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Contacting Viacom Customer Service Center

Viacom is a multinational media company founded in 2006. The company primarily deals with movies, and television programs. There are several brands under the Viacom umbrella, including, BETT, CMT, MTV, LOGO, Nickelodeon, Spike and Paramount Pictures.

Contact Info:

Customers can connect with a live customer service agent or a representative from the corporate office Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST. You can also connect with the customer service department by traditional mail, email and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-212-846-6700
  • Customer Service: 1-800-516-4399

Mailing Address

Viacom1515 Broadway – 52nd FloorNew York, NY 10036


ViacomOne Astor Plaza, ManhattanNew York City, NY 10036

Official Website

The Viacom website is not the flashiest of sites. The company provides the information you need about the brands and the most popular shows. Customers can read the corporate blog, the news of the company and how the company is engaged in corporate responsibility programs.

Social Media

In the event you cannot reach a customer service agent by phone or email, we recommend using the Viacom social media pages. Several of the questions answered were addressed in a timely manner. The majority of the questions answered within 2 to 4 hours.

Customer Service Email

There was limited information needed in order to send a message to the customer service department. After filling out the customer service form, we sent our message. The message related to the ratings of television shows. We wanted to know if Viacom could provide a rating for the shows. Although this could potentially be a long list, the automated response stated we should hear from a customer service agent within 48 hours.

Our Experience

We would like to note the customer service department is not the easiest to reach, considering you have to call the corporate headquarters. We call and immediately connected with the operator. When we requested to speak with a customer service agent, this is when the call went south. The call was transferred a total of 5 times and each department was not the customer service department. After approximately 7 minutes, we reached a live customer service agent. The questioning surrounded around where customers could find information relating to new programs. Instead of answering the question, the agent simply directed us back to the website. The customer service department appeared to not want to take care of the customers. Our experience was not the best, was yours? Take a moment to share your Viacom customer experience below.

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4 Comments on “Contact Viacom Customer Service
  1. I have been attempting to contact the decision makers at CMT and note that CMT is a Viacom company. I am hopeful this response will be forwarded to the appropriate representative.

    I am SO disappointed that a decision has apparently been made to schedule the Dukes of Hazard from 6 a.m. – 8 a.m. each morning. I do not understand the reasoning behind this change. I exercise each morning and have been an avid viewer of CMT between those hours for many years. It would seem to me that there must be other loyal viewers that also use early morning hours to exercise and enjoy listening to CMT while doing so.

    It would seem to me that the Country Music Television station would make music their main focus. It’s what viewers expect. I am hopeful that Viacom will reconsider this recent scheduling change and restore music to the early morning hours on CMT. Thank you.

  2. Very concerned Parent about the comercials that are being played during the time that The Facts of life is being played on Logo tv. Please keep in mind that your young viewers are watching more than your older viewers. However I know its about publicity and exposure but are we willing to sacrifice our young children for it. Thanks a concerned parent.

  3. Applying for a job on-line at Viacom, run by is one of the worst I have ever experienced. Following all their instructions all I get is a “null” message. Calling the main number in NY is also a complete waste of time as the operator refuses to put anyone through to HR and there is no website tech support. So heaven knows how anyone gets a job at Viacom, MTV or any other Viacom company. My advice is don’t bother and get a job somewhere else.

  4. I think your decision to cancel “The Dukes of Hazzard” was a classic example of your ignorance and stupidity! There were black people in that show, and it received a pass from the NAACP, because they knew there was NOTHING racist about the General Lee or the flag on it, you f$%king morons. It was the most positive show on television at that time, and still is, for that matter.

    How moronic to run episodes of the yawn fest “Bonanza” for five hours straight. It was horrible when it first aired, and nothing has changed.

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