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Contacting Walgreens Customer Service Center

Walgreens is a pharmacy and general retail store with locations all over the US. The company allows for online shopping, account registration and customer service contact. You can connect with your local Walgreens to upload photos for processing in your neighborhood store or request a prescription refill as needed. There is a huge list of contact information for Walgreens customer service.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Walgreens customer service is available by phone, but the hours for the customer service line are not listed.

  • Customer Service (Online): 1-877-250-5823
  • Customer Service (Store): 1-800-925-4733

Mailing Address

Sending a letter to Walgreen customer service is the slowest means of connecting with an agent, but it is available to those who prefer standard mail communication. Send your letters to:

Walgreens Company200 Wilmot Rd. Deerfield, IL 60015

Official Website

Visit http://www.walgreens.comto shop the website, connect with a local store, order prescription refills or upload photos for processing. Connecting with customer service is as easy as clicking the Contact Us button on the website.

Walgreens, like most major companies, is available via social media on Twitter. Simply log in to your Twitter account and send a tweet addressed to Walgreens for fast customer service. If the Twitter agent cannot help you with your issue, they will contact you back with information on the best next step.

Customer Service Email

There are multiple email forms to contact Walgreens customer service. Choose the department or subheading that best describes the department you need to contact and click the link. You’ll then be taken to a contact form that sends an email to a customer service representative. You can expect a response from customer service within a few days, though contact may happen much faster in some cases.

Our Experience

You can speed up your call to Walgreens customer service by pressing 0, waiting a second and pressing 0 again. You will be placed on hold for the next representative. We waited on hold for about two minutes before a customer service representative answered the call. We asked the agent for the address of our nearest Walgreens. The agent took some information about our location and gave us the addresses for two local stores. She also advised us that a store locator is available on the official website.

Our Walgreens customer service experience was simple and uneventful, but that may not be the case for all callers. Tell us your experience with Walgreens so we can share that experience with other customers.

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27 Comments on “Contact Walgreens Customer Service
  1. I bought 24th of March 2013 walgreens acid controller and I came back to turkey when I open the box ı have seen that the product expire date is 11/11 I am surprised !!!!! This is really unacceptable I will sue you

  2. the walgreens in Fairmont mn since they hire lance to fill meds they take over a hour now plus they mix up pictures too

  3. I am very disappointed with the professionalism at the Walgreens in Columbus, GA on Buena Vista Road store #06327. The Customer Service Representative that assisted my mother with her medicine was very rude and unprofessional. This happened on 4/9/2014 @ 12:00 p.m. This behavior is unacceptable and we will discontinue shopping at Walgreens if this behavior is allowed.

  4. 6/9/14 went into walgreens at 2465 e palm canyon dr palm springs, CA at 9am this morning. Only 2 customers in the store besides myself. My purpose to have film processed. Total number 0f 6 instant cameras 27 exposures each. Cameras purschased there at a cost of aprox 14.00 each for a cost of 84.00. Plus now the cost of the process aprox 12.00 each cost aprox 72.00 total cost 156.00. Complaint, stood at the film counter asked for help none came total time before I walked out 9 minutes an not even a person in sight even when I asked the cashier for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The service was poor to say the least. an a lost of revenue for your store. An I find at time the same service at other times is about the same depending on the employee.

  6. May 28th 2014, I went Walgreens pharmacy (Store #: 4988) to purchase insulin. Listed below are prescriptions given by my Doctor:
    The manufacturers offer the insulin by box and each box contains 5 pens and each pen contains 300 units. All I was asking is a 30 days supply of insulin. Somehow the pharmacist reported to my insurance company (BCBSIL) as 37 days on NOVOLOG FLEXPEN and 66 days on LEVEMIR FLEXPEN. Subsequently, my co-pay was overcharged by the insurance company.
    I am travel overseas right now and your 800 number does not work here. That’s why I am e-mailing you. Please review my case, advise your findings and next steps. Thank you

  7. I went to visit Walgreens to buy like I usually do 3-4 times a week to buy almost everything for the house and our office. Store 00670, Ave. Fenwall, San German, P.R., on Monday Sept.1,2014, about 2:40 P.M. At the same time I took a perfume set, that my son gave me as a present 2 weeks ago, (from Britney Spears). I asked him for the ticket and he told me: ‘Mom, is a present for you.., Im not suppose to tell you the price of it’ (he just told me that he bought it at Walgreens, less than 5 minutes from our house). I didnt wanted to tell him that it was that I didnt like it, that it was too strong for me. So I took the present and took it to the cosmetic section to change it for any other merchandise, being that anyway I was planning to buy from that dept. I found people that never seen before there, I just explained that to the cashier and a ‘guy’ from Elizabeth Arden. It seems that he didnt like that I said that it was because I didnt like the perfume, and told me that he was the one who sells those perfumes, to give him the ticket. When I explained he said that he was going to get a supervisor. They left me alone and an employee came to ask me if someone was helping me, I told her.., and she said.., ‘but the supervisor is suppose to be call from here’, and she did. Inmediatly a lady that I never had seen before came walking with the new guy from Elizabeth Arden. Inmediatly she said that she wasnt going to change the merchandise because I didnt have the ticket, even that when she reviewed the box, it had the ticket from Walgreens with the price (which I didnt checked before). I explained her that the store wasnt going to loose that merch., because usually young university girls like it..and besides I didnt want the money back, for the contrary, I was going to buy a few things and I was going to pay the difference. She said NO, and the Elizabeth Arden guy too.., they even said.., to go to another Walgreens to see if it was there were he bought it. But first of all, he studies in the university about 5 minutes from there, theres where he goes to buy, and besides that, Walgreens from San German, P.R. is not a separate store from the rest of Walgreens. At the end I didnt buy anything there, she suggested me to buy somewhere else if I didnt like their decission.. or to give it to somebody else. Is doesnt looked like the Walgrrens that I used to buy since they opened for first time.

  8. on 12 13 2014 at 7:30 a.m. I got an email to complete a survey and won a reward had to pay for 95 for shipping and handling still haven’t received it am I getting scammed? $4.95 this may not be a lot to Walgreens but it is to me I have been a customer for several years. I am 60 years old and live on month to month money. I would like to get what I paid for.. I do hope wal greens is not scamming people. could someone from Walgreens let me know something.

  9. I and others have complained about your telephone system that does not work properly when calling in regarding scripts.
    We are told Walgreen’s is aware of problem. Ok, so now it has been over a month since I have complained and the problem is still not rectified. ?????? Lets see if you respond or if this site is a farce.

  10. I’ve notified Walgreens corporate several times regarding my problem, with the Terra Linda, Ca Walgreens attitude regarding unlocking and letting customers use the restroom. My mother is 79 and uses a walker. I shop while she uses the bathroom. There shouldn’t be a problem using Walgreens bathrooms, if you are buying merchandise, yet at the above store, I feel they are discriminating against people with disabilities. Tonight, we were told, they were being cleaned ( they weren’t). I suggested, the cleaning person ( who hadn’t started cleaning anything), could clean the men’s first. Very reluctantly, the manager agreed. But,” next time”, the manager, went on to say, “If I say, they are being cleaned, she can’t use it”. Is this the way, frequent Walgreens customers should be treated? The bathroom, should not be guarded in the above fashion.

  11. I prefer Walgreen’s brand of ice cream (Butter Pecan) and it is never available in either of the stores near me. A sales person said the store does not determine what flavor of ice cream is stocked. Is this true? I have been asking for the flavor for weeks to no avail. Please help!

  12. went to local walgreens and discovered no wet lab to process regular film.why do i have to trash a perfectly good camera.i am so tired of everyone telling me i must upgrade to digital cameras, tv,etc.tired of people asking, you dont have an I phone, you dont facebook, you dont have a flat screen tv.its absolutely ridiculous to trash perfectly good equipment just to keep up with the jones.have to send the film out (like really “olden” days) and the price isnt any cheaper.spend more money for less and less customer service. im really tired of it.

  13. Good morning,
    I have been a Walgreen’s customer for more than two decades. First, in Mayaguez Puerto Rico and now, in Gahanna – Columbus Ohio. The reason for my email is that I wanted to commend and say thank you to one of your employees. Me. Marqwin William at the North Hamilton store in Columbus, Ohio (43230). Even though I am 37 years old, I have Multiple Sclerosis and every time I am having difficulties, Mr. Williams looks after me and helps me in any way that he may. Living in an era of so much challenges, it is refreshing to find special beings that love their jobs and understand the true meaning of Customer Service.
    Thank you,
    Joycette Torres-La Court

  14. I purchase watermelon spears from the refrigerated fruit area. The best eaten by date in October 13, 2015. However, I opened my spears to enjoy them and it was sour. I realized I did not keep the receipt. I returned it to Walgreens at 75th and state in Chicago Illinois to earn an even exchange. I did not eat any of the product besides taking the sour bite. I was told because I did not have a receipt regardless of it being spoiled they would not honor an exchange and I would have to purchase another. I do a lot of business with Walgreens and spend thousands of dollars in medication needs for them to not honor an exchange for spoiled fruit is unacceptable. Please rectify this issue or lose my business for good.

  15. I had to go back 3 times to get my prescription only to find out they didn’t have it in stock and had to order it, after 2 more days for the Byetta pen I get home to find out you need another prescription just for the “needles that go with it”. NOW WHY they didn’t tell me that when the prescription went in BLOWS MY MIND the crew in Robbinsville North Carolina need some more training.

  16. your prices are always the highest- especially at your ghetto low-income area stores!! I I think of all the stores Walgreens is the biggest price gouger of all and I only shop there when you are the last resort. I despise your chain. R. L. Gross

  17. I want to make a complaint with coalinga manager ivette Vasquez. she does not want me to use my coupons, also I would go to Walgreens and I see her looking at me, and at times she will not let me buy items since she will tell me im not allowed. she creates an hostile environment for me, she would even step in the cashier to do a transaction for me and would refuse to use my coupons, is there a policy that I should enter my rewards card first before you do the transaction? im a couponer and I get good deals and get items free because of the coupon and she was agitated at me and stated that I cannot get any item free. and she even asked me if her employees does transaction with me and let me enter my rewards after. she is no a people person. she needs training on how to handle customer. she creates a very hostile environment. I don’t know how to address my concern coz I live in a small town and I go to walgreens also for almost everything but if you have a bad manager that has a very negative attitude and would treat customer like thieves I would not recommend going to your store. she creates drama and humiliates me from other customers. hope this matter will be address. thanks

  18. I keep getting email offers to shop on line. I shop in the store and coupons for that would be very useful. It’s a waste to keep sending me emails for online deals that I’ll never take advantage of. The service in the stores is very good!

  19. I am a 69 year old female. Could not transfer a bone-building script from one state to the other. It was listed under one state’s primary physician. Could not get it to switch to home state physician. I am feeling my posture is going downhill–BooHoo. Usually you Walgreen peops are so good!

  20. My prescription for Zafirlukast was partially filled (30 days instead of 90) and ready on March 1, 2016. My husband dropped off the Rx on March 1, 2016 and was told they had none. My husband was told the manufacturer would not have it in supply until March 8 and they would order it on March 9 and they had no idea when it would arrive. I called three days ago to get the status and I was told the Rx was partially filled. I asked when I would have all the medication and I was told they did not know.

    My husband went in today March 17 to pick it up. He asked when the remainder of the Rx would be filled and the lady said she did not know. She stated this is the first Rx for Zafirlukast they had received in many months. He asked when this Rx was partially filled and she stated March 1. He then told the lady we were never called and we did not receive an email. Why? No response.

    My husband told her we never had a problem like this with our previous mail order pharmacy Humana. He told the lady he doesn’t understand why they would not have the full Rx at this time. How long does it take? She explained they have only one wholesaler for this medication. The lady said it is back ordered and they have no idea when they will receive it. That is not an acceptable response considering how this was handled overall.

    Both my husband and I take Zafirlukast and to not have better access is not acceptable. I would like a call and a written response. The store number is 07944. I could not fill out the form on your web site and submit it. I assume that is because you do not want anyone using it for complaints. Again, poor customer service as I have to write and mail this letter.

    My letter was mailed to Walgreen’s Consumer Relations on March 17, 2016 and no response has been received as of April 19, 2016.

  21. I was at 100 W Judge perez dr chalmette, la 70043.
    There has been an issue with the app and order scripts etc. A young lady was assisting me with it. Another employee named Kavin which was waiting on another customer about 10 feet away blurted out that “there is nothing wrong with the system”. When I insisted there was he turned his head in the opposite direction away from me and started saying something. All this while he was still waiting on his customer. The lady helping me was handling it just fine without him butting in. I found this very rude and I will not tolerate it. Since he will continue to work there I will take my business elsewhere. I like Walgreens and have had my scrips there for many years. I travel a lot and it is convenient when out of town to go to any Walgreens. This guy is losing you business.

  22. THANK YOU to Gurpreet for being so helpful!

    I went to the photo center to print a pic. My phone wasn’t uploading (I probably turned off some feature), and Gurpreet recommended the Walgreens app. “You can upload your pics to the app and place your order that way.”

    So I did, and moments later, there was my printed pic!

    Good customer service is finding alternatives for customers. I was SO thoroughly impressed!

    Then, I actually forgot the envelope (it was hiding under the sunflower seeds I bought) and Gurpreet chased me to the parking lot.

    I am SO glad he was there to help! Thank him for me. 🙂

  23. I don’t think the people. The relatives. The visitors. Etc. Maybe even the insurers who knows… Like all your camaras and spieing and gossiping about personal or private matters. Just a heads up on the case.

  24. Awful service I have been out of medication for a week they said they had to order it and it was suppose to be in 2 days ago. They won’t answer their phone put it on hold and finally after 20 minutes just hang up without talking to anyone.

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