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Contacting Yahoo Customer Service Center

Yahoo could be considered the second fiddle to Google in terms of Internet properties and ad integration. While Yahoo is a huge company they are nowhere close to the size of Google and they offer fewer customer service opportunities. With that said, we were able to find customer service contact numbers more quickly on Yahoo than Google because Google and associated Google properties have a tendency to push customers into a peer-guided forum or FAQs section to get lost before offering a phone number as a means of customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found one phone number openly listed for Yahoo customer care, but there are a few other numbers you may find helpful in your quest for customer service.

  • Billing Customer Service: 1-866-562-7228
  • Billing TTY: 1-866-438-1601
  • Corporate Office: 1-408-349-3300
  • Corporate Fax: 1-408-349-3301

Mailing Address

Yahoo is the only company we’ve reviewed that offers complete directions and help getting to the corporate office. You can read detailed directions and instructions for VTA Light Rail, VTA Bus, Calltrain, Amtrak Capitol Corridor and Altamont Commuter Express. They even offer driving directions from San Jose and San Francisco.

Yahoo! Inc. 701 1st Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Official Website

The official website for Yahoo is This site is the starting hub for many other Yahoo sites, but not all sites are linked from the main page. If you need help from a specific Yahoo department, such as the Small Business or Advertising departments, it is best to visit the main page for those divisions rather than searching for help on the main page of Yahoo.

Customer Service Email

A traditional email address for customer service is becoming a thing of the past. A smaller, leaner customer service budget can be used to man Facebook and Twitter, which means more profit for big companies. Customer service staff manning phones and email addresses is extremely expensive and require extensive training. We found one dedicated email address for media, but we found several virtual connections to customer service. We were unable to find an email address or contact form for customer service, but we did send a message to Yahoo customer care via Twitter.

Our Experience

We were never able to find a main customer service phone number so we gave billing customer service a call. The call was immediately answered with a warning message telling us we would have to wait a LONG time to talk to a representative. You can’t press 0 to push through the system, so we chose Mail Premium Billing. The call was transferred to customer care. We were told the wait time would be two minutes, but the call was disconnected after we’d been on hold about a minute. We called back and pushed through the entire system again and the call was disconnected again.

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182 Comments on “Contact Yahoo Customer Service
    • Since March 1st,2013, Yahoo has blocked or locked me out Some one got into my yahoo mail account and sent a message that I was injured in a far away place,and ask anyone to send money to help me.
      I went on Yahoo,clicked on my account has been breached,hacked,then I was not able to sign in to my yahoo mail over 6 weeks,they say they can not give me a new password.PLEASE HELP ME TO get a new password as i have been this email since 1997,THANK you,Robert

      • I forgot my password five weeks ago, I’ve tried to get a new one but yahoo keep putting me off. They tell me to try again in three days and sometimes 12 hours but to no avail. Now I have a big problem I’m losing money,I need my email account desperately.So come on yahoo help me out here.

  1. I am very surprised that Iam able to login to yahoo mail only on my mobile phone using the same account, but whenever I would want login on my computer using the same account am told that my password is wrong.Please advise of what to do I have very important mails read which needs only a computer. Your instant help will be highly appreaciated

  2. Some of US( friends & neighbors), can’t say we like the new yahoo page format. But like everything else that’s forced on us(DTV converter tv boxes, politics, squiggle light bulbs that are dangerous etc.) We just have to be the consumer that has to accept & adjust to it. Just sayin!.

  3. I have the same problem I can’t log in to my account from my iPhone I forgot my password and the answer to my secret question

  4. Surely I am not the first person to complain—WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR E-MAIL SYSTEM??? It is no longer functional to use on a personal basis much less as a business tool!! Not being able to scroll page-to-page is too time-consuming which is made worse by the fact that it is SOOOOO slow when you do change pages. Downloading is a nightmare. Please reassure me that this problem is going to be fixed soon–I have a business to run. Help!

  5. You have to get rid of that intrusive “Lean Cuisine” commercial in your comics section. It is very annoying to have the damned thing blast at you when you are selecting comic strips to go to. It is also counterproductive. I would make it a point to NEVER use the product advertised in such an annoying ad. Also you seem to have shielded yourselves from any readers’ comments: the link that is supposed to allow readers to comment leads instead now to a full-page commercial directed at businesses.

  6. I am changed my town name, so asked security question town name, iam forget town name when that time i had given,so plz help me my email account opened if u have possible.

  7. want to change my password but it keep on saying it is too weak then after an hour of trying they lock me out for 24 hours then i try after 24 hours and i get the same reply. one should use the password they want even if it is weak. i follow the rule of making a strong password but it say again too weak. i cant get into my email.

  8. A friend of mine opened an email in 2009 so I can’t tell which questions and answers he used for he just sent me email address on my phone through a text- but now days when ever I sign in, there comes invalid password or mail address and yet they’re both correct I’ve experienced it since the last 4months and surprisingly the same account works when opening face book.the email account was and my no is 2560784166580

    • I opened an email in 27 July 2009 now since last 20 days my log in id was not opening and ask for security question Answer.I am facing problem in log-in. Why is it locked for 12 hours. i forget my security question,and alternate e mail id. Please, help me to open my locked account immediately.


      Vijay Sharma

  9. Please, help me open my email. I’ve been having problem of login since July last year. But Dec last year i lodged same complaint it was opened but surprisingly Jan 6 2013 the email locked again up till this mowent. Thanks.

    • Some1 change my email passward so i dnt know why do make this.i hv many frnds contact using yahoo mail pls help me!.

  10. dear sir/yahoo
    plesse help me.i can’t remember the answer to the security mobill phone yahoo mail account is plesse mill me,my yahoo profile security details.i really need to open my yahoo mail box on my computer.

  11. I haven’t been on my account in some time and have completly forgotten my password and the clues for me to unlock it. I’ve tried acessing customer service for yahoo online but unfortunatly keep coming up dry. What do I do? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

  12. I have failed to remember my secret question answer, can you please help me on how i can access my account. answer me via my facebook account which is Jesca Mhaye Jb

  13. I would like a step by step explination of how to rid my desk top of the new yahoo mail which I did not need nor did I request
    Thank you
    Gene Wilson

  14. I forgot my secret answer have my mail locked for 4 days now.NEED URGENT HELP.

    My mail is

    Send answer



  15. If you get through to customer service, and have a problem like a hijacked email account, they shunt you over to some company out of India that scams you, does nothing, but does take your money. Don’t do it, they lie, they cheat, they steal.

  16. hi
    Whenever i open my mail that a question show that (Where did you spend your honeymoon?) That was given by me four years ago Now i haven’t remember the answer .

    So please tell me what will i have to do to sort out this problem I have received recently very important mails . Please help me as soon as possible .Please……….

  17. Hi my password has been changed and yahoo has sent me a new password to the mail attached to my yahoo which is ”” now i can not access to that mail because it has been closed for more than years now. Please i need urgent help…

  18. Shit. I can’t access my yahoo account. And it is said that I can’t reset my yahoo account online and I need to contact customer care. It doesn’t help. So can someone help me with this problem? I need to access that account. My yahoo ID is

  19. we have many more time tried our mail is not open,feed password after showing where do you meet your spouse?

    sorry i donot confirm in this answer,so pls urgently basis open in my mail & easy connect to your best services,still waiting for ur answers & help.

    thanks & regards,
    jitender upadhyay

  20. aoa.kindly help me to sign in in my ymail bcz i have forget few but remebr dob if u want confrm u can chk.

    personal information i jst remembr my id and password plz do some thing

  21. My yahoo account ( has been hacked, m unable to access my account. Password, secret questions, everything has been changed. Can u plz help me out with this problm. all my important mails come to this account only.


  22. Good day I was happy when I saw your mail, I have not been able to access my mail on the computer system for 3 months. I can only use my blackberry phone message to read please I will love of you can help me reset my password thanks.
    Also the password I use on fone if I use it no system it reject its. Thanks.

  23. I cannot access my account as it says I am loggin in from a new device which I am surprised as I have been using from a year now. I can’t remember my secret answer and my alternate email is also not working.
    Currently I am using another mail.., please help me solve this problem.

  24. Hi,

    I have a problem with my yahoo messenger. I cannot sign in to my messenger from 3 days ago. I can sign in to my email without any problem. I could use my messenger in my email until now, but i recieve an error with Error code: -99999 and i can use it now :(

    I will be thankful if you can help me.

  25. I dont like the changes you just made to my yahoo. home page, I have been using your home page for my pc for many years, i think you should give people the option before you change everyones page, im probably try to find another home page i can be satisfied with,, unhappy k.ray,,,,

  26. Am thabo please help me I have an account with yahoo from last week I tried to login to my account via my blackberry mobile but I can’t go through cause I forgot my security question answer I don’t remember cause I have had this account many years ago so I can’t remember the answer please help me!!!

  27. I can’t post comments or vote suddenly. I write out my comment, but when I post it, hitting the button to do so deletes all my words and my post goes in without content. Also, when I vote, nothing happens…its just like I did nothing.

  28. “Cannot send message due to possible abuse” is a rejection message my system receives from Yahoo. This same message occurs while sending to my daughter and wife on a different network. My system does not use Yahoo but has made emails to those who are part of the network.
    Has someone black listed ? I certainly want to end this interruption and to fix the problem. Would you please let me know what this situation means and how to remedy it?
    Thank you

  29. Hallo, my name is Gentjan Hasani born in 8 4 1973 From Albania now living in Italy.A few days ago the yahoo security made me change my password and now I can’t remember it any more,can you tell my what shall I do to get to my mail?

  30. My email is locked and someone hacked into my mail and i couldn’t sign in any more and my name is lekan ajiboye pls re-set my password for me to rasheed9 i have very vital information in my inbox pls am not the one using it to mail to my friends and family pls. block it completely and reset the password please am beging you customer care

  31. I can’t open my 2nd email ( it required the answer of the secret question and i don’t remember it . help me i will lose my contact list

  32. Hello, my name is Amit Mondal. My e mail ID blocked
    for two weeks therefore I can’t open my ID. I have been
    suffering a lot . I request to you pls open my e mail
    Id as soon as possible.

  33. I can’t open my yahoo mail account( as it is asking a secret question & I have forgot it. Please help me.

  34. yahoo pls help me my account is i realy need to open my account as soon as was very urgent pls

  35. I can’t open yahoo mail because my account is blocked and is asking my secret question and I forgot it please help me.

  36. pls help me to use my yahoo account, when i enter password that am sure with.

    It ask me to give the name of town my father was born,but have already forget it. please help me.

  37. Don’t understand how you can shut me out
    of my account, and demand that I change my password. looks like I have to find a service I can depend on

  38. Pls if i log in to my account with same password i normally use to open it before,it will just write invalid email or password pls help me i want to b accessing the account vital information are there.pls contact me wit my phone number 08068758140

  39. pls,i want yahoo to help me open my account i have been try to open my account since last two weeks.all i got is question from yahoo that where do i meet my spouse and i can’t remember it again since 2010.

  40. Am having problems assessing my yahoo account because I can’t remember the answer to my security. Question pls help

  41. Hai I am Amit. I have not been using my yahoo id for prolong time therefore so many time i request to you pls activate my e -mail id as soon as possible . because I have valuable thing in it .

  42. hello i have problem with my pasword my ref. 130319/027938 i make payment 80 and no recover my password please call my on 07817777704

  43. Please help me I ca’t open my email ID. I forgot my password and my alternate email Add is not working. Also I give my personal information but its not working. I created a new email ID for me to work but I really need to recover my old email ID I have important files in there for my work. please please help me. My old Yahoo ID is


  44. Please I can’t access my email account,it has been blocked .I believe it was blocked due to hackers .I can’t remember the alternative email address neither the security answers .Please help me restore it I have very important documents in it.This is the email
    Thank you

  45. Please help, my yahoo account was hacked, and i can’t access it any more! how do i recover my account and password, hence i cannot remember my security questions details.
    yahoo id:

  46. Am having problems assessing my yahoo account because I can’t remember the answer to my security. further the alternative mail id was closed. please help.

    my mail id is whis not opening now.

  47. Sir,

    I very fervently request u to solve my long pending problem i.e. my e-mail is not opened whenever I open my mail not accepted my password. my mail conained many data, information, documents and various articles what are very helpful for my day to day official duty and my service career. Again I request u to solve my problem and give my old password. Thanks

  48. Please Help ?
    i forgot my uncle name question plz arrenge the uncle name i request to you pls Inform my uncle Name my e mail(
    as soon as possible.

  49. I have tried several times to reach a “Live” person at Yahoo’s customer service. First of all, I was blindly transferred to an automated service. If the folks at Yahoo cannot talk to their customers, perhaps they need to not be in business.

    I HATE the new email and home page set-up. It’s busy with crap nobody is interested in. The ad’s are horrible – they pop-up I guess as a form of entertainment and in actuality, it’s very annoying. Perhaps if Yahoo answered their phones like they do over at Google, you would not be in second place. Customer Service is key – I am beginning to hate logging onto Yahoo. And now because your customer service sucks like the email and ad services, I will probably change how I use the internet and not include Yahoo at all.

    Here’s a comment to you guys – you should really take the time to talk to your customer base instead of blindly transferring people around.

    Thank you

  50. Why u stopped my mail I’d . My mail I’d is last 3 week past but not working and I want a my mail I’d so please give me answer what I do

  51. Someone has changed my yahoo email account and the person has changed my password….. please help me to get back my email account and my password. please i cant affort to loose it now because there is important information in there.

  52. i cant remember my password and all the information about my alternate email, pls help me to solve this promlem once and for all because i am beginning to be fed up

  53. Since Aril 03,2013 i have encountered the following problem. I have to refresh my yahoo page every 2 seconds. NEVER had to do this. What do I need to fixd this. Very frustrating………

  54. I can not log into my yahoo mail due to a security answer i need to provide before I will be able to log in. I have forgotten the security answer so I can not log in. Please I need help.

  55. Dear sir/ madam my account is temporarily closed in 12 hours.I forget my security code so i can’t access. my yahoo account .

  56. Cant remember the password to my yahoo account and now account is locked need to reset and be able to access my email through my iPhone 4 s ASAP can ya help me out

  57. Dear Sir/Madam
    My email account ( was hacked when i was travelling abroad.. Finally i got it recovered by using the proper procedure..
    When i opened my mail account.. all the data/emails/contacts and folders were either lost or deleted.. I want to get back my alol date being a working soon as possible
    Kind Regards
    Sohail Anjum Malik
    an experienced and senior journalist/columnist
    Cell +92 300 530 64 14

  58. My yahoomail can not sign in, to turn again how the way , because the telephone number in the yahoo registered -081 339 175 837, whereas my hp number is 081 399 175 837 correct, and I try to call the number 081 339 175 837, the number is not active / not registered. every time I do recovery, sms was sent to recovery code number 081339175837, please help to restore my account. I say thank you for your cooperation.

  59. Is the Yahoo mail design has been changed recently ?
    I am afraid my account.
    The days before, I received a mail from my own email account to me, after I clicked in using Iphone, I was asked to key in the password every time when I retrieve my mail. Before this, it should be prompted automatically. This morning, when I try to get into my email account using laptop, I was asked to change my password, I have changed the password and view a new design of the mail background. Anything wrong with my account? Or it’s alright!

  60. For quite sometime i cannot open my mails and when attempting to answer your secret question , u locked the account temporarily . Please release my account , and llet me access my mails .

  61. My acct has been hacked I cannot use my email, now it’s asking for a password that I didn’t put. Pls can someone help me unlock my Acct.thanks

  62. I am unable to access my account / ID is not getting open with a comment that Your ID or password is wrong, Please rest – it

  63. Now i am in Sudan.My above mentioned mail address opened easily in Nepal.But here when i try to open this account,i can’t open. It always asked that your account is temporarily blocked due to security and it will open after 12 hours but it won’t open from 13 days. I can operate face book easily from the same account but my yahoo mail hasn’t opened till.I used to different password in yahoo mail and face book from the above mentioned same mail suggest me what shall i do to open my yahoo mail account.

  64. Please help. I have been trying to verify my email with my secret password but I can’t remember it because it was years ago. What should I do?

  65. my email has been lock for 7 weeks now. i called them they need my altrenative mail to send them back my yahoo file number.

  66. My email has been locked for before last one week. but my id & possward i am entering correctly but its not opneing. this id was using from 2009. i dont know the which secret question i have given. please reset the mail id. its most important documents are there.

  67. My email has been lock for last one week. but i am not remembering the secrect questions & alternate email id.
    please reset my email.

  68. I cannot get into my account any more,
    when I want to log into my account, I am asked for my
    honeymoon (put in 2009) by that time I was not married!!
    is somebody playing games?

  69. My email account has been hacked. some one had sent mails thru my mail id. now I am unable to access my e mail account. kindly help

  70. My email account has been hacked. some one had sent mails thru my mail id. now I am unable to access my e mail account. kindly help

  71. I can’t access my email account again.I am asked for where I spend my honeymoon of which I can’t remember all,and I need to print out some letters.pls help me to open it

  72. pls i want youto assist me in restoring back my email accout. iforgot my password and the answer to the security question pls help me out

  73. Why are the articles so often full of inaccurate information? Or simply repeated several weeks a part as if they are new content?

    Also the “my comments” icon has not worked for days. Its hard to follow or to even have a conversation if you can’t check for replies.

    Lastly can anything be done about the maturity level of the content and presenters? Or is yahoo trying to appeal only to the Early high school crowd?

  74. My comment has to do with the new yahoo mail, I literally hate it, I want the mail classic back, it’s so much easier to use, forwarding an email is awful, you can’t bring up your contact list and just click who you want to send to like you did in the classic email, half the time I miss the contacts I want to send to. I can’t even delete a folder with this new thing that I don’t need anymore. Yahoo really messed up one of the quickest and easiest and as far as I’m concerned BEST email programs on the internet, I hate this new email, please bring back the classic email. I want my classic email back.

  75. The new version is terrible compared to Yahoo Classic. Looks like complainta are coming every minute. I have bee with Yahoo over 15 years and really hate to change but this latest update was unfortunortely not in any way presented to a customer review panel of actual Yahoo Mail customers. It has the appearance of being done by a bunch of YES BOARD.

  76. I am frustrated!!!!! The new yahoo mail ‘sucks, sucks, sucks!!!!” Why did you touch something that worked well? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. At least give an option to not change to the new.

  77. Your new email foremat absolutely stinks. Why you keep messing with this amazes me and I probably will be dropping Yahoo. And why don’t (or can’t) you fix the annoying apostorphe glich? You guys need to learn “if it ain’t broke don’t keep fixing it”.

  78. We have been with yahoo for years and I have never complained before to you or any other co. about anything BUT you new email format is awful, it is so bad that I cannot even express in words how much we dislike it. Is there anyway we can go back to the previous format or are we stuck with this one or, I hate to even think it, but do we have to move on to another service?

  79. It is such a pain to use the new format of Yahoo. I hope you can do something to improve it. It was so easy to use before you changed it. The pop ups for updating Yahoo and fox fire do not work for me. They are very annoying and when I click on the update nothing happens. The scrolling is also a pain. I have to sets of scrolling. I don’t know if anyone else is having this same problem.

  80. I have a problem logging in my yahoo mail account when I put my user name and password it would not let me go in my account can you help me get back my yahoo mail account please I have very important mail too see everyday.

  81. My Yahoo new beta page is the worst. I would like to go back the My Yahoo page that “I” set up. That way “My Yahoo Page” Is mine not what “YOU” Thought I might like. You have offered a user “unfriendly” set up with few options that I want. From the Blogs and Tweets this appears to be an “Epic” failure. Please provide the option to revert back to what was working for me/us in the past. Thank you

  82. impossible to contact service. do you people test new systems before you force them onto your users(customers)?
    the new email change is as bad as the last unanounced change, please re-instate the old email system.
    many problems, can’t delete trash or spam except one at a time, can’t forward and more!

  83. I have the Yahoo Weather app and live on St. John, USVI. The pictures that show up for St. John are not of St John!! It would be nice to see local St John , USVI pictures behind the weather as you have done for New York, San Francisco, etc

  84. Never mind sending me instructions on how to change passwords, I have no access to my Yahoo email accounts.

    You need to forward a password to me thru this link here, to enable me to open the above listed account….I’ll keep this
    open a while longer…please respond.


  85. lousy service , you call a number they put you on hold and 45 minutes later a voice comes on and says your wait time will be less than 30 minutes I GIVE UP will look for another e-mail supplier. to try and get help with logging on they send you e-mail DAA I can’t log on to my e-mail.

  86. my account was hijacked. all security questions reset as are alt email and phone.
    no way to send reset codes to my real email address.
    6 days ive been calling “customer service. puts me on hold for 2 hours then hangs up.
    This is a n identify theft matter. someone must contact me. without offering an accessible avenue to address this data breach Yahoo will be held liable for damages and legal fees to restore my credit, medical identity and good name.

  87. Been on hold for over 90 minutes on two different phone lines and yahoo customer service still cannot answer my call. They gave me a wait time of 7 minutes. My account was locked even though I just signed in about 2 hours earlier. Yahoo service sucks

  88. Over two and a half hours on hold and no answer. I got a third phone line and requested a call back yahoo service stated they would call me back in 6 minutes it has been 37 minutes and no call. I still have my other two phone lines waiting.

  89. Received a statement I was 1 in the que so far 43 minutes have pasted. Switching to Google just want my information store on yahoo and they can have their no good customer service.


  90. my account will not allow me to get access to my mail on my desktop. I can access through my phone and ipad but not my desktop. I try to call and be on hold for an hour or so and the help features don’t help at all. Can you help me or not???

  91. I am totally ready to switch to g-mail. I absolutely despise all the frickin’ annoying changes made to yahoo mail…the me-person-me crap…I can’t even tell in my sent box who I sent what replies to…I have to retype email addresses every single time even though it shows up in a drop-down when I start typing it..if I click on the email drop-down, it erases it and I have to type it all over again. The other stupid thing is I can no longer sort my inbox by “From”…makes it impossible to easily find mail from someone or some company whose name I cannot remember until I see it, and the “from” sorting made it easy to scroll and find. If Yahoo does not correct this mess, I am leaving permanently…and I have alot more email addresses than this one. I will switch them ALL to G-mail. Enough of this idiocy.

  92. -Yahoo

    I am constantly amused at your conservatively biased headlines and stories. Quite frankly, your stories are lackluster and one sided everytime.

  93. I am having a problem deleting on my email account, it does not let me delete any of my email when I want to delete in large numbers.

  94. my friend Billy Ali has an account at

    Unfortunately he has forgotten his password and the recovery email he has registered does not exist and he did not put a phone number to the account,

    He has also forgotten his security questions

    Is there anything that we could do to assist him please


  95. Dear Officer,
    I am requesting to retrieve a old mail sent to me sometime in the month of June 2012, please advise. Is Avery important mail which I accidentally deleted.
    Thank you.
    Jonathan Toh

  96. On 0810-14 I received a request to update my e-mail yahoo account. I followed the instructions which included resetting password ect. However since this date I have not been able to access my account. I would like to go back to my old e-mail contact information. I even tried phoning customer service but was put on hold for over 7mins with no response of an operator for assistance. Please send me hard copy instructions to fix this problem. “Thank You”

  97. I just got an email stating that I want Yahoo to terminate my email and I have done no such thing!!! I have forgotten my password but to change it I don’t have the option of security questions! Where is that Option so I can change my password, only has an alternate email that I no longer use and that’s it.

  98. I am getting a little upset with yahoo.mail. My husband hasn’t been able to get into his account for a few weeks now. He hasn’t changed id or password. I have tried calling the help number and get disconnected. There is no email address to contact for problems. I would like this resolved. I have tried all the online help info to no avail.

  99. I cant open my yahoo mail the one connected with my account on facebook,the facebook team told me to confirm my facebook account on yahoo mail,the problem is I forgot my id and the contact number registered on my yahoo mail is no longer active. please help

  100. I cant open my yahoo mail the one connected with my account on facebook,the facebook team told me to confirm my facebook account on yahoo mail,the problem is I forgot my id and the contact number registered on my yahoo mail is no longer active. please help

  101. Yahoo issue, I would like to inform you that yahoo does not accommodate for Fiji residence as every time you put a Fiji based number it keeps on saying non valid number. Can you fix the problem yahoo!

  102. I have been trying for at least 4 days to acquire some help with our website. Finally I mananged to talk with someone who helped me although I had trouble understanding the gentleman. Now I need to change our old email to the new one so I can reset the passwd. for our website and of course there are numerous email addresses to try and phone numbers. The tech support number I tried did not respond nor could I hear the tech since the connection was so bad. How are should this be?? Evidently Yahoo wants to make certain you don’t contact them for help. What possibly could make a company cause such frustration that a customer has to have headache medication at the end of the day.
    I would so appreciate an email on how to change our email address so I can reset a website passwd. Any response. I doubt it.

  103. In reading the other comments, I see I am not alone!!
    Come on Yahoo! If you want to grow as a business, customer service ranks very high! Providing simple and correct information to customers makes them smile and pass along references to other people. Fix the problem. Care about your customers and provide simple help. I don’t want to have a headache every time I need to contact you.

  104. 2 things:

    1st: When are you going to update the Movie, Box office?

    2nd: Why have you made it so hard to make comments about movies? I hate not having any feed-back on how we the movie go’er see the films.

    Thank you.

    • Your handling of the Firefox issue was the poorest way to notify the customers. Just closing down the server to Firefox users with no advance notice or reasons for doing so shows how thoughtless you really are. Has Yahoo gotten too big. That can change just like the NFL will.

  105. I am totally and completely done with your sorry ass site. I have been with Yahoo for over 10 years and your customer service is worse than Comcast. How is that even possible? Well it’s because you have absolutely no way to contact you guys!! You lock my account and tell me I have to call your customer service to rectify it just to be hung up on after 10 minutes every time! I have tried so many time to contact you guys just to get a email back that your email no longer works. So basically you have NO customer service to help customers. Let me make this clear for you Yahoo. You’re pathetic excuse for a service.

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