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Contacting Customer Service Center is an apparel and décor website focusing on items for parents, kids and babies. In order to purchase items on the site, you will need to be a member. Existing members have the opportunity to purchase items at discounted rates. At times, the discounts exceed 90% off the original price. If you encounter a problem with the website or membership, the customer service team is available to address and correct discrepancies.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available to assist customers Monday through Friday, 9am to 11pm, EST; Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 9pm, EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-779-5615
  • International Customer Service: 888-826-6564
  • Corporate Headquarters: 877-779-5614
  • Fax: 206-724-0534
  • Customer Service (Ohio Office)  614-453-4980
  • Logistics: 206-724-0535

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to the following locations:

Zulily, Inc Corporate OfficesCorporate Headquarters2200 First Avenue SouthSeattle, WA 98134


ZulilyOhio Office3051 Creekside ParkwayLockbourne, OH 43137

Official Website

Customers visiting the Zulily website will find deals for parents, especially moms, children and babies. You have the ability to shop the best sellers, locate items based upon category, as well as age or size. A key to viewing the items on the website centers on having an account. Unless you currently have an account or create an account, you will not have the ability to view the products. In the event you need additional information relating to products or services, we recommend visiting the FAQs.

Social Media

Customers can connect with the customer service team rather quick when sending messages through social media. Several conversations between customers and customer service were answered within hours.

Customer Service Email provides several ways to connect with the customer service department by email. We utilized the customer service email address to send correspondence. We sent a message asking for information relating to returns in the event a product was given as a gift. We received a message stating a customer service agent would respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Experience

When customers reach out to the customer service department, you will reach a customer service agent in less than 15 seconds. The agent was polite, knowledgeable and answered all of our concerns. This is by far one of the best experiences we have encountered. As it relates to customer service, is doing everything right. What was your reaction to the customer service team at Take a second and share your thoughts with us below? Thank you.

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55 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. I have purchased many items from zulily and have never been disappointed. However, I just received the shirt Mantra in a size medium. The style of the shirt looks nothing like the picture . It looks fitting at the bottom, but the actual shirt is wide at the bottom with to much material and is very unflattering. I would never wear it. Just wanted someone to know.

  2. I have been trying to contact someone about sending emails to this address.I want to be taken off your list.I’m not interested andwould appreciate it if you would remove me from your email list.

    Thankyou Sandra Karr

  3. I have never shopped on line before , not been on the computer much , then I tried Zulily , I have been very happy with the things I have bought .However it takes so long for it to come ,and the shipping is not cheap .I am waiting for a couple to packages that I ordered a month ago for special occasions, and still waiting . Then to wait this long ,paid , then to tell me its not available .I am so hoping this will not happen with these next few orders .And I have yet to see the reverse credit in my account .

  4. When I ordered the Boots everything went well. I was always informed as to the status of my oreder. I received them but, I now want to return them, because they don’t fit. Please Email me the instructions on how to return them: Where, To Whom, Information on getting a credit on my account.
    THank you,
    Sylvia Lara

  5. I need to return shoes,they are too small.Order#ZLOAA72737/pink angelina mary jane infant size 1/ SKU927622.I need address to exchange,

  6. I placed at lists 4 orders and I would never purchase anything form u guys ever again when someone order an item its not right to shape a different item. that’s not customer service at all

  7. I have just received shoes that I ordered they do not fit. I have no paper work to return these shoes what do I do now?????

    • Purchased two blouses, need to return. I have no paperwork, went online and got an invoice, can I just send this and have my acct credited?

  8. I love your products and your daily sales, but your web site is not showing any pictures on any of sites today

  9. i have received the dress i ordered the B.Bronson black and purple stripe cowl neck dress. it is a very ugly constructed dress. the seams are falling apart on the shoulder/armhole area. the dress is so ugly i could not believe this is the same dress that was in the picture. it looked like someone who was sewing this dress fell asleep and the sides have multiple shirred that was caught in the machine. the neck is so ugly when i tried it it looked like i am wearing a loose pillow case. i showed it to my mother and she started laughing and she asked me what is it i am wearing and what am i going to do about it. i told her i will let zulily know right away. so please if you could give me credit for this one , i will appreciate it. i know you dont accept return merchandise, but if you want to see how poorly this dress was made, i will be happy to pay the postage stamp to return it to you. let me know what you think ok? thank you .

  10. I received my order, but the shoes i order size 2, i got a size 2 and 3. I order these for my granddaughters bday which is 4/22, what do i need to do, will you send me the right shoe

  11. On April 25th.,2014, I placed an order for a KidKraft Lil’Doll HighChair for my one and only Granddaughter who is 3yrs.old and living in Alberta.
    The order # 918056986.
    I decided to have it shipped directly to her in order to save time.
    I don’t know if anything can be done at this point in time, however upon reading the invoice on my iPad, I have just noticed that her first name has been misspelled. The correct spelling is Teagan. Could you please take note of this for future use.
    Thanking you in advance, I remain Yours truly. Donna Slater

  12. On April 25th.,2014, I placed an order for a KidKraft Lil’Doll HighChair for my one and only Granddaughter who is 3yrs.old and living in Alberta.
    The order # 918056986.
    I decided to have it shipped directly to her in order to save time.
    I don’t know if anything can be done at this point in time, however upon reading the invoice on my iPad, I have just noticed that her first name has been misspelled. The correct spelling is Teagan. Could you please take note of this for future use.
    Thanking you in advance, I remain Yours truly. Donna Slater

  13. I would like to know the size chart for the Spanz hosiery that I have put on wait list?? I would like to know the height and weight for the size. Thanks Jane Snipes

  14. I want my name to be unsubscribed from your mailings. There is no place on your ads to do this service. Thank you MK

  15. I’ve been trying to contact customer service – can’t send an email, the address given sends me to another list of addresses over and over again. I just received notice that an order was shipped to m(# 716927006). I did NOT place this order and do not want this item. It was in my shopping cart but the order was not placed. What do I do?

    Linda Carle

  16. I am a regular customer to your site however it appear the new information I submitted on my new visa card is bening rejected

  17. I am a regular customer to your site however it appear the new information I submitted on my new visa card is bening rejected

  18. last time i called zulily they didn’t really answer my question and they said they would return my money to the card cause we canceled the shipping and we still haven’t received that money on the card and now im upset.

  19. Please… look into my Credit.
    I phoned and shared my disappointment with two items that I received.
    I was to get a Store Credit and a Master Card Credit.
    I spoke to a man called Ryan… not impressed!
    Please review what he submitted and let me know.

  20. I’m having a heck of a time . U do not accept my email address or password half the time what am I c
    Supposed to do. Getting ticked off

  21. I need to change some products by size, could you help me please, I don’t know to what adress can I to send them, because I recived the products in two differents packages with diferents address,

    please help me

  22. your website is a ROYAL PAIN IN MY BUTT. I have signed in several times and it still won’t take the info to allow me to browse. I;m definitely thinking about not returning and telling others !

  23. Order #92748901071907000079092629 from 04/17/14. Light Gray & Meadow Coolmesh Quarter Socks (Wright Sock) 2 pair. Recently I have worn both socks twice. They are both worn thin under toes and bottom of heels. Material is not what I expected. I can no longer wear them because brake down of material. I wanted to contact you before I throw them away. Your help would be appreciated. Thank You. Sheila e. Whitehead

  24. shipment of Michael Todd true organics–Deep Pore Cleanser leaked oily substance all over both products inside shipping bag. Moisturizer was wrapped; pore cleanser only had wrap on top of lid. I’m not sure how much product was lost.

  25. I order 2 tops on July 10th which have been paid by Pay Pal Invoice #418145164. I have not received the order. Is the order still in the mail or has something happened? Please let me know.

    Mary Ann Van Cleave

  26. I recently ordered a food dehydrator and was really excited to try it. The first time I tried it, It stopped working within an hour. I let it cool overnight and started it again. It immediately stopped working again. I am very disappointed. I will not be ordering from you again.

  27. Good afternoon, I’m not sure who this message should go to, but I’m inquiring about a news paper article I have received mentioning a potential new call center to be located in Central Ohio. I’m looking to confirm this is something being considered, to see if a location has been decided upon yet and if there is a G.C. on board yet or when/if anything would go out to bid for contractors? If someone could please email back and let me know if there is any information or not, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and help, and I hope to here back from someone soon. Have a great day :)

  28. Am currently an excellent customer for ordering from Zulily almost every day! Spoke with a Zulily representative and would like the “basket” ordering system changed back to where you can SAVE ITEMS instead of removing an item from consideration altogether. I never order without thinking about each item before deciding to order it and the new change eliminates the customer’s chance to SAVE items on a waiting list before that particular order is made. Please respond to this for me!!!


  30. I ordered some Clark’s shoes on July 18, along with a child’s paint set. The paint set was changed and delivered, but I never received the shoes. I emailed you to ask about delivery on the shoes and then checked my account. It said the shoes were in transit. I checked again today and find that the order was cancelled. I never received an email stating that the order was cancelled or why. My credit card as not been credited with the amount that I paid for the shoes.
    This is not acceptable. It is now August 15 and I have not received a response to my previous email or an email stating that the rest of the order was cancelled.
    I will be expecting an immediate explanation as to why this occurred.

  31. I do not wish to be added to your daily email list. I did not realize this at the time of sign up. Please remove me from your list. I will contact you tomorrow concerning this matter.

  32. My orders will not go thru.I always the most inexpensive shipping.
    My name is Jane Hoke
    It always says go back to the home page but I don’t know how.

  33. I am very unsatified with your service. I order on Aug.29 (order #ZLO
    F5A5807) and still don’t have all my order. Also one of the tops I order was damaged. What will you do about that and also will you refund my money on the merchandise that I have not received.

  34. Today I received only a partial of my order. I had ordered, among other items, Grapefruit Spoon-Set of Four. The package with the spoons had been torn and 1 spoon is missing. I only have 3 instead of 4. I want my spoon back and how much longer do I have to wait for my other items?

  35. I sent invitation to a friend, earns credit for $15 when a friend first order ships. My friend told me he already ordered and already shipped the items but I still didn’t received the credit of $15. Its said to the status that my friend hasn’t placed an order yet.

  36. So far so good. If I have any constructive comments, it would be to speed up the shipping process. I had ordered 2 items on the same order. Both items came out of the same city. One item is already here and is exactly what I wanted….the other items is being taken on a scenic tour of America. I would prefer not to have my items visiting every po-dunk stop. Shipping is the only serious flaw I have encountered so far. From the other comments, I am assuming your company is in desperate need of a manager and a few less chiefs. A call center is useless if you lose your customers due to failure to deliver and fulfill the transaction. Growing a business is useless if transactions cannot be completed. Word of mouth…can be your friend…or your enemy.

  37. Received someone else’s order instead of mine a week before Christmas. Returned the other persons order, who like me, will not get their order by Christmas. Zulily, as well, no longer has the items I ordered. Absolutely unreliable and no effort to make it right for me. I will stick to my other stores that I have always ordered from. A very disappointing experience at a horrible time for it to happen. Order at your own risk.

  38. Today I received the third of three maternity tops ordered on December 4th. The others were delivered yesterday and the day before. They clearly missed the Christmas giving. They almost missed the birth of the baby. It is an absurd amount of delivery time. Three days short of eight weeks!

    I would not recommend buying from you. I will go on all relevant websites and let them know that if they plan on buying anything from you that they should be prepared to wait two months.

    Totally disappointed,

    Nancy Leone

    Order number ZL1412013D

  39. Still waiting Jimmy Golden for my refund check of $400.00 promised 2 weeks ago that the check had been cut. I want it shipped over night. Very upset now & will call the law now & make a report if I don’t here back from you today ! Now I know I’ve been lied to.

  40. Have waited since last September for an answer from Zulily and a refund on multiple items. They came up with an amount I don’t agree with. Very dissatisfied!!!

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