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Contacting Verizon Customer Service Center

Verizon is a mobile phone and mobile Internet company located in the United States. Customers can apply for new service, upgrade accounts and order accessories all from the official website. There is also a dedicated portion of the website for customers who need Verizon customer service support.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Getting in touch with Verizon by phone is quick and simple, at least based upon the number of phone contacts listed on the Verizon customer service website. You can choose to use your mobile phone to get information or call from a landline, in some cases.

  • Customer Service: *611 (from mobile phone) or 1-800-922-0204
  • Customer Service Prepaid: *611 (from mobile phone) or 1-888-294-6804
  • Consumer Sales: 1-800-256-4646
  • Business Sales: 1-800-899-4249

Customer service is available from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

Mailing Address

Customers have multiple mailing addresses to use when they want to contact customer service by mail.

Verizon Wireless
Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 105378
Atlanta, GA 30348


Verizon Wireless Payment Center
P.O. Box 660108
Dallas, TX 75266-0108


Verizon Wireless
Attn: Prepaid Customer Service
P.O. Box 1037
Folsom, CA 95763-1037

Official Website

The main website for Verizon customer service is You can log in to your account, make a payment, schedule future payments, add a line and more. If you are having trouble with your Verizon phone or account, you can contact customer service from the main website as well.

Customer Service Email

There are three customer service contact forms depending on the reason you need to contact customer service.

There is no direct email address listed. We have contacted the customer service department to find out if a customer service email address is available for customers who desire to contact customer service without visiting the main website.

Our Experience

Verizon’s customer service line is based in the United States. At first, there was an automated response. Before choosing any other options, we had to identify whether we were Verizon customers or not. It gave us more options about different phone plans. We pushed 0, and we were directed to a representative. It took approximately two minutes for a representative to answer. The representative had a foreign accent.

Several online forums stated Verizon didn’t particularly have the greatest customer service in the industry. To an extent, we experienced similar results. After sending an email inquiry to customer service, we received a response in 2 days. Although the response time was out of character for a retail company, we did receive answers to our question regarding a customer service email contact. The representative even provided an alternative contact page, see below:

Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Other (WFM89367804)
To: Richard B

Dear Richard Banks,

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless via our website. Thank you for your patience with our response to your email. My name is Ashley Diana and I will be happy to provide you with an e-mail address to contact us. I hope you are enjoying your day so far.

You may send us an e-mail through our website and include your SSN or billing system password along with your inquiry. You can send a new e-mail by clicking this direct link to the “Contact Us” page:

I make it my personal goal to provide the best customer service in the industry. I hope that I have done that for you today by providing you with a contact e-mail address for us. We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless.

Ashley Diana
Verizon Wireless

—–Original Message—–
From: Richard B
Sent: Thu Mar 22 08:39:16 EDT 2012

Full Name: Richard Banks
Primary Subject: Other
Message Body: I would like to know if there is a customer service email address customers can use to contact customer service with a question?

Have you bought Verizon products? Have you experienced trouble with Verizon’s products? Have you experienced problems with Verizon’s customer service line? Tell us your story.

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174 Comments on “Contact Verizon Customer Service
  1. I purchased at Costco only to return the phone in time to exchange it for another. I decided I again wanted the iphone. Costco Verizon (3rd party seller) never mentioned to me that if I returned the phone, I would have to choose one of their phones or pay FULL PRICE AT ANOTHER VERIZON STORE, EVEN THOUGH I WAS TECHNICALLY A NEW CUSTOMER. I called customer service…Which should be called “We can’t do shi+ for you service-less”….I even wrote a letter to their president and NO RESPONSE. Thanks Verizon. I will cancel service when my contract runs out and I have already warned countless customers about Verizon. Someday, people will grow tired of the BS and stop buying from them. They did NOTHING to correct the problem and I talked to several people…$650 for a phone that only should have cost $250 MAX! I will say goodbye to Verizon SOON!

  2. I am looking to block a phone number from SMS and calling my phone? Just wondering how i do so. I have used several apps that were not up to standards.

  3. I had an account for the landline with Verizon. We changed provider. Verizon sent us the final bill which we paid. Next we got a bill with $1.54 CREDIT. Now Verizon wants us to pay money they say they owe us!!! Crazy.
    I have called and wrote letters to Verizon. Verizon do not want to sent us a check for $1.54 what Verizon owes us according to their statement and put us to credit agency because ????they owe us the money!!! It is a crazy but they ruined our credit. Look like a have to sue them to get it right.
    Now Verizon says they do not have any more our account so they can’t correct it.

  4. hi Sir,
    I have purchased a new blackberry handset in india and using vodafone postpaid number in my handset but i am not able to access BIS on my perticular handset with any sim card / any operator.

    i was contacted vodafone customer care several times but they are saying that,
    sorry your BB pin has been blocked from verizon wireless for data or bis services.

    So kindly unblock my bb pin from your server.

    Data and blackberry support
    Vodafone India

  5. I am astonished and amazed that in this day and age of “exceptional customer service”, the wait time to get a rep to answer the phone is ridiculous. I have sat here for over 30 minutes to get a live voice on the line, and this drill happens every time I need to contact Verizon. What is wrong with your business model where you can’t provide quick and efficient service? You’re a PHONE COMPANY for god’s sake!

    • Verizon is a predatory company with a focus on harassment, bait and switch tactics,unfair practices and very poor customer service. In autumn 2012, I went to the Verizon store to buy a modem. I was on a job site and needed to connect to the company Wi-Fi. I asked the company management what they recommended and they said I should buy a major brand modem. I noticed the Verizon store in the same mall as the grocery I used and inquired if Verizon had a modem for sale that met my needs and described my location and situation. The sales person selected one. He presented me with a document to sign at the register that had me paying monthly for the modem. I restated what I needed and told him I just wanted to buy, not finance, a good quality unlocked modem like u can buy an unlocked cell phone. He selected another modem and checked me out. It seemed expensive like unlocked hardware would be but if it worked it would have been worth it to me. I took the modem in the bag to the company management and they told me Verizon would not work to connect to their wifi. The next day I had off (approx. 5 days) I returned the modem to the same store still in the bag, sealed and unwrapped. I was told I had to pay a restocking fee. I complained but conceded since the store would not accept the return without me paying them to do it, it just seemed like a punishment fee. Approx. late December I started getting frequent calls on my cell phone that would hang up as soon as I answered. In January I called the number to find out who was pranking me and found it to be Verizon and that the salesperson had set up an account in my name and they were charging me for service without my knowledge or consent. I connected to a customer care supervisor who assured me, after a lengthy 2 hour conversation, that she would close the account and eliminate the charge. During the conversation she would put me on hold several times as she received a series of approvals to finalize those decisions. She said it may take a week or two to go through the system but again said I owed nothing and the account was closed.It’s now March and I am still receiving constant calls from Verizon and when I do connect to customer care they say I have an account, I owe them money, they can’t look up my previous phone call notes, they can’t connect me to a supervisor, they don’t have an audio recording of my previous phone calls, they don’t have any alternate ways other than phone calls to connect to customer service supervisors. Most of the time they just hang up when I answer their calls. I called the corporate office in Georgia at (908) 306-7000 and asked for the corporate customer service management but the operator just transferred me to a general customer service department rep located in Alabama. Since that initial call, the corporate operator will not answer my phone calls so I assume she has blocked my number. I cannot connect to their customer service online since I actually don’t have an account.

      • I have had the same experience as the client above. Verizon Wireless customer service is absolutely absurd. They do not know the meaning of “customer service”. I tell everyone I know DO NOT USE VERIZON WIRELESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!!! ALL THEY DO IS TRY TO MAKE YOU PAY MONEY YOU DO NOT OWE THEM. WHEN YOU DO GET TO FINALLY TALK TO A HUMAN BEING …. THEY HANG UP ON YOU!!

  6. First of all come december. Contracts up, Good by Verizon service sucks. Been a loyal customer nearly 10 years. My phone crashed a month ago. Two days with out a phone. That’s how I do my job by emails not even a month later guess what this phone crashed. So another two days with out a phone. Talk to the service department its like oh well. Very pissed. And get this they send damn refurbish phones out. Very disappointed at verizon. All the shit I went through nothing off the bill.1 month 2 phones crashed.

  7. I am in Europe for two weeks and I made arrangements with Verizon before I left the US to have International coverage. This was important since I have very sick and elderly parents. I have NO coverage here!!! Please advise me as how to activate this coverage if possible. This is very dissapointing.

  8. Cablevision win in Phone Features
    Verizon win in Internet Features for faster Internet
    Verizon win in TV Package Features
    Cablevision win in Customer Support/Technical

    Verizon lack in phone and customer service/technical

  9. Just want to let you know that my internet problem was solved
    Because your Technician Andy Wolf did a great job He is an asset to
    Verizon. Because of him I am staying a costumer of Verizon.
    Thank You and I thank Andy also.

  10. i purched varizon bb storm 9530 but after some month iam getting screen problam due to this iam unable to call any person plz help me.

  11. This sucks!!!! I am looking to forward an email that I think is a fraudelent from supposed verizon email account and no where on the site is an email address!!!!!!!!!

  12. Trying to call about my service.
    NFL Red Zone is part of my package, but not allowing me to view.
    Finally after the seventh call and multiple times of being hung up on, I have been on hold for over 30 minutes.

    Worst service ever. Due to this, as well as previous incidents, I will be switching providers,

  13. There has been a severe humming on both lines in my office since August 10. Same song and dance every time I call. Overground cable, underground cable,main terminal box. Everyone is always sorry for the inconvenience. 13 calls and one month later it’s still not fixed. Last call to customer service 30 minutes ago, and I still have no idea when this will be resolved.
    I’m sure the bill wll have no trouble finding it’s way here.

  14. I would like to extend my THANKS to MRS GILL for solving my caller ID problem that I have been trying to get fixed during the past two weeks. After telling my problem to 7 different reps over this two week period she was the only one that got the problem fixed the same day I spoke to her. Verizon needs more customer reps like her. To be sure this THANKS reaches the correct person the conf no was MD00173661086 dated 10/05/12.

  15. I just received a recording asking me to complete a survey regarding my recent problem with Verizon. The phone number to call was given so fast I was unable to write it down. I would like to take the survey. The only numbers I can recall are 855 and possibly 672. Please let me know how I can complete the survey as I am not pleased with the service I received from several people in India.
    Thank you very much.
    Virginia Jackson

  16. I am pissed off that every time since before Christmas I have e mailed my family members who have your and my e mail keeps coming back as anti spam. It seems I can’t answer their e mails

    I am unable to get your e mail setup and now am quite glad I can’t.
    My first e mail I had too many l in my email address

  17. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
    You definetly are publishing my name and e mail It still is on required fields as 12.33 Ca time

  18. - My Verizon phone got a “white” screen so it became suddenly unusable (tho I can hear the tone for incoming text messages.)
    – I concurrently lost access to the AT&T landline in my house (handset on phone#1 disappeared, and phone or inside wiring quit working a few days ago for phone#2)
    – I have a disability that keeps me home a great deal.
    – My husband walked out on me a few weeks ago, so I’m home with just my dog.
    -My neighbors are too busy to respond to my emails within a short timeframe, and my family lives out of state.
    -I can’t create a log-in account on because I need to get a temporary password via text on my broken cell phone.
    -I can’t contact Verizon Customer Service via email because I need a login I can’t create because I need a working cell phone to do so.

    Verizon: Where’s your safety net for people with unusual circumstances like me? Please email me ASAP to help me get a login so I can see who’s contacted me and return their calls and texts via email.

  19. Several repair requests have been submitted over the past few months(bad experience in itself). Many days w/o phone service. Latest repair request submitted 1/16/13. Due to static, noise, etc. we have no phone service at all. Cannot call out or receive. My repair date is 1/23/13. No phones for another full week. Wonder if i’ll get a weeks credit on my bill? Reliability and service are very bad.

  20. I am sending this out of sheer frustration, over a period of 4 months. My account was 000833623732. In Oct. 2012, I had to cancel service from verizon. I was told that they would disconect on Oct 30th. I asked at that time did I have too be there. I was told no. I was moving and my location was contracted with Cox. I was told Oct. was my last month. From then to now I keep receiving monthly bills. I contacted your customer on a Sunday. I talked to a service Rep, who tried to transfer my call to cust. ser., and I was cut off. Called back, told my story to another rep, transferred, cut off. I called back and got another Rep. who told me that Cust. Ser. was closed on Sunday. Over an hour on the phone. Called back on Monday Was passed around waiting for a decision. Finally a rep. told me that they were going to squash the bill. I was satisfied with that. Next month got another bill. Called back, and talked to several people. I was told that there was not a total disconnect on Oct 30. I was being still bill.
    I stated at that time it was not my fault, that they did not perform the service as scheduled. Then the Rep told me that they would reduce the bill, with the services that were disconnected and re-bill the difference. This was not satisfactory to me, be I felt maybe I could get it over with. I then,this month received, what appears to be a credit of -$52.13. It stated the credit may appear on my next statement. Then I received another bill for $194, higher than the bills I had when I had service. Called back, and have spent two more days on the phone. Told I would be contacted. I would like a solution to this. I am a disabled Vietnam Vet, in poor health, and do not want to take any type of legal action on this. All I want is resolution, and move on. Thank you

  21. We recently travaled to Maui, Hi. and having different issues with our 2 new 4G Samsung phones. We stopped by the Verizon store on Dairy Road and a tech person, Asti Merino assisted us right away! We just thought you should know we received the best service ever from Asti! He was very informative and fixed all our problems with that perfect ALOHA spirit!!! He should train everyone who works for Verizon!! Geral & Nancy

  22. I have been using DSL at home, don’t connect very often so high speed is way too pricey. I have for about three months been losing the DSL connection, and have had to reset the modem, router, and PC at least 1 to 2 times a week. About a week ago this failed and since then I have been trying to get technical support on the phone and all I get is some obnoxious robot that goes through the same garbage every time I call then says it will switch me to a technician who never comes on the line and then I get disconnected. I am paying for a service that Verizon either doesn’t care about, o Verizon has decided that those of us who use land lines aren’t worth responding to. I want a refund for the last two weeks, and I want a way to contact a human being who can help me resolve this connectivity issue. Day Phone 617-896-1178

  23. I am traveling in France and my (FIOS) calls are not being forwarded to my cell – checked the call forwarding on Verizon web site – called my number and went directly to not available – called my cell – works fine.

    Tried calling customer support. No message that they were closed – waited over 1/2 hour. Apparently not open and no-email address to which I could send an inquiry.

  24. James W. Booth
    36702 Kay Ave.
    Zephyrhills, FL 33542-3031
    Phone & FAX: 813-788-7076

    March 16, 2013
    Customer Service Supervisor
    Verizon Florida LLC
    PO Box 920041
    Dallas, TX 75392-0041

    Account: 15 9000 0680665405 05

    Good Morning:

    On the evening of March 14, I called your 800 number to complain about a charge on my bill. I went through my entire complaint three different times with three different Customer Service people and got absolutely nowhere.

    The last person I spoke to in your Billing Department, as did both of the other people I talked to, kept saying over and over again Verizon had not received my January payment of $60.11.

    I pay all of my bills online and I kept telling these people Wells Fargo issued a check for $60.11 on January 30. My bank statement showing that payment is attached.

    The last person I spoke to kept saying I had to have Wells Fargo verify the payment was made. I kept telling her I was looking at my statement and the payment was made. She kept saying Verizon had no record of it. That’s not my fault. That’s your error as my bank statement clearly shows.

    01/30/13 BILL PAY Verizon Online ON-LINE xxxxxxxx18738 ON 01-30 $60.11

    She refused to do anything about it so I asked to speak to her supervisor. She put me on “Hold” for about five minutes. When she came back she said it would be ten more minutes before a supervisor could speak to me. At that point I had been on the phone for about a half hour. I told her to have her supervisor call me. She said her supervisor would not do that. I had enough.

    I told her Verizon only gets to rip me off once. I’m going to pay the $147.99, but I am cancelling my service and going back to Bright House. I will not tolerate being cheated and I won’t pay a nickel in penalties for cancelling my service.

    I hung up.

    Originally I had agreed to your $85 program or whatever it is exactly. The only extra I ordered was for incoming telephone numbers to show up on my TV screen. I most certainly did not agree to the billings I got in February and again this month.

    I should have known your pricing was too good to be true, but I am going to correct my error.

  25. I wanted to compliment the manager Joshua Ernest and the sales rep at the Bel Air location in MD for theexceptional experience I had at the store on Wed evening. they were very helpful in upgrading my phone and switch my plan to a more cost effective option. the manager Joshua went above and beyond in letting me know someone had hit my car in the parking lot. this allowed me to collect the individuals information who will be coveringThis cost of the repairs. this is saving me significant money. I really appreciate his assistance. the was by far the best experience I have had with Verizon in years.

  26. On Wed. 4/17–I tried to enter my info n line for e-mail billing—4 diff. times I entered the info required & 4 diff. times, when it got to the end on input, all I got was a blank page which lasted for more tnan 10 min. I did not have this trouble when entering my other utilities on line. All went smooth. Now–Verizon is another story, I even contacted C/S & the young lady was very pleasant, & did her best to help, but, could not figure out why this was happening. Any ideas?

  27. I went to Verizon store in Madisonville, Kentucky, 460 Hudson park drive. I was treated very well by Kristen Austin. As for Brittany Knowes she was cold and very Business get in get out no time next customer. She needs people skills. She is from Up North and brought her “cold” attitude with her. Another woman so of chubby was not very Pleasant either. she had work there since Dec.
    These people represent the Verizon image and I was not impressed.
    I had to bring a bad phone back and forgot the box, no need to get snotty about it. I bought the extended warranty and was not happy with the 14 days or you lose pal attitude.
    Went back the next day with box and phone and they both were there. I needed a snowmobile suit because they were very cold toward me.
    I have been with your company as a customer since the 90’s and before that when you bought the company I was with.
    Customer service like that will send your customers to your the competitors.

  28. I received yet another piece of promotional mail regarding your FIOS program. This one offered upgrade to your Quantum high speed. Unhappily this doesn’t seem to exist.
    On a related note, My verizon DSL service is working only on an intermittent basis.

  29. I live in Italy , and I buy a galaxy S3 verizon from a military american. the only problem is that : i can use it for internet mobile , because i can’t find to set up the apn . Is possible to help me , please !!

  30. Almost impossible to speak to a human,tried calling 5 different numbers, asked to punch so many buttons,followed instructions, then system would hang time the computer asked me several questions, then after waiting no response. very frustrating….

    • the comments are correct. You hide the customer service phone number. Thes many searches to find it. Then I need toi get thru 12 prompts, each one requiring me to provide my phone number. This is BS.

  31. Let me begin by saying I have been with Verizon Wireless since they bought AirTouch. I have averaged my payments to them for this period of time and it’s almost $80K. I am having problems with my current iphone 4 and called to see if I could get an early upgrade so I can get the iphone 5, I am 48 days away from an upgrade, 48 days! They will not do it, PERIOD! What ever happened to that Company that used to answer when you called them “your problem is ours”? They said I could buy a reconditioned iphone 4 but would need to sign a new 2 yr contract, now knowing I wanted to upgrade since its close to time and my 4 is having problems, why the heck would anyone with an ounce of brains recommend that? Seriously. One of the phones on my account is almost out of contract, will not upgrade that one, and will term contract after both phones are out of contract and go to another carrier, what the heck right? I expected great customer service and something for my loyalty for all these years, stupid me, so any other carrier cannot disappoint me further. Verizon, better Companies than you have ceased to exist because of poor customer service and treating loyal customers like crap. Eventually you will wish you treated customers better. Am very dissatisfied. You guys let me down.

  32. I simply cannot believe how LOUSY your service is. Called to report beeping in my basement and girl told me I’d need a new battery and she’d send it to me. My husband is 84 years old and damn near killed himself trying to install the thing on ceiling of basement. It seems to me that a battery that was installed over 6 years ago should be entirely the company’s cost of doing business and a repairman certainly should be sent out. Thoroughly disgusted with phone service – seems I’ve spent hours waiting on the phone and if I didn’t have a computer (many elderly do not have access to computers), I’d be up the creek without a paddle. If we are billed for this battery, can I bill you for my husband’s work?

  33. A scammer got my social security number and used it along with my name and information to receive over 5 Verizon phones in my name. Then when she received them she pawned them off brand new to get money instantly. How do I report her and how to I stop her from using my I go again to get new phone numbers and phones the bill equalled over 1,000 dollars when I found the statement billed to her address

  34. Let me start by saying I LOVE VERIZON! I switched from Cablevision in 2007 and couldn’t be happier. I am specifically writing today, Sat, Aug. 24, 2013 to let you know that Mark Braglia, Verizon Technician is to be highly commended for his outstanding service. Because of a LIPA transformer in front of my house blowing out we were without power and Verizon service for a day and a half. On Fri, morning, Aug. 23 Mark came to the rescue. He detected the problem and within half an hour restored the power and checked each of our 4 TVs and 2 computers to make sure they were operating properly. Mark’s pleasant manner and excellent skills are certainly assets to your company. Each person my daughter contacted on the phone to report this problem was also very helpful. Thank you for outstanding service!
    Veronica White

  35. First of all, it is so hard to get to talk to a HUMAM at Verizon. I had to have a modem replaced last month. This month, I had not received a bill so I kept calling the number on my bill that I am instructed to call if I have a problem. After I don’t know how many try’s , but I finally did talk to a woman who was very unconcerned. What I was told, someone at Verizon had changed my billing address to my physical address which I had made very clear, we do not receive mail at our home. I ask if she could change it to the correct billing address. She said she would put a request it put my bill is due tomorrow. I told her I would pay over the phone this one time but I wanted her to be sure the address change went through. I was suprised when she told me I could pay her but it would cost me $3.00 extra but I could go to a Verizon store to pay it or on line. She said she had already put a request it but it sounded like she did not want to be bothered.
    Then tonight at 8:40 pm, I received an automated phone call from Verizon saying about a change has been made on my phone number to be opened, which I do not understand what that means. It was from a phone number 976-0259 , area code. It said I should call a 800. Number tomorrow but I do not know what that number was. Why is Verizon sets these automated calls up to call the customer during the night yet the customer can not talk to anyone at Verizon till the next day during office hours and on caller iID, it shows unavaliable so by the time you answer the phone, you don’t have time to get something write any information down on.

  36. If Verizon Wireless truly values how your existing customers that feel neglected feel about you here it is:

    I purchased the Galaxy Note II for my 386-846-**** because it was the perfect compliment to my Galaxy Note 10.1. I find out that my notes between the two devices are not syncing so I contact Samsung Support and after a lot of back-and-forth they come across a technical leaflet that shows that syncing of the Snotes on the Verizon version is disabled because of a conflict with Verizon software. So I contact Verizon first for the technical support agent to not have a clue what issue I was having noting that it works fine on the device. After reformatting the device it still didn’t work and out of frustration I give up. After more rounds with Samsung, I call Verizon back and finally get to a different tier of Verizon Support which comes across a leaflet on their end that says an update will be coming soon to enable S note syncing on Note II but no timeline was available.

    Lesson Learned: Verizon Wireless will not be truthful about what works and does not work on the device as the manufacturer intended. As the customer we lose the ability to make an informed decision even during the 14 day period which has a restocking fee attached to it no matter what.
    Outcome: I just gave up and my disdain for Verizon became real. My time as a long term customer dating back to my original phone number 386-846-**** turned from good to sour.

    Now having reached the point that I have given up on S Note synching becoming active I decide to move on to another device, only to find out that I can’t do so unless I pay full retail price all at once because by 24 month contract is not up. I am only eligible for Verizon Edge if my contract is up or I sign a new contract. It would cost me $240 to break my existing contract with Verizon Wireless and honestly its cheaper to do that then to buy a device at full retail price. But when I am ready to break the contract it will not be to sign a new one with Verizon Wireless. I have had enough for your lack of care when it comes to existing customers. Not even the plan under which I purchased the Note II is still available if I wanted to pay the balance off of the 12 month payments and do another stretched device payment over 12 months. So again my only option is to purchase a device at full retail price paying it all at once today or cancel my contract and start a new one so that I would become eligible for Verizon Edge.

    This doesn’t make sense because Verizon is not offering a discount on the device they are just letting you pay the retail price of the device over 24 months. Is this a device contract or a service contract? In either case its better to began anew with another carrier and their device edge program.

    Speaking of the 12 month plan, when I first started it up in the store many months ago, the representative told me I could pay above and beyond the $60 per month to pay the device off early. I check my bill because I should be done 4 months ahead of schedule only to find that it still shows that my last payment is December and none of the excess applied to my bill went to paying the device off early. Why? From my standpoint Verizon wants the interest that its charging and me paying it off early dips into their guaranteed revenue for the year. A customer service rep checks with a supervisor who informs the agent that the only way I can pay the device off early is to pay the full remaining amount on the device. So Verizon takes the power to eliminate debt early out of my hand and structures it the way they see fit for the purposes of gaining additional revenues from finance charges. Not even banks do this if its truly a simple interest loan. If I want to pay my car off early they are more than happy to let me do it but not Verizon Wireless.

    Its been over 8 years and the relationship with Verizon Wireless is becoming less and less of a relationship and more and more of a bad divorce that has alimony attached to it and mal-intent. You don’t care about just one customer out of millions so this will probably just fall on deaf ears. I know that all carriers have their good and bad points but the least they could do is work hard to keep the customers they already have especially when they have remained loyal and paid their bills on time and never had any bad debts.

  37. I been with verizon in Alaska for five years. Grandfathered in. My contract is unlimited txt and data. And the more people you know on verizon and mobile to mobile is free calling to each other.
    Verizon is coming wouldn’t you wanna ride the wave with me and experience being connected with quality instead quantity of from the beginning… (This price includes out of Alaska)
    I want to help the verizon prescence in Anchorage alaska we can experiment with a base line price for Alaska residents

  38. How do we forward emails and text/SMS SPAMmers to support?

    What is so hard about kicking off and supporting tickets from email?

    If SugarCRM can do it…


  39. I received a note on my cell phone that I was behind in my monthly payments and that I owed for 2 months. I had gotten only one bill and that was when I first got on with Verizon. I called and finally got a nice lady and upon describing my problem, she said that I had been billed every month. She told me what address the bill was being sent to and the address wasn’t exactly what it should have been..she said she would send another bill out that day. It’s been almost a week and I’ve not received a bill yet. If not for the penalty for dropping them, I’d do it in a second. Service is pitiful.

  40. We DO NOT WANT PAPERLESS BILLING— called to notify you of that and we’re put on hold forever.
    Please answer via email.

  41. Today we have used a very rare day off to call Verizon Customer service. At this time we are currently still on the phone after 3 hours. We have an international calling plan which for some reason that NO ONE at Verizon can tell us was blocked back in MAY 2013. We would periodically call relatives overseas only to get a message that the the call could not go thru. VERIZON blocked that service but continued to CHARGE us for the plan. NOW they are telling us it is OUR FAULT!

    This problem was preceded by Verizon offering us a “better plan” for our international calling only to NOT have it activated and our first bill was several hundred dollars of long distance calls. When we called to discuss the billing they said this was an error and we would be credited. THEN shortly there after they blocked long distance outgoing calls but continue to charge for the service…..

    This is the most insane level of customer service I have ever been exposed to! Verizon should be ashamed for a complete and total failure to assist, understand and serve their customers.

  42. I had been a prepaid custom of Verizon wireless since 06/11/2009.I carry prepay balance of 172.58 as of 12/31/2013.
    I used this phone for emergency use only. I forgot to renew the
    agreement. when I turn on the phone on 01/03/2014.I received a message VZW.FREE-MSG: your balance is on hold. you can still keep your unused balance 170.58. Just add money within two days of 12/31/2013. use a refill card or dial *611 8:29am 1/3/14. I went to near Verizon wireless store on 1/3/14 at 5:33:14 PM. I renew my account paid $8.00.only received a $5.61 balance. I did not receive my balance of $170.58 which I was prompt.
    I talk with custom service represent and site manage they would not credit my account back. I closed my account. I don’t think that is right for Verizon wireless to take my $170.58. I hope someone in management or the CEO. Fixed this problem. Please help, So this want happen to anyone else.


  44. Verizon tech support for our home phone is located in the
    Philippines. OMG it takes HOURS to get any help. I have been a customer for over 40 years. How do they treat long-term customers? BAD, if I could switch I would but cannot as they have the only service like this in the area. I HATE VERIZON. Ohhhh I feel better now that I have given up home.

  45. I went to Verizion center in Watauga 3-15-14. My Daughter gave me a phone that we just wanted to replace my phone. Staying with verizion. I have had Verizion for over ten years and was told we could not transfer we would have to buy a verizion phone, that the phones were made for only verizion and no other could be used, but it is avertised you can use other phone. I don’t know what you call that but I call that faulse advertising. The man at the door could hardly speek english and was not helpful at all. In all my years with Verzion this is the worst service I have ever encountered.

  46. My dvr box is broken and your phone rep indicated a new one will be mailed out to me but I am required to install it and return the broken one. Considering the outrageous rates,fees and taxes I pay on a montly basis, I feel your technician should come out to replace this unit rather than the customer. What happened to “Customer Service”? Is that no longer a part of your company policy unless the customer pays even more money in order to get a tecnician to come and replace this equipment? Please don’t quote me your rediculous fee if your rep comes out for a house call.I already heard it. Not a good way to maintain customer loyalty.

  47. I spoke with Tyler, didn’t get a last name, early this morning 3/18 around 12:15 AM CT and he was extremely helpful and personable. I am accustomed to essentially speaking with robots when speaking to customer service at most companies. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke with Tyler as he was much more personable than a typical customer service representative.

  48. I want to write to Verizon’s Corporate Office regarding my experience with Verizon in getting the price of my requested service for my recently acquired two I Phones. For instance I was informed when I obtained my two phones, that my monthly charge for using those phones $88.00. I did not get a printed receipts, and later phoned and learned my monthly bill would be $145.00. I then went to the local Verizon Office, and the Manager, Jon, worked to get my charge for two phones to be $95.00 plus taxes, probably $105 to $110 per month. I’ve been Verizon customer for many years, but for the past few years my numbers were under a church account (I’m a minister). Now I am retiring and moved to my own personal account, with the same numbers I’ve had a long time. Note this: I am 81 years of age, have served 30 years in the military as a U.S. Navy Chaplain. I need the best possible price for the two I Phones. If possible I need the total charges, including taxes, to be about $85.00 to $90.00. Please advise me! Thanks

  49. When Verizon makes a mistake with billing be prepared to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem. The worst customer service ever. When you ask for a supervisor of the supervisor they can not tell you the supervisors name. Telecommunication company with the poorest of customer service. Have been with this company since transitioning from Alltel. Locked in for two years but will not forget to find another company. I have enough things to aggrevate me. I don’t need to pay for more. Very, very disappointed.

  50. it seems the in thing at verizon is to bring toHim in on a contract that claims a charge of $104.00 a month to which you add fees on top of fees. I am now being billed for $359.00. I just printed my payment to verizon for the last year, all Re well over the contracted amount. I guess you have elected me to be the scapegoat. I don’t think so! Verizon is a scam.

  51. I made a call to Verizon because I have buzzing and interference on my home. Told to call star 223 and what do I get call can not be completed try again.Surprise does not work .

  52. I wanted to sent a direct email to customer service but it looks like they don’t have one and can avoid direct complaints.

    Dear Verizon,

    Today I visited your Newnan, Ga. store at 191 Newnan Crossing Byp. and I can say this is probably one of the worst customer experiences I’ve had in years and years, if not forever.

    This visit today was to complete a pending transaction of upgrading one line to a smartphone and adding a new smartphone to my plan. My original visit started in a Verizon store in Fitzgerald, Ga. and had it not been for Chris Miller in the Fitzgerald, Ga. store I might have just closed my account today. Chris was exceptional in his sales ability and in the detail of processing my request.

    Now back to the Newnan, Ga. visit. When I first walked in the store the music was so loud I thought I was in a bar or nightclub and when the sales representative asked what he could be for me today I felt I had to scream my request so he could hear me. I thought to myself this isn’t much of an atmosphere for a professional business. I then told the sales rep if the music wasn’t so loud he could hear me. In fact I mentioned 3 times to different sales representatives while I was in the store that the music was too loud. In my opinion this is a very poor “business” plan to attract new customers and very unprofessional.

    Prior to the Newnan, Ga. store visit Chris Miller asked that I tell the sales representative to call him so he could complete the “pending” transaction which would expedite the sale. I told the sales rep to call Chris and I’m very positive that call was never made because the Newnan sale rep looked up the transaction over your system, saw the “pending” transaction, and then called your Verizon customer line. I then asked did you call Chris? The answer was “yes but I could not get him” so I then called on my phone, got Chris on the phone and handed it over to her. After that the transaction came together.

    This Newnan, Ga sales process is lacking coordinatation and organization. While the last sales rep very helpful my overall experience today is not one I consider that I would recommend to anyone, anytime. It was simply awful. If I want to listen to loud overbearing music I’ll go to a concert but in a place of business where customers are trying study and ask questions about a phone or service the loud music is again in my opinion way out of line.

    I suspect if I have to go back in this store it will be to close my account.

  53. I wish to send a Big TY to the young man who helped me to upgrade my account while my Husband is going thru severe health issues…I need to be on cell quite a bit when he’s in Hospital or getting treatment and the kids live out of state and some of his other family live out of state as well,I don’t know how to use his phone so he helped me upgrade mine with barely any change to the price…I will always remember him and what he did for us to make this time easier on us and forever am grateful…

  54. Verizon Wireless is a rip off!!!!!I have been trying for over three damn hours to speake with someone to assist me in transferring a thirty-five dollar card that i purchased for a phone that stopped freaking working to a new phone, but they keep giving me the run around. Lord, help me!!!!!I,ve spoken to people that i can,t understand their language. Plus, I was given several numbers that don,t work. English Verizon!!!! Had this phone not have belonged to my eighty-nine year old mother, i would have said with the hell to verizon after the first asshole that gave me no satisfaction! Trust and believe, i will never purchase anything affiliated with this company, and neither will the people that i associate with.Especially,in Mound Bayou,Ms.

  55. Im santhosh from kerala, cochin
    I have a samsung s3 4g lte verizon phone
    It is from usa…and I using regularly here.
    One it was felt down and damage it’s power ic….
    Now I like to change it’s ic or main bord….how can possible

  56. On 5/30/14, I called to explain that my mother’s phone (which is on my account) had a problem. After speaking with technical support, it was determined that the battery malfunctioned. The phone is still under manufacturer’s warranty. I was told I would be receiving a new phone in the mail. I received the phone on 6/3/14 without a battery. I called to ask about the missing battery and was told it would arrive in another shipment the next day. I waited patiently until 6/6/14 and had to call again because the battery had yet to arrive. I was told that an error was made and the battery was never shipped and I would receive it on Tuesday, 6/10/14, and was offered $15 credit. I had no choice but to wait, which I did. Tuesday comes and Surprise , Surprise, NO BATTERY! I called AGAIN on 6/11/14 and spoke with Derrick, who was very apologetic and said “the ball was dropped” and the battery was never sent out. We are now going on 2 weeks with this issue. I still don’t have an order number.
    A simple battery! My elderly mother is without a phone for 2 weeks!! I can’t even begin to express my anger and disappointment in what is arguably the best cellphone company in the US. A battery? Really? It’s odd that after these phone calls, that I never received a call asking me to participate in a survey. I wonder why? Could it be that I just received the WORST service in my entire time with this company? Excuse my sarcasm, but I am VERY, VERY upset. I have to call again, just to make sure the battery was shipped. I have wasted a lot of time holding and the inconvenience to my mother and myself is INEXCUSABLE.

  57. I need to speak with a live person; not an Online Chat … I need to update my daughters’ Smartphone Password, but it doesn’t help me to send a Temporary Password to HER Phone !!!!!! There needs to be an option to send a Temporary Password to another Phone Number or Email address … when Parents need to get access to their Childrens’ Data Usage information … this is not the Smartest way to keep Security protected. It would be so much more helpful if your website included a real Phone Number to get real help and not just a runaround !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please remove my comment nb 45.
    I thought this was a “contact us” email. My intent was to contact VERIZON, not to drop a comment. Sorry.

  60. Beware of the “24 hour roadside assistance”!! Broke down just after midnight on a major interstate, in A large suburb of cleveland. Used my roadside assistance for a tow. About 30 minutes AFTER my initial call, the rep called back. “Sorry, we couldn’t find anyone. You can try on your own and submit the paperwork and we will CONSIDER reimbursing you up to $80 dollars.” We found our own tow on the first call, but paid $115 out of pocket. So much for “24 hour assistance”! They don’t disclose this little piece of information. And this has been my peace of mind with two teenagers and an elderly parent on the road! Verizon- take a look at who you partner with. They are making you look bad.

  61. I ordered smart phone from Verizon for my wife and got a data plan. The plan seemed like a good deal, when I got the first bill it was $40 higher than what the customer service rep told me it would be (also $40 higher than it said on the website)- Customer service could do nothing since I had the plan for more than 15 days and was beyond my trial period, the plan could not be changed or cancelled. I received the first bill 20 days after I signed up for the plan so I was billed the higher bogus amount after I was unable to cancel the plan – I sent the phone back and changed service and then was charged a $300.00 early termination fee! It has since been sent to a collection agency. Customer Service was never able to confirm what the original service rep told me and they could not “recover” the web page from that day. I had been on the phone with them for hours and hours over the course of many months – They just declare you owe them money and how much and if you don’t pay them they use collection agencys – the lies they have told me would fill a book.

  62. After working over 30 years in several layers of business management, it’s official: Verizon has the worst customer service in the telephone industry I’ve uncovered.

    they refuse to allow an email address as a valid & ethical means of communication, being so stubborn by forcing the paying customers to wait on hold to speak with a representative or wasting time online to know avail.

    we’ve had phone service in our new home and still waiting for Verizon to do their job of burying their wire underground.

    my next step may be the fraud division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With whom I’ve had much success over mu career.

    thank you for reading.
    revbill fix Jr

  63. Plain and simple your service is terrible. All of your Verizon stores tell lies one person says this and another says that. If I could get service at our home with another carrier I would not be using your service. I just got out of a contract today but it only cost me $395.00 what a crock. I was told when I bought the phone in Muskegon I was not on a contract, but come to find out I had a year contract. Never again will I have a contract. I will only have prepaid. I will never recommend your company.

  64. on the phone for TWO HOURS (plus 1 hour in the store!) due to:
    Giving my daughter my iphone while upgrading my phone. They didn’t
    activate the phone in the store. Now while on the phone 2 hours 10 minutes it turns out the phone number was never transferred into the phone. It was my idea to ask that question ten minutes ago, NOT theirs… They wanted to credit me $25 as I requested some compensation. Now that I know I discovered their incompetence, I’m asking for $50… Not enough for my counseling bill… Not to mention they said I could download itunes to activate only to have two rough “siter” companies download crap programs on my computer. Comcast is the worst company ever but now Verizon is coming up a close winner…

  65. bad encounter with Verizon, 10 years a client of Verizon. my wife and daughter went to the Philippines for a month my 12 year old daughter sent text message from there. not knowing how much money it cost. Verizon international said that they sent text message to both phones, indicating the problem. my wife and daughter did not get any text about the charges. sad Verizon says I owe 1700.00 dollars.



  67. I am extremely upset that I can not reach any one in person through verizon to handle a bill they are charging me for since June and will not disconnect my services as requested the first week of June. My past balance now they say is 255.55. I am furious I can not reach anyone and the supervisor never returned my call after reviewing my request. My co worker just did a small claims court and won!! Plus some exra money. It looks as if I will have to do the same. It’s a shame since I had been a customer since 1989. Verizon is going down hill.

  68. Until today I was a customer of Verizon. But my bill kept getting changed every month. I tried to work with the representatives of Verizon, but I kept getting the round around so I cancelled my contract. The woman who kept saying to call the head office confiscated my phone saying that she had the right to take any phone when a contract was cancelled. All my personal info was still in the phone, so I have no choice but to hold Verizon responsible if my personal info is comprmised

  69. This is the worst service company I know. They screw up left and right and apparently even supervisors like Russell Greene and Andrea are to lazy to fix it!

  70. Verizon wireless always tells me my password is wrong. Today they don’t recognize my computer – I’ve gotten that one before also. They asked for the name of my 1st pet then told me that was wrong. Hope I have luck finding a better mobile provider.

  71. I have a very imporant question.What are the odds of having a app of a hologram? What phone company would make it? How would hologram be made? Would it be easy enough for kids to use on projects?Would it be safe for everybody to use? Would it be male or female? How much would it cost? what deatails would be put in the holagram? How long would it actually take to make the holagram ? What color would the holagram be ? would it take long to put together ? please answer our questions thank you

  72. Take your damaging, disrespectful Christmas ad off the air: you are glorifying disrespectful, ungrateful children & their behavior in a smug, insulting, degrading way to boost your sales; anyone associated with the half-fast operation degrades themselves into supporting your filthy degenerate actions. If I see it too much I will start an online petition for you to to take it down. Oh, gee, wouldn’t filth like you just eat up all that attention for scum similar to you.

  73. I am trying to comtact Verizon to get a constant call for ‘Samantha’ from one of your robots. I am not Samantha, don’t know any and don’t want to hear this anymore! I am a senior citizen and do not want to have to scurry to get these annoying unnecessary calls. Please fix!!! Thank you.

  74. I paid Verizon a final payment of 69.32 over 3 years ago and they put a judgment against me in June of 2013 through a collection agency, now they want me to pay again, But it will not come off my credit report, I cant get a live person on the phone from Verizon they got there money why am I going through this on a paid bill?

  75. check the bill, I owe you nothing please remove this debt from my credit report I have always had perfect credit until this.


  77. Ever since I had to get a new phone ,I have had trouble with my Blue tooth on my truck. The local dealer says it maybe my vehicle . The truck dealership says its my phone. I have even had a Verizon rep remove my old phone & install my new phone on my vehicle. I will make a call while in my vehicle , it will ring ,then say I can not use Blue tooth. I keep trying it will go thru ,then after the person I called answers , it will say can not go thru press ok on the phone to transfer back to phone, then while talking it transfers to Blue Tooth on my veh. There are no prolbems what so ever with in-coming calls

  78. I am extremely upset about not being able to get my email while traveling in South Africa!!! I am here for an entire month and cannot transact business until I get my emails! I will ‘anti-Verizon’ when I return to the US! And don’t even suggest I waste my holiday being online with your inept reps.

  79. I had been on hold to discuss billing issue with not having received email notice when my credit card billed for eight minutes. When no one picked up line I dialed back at 5:45pm and spoke with representative “Eric”. during my 38 minutes on the phone with him I explained that this was my third attempt at restoring the email notifications I had been receiving for two years. Inexplicably they stopped coming in October. In the past they were always like clockwork. He basically argued with me that there was no way my account could be set up to receive the emails I described. I asked for a supervisor. He came back on line to say that he had made a mistake and that someone in the call center said that tech support could help and transferred (or DUMPED) my call. I have now been on hold again since 38 minutes into my call. My call register on my phone now reads 1:06:05. This is the worst customer service I have ever received in my life and I fully intend on speaking with the call center director as well as any customer experience VP I can reach.
    I pay 50 per month for iPad coverage and 200 for cell phone coverage for three phones. Inexcusable!

  80. I have had Verizon wireless for about 10 years and verizon internet for 6 years. Within the last 6 months my Verizon wireless service has become horrible. They tested the line and said the signal is weak due to too many subscribers and not enough towers. They told me they could not improve the service so to go ahead and change providers. My internet sucks, the speed is less than 1. I am constantly getting disconnected, and slow service. I cannot even download movies due to the slow internet. Verizon tells me I live too far from the main address even though I live in a big city outside Los Angeles. Not my fault you do not offer fios in my area. Verizon is the most expensive and used to be the best, now it is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  82. As a longtime loyal Verizon customer why am I paying $175 a month for a triple play package and new customers are offered the same package for $79 a month.


  84. What a nightmare!! Changed address ( in the same state ) and the problems seems to multiply with every bill we get. We were quoted a good price , but when we received the bill nothing matched and the one bill we were enrolled in was terminated, none requested that. After being on the line with various departments for about one hour the line dropped and a busy signal was the only sound. Frankly after being a customer for at least 25 years we are ready to shop for another carrier.

  85. Wow, incredibly bad experience with the Verizon. As a long time customer repeatedly renewing contracts and upgrades, my last experience starting with a Verizon retail store in Covina and two reps has been nonresponsive and unfair. My phone was stolen in Cabo San Lucas, went to store told me no ins. don’t know if that was true bought a cheesy pantech phone for 350.00 valued at 149.99 on line plus 66.00 tax or something. Never dropped, shaken etc in pristine condition and less than two weeks screen showed cracks (mfr. defect) Verizon will do nothing. Am going to Sprint to buy them out as they are doing this currently. Really bad customer service only asked for re-conditioned phone all that money and no satisfaction.

  86. Wow, incredibly bad experience with the Verizon. As a long time customer repeatedly renewing contracts and upgrades, my last experience starting with a Verizon retail store in Covina and two reps has been nonresponsive and unfair. My phone was stolen in Cabo San Lucas, went to store told me no ins. don’t know if that was true bought a cheesy pantech phone for 350.00 valued at 149.99 on line plus 66.00 tax or something. Never dropped, shaken etc in pristine condition and less than two weeks screen showed cracks (mfr. defect) Verizon will do nothing. Am going to Sprint to buy them out as they are doing this currently. Really bad customer service only asked for re-conditioned phone all that money and no satisfaction.


  88. Very disappointed in Verizon service. Had to replace TV Box 3 times in the past three months. Last time 2/21/15 I drove to Verizon store on Route 1, Monmouth Jct. to get replacement box. Employee at store was very abusive. If this is the type employee Verizon has representing them you are going to lose customers. He also indicated perhaps I should switch to Comcast. I have never had such a bad experience. The store did not provide directions for the box they gave me, which meant I had to call tech support person again.

  89. I have had good and bad experiences with Verizon customer service. It is not consistent and only getting worse!
    Last month I was actually hung up on by your representative.
    And today the rep interrupted me several times, raised her voice and tried talking over me. That is unacceptable! I have been a Family Plan customer for several years. I do not have the best payment history, but do always pay over $200 an month.
    I had a ck advance payment scheduled for March 1st, yet phones were shut off today. I calling to cancel the 1st payment and make it immediately instead, but no luck.
    I then asked her for the dates that my contact ends on all 3 lines, she did not answer, but kept talking about my past due. I then asked for a supervisor, she put me on hold and never came back. This just makes me want to change cell providers even more. It is bad enough the data plans are so expensive, but to have rude customer service and to shut me off when I have made payment arrangements is just too much stress and I would rather check out other cell companies.

  90. Why is it that you have not fixed it so I can attach attachment to my emails ? You need not call me I’m tired of going throght the same thing over and don’t a thing work. All you keep telling me is to up grade.

  91. I was a Verizon customer for many years and completely satisfied until recently when my iPhone failed and Verizon charged me $299 to replace it even though I had been paying $9.95 for the warranty for many years. I was given so many different reasons as to why they would not honor the warranty. One person told me my broken phone was returned late even though I had a text message from Verizon showing they had received it. Another person told me there was a $299 deductible while yet another person told me that the damage to my phone was too extensive for the warranty to cover it. Either way I feel ripped off so I went to a competitor instead who has better service and charges me literally half of what Verizon used to charge me. Apparently Verizon has too many customers now to care whether they keep their customer base happy.

  92. Trying to reach Verizon is nearly impossible! All the email addresses, and fax numbers I have for them have proven to be inaccurate, and trying to reach them by phone to talk to a live person is even more difficult! I was told by Verizon that if I get spam emails to forward it to them, but by doing so, I got a virus on my computer, so now have to have costly computer repairs. Verizon’s Spam blocker does not seem to work very good! Verizon Security needs to do a better job and investigate!

  93. Tired of not being able to talk to a real person. If I had all the information I needed I wouldn’t be needing to talk to someone so bad, but to get someone I need the information..

  94. I have had a late charge from verizon deleted from my transunion report. I have a copy of the report indicating that the item was deleted. I am currently attempting to refi and now need somthing for CoreLogic that is in writing and from verizon indicating that the late charge was deleted.

  95. I switch 2 of my phones to Verizon edge and the guy at the store look at our old phones because you have to send them in and said they were good to go. but after Verizon finally found they had them they didn’t want to accept one of the phones and want me to pay 299.00 I have tried to tell them the man at the store said it would be accepted finally a lady tells me they will credit the 299.00 and they still haven’t they want me to pay it when my contract is up I will be switching carriers if they treat their customers like this

  96. I am very disappointed in the Customer Service in your Clovis Office. I went into the store to discontinue a service for a new number that had been enter on my bill. I went into the store in January, because my phone was no longer working. I got a new phone and she gave me the Jetpack/Usb and as she stated there was going to be fee for this object unless I used it. Never was I told that it would include a new phone line or that there would be a monthly charge. If I would have known this I would have never left the store with it. So when I went to the store to have this removed the associate told me there was nothing they could about that and if I wanted it removed I would have to pay a removal fee of $150.00. Now I do not what this object I have no knowledge of how to use it nor do I use the internet, and I do not want to pay the fee. Your associate at the Clovis store did not relate any of this information when she gave me this to me, therefore, I feel that I was taken advantage of because of the simply reason of not being computer smart.
    Please make corrections to my name it’s Alvaro Alvarado Jr Thank you

  97. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 41 years. My cell phone was stolen and I have no insurance (my bad)and am in 2 years contract. Verizon would do NOTHING. 41 years and NOTHING! Good by Verizon.

  98. Tried to send an email from your website, it was so frustrating !
    I seriously think someone should update your site to make it easier to email, tweet..etc. etc. Have all the contact choices on one page! I have 1 quick question & I have been in and around your site for 2o minutes…really ?
    My question…the offer of 1 GB of xtra data for 5,000 reward points, indicated this offer is available if the data is part of the MORE plan.

  99. the service for this company is the WORST company I have ever dealt with…and on MANY occasions and MANY years.

  100. does anyone in this company ever read these comments? no one is satisfied with this company!

  101. This evening I lost my internet connection. So after resetting my modem did no good I called 1 800 verizon. The first tine I called the computer that answers the calls hung up on me. the second time I called I was connected to a tech that couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them. The third time I got a tech who couldn’t understand english and I could barely understand her. Luckily while she was spinning her wheels the connection came back but she didn’t want to believe that so I told her good bye. This is not good service people you need to try harder.

  102. It isn’t very often I get to say something nice about Customer Service but I thought I would pass this along. On June 9th I spoke to Christine about some billing issues. She was very helpful and resolved my problem. Then, on June 10th, I was trying to install a digital adapter and was fortunate enough to get Jerry who was very patient with me and talked me through the whole process. Mission accomplished. Wish there were more like them.


  104. better company out there ok but all about same search see which
    one you like then go from there prepaid service are ?

  105. On 5/19/15 Gerald Moore, Solution Specialist, in the Summerville, SC store assisted me with replacing my lost phone. He was GREAT! Very knowledgeable and extremely patient. After asking a few questions about what I needed from a phone he explained all the options and then suggested the phone that is perfect for me. Gerald showed me how to use the features and was even able to retrieve all my contacts from my lost phone. Verizon has an exceptional employee in this young man. Thank you, Gerald Moore.

  106. you got att and verizon and t-mobil and sprint and etc all 4
    are good company you have pick one of them and service they give ok

  107. You say your customer service is based in the US, yet I could not understand half of what the customer service rep I spoke to was saying. Also you have absolutely the WORST ‘hold music’ I have ever heard in my life!!!

  108. In reading comments from others it seems extremely patronizing of you to ask for comments (everything I see above is negative) and NOT CHANGING ANYTHING. When my phone line does come back I am calling Bright nHouse, that is the only way I see right now of being able to not have this nonsense happen again going forward. I HATE Verizon

  109. I have been considering changing to Verizon. I have 4 cell phones, an ipad and a landline that I wanted to change. I could never get anyone on the phone to help me. Also….last straw…..a friend that has Verizon has a serious problem where someone has been able to hack his phone/data plan and Verizon refuses to help him! I will stay with AT&T where I have better customer service.

  110. I stopped my verizon service on 9/1/15. My billing cycle is 8/15-915.
    When I called and asked them to adjust the monthly charge, the agent informed me you don’t do that!
    So I have to pay for a service I do not have.
    Poor customer service.
    Glad I left Verizon.

  111. I have been a Verizon customer for almost 10 years and am so disappointed and frustrated with them right now – I bought a phone on Verizon Edge at Best Buy and the Best Buy rep gave me the mailing label to return my old phone as required by Verizon Edge. The old phone had a crack in the screen and I asked the rep if it was okay to send it and he said yes. I wasn’t sure about this so I called Verizon and they told me it could not be sent in, so I used their advice and exchanged it on the Geek Squad plan because it was still covered. I was in touch with Verizon several times through the process and gave them the IME number for the replacement phone so they could update their records. I was assured that the account was updated to show the phone being exchanged was the one I obtained through the Geek Squad protection plan. Now, I’ve been billed for not returning the phone. HOWEVER, I have a copy of the mailing label given to me by Best Buy that I mailed the phone with, AND I have the tracking confirmation showing the exact date and time the phone was delivered to Verizon. They have no record of it and even though I have names of people I spoke with prior to mailing the phone to make sure their records were updated, a copy of the shipping label and the tracking confirmation showing delivery information, AND spent THREE hours on the phone with Verizon while they researched all of the notes and everything, they still are charging me for the phone. To top it off, I went to the local Verizon office to explain this and try to get face-to-face help but was told they couldn’t help me. They said the will have a Verizon Best Buy rep call me. REALLY? What do the people in the Verizon stores do? I had my paperwork in hand, it’s black and white – shipping label, delivery confirmation – but they can’t help me ?? They didn’t even look at the paperwork. So, I am just beyond frustrated and feel as though I have absolutely no support – after almost 10 years of being a customer, 6 phones on the plan and paying an average of $5,000/year, it means absolutely nothing and I cannot get any help with what seems to be a very simple issue. They lost a phone, I have proof it was delivered, but I have to pay for it???

    My name is Sameerah Hatcher. I am a dissatisfied unhappy customer.
    My home telephone # is I have been trying to cancel this phone service due to the results of you not repairing the service . I have taken off from work 3 times and you have failed to uphold your end of the agreement within the terms and conditions of services. Since the ending of July 2015 I have had no phone service. Technical Issues from what I have been told by the employees at your company. two of the latest appointments you have called me to cancel the appointments – your excuse for showing up is that you have overbooked your technicians. Then you have the audacity to send me a bill for the month of August thru September knowing we have no phone dial tone/ service. Please escalate this to Billing management and cancellation management and send me a final bill. Also this is a request to mail and email me a hard copy of receiving my request of cancellation and bill correction. My address is 560 Christopher Street 2R Orange NJ 07050.
    Thank you and I anticipate that you will respond not no automated canned response email but an email from upper management. As I understand the clerk getting this email may not have the authority to both cancel the account & send me a final CORRECT ADJUSTED BILL. After cancellation I do not wish to get any solicitation from your organization.

    Sameerah Hatcher

  113. Last month I talked with customer & got my Bill straighten out. Now yo keep sending me a $10.93 Bill via email. My amount due is not until 9/23-29,why do U confuse your customers month after month. Maybe I should go with Vontage or file a complaint with the FCC ?
    Also U make it too difficult to contact via email,that virtual contact is useless !

  114. Hi!
    You advertise a lot about customer service and how important it is for you.
    This baffles me because you do at least two things which are not customer friendly.
    1) Verizon Wireless stores won’t accept payments for land line phones, why?
    It doesn’t make any sense.
    2) At a Verizon store to pay my bill two (2) staff stood around dong nothing, talking to each other which I struggled with what must be the slowest computer in Tampa Bay! They can’t accept payments? Are they overworked?

    Certainly they’re not customer orientated!

  115. I was disappointed at the town east Verizon booth in MesquiteTx.I went to get an inexpensive smart phone with service.One of the guys aàsold me an expensive one and with the bill’Iwouldhave paid almost 80.00 with tax I didnt want that amuch of a bill.I had to call customer service to tell me what the real bill was.I was unsatisfied.I went back and talk to the manager.He sold me a cheaper phone and said I would pay $54.00 plus tax which was better.but hetold me use the wick of my cable company instead of using verizon wick.I thought thatess lanebecause Ian thinking about dropping my Internet from another company.He should have put Verisimilitude wifi code on my phone.

  116. He should have put verizon wifi code on my phone instead of using.ATT code.I am thinking about dropping ATT.I think that group had poor customer service.THE Ccustomer service on line was number is2149525095. New customer

  117. Recently moved to China to teach..Before moving, customer rep stated, when I get there, dial *611 to deactivate account, and switch over sim cards to ones purchased in China. Unfortunately, *611 won’t go through. No calls will. I can’t contact them. There is no email to contact them. And I’m still paying for a service I can’t use two weeks later. What gives!!! Shiesty until the end. Huh Verizon??

  118. Worst customer service ever. Even among the other weak customer service companies, verizon is the worst. I tried to buy a phone but online lied to me, in store couldnt be bothered, and phone sales made me wait 15 minutes all so i could talk to an over eager salesman who dismissed my complaint. All verizon wants to do is lie and sell u their Edge ripoff program for financial dimwits. Anything for a buck and to continue lousy customer service!

  119. I used to be able to look at text messages on my phone day by day now I have to wait until the bill is ready to view at the end of the billing cycle. How do I go back to view each day

  120. Hi,

    I have filed a complaint with the FTC & the FCC against you for fraudulent & deceptive practices.


    Ron Tiffany

  121. Great Customer service from Miss Felisha (New Jersey)and great customer zone tec-2 Mr.Rob H (5392) a great and wonderful experience.Kind, respectful,resourceful,knowledgeable.

  122. There is no wireless service in Monroe Michigan. There hasn’t been since yesterday afternoon. When will service be restored? Thank you.

  123. I contacted Verizon via chat box to discuss the possibility of expanding coverage in Southern Missouri, specifically around Montauk State Park, MO. A cell-phone tower is conspicuously available just outside the park. No Verizon coverage! AT&T is there full force. The chat was a total failure. Brittany introduced herself and then evaporated. Twenty minute wait with intermittent nudges from me did no good. Commercials suggest that Verizon has my back. Hyperbole or hogwash?

  124. I have been a Verizon customer for atleast 10 years. About 3 years ago charges started appearing on my bill that you could justify. So I changed to contract because you are limited to what can be charged. This was so I could stay with Verizon. I changed to AT$T because I got a family plan. So service was to have stopped yesterday..which it did . I called to make sure that you would not charge my card, keeping in mind the past experience I had with Verizon. The gentleman assured me that you would not charge the card anymore. BUT each month I paid a little extra so I could extra DATA if I need it. He also informed me that that money was lost. you keep it. So I get screwed again by Verizon..was not looking for any difference in my bull just what I overpaid. So I lost that money and the couple of hundred that you could not explain.
    Maryann Carey

  125. Verizon:

    In addition to numerous prior overcharges, Verizon lied to our office representative on the 22nd, after cutting off services, that our office owed Verizon two months service charges because the last bill (over $1000) was paid on August 2 (but in fact it was paid on August 24). Not knowing that fact, our office representative paid Verizon almost $800.

    Before switching back to Verizon we used to have Time Warner for a much lower rate but constantly we lost services for no reason and each time it would take many days for Verizon service staff to show up and do the repair. We then had no choice but to switch back to Verizon, whose sales person promised us that it would be $200 per month just like Time Warner. However, Verizon has been charging us $300 per month instead. When I called Verizon, Verizon acknowledged that there was an over $30 dollar per month discount and deducted it from the bill on the spot. We don’t see that it has ever again been deducted from the bill.

    Over the last year or so after we resumed service from Verizon, Verizon had threatened to cut off and did cut off our telephone and internet services numerous times and demanded unreasonable and unexplained charges from our office.

    We again demand that Verizon send us by email all bills and payments we have made so far for the last 12 months. We reserve the right to take legal proceedings against Verizon for our damages Verizon has caused us.

    Malan Lentini

  126. 10-27-2015 Subject: Compliment A couple of days ago I bought a new 4G Samsung Notepad cell phone to replace the 3G Motorola Android X that I used for many years. I was fortunate to have the expert help of Ms. Ashley Tyner – SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST at the Verizon store at 6741 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood, CA 94513. I wanted another Motorola, but no Motorola had the features I require. Ms. Ashley guided me to the Samsung Notepad. With expertise and great customer courtesey she retired my old cell phone, and activated my new cell phone. She answered my hundred and one questions, brought into being all the features I wanted, and had me set up promptly and with great skill. She truly lived up to her job title of Solutions Specialist. Through the whole process she was upbeat and customer service oriented; she made what was a tough separation from my old faithful Motorola…easy. Please give this young lady many kudos. Thank-you Verizon!

  127. I have had nothing but problems everytime my contract is close to ending or, the other two phones on the account have ended. I have chatted and chatted until my phone won’t even attempt to chat and instantly closes upon trying to chat with Verizon. I have 3 phones on the service and they are all getting swapped ASAP. This is rediculous and they won’t even give me a credit or, anything. It takes 12 hrs or, more to receive a text and I can’t even send texts half the time or, they say they didn’t go and have went etc. I am sick of their so, called service and a month later still having the same issues. Really????? You value your customers I call this BS. I am over the crap I work FT and my bill is over $200 p/mth and it is impossible for me to send or, receive a text half the time. I have done everything they recommended and still no resolution. Hope you enjoy loosing another customer I mean 3 accts I thought service would mean more to Verizon than this but, I guess my acct is peanuts……..

  128. you have the worst service and customer service available. I cancelled my phone for my business with you. on October 29th I asked that you discontinue my service.
    at 1149 s military Hwy 23320 J&T auto sports. trying to also fax in that request due to we have moved on October 30th 2015

  129. I am CONTINUALLY receiving calls from your billing people. I have requested that it be

  130. I have been receiving calls continuously rom your billing department. I have called and sent
    documentation that I ceased doing business with you people as of August first. I returned all of your equipment and was paid up the month I quit. This is NOT a request, unless you cease
    with your harassment you will not only end up in court but you will be contacted by the BBB. I
    don’t care to do business with people who are say one thing and do another

  131. Hello I was thinking of changing phone service to t mobile, for the unlimited data, is it possible for me to get roll over data usage

  132. read all said done but here point comany buck not customer-should think about prepaid phone ok-may come out cheaper att tracfone safetalk look had walmart and ect are just regular phoneline in house and prepaid for family are etc if get ll phone voice mail good luck people

  133. I am so unhappy with Verizon today. Paid my bill and activated a new phone. Now I can’t do anything with my new phone because it says I have insufficient funds. Yet I paid it an hour be for I switched phones. I called the Penn Yan ny office and its come in tomorrow and we’ll see what we can do. Nice to know my business is worth your time

  134. I would like to highly recommend Calvin Ellis, solutions specialist at Verizon Dressler road in Canton Ohio. My husband and I recently left straight talk and purchased an iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy note 5 with 2 year contract. Calvin was extremely knowledgable and helpful on both phones. He did mention other products that we will consider but he wasn’t “pushy”. Calvin is a wonderful asset to your company. I would HIGHLY recommend him to all my friends and family. He made this process truly delightful. I can’t say thank you enough to Calvin Ellis.

  135. I just had an incredibly frustrating interaction with Verizon. My mother locked herself out of her email, and after searching the forums, a 25 minute “live chat” and 4 separate customer service reps, 1 hour and 40 minutes later, I was able t have password reset. I had ALL the info needed for the PRIMARY ACCOUNT, mine, and my elderly mother had forgotten her responses to previous log on questions, but they still couldn’t take care of this in a timely manner. The final straw being that the last 2 people on the phone were barely audible because I have been transferred so much!

    For $3000 a YEAR, I expect more!

  136. I am a customer and have been for 10 years . Yesterday my wife went into the store in Clio Michigan and was trying to get a new phone as she was told by customer service she was able to do. Her and the store rep were on the phone with customer service 1st with princess then with her supervisor Taris and was told that they were going to overnight a new droid turbo 2 to her and honor the email pricing that was received at her email account. When I got home from work today she didn’t receive the phone as she was told she was at the store 11/29/15 and on the stores phone on hold and talking to princess then the supervisor for 2hours and 31minuets. Only to be told that they were going to have her a phone here today and were going to honor the deals she received. Today there is no phone and now she is told that she will not receive until Dec 2. I don’t think that this is very good customer service and don’t feel that it is right to tell your customers something and not honor what is told to them. It really disturbs me that not only my wife experienced this but also a employee. I don’t feel that there is a reason for the time and hassle that has been experienced in this case and I am not very happy that my wife had to experience these problems. There should be someone that can take into consideration how people are treated and how long things take 2hours and 31min is just ridiculous to have a customer that has been with your company for 10 years to have to go through something like this.

  137. I recently visited your store to try to make payments to a bill for my son. When he asked to make payments the person on the phone, because your customer service person could not even access the account, said we were not able to make payments that would not inconveince us financially. If you don’t want to get paid little by little then the other option is no payment, and the cost of courts and collections, wouldn’t you think a little is better than none. All of this occurred after a half hour wait for some one who could look at his account due to password not being right. We were standing in a Verizon store with a representative. We still had to be transferred three times to get any help.

  138. Big company shiesty till the bitter end. Moved to China for work. Decided to keep Verizon account one day extra, just in case something happened along the way.
    Worst decision ever. Verizon rep explained so simply, all I’d have to do is dial *611 once there to deactivate account. Once in China, the number doesn’t work. I have no way of calling Verizon. Because China restricts certain websites, I can’t get in touch with them that way. But in the meantime, they have no problem charging me.
    Screw you Verizon. Deactivate my account!!!!!!

  139. e in Akron, NY 14001 and have had NO PHONE SERVIVE for the last 2 days. I’m a disabled Vietnam vet and if I need to make an emergency call cannot do so. You certainly do not make it easy to contact customer service to have this reoccurring problem fixed. Maybe if I switched carriers the problem would go away?

    Charles D. Carter

  140. I contacted Verizon after finding out my husband had been paying the bills on an account that was supposed to be cancelled 6 months ago. I had originally been setup with two phone numbers (although one # never worked) because it was a cheaper plan. When I switched to Sprint six months ago because they offered me a free phone and cheaper plan, they cancelled my service with Verizon. I also had called in a month later to make sure I received the last invoice and that my account was cancelled. Verizon switched one number but not the other. They now say that because it wasn’t in “their notes” I still owe for this number and if I want to cancel it, I have to pay yet ANOTHER early termination fee. I already asked to pay this and get a final invoice SIX months ago. They won’t give me a credit or cancel without penalty even now when I’ve never even been able to use the other phone number or line- EVER.
    For Verizon to be so inflexible is horrible! Even on the phone with customer service, they were trying to get me to keep the line active when I was only trying to receive a credit and cancel. I will tell my friends not to sign up with Verizon. It’s definitely not a customer friendly company.


  142. its new year 2016 if you pick cell phone company are ready pay high bill are prepaid cell phone-make it down here answer going need save money any way iget it then prepaid may be way too go?

  143. I live in Odenton, Maryland (Piney Orchard sub division). Our wireless connectivity is just about non existent. It has been like this for years (yes…years).
    My past experiences with your so called “customer service virtual chats, does not leave me with a realistic expectation that my problems with Verizon Wireless network connectivity will actually be resolved. But I wanted to try anyway..

  144. I had an S5 Samsung bought and paid for. Verizon told me I’m eligible for an upgrade. I go to a satellite branch, told them Id like to upgrade. I got the S6 Samsung. I asked to not do anything that would change my bill drastically. I end up not only paying for a new phone, and a substantial raise in price, but they also made me give them my S5. The transaction was one anyone would pay getting the phone for their first time. The so called “upgrade” didn’t serve any purpose, it was no privileged favor they granted me. So I got stuck giving up a perfectly good S5, paying $100 cash, and an increase in bill of $30. All the tech mumbo jumbo I listened to, I was thinking they had my best interest in mind. I want to know what good was an “upgrade” and why did I have to give up a phone I payed hundreds for, only to start all over, paying another $700? Ive been a long time customer and Im disturbed enough that Im shopping around. Id like an understandable explanation in terms I can understand.

  145. Once again Verizon has gone above and aboard. My store at 2420 Beltline Road, Irving, TX is AWESOME. Victor Monroy and Noe Saavedra are an asset to your company. Their knowledge and customer service approach is above and beyond.
    Thank you Verizon!

  146. I think Verizon is incompetent. I am in mexico and I have not had emai for days. I have spoken with 2 supervisors both of whom said they would follow up on a given day and time and did not. this is my only means of communication. I had it for 2 weeks. now every time I try to sign in I get a pop up that says it does not match what is in my file. one supervisor did sharing on my machine and could not log in either. after last year, nobody can believe I even still use Verizon. your track record is inexcusable and you should be ashamed. please fix this. out of options and patience

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