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Contacting WestJet Customer Service Center

WestJet is one of the largest airlines in Canada, as well as one of the largest airlines in North America. It is one of the largest based upon the customer base. The company averages 10 to 15 million passengers per year.

Contact Info:

WestJet provides several ways to contact the customer service department, including phone, traditional mail, email and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service (Canada): 1-888-937-8538
  • Customer service (U.S.): 1-855-547-2451
  • TTY: 1-877-952-0100
  • Customer service (Groups): 1-877-952-4696
  • Argentina: 800-5381-5696
  • Australia: 800-5381-5696
  • Austria: 800-5381-5696
  • Bahamas: 1-866-884-9188
  • Barbados: 1-800-204-5647
  • Belgium: 800-5381-5696
  • China: 800-5381-5696
  • Colombia: 800-5381-5696
  • Costa Rica: 800-5381-5696
  • Denmark: 800-5381-5696
  • Dominican Republic: 1-888-751-4685
  • Finland: 800-5381-5696
  • France: 800-5381-5696
  • Germany: 800-5381-5696
  • Hong Kong: 800-5381-5696
  • Hungary: 00-800-5381-5696
  • Iceland: 00-800-5381-5696
  • Ireland: 800-5381-5696
  • Israel: 800-5381-5696
  • Italy: 800-5381-5696
  • Jamaica: 1-866-886-2488
  • Japan: 800-5381-5696
  • Korea (South): 800-5381-5696
  • Luxembourg: 800-5381-5696
  • Macao: 800-5381-5696
  • Malaysia: 800-5381-5696
  • Mexico: 001-800-514-7288
  • Netherlands: 800-5381-5696
  • New Zealand: 800-5381-5696
  • Norway: 800-5381-5696
  • Philippines: 800-5381-5696
  • Portugal: 800-5381-5696
  • Puerto Rico: 1-866-886-2388
  • Singapore: 800-5381-5696
  • South Africa: 800-5381-5696
  • Spain: 800-5381-5696
  • St. Lucia: 1-800 204-0409
  • Sweden: 800-5381-5696
  • Switzerland: 800-5381-5696
  • Taiwan: 800-5381-5696
  • Thailand: 800-5381-5696
  • Turks and Caicos: 1-866-887-1588
  • United Kingdom: 800-538-5696
  • United States: 1-888-937-8538

Mailing Address

WestJet Campus

22 Aerial Place N.E.Calgary, Alberta,CanadaT2E 3J1WestJet Hangar21 Aerial Place N.E.Calgary, AlbertaCanadaT2E 8X7

Official Website

Customers wanting a low-cost travel options should consider visiting the official WestJet website WestJet. The company is similar to other airlines; customers can book flights, rent cars and book lodging. WestJet provides these services at a discounted rate to passengers. Customers can also sign up for the rewards program in order to save additional money on travel.

Customer Service Email

Go to http://www.westjet.com/guest/en/contact/index.shtmlto send feedback the customer service department. Customers can select the category, including, general communication, prior/during/after flight or the rewards program. We sent a message asking for the hours of operations, considering this information is not available on the website. After sending the information, we immediately received a message stating a representative would respond to our concern within 24 to 48 hours.

Customers can attempt to contact the customer service department through social media.

Our Experience

The automated system does not provide a clear path to the customer service department. The available options allow customers to book flights, make reservations and check the status of current flights. When the system transferred the call to the service department, we were greeted with the most obscure statement we have heard. The system stated the anticipated wait time was 44 minutes. Not wanting to wait this long, we decided to call at a later time.

We called later and eventually spoke with a customer service agent. We asked if calling was an efficient method to reach the customer service department. Although the agent reassured us this was the best contact methods, we will try using another form of communication. We are sure your story was better than our story. Leave a comment below.

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43 Comments on “Contact WestJet Customer Service
  1. l recently flew from los angeles and l recognized an employee.didnt take long to realize l recognized her because of previous flights and amazing service from the counter. Her name is Stephanee Rios…. best service l can remember.always gives everyone her attention caring and her smiles..she is a wonderful employee and l so want you to know l like many many others are very appreciative when we see her at the counter and have the privilage of being served by her. It is the old fashion customer service.. she cares!!Pls give Stephanee recognition of her great efforts that she always provides to westjet customers…. she is very special with her ways and.she just doesnt meet customers expectations .she exceeds their expectations in all areas…west jet has always been my favorite… personal and attentive and makes one feel appreciative for choosing their airlines…Sephanee Rios is now my favorite for giving Aplus service all the time…pls recognize this very valuable employee..thank you Stephanee thank you West jet for hiring such a great individual . l will always advise people friends to choose west jet first!! thank you lynda johnson 502-1501 Howe Street, vancouver bc v6z2p8 604-899-8944 last trip and book in was at Los angeles airport flight 1699 26 april 2013 thankyou lynda

  2. In April we took a great package holiday (flight + hotel)in Scotsdale with Westjete and we would like you to let us know of any similar package vacations in the future.


    Cliff. Lambert

  3. I am contacting you to complain and voice my opinion about the terrible incident which occurred to my step daughter, Morgan Dobroski, on Dec. 21-Dec 22nd. I booked her flights below and my reservation code was as follows – TEYKJU
    Morgan’s flight from Edmonton (WS3259) was scheduled to depart at 5:15pm on Dec. 21st. Upon arrival at the airport she notified us that it was delayed till 5::50pm. We told her to check with her gate attendant to ensure she was still okay to catch her connecting flight in Calgary (WS202) which was scheduled to depart at 7:10. She was told not to worry by the attendant as all flights were delayed. We were notified again of another delay – half hour this time. We again told Morgan to check to ensure she would make her connection. Again she was told not to worry and that she would make her flight. We didn’t get her to question this as after all you (westjet) are the experts and not us so we trusted what you told us. But inhind sight we NEVER should have done this.
    Morgan’s flight finally left and myself and my husband made our way to Winnipeg (we live 3 hours from the Winnipeg airport). Once we arrived in Winnipeg we received a panicked phone call that Morgan in deed had missed her flight and that Westjet had no idea what to do. She was told to go to the counter and would get more assistance. She called us back crying and very upset about 15 minutes later saying she was told she has to do to Vancouver and spend the night there as they don’t have any other flights to Winnipeg. Which to us made NO SENSE but we weren’t able to talk to anyone at Westjet as they told our daughter that she had no choice and if she wanted to get to Winnipeg she had to go to Vancouver that night and stay over and fly out to Winnipeg the following evening. As my step daughter was already very upset and scared (has only flown 1 time before) and she had already boarded the plane we told her not to worry and to call when she gets to Vancouver. Needless to say I was very distraught and upset that your attendants figured it was okay to send a minor (she is 17) to Vancouver all by herself and expect her to spend the night in a hotel and then return to the airport to catch an evening flight!!!!
    We turned around and headed home (which I should add was another 3 hours so in total that day we traveled 6 hours for NOTHING except to be upset at the fact that your company sent our daughter to Vancouver without consulting with us!) On the way home I called Westjet and voiced my stress over this situation and to find out what was going on as we had no info, no flight #’s, etc. I explained Morgan was only 17 and not a flyer and wanted to know why anyone thought it was okay to put her on a plane to Vancouver without calling us! I was able to somehow get her on a flight leaving Vancouver at 6:45am to Calgary after I explained I was NOT having my daughter travelling from the airport to a hotel and back again by herself in a taxi and spending the entire day at the Vancouver airport so she can fly out Sunday evening. I have no idea your employees did not think to ask Morgan if she could spend the night in Calgary and catch the plane to Winnipeg on Sunday as they told her she had to go to Vancouver as no flights out on Sunday to Winnipeg! Seriously???? Morgan has an aunt in Calgary and I tell you it would have been a whole lot less stressful on all of us if she could have stayed in Calgary, but no instead she was pushed on a Vancouver flight! Makes no sense! Thank goodness I called Westjet and got them to put her on an earlier flight to Calgary otherwise our 17 year old daughter would have had to stay all day at the Vancouver airport by herself.
    To say the least we are not impressed by this whole incident! We had to call Westjet again once she arrived in Vancouver to ensure she was escorted to her hotel as for some reason you kept wanting to put her up in a hotel where she had to take a taxi back and forth…I was NOT having this as bad enough my minor child was at the airport by herself but now you wanted her to take a taxi to a hotel in a city she has NEVER been. Then we had to call your westjet line again Sunday am when her shuttle that your attendant said he booked for her the evening when he dropped her off at the hotel, never showed up! Can you imagine how panicked she was that again she had no idea where she was going and all alone! Thank goodness she is a strong young girl and was able to go on her own while I called Westjet to make sure they sent someone to locate her and make sure she made it to her gate! She made it to the gate before they found her and after a lengthy conversation on the phone with a westjet attendant we finally got through to your staff that she is a minor and not a flyer and that we need your staff to ensure she is helped along the way…it only took 3 calls to get this done!!!!
    Morgan finally made it home from this whole ordeal to Winnipeg and we are thankful for that. But I wanted to send in this feedback as it was NOT a good situation and I don’t know if we will be booking anymore tickets with westjet going forward after the confusion that went down with this flight! Plus the fact that we had to make two trips to Winnipeg (total of 12 hours of driving)…which we should have just done in the first place and drove to Edmonton to go get her!!!! I hope that in the future you and your staff take the time to speak to your passengers …especially younger ones and find out how old they are and help them to make arrangements that fit their needs and not just yours! I understand things happen and flights get missed and delayed as I have flown quite a bit myself but I am appalled at how you handled this and did it not even occur to you to have a discussion with Morgan to see what option would be the best for her?
    I would appreciate contact back regarding this event as before I ever book another WestJet ticket I need to ensure that you understand the impact this had on all of us as a family during the holidays. Plus the additional expenses it caused!

    Heather Davis

  4. I am very upset by the treatment i received by a hostess employed with westjet. I have always supported this airline by flying frequently with thembur now I am having second thoughts. I purchased tickets online for myself and my sick daughter to travel for medical assistance. Due to her ill health as a precaution i requested oxygen be given if needed. The air hostess threw a fit stating that there is only oxygen for emergence and my daughter should have bought her own oxygen. She then asked us to vacate the plane and take the next flight out. I felt humiliated by the air hostess attitude as she was very loud and now had an audience from the pasangers who were now stearing at us as though my daughter and I were stowaways. To make matters worst the next flight out was the following day. This information was deliberately kept from me and in the meanwhile my daughter will have to wait until the following day to be admitted to hospital. Very angry and disappointed in service delivery.

  5. I am attempting to send you an email in regards to a survey you sent out. What is your customer service email address. Hope to hear from soon. Thank you l.b.

  6. I just tried calling the WestJet customer service # for Mexico to complain about badly damaged luggage upon my arrival into Puerto Vallarta and to my surprise got a solicitation for a 100.00 voucher for retail stores if I charge a small fee to my credit card!!, when I declined I was told to call another number! WestJet, seriously????this is your idea of customer service? Now, can you really reply to my email and address my concern? Wheels were broken off my suitcase, and obviously lost, and I cannot carry this when I go home.

  7. What has happened to West Jet? Last 3 trips with this airline have been dreadful, delays leaving, not due to weather problems but “staffing issues” “air traffic control problems”, “airline needing service” No notification letting us know the airline is 2 1/2 hours late, still insisting WE show up one hour early. What a waste of our time! Asked for someone to get back to me…………………still waiting. staff is so rushed they are not even doing the security checks properly, on the airline they rush through the safety information so fast you cannot even understand what they are saying.
    They are no longer serving anything but water and coffee on short trips, very cheap.

  8. We arrived at the Orlando airport on May 10th after our cruise several hours prior to our flight as that was the latest the bus transfer scheduled. We had four large bags and were traveling with our young children. We asked West Jet to check in our bags so that we could be more comfortable for our extended stay at the airport and manage our children better – something I have asked airlines to do before and has been no issue and a service provided to passengers on transfers. Admittedly we had been spoiled as all other service providers on our family vacation had been wonderful. West Jet has been no help. West Jet refused to take our bags and had no compassion for our circumstance. We had to spend the day at the airport and manage our bags. West Jet did not value our time and suggested no alternatives. They even were late for our actual check in time (with no apologies). Just wondering why we did not receive any of the great service West Jet seems to endlessly advertise. Currently West Jet is at the lower end of my preferred airlines.

  9. On May 18,2014 on board flight 428 traveling from Edmonton to Toronto, during the second refreshment service, I happened to look out the window just as an armed forces jet, flying at the same altitude past by heading west.
    The distance between the aircraft appeared to be about 2 kms. This was very unsettling for me. Somebody had to have screwed up allowing two aircraft in the same airspace.
    I would appreciate knowing if this is a normal occurrence.

  10. I took my wife to check in at the Victoria International airport this morning (May 24). On responding to the question “where are you traveling?”, she replied “Port of Spain” (West Jet recently introduced service to that destination). However, the staff member did not seem to recognize the location and asked “where?” so my wife clarified: “Trinidad”. For ID she produced her Canadian passport, and the clerk asked abruptly “are you a resident of Canada” (an odd question for a Canadian travelling on a national passport, even if brown-skinned); she replied “I am a Canadian citizen”. The clerk then proceeded to weigh her baggage: “you are over by 1 pound” she declared: “it would have been better to check in a second bag, as it would only cost you an extra $2″0. She then placed a “heavy” tag on it. I intervened at this point to note that the weight allowance given on the West Jet website is 23 kilograms (50 pounds is listed in parentheses, presumably for travelers not comfortable with metric; “oh, is that so?” she said. In fact, we pre-weighed the bag and it was 23 kg exactly, (which converts to 50.6 lbs incidentally). “So why did you suggest that she check in a second bag I asked”; “oh, in case she decides to bring back more luggage” was her innovative reply. All of this might have been within the job description of this person concerned (one Simone, who seemed to have seniority among the check-in staff), but her manner throughout was officious if not openly hostile, and lacking normal courtesy. We left in a state of shock at our treatment and sat down to gather ourselves. I follow my wife in a few weeks (she has elderly parent in Port of Spain): if I see Simone at check-in, I will try to avoid her. A day in our life?

  11. We arrived into LAX this AM 6/12/2014 on Westjet from YVR, picked up our luggage and ran into difficulty in contacting our Shuttle. The fist person we ran into was a Air Canada rep, she was rude and snippy. Then walking right by her was Jackie U a helpful, smiling Westjet Rep. Jackie was able to contact the Shuttle on her cell phone and we were on our way.
    There is a very good reason we fly Westjet; it is because of helpful employees like Jackie U.

    Thank you Westjet.

    Harold Lavack

  12. Hello I cancelled my flightthey credditted my account with 900$ Can I use this to pay for not only the flight home but baggage as well? I will have multiple to bring as I will be making a permanent move to nee brunswick from alberta? Please send me any information on costs per extra baggage as well as amount that I can bring.

    Thank you

  13. My flight left Kelowna 8:50 am on Thursday June 26th. I arrived 43 minutes before the flight instead of 45 minutes. The young female behind the checkin desk took this opportunity to rip into me and remind me that WestJet policy is to arrive 45 minutes before flight time in a very condescending and demeaning manner. This was in complete contrast to all my other experiences with WestJet. The flight attendant on my flight-512 I believe–he had black hair in a ponytail–interacted with his passengers in a very professional manner–laughing and joking and trying to make the flight to Toronto enjoyable. Thanks for reading this e-mail—Keith Bailey

  14. On Saturday July 5th .my wife and I missed our flight.so we called west jet to see what to do.They told us that there nothing they can do .we would have to buy another ticket.they wouldn’t put us on the next flight or give us a discount . They just told us it’s my problem not there . So they kept my $ 500 and then I had to paid air canada $1000 to fly from deer lake NL to Toronto . Thanks west jet for a very bad holiday .

  15. Our family of 8 book family vacation July 17 to Hawaii and return to .Edmonton July 25.2014 ,Our family of 8 are get the run around.No true answer from any agents in Vancouver.We have small children tired no food from Thursday 7pm honalulu time and arrive to Vancouver with no food and we’re told divert to fort.Macmurry ,only to fly to other destinations other than where we book from. now 24 hours later still sitting at fort Mac airport, while Air Canada has flight in and out from here my baby tired and crying.In my 38 years living in edmonton I never had Airplane issues.I will tell as many people I can contact ,soccer team involved in ,all the coaches I know .

  16. Dear West Jet,

    I recently booked a flight from Winnipeg to Calgary, scheduled to leave on Sunday, August 3, at 4:15 pm and arriving at 8:37 pm, with a layover in Regina in between. The flight numbers are WS 3273 and WS 129. I purchased these tickets on July 29 around 9:30 pm. A confirmation email was sent to me at 9:33 pm that same evening, but for some reason, the confirmation email said that my flight was WS 271, a direct flight from Winnipeg to Calgary departing at 7 am. I am certain that this is not the flight I booked, as it was more expensive than the one with the layover. I distinctly remember purchasing WS 3273/WS 129 despite the longer flight time because there was only one seat left at the seat sale price of $209.08, and I preferred the cheaper option to the shorter time option. I do not recall the exact price of the other flights departing directly to Calgary, but I recall that they were somewhere around$289, I believe (more than what I was willing to pay, in any case).

    I must admit that I only checked my confirmation email late this morning, and noticed that I was booked for flight WS 271 (reservation code: WGDPTG) departing at 7 am, which I obviously missed. I then immediately called in to re-book WS 3273/WS 129, which the agent did for me, but at the cost of a $50 late fee. I paid this, but I still believe the system to be in error. I am certain that flight WS 271 was not $209.08, but at least $80 more at the time I was online checking flights, and I am certain I went with the cheapest option, which is indeed the flight I have now had to re-book and be fined a late fee for. Therefore, despite my neglicence in immediately checking the flight confirmation, I believe that due to the fact that I believe this to be a system error, I should be refunded for the late fee, seeing as how I would have had to pay the same amount to change my flight anyways, regardless of whether I had called in immediately upon receiving the confirmation email, or on the day of my flight, as I have now done.

    Thank you for your time in reading this email. I hope we can sort this all out.

    Devon Delorme

  17. I have had numerous flights with west jet over the past 6-7 years as I travel for work. I usually an issue or two as flights with this air line rarely go smoothly. But today I’ve reached the end of my patience with them. A flight from Edmonton to vancouver should be 1.5 hours 3 hours later I’m still on the plane! Why you ask?? Simple unorganized employees! My first concern, the safety speech. This is to save lives! In the event of an emergency I would not have known what to do (I was also at the emergency exit window) the reason I would not know what to do is simply that the flight attendant choose to be funny instead of show and explain what to do. She said she was trying for a world record to say it as fast as she can. Her humour was not well relieved by anyone, as there was many children on the flight and it’s important they understand what to do. When we landed in vancouver late of course, they pulled up to THE WRONG BRIDGE! It was broken and after 55 minutes we are still sitting here waiting to get off!

  18. THe airline use to be for the people now you are for the rich, When people travel on Econo the cannot afford to pay extra for all the benifits, This is usually the middle lower and retired. So charging them $75 every time a cancelation, is just placing money in the accountants pockets. So the question I pos to the accounts and lawyers and young people encharge, are you looking for ways to work with the people (Customers) or how quick you can get rich

  19. Please stop calling my home. I wont be booking a trip using your firm when each day at various times some cheasy company calls trying to solicit for my money. I’m not aware of any “great company” using bottom feeder methods to build a stronger brand awareness. Thanks PT

  20. This morning(August 28) my family and I sit in the Pearson Airport in Toronto, ON waiting for a flight that leaves 3 hours later than our original flight. We arrived at the airport and the automated kiosk would not check us in, so we proceeded to the check-in desk. When we were waiting in line there was an employee checking info from the passengers, making sure things are ready, we told her our flight leaves in 35 minutes and she was not much help. When it was our turn at the desk the employee said she had to call the flight to see if we could still get on, she was told “no”. This employee proceeded to change our tickets which took about 10 minutes. At this point we had about 20 minutes to make our original flight. Once through security we found our new gate and started waiting for our 3 hours to pass. As we sat there was 3(yes I counted) final boarding calls for our original flight, the one we were allegedly too late for. They were also calling names of 2 or 3 people they were still looking for. Yes, I realize we could have been earlier too start this whole procedure but as you sit waiting for a new fight because you were too late for the original flight, and they are still boarding your previous flight you start to get a little pissed. I always see these commercials about how the employees really care because they are owners, well, some don’t care as much as others. If that employee she called at the gate would of said it was ok, quickly process them through I would be on my flight right now and not writing this complaint. I will add that the employee who changed our tickets did not charge us the $75 each to change our tickets because we were “late and missed our flight”, but as I mentioned earlier we heard 3 boarding calls as we waited for our new flight
    Thank you
    Jill Randall

  21. On a flight from halifax to toronto 6 sept 2014 perhaps 268 leaving halifax at 6.50, I lost a 3 year old kindle. I could identify it with names of some of the books on it.

    can you lrtmeknowif this might be in your turnedinitems?

    kathy t

  22. Dear Westjet
    I was not happy to hear that you are going to charge $25 for a checked bag. I don’t think this is right at all, and I am a loyal Westjet customer Westjet having such superior customer service over A…C….. Well, I do think you could have found some other way to make up the shortfall and still be competitive. Why not charge only for checked bags over a certain weight or size? Myself, I only travel with only one small carryon but at times I check it on the return flight if I have been given gifts or purchased something that cannot be carried on. I never travel with a large bag, so now I am to be penalized no matter what. How fair is that?

  23. Westjet is about to join the majority of NAmerican airlines and begin charging for checkd bags – including the first bag. This is disturbing, because in my experience, a charge for the “first” checked bag has the immediate result of passengers cramming all of their stuff into their carryon, overloaded overhead bins on the aircraft, and more hassles on board the plane. This has been experienced in US-based airlines. They insist it is called “unbundling”, an “a la carte” system. But unless the carry on is carefully scrutinized, chaos is always the result.

    annoying that Westjet has decided to follow this nasty path. They should be above it all.

  24. My wife and I have been travelling to the USA twice a year-every spring to Las Vegas to catch the NASCAR race, and every fall to a condo in Palm Springs. Whenever possible, we chose WestJet because we felt they offered the best service and value. This year, after making reservations well in advance, we were contacted by WestJet and advised that our direct, non-stop flight to Palm Springs was now going to stop over in Calgary. This means extra work and inconvenience for us as we must deboard, wait, go through a security checkpoint once again, and risk having our luggage lost or delayed. Now, add to this WestJet’s decision to start charging for each piece of checked luggage. This gives the impression of “nickel and dime-ing” customers. This year, we have chosen to drive to Palm Springs, as WestJet has taken the holiday out of flying!

  25. Westjet Trip From Toronto To Montreal Saturday Aug. 31/14

    I was Up at 01:30 getting ready for my flight to leave Wpg 05:20 am

    Got to Toronto at 07:20 to find out my flight for 11:00 was cancelled

    Went to Westjet Guest Services rep was very short didn’t explain things good gave me my options one having a day room at the Alt Hotel but had to take the go train there. I had to ask her 3 times how to get there again she was short in replying. She told me to go down the corridor till the end turn right and do not go down the escalators but to go up. I got there and there were no escalators up, only departure board, signs above that read to the gates but not ONE sign saying where to go to the train????? I didn’t know where I was going since I never has to take this train before. Me asked another employee she advised me to go thru the doors and up the escalators I finally was able to get downstairs and asked another Westjet rep where to catch it she too was not cclear on her directions. Then I asked a security rep she told me that there was no train that went to the Alt and just had to go out the front the hotel was there. She too was wrong it was the Sheraton Hotel not the Alt. I finally asked another security rep and he directed to it and explained what to do once I got there. The very disappointing thing was, I had to ask 5 people where to catch this train.

    Then after waiting for 12 hours finally got a flight out to Montreal at 07:20 pm

    Then I finally arrived in Montreal at 09:45 pm and my luggage did not arrive!!!

    Westjets last flight was coming in at midnight, they were going to c if my luggage was on that flight and they were was suppose to call us at 01:00 which we stayed up till then waiting for their call and they never called!!!

    Westjet delivery called Sunday Aug 31 @ 11:30 advising dropping luggage before 2 pm came at 14:21 and my luggage was damaged!!!!

    I was in Montreal from Saturday August 31, 2014 until September 02, 2014. Due to my flight being cancelled, waiting 12 hrs for another one, then my luggage not arriving in Montreal when I did, then having to wait till the next day for it, then noticing it was damaged,

    With all of what happened with Westjet, I lost 2 days of my trip in Montreal, which I could not visit all the family and friends that I planned on visiting!!!

    Thanks Wesjtet for ruining my trip to Montreal!!!!

  26. We have been on Air Canada, United, A.A., Air Transat, New Zealand Air, and this year we had the opportunity to fly with West Jet, on September 20th from Pearson to Maui Flt:715 and Flt:1852. We were so disappointed with the condition of the plane and the service. It was like flying in a cargo plane. There was an announcement made apologizing for the conditions of the old equipment. Which serviced no purpose to us as we paid the full price to fly. Very unhappy customers!!!!!!

  27. Dear Sir/Madam

    On October 14, 2014, I flew with WestJet from Ottawa to Vancouver, flight 235 to Winnipeg , and then flight 301 to Vancouver via Calgary. My booking code for this flight: BEMLYG.

    My seat on flight 301 was 19D. Next to me was a very overweight passenger (male) who left me with very little room as his “belly” overflowed into the armrest. When he turned to change the TV channels, I asked him “to give me some room” because his body was in my space. He was very rude in his reply.

    The first flight attendant with the refreshments cart asked me what else I wanted from the cart. I told him that I wanted some more room. His answer was: “Good thing you’re petite”! but no action was taken. After 1 hour I went to the front of the plane and asked the attendant there to have a look at my seating arrangement. After she checked my seat in 19D, she quickly removed my luggage and took me to a seat in the 3rd row from the front. She stated: “yes, you were squeezed in there”. I mentioned that I informed the 1st attendant and presumed he would have informed her. I would then not have had to wait an hour before changing seats – but instead his reply had been that I was lucky that I was petite. She also told me that there were a few empty seats on the plane so, I could have moved sooner and then added “you should have let us know earlier” – but I had done so.

    I suggest that in the future when a passenger is not satisfied with their seating that they don’t have to wait an hour after informing the attendant especially if there are other seats available.

    This is just a small complaint but it made the flight unpleasant. I have flown with WestJet many times in the past and do enjoy flying with your airline but I certainly did not enjoy this flight. Please tell your attendants to be mindful of passengers’ concerns and not to belittle passengers with comments like ”you are petite”.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Betty (Gijsbertha) DeBruin

  28. Please see attached before sending me more offers, You should have al my information for my travel and upcoming bookings;

    Please update my rewards from my recent trip, it shows that I have 6 dollars worth of points, I have spent 3154. dollars for my vacation and I have also inquired online, it still shows 6 buck????,, there was no email address where we can send complaints so I had to use this media, hope my points will be updated and I do not have to post elsewhere.


    Let me know before sending me all this god offers, when you cannot keep your word on my recent trip.


  29. I would like to share my experience with your organization that exemplifies both a positive experience and the subsequent grief and frustration you caused me, my wife and our close friends.

    Based on my wife’s upcoming milestone birthday, I decided that I, along with another couple who are very close friends of ours, wanted to surprise my wife with a party and a short vacation to Las Vegas to celebrate. The key word here being surprise!

    We (the three of us) contacted your organization on Nov 6th to make the necessary arrangements. The individual we spoke with was very polite, helpful and very friendly. We explained the situation, that being the three of us were going to surprise my wife for her birthday and leave shortly after her party to Las Vegas. She assisted us with the necessary process and as I mentioned was very friendly and helpful. During this process, we discussed a couple of times that this was a surprise and that no emails were to be sent out. She assured us there wouldn’t be any correspondence going to my wife, just the three of us. At the end of this encounter, she informed us that she wasn’t going to charge us for pre-booking our seats as this was a special celebration. When we were done, I have to tell you my friends and I were very impressed with her and very appreciative of what she did on behalf of Westjet. I felt your customer service was everything I expected and more and would certainly have been recommending you to my friends and collegues. In fact I shared this part of the story with numerous people as I was just that impressed.

    Unfortunately, in spite of all this and the extentsive time and effort we put in place planning and ensuring secrecy about this birthday celebration and associated trip, I discovered when we “surprised” my wife that she was already aware of the trip we were about to leave on. The reason she knew was in spite of being assured she would not receive any correspondence, she did in fact get a “reminder” email from Westjet providing all the details of the trip. Words cannot explain how upset I was about this. While she was very happy, I was extremely upset. We spent hours planning and executing on a perfect plan to surprise her only to have it undone by an email we specifically asked not be sent. If not for your email, she would have had no clue what was about to happen. Further to that, I discovered that you sent the email 24 hours before we had her surprise party. I just needed another 24 hours to pull this off. Of course the fact that all of this unraveled in front of all our family and friends, where we presented her with a surprise trip that wasn’t a surprise, was very embarrassing.

    I realize we can’t undo what has occured and we will in fact be leaving today on our trip, so we will make the best of it.

    However, I just felt the need to share with you how you can undo a lot of good (our initial encounter) with one mistake, that being sending out notification to my wife in spite of specifically being requested to not do this. At this time, I have to admit I have very mixed feelings on your organization. I went from being very impressed to very frustrated and unhappy. Please understand that the attention to details, in this case our simple request to ensure no emails be sent out, can have a significant impact on your customers.

  30. I am very unhappy with West Jet, and will probably never fly with them again. I always try to book with their Airline because I prefer their service and friendliness, etc. I booked a flight and 10mins later realized I was flying pass my province and going to another one with a 30minute stop over there, and then flying back to my destination. One – I didn’t make sense to go over to another province, two – I was afraid if any delays along the way I could easily miss my connection. So I called to see if I could change my flight, while talking to a person they told me they would change the flight for 100.00, I said no I didn’t want to pay that much, so they said they could wave 44.00 and only cost 55.00 extra, I was o.k. with that. Looking at my credit card today I got charged 171.57 extra, I called and West Jet said they didn’t do anything it must be the credit card, I called the credit card and the bank told me it was the US exchange rate difference, because I have a Canadian credit card and West Jet booked out of US, that is why the extra money. I am so mad it is unbelievable, no one informed me of this, I didn’t realize I was dealing with the US, I thought I was paying what I was quoted. I don’t think this is fair and I would never had changed my ticket if I knew it was going to cost me an extra 226.17 from my original ticket I booked. I don’t have that kind of money to throw away. I was originally worried about paying a 100.00 difference and I ended up paying 226.17 that makes me mad and very sad also. I will never book a ticket with them again unfortunately. Consumers beware of the hidden fees, its sad they get the innocent all the time. I am so disappointed in West Jet.

  31. My son was flying out of Montreal last night. The plane was delayed so he missed his connecting flight home. I talked to someone in the Toronto airport. A west jet employee who would not give me his name and I can understand why. He was the rudest most condescending person I have had to deal with in a long time. I am so not impressed with West Jet. I think when this kind of thing happens a bit of understanding and kindness goes a long way. I wish I had this jerk’s name because I would blast it from here to eternity.

  32. I booked a one way ticket from LGA to YYZ on 11/26/14 and a one way ticket from YYZ to LGA on 11/27/14. WestJet cancelled the flight from LGA to YYZ and wouldn’t refund my reservation from YYZ to LGA.

  33. Suggestion. Your website should adopt same setup as tripcentral website, your search option asks us to choice a date just to have ‘not available’ why doesn’t your website tell us what dates are available for travelling. Would be so much easier to search instead of getting frustrating and on to a better more organized vacation website.
    Thank you

  34. I am very unhappy with the West Jet Xmas video filmed in DR. West Jet is a Canadian company and there are many poverty stricken communities, particularly native canadian families which would welcome West Jet largesse even if they are not on the West Jet winter vacation destination roster. Please unsubscribe me to future emails. My future business will go back to Air Canada, specifically to the Caribbean, Providenciales, where we live for 6 months of the year, and travel back and forth to Canada frequently.

  35. My Delta flight was rebooked with WJ. Due to a Delta system error, WJ flight was the earliest flight to leave. DL 7145 flight was delayed for an hour as all their flights that day had beneath. I had to rush home to see my father as he was in the hospital. There was a lack of consideration from both Delta and WJ to enhance my flying experience, especially in a tough situation like this one.

  36. After booking a flight by telephone with a very helpful agent the e-ticket did not arrive on my computer. I have spoken with t wo other agents the next day, still no e-mail from Westjet.. I have received other e-mails from other people. Also tried your other websites i.e. Member # and password (cannot remember password) was told I would receive it in an e-mail, did not receive it either. I would like to know what I have to do to receive e-mail from you. Is it your system that’s not compatible with mine.

  37. i noticed a scissor machine operating very close to an west jet kennel being checked in / machine 1 foot from aniaml ans=d was moving

  38. Id like to thank you guys for opening my eyes on how shitty you are. Im a student who spent $1100 on tickets to mexico, which is way more money than i should have spent. Anyways, i was supposed to be there two days ago, but instead Im stuck in Toronto and you wont even pay for my hotel! Not to mention i only get two god dam days in mexico now. So thank you West Jet for ruining my school break, its been a great stress relief for me. So happy knowing i can go back to school all refreshed… NOT. you guys suck! Made air Canada look real good today…
    And by the way, your a CANADIAN AIRLINE, you think you’d use de-icing fluid that works past -35. Its not your firstwinter. Figure it out and stop sucking.

    • I can relate. Westjet cancelled my first flight out to Australia which caused me to miss my connecting flights. They refused to rebook me, and when I became upset and called my travel agent the staff were laughing at me and trying to speak over me on the phone stating this was not true. They refused to rebook my flight in time and I missed all my connecting flights. Then I had to rebook and repay 1200 for the flights. They robbed me of my money. I saved for two years for this trip. They are criminal

  39. I have just filed a complaint with the CRTC about repeated marketing calls from Westjet at my private number. My complaint included the following pertinent information: “This company has called my number several times in recent weeks and when I pick up, the recorded message begins “Thank you for choosing Westjet”. I have never flown with Westjet nor had any business dealings with this company. Moreover, the number displayed is a local number, which clearly is spoofed. If I call the number back, I am told that it is not in use. This is a dishonest practice which is becoming increasingly common and must surely be illegal? Why would I have anything to do with a company which displays such blatant deceit?

  40. Hello!

    I fly west jet pretty frequently and these last 2 flights I have been disappointed with the service. On my flight to Vancouver the flight attendant made it uncomfortable for me to even ask him for anything. I pay for plus seats when I travel with westjet and I have been feeling as if there’s no point to anymore. Also, the televisions don’t work 3 out the 4 times I have been on a flight this last year. On the most recent flight, the snobby couple next to me took my seat that I checked in 22 hrs prior for to get. I would usually say something when people take advantage but I would prefer to not put myself in an awkward position for the entire flight. I only say they’re snobby because of how they were laughing at an Asian lady that was unable to understand the flight attendant earlier… sorry, I am complaining which I usually do not but I do fly often and hope my comments improve on west jet care services.

    Thanks for your attention.

    – Jannit

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