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Contacting Yellow Pages Customer Service Center

Yellow Pages is a telephone directory created in the late 1800’s. The company places advertisements for businesses in categories instead of placing the businesses in alphabetical order. As print media dwindled, the emergence of the online directory began to take shape. The Yellow Pages of today allows customers to localize searches and create an experience while locating items around town.

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Contact Info:

Customers needing to communicate with the customer service department or the corporate office have the ability to contact an agent by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Sales: 1-800-438-7325
  • Customer service: 1-800-479-2977
  • Advertising: 1-888-268-3648
  • Order directories: 1-866-329-7118
  • Order directories (CD-ROM): 1-866-426-8005

Mailing Address

Yellow Pages611 N Brand Blvd 5th FlGlendale, CA 91203

Yellow Pages16 Place du Commerce Île des SoeursVerdun, Québec, CanadaH3E 2A5

Yellow Pages Corporate Office Headquarters208 S. Akard StDallas, Texas 75202 USA

Official Website

The official Yellow Pages website is the ideal way to find a person, locate the nearest restaurant, movie theater, doctor or auto repair shop. Customers can also locate deals and special promotions. To better serve the customer, the company incorporates locate search tools to better the experience. Aside from searching the site, customers have the ability to advertise as well.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to communicate with the customer service department will need to first input their zip code into the provided field and use the contact form list here We used the zip code for our local area to contact the customer service department. We sent a message to the customer service department asking for the hours of operation. We are awaiting a response from a customer service agent.

Additional ways to contact the customer service department by email or through social media include:

Our Experience

The customer support hotline is easy to decipher and doesn’t present an air of confusion. Similar to other business, customer will need to listen to the automated system. We waited less than 60 seconds and connected to a customer service agent. We inquired about how customers can track the effectiveness of their advertisements in order to generate additional business. The agent explained the company offers a tracking tool located at This service allows customers to customize their results and in turn maximize their advertising budget.

The customer service agent was helpful and rather knowledgeable. Did the customer service representative assist you in a manner to cause excitement? We want to hear your side of the situation. Take a minute and share your thoughts with us.

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15 Comments on “Contact Yellow Pages Customer Service
  1. I have a business line and yellow page advertising. I am seldom in my office and am therefore always answering messages (if they choose to leave a message). Is it possible to list my cell phone number in the yellow pages and get rid of that useless business line?

  2. Just a little larger print in the Dover, TN, telephone directory. I am 80 years old, but I have 20/20 vision with my glasses, and the directory is still a little difficult to read.

    An adjacent town has a directory, printed by another company, that has a slightly larger foremat and is much easier to read.

    Just a suggestion.

    Thank you for listening.

  3. Terrible service line. The prompts don’t work. Want to complain that their paperboy stole my parcel and my neighbors…. But cannot get thur to them at all. If I see this old man again I will report him!

  4. I love you service’s so much, I us to begin my business it would be great idea in addition your people or your work are wonderful thank you Yp you give in a opportunity to fight deception and fraud millions thanks. my books History off the unknown. America Must wanted. Ghost town. Rida Elawa

  5. Horrible service they charge me $49 dollars for nothing can’t even see my ad and the worst thing they don’t tell you how much is the subscription until you make the total order and you try to get in contact with them and they never reply the emails too much money for nothing don’t recommend it at all don’t waste your time or money !

  6. I just got off the phone w/Kate in customer service to request that all the YP directories that were delivered in large plastic wrapped bundles under the complex mailboxes be picked up by whomever delivered them. There must be about 200 or more. They will be sitting there as trash rather than picked up by residents. This was the first time that the directories were not delivered to the entrances to homeowners’ units where there is an option to either utilize the directory or recycle it. I will certainly give a five (5) rating for my customer service experience when these directories are taken away or delivered to each condo unit. Dropping huge bundles at our mailboxes is unacceptable and winds up basically being nothing more than littering.

  7. Didnt follow thur on any promises… my business was to be in the the top two listings… NOT!!! It was way down the line, even after a business that was out of business! What a joke. Than they billed me thur my at&t account which was total bs. Never never again.. if i dont get my money back going to the BBB.. yp should go out of business they dont know what they are doing

  8. Hello
    i called to the customer care of yellow page but no one responding , i want to change my company phone number so help us

  9. I have a form signed to change from old owner to new owner they say I can fax the signed form…..but no fax number is provided….

  10. The YP was delivered six weeks ago, or so. We live in a rural area, on a dirt road, on a sort of cul-de-sac. On our road, and at some distance from our homes, sit our 10 mailboxes. Each year YP drops off at least 10 Yellow Pages for our area of North San Diego County. Only a few of my neighbors bother to take one and the remainder sit there littering the roadside as they break apart, get wet, and eventually explode to four times their normal size. This year was different. Scattered around our 10 mailboxes were three plastic wrapped bundles of YPs. Each bundle contained 20 YPs. Yes, we few, we 10 neighbors had received 60 (Yes, six-zero) YPs. Interestingly, they were not even our correct YPs, they were for the neighborhood of SOUTH San Diego County, about 50 miles from us. The little yellow pages are currently in their exploded state, bursting out of their plastic wrappings, and spilling out towards the road. They would have sat there forever, of course so I decided to bring them down to my dumpster as I have in years past. But first, I thought I’d try giving YP a call. After 20 minutes on the phone, a nice lady named “AC”, who had some trouble understanding me, promised their trash would be picked up within five days. I’ll see what happens.

  11. I noticed that our name Ken & Eileen Gyger and address and phone number is listed under Chemainus, BC in the March 2016 Yellow pages book on page 10 – last column – 3rd from bottom of the “G” list. This should be listed in Ladysmith, BC listing but could not find a number where I could phone to have them correct this. Thanks for your help.

    Eileen Gyger

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