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Contacting TracFone Customer Service Center

TracFone started out as a prepaid cell phone provider that charges an exorbitant amount of money (25 cents per minute) for no-contract cell phones. Today, the company is more than meets the eye. As a subsidiary of a Mexican mobile giant, TracFone is the parent corporate for Net10, Straight Talk and other prepaid services available to customers all over the United States. TracFone works with several major companies, so coverage is available in nearly every nook and cranny in nearly every state.

According to the information page on the TracFone website, the company operates multiple cell phone subsidiaries to ensure customers have mobile service that meets their needs. Net10 is for medium users and Straight Talk is for customers who want the best plan without a contract. SafeLink is a government program for low-income customers.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

TracFone is fantastic about sharing contact information for the main company and all connected companies like Straight Talk and SafeLink. Contacting the customer service department by phone is the quickest and easiest means of getting your problem solved today.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-867-7183

You can contact TracFone by phone whether you are a customer or not. If you are a current customer, you will need your serial number and phone number when calling.

Mailing Address

Some customers just feel more comfortable contacting TracFone by mail with a complaint, concern or compliment.

TracFone Wireless, Inc.Attention: Executive Resolution Department9700 NW 112th Ave.Miami, FL 33178

Official Website

There is an official website for TracFone where customers can register for an account, track orders or make a new purchase at If you are interested in ordering a new phone or new service, you may wish to visit a local retailer to physically see the phones and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Customer Service Email

TracFone offers a customer email form on the contact page. This email form requires your name and email address. You can include your home address and phone number if desired. This information may be used to contact you about the email communication.

Our Experience

The TracFone customer service line is open for both TracFone and SafeLink. We pressed 1 for TracFone and the automated system offered us multiple customer service options. When we pressed 0 to bypass the system, it just repeated the same options over and over again. It took more than two minutes to listen to all of the available options and by the time we made it through the options we forgot the first option. If you don’t press a number the automated response will repeat. When we finally reached customer service the agent was happy to help us with coverage in our area, but getting to that agent was a huge hassle.

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11 Comments on “Contact TracFone Customer Service
  1. The straight talk trac phone that i own keeps having issues with my browser being down……often. Upon contacting customer support I learned that your American products have been outsourced. Eumaguete Phillipines is the center I connected with. The reason you outsource your products is so that you can exploit a desperate persons situation. The $1.oo per hour you are paying them is criminal! They are so desperate for work to try and stay alive in this world that runs on money. It is VERY shameful that you are you taking jobs away from American citizens with our already high unemployment rate. We all DESERVE to make a fair wage for a fair days work. Your profit margins are more important to you than the lives of those being exploited. This has to be stopped! Raises are mandatory for the victims you are taking advantage of. The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer! God willing changes must be made!

  2. Customer service is very very limited….the menu did not even come close to giving MY issue. There was NO customer service, and no option to talk to a rep, which I very much needed to do!!! CS was a joke!

  3. I what to add minutes to my tracfone, when I scratch off the pin code number I can not read the numbers. what do i do?

  4. I have had nothing but trouble with my tracfone since the day i bought it..their system is so screwed up that every time i try to add minutes to my phone is says it is ‘processing’ but never adds the minutes. Customer support,or so they call themselves, had me jumping thru hoops and entering numbers and EVEY time we would get part way phone would reset back to the main screen.. and of course according to them *I* was doing something wrong.. yes..I did do something wrong..i bought a phone from a fly by night company!! I strongly urge anyone that is thinking about getting a phone thru these people to look elsewhere and save yourself a lot of heartache..

  5. I called about a fraudulent charge that my credit card company indicated was possibly generated from tracfone. I originally talked with a lady who could not help me so transferred me to another representative. I was on hold for 20 Minutes and no one picked up the call. I called back and talked to Jose. He answered my questions and changed my credit card info to a new card. This took him 24 more minutes. This was a total of 44 minutes wasted on my minutes that he said he could do nothing about replacing. I feel that at least the 20 minutes on hold should not have been my responsibility.

  6. I don’t know if anybody ever reads these complaints, but as much as I like the idea of prepaid phone, I have had it with Tracfone. I spent two frustrating hours trying to buy airtime online, finally called and talked to a person who had no clue. First she kept insisting that my credit card had expired when I was looking at the blooming thing and knew otherwise. I gave her another credit card because I needed to get this over with for my sanity, and ended up exactly with what I did not need, i.e. bonus minutes and shorter airtime instead of the other way around. I am not going thru this again, sorry, tracfone, I have been a long time customer but when this expires I will look for alternatives.

  7. I have never been so digusted with a company in my life. I have been trying to set up this phone for 3 days I but on line from HSN what I thought was a great deal and it would have been if I could just get someone at tracphone to get it through their thick schulls that one minute I had service and the next I didn’t. I have reset all my data once, and second time two and a half hours trying to find out why I had no internet I can make and recieve calls send text but no data. They don’t even get it I need the internet to go online to do anything on this damn phone. I am still waiting to here back. Their suggestion to me was to try going outside that maybe I didn’t have any signal. If it is not resolved by today I’m done! Their service sucks!

  8. I purchased a tracfone and for 6 days have tried to have it activated. Customer service is horrible.First they gave wrong info to my previous cell phone carrier and couldn’t get my number transferred. On day 5 they finally accomplished that but on day 6 I ams still not able to my new tracfone. After numerous phone calls and hours on the phone they are now saying I may have defective sim card. Which one of the operators told me a new one was sent to me the day before although they did not even have an address to send it to. After requesting to speak to their supervisor they transferred me to another call center where you could hear them all speaking Spanish. Another call center operator has noe taken my address and will supposedly send me a new sim card which could take another 5 days.

  9. I bought my tracfone from QVC in May of 2013. Only complaint I had was it did not hold charge very well. THEN!!! in mid Dec. I could not receive or call out. No cell bars displayed and screen displayed “Call divert set”. After over 2 1/2 hours on the phone (my land) and 3 techs. One cut me off and the last told me “Thanks for using tracfone”. Click, gone. I still cannot use my phone. Also no way to even contact anyone by e-mail. Soooo I will not use the Tracfone any longer and QVC will get my review also. Just an FYI this is not my typical. First time I have ever sent a conplaint public.
    Soooo… Think other plans.

  10. This is in regards to a VERY SIMPLE (LOL!!) you would think, transaction. I recently changed banks, having been enrolled in StraighTalks auto refill program before, all I wanted to do was change my banking information HA! I started calling in mid August – I talked to a Katherine, a Jerry twice (the 2nd time he hung up on me!, a Deana, a Nekiha, a Ramsey (she was supposed to be a supervisor, don’t think so! – and lastly a JoAnn. All of these phone calls were in regards to simply changing my bank information. I ran out of straws (ie. the last straw was…..) so that euphemism went out with the box of 16 oz. angel hair pasta!! Anyway, the 6th phone call (August 29th) I was assured everything was A-OK even got an incident # and a confirmation # to verify that everything was going to be alright, warm & fuzzy right?! Yeah!!! Ha Ha Ha!! I got another message on 9-10 saying that I had been un-enrolled in the auto refill “We’re so sorry that you are leaving us…blah blah blah!!” Needless to say, I was beyond furious, just call me the Hulk at this point!! So I go for the 7th phone call, talked to a JoAnn this time, no supervisor available, “Ma’m I’m sure I can help you……yeah prove it!” Told her the whole story, gave her the con.# and incident #, she comes back “I’m so sorry ma’m but it appears YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED in our auto refill program at this time” REEEAAALLLYYY???!! So I had to go over all the information, again. I kept her on the phone and made her check everything while I was on the phone, got another con. # and incident #, which leads me right to where I am, writing this stupid letter that probably won’t lead to a @#$% thing. But I also sent one to the BBB. So all you others out there that have gone through similar things, I advise this not be your last stop. Go to other web sites, copy and paste, do whatever you have to. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE!!! And although it should start with them, as we can see, that doesn’t always happen. So use your voice, fingers or whatever….get the word out we as consumers should not have to put up with such bad CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Speak out my people, it just might be the only way we resolve anything!!

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