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Contacting Volkswagen Customer Service Center

Volkswagen is one of the most well-recognized foreign car companies in the United States. Cool television commercial with talking VW bugs and words like Fahrvergnugen all pushed the company name into the minds of consumers. Volkswagen, though popular, is still a smaller company compared to automobile giants like Ford and Chrysler, but they hold their own in terms of customer following.

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Contact Info

New, current and potential customers have quite the array of customer contact information for the Volkswagen customer service department. Depending on your mood, you can call an agent, send a letter or email them using a customer service contact form.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service representatives are available between 8 A.M. and 9 P.M. Monday to Friday and 9:30 A.M. and 6 P.M. Saturday and Sunday. All hours are EST.

  • Customer Care: 1-800-822-8987
  • Volkswagen Information Center: 1-800-374-8389
  • Roadside Assistance (24/7): 1-800-411-6688
  • Volkswagen Credit Department (Current Account): 1-800-428-4034
  • Volkswagen Credit Department (New Account Application): 1-800-521-0171
  • Volkswagen US Headquarters: 1-248-754-5000

Mailing Address

Volkswagen Group of America
220 Ferdinand Porsche Dr.
Herndon, VA 20171

Official Website

The official Volkswagen website is available at http://www.vw.com/en.html. You can utilize the site to find out more about the company, contact the customer service department, access your VW customer account and more. There is even a Live Chat option on the customer service page.

Volkswagen customer service is available on Twitter.

Customer Service Email

While there is no email address for the Volkswagen customer service department, there is an intricate contact page located at http://web.vw.com/templates/Service?serviceName=customercare&context=ContactUs. You have to fill in tons of information about your vehicle to complete the form. We were unable to test the email contact form because we did not have a VW VIN number to proceed.

We found another more general contact page for informational purposes only. We sent a little note to the Volkswagen customer service department to see if they would be willing to provide an email address for the customer service department. Let’s wait and see how long it takes for a response to happen and if the information we’re requesting is available.

Our Experience

We chose to call the Volkswagen information department to ask a simple question. The call was answered in three different languages, which was pretty unique, but the extra messages did not take up too much time. We pressed 1 for English and 0 to push the call through to the customer service representative. The call was answered at the 35 second mark. The agent was happy to tell us that the customer service department was only available until 6 P.M. EST on weekends.

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41 Comments on “Contact Volkswagen Customer Service
  1. I have a 2003 automatic jetta 1.3L when with electronic slap shift and I am having problems with my car not wanting to shft out of first, this doesn’t always happen but when it does it takes a while to start working. I have found several others with the same make and model with the same issues, do you have any suggestions for fixing it?

  2. I have a 2012 jetta tdi with an automatic and the smart start where you do not have to take the key out of your pocket. This car is smart. It knows what side of the car you are on to unlock the doors, it even knows if the key is in the car so you can’t lock the doors when it is in the car. However, i live in Canada where it is COLD in the winter. The car will not let me lock the doors when i an outside of it when it is running, even if i have the keyfaub in my hand. They also didn’t even put a manual lock system on the car for me to lock the doors manually. There is no way for me to start my car and let it warm up without someone possibly stealing it. This is not a very smart design. Volkswagon should work on fixing this problem

  3. I owned two Jettas in the 80’s and 90’s and I currently own a 2009 TDI but I just purchased a 2012 Mitsubishi because VW left me with a horrible taste in my mouth.
    Everything began when my door was about an inch out of alignment after driving my TDI for only a couple of months…I was accused at my local service center (Schenectady NY) that I had caused the “damage” to the door. Even though I offered to them and then your VW “Customer Service” to take it to any body shop of their choice. VW customer service failed miserably in addressing my concerns and I had to take it myself to a body shop…it took the shop owner less than five minutes to adjust the door hinge bolts and HE DID NOT CHARGE ME ANYTHING.
    I am supposed to buy a new car for work every 3-4 years, I can guarantee you that I will not be back to a VW dealer for the rest of my life. I will also tell every friend I know the experience I had with your company.
    I will send you another e-mail like this one in 2015. Too bad for you…my TDI actually performs very well. You lost a customer and my children for life.

  4. I wish to extend my thanks to VW Customer Service for its attention, patience, and professionalism while I explained my Jetta sunroof problems which I have experienced.

  5. I purchased a 2011 Volkswagen CC. Problem is: when car is stopped in gear,foot on the brake, let foot off brake and start to accelerate it starts a shutter and can be felt threw the car. I had a different cc out and the car did not shutter. I addressed this problem to Volkswagen dealership in Hamilton Ont. and they told me it was normal or may be it was the dual flywheel and they don’t want to deal with it. They advised me to return the VW back to Old Mill dealer in Toronto Ontario. I personally don’t believe that VW would design a car with this problem as being normal. At this point I am not happy with this kind of service and the car. What are my options at this point????

  6. Ill be registering a Complain in the court as well as Consumer Forum for the Mental harrasment that you guys have given me if my issues are not rectified in 7 days of time.

  7. I purchased a 2010 Jetta TDI on 10/9/09 and within a week had to take it to the dealer for a faulty exhaust sensor. My first winter was exposed to sub-zero weather where the car never heated driving 10 miles to work at highway speeds. Now three winters later and three trips to the VW service center for this problem has been a complete failure fixing the problem. Here in Wisconsin we have been experiencing -20F as I write this on 1/27/14 and can’t use the car cause it doesn’t come off cold on the temp. gauge. Have filed a BBB claim but doesn’t qualify for Wi. lemon law. Will submit a claim to Wi. consumer protection today and hopefully goes to the WI. attorney general office soon!! Very bad VW design issue that they must address and warn potential buyers!!!

  8. I am writing about my vehicle that has 48000 miles on it and the dealership informed me that the transmission needs to be replaced. After review of consumer information on the vehicle this is a common problem for this and many more models made by Volkswagen. There was a Class Action Lawsuit that was thrown out of court with this same transmission in it. Although the vehicle is past the allocated years for warrantee Volkswagen wants to assume no responsibility for their faulty Engineering. I thought that this company would care about their reputation far more then this. I am a first time Volkswagen owner and I would never own another. I tried to contact customer service in regards to this, they were really no help what so ever. They actually told me if I feel the need to go down a different avenue. I will contact and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in regards to this. I will also stand outside the dealerships with a sign that states the shortcomings of this car maker.

  9. I absolutely love Cable VW in Oklahoma City. The service people are amazing, my sales person was patient and understanding and the transaction was the shortest I’ve experienced (comparing to a Honda dealership). I absolutely LOVE the customer service. They never leave anything out and are always prompt to answer the phone.


  11. I think the lack of concern for customer service and the fact that i own a 2014 V.W. Touarig that has a new problem every day and i have to come up with all the exspence has made this my 3rd. and final time i will own a V.W.Rally motors in Prince Albert SASK. are les than willing to help even if i did purchase this garbage ther.The new issue i can’t put any fuel in the tank,my blue tooth dosn’t work,navigation sucks,the oil light keeps telling me to add oil,this is a very exspensive peice of garbage.

  12. Dear Sir,

    Which petrol and diesel should I use in the VW Cars; should it be normal fuel or any extra mile/extra power fuels ?

    Pls educate.

  13. Although I enjoy driving my 2005 VW Jetta, I have experienced some major transmission issues. I purchased the vehicle in 2009 with 30,000 miles on the vehicle and by 2011 with 50,000 miles, the valve body in transmission needed replaced. It now has 104,000 miles and once again the valve body in transmission needs replaced. VW knows the valve body on this vehicle was bad and provided customers with an extended warranty. I believe they replaced the bad part with another bad part. I understand that it is an older vehicle, but the reason I purchased vehicle was because VW is supposed to hold its value. I’m currently still have a car payment on vehicle, and it seems the repairs will cost as much as a new Ford. I love the car, but I will definitely rethink purchasing another after VW chose not to assist in at least paying for the bad part a second time.

  14. Hello,
    Being a college student, I work hard for the things that I have and unfortunately I wasted my hard earned money on not only one of your vehicles but I have to deal with the people that work at your Stamford location. They are rude, unprofessional and sarcastic. The last time my car had an issue ( last month ) the key was locked in the ignition, I wasn’t able to use my car, it was in service for a little shy of a month and I had to not only pay my car bill, but commuter fees that I don’t typically have to pay.. because I’m wasting my money on a car. I was sitting in the dealership, waiting for someone to see my car and all of the employees seemed to be on a cell phone, snack break.. at the same time while my car is sitting in the parking lot, ignition running, using my gas. Everytime I speak to someone it seems like they’d rather not be bothered with hearing from me and I’ve quite frankly had enough. My transmission is not shifting and I have to manually shift it for it to have normal RPM’S.. If I had wanted that, I would of gotten a manual car.Not to mention that now, everytime I turn on my AC or heat it smells like someone has smoked a few packs in my car. Im going to let you in on a secret… I don’t smoke. Its safe to say that I will not be recommending your products or services to any friends or family in the future and I can reassure you that this is the LAST volkswagon product I will ever own. I have had nothing but problems with the 2012 Jetta and regret ever purchasing it.

  15. I purchased a 2014 VW Jetta TDI,Aug.2. When I got home I found there was no owners manual. I contacted the dealer, here it is two weeks later I still don’t have a manual. You would think for 27G’s you would at least get an owners manual.

  16. I am a senior citizen who purchased a new 2002 beetle . I wanted economy and ease of driving. It wasn’t long before the inside began falling apart. I do my best to take care of my things and it is also kept in my garage. It make no sense to me that your company produces such shoddy work. For several years, the vinyl on the sides of my doors has been wrinkled & coming off. Today, the driver’s inside handle came off in my hand. I am in my 70’s and I am really disappointed that your workmanship is causing me so much trouble. I have had little problems with the motor, but the inside not only looks bad, but now I’m having trouble with opening & closing my door. I thought German workmanship was much better than this. You could do much better if you wanted to. Shame on you!

  17. I own a EOS VW that I bought in 12/2012. My check engine light & ECP light came on on 9/20. I took my car into the service station in Memphis TN & was told they’re not able to look into the problem because they don’t have the manpower & no loaner car. I was told by the service Advisor Matt Higdon to call on Monday 9/22. I called today & he tells me that he has no service car and my options are to pay for my own rental car. My warrant covers a rental car. In the meantime I’m driving a car with some mechanical problem & wasting a day off work. Please help.

  18. I just saw the T5 Doubleback. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I live in the USA and would absolutely love to see that offered here. The Jucy vans and other van are on the rise in the US. VW was at one time the leader in the camper van industry in the US. The Doubleback is beyond anything else available. BRING IT TO THE USA! The time is right. We want camper vans. Popularity is on the rise. DOUBLEBACK USA PLEASE!

  19. i have 2000 passat wagon gls, i got it used at 80000 miles now 100,000 and it has developed drainage issues. from sunroof. now my tail lights and dash lights do not work. i think VW should fix these problems for free since there is so many that have this same problem. instead of charging 800-900 dollars to fix. NOT RIGHT!!! since its obviously a pour design/flaw of the manufacture. no where did i see in owners manual about cleaning the drainage in sun roof or Any of drain spots

  20. My 2010 Passat has now been in the shop at VW Brandon 4 times for the same transmission issue. I’m told that the tran should be replaced but VW corporate makes them try everything else first so they don’t incur that type of cost; however, they seem to care less that I have had to rent a car, leave work early and get there late over 7 times now. I drive my baby around and they could care less about my safety. that’s how I feel.

  21. my 2008 vw (touareg 2)airbag default light came on now vw dealer
    wants to charge me .contact vw customer service stated they can’t help with some of the cost. my question is why not. it’s unusal for airbags .

  22. Dear sir
    I am a fan of Volkswagen from past 6 years and this is my third polo I am buying from Tvs chennai , I am sorry to say that they are so bad in customer service , they didn’t clean my new car for delivery and then they didn’t bother to put manual book and service books in a file , key was not put in a pouch which I had got earlier from other dealer abra motors , I just feel so unprivileged to buy this car , I this this will be my last car from Vw , I have a BMW x5 , mercedes 350 and range rover , I enjoyed the way they delivered me my above mentioned cars ,

    They have made me sign documents which is not visible at all , is this the way u cheat customers , I am sorry I really don’t need to be treated like this , I will not recommend to any of my friends to buy a car from Vw , my biggest mistake I have done

  23. Great Service from Ramsey Jordan of Joe Heidt VW in Ramsey, NJ. My car needed the license plate holder for the front bumper and I arranged to get it done on Saturday morning early. Got there early 7;45 and he took me right away! May not seem like much, but the extra 30 minutes to my day was very helpful.

  24. I have a 2005 Jetta TDI. Has been the best car I ever owned. Recently it started to stall out when I put the clutch in. I took it to a garage that specializes in working on Germany cars. They could not find the problem. I now have it at a VW Dealership and they have not been able to diagnosis the problem. Has anyone else had this problem and know what is wrong?

  25. Hi I was just informed that there is a serious recall for tdi Jetta 2014 manual sportwagon could you please get in touch with me ASAP and let me know what is going on I was contacted by an attorney requesting about my Interest to press legal charges
    I’m confused please help
    Thank you

  26. Please contact me with truthful and relevant information about the problem with the emissions system on VW diesel vehicles. I am co-owner of a 2014 Jetta Sportwagon TDI. There are news accounts concerning the emission systems on these vehicles. It appears that VV deliberately added a feature that affected the emissions system allowing the vehicle to emit higher levels of emissions than permitted by law. What is VW going to do about this? When?

  27. When are you people going to contact us . You know the customers you lied to about our clean burning diesels.. It’s been one week and you have not contacted me about my dirty car..

  28. I had my VW CC Executive in about one month ago about the trunk lid opening unexpectedly while driving. The dealer, Reeves VW of Tampa, had the car for two days and told me they could “not duplicate the problem” and returned the car to me. Since that time I have had similar occurrences of the trunk lid opening both while driving and while the car was parked in my driveway; twice, neighbors have called me and told me “your trunk is open.” I wrote an e-mail to the dealership and suggested that VW engineers should look at the problem, I was getting very concerned about it. I have had no response from the dealership. My wife refuses to drive the vehicle, afraid that driving down the highway the trunk lid should open and cause an accident. I WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED OR THE CAR REPLACED. Again, no response from the dealer, Reeves VW of Tampa. Please, do something before an accident happens. Have someone look at this problem and FIX it.

    Thank you.

    Lee E. Hicks
    3428 Hunters Run Lane
    Tampa, Florida 33614

  29. Regarding Volkswagon of Orland Park
    Reason For Visit
    “No help no call no customer relations. ”

    My daughter has the misfortune of owning a terribly flawed Volkwagon Routon mini van manufactured by Chrysler and sold by Volkswagon. This van has been subject to numerous recalls on the Chrysler side but Volkswagon has been slow to do anything to rescue the tens of thousand people that own this lemon. My daughters Routon refused to start numerous times leaving her stranded with three young children. One child is 7 months old another 5 years old and another 6 years old. The 6 year old child is special needs having been born with Spina Bifida, Downs Syndrome and a clubbed foot. This has financially drained my daughter who now can’t work because of the care this child requires. The van finally was dead in the driveway and had to be towed to Volkswagon of Orland Park. My daughter already researched the problem and found that theses vans were equipped with a faulty brain computer module called a TIMPM MODULE. Two days later the van was diagnosed with that problem. My daughter was quoted $1200 to do the job. Do to snafus in the dealers end, not getting the needed parts it too 6 days to complete the service. The service department called my daughter and told her the cost was $1365.00 it was over the estimate. My daughter was never notified as to the increased cost. I called the service manager Ed to get an explanation and to attempt to get the costs lowered. I explained my daughters situation financially and told him about the major recall that Chrysler did on all the same vans under their name. He said he knew the part was severely flawed and he said he heard Volkswagon was eventually going to issue a recall. I asked that in the mean time could he reduce the price. I explained my daughters situation while he listened seeming sympathetic. He told me he would look at the bill and try to reduce the costs to help her. He said he would call me back. Hours later no phone call. My daughter proceeded to pick up her van and was charged the inflated price of $1365. Parts not ordered correctly inept service department and untrained employees that did not know how to drive brought the van out to her, made this a very costly nightmare. This is something that Volkswagon should be responsible for, not the thousands of poor owners that suffer financially because of this lemon of a vechicle. No call back not even a courtesy call to tell me he couldn’t reduce the price is an insult to me and my daughter. Don’t ever by a Volkswagon from this dealer and above all don’t ever get it serviced their if you have the misfortune of owning a flawed lemon Volkwagon Routon. No help no call no heart.
    Regarding Volkswagon of Orland Park
    Roger Lis

  30. Dear Volks Wagen,

    Allow me to begin by introducing myself; I am Mr. Hazem Elhamy the owner of a Golf 6 Volks Wagen car (chacee number: ).

    I am writing to you to raise a major concern in the level of professionalism and lack of support exhibited by your colleagues at the Egyptian Service Center.

    My issue began when my car suddenly stopped in one of Cairo’s unsafe areas. Because it would not start up, I was forced to tow it away to the Obour Service center in Cairo on 07 September 2015. I was immediately informed that there was an issue with the gearbox controller. According to the Engineer assigned to my case (Eng. Mohamed Saad), this issue was to be fixed by ordering and installing a new controller. As per him, I was to receive my FIXED car within a maximum of 2 weeks.
    Unfortunately, his communication did not prove to be true when after 2 weeks I was told to wait for another week, then another week, then a few more days. This “commitment extension” has dragged on to this date.
    In fact, during the course of the past week, I have attempted to call him numerous times but his cellphone has been switched off, and he is now unreachable.

    I have attempted to get in touch with Customer Care. I have called seven times and left a complaint every single time- only to be told that someone will get in touch with me within 24 hours. As you can imagine with the level of professionalism I have experienced so far, no one has gotten in touch with me regarding ANY of my 7 complaints.

    I am extremely dismayed at the poor quality of service provided by a company that supposedly prides itself in quality. I expect that by raising my issue to your esteemed self, I have made my concern and problem clear and I look forward to feedback as to how/when you expect it to be resolved.

    I look forward to hearing back from you,
    Best Regards,
    Hazem Elhamy

  31. To who it May Concern
    I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience with the excellent service Mr. Joe Pender Sales Executive provided.

    I went car shopping a few months ago, and after visiting several car dealers I ended up at WV Gunther Plantation to find out my advantages and disadvantages of returning my lease.
    Mr. Pender in a very nice and professional way made me feel comfortable inviting me to sit down at his office. He asked me some routine questions to find out what my needs were and how he could help me obtain a new car. I must say it was not my intention at all to change vehicles that day, I was simply gathering information.
    After a long conversation, were he carefully showed me the advantages of a VolkSwagen and patiently answered all my concerns he showed me around the showroom and guided me through the cars I was interested in.
    Mr. Pender earned my trust with his careful explanation of the pros and cons so much that I was convinced that exchanging my car for a new one was the best decision.
    Mr. Pender took the time to show me all possible offers until we found the right fit. I must say this has been my best car shopping experience ever.

    It seems that lately car salesmen are not interested in doing a good job and their only objective is to get money out of your wallet. This is why I was so pleasantly surprised with Mr. Pender. He truly delivered an incredible service and customer experience.
    Thank you Mr. Pender again for your outstanding sales skills, time and effort. I really appreciate every detail you gave me and continue to offer.
    I will definitely return to Gunther Volkswagen for future vehicle needs.
    May God bless you and keep up the good work.
    Sandra Peña

  32. Took my 2010 VW Passat to Orland VW for an oil change; was told I had a leaky water pump; $1100 to repair. I knew I had a water pump installed in 2014, so told them not to fix. They also recommended $2,000 more for other service; a new seal due to leaking oil. Got a call from service mgr. Ed, and he said the water pump would be covered under warranty, so made an appointment to have it fixed.
    Picked up car and paperwork stated no water pump needed; was okay!! They did other service at a cost of $547, and I was told by Ed that VW covered the labor, but I had to pay for the valve. Now paperwork stated that customer brought in car stating water pump leaking and other problems. I NEVER said I had a leaking water pump; brought in car for oil change and new windshield wipers. This would have been a very expensive job if I had said go ahead and install water pump that day, and found out later it was not needed. What in the world is going on in your repair shop in Orland Park, IL. My car has only 39,000 miles, and I planned on getting a new one in March, but it will NEVER be a Volkswagen. DO NOT BRING YOUR VW TO ORLAND PARK FOR REPAIRS.

  33. I have just spent an hour attempting to contact a customer care advocate via phone, live chat, and email, to no avail. I am writing to file a formal complaint regarding a defective 2015 Jetta I purchased in August of this year (not TDI). I have explained all of the particulars in a letter. I need the name and email address where I can send said letter. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

  34. I had problem with my car stalling and Mr Ooi Boon Cheong at Volkswagon Centre in Alexandra told me to leave the car with him.
    He was very professional and efficiently had the problem rectified.
    I wish to thank the courteous staff and him for their help.

  35. Picked up my 2016 Tiguan company car on Thursday December 10th at Russel VW in Baltimore MD and customer service was horrible. They were unprepared to provide me an overview of the car before I left. They had other “paying customers” to take care of. A customer is a customer. I drove an hour to pick up this car and the least they could do is ensure I knew the functionality of the car. Never drove a VW before and not familiar with the brand. Will definitely provide feedback to my company about this dealership. Not a first good impression of VW.

  36. I just wrote a long complaint and it wasn’t posted? I would like a call from Dolan@1-800-822-8987. pls call 808 371-3022

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