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Contacting Webkinz Customer Service Center

Webkinz is an interactive kid-friendly website where kids can raise pets. The pets are purchased in store or online and come with a code that the child enters into the Webkinz website to access additional features and see their pet online. While technology advances at the speed of light, there are hiccups in code entry and processing, which means there are customers looking for contact information so they can find out how to resolve the situation. Webkinz does list some contact information, but the support page of the site is a lot less professional than we expected.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you want to contact customer support by phone for Webkinz you’ll have to call the Ganz corporate office in Canada or the United States or ring the Webkinz customer support line. Customer service hours are from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST Monday to Friday. Only adults over the age of 18 are allowed to contact customer service.

  • Webkinz Customer Service: 1-866-932-5469
  • Ganz US: 1-800-724-5902
  • Ganz Canada: 1-800-263-2311

Mailing Address

WebKinz is a Ganz company. The Ganz Corporate office is located in Canada, so any standard mail communication needs to be directed to that corporate address. There is also an office located in the United States.

Webkinzc/o GanzOne Pearce Rd. Woodbridge, ON L4L 3T2

Webkinzc/o Ganz US#04360 Industrial PkwyCheektowaga, NY 14227-9903

There are also Webkinz showrooms located throughout the United States in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Official Website

Get a pet and bring it to life on the Webkinz official website at http://www.webkinz.com/. Webkinz have been around for a number of years. Some kids are growing out of the kid-friendly website age and others are just entering the time when Webkinz are fun. Parents often find the Parent’s Area the best way to learn more about Webkinz and find the best contact information available, including Customer Support, Game Cards and Store Locator.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact customer service by email you may be disappointed to find out Webkinz does not have a customer service email or contact form. We did find a feedback form http://customerservice.webkinz.com/cs/us_en/csg.phpwhere customers can send a message to Webkinz. Though we know we will not receive a response, we sent a message none-the-less suggesting a contact form be placed on the site.

You can contact the Ganz corporate office at: headoffice@ganz.com

Our Experience

WebKinz customer service will only speak with adults 18 years and older. We pressed 1 for customer service in English and our call was immediately transferred to an agent named Sabrina. Sabrina was happy to tell us where to locate our Pet Code on our Webkinz pet.

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59 Comments on “Contact Webkinz Customer Service
  1. Fairy Falls has 64/40 and is not working right plus I have one more charm to get before I get 40 to receive my prize also
    Questions area with answers does not show answers when it used to
    Fairy falls showed that I had 16 charms and I got the prize for that when I only had 2 charms
    I have 12 charms now and the 8 charms with prize does not even register that I have 8 charms also
    Please fix these problems thank you

    • I agree to everyone saying that this deluxe stuff is out if hand. I have 2 accounts one deluxe and one not. Both my cousins go on webkinz and are always talking about how they can barley do anything, and let me tell you I hope all of the webkinz workers and managers are reading all of these and talk advice because sooner or later you won’t have anyone. Maybe you haven’t realized but due to the adds and Nonsense your not taking people in for deluxe your only driving them away. In other words F you and your greedy niss.


    • i agree i dont have money to become a deluxe member and i want to send my friend gifts and it wont let me so guess what i am never buying a webkinz again or anything by ganz and i mean that until they make games and gifts and other things for non delux members

  3. I agree with the above comment. Why would you eliminate some of the CHILDREN simply because their family can not afford extras. Is it really all ABOUT THE MONEY???


  4. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a member on Webkinz for about five years, have 32 Webkinz and play almost every day. But now I’m never going to buy another webkinz or play on Webkinz world! I mean seriously, I can’t even get my clothes of my pet with out that stupid deluxe membership pop up add popping up! Now I can’t play my fav. arcade games or buy awesome clothes all because of this stupid gimic! I agree with the top comment. You don’t care about underprivileged kids! Again SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  5. My daughter has a Deluxe account and was promised that one of the “perks” would be e-store points every month. We have paid for this for a few years now, and she hasn’t recieved e-store points in several months, even though her “account” shows many additions of 3000 points or more at a time, she cannot access them! When the customer service number is called, a recorded message states that they can only be reached online. And you must choose from THEIR “menu” of options for your issue!! Secondly WEBKINZ, LOSE THE ADS, OR LOSE CUSTOMERS!!!!!

    • They do have a phone # look up Contact Webkinz Customer servicenow.com im 9 and i know this so look that website up and maybe you can find the NUMBER.IM MAD BECAUSE ITS SAYING MY MEME’S EMAIL IS INVALID AND ITS CORRECT I DID NOTHING WRONG ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NDYBSBVYRBYEHGRHRFBFFBFBRYDBHF

  6. I am livid! My grand-daughter has a webkinz account. For the first time she is playing at my home. She is having problems playing because of an American Girl advertisment that can not be closed. My attempts to close it are in vain. Then I am looking to contact customer service I am noticing advertising that is suited for adults all over the site. What is the point of this? I have been trying to contact customer service about this and it is impossible. I have come to realize that this very popular site is nothing but a scam to entice young people into avenues they have no business being in. These advertisements can not be closed. Disgusted

  7. I am suggesting that if these issues do not get fixed that we start purchasing items other than anything associated with Webkinz. I have too many grand children who love the product to continue supporting a company with no scrupples when it comes to our children.

  8. Webkinz some how got rid of my account, i typed in my username and password and it says that its wrong when i have never changed it. im really pissed.

  9. I agree. I purchased these stuffed animals for my daughter and like most of you my daughter can’t play 95% of the games and activities unless I pout out more money and buy a deluxe membership. They have my money in e-store points and I want them back. I called and you get transferred form one person to another all giving you the run around. Maybe all of parents need to sue. We bought the stuffed animals that was the rule to use the site and now they are stopping our kids from using the site unless we spend more!

  10. i agree with everyone here.. ive been a member for a good 10 yrs with 2 daughters who loved to play but now dont for the simple reason of these dumb ads and forcing me to become a deluxe member so my kids and do the extras. it isnt fare to family that are struggling and have few pleasures in life. Picking your games and products should be an honor..my kids were so happy before all this has changed. you try to explain to your kids or grand kids why they cant have access to everything like they once did. ive been trying to get a hold of you for customer support and i get the loop around. i wanted to let you know your challenges are not working properly there are no words appearing. this need to be fixed please. your have my email please contact me thank you ganz…

  11. It was impossible to find a way to contact customer service to close the account. The website is purposely designed to keep you from canceling the account and customer service is a recorded line that tells you to send an email but provides no email address. The only thing I could do to keep the recurring charges from occuring on my credit card was to report my credit card as lost so that the account was closed and a new credit card number was assigned. I tried to dispute the charge with my Visa initially but they are accustomed these on-line service scams also and I couldn’t dispute the current charge and they were lukewarm about whether or not the next recurring charge would be disputed. Rather than wait around, I reported the card lost.

  12. I bought a lil kins animal called lil googles and when I put the secret code on I made one then when I went to my pets it wasn’t there and I couldn’t find a number or email to get a hold of you and I paid ten dollars for that tiny stuffed animal that now I cant use so plz fix it I really wanted one of those and plus it even showed me a certificate or adoption but I guess it lied cuz I don’t see it anywhere

  13. Someone better fix this STUPID glitch with the movie studio. I can’t even access the room that it’s in, so, I can’t access the pet’s that are in there eithe, Webkinz please help me!

  14. Hello my name is Suzie Jones I am currently president of the 15+ webkinz fan club. when I try to log onto webkinz it says “Wekinz is currently unavalible please come back at another time” but i can’t get behind on all the webkinz buzz for my fan club because as the president i have dutys to fufill for my many fellow members please report back to my base as soon as possible about this MAJOR problem.

    -Suzie Jones

  15. Okay i have been a deluxe memeber and i can only go into the blue trading room plus my tasks are no longer showing in my home room the last task i completed i got the race car chair please help its been a month already.

    • I’m experiencing a similar issue. I have not logged onto webkinz for many years, and so I’m trying to bring my account out of storage. I’ve filled in the form three times, and have yet to receive an “email confirmation receipt” or any reply/help. Webkinz encapsulated my childhood and now I’m seething because it’s been lost amidst a sea of bad customer service.

  16. I have been on Webkinz for years, but when I went to log onto my account, it said that the information did not match their records. I called the customer service line, and they told me to send an email. Since you can’t find the email on the site, I had to search for it. After like 2 hours, I finally found it. I’ve sent 3 emails so far, with no response. I can’t get onto my account until someone helps me. But, like I said, everytime I call customer service/support they never give the time to help. With extremely poor customer service they will definitely end up losing alot of their fan base.

  17. We purchased a deluxe membership for the webzins web site the cleared my account, but we don’t have the membership yet. We purchased it within the last week. Please help

  18. having troubles with the acorn challenge it was working but now it does’nt even appear don’t understand how it just stopped please help me?

  19. I purchased a bundle from Webkinz Estore and never got the one code for the rose petal dress please help i sent out a message through email and never got a any help.

  20. I am highly disappointed, Not in the product but the fact that when I was 10 years old I would save my momey to buy webkinz, and I recently went to a store and they are a dollar now? What the crap is this? I spent well over 100$ on those and now kids could buy 15 for the price of what one was back then? I honesty find this to be a load of crap.

  21. What is the problem with Webkinz?i only get so far. There is no response by Webkinz. Re:entering my pet’s name, trying to use shopping for food. I only get so far ( very short so far) and I cannot get into playing with Webkinz. I have purchased and entered all requested information but things only go a short way and then nothing happens. What is the problem?

  22. I played Webkinz for many years, I loved doing so because I did it with my nieces and nephews. I have over 100 webkinz and I pretty much quit three years ago (kids — outgrew them). Started up with grandkids a month ago and I can not believe the changes!!!NOT FOR THE GOOD — SHOCK. I have spent hours, just trying to get them on the site to play with the Webkinz I bought them and this has happened more often then actually getting on. This is not the experience I want for my grandchildren and I hope to find something else that we will enjoy doing without the stress and headache of a futile action of trying to get the website.

  23. I am really angry about the new w- shop. I always wanted e store points, but never had the money to buy them. I understand that you have to make money, and it was generous of you to give us enough points for one thing, but you already were making money! Most of the people I see are deluxe, and a lot of my friends have 40-120 pets! I am so sad I will probably be leaving Webkinz. I have over 40 stuffed animals, on various accounts. And about 50 virtual pets. I have loved Webkinz since I was five, and now the over $100 I spent out of my own money feels wasted. I don’t wan’t to be rude, but thanks a lot for ruining my whole other, perfect life. I can’t play unless this changes, my pets will get too unhealthy without more beds! :,( Now i will have to leave the world I love, the world were I’m popular, the world were i’m rich, the world were I can compete in beauty patents and win. Non of that is true in the real world, and thats why i would play webkinz. half my life is ruined now, and I’m switching to Animal Jam. Permanatly.

  24. I would like to know when and where will the next road trip I would really like it if someone would answer this PLEASE! thank you and I’ve gotten 4 soon will be 5 people to get an account and I’ve played since I was 5 and I’m 11 now . thanks!

  25. Hi Webkinz, I’m emailing because one of my weekly challenges is watch a show on the TV and I did that and it won’t say I did it! What should I do! Email back as soon as possible!
    You biggest fan!!!

    • You have to watch a serten show that ur pet likes. It did that to me and i watched that chef gazpocho show then i did it.

  26. Hi Webkinz, I’m emailing because one of my weekly challenges is watch a show on the TV and I did that and it won’t say I did it! What should I do! Email back as soon as possible!
    You biggest fan!!!

  27. I absolutely hate Webkinz now! it is no longer fun there has been TOO many changes! now you have to be a gold member for everything! news flash Webkinz themselves are expensive! now your asking us non gold members to pay more money to play the game! I LOVED the way webkinz was set up back in the 2000’s but I also love the new games. I wish that it would go back to the way things were!!!!!!!!

  28. sent a e-mail that one of my grand chilrens account was frozen and he couldn’t get in.. i sent a e mail…their reply was that there was to many items in the dock. with out permission they took over 3000 items from the dock and said we dont get anything for the items….THE BEST part is they went to all the accounts attached to my e-mail and did the same thing….that nine accounts wiped out except for 300 hundred items of their choosing..thats all rares stuff from speicals etc… this is bullshit in Feb.2014 upadate all 9 account’s with new pets…the email i sent was only above the one account the would not let you log on all the kids got screwed…nice way to run a kids website…i agree with all the above comments the deluxe crap is nuts …this is a scam.. and the young grandkids are besides them selfs… to bad i spent the money on the new pets… never again buying ganz products…this hurt the kids …and ganz only wants us spend money.. ganz the website has more screwed up parts, ganz cheated my grandkids without warning…so us adults are the ones who have to direct the kids to play on better sites…the kids are having fun Playing Disneys Nemo’s reef…its free dont have to pay for the app … and the Best part No ads and try it…we got totally screwed with this….so everbody beware…you lost good customers ganz

  29. Su-05-04-2014-~14:15P

    I am a freelance computer geek who assists others with their computer issues. I am writing to you from a perfectly clean windows 7 x64 system, brought to me because of Mcafee – Exploit: SWF quarantine warnings. It has been scanned more than a dozen different ways with reputable scanners. The registry has been inspected. This system is completely clean. The only time the warnings appear are at the moment of log-in to Webkinz. If log-in is via dialup connection the bandwidth consumed by the Trojan causes thelog-in to time out, so logging in via dialup is impossible. Log-in via Broadband is still possible. This is to notify you that your FlashPlayer is infected with and is continually transmitting the Adobe Flash Player ” Exploit: SWF Trojan ” . There are no other occurances whatsoever of this issue. Kindly address this issue promptly and examine your system.

    Thank You.

  30. I bought the cheerleader party pack and the enchanted party pack and none of them worked. 2,000 wcash wasted. Please, restore my purchase. Thank you!

  31. I don’t understand. I used to have an account a couple of years ago and I had no problem with adopting pets but now whenever I enter the code it works but when I do the security thing it doesn’t work even though I type it in correctly it still says it is wrong I don’t understand why this is happening can someone please help me out with this.

  32. the new webkinz tigerlilly pup is in the Wshop and you need estore points to buy it I find it unfair to regular members that have 0 points.

  33. Some how my webkinz account was deleted and I put in my username and it said it was wrong I even put the password with it and it said it was wrong.

  34. every time I try to go to ganz estore I wont let me It says im to young and I am trying to make a new account please let me go back in

  35. Hi sorry to ask but can you fix webkinz world. Every time i click on wshop or adoption center it doesnt work it turns into a green screen. My pet is going to starve to death because it has no food. i got three new webkinz but i cant put them on webkinz world can you fix it please. thank you

  36. i find it quite frustrating that you can’t contact them by phone but only online and they don’t even reply

  37. I have a very big concern with your advertising choices. At the bottom right-hand corner of a children’s game is a Dos Equis advertisement. After a refresh, it’s a psychic reading!!??? Are you kidding me? This is absolutely unacceptable. I would have expected better. My mistake.

  38. Before Webkinz updated the whole game was running smoothly but after the update the game continuously froze, also when I click certain things nothing happens. It’s very disappointing and annoying as this is a very fun game to play. PLEASE FIX

  39. I forgot my password to my Webkinz and no longer have access to my email I registered it under, I don’t have any of the secret codes!!!!!!! I don’t know what to do seriously its been locked out for years!! I tried to contact ganz several times!!!! They never seam to want to help me!! its crazy because I played on webkinz for many many many years and now I cant!!! I miss it but don’t have the money to buy new webkinz!!!!!! what do I do though! urggg!!!

  40. My Delux Membership is being paid for, and I’m not getting any eStore coins. And it will not show my “To Do List”. FIX IT NOW……Please!!!!

  41. Animal Jam is a great choice of animal games rather than Webkinz, because it is from National Geographic company, so it is educational, and the proceeds of buying the optional membership (this is only to give the player extra points, an account is free) goes to the Big Cats animal conservation program. I used to love Webkinz but then it gave me trouble. Animal Jam is exceedingly better than Webkinz and has more chat and game options!!!


  43. This is in regards to the changes making items and things that were originally for ‘regular’ customers, now are Deluxe only. That is so unfair. I am a Deluxe member and get my membership when it is half off. My daughter (and others) cannot afford even the half off amount but do enjoy playing Webkinz. A lot of their favorites have been transferred to Deluxe. They paid for their pet and have enjoyed Webkinz until now. Children cannot necessarily pay for Deluxe. Generally it is paid for by an adult. But Webkinz IS FOR CHILDREN. Deluxe should be special. That’s why you pay the extra for it. Make new, but don’t take away from what was originally there. This is from a 68 year old Grandmother.

  44. I just have to say the Webkinz website has gone waaaay downhill since my son first started playing years ago. Not only must you pay, pay, pay for what used to be “regular” benefits but now you dangle a “free” membership which is useless. Luckily the “free” member in our family is me and I know not to fall for your “look what you can do if only you pay more money!” tricks. But the site doesn’t run smoothly AT ALL — it shuts down on me ECRY SINGLE TIME I try to play — I have a feeling that’s the cost of a “free” membership, is it not? In summary, thanks for nothing. I will no longer be buying Webkinz for any of the children in our family as I can see it is now merely a giant rip-off.

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