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Contacting AAdvantage Customer Service Center

Throughout the history of flight, customers have possibly flown around the world countless times. What sets other airlines apart from others is in part customer experience and service, but in the end, what makes airlines succeed is the loyalty of the customer base. AAdvantage is one of the oldest rewards program in the industry. The program also has a large customer base exceeding 65 million.

As passengers accumulate miles, they can redeem miles for branded merchandise, hotel accommodations, car rentals and at times free services. When customers need assistance with redeeming mils or have concerns with their account, they have the ability to contact the customer support team during regular business hours.

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Contact Info:

The customer service department is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm CST.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • AAdvantage Phone Number: 1-800-882-8880
  • AAdvantage Citibank Card: 1-888-766-2484
  • American Airlines Vacations: 1-800-321-2121
  • Automated Flight Information (English): 1-800-223-5436
  • Automated Flight Information (Spanish): 1-800-228-8356

Mailing Address

American AirlinesP.O. Box 619616DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

American Airlines4333 Amon Carter Blvd.Fort Worth, TX 76155

Official Website

Visit the official AAdvantage website to sign in or sign up for service. After signing up for service, customers can discover ways to earn miles, redeem miles, purchase upgrades as well read the commonly asked questions on the AAdvantage FAQS page. On the website, new customers have limited access. Existing customers can sign in here: for additional benefits.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to send a message to the customer service department. You can ask general questions or specific questions relating to your account. We asked the customer service team what happens to unused rewards miles in the event customers decide to no longer participate in the program. The automated response gave no indication as to when we would receive a response from a customer service member.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer support team was difficulty, challenging and rather confusing. The automated system provided several options, but none were directed to the customer service department. The first option asked for the customer’s AAdvantage number. In the event customers do not have a AAdvantage number, you will wait even longer. We waited in excess of 7 minutes and finally were able to speak with a live agent. We asked if this was the most efficient method to contact the customer support team.

The agent explained customers could contact the customer support team through traditional channels, including, mail, email and phone. The representative also explained customers could contact the customer support team on the Facebook page or the Twitter page. We want to hear your experiences. Share them in the comment section below.

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36 Comments on “Contact AAdvantage Customer Service
  1. Today, I tried for over 2 hrs. to get someone to help me book some flights with the AAdvantage program. It was impossible to get through to an agent. I’m disappointed.
    My awards number is 8893AK4. My email previous email address is no longer active, so I could not use the automated service. I would appreciate some help.
    Contact email:
    Tel: 916.212.1328 Thank you.

  2. my husband sent me a magic jack plus from US when i pluged in ,it was working good till 2 days , now i having a prob i got a login page from yahoo i loged in from my yahoo account but now it wants special number like vanity number , canada and US number ,cards number but i don’t have this type of information you pls tell me what is this how can i use free magic jack plus ?? plss reply me 🙂

  3. my husband sent me a magic jack plus to pakistan from USA, when i pluged in ,i got defualt number +1(239)491-4157 It was working fine till 2 days but after 2 days it ask for login from yahoo I logged in from my yahoo account after login It show me to cerat an account while creating account I am having some problem
    It ask for vanity number what is that & it ask me for USA or Canada number or I don’t wont any number. But if I got a default number why it’s asking for another number and Iam ok with this default number.
    After that it ask me a credit card number. But I guess it was free for 1 year n after 1 year I have to pay some like 19.99 $ (correct me if I am wrong). Please let me know why it asking for a credit card number If input number how much amount will be deducted from it.
    Pleas guide me so I can start using it to call USA

  4. 18 April 2013, found instructions on AA web page and used LUCY, less than 15 mins I received a call from SASHA, very polite, professional, she helped me with every question I asked. Specifically I needed a Physician Statement for travel with Oxygen. I guess your requirements for this have changed and now my doctor must submit his request to you in writing! Military doctors are not used to this way of doing business it seems. So we will give it a try! NEED A FAX NUMBER SOONEST please! you can respond to my email address. Thanks you. I will be flying first class, San Antonio to Honolulu after Labor Day.

  5. I was asked to hold by the very polite “answering service” for one hour….So I used that time to pilfer through the website to see what hours the customer service worked. Today is Sunday and they sounded busy due to the “hour” wait. Well, I found out that they are only open M-F…so why do they say to hold for an hour on Sunday when NOT even there????

  6. I have tried several times to contact AA customer disk The wait time is 25 minutes. THe menu too confusing. The web site does not give mailing address. It is terrible experience

  7. The phone service is ridiculous! The recorded message holds you up when you need to speak to a rep.

    The idea that AA is charging extra for seats other than first class is absurd. Are you trying to chase customers away.

    I have been an advantage member for a very long time but I will think twice about booking with AA again.

  8. my AAvantage # is 60ly164. I have the platinum Master Charge
    account. I recently took a trip to Maui and was quite dissatisfied in that of the three passenger we checked three bags
    (one each)I was charged $50. it was my understanding that my upgrade to the platinum card entitled me to one checked per passenger was free. my locator numbers for the flight was JTLVMK
    and MLWMAV. I was told that since my wife didn’t have an AAvantage number she wasn’t entitled to the free checked bag (she
    was locator # MLWMAX). When I applied for the AAvantage account
    it was to be set up as a joint account for Kenneth Schlott and
    Phyllis Schlott. I don’t believe that it was my fault that Phyllis needed an AAvantage number as well as me but wasn’t issued one. I believe that I am entitled to a $50 refund and issue Phyllis her AAvantage number.

    Ken Schlott

  9. First, I would like to thank everyone we have encountered in AA for getting us safely to anywhere we ever wanted to go. We have always had excellent and pleasant service. Today I would like to especially thank Crystal Smith, who helped us with a particular situation and what we needed to do. She deserves some kind of special accommodation in representing AA. Second, I would like to add a suggestion to pilots that I would especially like it if they could tell passengers what we are flying over at times (like what mountains are below, weather, and so forth. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear their voices once in a while. Overall, thank you all, for making our trips a pleasant experience. I know there are always problems that do come up, but for the most part (37 or more years) we sincerely appreciated excellent service by everyone.

  10. Your customer service is almost NO GOOD.
    Iv been trying to get a pass word to my Frequent flyer
    account all day with very little help from you.
    On hold for Hrs. Is this Frequent flyer program a joke or
    Send me a Temp password to my e-mail as promised.
    Or I will have my co.Atlas air book alternet travel in the

  11. Please advise why my account has been frozen? Also, how come I am unable to redeem miles for travel to Nadi, Fiji? The website implies I / wife have earned enough for such a trip but when I logged on to learn as more the website implied destination unavailable. Look forward to your reply. Thanks. Gary Andersen, Palatine, IL USA

  12. Absolutely the rudest, most obnoxious agent in the world just answered my cal. She was flat out USELESS!!! The rude insipid lackadaisical behavior exhibited by this agent proves to me I am better off using any other airline it service my needs. I am sick to my stomach to think I just purchased miles on this Airline that are now non-refundable (unfortunately, this transaction proceeded my phone call). NEVER AGAIN AMERICAN!!! YOU CLEARLY ARE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AIRLINE IN THE INDUSTRY—BAR NONE!!!

  13. Your system for callbacks worked well; the call came at the very time you projected. Then your agent Mary Barber worked assiduously to put together a complicated schedule from Alaska to Australia. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you.

  14. I needed immediate help and was told to call back later because all agents were busy. I am used to waiting and was willing to wait.

  15. have been on hold for over 30 minutes now so if your in a rush forget it. The service is about as good as them finding my luggage they lost on 5/23/15 and still yet I am waiting for it.

  16. I’ve been trying to get help for hours. The electronic message system loops me. PHone calls go to call back. call backs don’t even ring or vibrate, so i’ve missed 6 calls with phone right next to me, which takes me back to electronic, taped looping. This is like insanity! WTF?

  17. Hi
    I’ve been on the telephone bouncing back and forth and leaving the line open and them it hangs up, for a period of time. My inquire is that I am booking at flight 395 from Ohare to
    San Juan – on July 16th and I want to change the reservation for July 31 or Augut 1st, please advise how can I do it and also the if since I paid through my advantange miles – do I need to pay more. I need your support on this.
    I just retire and there is a sickness in the family that I need to stay longer.
    Your response please

  18. I had very good luck last year when I booked a flight from Spokane Wa to Mendoza Argentina–not so much this year however!! I spoke to an agent for the reservations and she was not much help. I booked the reservation and was to receive an email confirmation, which never arrived, so I decided to try again. The second time I called I spoke with an agent who sounded as though she had a three martini lunch and was told initially that American did not fly to that destination–the problem being which I told her about) that they have to use a partner airline from Santiago Chili to Mendoza Argentina–then she said the return would have to go from Dallas to Seattle, then to LAX and then to Spokane Wa, which is about an hour flight from Seattle!! I finally went on line to book my own, and when it came time to choose seats I had to pay for special seats on the American A/L portion of the flights…..I think next year and each year I book this flight I will have to shop around for a more user friendly airline. So disappointed in American this time around.

  19. I have been trying for over a month to add my miles from a flight to San Diego to my reward program, still can not get anyone to help

  20. my name is Bill Cowhick I am Traying to do my Taxes on line but it will not let me it will not tack my email or my pass word , so can some one help me do this think you.

  21. I just got off the phone with a GREAT employee, Gail employee #646277. She was very helpful and VERY pleasant. Oh, for more employees like her. Thank you, Gail.

  22. I recently booked a flight going from Lubbock Texas to Abu Dhabi. I spent hours on the internet trying to make arrangements for gluten free meals, and options such as main cabin extra seating. I had difficulty navigating the website and was told to talk to British Airways. I went back and forth with many different agent and spoke with various representatives. My questions unfortunately we’re not answered or were simply answered incorrectly to the point that I was ready to book a flight with an entirely different airline. but then I spoke with Barbara Tate. She works for the International Advantage department. I can’t express how grateful I was for her efficiency, patience, and thoroughness. She went above and beyond to answer my questions and get everything squared away. She was very kind, and knowledgeable. She is a definite asset to the International Advantage department and turned a negative experience into a great one! Thank you!

  23. Its very hard to contact advantage customer service I filled out the form on the Advantage e shopping site and it would not send so I will try to phone them since there is no regular email address its frustrating.
    Catherine Collins

  24. CITI could at least let you know how long a wait you have on the phone instead of coming back every few minutes and saying “someone will be right with you” which, after a while, just becomes a repetitive lie!

  25. Does anyone know the mailing address for American Airlines Advantage Business? I need the mailing address. Not the email. Its where in Dallas. Its not the Advantage address, but a separate mailing address for business accounts, Thanks.

  26. My AAdvantage# is 6N4FE58. I requested merchandise gift card for the past 12 months without success. I was cheated by your manipulation tactics from In the meantime, my rewards miles were expired. When you do not give me merchandise gift card, you should get my rewards miles reinstated without annual fee. That is the way I am going to use rewards miles in different ways. 43,094 miles for Ki Baik and 60,740 miles for Jung Baik.

  27. I have a Master Card with American Airlines and Citibank. I had collected enough points to afford two round trip tickets to Europe. Hot damn! So I go through the process and find out that my final coast is actually more that paying outright for the tickets. You see American Airlines has now added a $300 “program fee” to each ticket. WTF! Two years ago we used our mileage points with our Delta Amex card to fly from Boston to London and return from Venice and it cost us $61 apiece. I am planning to ditch my Aadvantage Master Card and write a nasty letter to American Airlines giving them what for. I will go online and sell my miles. My Delta Amex card will now be my “go to” card.

  28. I forgot to add this. In January we flew from Portland ME to Richmond VA to New Orleans LA to Portland ME. On the flight out of Portland we were charged $25 a bag for the first leg of our trip. I pointed to the gate agent that I was a Platinum Aadvantage member and we should not be charged for our bags, He sais sorry but we had too. I then asked to speak with his supervisor and he gave me a snarky smile and said that he was the manager. I was ready to make a fuss but my wife insisted I just pay him and not be a jerk. So I did. I was never charged for our bags on any leg of our trip.

  29. I had 120,000 miles. somehow AA took away 40.000 of them, saying they were expired. WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT THEY COULD EXPIRE?
    Now I want to use them to buy merchandise. How do I do that?
    Helen Danache

  30. My wife, Debra A. Hooper made two ticket reservations on October 18, 2018. These totaled 335000 miles, confirmed by email. For some reason, 555,000 miles were deducted from her account. How do we get the 220,000 miles reposted to her account? Her account is JJB9616. My account is 739vf78 should you need that.

  31. I spent the WHOLE DAY trying to make reservations using my mileages but it never
    I am SO SO UPSET
    Such a waste of time
    I am going to cancel my AA Advantage citi master card

  32. Advantage Customer Service SUCKS!
    Today I called over 2 hours ago. I elected to receive a call back which they said would be in 40-45 minutes. add an additional 45 minutes to the original……….no call back yet!
    This experience and their lack of customer service is justification for me to book my flights with 2 other airlines….Delta and SouthWest.

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