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Contacting Twitter Customer Service Center

Twitter, the micro-blogging social media site, is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet. Users often download mobile applications to phones, tablets and other mobile devices to stay in touch with followers on a constant basis. The reach of some Twitter users has been a topic of media interest for quite some time. John Mayer, for instance, admitted to being addicted to Twitter – updating on a constant basis. Conan O’Brien managed to follow no one but gain more than 6 million followers. When he started following one person that person became an instant Internet sensation. Twitter accounts are free, but there are paid opportunities with Twitter such as featured spots and partnerships.

The majority of customer contacts to Twitter pertain to functional problems on the site. Before searching through the Twitter help page, contact Twitter via your Twitter account, or a friend’s account if yours in inaccessible, for more information on how to solve the problem. It is much easier to ask Twitter to locate the specific page with the information you need than to search through hundreds, or thousands, of pages of content looking for one answer.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact number listed for Twitter support – this is a virtual social media company so we didn’t expect one, but we did find a number for Twitter corporate.

  • Twitter Corporate: 1-415-222-9670

Mailing Address

Twitter is one of the few social media companies that openly accept customer service contact. The mailing address is listed on the Contact Us page.

Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St. Ste. 900San Francisco, CA 94103

Official Website

The main website for Twitter is located at You can also find the support page at There is, of course, a Twitter page for contacting support. All you have to do is address your Tweet to @Support.

Customer Service Email

You may not be able to contact Twitter by traditional email, but you can submit a form to Twitter that addresses the problem you are having. Twitter offers an entire page of forms to direct your inquiry to the correct department. You can find all the Twitter customer service forms at

Our Experience

When we called the Twitter corporate number we were asked to press 1 for Twitter customer support. A message followed that explained Twitter did not talk to customers via phone for customer support. If you need customer support you will have to visit the Help Center or tweet @Support for more information and customer service.

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133 Comments on “Contact Twitter Customer Service
  1. Dear twitter. My account was suspended about 2 months ago. I tried to contact you but no responds. Can u please help me. Thanx very much

    • Our account was suspended. Allegedly, a tweet went out that was considered spam. We’d like to know which one? The account is new and there were only 10 total tweets at the time, none of which could have been mistaken for spam. The account was restored, but I was warned that if the “infractions” continued, the account would be deactivated. Well, seeing that there was no spam sent from the account, what exactly did we do wrong that if we continue to do the account will be suspended? I’d like to know.

  2. I wrote to Twitter customer service yesterday with a simple, simple question. They have not answered it. In the meantime, I just received an email asking me if I was satisfied with the response to my question. Huh?? Here is a note I wrote in response:

    “So – I just got an email from a robot at Twitter asking if I was satisifed with the response to my question. My response was a resounding “NO”. I went on to explain that for an internet-based company, you guys totally suck at internet-based customer service. Really. It is unfortunate that a robot is reading this email. I long for the olden days of real people…I know it’s hard for you to imagine, but that’s the way customer service used to work. Really.

    Please respond to my question. It is a simple one. You have all the big brains over there. Perhaps one of them could take a moment and respond. The thought is too good to be true!”

    • Iknow what you mean,my account was suspended,when i tried to get back on and promised to not do it again,and put in the capcha letters,it kicked them out about 12 times said i needed to delete or do something to my tweets,dont know what,cause they wouldnt tell me.,guess they can just screw themselves,and i wont bother them or use them again,and tell every one on the net how they are,who do they think they are,huh,just fools.

    • You can not get help from them, been trying for hours, my account is gone and not reply’s. 4000 followers must think I unfollowed all of them, and we buy twitter stockd


  3. I setup a Twitter Account with ID and Password but ACCIDENTALLY pushed the WRPONG language button instead of ENGLISH. Now when I try to longon to TWitter, I get a foreign Language. Please email me and give me specific steps how to simply switch from whatever language I’m in BACK TO ENGLISH! Thank you very much.
    You may also call me at: 701-662-3603. Phil J. Haaland

  4. Dear Twitter I am not able to log into my twitter account and I can’t contact my friend IN Washington Dc either I would like to able to twitter with him .This is getting very frustating for me to this does not make any sense at all

  5. Hi,

    i cant follow back on ppl since yesterday. I got no information on why i cant follow anyone anymore…. it really sux as i would know wat is wrong. I follow back on everyone and its sad to see accounts with an odd Follower/Following ratio. They dont follow back on anyone but just try to push their numbers. Those accounts dont ever get suspended but an account who follows back everyone does ? LoL Kindergarten…. Sincerly Immi

  6. For as big as yourservice is suppose to be, you’d think, you could fix stuff, 24/7. Somehow your over loaded system, locked me out, and i am mad, i did not barely replied to anyone, and your systme CRASHED n took all my followers, and followies’… GET UR CRAP TOGETHER PLEASE!!!!

  7. i forgot my password to my new twitter account and I’m scared that i won’t remember. Also, someone has hacked into my other account the last username was @funchantelle and the one im using right now is @chantelleLewis8. Please call me on the phone. My e-mail is not working for me. Thank you God bless.

  8. My account was suspended for no reason last week and I have not been able to get a response from them. I have attempted to get in contact with their support thing and after nearly a week have not received a SINGLE email or any form of notification as to why my account was suspended in the first place or when/how I will be able to regain access to it. The customer support for this site is absolutely shit.. AND YES I HAVE CHECKED MY JUNK AND SPAM FOLDERS!!

    I’ve tried to act patient and well mannered when contacting them but after nearly a week of this bull shit I’m starting to lose my patience.. FAST!

  9. Suspended account since of last week for no apparent reason. I have done nothing wrong and i logged on one day and it was all locked. I’ve emailed for help and received 1 email back. I responded as they said they would give me some “key” of some sort and it was never sent. I’m not very happy with the customer support and i’d like this to be faster.

  10. Twitter has THE worst customer service!!!! I have tried to log into my account and it will not let me. I am new to twitter and thought it would be fun. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!I tried to change my password and ‘it’ sent the same email with THE WRONG LINK in it!!!! 3 TIMES!!!! And NOW they are saying ‘we already sent you an email to change your password.’ Nice, huh?! They won’t send me the RIGHT ONE TO HELP ME GET INTO MY ACCOUNT!!!! They send out canned responses and do not care at all about their customers. I have yet to find ONE GOOD thing that might be written about their customer service. I have found NOTHING. I have sent tweets and not a single one of them made to the person I was tweeting to. They are a horrible company. They are useless. And they don’t give a **** about their customers!!!! I hope they shut down soon. REALL SOON!

    • Yes i hate it. My acc had been hacked n misused :( no action has been taken i mailed them that inbox me my new password on my new email id but no response. Help me.

    • Yeah, I know. We tried calling and all you get is told to send them an e mail so they can ignore it, then you are disconnected. My bf is harassed all the time on his telephone with texts from twitter and they just ignore his demands to stop and now his complaints are all blocked. We are looking into legal action to sue for harrassement.

  11. I am unable to sign into my account because I forgot my password. Everytime I click on forgot password and then enter my email address and select submit I am taken back to the page for setting up an account. I need help!

  12. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My twitter account has been suspended, can you please activate my account as soon as you can. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

  13. I ask you to CLOSE my account and you didn’t do it. Again, please close the account (atimextime) and notify me by email that this has been done!

    James Carver.

  14. Dear
    my twitter account was suspended yesterday so can you people help me so that l can get back to my twitter account to delete those tweets cause you people said l should delete that tweets before l can use my twiter account so please unsuspended me and l am not going to again thank you very much

  15. I need TWITTER to PLEASE stop sending automatic reminders to everyone on my emailing lists to join Twitter. Your auto-send function has already sent two reminders. I’ve received well over a dozen emails from friends complaining, and I need to put a stop to the reminder notices. THANK YOU! Leslie

  16. For the past two days I can’t do anything on Twitter. When I want to add someone it says the request was understood but there’s an error. I can’t tweet anything and it also show I don’t have any followers and I’m not following anybody. Please fix this!!!!

  17. Trying to get direct telephone live person support. Very dissaponting that there is no such means to do so. Reading comments above don’t instill confidence in twitter. Think I’ll just forget the whole thing!

  18. My twitter lose after I upgrade..please send me link for old twitter…I need my twitter back…please alert..I’m use bold 3…please respon..

  19. My Twitter account has been suspended for 6 days and I keep getting the same message that someone will get back to me but no one has. I would like to know why.

  20. I keep getting this message from Twitter “Hello,

    We’ve found more than one request from you regarding the same issue. This ticket has been closed, and we’ll respond to your original request in the order it was received. Someone should be in touch with you shortly.” Why hasn’t anyone contacted me back by email?

  21. I joined Twitter a few days ago becuase I wanted to enter a contest with a compnay and in the rules it said I had to follow and tweet them in order to be in the drawing. When I was setting up my account, I searched for friends in my Contacts and started following (or clicked to follow) about 19 people. Today I signed on to tweet the company and it said that My Account was Suspended because of something to do with following to many on one day!? It took all my (few) followers away and everyone I was following. I tried to private message the company to let them know about this and for them to hopefully enter me in the contest and Twitter wouldn’t even let me send a private message! How crazy is that?!? I went to the help page and looked over the “following” rules and it said that you can’t start following a mass amount of people one day or over a short period of time. Like I mentioned, I only followed 19 people, not 100!!!! Well I sent them 2 messages on their “Reply” page. The first one I asked for my account to be Appealed. Then after I read the rules, I got scared that someone hacked my account because I didn’t do anything wrong. So I sent them another message about my worries. Now after reading all these responses about Twitter not getting back to people with Suspended accounts, password problems,etc., I doubt if I will ever get contacted either! I guess I won’t have a chance to win the contest:(

  22. My twitter just got suspended two days ago but as sad as it sounds, it is my life and i cannot cope with it work. Can anyone give me advice on how to resolve this as i have done nothing wrong and just want it to go back to normal..please help asap:( thankyou!

  23. I am new to Twitter and I must say that their customer support is an absolute joke. At so many other web sites you simply click on “Help” or “Customer Support”, follow the clear prompts, and send your help request message. I spent A LOT of time within Twitter trying to figure out how to do this, without success. For me to have to go outside of Twitter and do a Google search, and then find that the links provided don’t work, is absolutely incredible. I still don’t know how to contact Twitter to get help with what THEY are screwing up with my account. This makes Twitter look like crap. My opinion of them is in the toilet.

  24. I changed my Twitter account name and username and everything seemed to work okay for a while. But now I find that when I do a search of my old name, which was supposed to be completely deleted, I am sent to my new username. This is the last thing that I would want, and it is a complete violation of my privacy. Also, when I am in my Twitter account with my new username, Twitter often incorrectly displays my old username, which was supposed to be completely eliminated, all in violation of my privacy. I’m the same Daniel that just sent the prior message. I’ve just been reading a lot of comments from other Twitter users, and none of them were good. I think that the Twitter executives should be reading what Twitter users are saying about their company. I still don’t know how to contact Twitter with the problem caused by them.

    • Hi the same very thing just happened to me I had 234 twitter followers and now I have zero and I am following zero I would like some more information about the matter.

  25. Hello my name is natalee collier my account was just suspended for the first time and I unsuspended it but now it’s saying that I have zero followers and that I’m only following 15 I can promise thats not true please fix

  26. Hello. My friend on twitter has his account hacked somehow, and his account keeps blocking mine. He is unable to unblock me, for it just blocks me again instantly. My friend and I are more than concerned and we do not know what to do. I need help/instructions on how this problem can be fixed so that I can follow him without his account blocking me constantly by accident. Thank you.

  27. Please help me pit i found an fake account on twitter under my name and my pictures please help out its not a joke u guys need to figher out if its fake or not please help out its not a game thats very dangors help out please

  28. I’m locked out of my acct, can’t log in, not getting any email help….not getting any response. I work in cust serv and wish you would hire me because yours is non existent…..very frustrating since I’ve been on for 3 years without a problem until now. I keep going in circles and the help center has been useless, no idea what to do.

  29. My account was suspended 2xs today and im a brand new acct also they said This account was suspended for sending multiple unsolicited @replies or mentions but i tagged 5 members of a singing group and i have another account which i do the same and i didnt get suspended so thats what i dont get has anyone dealt with this before? is there a way we can contact twitter without doing a ticket online?

  30. Need a.RESPONSE my acct.suspended. BONKERS SHOULD HAVE BEEN.
    I’ll maybe have someone else threatened and if Twitter does
    Something to them,Twitter will be outright wrong.

  31. I’m hopefully safe mentioning this now since I left my job at Twitter almost a year ago.

    I was employed at the customer support department, which we referred to as “the vacuum”, since not only does the customer think sucks, but that everything goes in but nothing goes out.

    Basically we’re told to ignore anything we don’t think will have repurcussions, including vulnerability reports, (there’s quite a few biggies out there but the security departments doesn’t want to fix any of these as it would then cut into their bonus budget the following year since it’d look like they done a poor job the previous year).

    Let’s say your account was blocked or suspended, we’re told to ignore these for the most part, (there’s only 13 of us in a small office anyhow), if we ignore these the chances are people who want to use Twitter that badly will sign-up again, this means that Twitter gains more advertising and thus profit as a result.

    Let’s say 10,000 accounts are banned and half of those sign-up with each advert earning 1c per click per hour: if you do the math you’ll see how it’s actually beneficial to Twitter.

    I left because I felt guilty about my role in this and have since gone for another job with a company who doesn’t tell their staff that customers are just “whinging wallets”.

  32. Dear twitter.My twitter account has been suspended for some time now please unsuspend it I have contacted you and no response.please help

  33. I just have 3 general questions about Twitter.
    1.) What is considered a violation of misconduct and reckless behavior on your site?
    2.) What do you consider to be cyber-bullying?
    3.) What events would lead to a person account being suspended or revoked?

  34. Twitter I need help every time I try to open account it comes up something different than what I type in I have tried several times I give up can you help me. Frustrated ready to give up. Now you have my name and you have my email please email me back and help me set up a twitter account if not I’ll just forget it. Thank you Gail.

  35. I’ve received a computer generated “answer” from Twitter support that did not match the question I asked. I wrote several times back to but never got an answer. Twitter support is useless, ridiculous or simple crap, don’t even think about writing to them.

  36. My wife and I each spent a combined three hours today attempting to set up accounts. What a non-user friendly system. I guess you don’t care about new members. And attempting to read the encryption words, good luck! Thanks for nothing.

  37. Twitter cancelled my privileges and banned me forever, after just a week’s service. They shut me down about a dozen times for literally showing up with a twitter account. when I tried to complain or appeal, they didn’t even respond – Twitter is horse shit. Especially when Cher can write such horse shit and still keep her account. The amount of offensive crap on twitter compared to the tweets of a few minor players can’t even be compared. The twit that started this horse shit is some spoiled red diaper baby out to promote communism across the US – and they depend on the limousine liberals to support their case, go fuck yourself twitter.

  38. i tried to reset password and has my cell num now cant get into on i phone or laptop will not send sms code to verify new password

  39. Twitter customers service is awful! I’ve had my twitter account for 4 years,(VannaOfficial) was my account. and two days ago I got hacked. I had over 22 thousand followers. And everything is gone. I tried contacting twitter support and went to their help center. And still haven’t received any help back on getting my account back. I’m truly upset with twitters support system.

  40. i am Students i want Veryfai my twitter acccount its my reqvest plz twitter is the best in the world

  41. Ghost ! No one exists. Not a voice to talk to or an e-mail from a real person.I got an attachment to a suicide help site ? Are you kidding me !

  42. Hi people – I’m gonna’ keep my ID secret for obvious reasons because of what I’m about to say: I’m a former employee of Twitter and the security team only consists of a few people in a small open-office – we’re pretty much told to focus on celebrity endorsements and attracting their attention since it’s how we bring in the most hits and of course we’ve got to keep the sponsors happy – rumours are that they have a special phone-number and email address to contact if their accounts are hacked or impersonated but since I wasn’t in management within the department I’ve no idea whether this is true or not but I’m willing to bet it is.

    Basically, if you’re not making money for Twitter or getting them several million hits a week they’re not interested in you.

    I resigned when I found out that they not only supported certain cyber-terrorist groups but also verified their accounts and provided promotion for them too.

  43. I do not have a Twitter account, never did, yet I receive frequent annoying, unwanted email (spam) despite “unsubscribing.” I can’t seem to reach anyone by phone. I want ALL email from Twitter to STOP.

  44. I have not been on twitter since Oct. of last year. At that time, I was twitter for a couple of months. Twitter now tells me that my account is suspended due to aggressive twittering. Well, this is obviously untrue. Twitter allows me no recourse but to admit that I was aggressive and won’t do it again. Since I am NOT GUILTY of this feat, I must have been hacked. Yet there is no remedy except to state that I am guilty. I would like, the twitter folks to look into this and see what is going on. Also, I believe twitter makes it near impossible for getting the help one needs when there has been a violation.

  45. I forgot my password , & you guys logged me out , I’m I’m 100% sure I won’t never remember it & this my 50 time trying to figure it out . So can you guys contact me back please .

  46. I am very angry currently I am not receiving any dms, tweets or favorites to my email even though I have changed it to yahoo this is not fair to me since I love to print out my direct messages for my records help me

  47. My Twitter was hacked, I changed my password & can now see Tweets in my feed, also DMs to me but cannot Tweet out or send DMs. The complete stupidity of asking people locked out of their own Twitters for TWITTER’s own security breech & being completely & totally unavailable otherwise is the stupedist, most arrogant ridiculous Customer Dis-Service crap I’ve EVER encountered on the internet and they ought to be ashamed of themselves

  48. The support received at Twitter was zero, nada, nothing, zilch. No customer support number, the help pages are pathetically helpless, resetting passwords takes you thru an endless loop of text messages and manual resets, none of which work at all. You guys are the worst.

  49. I decided to open a TWITTER account filled in all the questions and when it came to “MY” email address it tells me its already in use. So “MY” personnel email has been hacked? I go along with what I am supposed to do and log in with the email address and say I lost my password so I can find out WHO is using my email. Everything goes nicely except it comes back in Spanish. Translate no problem. Now I want to contact TWITTER to get this straightened out. There is NOTHING pertaining to my problem unless I have an account. So that’s where I am now. The person continues to use my email address or has TWITTER read my email address wrong??? Something I want to bring to TWITTERS attention but WHO or WHERE do you go?? TWITTER has NO contact email or submission form for a NON accounter trying to report a problem.

  50. I’ve been trying to get an old phone number in my account taken out and my new number replaced. I cannot tweet or sign in due to the fact they are sending the verification code to my old phone number and not the new one. Geez. I would think you all could do better..
    Dean @propps_d



  52. I need to deactivate my account; however, no longer have the information to access the email address or mobile number. “We cannot help you” as your support page has outlined for people in my situation is not good enough. The account name is emctaggy and I would appreciate your service.


    Eric McTaggart

  53. what ahppenbed Tony V stared this cyber war on my freedom of rights hacking in my computer what fwitter had done is suspend my account what they had sould had done suspenrd TOny V account andshut down cohtitan network to end the fight

  54. what ahppenbed Tony V stared this cyber war on my freedom of rights hacking in my computer what fwitter had done is suspend my account what they had sould had done suspenrd TOny V account andshut down cohtitan network to end the fight

  55. How can you allow an AUTOPSY PHOTO of Robin Williams on your site. I thought you had someone monitoring your site. This is unacceptable. Everyone is on here including teens and possibly Mr. Williams family and closest friends. PLEASE take this off of Twitter

  56. Hello I am emailing in concern for my twitter account I have recently been banned from twitter and I reactivated my account and I have lost everything if I could please get some help on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

  57. My account is still closed not one up date how can Twitter help center be so ice cold I did not get one up date or e-mail you would think a social group would have better customer service

  58. My account is still locked Twitter has the worst customer service that there is, if they read this, I have not had one security update or one e-mail, nothing at all from them, I want to write a letter to Microsoft and see what they can do I have never had to deal with such ICE COLD PEOPLE IN ALL OF MY LIFE

  59. Hello,
    I am about to delete twitter because I cannot do anything on it. I am unavailable to tweet or add people. The app is being worthless to me as a social media site. Somehow my twitter added randomly over 1,000 people without my consent. I would like to use the app to tweet at my girlfriend and friends.

    Thanks for your time,

    Daniel Boeher

  60. Dear twitter I don’t remember the email I used for my account and I don’t remember the password either all I know is the name I used I want my twitter back ad I don’t wanna make a whole knew account please reply!!

  61. I have been trapped in a vicious cycle with trying to log into Twitter for over three weeks now. I have been a human rights activist on Twitter for 4 years. It’s taking me a long time to make all the contacts in the global community of activist working for human rights causes. When I updated my profile information in my account settings in Twitter I entered my new phone number because I have changed phone numbers Twitter showed me the response “your account information has been updated unfortunately twitter did NOT update my account . so when I applied for the verification code login procedure Twitter refused to admit me because they only acknowledge my old phone number I have written countless letters. It’s a vicious cycle they tell me to reset my password then say they’ll send me a verification code to my phone number which of course they will not send to my new phone number.
    There is no solution for this at any place in twitter support I’ve tried everything they have suggested. I am still logged in on plume but if for any reason I have to logout of plume I will lose this Twitter account with 13,700+ followers and 4 years of work for ever.

  62. I have tried twitter at least 10 times via twitter first then your customer service site is really confusing I can’t tweet nor retweet I did nothing wrong, bty twitter is not suppose to open accounts with the same email address I deleted one account it was under my whole name real twitter is leilaibi..i can’t believe twitter doesn’t have a customer service via phone..I AM EXPECTING TO HAVE MY ACCOUNT LEFT ALONE…GIVE ME A REASON IT SAYS YOU BLOCK MR FROM FOLLOWING KIDDING? ME?…I WILL CONTACT FCC..NEXT IF THIS IS NOT RESOLVE..

  63. At the moment, I’m not allowed to add any more followers, although I’m only following less than 4oo people. I post any tweets for some reason that I can’t find. I tried to use the help phone number, but can’t get any help there. This is one of the most poorly run websites I’ve ever been associated with. Basicly, all I can do is access my acount and read whatever is posted. That’s it, I can’t post and I don’t know why. The message at the top of the screen says that the reason and the way to solve the problem will be sent in an e-mail. When????????????????? It’s been two months. Twitter sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I again received your harassing texts to my phone while I was at work. I have eight of them. You deleted my comments here, of course, no surprise. Therefore here is my response to your repeated harassing of me, then sending my complaints to your moderator for deletion. how many does this make, lets see, a few more.

  65. Is there a way you guys can delete an account for me? It will not let me do it on my end. I have the username and email if you need it. Right now, it says that I am suspended … can you help me.

  66. It seems that getting unsuspended takes quite a while. Just be polite, and file an appeal and request for review. Someone will get back to you eventually.

  67. Received more harassing texts today at work. I am looking into legal action for harassment I am sure that gives you a laugh but I am thoroughly pissed off at your lack of professionalism. Your phone number does not work but I’m sure that comes as no surprise. Twitter does not want to be contacted.

  68. After upgrading my MacBook Pro software my username and password no longer get me in. I have sent multiple emails and have received no reply.

  69. Somebody hacked my account. I’ve tried resetting passwords several times. I also have it to where I can only log in from the device I use. Guess what!! There is still somebody using my twitter account remotely at the same time I am using it. Still no answer. They are even able to change my bio. Help!!!!

  70. I’ve had my email used as a twitter account and now that i want twitter ive went in and had the password changed to use my email and now its stuck in spanish and a twitter handle i do not wish to use. Any possible way to just have the account deleted and start fresh?

  71. Twitter customer service leaves something to be desired. No use in my repeating the same complaints listed above. I’m sure Twitter has heard if all before. It seem getting a account restored is a crap shoot. SAD that I’m missing this 2014 election process, my 10,000 followers will have to carry on FORWARD.. Seeing I’ve agreed to all twitter rules & complied with no success in getting my account restored, make me wonder if a political agenda is in play.

  72. Twitter is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. I clicked on it by mistake…NO I have no account, never will. Now I get garbage from them all the time. No surprise you did not get any help. Terrible. Scam…I don’t know. Obnoxious junk, yes!



  74. I, like hundreds of other people wonder why my Twitter account has been suspended. I only answer to people who Twitter me, and from Twitter Service with suggestions on who to follow. I never say anything offensive. I don’t know what the problem is, but I would like to have my account restored. How can people have thousands of followers, and I, like hundreds of others who only have a few, are always being suspended.

  75. Someone has taken my domain name and is using it on twitter and elsewhere. Please contact me to resolve this matter.

    Thank you.


  76. I am disappointed that Twitter supports terrorist. They are not cooperating and making excuses why they can not stop terrorist from recruiting through them. Twitter should be shut down. Any social media that does not go out of their way to insure that they are stopped should be shut down. Twitter you need to publicly state that you will not tolerate terrorist and you need to take action to protect us. My account will be deactivated and I urge anyone else who are against terrorist to do the same.

  77. My Twitter account has been hacked and the hacker changed my password and tweeted inappropriate things how do I deactivate my account or can Twitter deactivate it for me.

  78. trying to deactivate my account because my username AND password are both incorrect. Your SYSTEM does not address BOTH issues, only one issue at a time. DEACTIVATE my account NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. My twitter account was hacked and is suspended. I am very annoyed. I have tried emailing, but it seems the mail falls into a black hole. I did talk with one person and he acted like I did it myself. He should look at the log in IP history. Probably from overseas. I have not even been able to use the account. I would think twitter would want me to use their service. Seriously, this is not an ideal way to run a business.

  80. I have forgotten my password. I forgot it one time before and finally got an e-mail a couple days later to reset it. There is no phone assistance. This is very frustrating.

  81. Someone used my email adress to create a twitter account . I’ve sent email two times already to customer support to have them delete this unauthorize accout . Twitter’s customer support has been nonresponsive to this identity theft matter . I am very dissapointed.

  82. I had two twitter accounts and one was suspended.I then changed the email for the unsuspended one and put email for suspended one.Now both of them are suspended and I don’t know which is now the email for the twitter account which was unsuspended .Could you please help me

  83. you dont make it easy to contact you ? my account was locked ? i dont have a cell phone so cant receive your text messages for code so what now cant we correct this over the landline or via e mail ? i always play buy the rules no games so what now ?

  84. Twitter has the worst support system I have ever seen. In order to reset my password when I have forgotten my information, it just keeps repeating the same screen over and over. Try to contact customer support, says I have to log in, but if I cannot log in, then there is no customer support. What a piece of junk support system.

  85. Trying to “Create” an account, I was denied due to my address already being in use. Trying to talk to someone about this is impossible..and I now see from earlier postings others are having the same problem with their address being used by others. Twitter has some work to do in addressing privacy and tech issues putting others at risk…and making themselves available. I’ve given up…but…with the millions already signed in, who cares .. Right!

  86. Hello.
    I am working on having a Twitter moment. When i try and fill out my e-mail it tells me my e-mail is in use. By some weird name. I would like to get this done, who is this? Twitter is used in the Ukraine right?
    Terry Knutson

  87. why is my account suspended i didnt have any apps
    you can restore my account but i think you suspended my account is because i am in the news and i am a white christian woman this is against my rights

  88. I think this has to be the most ridiculous “company” to have to try to get in touch with. I DO NOT have and account and as far as I know have NEVER had an account yet I am getting text messages wanting me to confirm things. NO! And to try to get an email to someone to find out what is going on how my phone number has been submitted to get these messages is flipping IMPOSSIBLE. I think that if you are going to run a business online or in person that you SHOULD be MADE to HAVE a RELIABLE WAY to get in touch with someone to REPORT a PROBLEM such as FRAUD! If for whatever reason ANY of my INFORMATION is misused I WILL NOT be pleasant about my actions because for the last HOUR I have been trying to get in touch with someone to get this problem solved and have had NO LUCK. ~ONE PISSED OFF PERSON~

  89. i got suspended twiiter came back with there response saying i have multiple accounts which i do not ! i have only two which both have different emails which u r allowed i have read the rules and they wrote it in there . and the second thing the wrote is i harass people !! no i dont and i would like proof from them cause that is false info !
    twitter is suspending alot of people for no reason
    that is ridiculous.
    i will love to talk with the CEO

  90. If you have a problem, which is always, forget about reaching anybody or resolving it. How this became a popular social media is beyond me because it has the worst service ever. It has locked my account and refuses to send me an email to change the password.

  91. Dear Twitter,
    I cannot access my account. Despite new password at your suggestion, every time I try to get into twitter, it won’t let me.
    The bar on top of the page fills up with blue, then goes back an forth, struggling to make it to the end. No good. Nothing works.
    Please thank all of the people who have followed me. I can’t!

  92. You people have to fix you’re problem. I need to talk to someone at Twitter, because you’re form is not working. This is very urgent.

  93. Thus has got to be the worst company I have ever had dealings with. No one to talk to a help link that sends you in circles without assistance. I deactivated my accountabt someone deactivated it without my permission from a foreign country and I can’t get help anywhere. This is crazy.

  94. hi.. my tweeter account was suspended and I forgot my old password only thing I have is my user id please help

  95. I cannot delete or deactivate my twitter accounts and no one to help at this company. I do not remember my email, gmail or phone number associated with this account. this is ridiculous.

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