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Contacting WWE Customer Service Center

WWE is one of the world’s largest sports entertainment franchises, founded in 1952. The current head of the company Vince McMahon took the company from a company focused on promoting events to a company with a fan base exceeding the 13 million mark and a viewership in more than 140 countries. The company not only focuses on live events, WWE deals with direct product sales, product licensing, music, film and publishing.

Contact Info:

When customers want to contact the customer service department, they have the ability to by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-203-352-8600
  • WWE magazine: 1-800-244-9279
  • WWE shop: 1-866-993-7467
  • WWE Shop (international): 1-717-522-4384

Mailing Address

WWE Corporate HeadquartersAttention: (Specific Department)1241 East Main StreetStamford, CT 06902

Official Website

When individuals visit the official WWE website http://www.wwe.com/ they will enter the universe of one of the leading sports entertainment franchises on the planet. There is access to information of the superstars, video clips, photos, classic matches, news and ticket sales. Through the online community, individuals have access to sending messages to the superstars and also vote for their top celebrity for upcoming events.

Customer Service Email

Go to http://www.wwe.com/help/contact-us/show-feedbackin order to send correspondence to the customer service team via the customer contact form. The only relevant details customers include, includes your name, email address and the program. We sent an email requesting the hours of the customer service department. We are still awaiting a response.

Additional ways to contact the customer service department include:

Our Experience

Contacting the WWE was quite an experience. The automated system provided several options, but none directed the call to the customer service department. We decided to press 0 in order to connect with a live agent. After several attempts, we connected with a representative. The customer service agent was pleasant. We asked if w could have information relating to the television shows rating system. Our concern was children watching the programs. The agent acknowledged our concern and offered to explain the WWE Parentspage. The page describes the type of programming as well as provides information relating to maneuvers not to attempt at home.

The agent provided a wealth of information in a short amount of time. Our experience was better than expected. When contacting the customer service team, how did the call turn out? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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38 Comments on “Contact WWE Customer Service
  1. customer service does not answer their phones. I have called amny time without an answer and have been hung up on without talking to anyone

    • I will no long buy or watch wrestling ever again,management has over step there bounds this time even kane has broking the rules im done now hope you can find more watchers

  2. I will no longer allow my child to watch wwe.here i am watching triple h bully his employees.for a company you is aganst bulling and goes to schools to promote this program is not promotingit on there show.i used to like watching now i am very disappointed in the show. My husband has been watching since he was 4 doesn’t want our child to no longer watch.

  3. My son absolutely loves WWE and has been a devoted fan since age 3 and he just turned ten a few days ago. This is my second year subscribing to the magazine and my last year might I add!!!! I dont understand why I have to call in to customer service for them to send my magazine out every couple months!!!! I called early this year after changing my address and not receiving any subscriptions. They didnt even change my address when i called to update it. so I had to update it AGAIN when I called in. Then in October, I had to call back and ask to have the issues from July til October to be issued because I never received any of my subscriptions. Yet AGAIN I had to update my address. My mailman was even accused by the rep of stealing my magazines. I know he does not because i know him and he is an older guy. Also after I call in and demand my subscribed issues that i PRE-PAID for, I always receive them!!!! Yet today, I had to call AGAIN because i never received octobers issue and I havent received my november or december issues!!!! After being accused of lying, I had to go back and forth to receive what I paid for and that is after they mail them out in 2-3 WEEKS!!! SO I WONT RECEIVE MY MAGAZINES UNTIL WELL INTO THE NEW YEAR!!! tHIS IS RIDICULOUS AND I REFUSE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAGAZINE AGAIN. I RATHER BY THEM FOR NEWSTAND PRICE!!! SMH AT THE ENTIRE TWO YEAR DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

  4. Could you bring back doink the clown or make a action figure.for the future also can you do a poll from andre the giant to ultimate warrior who you think is the best for the future you can find me on face book type my name or leave a message.(important)for the future.like when he had original music like the new hair like when he was scary.this one sells see if you can make him cool.pull theam music but when he was cool.this one sells for futer get a hold of me later.(important) for the future.for a wrestlers.

  5. i wante to be a spacel gusess on wwe opeing monday night in april in evensville ind i like show a lot and larry king and all pro wresling team

  6. My son Greg Montgomery is a specialnneeds child Down Syndrome lives at home with me-37 yrs old enjoys WWE and I have subscribed the magazine for him called about it last month didn’t receive it and he hasn’t this month probably the postman-but wanted to let you know this just started and his subscription isn’t expired.

  7. Network is a JOKE!!!!!! Kept losing program and difficulty getting it back. Called customer service and they were absolutely NO HELP!!!! Kept getting the run around. During Wrestlemania no one was answering the phones. Very unhappy with the network. Will think about renewing when time comes around. Missed most of Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania. VERY disappointed’!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You need to know what is going on. I can’t believe I was the only one having problems.

  8. We email you people yesterday and the problem the i talk about keep coming up>i love the network and i”m a life long fan of the WWE.since i began a member of the network is been with tegnical problems i would to be abble to get what i pay for and wacth a hole payperwie on interupted,this is whats comes in my network/no items available and wwe home retry please i would like to continuo with my network i hope you guys do somenthing about this,Thank you for your help Israel Ruiz.

  9. On the wwe network can u put total divas on it. When we first heard about it the video showed total divas would be on it

  10. Ive been for months for you guys to come to savannah,ga you guys haven’t come to Savaanah,Ga please post soon

  11. Ive been for months for you guys to come to savannah,ga you guys haven’t come to Savaanah,Ga please post soon

  12. Hi my name is shawn armstrong and I am a huge fan of wwe my problem is dat u guys anounce almost every country except mines which is belize c.a . Here r a lot of fans so please remember us wen u are anouncing tanx and god bless

  13. my husband loves wrestling but this WWE network is not what it promises and I am about tired of paying for something I can’t use

  14. I think rusev is a digrase to me and my family I live in America in kentucy not just me but to all of the America of the united states if the wwe won’t do anything I am going to go to higher person incharged resev should not be on wwe because he is always putting our country down and that is against the law do something about it thanks

  15. i have tried twice now to subscribe to the network and failed do to it is not compatable with satatelite inyernet service this hurts the people who like pau per views and now cannot watch them do to a Ip issue you are falsely advertising this network stating all can receive it you need to inform people on satatelite they are not good enough to watch this programing you tech tried to get me to pay for this again stating this issue had been solved but i found out you still have the same issues nothing has changed i am reporting this false advertising to the better business breauro. i think you need to offer pay per views on satalite again to pick up alot more of your customers than cable ever thought about having

  16. I was wondering if i could talk to some one to start training with to become a pro wrestler and how? Who whould i have to talk to?

  17. I’ve been watching we for over 20 years and this authority bull shit that they are back makeing this show the shits and I will no longer watch this bullshit.

  18. on the I/5/15 At seven pm I saw the worst performance of my life put on by triple h and his wife , in 40 years of watching wrestling there has never been such ,poor management like Monday corporation cannot stay in business with that kind of getto mentality its sick ,and very hostal and disturbing.

  19. I have been an avid wrestling fan all of my life until I can’t take it any more. The “AUTHORITY” for me has ruined my enjoyment of wrestling. The WWE talks against bullying when they are around children but Triple H. and Stephanie are the worlds worst bullies. Your so called “good for business” actions are repulsive. If Mr. Money in the bank is so good why does he need two so called security men, Kane and Big Show to help him win matches? What you did this past Monday night to John Cena, Dolph Zeigler, Feed me More and the Mr. Goat Head was repulsive. As of now, after many years of enjoying W W E, I will no longer watch Monday or Thursday night wrestling. I hope there are many others that will do the same as I. The H.H.H., Stephanie act is disgusting. Getting rid of Alberto Del Rio and Ray Mesterio was also stupid no matter what the reason. Maybe one day you will see that bullying your superstars is not the way to go.

  20. Triple h or whatever he called him self, is a bully and highly evil. I used to like watching the show but now is like I’m wasting my time and money..

  21. This is ridicules I paid for ticket’s to see Raw this Monday I understand it is cancelled cause of the weather but you give us tickets to Thursday smackdown here in Hartford well I paid for Raw and 3 hours of it I think it is BS because I want to see Raw not smackdown :(

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