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Contacting Zippo Customer Service Center

Zippo is the brand name for lighter and match products though the company also sells watches, writing tools and supplies/accessories for Zippo lighters. In addition to purchasing Zippo products in stores, the company sells online, including customized lighters.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Zippo customer service takes customer calls from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday ET. While you can contact the company by email and social media, according to Zippo you should call if the issue is time-sensitive.

  • Zippo Phone Number: 1-888-442-1932

Mailing Address

You can send a letter to Zippo corporate office to reach customer service. If you need to return a product, follow the return policy and send your package to the returns address listed.

Zippo Customer Care33 Barbour StBradford, PA 16701


Zippo Return401 Congress StBradford, PA 16701

Official Website

Customers can visit for the official Zippo website. There are tons of products listed on the site, most of which are NOT available in most stores that sell Zippo lighters. You can register for an online account, order products and find out more about returning products you’ve received all from the site.

The Zippo company has a strong position in the premium lighter market. Customers who own Zippo lighters, own them for life, but there is some upkeep associated with the refillable items. Customers can order accessories and supplies, like lighter fluid, on the official website.

Social Media

There is no quicker, easier way to get in touch with a customer service team than using social media pages. You’ll e hard-pressed to find a successful company that doesn’t have at least one social media page.

Customer Service Email

There are two means of contacting Zippo customer service by email. One is a contact form and the other a contact email. There is a good chance both are delivered to the same department.

Our Experience

You can press 0 to skip the beginning message and automated list of options when calling Zippo customer service, but pressing 0 will move your call to the operator not a customer service agent. This will only increase the time you’re spent on the phone. The available options include pressing 1 for orders/customizations/repairs and all other inquiries, 2 for the Zippo Museum information or 5 to replay the options. If you make no selection the call will be transferred to the switchboard.

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9 Comments on “Contact Zippo Customer Service
  1. I love zippos. I have collected them for so long. But i know nothing about them. I wish there was a way i could learn more.

  2. I own 6 Zippo Lighter. I use every one of them, depending on my social setting. Your Repair Service is excellent. Your Zippo Logo is very well known, every where. ~~ NOTICE: There is a Damn Furniture store in lower Wisconsin called “Zillows” and on their TV commercial, they’ve hijacked your logo. Their name is displayed with a capital “Z” and the “i” has a red Flame above it. This should be Trademark Infringement, is it not? I have nothing against the furniture store but the Law is the Law. I don’t like my Zippo Lighters being associated with a Furniture seller.

  3. I have a problem becose the lighteris block and I would like to hawe an realy original zippo just send me
    Adress where to send an zippo to change it thanks you

  4. Im a die hard fisherman here in rochester NY and we end the year with the salmon run up the Genesee Rivet late fall weather sucks but your hand warmers help so much when your finger tips feel like there going. to fall off got 2 of them don’t fish with out them

    Keith Saddock:

  5. Zippo SUCKS BIG BALLS, customer support my ass. I live overseas served my country and can not get shit from ZIPPO in reply to a repair

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