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Contacting 8X8 Customer Service Center

8X8 is a business communications company offering voice, mobile and total communications packages to all businesses – no matter the size. This company is not a consumer company, but business owners are more than welcome to contact 8X8 customer service to learn more about products and service offered.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When we started listing 8X8 customer service phone numbers we noticed there was a number for residential support. 8X8 clearly claims to be a business voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) service, not a residential company.

  • New Service: 1-866-879-8647

Customers can start new service between 6 AM and 6 PM (PT) Monday to Saturday.

  • Business Tech Support: 1-888-898-8733
  • Business Tech Support (outside the US): 1-408-687-4120

The customer service hours for this department are from 5 AM to 9 PM (PT) Monday to Saturday.

  • Business Billing Department: 1-888-898-8733
  • Business Billing Department (outside the US): 1-408-687-4120

The call center is open from 7 AM to 5 PM (PT) Monday to Friday.

  • Residential Customer Service: 1-888-898-8733
  • Residential Customer Service (outside the US): 1-408-687-4120

Call from 7 AM to 7 PM (PT) Monday to Saturday.

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-408-727-1885

Mailing Address

Calling and emailing the customer service team is the fastest way to contact an agent, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to use these services. Customers who don’t necessarily need quick contact can also choose to write to the corporate office at:

8X8 Inc2125 O’Neal DrSan Jose, CA 95131

Official Website

The official website for 8X8 is located at http://www.8× Here visitors can read more about the virtual products and services provided by the company. Despite there being a residential portion of the customer support side of the site, there are no residential services listed.

Customer Service Email

From the onset, 8X8 customer service tells account holders they must log in to their account online before contacting an agent by email. The log in page for customer accounts is located at https://accountmanager.8× We do not have an account so we cannot contact the customer service support center, but we can send an email to the sales department about the residential services the company may or may not provide.

Sales Department: http://www.8×

Our Experience

We have to say the customer service team at 8X8 are a persistent bunch. After we contacted the customer service team and they provided information relating to the applicable operating systems and computers which handle VoIP, they weren’t satisfied. We ended the rather pleasant call and immediately after the call ended, we received a call from one of the supervisors.

This customer care agent wanted us to sign up for service and began to bombard us with question after question. There is a difference between service and borderline harassment. We want to know if this is commonplace or were we the exception to the rule. Have a horror story relating to 8X8 customer service? Fill out the comment section below.

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2 Comments on “Contact 8X8 Customer Service
  1. Our phone calls keep disconnecting. I have already spent time with customer support on this. get the feeling this is “well if its not this , how about this.” Either way, the repair of this system is falling on us as no one has bothered to call us or email us regarding our phone system issues. We will be cancelling it if the repairs don’t happen from 8×8. Ridiculous to tell me to check router, check this , that , the next thing -yet we are paying full boat for what we receive. they need a repairman now.

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