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Contacting TV Guide Customer Service Center

TV Guide is the magazine printed weekly that tells television viewers what shows are coming on what channels in the coming week. The magazine also offers a few stories and informative pieces on celebrities, in addition to puzzles and games. The TV Guide can be purchased weekly at most newsstands, but consumers can also order a subscription to the magazine online.

Contact Info:

We looked for detailed information for TV Guide customer service, but we fell short when searching just the TV Guide website. Customers looking to cancel a TV guide subscription or contact the billing department are not going to easily find contact information unless they register for account access.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one TV Guide phone number listed on multiple website. This number is NOT listed openly on the TV Guide website, but we tested the number and it does reach TV Guide customer service.

  • TV Guide Phone Number: 1-800-866-1400

Mailing Address

If you want to write to customer service about an issue or contact the billing department by mail about cancelling your subscription, you can use the following address.

TV Guide Customer Service PO Box 37360 Boone, IA 50099

Official Website

The official site for TV Guide is located at Visitors can view currently show listings, find out what’s hot in the celebrity world and even check out what shows are popular and what shows are tanking. There is a listing for movies, sports, news and full TV episodes you can watch FREE online.

Some customers would rather use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for customer service. TV Guide is listed on both.

The Twitter account appears to be much more customer service friendly than the Facebook page with a complete list of Twitter pages for all the TV Guide editors.

Customer Service Email

If you’re having trouble with your TV Guide magazine, you can email customer service at There are also email forms online for:

Our Experience

The automated system is easily bypassed if customers want to speak to a live customer service agent. Simply press 0 at the beginning of the call and you are connected to a customer service representative. We wanted to know if we cancel a subscription, would we continuing being charged. The customer care agent explained that although customers cancel a subscription, they may do so outside of the billing cycle. The result is a canceled subscription and one final bill.

The experience was acceptable, nothing great or nothing horrid. What side of the spectrum are you on relating to TV Guide customer service? Do you have a moment to comment below? We would appreciate the feedback.

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20 Comments on “Contact TV Guide Customer Service
  1. ordered 52 + weeks on I-phone. received conf #, but no follow-up email telling me when 1st issue would arrive as promised. After 3 weeks with no TV Guide and no email of start date we cancelled. I am 86 years old and expect better customer service. If notification was given that first issue won’t arrive for 5 weeks for order I would have waited.

  2. I received acknowledgement of payment for 48 issues of TV guide on 11/13/2012, but am not receiving the magazine as of 12/31/2012.

  3. This is the 3rd time that I have contacted tv guide and requested a cancellation of the tv guide magizine.The first request was 5 months ago.Once again I request canelation of tv guide. I expect a refund dated back to August 2012.I am completed dis-satified with this publishion and the lack of concern, disregard of its customers!619-691-8748.

  4. Since I started this subscription I have had several weeks where did not receive book or received it at the end of the week. Need to do a better job with this.

  5. I corresponded with you a couple of weeks ago regarding my subscription which runs until Nov. 2013. I am a snowbird who goes between NH and FL every Dec thru May lst and have been very satisfied with the change of address up until this season. I have not received any issues since the Dec 2012 issue because someone in the post office changed our address back to our NH address “according to someone in your customer service area”. Today, Jan. 29th, I did finally receive an issue of TV Guide, I received the Jan. 21-27th issue rerouted through NH and of course today is Jan. 29th. So I had to go and “buy” another issue at $3.99. When I emailed you last time you assured me that I would receive this issue with the FL address emblazoned on it…Well, guess what, it wasn’t…This is my “NEW” address: Please get it right..I have been a loyal customer for several years now, but for how much longer is uncertain..

    LOT 509
    HOLIDAY, FL 34690

  6. I saw where you have listed a 10/15/2003: Catfish video episode that came from Commander’s Palace Off the Menu episode. I used to have a copy of this and have misplaced it. I wonder how I can get another copy of it ( Jamie Shannon cooking thin fried catfish). This showed a long time ago on Turner South when we used to get it here in Mississippi but since then I think the archive is longer there. Please help me find out how I can get a new copy of this. I have been seraching for years adn when I searched it again, your webiste came up. Thanks, Dorothy

  7. I receive my tv guide every week no problem but you use to have a page where people would comment on certain article but you musthave stopped this also why are you only showing program from 7PM on as a senior citizens I have to go thru all the station to find out what is on during the day also I used to be able to under tvguide and search for David Conrad if a movie is on or ghost whisperer that has also stopped hope you can let me know via my email about these problem thank you in advance waltraud p warwci

  8. I was kind enough to re-new my subscription as I have been subscriber for many years.
    I received payment notice and submitted credit card for the amount requested of $20.81, HOWEVER amount was put through for $83.24 which was for full amount. Unless I receive reply I will not only cancel the amount charged but subscription also.
    Await reply.

  9. To whom it may concern. My subscription expires 11/18/13. When that time gets closer, then I will renew. Not before then. Thank you.

  10. I ordered a subscription for my mom on a “WELCOME BACK SAVINGS” plan in May of 2012..the renewal was for 1 yr ONLY! I have NOT given permission to extend any further the subscription..Why do we continue to receive the magazine. She is very dissatisfied, because there are NO listings for daytime TV. I am notifying TV GUIDE MAGAZINE through this email to CANCEL any further issues. Mary Brunas..Please send me a conformation of Cancelation via email…I will then forward you her address & Account #. Thank you very much

  11. I would love to have daytime listings, but I suppose that will never happen. I noticed that the new guide has no TNT listings. What happened?

  12. I hate the double issues of tvguide. The second week listings are usually wrong because programming can certainly change, and usually does, in a period of two weeks. I really liked the old TV Guide with all the daytime listings also. I don’t imagine I’m the only person who feels this way.

  13. I cannot understand why you will not fix a problem I have been having. My sister was receiving a subscription that was gifted to her. I called your company and asked if I could revert the subscription to my adress since my sister has passed away, you said this was alright that I receive the remainder of her subscription. I have not received any new issues and I am missing 1 months worth of copies. I certainly hope you fix this situation.

  14. I hate the new tv guide, it is horrible. the old tv guide was better. easy to find programs, this tv guide shows no daytime programs listed. Also I have not receive any issues from TV Guide since I sent in my renewal but I have received 4 request fot payment. I am cancelling this subscription.

  15. Just rec’d an offer for 52 wks at $15.00. My question is does the guide have the NFL channel,National Geographic,PBS,History, all the paid stations, HBO, Encore, Showtime, etc. listed. NFL is definitely a must. Please respond and perhaps if these ARE listed, you will have a new subscriber.

  16. PLEASE bring “The Glades” back! What a horrible way to end it! It is a FABULOUS show and I don’t think enough people knew about it because it was on A&E channel. Those of us who watched it LOVED it. It breaks my heart that it is being cancelled. Can’t they put it on another popular station? PLEASE PLEASE bring it back somehow. We all love it and all the characters; especially Jim. BRING IT BACK!!!

  17. I looked up in my T.V. Guide when the Emmys would start. It stated the start time was 8:00 P. M. and ending at 11:00 P.M. Imagine my surprise to find out when I turned on the T.V. to CBS that in ten minutes the show would be over! I missed 95 per cent of the show and was not happy about that at all!!!!!! I live in the Sacramento, Ca. area and evidently the show started at 5:00 P.M. Shame on you T.V. Guide for screwing this up..

  18. I just received my jan 13 issue of tv guide. I was very offended by Michael Schneider’s article on Duck dynasty ‘s article. I was furious at his interpretation of the issue he has a lot of nerve with his verbal wording. It just shows his ignorance of the real story and what was really said. If I keep reading such trash in your magazine I will be forced to cancel my subs. You people need to keep a closer eye on your so called self proclaimed writers if you want to keep your subscribers.

  19. I bought 26 issues for $20.00 which will expire 4-15-14, but I keep getting a bill for 20.00 for, please bill me in April. the bill says for 57 issues, I do not want 57 issues right now. Please correct this. Thank you! I crossed out 57 issues when I sent my check in. thanks again.

  20. Again, my wife & I would like to tell you how upset we are with your new daily listing pages….Way too small a print to read with the whole day on one page, what are you thinking?????? We will probably be looking for something else in March !!!!! We hate it !!!!!

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