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Contacting TurboTax Customer Service Center

TurboTax is a personal and business income tax filing software from Intuit. The software connects your personal computer to the Internet for e-filing and online updates. You can choose to file your taxes using the software or print out your tax forms and mail them as needed. The support page for TurboTax is nothing more than a list of brief statements, questions and links. In order to find the contact information you’re looking for you have to search through the FAQs sections in case an answer has already been provided, but we’ll help fast track you to customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Intuit has a horrible system in place that forces customers to enter information on the support website to access a customer service phone number and incident number. Without the incident number you cannot contact customer service. We’ve attempted to bypass these systems with every Intuit product we’ve reviewed, but we’ve yet to find out how customers can access a general customer service line.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-888-2402

The customer service department is open from 5 A.M. to 9 P.M. PST 7 days a week.

This line does offer customers the ability to access information on tax returns you’ve filed. If this is not the information you’re looking for, this phone number is not worth anything unless you press 0 twice. That will connect you with customer service.

Mailing Address

The following mailing address is for Intuit, the manufacturer of TurboTax software.

Intuit Inc. 2800 E. Commerce Center PlaceTucson, AZ 85706

Official Website

You can choose to visit http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/ for customer support or http://turbotax.intuit.com for the main general website. Both give the customer access to customer support and information on TurboTax software. If you need specific help for an audit or other tax problem, you can call customer service or access the forum where tax questions are answered for FREE.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address or form for TurboTax.

Our Experience

We called the TurboTax customer service line, but we were greeted with an automated system that wanted to check the status of our tax return. We thought that was the only function of the line until we pressed 0 twice. That moved our call to a customer service representative. We asked if TurboTax checks returns for common errors before allowing the customer to file and the agent told us that was an option available in the software.

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  1. Awful wait service if you are trying to change to a cheaper product. They transfer you and have you waiting over an hour before they lower the product cost. Awful Customer service Horrible I will not go with Turbo tax again.

  2. I am still trying to figure out the reasoning behind charging another 30 dollars they deduct to pull the money out of your return to pay them..dont they make enough off the standard deductions

  3. I need to print my 2011 income tax which I processed via turbotax last year around March or April. I have tried several times and have not been able to print it. Please let me know what I need to do in order to print it. I need to have this information as soon as possible. Thanks!

  4. Your customer service # 1-866 888 2402 is useless when you have a problem!

    I recently received a notice from the California Franchise Tax Board advising me that I had not filed a 2011 tax return together with payment, if any. I received a receipt from Turbo Tax sometime last April stating you had filed my CA return and were debiting my Wells Fargo a/c on 04/17/12. What happened and how do I deal with this. Harry

  5. if u go over my records with turbotax u will fine that i have used this service for a while and i have referred it to others and have done my own this year, and i am so dissapointed this year i have called several times for the pass few days and each time i though the problem was solved only to fine out later that i was back at sguare one this is the most fraustrating situation i have experience with turbo tax it makes feel bad that i could not continue useing this system

  6. Anybody with an 8863 form turbo tax did not send any of your tax info until after February 14th. If you need proof call IRS you will be on hold but it is worth it because you will find out for yourself they lied. My husband filled on jan 17th turbo tax said it was accepted jan 25 come to find out we called IRS this morning and they just got his taxes and just accepted This morning Feb 18th at 10am. This is why turbo tax has shut down their phone services!!!!!!!!

  7. I have accessed TurboTax through OnPoint Community Credit Union’s website in Oregon for several years with no difficulty. This year, the software will not open. The credit union says I must contact TurboTax. What is the problem?

  8. Sorry, but this is the worst experience i have ever had with Turbo Tax. The software is good, but not worth the frustrating hour on the phone only to get a fax ringing in my ear. This needs to stop. If i cant get help when i need it, what good are you. This has been 2 weeks and i still cant get my question about taxes. I wont use you next year unless this is resolved,which is sad because i liked it.

    Mattie Mcneal

  9. one of te worst customer service and they deducted an extra $60 that I can’t find out why because everytime I call I’m on hold for at the least 30 mins. I never had problems before but I will never use it again. I will also tell everyone I know how horrible the customer service is. With the long wait I feel that they purposely took money out excuse it is impossible to get ahold of anyone at turbo tax to get the money back.

  10. I need to know when is the IRS going to start processing taxes like mine. which i don’t know what that means because thats all i get from you guys pending IRS not ready to process taxes like your’s,. what those that mean. I need more info and i cant get a hold of nobody. please respond

  11. Was hung up on twice tonight. Had a fraudulent 2012 tax return filed through TurboTax and have tried for a month to get my account flagged for fraud with no luck. Also they are now trying to bill me for the online service my hackers used. Really….. How do I report fraud on my account when no one will transfer me to that department. They apparently don’t care. Oh and the fraudulent email the hacker used, which had a disposal domain (no password needed) TurboTax keeps sending my information too even though I have changed emails on my account. Customer service told us to stop looking at that email account… ID fraud is serious and damn straight I will be watching this account…

  12. I have one rental property in india and I purchaged my home in USA last year. Now dose the interest paid on foreign mortgage is tax deductible in USA ? is there any terms and conditions for this ?

    Can you please call me on 650-390-3724

    • I am sitting here on hold waiting for a customer service representive now for 30 minutes….what takes so long for you to answer the phone?

  13. Turbotax would not allow me to e-file because of some non-existent mistake in my address. I took advantage of free tax prep. software available through Rev. Canada Taxation. It was just as easy to use and I was quickly able to file on line. I will not use Turbotax again. I didn’t enjoy doing my taxes twice but am pleased to know better than to pay for Turbotax again.

  14. Feb 23 I was accepted,I should have got my refund before march16,it is now the 20th,every site I look up either says I entered the wrong info or they cant help me with my info I entered,tt site says ive been accepted wait 21 days the same over&over.I want up to date answers im sick of this run around&waiting!

  15. I have 1 question about the confusion of entering a Form 1099-R. The program has not been a problem for the p0ast 10 years until no. No email support and hours of wait on the phone !!! Really? Next year I’ll spend the 40 hours of waiting instead on reading the IRS pamphlet and fill out the form manually.

  16. I tried to do my tax return and when I got to the 1099-R Page for retirement income I filled it out and tried to continue but a blurb came up saying I must correct errors before I could continue but nothing showed what the errors were. I am really upset and and cannot remember my last years email address or password So I guess I will not be using Turbo Tax this year or any future year!I wasn’t even able to talk to a customer service person or chat with anybody I give up!!!@#$%^&*(

  17. I had my money sent to my bank account & they said they had to send it back becomes I give 2 numbers wrong on my account # so what do I do now to get my money to go back to the bank account I have o ready up date my bank account with Turbo tax so what happens next thank you

  18. Your online program was unable to file my PA state reture. I tried several times and it would not go. So, I filed it on my own. I need a refund of the money you withheld from my federal return to efile my State reture. Please get in contact with me asap. Thank you

  19. Do i have to mail out any forms if i filed my taxes on line? i got an email saying that my refund should be here in 21 days but im not sure if i have to sign anything and mail it out

  20. TurboTax has the worst phone based support that I have ever used for any product. I was on hold for over 4 hours, transferred three times and no one could answer a basic question on how passive losses should be handled. After being transferred the fourth time and being place on hold I hung up. I will use another method to file my taxes next year.

  21. i just completed 2012 tax using Turbo Tax. i had a problme of printing supporting details individually as i needed. supporting detail window has print command but it does not print at all. i should be able to print out supporting details and forms as needed individually. instead of print entire forms and still does not print out certain details. one year in the past turbo tax worked fine then someone changed here and there that never work properly. it does not provide forms and data i needed. should have a unversal type program for users who have a different tax situations thanks for your time vr dk

  22. i am real impressed with turbo tax worker. It did take a long while to chat with a Rep. on line but when 04-Nicole P #405361 got on to chat with me she was very accurate…. I am not computer suave’ and I am not sure if I even figured out how to fix my problem but just a note to let you know she stayed on line and made every attempt to help me. Thank you nicole . Laura Spurling

  23. The program itself was fine – However, the Agent who answered my call after a 9 minute hold, could barely speak English. Here’s the problem, why does Turbo Tax outsource it’s calls to a foreign country to answer questions regarding the AMERICAN taxpayers questions? I would highly recommend the program but unless you are versed in foreign linguistics – don’t call for help! Also, we have been Turbo Tax users for over 13 years and have been in the Turbo Tax system for that same amount of time. Did they offer a discount for those over 70 or customer loyalty – NOPE! Next tax season, we will do business with a fully AMERICAN, ENGLISH speaking tax prep service. Turbo Tax you just lost a customer.

  24. We have been customers of Turbo Tax for several years also and this is only the 2nd time I have had to call them because we were charged twice for their product! The first time a couple of years ago when I called I got through right away but could not understand the agent(foreigner). I asked to speak to his Supervisor and he was even harder to understand! Now I have tried several times to call and have been on hold for too damn long!! No wonder they double charge people, you can’t get through to them so people get frustrated and give up! Poor, Poor, customer support! You guys suck!

  25. why dont you show on the tax forms the amount taxable when listing social security. I have no need to use your program anymore if that is not on there and the IRS redo my taxes

  26. VERY DISSATISFIED: There is a serious flaw in Turbo Tax Deluxe (probably others too. The programed software missed the step in filling out the 1040 Payment’s Section Line 62 (i.e. Federal and State Taxes withholding) when filling out the 1099 (probably W-2 as well). Hundreds, even thousands of people using turbo tax may not even notice the error (Error Check didn’t notice the error), or not to mention how to fix this error. This a complaint, and top management should made aware of this complaint, especially since customers pay big $ to use this program and the far reaching consequences of incorrect taxes that will be filled because of this error. It was very inconvenient and time-consuming for me to figure out fixing the error. To make it easier, your software program should state in case forms are incorrectly or not filled out, you should just open that form and correctly fill it out. Thanks for your consideration of this matter.

  27. We have used TurboTax for the past several years—-but never again!!!! Apparently it is a state secret on how to contact your customer service. It took me over 1 hour and 15 minutes, trying 4 different 800 numbers posted on the Turbo tax website, until, Glory Be, finally got to a real person, who, quite frankly, didn’t know his butt from a from a hole in the ground. Experience was a total waste of my time. Mother, sister, brother and several neighbors I have talked to re: this experience did not use Turbo tax this year and I assure you we are all done with your “services?”

  28. I recuved a letter from your company,about a payment past due to you. I`m sorry about that because I DONT DO TAXES 3 years in a row because i`m retired.The IRS send me a letter somebody used mi id to file taxes under my name and the send me a letter to dont worry about that,because is and ID theft.
    Thanks you

  29. If you are using the 2012 software to e-file your California return and are filing as HOH, the software does not provide an accurate calculation for the leap year. You will receive a letter from the FTB stating that you do not qualify. Good luck with correcting it…

  30. I am being audited for tax year 2011. I filed through TurboTax. I need help please. What do I need to do? Thanks for your help.

  31. There needs to be instructions that tell you what to do with the state return vouchers…i was unaware that i was supposed to mail that part in..

  32. Hey, your post made me feel that I was NOT just a lost voice in the wilderness!! 2 items to share. (1) My 2011 tax record was not found in my computer (could have sworn I saved it!) thus unable to refer to it for 2012 tax filing. I wondered why it was missing? Guess my error. (2)Then on 12/2/12, received IRS notice that I did NOT include our Soc Sec. INCOMES!! therefore we owed them excess of $1,000.00!!?? Did research on hardcopy. Sure enough, line 20a for SS income was blank! Could you believe that we would leave more than 1/2 of our annual income blank?? so we wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it??! NO WAY! Fess up on your errors TurboTax!

  33. 1st time using turbo tax and no more I was on hold for 3 hrs. then they got on the line and dropped my call. I don’t know what papers to mail and what w2 to male too and what pages does any one know?

  34. I need a mailing address so I can mail my W2, it does not give me a option to start over or erase my W2 help me out or call me, this is to much, I am on hold for about 48min now.

  35. Their customer service SUCKS. I accidentally entered my wrong email address for a reciept to be mailed to me (thanks to auto fill), anf b4 I realized my mistake I had sent it and the email went to the wrong address. They had my correct email, I dont even know why they asked me to give it to them again. Now my private info is in the hands of someone I dont know.

    It took over an hour and being booted off their chat system automaticalky 3 times before I reached an agent who was of absolutely no help. In fact, she refused to elevate my inquiry after asking her several times, and would not so much as leave a msg for anyone to call me back. Im thoroughly disgusted with TT.

  36. I’m not to happy I just did my tax’s just tried to print them off well they printed off all right in a different language and also under someone else’s name and info REALLY HOW SAFE IS THIS., So I call wait for 20 mins. and the guy says yes we are having that problem people are getting the wrong info. REALLY SO SOMEONE HAS MINE AND MY CHILDREN’S INFO ARE YOU KIDDING ME NOW I’M ON HOLD AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 25 MINS REALLY THIS IS A JOKE I WILL NOT USE TURBO TAX AGAIN,, SAD PART IS I USED IT FOR MANY YEARS…

  37. hahaha so whats more funny I just get off the phone with a lady she told me it must be my printer REALLY! so I just printed it again well all my info came till half way through then I got that mans again then she tells me I shouldn’t worry even tho my SSN’s are on whom ever is getting mine this is a joke I will never use turbo tax again.. secure REALLY NO ITS NOT

  38. I received a rejected tax return notice on my state return citing “a return had already been filed with that SSAN.” TurboTax couldn’t or wouldn’t help. I called the state Dept of Revenue and they informed me that they had received the return and accepted it. According to them, “this happens all the time with TurboTax.” I brought this to the attention of a supervisor at TurboTax who informed me that I couldn’t be helped. What a way to run a business.

  39. I had an unusually, unexpectedly pleasant experience with Turbo Tax today. The number at which I finally reached them is 888-777-3066, and a very pleasant young gentleman named Derrick (sp?) answered after about a 25 minute hold. I had an issue wherein I was charged $36.99 for a state tax return that I did not want to file. Derrick was very professional about the situation and credited the $36.99 to my credit card with no hassle.

    When you call, have your incident ID # handy if you have one, as well as your order # from your receipt if you have one of those, too. If you’re calling about a credit, he’ll give you a refund # as well. The deal was done in about 5 minutes. The longest part was waiting for someone to answer. FYI I called at 3:55 PM on a Thursday. If you reach Derrick, be sure to thank him.

    I’ve used Turbo Tax in many previous years, but after all this I’m not sure I’ll use them anymore. They are just too hard to connect with, although once I connected, the refund process went smoothly. All ended well, but overall not an enjoyable, week-long ordeal trying to obtain customer service.

  40. Turbo tax is incapable of instructing filers with foreign dividends how to put in for a foreign tax credit on foreign taxes withheld from those dividends.
    Because it does assist customers like myself I ended up having to not request the credit for the foreign taxes I paid.

    $300 overpaid because of Turbo tax

  41. Ibought the CD version of Turbo Tax business for 2013. i was supposed to get one free WI(state) E file but when it came to file for the free one it asked if I wanted this return to be my FREE return. I said yes and was still charged $19.99 for it. I have a $19.99 credit due from you on my charge card.

  42. TurboTax is horrible and too slow, does not want to answer the phone. will not use TurboTax again. Stay away from this TURBOTAX!!

  43. I can not file my taxes because IRS keep asking for a pin number for my husband who has never file??? what can I do?

  44. Turbo tax will not be used next year 96.00 in fees for Federal and State returns. Impossible to call customer service Santa Barbara Tax Products is the third party distribution for refunds They also have several compliants and cannot be reached Bad Bad customer service Never again

  45. I bought TurboTax Premier for the tax year ending 2013. No problems with the federal tax portion. I assume that you’ll charge around $19 to file it with the IRS electronically. You are giving me Indiana for free, which I don’t need or want and then you tell me that I don’t need to file in California, although I lived in California until late May 2013. Then, you are telling me that I can buy the California filing for $49. However, would that be on top of a filing fee for filing it electronically?

  46. I have used TurboTax for years but I do believe that this year will be the last. Even though I explain my situation clearly I cannot seem to get the other person on the line to understand and end up wasting an hour just trying to make them understand. Not only that, it always sounds like either something is wrong with their phone connection or they are mumbling. Also, the closer it gets to April 15, the less likely you are to get any help. TurboTax Goodbye to your poor service.

  47. Worst support service I have ever experienced. I will not be using turbotax again EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. They charged me twice for tax prep fee and refused to help me. The service was unacceptable. There were at least two person on the other side of the phone line hung up on me. I was very angry and would not recommend to use their product anymore.

  49. Will never use turbotax again. The website had me going in circles and I was unable to print my FREE fed return unless I provided them with a credit card #. Save yourself a frustrating experience and DON’T BE LURED INTO THEIR NONSENSE. They know exactly what they are doing and have very shady practices at best!

  50. I used turbo tax for the last couple years, when I had a business and it was great, saved me money,way better then a accountant. I guess old habits die hard, as today I used turbo tax and got charged $49.00 for a tax return on the 1040EZ form !!!! This is way crazy, any moron can do 1040EZ, I didnt need to be charged $49.00 dollars for this ! No more turbo tax for me !!!!

  51. Since e-filing my 2013 tax using TurboTax I have heard nothing about the status at IRS but the software promised a status update. The only acknowledgement has been that TurboTax has taken by payment for the software.


  53. I have been a Turbo Tax user for 7 years. I have never had the number of problems with a filing as this year. I have an HP Office Jet printer and your print set up has a bad interaction with the printer. It took 5 hours to figure out the problem. Then the documents did not fit the page. Another two hours of work. Finally the print quality was poor and it took more time to get this straighten out. I am really wondering whether to use Turbo Tax again in the future

  54. On April 7, 2014, I called because of a problem on Turbo Tax. The rep had me allow him to view my screens. At one point, I pulled up a Word document showing my OLD password information not realizing my Social Security number was right at the top of the document. When I saw it, I immediately scrolled down to hide it from view. I almost didn’t get rid of the rep as he was VERY FRIENDLY and kept asking OVER AND OVER if he could help in any other way. When I FINALLY convinced him I needed no more help, he said I would receive a survey and urged me to complete it.
    I NEVER received the survey and feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE at this point, knowing he had a view of my Social Security Number. Did I not get the survey because he doesn’t want to be identified? I’d like to know who he was and be assured my SS # was not compromised.

  55. I will never use turbo tax again it said I was getting back 433 and only got 313 worst service in the world . Next year me and my girlfriend both will not use turbo tax and will use h n r block. So many fees when it said it was free bullcrap turbo tax is a rip off . I have always used turbo tax and never will again or anyone I talk to

  56. When turbotax is wrong, and claims a form has errors when it does not, why not an override to one can efile?
    As for customer service–in my experience there isn’t any!

  57. I thought out the returns for 2012 and 2013, after complaining about my return’s refund. I discovered that my calculator had doubled the amount withheld and applied from 2012 overpayment. So if you want I can change the amount and it will even up my account. So how shall I proceed?

  58. Well I have everything filed but I mess up with my tuition Statement for College the things are not matched up and I’m really worried and I don’t want to be in trouble so I was wondering if there is a way to fax this?? So it is correct I’m having a hard time changing it. Can you help me?

  59. I have been working with this issue for two days and now have had my call dropped 3 times and have been on hold for more than 2 hours.
    Not a good experience

  60. We purchased the CD which has 100% Guarantee Accuracy… Well I have now been on hold with the IRS trying to fix what they screwed up. My return was guaranteed at $4,322.00. I put everything in like it asked and checked it three times… Well my return was $2,200.00. I’m not very happy, somewhere in all of this TURBO TAX messed up. I plan on getting to the bottom of this with the IRS and Turno Tax.

  61. I know this year there was a huge problem for Wisconsin State Returns if you worked a partial year in another state. I tried for over a month to get answers. Finally I spent an 1 1/2 hour on customer svc call. What a joke. She finally told me to submit a request on line, I had done this twice with no answer. Well as of today 4/14/14, Turbo Tax never did fix this glitch. So I printed out and sent the paperwork. Now I have to get the refund of my e-file costs that I did not get to use. Next year I am going to another software program. No customer support. If they could not fix this, they should at least emailed us poor saps telling us that, versus just ignoring this. I may file a complaint with the state of Wisconsin on this issue. There were many people having this problem that went unsolved. I feel Turbo Tax should refund us on the software also. Worthless this year. So after using and purchasing the Deluxe package for years, this is it. Very disappointed.

  62. I can’t get in touch with anyone to pay for the audit defense charge before I file. I have left word and no one called me back. Terrible, terrible service.

  63. What horrible customer service. I have bought Turbo Tax for years but never again. I e-filed my IRS Taxes in March. Turbo tax sent me an email saying my return was accepted. I made the mistake of having the tax I owed to be taken directly from my bank account on April 10th. It never was. I read On Turbo tax website not to worry. It can take up to seven days for the IRS and my bank to deduct the money from my account. I found the error after receiving a letter from the IRS. I made an error on the bank acct. #. It was impossible to get a hold of Turbo Tax to find out how to correct my electronic transfer. Long story short I just called IRS and mailed a check. I’m sure I will be getting a penalty even though Turbo Tax says don’t worry as long as you filed on time you won’t be penalized according to their website.

  64. I send you email early concerning my 2012 taxes if need a copy from IRS about my letter that they send me I will fax it to you thank you

  65. I filed in 2013 I was looking for a small refund I received my card but no money.I waited so long I had forgotten about it here it is 2014 and I’m filing again but with a different tax service I still haven’t received last years refund.I DO NOT RECCOMEND TURBO TAX (still trying to find my money)if anyone has a number to report these unprofessional people it would be greatly appreciate it

  66. A host of forms are still unavailable for folks to complete their taxes. Is this something cooked up with the IRS to get people to pay penalties? I’ve never had a problem with TurboTax before…it used to be awesome.
    Anybody have any solutions?

  67. I filed my 2013 Taxes with TurboTax this year. It took up until yesterday, for the IRS, to finally approve it and send the check to turbotax. i filed my taxes on 03/01/14. now the problem is my bank account that i used is now closed. 90 days inactive, because they took to long sending me my money. now, turbotax has my check. how do i get them to mail it to my home address, when i can’t get in contact with them? Older folks are telling me to get a lawyer involved, but i’m trying to be pateint.

  68. I have used TurboTax for years; however, after the debacle I have been dealing with, I will NEVER EVER even consider nor recommend this program to anyone! They sure don’t mind taking your money, but as soon as you call and say “hey, I think there is a glitch in your system which caused my taxes to be off by over 40K” they don’t want to hear any of it! Of course it can’t be the systems fault. I mean surely a computer can’t make a mistake! Yeah they stand behind their product, but they do not guarantee that it is correct! Well unless you pay extra for their fancy audit service. Not only does the system have flaws THAT I WILL BE PAYING for, but their customer service department is a joke! After speaking to my CPA, it makes me think, customer service is filled with a bunch of want to be accountants. The advice they offered was completely WRONG! And just let me tell you just how much I enjoyed listening to the customer service representative eating his lunch while on the phone with me! Surely they get a lunch break right! Ridiculous! A complete joke and you can bet EVERY SINGLE CHANCE I get to tell people what a crappy program TurboTax is, I will SURELY take it!

  69. For 2014….The MAC 10.7+ systems are bad, unstable, place you in their cloud and make it difficult to reload the 10.6 OS. Consequently, this means to use turbotax, requires buying a new computer (WINDOWS) for it or upgrading to a poor system if the current computer will do this…and many won’t. It appears that there are a lot of folks not intending to shell out additional money for this Apple change or new hardware. I have used turbotax for many years now but will be completing by hand or going to an accountant as that will now be less disruptive and costly than using TURBOTAX. Suspect many others will have similar problems and there may be a lot of unhappy customers if they don’t read the O/S requirements.

  70. I ordered a disk with Turbo tax 2014 about one month ago. Have not received it up to now. Inquired about it three times by phone. The replay:” is seems that it is being shipped”! It seems? Not sure? One month and still not shipped?Is TurboTax getting out of business and nobody cares?

  71. For your information, after many years of using TT, I switched today to H&R. Bought it today at newegg.com for $35. I don’t even have to say anything as you understand why. I started using TT since the floppy days so you know how long ago it was. Twice before TurboTax almost made me switched, one time was printing, the other time was not allowing to install on more than one computer. Both times, TT reverse their choice. This time, I am not going to wait. You will see how your sale numbers will job. You have pissed off way too many of your customers.

  72. As a long term user of turbo tax I am totally pissed with the changes they have made for 2014. YOU PAY MORE FOR LESS…this is a nice thank you for all loyal users. I am not going to purchase turbo tax for 2014 unless they give me all the functions that were included in prior years. I will instead do my taxes with H.R. Block’s software which imports from last year’s turbo tax and has all the functions that I need. And there’s a bonus for this, IT COSTS LESS THAN TURBO.

  73. I regret attempting to utilize TurboTax. When it works, it’s fine, but if you have any problems, there is no such thing as customer service. The only available option appears to be to purchase another product. Made the mistake of that and it did not download to my computer. Didn’t save money utilizing TurboTax. Purchased two items that could not get the job done. Time to cut the losses and speak with a live person who knows what they’re talking about, rather than utilize TurboTax who has mastered the art of ripping off customers and avoiding customer service. Very disappointed.

  74. “I have been a TurboTax user for 12 years, since my husband started his LLC. I have used the TurboTax Deluxe version,and have enjoyed using such a quality product. This year I got sticker shock, when I found out I had to buy the TurboTax Home and Business to get Schedule C and D, which I had previously gotten in the Deluxe version. The price on Amazon at the time of purchase was $ 79.99 The current price for the Deluxe version on Amazon is $ 38.69. This is more than a $ 41.00 differential. I think this is price gouging at its worst, and from a company that I would have not expected it from. I would appreciate some fairness, and not to pay more than twice the price of the version I use to use. Thanks

  75. I’m a long time TurboTax user. Normally, I purchase a fresh copy at some store or another or from an online vendor. Only briefly did I stray from TurboTax. That was about 12-13 years ago. I had a question and called your support service. I got a rude representative who after insulting me, told me to buy another tax software. I did. It was Taxcut if I recall right. Two years later, I was surprised TurboTax wanted to woe me back with free software and an apology when I told them why I had abandon the software. So I came back, stayed with TurboTax right up until the 2013version.
    I was advised recently that you have made certain changes to the Deluxe version. Some folks are calling it anti-customer, I think it’s just plain old greed. In any case, after looking it over I must say it encourages me to look elsewhere for tax preparation software. But I have thusfar put it off. This morning, it was implied to me that Intuit doesn’t really want to hear form customers. My reaction was this claim is absurd beyond belief. It can’t possibly be true. So I explored your website. One may contact you by phone, sure. But on the site there is no business address or email. Email I understand, you can get all kinds of nitwits and deranged people sending verbal garbage, anonymously and otherwise. No business in it’s right or wrong mind would want to clog their bandwidth with slime like this. But no address? OK, I figured I’d look at the CD case on my last year’s Turbotax. I had to use a magnifying glass to read some of the small print. Sure enough, no address on the case. That made me think of fly by night businesses. It gave credence to the claim you don’t really want to hear from your customers. Be advised, with the changes you have made in the software, many will vote with their wallets. Temporary free or discounted remedy for this blunder may sway some this year but not keep them next year nor long term unless you put the removed features back.

  76. Why can you not get an answer from customer service? I emailed and I called. I can not get an answer to my question. I am trying to get a copy of our 2012 tax return. What is the problem?

  77. Dear sirs,
    I have been utilizing Turbotax Deluxe for Federal & State for the last three years. When attempting to utilize the 2014 version the product informs me that it cannot process Federal Schedule D and that I must purchase Premier for an additional $30.00. You have reduced the capabilities of your product and I am notified after I purchased the product. This is deceptive and I am stuck with an unusable product.

  78. I have been a customer for 10 years. It is shocking that I can not access regular 1040 forms in the Deluxe product. Fortunately I have not opened the package so I can return it and go to H&R Block. You duped us this year. Typical corporate decision with no fore thought. Some office guy that has no customer service skills, all about the money, your loss.

  79. I’m guessing this is my last year with TurboTax. I’ve used your products for well over a decade. Imagine my surprise to find out that the only way I could now file a thorough Schedule C was to buy your most expensive product. That’s DOUBLE the cost of last year. Really? You’re a multimillion dollar organization and you feel a need to screw us that badly? Your email explaining why you made this change is a slap in the face. Do you think we’re this stupid? “We want the choice to be clear” Trust me….the choice is clear alright. You couldn’t care less. So you’re offering $25 back but ONLY after I spend an additional $50 from last year. Then I saw the offer for $10 off to “help us out because you care”. Imagine my less-than-shock to see that your online price is $10 MORE than anywhere I could buy the product locally. Your advertising/marketing literally sucks. I’ve used your products since before my business started in 1993 and often raved about it to others. I can’t even think when I’ve been more disappointed. Guess I’ll spend the upcoming year finding new software. $49.95 to $89.95 ??

  80. “Your social security taxable program doesn’t calculate tax amount correctly. For example total Social Security of $33,370 is taxable by your system to be $14,969, should be $15,154.”

  81. Our apologies. We want to make it up to you.

    Little late .. moved on to H&R Block after 15 Years with you!!!

    apologies NOT accepted!

  82. TurboTax does not have a feedback section, so I am writing my feedback here. I am a long time turbotax customer. I do my taxes online with turbotax every single year. this year, however, our amount back was lower than expected. I did it twice and came up the same. I was about to finish up my taxes, but decided to take another day and do them on H&R Block’s website. The amount was $2000 higher just like we were expecting, so we chose a different company this year. Our taxes are always the same, hassle free- yet it seems like turbotax was trying to pocket an extra couple grand from us this year. How could totals come up so different when the info was entered the same? Just needed to leave my feedback so you were aware

  83. We ordered our new Turbotax Deluxe program, as we do every year, and are now being told that we must upgrade to use schedules C, D and E, at an additional cost. I am sorry to say that Intuit has shot themselves in the foot this time. I, like many others, will switch to H&R Block next year. You might look at the reviews of Turbotax at Amazon. Of the 2065 reviews, 1853 said that they were very upset with Intuit and most are leaving Turbotax for H&R Block. I think you owe me and others a FREE upgrade to Home and Business.

  84. In their effort to reduce sales of their product by 60% next year, Turbo Tax has decided to drop Schedule A from their Basic Product. No longer can you e-file if you only buy their Basic Product and have a Schedule A. You are not warned of this before you buy the product of course- so this is pretty much outright fraud on their behalf.

  85. Error on the Premier version that needs attention. Could not enter more than one 1099R. According to their web site you fill in information and they assign you a number and return your call. The allotted time was less than 45 minutes. I am now on Day Three with three sent message and a collection of numbers. No return call.


  87. Their system overcharged me and they told me that they could not credit me back the difference because it already the charge already went thru.

  88. If you start depreciating as asset using one method can you in later years change the method in order to increase your deductible appreciation?

  89. I hope this helps
    On line 17 of the Arkansas State return you have to add the pension and annuity together, enter in both places and then in column A same line, is where you enter the amount minus the $6000 allowance.
    Also you can not claim the 65 Special tax credit and receive your $6000 allowance.
    You must in my case claim myself, and over 65 only.
    All the figures were incorrect including the tax bracket as I do not file as low income so it isn’t figured automatically. I don’t know how you got the correct refund from all of the incorrect info but you did.
    Every year I have to do my State on their website, print and send in.

  90. What a rip-off!!! I have used TurboTax for over 20 years, and this will be my last. I purchased TT deluxe about a month ago as I do every year. When I started it this week, low and behold I can’t complete my return unless I spend another $40!! What to do?? Since I’m already in for over $50, I invested another $40 plus tax. Then, I see an ad where I could by TT Home and Business for $79.99. No more–I AM FINISHED WITH TURBOTAX!!!! To do this B.S. without advanced warning so that I would have had a choice, is ridiculous!! Too late (and too much invested) to look at other programs this year. But I will definitely drop TurboTax from my search for next year. Learn how to work with your lifeline–we paying customers. Dale Mueth

  91. Imagine my surprise to find out I have involuntarily been forced into paying for AuditDefense just for filing my taxes. This is the last year I will ever use an Intuit product.

    Does anyone have an email address for TurboTax? I would love to let the CEO know.

  92. Turbotax Deluxe is now RIPPING OFF CUSTOMERS by forcing them to buy and upgrade in order to document any stock trades (using Deluxe software). Intuit is extorting money from loyal customers, who for years, have used Deluxe to document such information to the IRS. Now, all of a sudden, when you use Turbotax Deluxe to enter stock trades, you are forced to pay another FEE in order to fill your tax form. I AM DONE WITH INTUIT FOREVER. A RIPOFF COMPANY. GOOD LUCK INTUIT. You’re gonnna need it. You can fool me ONCE, but not TWICE.

  93. I’m really disappointed with turbo tax this year. I have used turbo since 2009 and this was terrible. I bought premier for 69.99 and could not do the state with it. I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Finally went to help to do taxes and did both federal and state and then had to pay again. Not real happy Thank you,

  94. Guess what, guys. You got my last dollar for sneaky software. Paid $54for your software as I have used yours for 5 or 6 years, but it will never happen again. Always tricking the customer with free state, not, State will cost another $20. Never, again.

  95. First year ever of having return problems and Turbo tax sucks. Filings keep getting rejected and their is no fix from turbo tax. I have already paid for my filings, but seeing how they keep getting rejected, turbo tax cannot seem to repair the issue. I understand that their may have been complications Intuit should have the resources to create a fix. Help!!!!!

  96. I have used Turbo Tax for years. I now have a very simple tax form. Of course, I had to upgrade for one simple item, and of course the price went up. Let me say that your TV commercials are false advertising. Stop promoting 0,0,0 cost. It is just not true. I will never use Turbo Tax again.

  97. You should be ashamed of yourself! Your customer service is just terrible!!! You don’t have a problem charging the prices you do, however you are UNREACHABLE.. Been on hold for over an hour. Does not matter what number you call you cannot get through. IS this purposely There is an issue with printing . It is definitely a turbo tax issue

  98. The PHONE help service is UNAVAILABLE!! A recorded message says it will not be available until the end of January, but it is February 12!!Other requests for help vi email are so far unanswered and the problem is in the Turbo Tax software. HELP!!!

  99. Been trying for days to reach someone at turbo tax. Bought home and business I need business trying to see if can get discount on up graded product. Guess I’ll look for a program buy someone I can reach if I have a problem.

  100. Well you did it again you screwed me. Why are you charging me two times $39.99?. I did not do my state tax returns. Your web site said that I would be charged $39.99 for having a 1099. Yet at the end of my return I see that you charged me twice! So I called your funky customer service only to get NO WHERE. I am glad that I WOULD NOT TELL MY FRIENDS TO USE ANY OR YOUR SERVICES. YOU SUCK!!!!!!

  101. I was very disappointed with your company this year, after repeated attempts to file my taxes with you and them being rejected I tried a different company and had no issues…. all the numbers are the same (EIN) which is what your company was saying was incorrect….sorry to say you won’t be seeing me as a loyal customer any longer

  102. I was very upset that the versions were changed this year. I filed early and had to upgrade twice during the process. The 2 upgrades cost an additional $43. I got a $25 rebate (why not $43?).

    Now, I see that people who buy at Costco, like I did, will get a free upgrade to the correct version. Also, the base price on every version has dropped from when I bought it.

    So because I filed early and invested in Turbo Tax I had the inconvenience and expense of extra upgrades. And, I didn’t get as much value as people who waited.

    Who was the genius that decided to change the version around? You have lost a lot of credibility and cost me extra money.

  103. this is the last year I will be using Turbo Tax. I have successfully used for several years but this year is a nightmare.

    I have had problems with the filing, understanding my status, ben told that my ss number has been used etc. I cannot get anyone in customer service to find out if it is an identity problem or a software issue.

  104. i just filed my taxes last night and was double charged for your services i need to know who to contact to get this matter taken care of i have used your service for many years and would like to continue to do please contact me and let me know if you plan on correcting this mater as soon as possible you have my email address and would appreciate an answer as soon as possible

  105. I worked with a lady named “Mary” by phone on 17 Feb with Turbo Tax for almost two hours – she tried to ‘download your software Premier on to my computer – she took my charge card number and charged me a total of $96.74 but nothing was downloaded. She tried to tell me my computer was too old. I asked her to credit my account for the $96.74 but she refused! She told me to call back the following day, well, I’ve been trying now for two days and cannot get through nor does your robocalls take my phone number. What should I do?

  106. I have used TurboTax Deluxe for many years for myself and my son. This year I completed my taxes in TurboTax Deluxe ($49.99). I live in one state and work in another so I have to pay for an additional state ($39.95). In previous years it would let me E-file my Federal…this year I got a message saying since two states were involved that I could not E-File so I had to mail. Then I proceeded to do my sons in TurboTax Deluxe where I needed to enter sale of stock and got the message that I needed to upgrade to TurboTax Premier ($31.99) which I did. Paid the extra amount. Requested $25 refund as per the email they sent to TurboTax customers.
    Since I upgraded from TurboTax Deluxe to TurboTax Premier it would not open my tax return….thank goodness I had already printed it. When it was all said and done I got both our taxes done but was extremely glad it will be a whole year until I have to do them again. Ended up costing me over $100 but I do get $25 back. Not sure about using TurboTax next year.


    I am very dissatisfied!! I am not one to complain much, but I am very unhappy. First off, the price-I clearly got ripped off. I paid $183.00 for purchasing Turbo Tax online. After finding out by numerous friends and relatives that they paid much less by purchasing the software at a store. I have been using turbo tax for years. How is this fair? You have no advertising or anything to let the public know that it is MUCH CHEAPER to purchase Turbo Tax in the store!! Second, and this is a big one, I put my trust in your company to keep my personal information private, and due to Turbo Tax my Identity was stolen. On Feb 3 this year i went to file my taxes on your so called wonderful trustworthy site. Well, a couple hours after filing my Federal and State taxes, they got rejected. Thinking maybe i made a mistake, I went back and looked over my 1040 from last year and this year. They were both the same except for the income part. So I filed again. Gee what a surprise once again my taxes got rejected. The rejection said error someone filed under my social security number. This is everyone’s worst nightmare!!! You can deny till your blue in the face that MY INFORMATION did not get stolen from your site. I definitely think otherwise. I tried reaching out to your Tax fraud hotline, but after waiting for an hour and 2 min, and 48 min the next day i was exhausted, and I don’t have time to wait that long. So i guess the question is what can you do for me now as the dissatisfied customer that over paid and got their identity stolen?? I contacted the IRS, FTC,LOCAL POLICE,LIFE LOCK. I spent over 24 hours of my time trying to clean this mess up when I did nothing wrong. I would like to hear back from the Manager, general manager, owner or someone else who is in charge ASAP.

  108. Never again will I use Turbo Tax, NEVER. I’ve been a faithful customer for many years, but not being able to contact anyone about not getting my return because TT deducted my State filing fee from my Federal return, not to mention the very small print that says we’re taking a fee with it as well. ABSOLUTE BS! I am contacting the IRS and letting them know that they released my return to TT on Wednesday 2/18/15. As of today, I’ve still not gotten my return. People who filed after me have gotten their refunds. Crappy customer service. H&R Block it will be next year!!!

  109. Hi, I just finished my return and get to the point to pay.
    Unfortunately my credit card, which is from a USA institution, has my outside mail address, so I can not charge it over the web to fill my return.
    Is it possible I call and pay over the phone.
    Looking forward to getting back soon.


    Reginaldo ZAnella

  110. Very dissatisfied! Completed my federal refund and then proceeded to transfer info to state return. However I was not required to file a state return, but did not realize this until after I had already paid for it and it was already calculated into the total so I initially thought I had to do so. Called customer service and they denied a refund because I used the software (small amount of interest was automatically transferred from my federal return). Maybe I am wrong but I thought we paid for this software for the knowledge of tax rules / regulations? Suggestion…. Maybe install a feature where the software notifies residents of certain states that they are not require to file a state return!!!! Because obviously most of us are not professionals ! But I will be goiing to one next year!

  111. I’ve used TT for years, but this may be the last year. So far for the Premier 2014 version I HAVE FOUND THREE BUGS.
    Typical. As with our country, founded by genius, now run by idiots.

  112. The program is acting up causing a return from the information submitted. When I call Customer Service it says no one is available until January 2015 and to call IRS for the status of my refund.

    You pay for a service and there is no one to assist you…. will not use again.

  113. I agree with the 130 comments noted above. Been a loyal customer for over 12 years. I will not pay for vendor greed. Will find another tax product in 2015.

  114. People’s identity continues to be stolen via this software. I helped a family member file there taxes via Turbo Tax the end of February and we are finding out that there identity has been stolen! I thought this problem was fixed I guess not. I will be using another software next year. This has happened several times to people I know.

  115. I have tried repeatedly to contact turbo tax to upgrade to premium turbo tax and I will sit on the line for at least an hour then I get frustrated and hang up. This is ridiculous there should be better customer service help. How do you stay in business with this kind of customer care??????

  116. I have tried several times to upgrade to premium turbo tax and remain on the line and my call is never answered shortly. To date. I have called three times and waited on the phone for at least an hour and have not yet spoken to a human being. This is horrible customer service. Why are you like this? Why can’t I get the help I need? This is terrible.

  117. I have tried several times to upgrade to premium turbo tax and remain on the line and my call is never answered shortly. To date. I have called three times and waited on the phone for at least an hour and have not yet spoken to a human being. This is horrible customer service. Why are you like this? Why can’t I get the help I need? This is terrible.

  118. Just finished my 2014 taxes. It is the last year (after 15 years) that I’ll use TT. Customer service doesn’t exist. Classic bait and switch and they think it will be better with a $25 refund. This is a classic case of a CEO without vision or leadership. Even looking at switching out of Quicken and severing all ties with Intuit. Like to see this one explained in the 10K, how do you document stupidity……

  119. Totally disappointed with the 2014 TT format. You have added cost adders and suggested e-cards to buy. Last year was far simpler and no bulky, time consuming attempts to add to your bottom line. Definitely will consider another on-line preparer for 2015.

  120. I am done with Turbo tax. I called their customer support to find out which of their editions would support the sale of a personal residence. The customer support person told me to contact an accountant. I told her that she should know her product. She hung up on me. I will not use Turbotax this year or ever again.

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