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Contacting Ulta Customer Service Center

Ulta is a high-end beauty center founded in 1990. The company operates 537 off-mall locations spanning 45 states. All locations are about 10,000 square feet and include both retail shopping and salon areas leased out to local beauty artists. Services offers in the salon side of the business will depend on the artist and location.

Contact Info:

There is very little information listed for Ulta customer service. We expected a good deal of information because the company supports online orders, but we found a contact email and not much else. After looking through the privacy, returns and shipping pages we finally gathered most of the relevant contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can call Ulta customer service with questions about in store or online purchases, services and customer service received. If you’re calling about an order, have the order number ready when calling.

  • Ulta Phone Number: 1-866-983-8582
  • Corporate: 1-630-410-4800

Mailing Address

While most people choose to contact Ulta customer service by phone or email, you may find writing a letter the best way to express your feelings. Letters can be addressed to the Ulta corporate office in Illinois.

Ulta CorporateAttn: Customer Service1000 Remington BlvdSte 120 Bolingbrook, IL 60440


Ulta Returns Department1135 Arbor DrRomeoville, IL 60446

Official Website

We found Ulta customer service information online at http://www.ulta.com/. The site serves as an online store and customer service portal, though store services are much more prominent than customer service information.

Social Media

Connect and get your answer from customer service today. No matter where you are if you have an Internet-ready device you can access Ulta customer service via sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

According to the message published on the contact page, do not include financial, credit card or personal information of any kind. This includes gift card or eGift card numbers.

Our Experience

We called Ulta customer service and our call was immediately answered by a welcome message telling us we could use the website for additional customer service options. You can press 1 for store or salon issues, 2 for receipt lookup, 3 for Ulta.com website issues, 4 for rewards program or 5 for store locations. The list of options will be repeated if you press none of these options. We pressed 3 for website issues and music started playing. We waited on hold for more than three minutes before the customer service agent answered the call.

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12 Comments on “Contact Ulta Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Today I received the coupon “FREE Redken Hairspray Mini – No Purchase Required!”, printed it as required and visited the local Ulta store in Frederick, Maryland. However, sales associate informed me that they have never had this product. It looks like an unfair advertisement to me. This situation made me feel bad about your business. Please, don’t send me not existing “special offers” any more.

    Your offended customer

  2. I was at an Ulta store last Friday 10-25-13, was browsing the store and found many helpful people, however, there were a group of reps there, not sure from where and one lady approached me and asked if she could help me, I said not thank you I’m just looking, she immediately asked me if I had Rosacia (sp?), as my skin was very red. I was pretty offended, yes my skin was the red but the store was very, very warm. Not that there is anything wrong with the condition, but I must say she looked very “artificially enhanced” i.e., much plastic surgery. When I told her no, she did state that the store was hot. Now I don’t mid people asking me if I’d like help finding something, but asking if I have a medical condition is something else – tone it down super rep! Anther offended customer.

  3. I had an appointment at 3:00 pm. I arrived promptly only to hear Daniel was running 15 to 20 minutes late. I was at the ulta at the rim. I quickly asked Amber if someone else could start the color, but she just stood there and said no one else was available. What is the point of making an appointment if you will have to wait? I was very disappointed and after waiting 20 minutes, I went to the front to complain. She did attempt to problem solve. By the time Daniel started on my color it was 3:30. I wasted 30 minutes just waiting. It would be nice to get a call to alert me of the delay. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate. I’m a long term customer and I will be looking for a different salon.

  4. After attempting to place an order online with a 20 percent off coupon unsuccessfully, I called the customer service line. I was very rudely informed by “Peggy”, a customer service rep, that I could place the order at full price. Once I received the order, I could then reference this call and they would attempt to do a price adjustment. The order was a fairly sizeable order of $200. I don’t feel that I should have to contact ulta to beg for money that is promised in the ad. “Peggy” also informed me that there was no manager able to help me and basically “there was nothing she could do.” One of the worst cases of customer service. I shop with you all often. Maintaining a platinum membership should be an indicator of the amount I choose to spend at you alls store. Please help to rectify this situation.
    MacRae Austin

  5. Customer service was GREAT at my store…so I was hopeful for a great hair cut and color…however, it turned out to be a DISASTER, I really did want to cry. My hair was butcher, with multi-colored hair in the end. My co-workers exclaimed “WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?!” the next day. I really feel sick to my stomach about my butched, discolored awful hairdo. I’m highly dissatisfied with the service…

  6. Can anyone besides the rude girl Christy at customer service who refused to transfer me and or give me operator I’d. Stating she was only Christy who worked for them. My question is during double points.. Where do the double points go ? I was 139 away from platinum and when I made purchase it showed I made 122 in reward points. Well on my rewards account it showed I was still 68 points away…Christy stated reward points and double points were different.. Where do double points go , I thought it went towards rewards card. But according to her I am wrong. There is no contact email.. For customer service..

  7. There customer service is outsourced from a call center where people work from home.. That’s how and why the customer service is rude. They don’t have supervisors there to listen to there tone and ugly ways they talk to customers.. Its sad the company who hires them has zero connection and most have probably never stepped into an ulta store…

  8. Will NEVER purchase anything at Ulta again. Their customer service or I should say, lack there of is why. They send emails telling how many points you have and to come in…use them. I did and low and behold they have a different total than what my emails and the flyer they repeatedly send to me states so of course I could not use my $ off. False advertising not sure what you would call it. I will never set foot in that store again.

  9. I went to Ulta to purchase a curling iron on 08/10/2014 which had just gone on sale sunday 08/09/2014 only to find out they didn’t have anymore so I looked for others only to find nothing available in the 1 1/4 size so I asked about this to a gentleman working there that clearly was rude and definitely didn’t want to help me so another sales associate was ready and willing. Why is it you are always out of everything and nothing is stocked I always seem to have to ask and miraculously it appears from the back room.

  10. I have a passion for makeup and hair etc. so why is it that when I go into Ulta in my area that the people working there have horrible customer service and don’t prevent themselves as proper beauty advisors? Unprofessional is what I call them in groups talking and not helping customers. With over 10 years customer service management skills I applied thinking I could bring something to the company. I’ve applied 4 times with still no reply but yet they claim they have no help!! What are qualifications of Ulta ? What they have there working now is unacceptable. I go there to purchase my makeup because it is close but I wish there was somewhere else to go

  11. I was at the holmdale shopping center and had an appointment with Stephanie at 1 o’clock. Well she was late can’t wait being a busy person and no one else on the salon. Well Christy who works there is rise to customers and needs social training not to interfere when a customer is talking to another employee. She was rude . I told her I wasn’t speaking to her and she told me I shouldn’t have an attitude. Well no one was speaking to her. She is an air head and Ulta lost a family of customers for bein an air head.

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