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Contacting Viking Customer Service Center

Viking is a high-end kitchen appliance company. The company sells appliances for home and commercial use. Due to the high price of Viking merchandise, customers can find a product they like online and order a brochure detailing the equipment.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Viking customer service is available from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekdays. There are no weekend hours for the customer call center, but you can contact customer service by email during this time. However, the customer service team does not read the emails until normal business hours.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-845-4641
  • Cooking School: 1-877-737-7677
  • Culinary Products: 1-800-216-5775
  • Fax: 1-662-455-3127
  • Corporate Office: 1-662-455-1200

Mailing Address

The Viking corporate office address is available for mail communication. This is not the fastest way to talk to customer service, but it is an available option.

Viking111 Front St. Greenwood, MS 38930

If you’re writing about a financial situation or concern, do not include any financial information in the letter – such as bank account or credit card numbers.

Official Website

Viking customer service and product information is listed on the official website at Customers can sign up for an account when they register their Viking product. Product brochures, email updates and product price quotes are also available.

Customer Service Email

Instead of listing three different URLs for contact forms, Viking customer service chooses to offer a dropdown menu. You can choose from Site Comments, Product Support or Customer Support. When you choose your topic on the Viking customer service, you will be taken to a customer service contact form. Fill out the form, include a valid email address and wait for a response.

Customers can also choose to contact Viking customer service on Facebook or Twitter for faster customer service. You’ll need an account on Facebook or Twitter to make contact. Both websites are free to register.

Our Experience

When calling the customer service department for the Viking Range Corporation, you can press 0 to send the call directly to a representative. Our call was literally answered in less than 30 seconds. Companies like Viking have strong customer service teams because the products are high-end and the customers expect more.

Our call was simple. We found a product number and asked the customer service representative for some of the specifics about that model. She sounded hesitant and suggested we request a brochure to read about the model. When we told her we’d rather just hear the details she reluctantly read off some details about the model.

So, the customer service was fast, but not as friendly as we expected.

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2 Comments on “Contact Viking Customer Service
  1. About ten years ago I purchased a 36″ six burner professional cooktop, about a week ago during a thorough cleaning one of the burner knobs froze. I called a licensed Viking repair service, the technician told me that I needed a new valve. I said good get it and fix it. He said he will however he said he had to order it, once again I said ok, paid the 65 dollar service charge, expecting a repair soon. Well it came to be that part number co824010 is no longer made and there is no replacement part! So my ten year old cooktop is irreparable therefore useless except as a boat anchor, I asked can’t the valve that doesn’t work be just capped off, I still have five other burners once again I was told impossible, my cooktop model number VGSU161-6BSS cannot be fixed! I find this unacceptable, someone figured out how to cap an underwater deep well valve!

  2. I purchased the French door refrigerator (VCFF236SS) and noticed when left side door opened would hit a brick archway if opened completely. called customer service and was told no part existed to remedy situation and rep was completely unhelpful. Could not give me any suggestions or direction!! very disappointed

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