Contact 21st Century Insurance Customer Service

Contacting 21st Century Insurance Customer Service Center

The 21st Century Insurance company provides auto insurance to customers in covered areas. The company headquarters is located in Delaware, but insurance policies can be underwritten in nearly every state. In order to find out if 21st Century Insurance provides auto insurance in your state visit the front page of the web site and enter your zip code.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple phone numbers listed for the 21st Century Insurance customer service department.

  • Quotes: 1-877-310-5687
  • Policy Customer Service: 1-877-401-8181
  • Claims: 1-888-244-6163
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-439-5587
  • Homeowners: 1-877-834-7532
  • Modular Homes: 1-800-903-8114
  • Personal: 1-800-222-2007
  • Antique Auto: 1-877-618-7001
  • Motorcycle: 1-800-903-8114
  • Flood: 1-800-222-2007
  • Marine: 1-800-903-8114
  • Breakdown Insurance: 1-866-907-3308
  • Life Insurance: 1-800-327-6377

Mailing Address

Some insurance customers prefer to write to their insurance company rather than give them a call or e-mail them about a problem or concern they’re having. Mailing a letter to your insurance company may seem like the easiest possible solution but it also means waiting longer for a response.

21st Century InsurancePO Box 15510Wilmington, DE 19886


21st Century Insurance Overnight 3 Beaver Valley Rd4th FlWilmington, DE 19803


21 Century Insurance3 Beaver Valley RdWilmington, DE 19803

Official Website

The front page of the 21st Century Insurance website is available at You must enter a zip code to proceed with an insurance quote or you can log in to your account. If you’re just visiting the website to shop around for auto insurance, click on one of the links at the top of the page to move past the log in page.

Customer Service Email

When members choose to contact 21st Century Insurance by e-mail they have to visit the Contact Us page to choose from a drop down menu of topics. Topics include a billing, four submission and general questions. You can find the 21st Century Insurance customer service form at We sent a message to an agent to see how long it takes for customers to receive a response.

Our Experience

The 21st Century Insurance customer service line is voice-activated. If you press 0 when the call is answered you can skip all the options to talk to a representative. Our call was answered by Angela in less than one minute. We talked with Angela about the cost difference when switching from full coverage auto insurance to liability. She was informed and offered good general advice without pressing for information that could be used for a quote.

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9 Comments on “Contact 21st Century Insurance Customer Service
  1. I Have completed a AARP Driver Safety Program. I cannot find the proper website to file my paperwork for my insurance Co. to apply motor vehicle insurance premium reduction. My Insurance co. is the Hartford 21st. Century.

  2. I called for an auto quote a few weeks ago which turned out to be a lot higher than what I am now paying, so we ended the call and I stuck with who I am with. They did have the audacity to ask what I am now paying BEFORE they gave me the quote, which is a bad practise.

    Then a few weeks later I got a phone call from them saying they can do better… 1. Phone calls annoy me, 2. If they didn’t give me their best price the first time I am not interested in their game. Seems a shady way to do business.

    Now I am getting almost daily SPAM emails from them. I don’t like the way this company does business, if they are that desperate and pushy I will never do business with them although I might have if they had left it go after the first quote.

  3. I signed up for AUTOMATIC PAYMENT. Policy 21 38 93 21. Due to an
    accounting error in issuance of a new credit card number the was changed. I WAS CANCELLED. Can the policy be renewed and another vehicle be added or not? The check was returned, but the auto
    payment was still valid.

  4. Customer service sucks. Completely totally sucks – Need to resolve a minor billing issue – Change in autopay card #. Could not get his done on their website as “payments were already being processed”.

    Called customer service # @ 800.241.1188 – Put on hold ten+ minutes. Called back – got rep after 3+ minutes – got disconnected. Called corporate Got same lousy voicemail system, got rep after another 3+ minutes. 21st wanted to charge me a $25 “bounce fee” for old CC# even though I called the same day policy was due to be paid.

    Rep was unwilling to waive fee until I threatened to contact Texas Dept of Insurance and file complaint. Rep spoke to supervisor, also unwilling to waive fee. Advised them that I had other quotes (I did) and would cancel policy after 6 years if they didn’t waive fee and reinstate policy without interruption. I told rep top get someone on phone in a position of real responsibility. Rep finally came back and said fee would be waived, policy renewed with no coverage gaps. Gave him new CC # and got confirmation # back. ~ 18 minutes on that call

    In all, 45+ minutes to change a lousy credit card #. Pretty pathetic. I’d hate to see what happened if I’d actually ad to file a claim with these people.

  5. Horrible rude after 47 yrs 1st acciedent I cancelled went to ussa also cancelled my homeowner and my son auto and homeowners not a flinch from 21 usaa is respectfull for vet like me with served in war. Shame on you 211 and farmers

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