I am condidering doing what this person said they did:

    “I stopped using Aviva because of this. I switched to Wavesense Presto last year. No code, easy to use, small sample size, great software and best of all 50 strips for $16 at WalMart if you have no prescription. It’s almost as cheap or cheaper than getting a prescription.”

  8. I purchased a Accu-Chek Active unit yesterday (July 10)in Bangkok Thailand and all the instructions, manual and directives are in different foreign languages, I need all my instructions, the manual and directives in English. Where and how can I get this material in the English language? Please advise!

  9. Been trying to contact customer service for several days regarding an outstanding order that I have not received. I get left on hold terminally. This is terrible customer service.

  10. To whom it may concern,
    I am a type 2 diabetic with Stage 5 renal failure. My personal physicians have issued me Accu-Chek Meters for some period of time now. From my stand point, I would not recommend these to my patients were I an Endocrinologist. I went through 2 different Compact Plus meters, both ended up with E-5 codes that would not clear even with now drums of test strips. I was issued a new Compact Plus meter about a month ago. It seems to work correctly currently, however, the test strips are not reliable. Within each container of 50 strips there are at least 4 strips that do not siphon blood back into the meter for testing. I have used 3 containers of these strips now and have found them to have defective test strips in each one.
    These problems need to be rectified immediately and customers need to be compensated for their costs and troubles. In the Medical field trust and confidence are everything. I see by other sites on the internet that the complaints against Accu- Chek products are widespread and customer satisfaction is extremely poor. This is your reputation on the line.
    If I do not hear back from you, as is stated in so many complaints, I will make my evaluation of your products available both in Medical Journals and in a formal complaint to the FDA for their investigation. There are too way many customers that pay the high price for these products just to be ignored by Roche.

    Dr. William Blanke Sr.
    North Las Vegas, NV

  11. I called because I left my meter and supplies at an airport.
    I wanted to know if I could get a replacement for the items left behind.
    Rose and Shelly were very polite, took mey phone number and said someone would contact me shortly.

  12. heloo i have diabites i check daily but now my meter and pen not working i said for change but they not change my pharmacy is walmart 3461 horizon blvd Bensalem pa19020(2159427483)RX8805318 pl sent new meter in my pharmacy thanks

  13. I recently purchased an Accu-Chek glucometer and it did not come with the control solution. I ordered the solution 10 days ago from the Accu-Chek e-Store and have not yet received it. I’ve tried calling customer service numerous times and was on hold over an hour and finally gave up. As one of the reviewers above said, “Shame on you.” I have never experienced such poor customer service. Once my test strips are gone I’m switching brands.

  14. I have tried to register a warranty for my new meter on line. IMPOSSIBLE TO DO with your form that will NOT GET RID OF THE WORD “SINGAPORE” on an address line!!!

  15. What an ordeal. I have an Accu-Check Aviva that chews through strips giving me up to 14 error messages in a row. Call customer service and I get TOLD that the error was a) because the strip was too close to an electrical field (it wasn’t), b) that the following error was caused by the strip being inserted wet or with blood already on it (it wasn’t) c) the strip was damaged because I probably closed the lid on it (it wasn’t) and then I was repeatedly badgered about “what do you want us to do” until I asked to speak to a supervisor (four times) at which point I was put on hold until I got discouraged and hung up. And these people make insulin pumps? They are a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

  16. Very disappointed in the ability to communicate with Accu-Chek(Roche). I found information on-line indicating customer service is open 24 hours per day, but the message @ the phone number listed for customer service indicated 9-5 hours. I listened to messages that kept directing me to different people but there was no way to make contact with a personal representative. I have never liked any of the new phone systems that want me to zero in on just one problem, especially when my reason for calling was to request they continue making SoftClix. I hate-hate-hate the FastClix and don’t even use the free ones received with monitors. I have 6 or 7 Accu-Chek Advantage Monitors plus a Nano but will never buy another product from Accu-Chek if they do not wish to listen to their customers.

  17. I called Edwards to order Accu-chek supplies. They said they do not have contract for Medacare now. That Benson Supply is now one Medicare supplier. Benson said they do carry Accu-chek supplies.
    Please advise if there are any present Medicare approved company that supplies your products. Thank you

  18. I sent email trying to get an auto click device to put stickers in to check my husbnd blood He gets his accuchek supplies from VA .He broke his auto click device and it difficult to check bs. Can you send me email how I can order one

  19. Can’t get you by phone. Can’t find Just want to know what error message E-9 is and what to do about it.

  20. Called 800-858-8072 Nov.29th and found out that my Accu-Chek Aviva is no longer valid but CS said She will send out a new meter and I will receive in “A day or 2Maybe even 3! Today is December 4th and no meter! So I called customer Support at 1a;22 PM Pacific Time and politely asked to speak to a supervisor because I was going to make a complaint and did not want OTHERS in CS to interfere which is EXACTLY what happened!!! After waiting 5 to 10 minutes who comes on the line but the person who told me it would be here in a day or two. So, even though I gave no information-what comes up on the screen is traceable.
    I need the new Meter and do not want to play games CS persons and resent the fact my wishes were not carried out. Terry R. Reinhart-Spokane Valley, WA.


  22. As a longtime user of Accu-Chek compact Plus teststrips in the drums I am alarmed by the news they are being discontinued.
    As a long time diabetic type 1, I have trouble handling the individual teststrips. What options are you leaving people such as me?? I had found the drum system to be a blessing.
    Please enlighten me.

  23. No one answers their customer service line, and the online chat service repeatedly says it is currently unavailable. They have no customer service!
    I have tried 11 times to get ahold of someone and waited over 15 minutes each time calling. unbelievable. Not to mention that their Guide meter is garbage.

  24. I have an Accu-Check Compact Plus that I have been using for several years. It has now reduced the read out to so low of lamination you can’t hardly read it. I made all the adjustments to get a brighter read out, and it’s still the same. Would like to get a new one, but, cannot get through to customer service. Was on hold more than 20 minutes and gave up. What’s going on with this company?
    Any suggestions?????

  25. I’m still waiting to get your informational notice about the phase out of the Accu-Chek Performa. I spoke to Trevor two days ago. He promised to email me the notice for my records. Please follow up on my request for this information. I need to present this to my MedStar Health Ambulatory Council group, so we can work together on determining what platform we will have to change to in the near future.

  26. I purchased a Accu check box (batch no.91400009 and mat no. 8394598001) at Hyderabad on 11.06.2018 and leaves to USA on 12th with out opening the box. Today I tried to check my blood sugar. Found that there is no testing strips in the box. It is mentioned on the box that ” Testing Strips Free” Please tell me, it will come along with the box or not? If yes, how to get Now? If No, what to do?

    Please confirm by return mail asap

    Lakshman Padma
    Stationed at Dallas, USA

  27. I purchased a Accu check box (batch no.91400009 and mat no. 8394598001) at Hyderabad on 11.06.2018 and leaves to USA on 12th with out opening the box. Today I tried to check my blood sugar. Found that there is no testing strips in the box. It is mentioned on the box as ” Testing Strips Free” . Please tell me, it will come along with the box or not? If yes, how to get Now?

    Please confirm by return mail asap

    Lakshman Padma
    Stationed at Dallas, USA

  28. I purchased a Accu check box (batch no.91400009 and mat no. 8394598001) at Hyderabad on 11.06.2018 and leaves to USA on 12th with out opening the box. Today I tried to check my blood sugar. Found that there is no testing strips in the box. Please tell me, it will come along with the box or not? If yes, how to get Now?

    Please confirm by return mail asap

    Lakshman Padma
    Stationed at Dallas, USA

  29. Multiple calls with hangs ups, terrible Customer Service and (3) Meter purchased this month for 89.97. Junk Products that first (2) lasted (7) days each before being completely black! I would not recommend this company and or product to anyone! I’m glad it’s all about the Money not the Service to the Customer!

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