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Contacting AbeBooks Customer Service Center

AbeBooks is a Canadian bookstore that sells print, text and rare edition books. There does not appear to be any digital books on the site, so this company is about the physical rather than the virtual. Customers can register for a free account and search for print books by author, title, keyword or ISBN number all from the front page of the site.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for AbeBooks listed on the customer service page. There is a media phone number, but that number specifically says NOT to use it for customer service issues. No matter how many times we went in circles clicking on customer service links, none ever produced a contact phone number.

Mailing Address

Sending a letter to AbeBooks may be one of your better bets. The address we’ve provided is for the Canadian customer service department. You should take your letter to the post office for proper postage as the letter is traveling outside the United States.

AbeBooks Inc Attn: Customer Service Ste 500 655 Tyee Rd Victoria, BC V9A 6X5

Official Website

Customers and book lovers alike can find the official website for AbeBooks at The site is a sales portal, so that is the main theme throughout, but there is a bit of customer service information for the customer. If you click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page you’ll be taken to the complete list of contact options. There is no phone number for the customer service department, but there are other contact options, including social media pages.

Customer Service Email

Email appears to be the prominent means to contact AbeBooks customer service. You can ask a question, send a complaint or contact the support team about selling your own books.

Our Experience

When a company does not offer a phone number to contact the customer service department, a red flag is raised. This makes us believe the company has something to hide. We searched further into the site and found out the company does offer telephone support; only to the retailers who sell AbeBooks. We have to rely on contacting the customer service through social media or the email customer contact forms. When we receive communication from the customer service department, we will inform you of the outcome. Have you had the ability to speak with a live customer service agent? We want to hear your story. Take a few minutes to comment below.

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21 Comments on “Contact AbeBooks Customer Service
  1. Actually, I have ordered various books from various vendors recently via the Amazon site. I don’t remember which book was from which vendor. All the books arrived.

    Abe Books, however, stands out for cluttering my inbox with advertising on a regular basis ever since, so I will order elsewhere whenever possible.

    You are not authorized to use my email account for your advertising purposes.

    Beat it!

  2. Please email me your telephone # so i can order some book. I can’t order on line due to new email address and password that they won’t accept, plus i don’t want ot give out my credit card # on line orders

    • Even their retailers do not have a customer service phone number. I want to order dozens of books from their retailer Owlsbooks and want to know what are their bulk order shipping charges but I cannot get to talk to someone nor email them.

  3. Thanks for the inputs. Yeh, I crawled all over their website and could never ever find a customer service phone number to assist me with their HomeBase program. I’ve emailed them twice so far and still no response.

    • I had similar issue I am trying to become a book seller with Abe books Customer service for them is 1 800 315 5335 I will be hopefully be a book seller there soon Antiquarian book sales LLC. Of fort worth Texas 76108 I have some 4000 antique books

  4. I have several books for school that my kids need next week. I have yet to get shipping info on several of them. One has arrived but the others I can’t get any information about. Frustrating all i can do is email with no response. Hate to pay more but I may have to next year and go through the kids’ school.

  5. I could not find ratings on your vendors. Am I overlooking it? I’m not going to buy a book from a vendor who has a lousy track record.

  6. i odered a book and paid for the express shiping for 4busness days, it’s two weeks now i haven’t received any book and no way to contact them. be careful with those guys i regret i buy a book on line with them

  7. i have ordered three books from you three weeks ago — none of which have arrived and none of which have notified me of being sent
    — from the other comments i’ve read regarding your pitiful service, i would suggest that your company is egregiously and totally incompetent booksellers. by definition, should sell books — clearly, that is not your policy

    in future, i will take my business elsewhere and without the aggravation WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!

  8. seems to be going out of business. While I have bought books through them for at least 5 years I now find that I cannot contact them though their on line avenues nor can I reach the seller of a book that I purchased and is now 5 days past due on delivery. DO NOT USE ABEBOOKS. Something is very wrong here.

  9. Paid $10 for standard shipping 5-14 days for a text book. The book finally arrived (5days after the class started). It’s the wrong book. Not even the same title! Now I’m supposed to pay to ship it back? Someone’s making out here! Abe? Sounds like it’s time for some class action resolution!!

  10. Most disappointing! An order we made to Abe books, which was supposedly filled by Better World Books arrived, and was not the correct book. We ordered One Night Stands With American History. We were sent Carly Fiorini. Since sending it back would cost more than the original cost, I will donate to local library. But I would like the book I ordered! Please respond!

  11. I need help with getting two books this week. I am trying find out how fast can I get James Abbington, Readings in African American Church Music and Worship.

    Also by James Abbington “REJOICE” i need the books before 3/28/14.

  12. I have Cook Book Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book
    Printed 1887, Robert Brothers. This book is in good condion
    and we would like sell. I wae told that you would be able help
    me. Thank you.

    Wayne A. King Sr.

  13. I would like to know is the book (The Richest Man Who Ever Lived} by Steven K. Scott an soft,or hard cover book. Thank you for your time.

  14. I would not buy form them. They sent the wrong book and did not even take responsibility or apologize for a mistake that they made. It takes days to get a response through email and they apparently do not have a customer service number, I have looked everywhere for one and cannot find it.

  15. I proceeded to check out for a book and another titled book was added on $ which I didn’t want. I could not get just THAT book and delete the other. Very frustrating.

  16. Ordered a book since March 20. Until now didn’t arrive. We paid a shipping fee for 4 to 6 days only! And no contact number to call ecept emailing them without response. Such a garbage! Need the book to send to other country!

  17. IMPORTANT NOTE TO YOU ALL: Whenever you order a book, Abebooks is a mere portal. If there is any mishandling or misdoing, you should always contact the bookseller proper, there is a link to its data in the book’s information (you may have to look hard, since Abe doesn’t want the buyer to contact directly to the seller, thus losing its reason to be entirely). There you will find the seller’s email and/or phone, and contact him directly. Hope it helps!

  18. Very bad experience, I tried to return a book for days but they refused to do it, they have somehting on their website that says 30 days refund, check the small letters and will see that this is all fake

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