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Contacting US Airways Customer Service Center

US Airways is an airline offering vacation, flight, hotel and car reservations to travelers in the United States and abroad. The company website opens with a flight search, which is common with airline websites. Customer service options are listed on the Contact Us page, but finding the right information can take a bit of time and patience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are no customer service hours listed for the US Airways call center. Most airline customer service is available 24 hours a day because the airlines fly 24 hours a day. If you need immediate assistance with your flight, contact the Customer Service or Reservations line listed below. If you need assistance with another reservation made through US Airways, the most common customer service phone numbers are listed.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-327-7810
  • Make a Reservation: 1-800-428-4322
  • TTY: 1-800-245-2966
  • Hotels: 1-866-418-8869
  • Alamo: 1-877-222-9075
  • Enterprise: 1-800-261-7331
  • National: 1-877-222-9058
  • Passenger Paging – Phoenix: 1-602-273-3455
  • Passenger Paging – Las Vegas: 1-702-261-5733 #3
  • Arrivals and Departures: 1-800-428-4322
  • Travel Agents: 1-800-231-3131

Mailing Address

Customers wishing to send compliments or complaints to US Airways can do so using the Customer Relations Department mailing address. US Airways is one of the few companies we’ve reviewed that offers a dedicated address for customer service.

US AirwaysAttn: Customer Relations4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85034

You can also contact US Airways using the corporate mailing address:

US Airways111 W. Rio Salado Pkwy.Tempe, AZ 85281

Official Website

Located at is the official airline website. Customers can research flight prices, book flights, reserve rental cars and check flight status all from the main site. Customer support is listed on the Contact Us page. Before paying for your travel accommodations make sure to read the fine print. Many airlines refuse to allow cancellations unless the customer purchases extra insurance at the time when the flight or reservation is booked.

Customer Service Email

The best email form to use to contact US Airways is the general customer service form This form does not require any personal information, but it does allow you to include your Dividend Miles number and/or Confirmation Code to connect your account with the communication.

We contacted US Airways with a question about getting a refund for a flight after a family emergency forced us to miss the plane.

Our Experience

To take the fast track through the US Airways customer service system press 0 three times then press 1 for reservations in the US or Canada or 2 for international flights. Your call will be placed on hold for the next representative. The hold line is packed with information about and advertisements for US Airways. When our call was finally answered at 5:32, our agent quickly found the fastest, cheapest flight from NY to Las Vegas.

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16 Comments on “Contact US Airways Customer Service
  1. She should not be on standby when her delays have been mechanical. She still can get on the Roanoke flight. Please fix this immediately.

    Karen Mccarthy flight 4368 to roanoke

  2. no phone number i got one call back on a problem i am having while i was at work.No phone number to return call.

  3. This is a terrible airline. I was on a business trip and was given a flight by my company that was late in the evening. Upon arriving at the airport 5.5 hours before needing to leave I found there was a flight leaving for my destination shortly. I asked if I could be on the earlier flight. They said the flight was not fully booked so if I wanted to change my flight I could pay &75. Why would I pay if the flight was not full. They had room for me on the flight but did not meet my needs! This is not good customer service in any way. I am a service and training manager at my retail company and we do the best we can to help any customer! I fell this airline did not do that for me!

  4. My latest flight with US Airways was the worst excuse
    For customer service that I’ve ever experienced!
    Totally disappointed and amazed at the poor service
    I received. Not too mention over $800 in extra expenes
    For a flight to Orlando.

  5. The past fifteen years I have been flying with US Airways. The
    seats were always a bit tight. In recent times however, this is
    getting worse. I dislike reading statements that seat room is not your priority. Not an acceptable comment from an airline. A three hour flight, Vancouver to Phoenix, deservers some comfort. Even a run way model has difficulty sitting in your idea of a seat. It is annoying to have another persons *butt* hang on my thigh all the way to my destination. Please don’t tell
    me about the money crunch…..when top employees etc. get millions of dollars in wages and bonuses. We the people are getting tired of excuses. We the middle class make your world go around in so many ways…… many to mention .


  6. worst airline I have every flown. They tell me there is no one I can talk to about the problem I had. Soon a monopoly after the merger. We have been sold down the river by our representatives who have allowed this to happen. We are at their mercy. How much do you think they donated to our politicians?

  7. I find it un excusable about your flight attendant dis respecting a member of our military refusing to let him hang his jacket and raising her voice at other customers on the flight I promise I will avoid ever flying with your air line if possible these men and women protect us and your air line from the people who try to hurt us all as an air line you would think this would be very important to you as we know our enemies make the air lines very much a target please try to respect them

  8. My flight from SBA to Austin via Phoenix was diverted to El Paso for technical reasons.Then cancelled eventually.Passengers had no information flow, only one US Airways person to assist.The only available flight to make it to Austin was on Southwest Airlines..the agent would not move any passengers to that flight.

    With self help I got myself on the Southwest flight, at a cost of $314, to avoid being stranded in El Paso..US Airlines offer to refund part of my US Airways ticket cost, because they did get me part way to Austin ”great job”, refusal to refund my Southwest airlines ticket but would issue a $100 travel voucher..and I cannot get to talk to anyone to register my disbelief at the derisory offer.

  9. I stopped into the Admirals Club in Charlotte on 5/27 to ask if I had a day pass available on my premier us airways master card. The service person–Sam Wexler(847519) informed me that I had used my free pass during an earlier routing. He informed me of the AAvantage Card possibilities and provided me with an information card(I already have a Platinum Amex Card). We talked and he said be my guest–today. A wonderful gesture!! During my 2 hour wait, I met a couple from Chicago whom I had not/or ever known before. Turns out there daughter was a student of mine at St. Lawrence University(Canton, NY) 20 years before. What are the chances–Chicago—Canton, NY–CLT–20 years. I/or my wife will get the AA card. Please call Sam and thank him again for me!!!!! I had a great stop in CLT.

  10. I cancelled my reservation on 1-24-2015, ,because of the US Weather service report of a blizzard! My reservation # DR93QG was supposed to leave LGA today, 1-27-2015, are you on schedule? NO! But you think I should pay $200 for rescheduling my flight. You are crazy if you think a man of 67 and totally disabled would fly with a forecast like I saw on the US Weather service for today. Please do the right thing and DO NOT charge a fee for someone using common sense. My flight was to leave at 1:07 PM, were you open and on schedule? Thank you, Stan Trumpp.

  11. This airline, if you wish to call it that, is so sorry that they punish Senior citizens for cancelling their flights when there is an impending blizzard! Is that a fair policy? NO, NO,& NO! A fee of $200 to change your ticket to a safer time is a punishable crime according to US Airways. I will not pay a fee to be safe. But if push comes to shove, I will go as high up the totem pole as is necessary to get satisfaction!

  12. I called you three hours ago to change a reservation. After 20 minutes on hold, I got through. Halfway through the conversation, the battery in my phone was dying. I told the agent it was dying, and gave another number for her to call me back. My phone died, and no phone call was made. Honestly, I had no expectations this promise of a phone call would be kept. I picked up the phone to begin this process with you again. Now, I have been on hold for an hour and still have yet to finish changing this reservation. You cannot be ok with this level of service. I get that you can’t control the weather…but agents not being good to their word and 60+ minute holds? I am tremendously disappointed. I would avoid flying with you based on this evening’s experience alone.

  13. US Airways does not care about its customers. I’ve flown this airline twice in three weeks and twice, I have been treated like it is my fault that flights were cancelled. 1st time give a ticket to fly to LAX when I was going to SNA, landed at 1:00 in the morning and had to take a $134 taxi to pick up my car. The agent at the counter looked at me like I was insane when I asked if there was going to be transportation from LAX back to SNA.

    2nd time after the airline shifted its customers to gate after gate, they cancelled my flight from PHX to TUS offered me a hotel but I needed to arrive on Sunday, which was why I was flying on Sunday. By the way, “Roxy” one of your managers at PHX working on 3/8, needs coaching. If she were working for me, she will be on a performance improvement plan or not be working at all with her behavior. I drove a car 2 hours in excess of 250 to Tucson. Upon completion of my business trip, I went to the counter for my return flight, I was told that my ticket was cancel because “I” did not take the second leg of my flight. After a few calls your ticket agents was able to book me, I was relegated to the last row on the plane.

    I’m just one person, but with social media and word of mouth, your reputation will show your company for what it is and what it thinks of its customers. Think of how much money one dissatisfied customer is going to cost you.

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