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Contacting Weebly Customer Service Center

Weebly is a place where anyone can start a website for a fraction of the cost of hosting and site maintenance through other companies. The company also offers free websites with free hosting as long as the customer doesn’t mind the site name having the Weebly name attached. Weebly makes money by offering upgrades and special services for a charge. Customer satisfaction falls on both sides of the fence when it comes to Weebly products, services and customer support. Some customers love the company and host every site they own with Weebly while others hate the service and find it impossible to master. This makes for some interesting customer service communications.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Weebly customer service does not list a customer service phone number out in the open, but there may be a number provided for customers who pay for Weebly advanced products like hosting and domain names.

  • Corporate Office: 1-415-375-3268
  • Fax: 1-413-375-3268

Mailing Address

Don’t worry about finding a customer service address on the Weebly support page – it is not listed there. At the bottom of the Privacy Policy we found a complete address for the company. You can use this address to contact them, but you may never receive a response.

Weebly, Inc. 564 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, CA 94133

Official Website

There is a ton of information on Weebly on the official website at http://www.weebly.com. At the bottom of the page you’ll notice a link for the Support Center for customers or potential customers who have questions about Weebly products and services. You can also visit Weebly on social networks to ask customer service questions.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Weebly customer service to report SPAM and copyright infringement.

The main customer service email for Weebly is questions@weebly.com. We sent a question along to customer service about paid hosting to see if the team answers our question personally or simply copies and pastes a general answers into the response box. We also wanted to see just how long it took for customer service to respond.

If you are interested in learning more about Weebly you can email info@weebly.com. We found this address listed on the domain registration page for the company.

The support email according to Weebly corporate office is: support@weebly.com

Our Experience

We tried to contact the customer service department at Weebly Corporate using the provided phone number. We pressed 2 for customer support, but the company does not offer any type of support by phone. You can contact Weebly by phone in regards to a billing problem or issue. The recording for customer service listed an email address that we had not previously located.

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24 Comments on “Contact Weebly Customer Service
  1. The support is awful. Can’t move forward with the business without the web site being up despite them sending me three emails congratulating me on the site being born! So far this is a joke. Not happy.

  2. I cannot get into my website to build it. I clicked on reset password button. I received a link that does not link to anything. I clicked the reset button again–same thing. I sent in something through e mail support as urgent. I got a message statig it may take up to 24 hours for a response. I called the company. Received message–Does NOT offer any telephone support.

  3. I just found out the fax number given for corporate is not for San Francisco as displayed on their site. It is designated for Hampden, MD.

  4. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

  5. I am trying to transfer my domain from webs.com to your site…I have paid for 2 years of service with NO F’ING HELP FROM YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE…Terrible..THIS IS FOR A FUNDRAISER IN MEMORY OF MY SON THAT I HOST EVERY YEAR”…I need this done NOW…

  6. I have been trying for 24 hours now to receive email response so I can reset my password and work on my website. Despite it saying instructions have been sent they never came. I must have pressed that button at least 30 times.
    I have also just tried to call. Don’t bother as it goes to answer machine and tells you to email them.
    24 hours of time lost is very frustrating as I need my website for work.
    If there is a technical problem that I would understand but no contact is so frustrating and stressful.

  7. I have tried for 4 days to have my pw reset and NOTHING happens.
    Then I asked to speak to a tech with a support phone number; they
    say you need to email us which takes up to 24 hours for them to reply back. I can’t LOG on period. What a JOKE and glad I found now so I won’t renew my web service.

  8. Weebly has zero with a capital Z customer service. I recommend avoiding this company. No savings is worth the lack of service!

  9. if you cant get hold of any company then just spam there facebook pages with your complaints then you will get a reply for sure

  10. Tried tried to sign in to website to view my web pages and found it impossible, the log in banner keeps moving all over the page in the end I gave up out of frustation. Not good for a business when you cant access your own site .
    Hope you can improve this otherwise I will have to build a new website elsewhere.
    Marie Robinson.

  11. Their customer service SUCKS! No way to talk to a real person.I tried the new BETA store feature and my site is completely frozen up. I cannot edit anything on my site now for 5 days and no one will help me. Just that my case has been “escalated”. But for 5 days with no help!!!

  12. Been trying to contact them since friday. Its now Monday Evening. all i have to show is the usual automated response.

    The least they could do is have a chat on the site with us.

    I bought a domain name somewhere else, because i had no help with buying it on weebly. I have however built a weebly site and believe it would be easier, as i am a novice, to have website and hosting and one place, weebly, but they dont instill confidence because they are not answering my queries at this stage

    i have my card in front of me, i intend to upgrade, but would be a good business decision.


  13. I purchased a URL from you and had it forwarded to my nonprofit site URL, which is hosted by you, Weebly. The new URL does not work. We have printed the new URL on materials that are being sent out to many people. They will receive a URL that does not work!

    How hard is if for you to simply forward to the URL I provided on your site. I followed the instructions to a tee. The email is finally working, but the URL is not! This is terrible customer support to not be able to reach someone in a dire situation. I have sent two email with no response.

    FIX IT NOW!!!! If not, I will post to my thousands of friends supporting our ministry why things aren’t working. Word of mouth can ruin a business. So can lack of customer service. Weebly is not the only free hosting available you know. From the comments above, I would say we are watching the beginning of your demise.

    You have my email address. Use it to access my account or call me. Do SOMETHING!!!

  14. very disappointed. Have been a customer of weebly for several years and I always got a quick response back from the support team. with setting up another website and paying for pro and also for a domain name we can’t get any support help and have sent a few emails. they have taken our money but we can’t publish our site and our advertised site is being wasted. It is very poor service and very disappointing, what has happened to this outfit they used to be really good!

  15. Weebly is NOT USER friendly!! Customer service reps are rude and unhelpful. Emails from customer service are brief and unhelpful. No one is available to help. I would not recommend this site to any institution or anyone.

  16. I can not get in to my website and you guys haven’t helped can you guys at weebly.com help me with my password for my website
    Because I need for school really bad.

  17. Customer support seems to be less than 0. I put my hard work and need to finish my site, and can get no help. I have already paid so I guess I don’t matter.

  18. I tried setting up a weebly site using the above name and email. Then I found that my host provider had a version so I opted for that.

    Now, I find that the host’s version does not offer features that I would need to be really effective. These are features that I saw demonstrated in tutorials from divtagtemplates.com

    I am assuming that your version has all of these features.

    When I tried to re-do my earlier attempt to access my previous work, it only appeared to let me create a new project, but rejected the name and email as already being in the system.

    I need to be able to continue trying out the trial version before I contract for a subscription.


    David Wright Sr.

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