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Contacting Vizio Customer Service Center

Vizio is a relatively new electronics company primarily sold at Walmart stores. The company was started by William Wang in 2002 as a consulting firm. The first product sold by Vizio was a plasma computer monitor that was revealed at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. The company expanded and grew over the next decade to where they are today. At last count, the most shipped more than 4 million HDTVs to customers around the world.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The contact information listed for Vizio customer service is simple and to the point. There are a couple of phone numbers, but only one main number for customer service.

  • Customer Service (toll free): 1-888-849-4623
  • Customer Service (local/toll): 1-949-428-2525
  • Technical Support: 1-877-698-4946
  • Press: 1-888-849-4623

Mailing Address

If you have a little something on your mind and the only way you’ll feel better about it is to contact Vizio customer service by mail – send your letter to the top of the line.

Vizio Corporate Headquarters 39 Tesla Irvine, CA 92618

Official Website

The official website for the Vizio company is located at What we found interesting was the fact that different contact information is listed on this website and the We’ve listed both sets of information so customers have the best options for reaching the customer service agents they need today.

Despite there being some confusion about which set of contact information customers should use, there is no confusion about the social media contacts Vizio offers.

Customer Service Email

We found two websites and two separate contact emails – so we thought it best to give you both. If you need to contact the Vizio customer service team about your product, email:

If you need a general email form for product or company inquiries; or to send an email about the customer service you received, use:

Our Experience

When customer service agents answer calls, we expect to hear a pleasant voice and a chipper tone. We are pleased to state the customer service team at Vizio is the embodiment of excitement. We listened to the automated system, bit after awaiting less than 60 seconds, the bright part of our day answered the call.

As to not ruin the mood, we asked if customers could purchase an extended warranty through the company instead of the retail location. The agent explained this is a viable option only if the product is still covered under the manufacturers warranty. After the questions, the agent was ready for another question. We want to know if your call to customer service resulted in the best experience of your day. have a minute to share your story? We would appreciate your comments below.

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9 Comments on “Contact Vizio Customer Service
  1. I went into your chat room to resolve an issue with the Vizio Sound Bar (S4251w-B4). I gave all the pertinent information describing the problem and what I had done, but the assistant never read it and just followed a script, asking questions already answered -very time consuming. Also, she told me I had to answer many irrelevant questions (e.g.,how much I paid for the unit, where I bought it, etc.) before she could put me in touch with a technician; she never did! I felt that the only thing Vizio wanted was to gather data. See case #3541115 to read transcript.
    I cannot get sound from the satellite speakers and the answer she gave me was that it did not work because the broadcast was in 5.1, which the unit does not support! I believe I’m fairly sophisticated with electronics and sound systems and I did follow all the pertinent setup steps and trouble shooting procedures with no success.
    This is my first Vizio purchase, and I understand sometimes equipment does not work because of consumers’ faulty setup or equipment malfunctioning. What upsets me the most is the time I spent with an incompetent Vizio representative who just wanted to gather my personal information through deception.

    • I purchased a Visio Sound Bar on 8/30/2014. It was DOA. I returned it to Costco who replaced it immediately. Setup the new system, the remote didn’t work. Waited 10 days for a replacement. It arrived DOA. This response happened two more times. I requested to speak with a Tech Supervisor/Mgr. He was borderline arrogant and showed “No” consideration for my problem. The last thing I wanted was another DOA device, so I requested Vizio to setup & checked-out a new sound bar to insure me that it was completely operational before they shipped it to me. They refused. I returned the Sound Bar to Costco, got my money back & will never buy another Vizio product. They don’t deserve to have customers.

  2. On July 14, 2013 your employee ( George—badge 1340451) in technical support did an outstanding job in helping me set up my new M401i TV. He was extremely patient and courteous and very knowledgeable. This action on his part is a testimony to the customer friendly attitude of Vizio. Clearly a major factor in customer return projections.

    George deserves kudos for his functioning as a Vizio ambassador.

  3. I purchased a 29″ VIZIO TV today from Best Buy. First let me say the sales staff at Best Buy were outstanding. But more important is the VIZIO rep. I made contact with in So. Dakota. His name was Russell and his number was 877. The case number is 3662320. Russell did an outstanding job. I appreciated it and just wanted to pass my comments along. I hope the new TV is every bit as good as Russell’s instructions. He helped me bring it up. My years are against me in some ways ( almost 80. You all have a good day. Thanks again Paul Hensley

  4. I hava a vizio E3901-A1, Ser# LTYWNQFQ1151493, on NETFLIX, after each episode, it FREEZES up, and I have to Exit to “More Episodes to get it restarted. You’ve already done 3 firmware upgrades, stopped the other problem, of having that caused me to pull the power cord to get the TV back working.
    The NEXT bigger problem is the REMOTE made for MIGHTS with pencil fingers. The keys are so skinny, one has to hold the remote in one hand and press each key with your finger nail, so as not to press 2 keys at the same time. The 4 key either doesn’t work or you get 44 instead.
    Next the USB won’t play movies from a USB HD, like my 3 yr old SAMSUUNG TV does.

  5. Got a VIZIO Tv at Walmart best tv I ever had, superb picture, but the remote is a piece of crap. Hit a number button and it repeats its self, hit 12 for channel 12 and got 11122 hit 10 and got 1100. Every other tv I owned you hit 12 you get 12 no repeats.

  6. I called for a service problem and spoke with nickolos and he solved my problem and i would like to thank him and vizio for the good service.

  7. VIZIO is not a reputable company I have a TV that is 12 months old and I have no sound no sound bar works and the TV has a defect in the screen I was told by manager of Best Buy that these TV’s I had purchased were famous for sound problems when I asked Customer Service they told me that was incorrect. They offered to charge me an extra $200 for a warranty that they could come out and fix problem. I told customer service rep I haven’t even paid the TV off and it’s no good it’s worthless and basically Vizio does not stand by a product that did have a problem that was not caused by the user or consumer. I spent $4,000 on Home Audio Equipment 2 Vizio TV’s were purchased I will no longer ever support their brand from this experience. Vizio does not stand behind their product and either does Best Buy that’s the problem with Fortune 500 companies they are greedy

  8. I bought a vizio 70inch smart tv led from Wal-Mart here in san Antonio tx .my tv went blank will not work only had for 8 months Wal-Mart was vere rud would not give me any info for your contact # and told me I should of kept my papers and walk away.I paid $ im stuck. pleas let me know what I can do.I do not whant to deal with the Wal-Mart I got this at.hope to here from ya. thank you the mendez family.

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