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Contacting Westinghouse Customer Service Center

Westinghouse is international company focusing on trademark and brand management. The company deals with consumer electronics, lighting and home appliances. When you have a concerns with products or services, you can connect with the customer service department by phone, traditional mail, email and through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available Monday through Friday 6am to 7pm PST. In the event you have a question or concerns after the customer service department closes for the day, an operator will answer your concern 24/7. You can connect with the customer service department by Live Chat Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am to 7pm CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-7001-0680
  • Ceiling Fans: 1-888-417-6222
  • Decorative Electrical: 1-888-417-6222
  • Digital Photo Frames: 1-800-701-0680
  • Electrical Accessories: 1-800-730-3707
  • Garage Door Openers: 1-888-523-1930
  • Heating and Cooling: 1-800-422-4328
  • LCD Monitors: 1-800-701-0680
  • Light Bulbs: 1-888-417-6222
  • Lighting Fixtures: 1-888-417-6222
  • Portable Electric Generators: 1-855-944-3571
  • Seasonal Products: 1-908-754-2121
  • Small Kitchen Appliances (Prior to 2008): 1-800-947-3745
  • Small Appliances: 1-866-365-5339
  • Solar Outdoor Lighting: 1-888-377-5377
  • Solar Power Systems: 1-888-395-2248
  • Televisions: 1-800-701-0680
  • Wireless Intercoms: 1-888-523-1930

Mailing Address

Westinghouse4350 Northern PikeMonroeville, PA 15146

Official Website

The official Westinghouse website http://www.westinghouse.com/ is a portal for all of the departments within the company. You can visit the consumer electronics department, decorative and lighting department, as well as the home appliances department.

Social Media

We liked the communication customers receive from Westinghouse on social media. Typically, we notice conversations on the main pages, but nothing personal. When we visited the Facebook page, Westinghouse allows customers to send personal messages to the customer support department.

Additional social media contact from Westinghouse.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the support department asking if technical support was available 24/7. The information we found was vague as it relates to the customer hotline. The automated response stated we should receive a response within five (5) business days.

Our Experience

If you have a specific question relating to a product, we recommend contacting the appropriate department. If not, utilize the customer service hotline. We used the customer service hotline and reached the customer service department rather quick. After listening to the customer service number for approximately 30 seconds, we pressed 0 and reached the operator who connected our call to the customer service department. The total time of the call lasted less than 3 minutes, but all of our questions relating to repairs were answered. We liked the speed of the call and the personalized customer attention. Can you say the same thing relating to your customer service experience? Shout out your story in the comment section below.

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5 Comments on “Contact Westinghouse Customer Service
  1. I have a Westinghouse breaker box and breakers that is over 10 years old. It was put in when my house was remodeled. One of the breakers (20 amp) had a major failure.The copper fork that connects to the breaker box got so hot that it failed without kicking the breaker. The result was that the breaker melted and the fork came apart. I find this unacceptable. I am going to replace all the Westinghouse breakers with another brand since I can not trust the present ones to work as intended. Surely You understand that my families safety is paramount.

  2. I have a westinghouse refrigerator. I need a wiring diagram for this unit. if you would be so kind as to send me this information i would be ever so grateful. here are the specifications. ser-w-h415595,model d-7-48,style 992775,unit model no m-7 Thanks for your time & if you cant help me can you point me in the right direction please!

    shortly after the year was up the drain froze up and I had to call a repair man in to keep the floor from flooding which I paid for.This am 08-08-14 the refrig was making a lot of noise
    and the ice was melting along with the food, dignoses bad compresser, and no Freon speaks well of had to purchase a new one.thought Westinghouse was a notch above this thanks

  4. I have obtained a receipt from target and would like to know how to proceed to get my television fixed or replaced. Since it is still under warrenty.

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