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Contacting Windstream Customer Service

Windstream is a communications company that offers cable, Internet and home phone services to customers. The headquarters for the company is in Little Rock, Arkansas. Customer service contact information is available online for general questions, billing questions, high speed Internet, digital TV and home phone service. The coverage area for Windstream covers 29 states and more than 3 million customers.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can chat with a customer service representative online between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CST. There is no mention of the customers service hours for the Windstream customer service call center.

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for customer service or the main company in Little Rock, Arkansas. We did find contact information for Investors and all mailing addresses are identical.

4001 Rodney Parham Road
Little Rock, AR 72212-2442

Official Website

The official website for Windstream is located at: On the website, customers can choose to start new service, log in to their current account for service and upgrade/downgrade options or personalize the front page with news updates and more.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address listed for customer service and you must log in to your account to access Windstream customer service if you are a customer.

On the company Facebook page we found an email address listed for customers to contact for more information on Windstream. You can send your email to

Social Media and Customer Service

Windstream customer service is available on Twitter @Windstream. You can send a message to the customer service team via Twitter if desired.

If you don’t have a Twitter account or you prefer Facebook, Windstream customer service can also be contacted on their Facebook page at

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department at Windstream, we encountered an automated call system. When customers select either English or Spanish, you are then taken to another automated option menu. You encounter questions asking if you are either an existing customer or a new customer. After selecting the appropriate option, you have to wait approximately 3minutes before a customer service representative answers your call. The representative is English speaking and answered our question regarding initiation of service.

We contacted customer support via email at:, but are still awaiting a response.

An email sent to Windstream resulted in email response within 3 hours. We didn’t receive an automated response, but instead had our question regarding initial service answered by a customer service representative, see below:

Mr. Banks,

Thank you for your interest in our service. Service can usually get installed within 3-5 business days and if you have any issues with telephone or broadband service, we have 24 hour repair and technical support.

Give customer service a call at 1-800-347-1991 to start an order.

Amanda Karr
Executive Customer Relations | Windstream

From: Richard Banks []
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 8:10 AM
To: WINCanHelp,
Subject: New Service

When setting up new service, what is the approximate wait time for initial service. Also, when outages occur, is there a dedicated outage hotline? Thank you for your time.

What was your experience dealing with Windstream customer service? We want to know if the representatives were helpful and provided top-notch customer care. Let us know your thoughts.

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55 Comments on “Contact Windstream Customer Service

  2. I’m very frustrated with the internet service from Windstream. It goes down several times per week and the signal is weak. I switched from Roadrunner from Time Warner because they kept increasing the price, but at least I had service! When I call customer service at Windstream they “check the service and increase the signal”, which does no good. Now they tell me I need to purchase a wireless signal booster! I don’t think it’s my responsibility to purchase it. I did not have these problems with Roadrunner!

  3. Once reached, costumer service has been good. Terrible prices and organization. Received a bad modem and took me a dozen calls and almost two months to receive a new one. If I had anther choice I would switch.

  4. For over a week I have been trying to cancel phone/internet services from Windstream because I am moving. Still no luck, long, long, long holds on phone – still no connection with right person!

  5. you bunch of tards suck all the way down to the installer’s you charge me for 6 mbs i get .25 two months trying to get it fixed wire strung out all over property in 9 directions they reuse to bury for 4 months piss poor i never had this with consolidated . wish i could talk to chairman of the company they steal my money theivin basturds !!!!!

  6. ben with WS for 6yrs and as others say bad signal comes and goes. I was given a credit frm dish and then they turned around next mo and billed it back to me again. 4 months I have spoke with WS reps and each time i was told that it would be taken care of no prob. then this mo recieved notice if I did not pay the extra chage my ser. would be cut off. this comp. and dish both really are terrible I think its time for a change!! they really suck

  7. Windstream customer service is attrosious. They have a monopoly on the phone and internet service in our area so trying to take care of customers is not at the top of their list. Internet service is spotty at best. Their rates are higher than standard. Then again when your not competing with any other company why put much effort in it.

  8. This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Just today I have been lied to by customer service (Christina), told that they could not schedule a service tech because their computer was “down” (Dave) and that I would have to call back tomorrow (Dave), then they corrected that and told me a supervisor was manually making an appointment for me tomorrow and that the supervisor (Brian) would call me back to verify. He never called back and in fact was gone when I called back. Handy! I am paying for the upgraded internet service and it is very sadly lacking. If Windstream is going to oversell bandwidth at least come up with some better excuses. As it is….here I come Hughes Net!

  9. I would like to very much to express my dissatisfaction with your internet service. For over two months our internet speed has decreased to the point now that it take a much too long of a period to connect then when you want to go to another sight it takes it’s own good time. At times I could run around the house three or more times before it connects to what ever sight I surfing.

    For sure I’m not getting what I’m paying for and I understand that you are upgrading in our area, but before you started we were doing much better than we are now … I would change if I could!!!

  10. I have gotten 5 bills in 5 weeks – all incorrect. Apparently I have a Credit of $107.00 – do not pay and the next day I get an intent to disconnect. You can’t get the right department on the phone and then they will drop your call so you can start over. Horrible company and I would change in a heartbeat if I had a choice.

  11. This is one of the worst internet providers we have had. Every afternoon and evening, and every weekend you can not down load or up load anything. All we here of is outage. There is no outage it is the fact they have sold more customers than they can handle.

    Do Not Sign a Contract with these people. They can go up in price but you do not get the service they tell you they will provide you.

  12. I contacted Windstream because I was having trouble logging on to my BUSINESS email… after an hour on the phone with them I found out that one of the 3 people I spoke with “accidentally” deleted my email account. While they happily reactivated the account, they could do nothing to recover the emails that they deleted. 24 hours later, I am officially on my way to switching to another provider…AND for less money! Never again will I do business with Windstream!

  13. Our law firm’s office in Miami had no choice but to obtain our internet and phone services from Windstream Communications because our (former) office building has an exclusive contract with them. For both internet and phone services we were paying almost $200 a month. Not only is that price outrageous, but their online site AND customer service SUCKS.

    Then on November 12, 2013, they disconnected our services because we hadn’t been making payments regularly (times are hard for everyone.) We had no problem with this because we were very unhappy with them, so I them tried REPEATEDLY to contact them that month to just complete disconnect our services and cancel our account with them (as we were planning on leaving that building for a new office space after 2012.) As mentioned above, their customer service and online site SUCKS. I kept getting transferred between departments, and was on hold repeatedly for how long – this kept occurring for a couple of weeks before I FINALLY spoke with a customer service rep that I thought gave me the correct information. I WAS WRONG. We still had no service but they were STILL BILLING US – why on earth would you bill someone/a business if you cut off their service?!?!? FINALLY after a second round of calls and BS, I spoke with another rep that told me that I had to FORMALLY send in a letter that requested our services be cancelled and account closed (via fax and email).

    I got all this information FINALLY in the beginning of January 2013, and promptly sent via fax AND email a letter requesting our services be cancelled and account closed. I requested that a confirmation be sent – NOTHING was sent to us. We were STILL being billed for services that we were not getting (and not to mention their services SUCK!!) FINALLY the attorney I work for got fed up, and decided to call them himself (which should have not happened because he is the boss!) I was on the phone with him, a rep, and the rep said that they would close our account and that we were disputing the charges – this was mid-January. FINALLY on March 15, we get an Email from a rep that they had OPENED a billing dispute and that they would review everything. THIS IS FOUR MONTHS AFTER WE HAD NO SERVICE FROM THEM!! FOUR FREAKING MONTHS!! I then reply to her with the fax confirmation, letter and Email that I had sent back in January that we had requested everything to be cancelled months prior, and she responds that they will only credit us $50, but still have to pay over $500 for a service that we were being billed for that we were NOT receiving. WHAT KIND OF B-S is this?!?!?

    If you are thinking of utilizing Windstream Communications, FIND ANOTHER SERVICE PROVIDER!! PLEASE!! Their services suck, they are overpriced, their customer service is HORRENDOUS, they obviously need to retrain their employees and reevaluate their services, and the company just is complete B.S.!

  14. If you would like an internet service that only works up to par during the day, hardly works at all after 4pm till midnight, charges entirely too much for their crappy service and has what is reported to be one of the worst customer service departments in the industry, then by all means you should look into signing up with Windstream. When the opportunity arises for a better option, Windstream can stick their service you know where!!! I consistently go out of my way to tell others not to get involved with this company. HAVE A NICE DAY WINDSTREAM!

  15. All I wanted to do was report an outage. No specific number for this is listed in the phone book nor on my invoice. I wasted several of my cell phone minutes and still don’t have a clue whether they got the message that my phone isn’t working. Very discouraging to get a computer and no prompt for a live person! Sure makes me want to do away with my land line.

  16. It would be nice if their entire site related to customer service was working “site unavailable”, or that their phone numbers wouldn’t keep saying they’re disconnected. This is happening during the day when most people are just doing normal business.

  17. I have no other choice but to use Windstream there is no other carrier in my Area of Charlotte NC. Their service is the Pitts. My inter – net keeps on shutting down all day it comes and goes, I have called for two service calls both no show?. I have also written two complaints to the FCC and both times they forward the letters to Windstream for answers, they send back to the FCC a repleys that all issues have been resolved . I have been told by a windstream employe that the system is over loaded but they still continue to sell their prouduct. I cannot beleive that the FCC is letting Winstream continue taking on new customers when the system cannot handle the volume it has now. Bottom line if you are a windstream customer you are not getting what you are paying for. The only way to resolve this, is complain if you are having proeblems to Windstrem an follow it up with a letter to the FCC and also you should get a refund because YOU ARE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU PAYING FOR.

    • a junk email showed up on my email address from Mr. Tony of Dakar Senegal which amounted to an offer in human trafficing. My question is how did this get through to me when not addressed to me? Winstream should have caught this before it ever went out to anyone! When I tried to find who to report this to it was like an act of congress- going no place and nothing to be done!Your contact info is almost non existant to say the least and ends up a search going nowhere!

  18. I don’t know hoe you can call your service “High Speed Internet”, when it hardly any better than dial-up. I think your service stinks! I am paying for 3 meg service and most of the time I can barely get 1 meg. In my opinion this is unacceptable. I have called customer service and was told no upgrade in service was scheduled at all for the year 2013. I think you should at least you should lower the monthly price for service in our area as we are paying the same for people who do receive 3 meg. My service is so bad, that when I go to do a speed check, it takes so long to load I have to walk away and come back later to see the results. I can’t wait to find another reputable internet service company!

  19. I’ve had 6-7 problems with my internet service during the last year.Each time they take my information but I’ve yet to receive a call back from a tech or customer service asking me it my problem was resolved or to just say go to hell/
    Their internet service works well during the day when most people are at work but at night when I use it it slows down to snail mail,which tells me their local headend doesn’t have enough bandwidth to handle the load.
    I’m switching all my services to my local cable company and save 70.00/mo if only for the next 12 months.

  20. At Linda Dennis..windstream gave me the same song and dance about getting a booster. So after buying 2 different boosters and neither one will adapt to a windstream modem, I get a service person on the phone that says windstream has no booster for their wireless modems and i am just out of luck. as with u, they are the only game in town for my area, but i would rather have no service than to pay windstream another dime!!

  21. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I have been approached by your sales team to consider enhancing the level of integration of services to our household and businesses. I would like to consider this. But the level of and responsiveness of the customer service access is very troubling to me. You should know that, as a small business owner, I have many responsibilities, and difficulties getting through and receiving service would add more difficulties. May I suggest that you make it easier to get in touch with you, reduce the waiting times while on hold to get the first human and have real people answer your phones, as the computer answering device is fruistrating…


  22. I just wanted to comment on the outstanding service we received from a Mr. Jackson who fixed my computer. He was extremely professional and we were totally pleased with our service.
    Thank you

  23. Windstream support sucks. I need my phone connections checked in the alley. Every time it rains or any moisture at all my phone goes out of order with major static. I can’t use my phone or internet. The phone box in the alley has the cover off and on the ground with all wires exposed to dust and moisture. A couple of days of sunshine and my phone goes back to normal. It rained Friday night and Police showed up the next day June 8th asking me if I dialed 911 and I had not been on the phone all morning. I called Windstream support and was told someone would be out on Monday. No one has been out to check the wiring in the alley on Monday or Tuesday. I’m mailing a letter to the address in Brownfield, TX. I’m looking at changing companies. MAYBE EVERYONE SHOULD REPORT COMPLAINTS TO THE BBB.

  24. Windstream is the worst service ever. I don’t have a phone or internet half the time. I’m paying for highspeed but not getting it!I will be changing or going to the Douglas Ga office to have a talk. I’m not getting the service I;m paying for!

  25. I was sent a new router in mail, when I called for help set up, I was directed to an overseas center. I could not understand a word he was saying. On the phone 45 mins an never could get it work. So I hooked up my old one. He could not tell the difference between a b an d.. I am so sick of not talking with Americans. We pay enough in bills that you should bring your internet service back to the US. If
    I had my choice would leave windstream… very unhappy. You can not get anything done be a use you cn not understand a word they say.

  26. 100% dissatisfied with Windstream. Have been waiting 10 days for Internet to be set up. Have been told TWICE someone was coming out only to have no one show up. Waited 10 hours at home today with 4 kids only to have no one come. Am telling EVERYONE we know how much Windstream sucks.

  27. Everytime we get heavy rain and lightening our landline goes bonkers. How can the internet work andn the landline be messed up??? In this day and age of our technological growth how can this be happening so often????

  28. The worst service I have ever had my internet is so slow when we get an incoming call we lose our internet.I have no other choice but to use Windstream there is no other carrier in my Area,100% dissatisfied with Windstream!!!

  29. 100% dissatisfied with Windstream!It goes down several times per week and the signal is weak.& customer service you can’t understand anyone you talk to I have been with windstream for over 10 yrs & I am not very please with the service at all…

  30. Can not CALL OUT phone line is out. please send some one to fix it. It was working and just stopped and now it reads check line. everything in house is ok, I even changed theline and put a new one on my phone and it did not make any differents.

  31. windstream dosent know the right hand from its left. It gave me a price of 38.44 then raised it for a “lightning arrester charge” and when I howled abut it, they took it off, and when I paid my standard quote bill, they said I owe more. I tried to call but they have a fee to talk to a live assistant. They can go to hell.

  32. We are getting so sick and tired of trying to get into our email, changing passwords etc. Please get this straightened out for all of your customers. I am thinking strongly about canceling my service and going somewhere else. This is ridiculous. No patience left. Thanks for listening. Eva M. Williams

    Well did you listen? Is it going to be fixed or not? Thanks

  33. Repair service in our area is worthless. Four times we have had a dead phone line, it can be out anywhere from 1 day to 2 or three days. It comes Alive and then the next time we pick up the phone it is working. The repair service is all computerized. They have no way for us to talk to them. We live up in the mountain outside of Caddo Gap, with a dead phone line we cannot contact repair service. Cell phone service can not be accessed here. Please help us.

  34. I hope that you will contact me as to what the problem is and I will admit that if nothing is done I will contact the FCC. The problem with a dead phone line is that incase of an emergency we have no way of getting help. We do have neighbors but, they are way down the road and if our line is dead, then theirs is too.

  35. I have never worked with such a terrible company. I don’t understand how they are even in business. I have stayed with them because there is no one else and I don’t have a choice. I am going to terminate my service and go to a rural internet service like Hughes Net or someone like that. I don’t mind paying for service that I get and is there to use. It is hard to swallow .25 Meg’s of service when I pay for 6 Meg’s of service. It’s too bad to say this, but adios MF

  36. Windtream seems to have a DGAS attitude. Since I am in an area where there is no competition for them, they don’t take your complaints about their service seriously. The download speed on their internet is always below 3.0 mbps. They promised this speed when I went on line with them. I cannot successfully stream Netflex are any of the other services on my smart tv. They claim they are working on it, but how long does “working on it” take to fix the problem. I plan on eliminating their service which I feel I already pay too much for by using straight talk service that connects your phone directly to the cell towers in my vicinity switching to Direct TV from Dish which can provide me with at least 10 MBPS internet from their satellite, thus not having to deal with them anymore.

  37. I signed up for the 119.00 bundle for life but the price keeps going up and up it is now 160.00 spoke wirh a windstream customer billing person said they raised the bill again 13.00
    this is false advertizement Windstream is not what they claim to be .
    I WANT these charges removed

  38. your website needs a lot of work. how you can offer internet service and have such a poor system of communicating by eamil is beyond. I have never before encounted a payment system that will not let you pay your bill for the next month in advance and requires you to wait forever to talk to a person to do it. Why?? I have tried by phone and email and it is hopeless—do you prefer that I discontinue my land line or let the bill for next month go unpaid??

  39. In my community, we have been trying to get Windsteam Lines buried so that it is not a hazard for older people when they are walking in their yard. GUESS WHAT, It has been over 5 years and they still are not buried! Lawn guys have to get off their lawnmowers and move the line just so they can mow. If it were me, I would chop the frigging lines to pieces! They are worse than Time Warner if that is possible!!!!

  40. Your customer service is terrible and you do not seem to know how to treat people. I was trying to make a new order and none of the numbers I called gave me that option. One only offered a cruise to the Bahamas and hung up on me when I did not want further information about the offer. Please close your company and admit you are a failure at providing good service to customers. Start digging ditches. This is a more honorable way to make a living than what you are currently doing. Have a great day.

  41. so much for getting a good deal with windstream d+&e in lancaster county pa.always,always slow wait 29 minutes to come up then goes wicky wack for another 15/20 minutes,why did they buy d&e if problems with equipment was bad?ready to pay more with brc/ptd,always pay bill on time but no credit for down/slow time.DISGUSTED

  42. How do I get to talk to a real live human. All I get from windstream is computers and a human voice from dish that sends me back into cyber space with pushing numbers on my keypad.

  43. my father has been trying for over a month now to get his Windstream home phone number switched to his Consumer Cellular phone. WS keeps telling him they have the wrong address or the last letter of his last name is wrong, they have no record of any request, etc. Yet, the address works when they bill him. This is a scam because they do not want to lose customers. I am in process of contacting the FCC, BBB and the Ohio Attorney General office. This is how you treat a customer that has been loyal for over 45 years? Total scam! The fact the one email after another is nothing but the same should tell you perhaps you need to do something.

  44. I was scheduled for a new installation today (8/4/14)which did not happen. The installation location was in Clayton Ga. area. We do not live there as it is a second home. We were in contact with 4 different people and was told the tech. would be there. Once it got to 4:00 pm we decided it was time to leave as we had a 4 hour trip home (lost day).

    The last person we talked to said the tech. was in a neighbors yard and they did not know us (obviously not our neighbor). Besides our neighbor does not live there full time and was not there this weekend as well. We do not have an address posted and did not have good cell reception but did give the address of the neighbor and we were directly across the street and in sight as well as what kind of vehicle to look for.

    You would think with GPS as well as good directions and landmarks there would be no problem. I don’t have those problems and I do run a swimming pool service company. However, there has to be good communications between the dispatch and the tech to get it right.

    From what we were told about why the tech did not find us seemed very weak at best especially when we were told he had been to our neighbors house inquiring where we lived. Our neighbors house is in eyesight of our living room and if he had in fact arrived at 325 lake seed rd., Tiger Ga. we would have seen him as we were anxiously waiting so we could get on the road home.

    The next trip to this place I will ask for the techs name and number myself so we can get it right, if this is not a problem, if I don’t change my mind before then.

  45. I have tried calling to pay bill and about over charging can’t get anyone guess have to call better business b-poor customer service-there is none- guess it’s time to change cable companies-I am disabled and need help-

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