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Contacting United Way Customer Service Center

United Way is an international non-profit organization based in Virginia. The organization has more than 1,200 local offices in the US as well as countless offices in countries, including, France, Canada and New Zealand. The focus of the United Way includes community issue resolution and community organization. The United Way partners with local and national organizations in order to provide community awareness. If you want to contact the United Way in order to connect with the customer support department or the corporate offices, you can do so by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-703-836-7112

The customer service for United Way in Canada is available Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30pm local time.

  • Customer Service Canada: 1-613-236-7041
  • Customer Service France: +33 1 73 70 22 24
  • Customer Service New Zealand: +64 (0)9 377 2544

Mailing Address

United Way of America701 N Fairfax StreetAlexandria, VA22314-2062


United Way Canada56 Sparks Street, Suite 404Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) K1P 5A9


United Way Tocqueville34, Avenue de New York 75116 Paris, France


National Office LocationLevel 2, Villa Dalmacija10 New North RoadAuckland 1150


United WayPO Box 8172Symonds StreetAuckland 1150New Zealand

Official Website

Customers visiting the United Way website http://www.unitedway.org/ will find how the organization makes communities better. You have the ability to volunteer your services, organize and give donations to the local or national offices. Located on the website is the United Way store where customers can purchase tax deductible merchandise. Customers can also visit there local United Way by using the United Way Locator.

Social Media

The United Way is a social company. By being social, the company can reach the most people and keep the conversation surrounding volunteering going. We found the Facebook page is the most active, but noticed several conversations going on the Twitter page and the YouTube page. We have to note that the response time is not the greatest. Several messages had response times up to 48 hours.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking what forms are needed to deduct purchases/donations from our taxes.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service team at the United Way, we were pleased with the professionalism and the dedication to serving the customer. We asked several questions relating to volunteering and community organizing. Each question was resolved prior to the end of the call. The total time we spent on our call was less than 5 minutes. Do you have story to tell? Share your experiences below.

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