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Contacting TracFone Customer Service Center

TracFone started out as a prepaid cell phone provider that charges an exorbitant amount of money (25 cents per minute) for no-contract cell phones. Today, the company is more than meets the eye. As a subsidiary of a Mexican mobile giant, TracFone is the parent corporate for Net10, Straight Talk and other prepaid services available to customers all over the United States. TracFone works with several major companies, so coverage is available in nearly every nook and cranny in nearly every state.

According to the information page on the TracFone website, the company operates multiple cell phone subsidiaries to ensure customers have mobile service that meets their needs. Net10 is for medium users and Straight Talk is for customers who want the best plan without a contract. SafeLink is a government program for low-income customers.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

TracFone is fantastic about sharing contact information for the main company and all connected companies like Straight Talk and SafeLink. Contacting the customer service department by phone is the quickest and easiest means of getting your problem solved today.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-867-7183

You can contact TracFone by phone whether you are a customer or not. If you are a current customer, you will need your serial number and phone number when calling.

Mailing Address

Some customers just feel more comfortable contacting TracFone by mail with a complaint, concern or compliment.

TracFone Wireless, Inc.Attention: Executive Resolution Department9700 NW 112th Ave.Miami, FL 33178

Official Website

There is an official website for TracFone where customers can register for an account, track orders or make a new purchase at If you are interested in ordering a new phone or new service, you may wish to visit a local retailer to physically see the phones and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Customer Service Email

TracFone offers a customer email form on the contact page. This email form requires your name and email address. You can include your home address and phone number if desired. This information may be used to contact you about the email communication.

Our Experience

The TracFone customer service line is open for both TracFone and SafeLink. We pressed 1 for TracFone and the automated system offered us multiple customer service options. When we pressed 0 to bypass the system, it just repeated the same options over and over again. It took more than two minutes to listen to all of the available options and by the time we made it through the options we forgot the first option. If you don’t press a number the automated response will repeat. When we finally reached customer service the agent was happy to help us with coverage in our area, but getting to that agent was a huge hassle.

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108 Comments on “Contact TracFone Customer Service
  1. The straight talk trac phone that i own keeps having issues with my browser being down……often. Upon contacting customer support I learned that your American products have been outsourced. Eumaguete Phillipines is the center I connected with. The reason you outsource your products is so that you can exploit a desperate persons situation. The $1.oo per hour you are paying them is criminal! They are so desperate for work to try and stay alive in this world that runs on money. It is VERY shameful that you are you taking jobs away from American citizens with our already high unemployment rate. We all DESERVE to make a fair wage for a fair days work. Your profit margins are more important to you than the lives of those being exploited. This has to be stopped! Raises are mandatory for the victims you are taking advantage of. The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer! God willing changes must be made!

    • Grrrrrr!! Just purchased an S425G tracfone in our area and was assured it would work, coverage wise. My husband just spent over two hours on our land line phone, trying to activate the new phone, transfer remaining minutes from our old tracfone and continue the same phone number. We were told phone wouldn’t work in our area, they need to send us a different phone which won’t come for 5 days and they have deactivated our old phone so now we have none.

  2. Customer service is very very limited….the menu did not even come close to giving MY issue. There was NO customer service, and no option to talk to a rep, which I very much needed to do!!! CS was a joke!

    • Just want to purchase one year of airtime with the promo code 52665….$111.44 Current Discover Card has expired and want to input new Discover Card number….Talked to 3 agents who assured me the correction had been made….still showing wrong card and can’t buy the airtime. Also would like to know my Pin Number…….

  3. I what to add minutes to my tracfone, when I scratch off the pin code number I can not read the numbers. what do i do?

  4. I have had nothing but trouble with my tracfone since the day i bought it..their system is so screwed up that every time i try to add minutes to my phone is says it is ‘processing’ but never adds the minutes. Customer support,or so they call themselves, had me jumping thru hoops and entering numbers and EVEY time we would get part way phone would reset back to the main screen.. and of course according to them *I* was doing something wrong.. yes..I did do something wrong..i bought a phone from a fly by night company!! I strongly urge anyone that is thinking about getting a phone thru these people to look elsewhere and save yourself a lot of heartache..

  5. I called about a fraudulent charge that my credit card company indicated was possibly generated from tracfone. I originally talked with a lady who could not help me so transferred me to another representative. I was on hold for 20 Minutes and no one picked up the call. I called back and talked to Jose. He answered my questions and changed my credit card info to a new card. This took him 24 more minutes. This was a total of 44 minutes wasted on my minutes that he said he could do nothing about replacing. I feel that at least the 20 minutes on hold should not have been my responsibility.

  6. I don’t know if anybody ever reads these complaints, but as much as I like the idea of prepaid phone, I have had it with Tracfone. I spent two frustrating hours trying to buy airtime online, finally called and talked to a person who had no clue. First she kept insisting that my credit card had expired when I was looking at the blooming thing and knew otherwise. I gave her another credit card because I needed to get this over with for my sanity, and ended up exactly with what I did not need, i.e. bonus minutes and shorter airtime instead of the other way around. I am not going thru this again, sorry, tracfone, I have been a long time customer but when this expires I will look for alternatives.

    • I was seriously considering dropping my Net 10 and getting tracfone. But after reading all the bad commentaries I’ve changed my mind. The only reason I was going to switch was the fact that my Net 10 has 2500 (that’s right 2500) minutes and just a few days. I have to get minutes in order to get days. The girl at Wal-Mart told me that with Tracfone, you could just buy days for a nominal amount and no minutes.

  7. I have never been so digusted with a company in my life. I have been trying to set up this phone for 3 days I but on line from HSN what I thought was a great deal and it would have been if I could just get someone at tracphone to get it through their thick schulls that one minute I had service and the next I didn’t. I have reset all my data once, and second time two and a half hours trying to find out why I had no internet I can make and recieve calls send text but no data. They don’t even get it I need the internet to go online to do anything on this damn phone. I am still waiting to here back. Their suggestion to me was to try going outside that maybe I didn’t have any signal. If it is not resolved by today I’m done! Their service sucks!

  8. I purchased a tracfone and for 6 days have tried to have it activated. Customer service is horrible.First they gave wrong info to my previous cell phone carrier and couldn’t get my number transferred. On day 5 they finally accomplished that but on day 6 I ams still not able to my new tracfone. After numerous phone calls and hours on the phone they are now saying I may have defective sim card. Which one of the operators told me a new one was sent to me the day before although they did not even have an address to send it to. After requesting to speak to their supervisor they transferred me to another call center where you could hear them all speaking Spanish. Another call center operator has noe taken my address and will supposedly send me a new sim card which could take another 5 days.

  9. I bought my tracfone from QVC in May of 2013. Only complaint I had was it did not hold charge very well. THEN!!! in mid Dec. I could not receive or call out. No cell bars displayed and screen displayed “Call divert set”. After over 2 1/2 hours on the phone (my land) and 3 techs. One cut me off and the last told me “Thanks for using tracfone”. Click, gone. I still cannot use my phone. Also no way to even contact anyone by e-mail. Soooo I will not use the Tracfone any longer and QVC will get my review also. Just an FYI this is not my typical. First time I have ever sent a conplaint public.
    Soooo… Think other plans.

  10. Tracfone, Your company Stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t get anyone to talk to me about why they shut off my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get car club and a free trip which isn’t free. The number they have is for everything but the Tracfone customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracfone can shove all their phone where the sun don’t shine!!!!!!!

  11. I wanted to talk to customer service about transfering service from one phone to another after waiting for one half hour was told I would have to have a new sim card I told her I needed the phone & asked if she could overnight it to me she said sure & would get it right out well two days later no card… called waited another 40 min. & was told it hadent been mailed………..what kind of co. is this..don

  12. I needed help completing my phone activation and Tracphone said there was a pending service ticket. I wasn’t given a ticket number so I had no way of referring to it. I e-mailed them and asked for help, with no reply. I am very unhappy with Tracphone’s customer service and will NEVER buy from them again! Their phones are pretty good, but their customer service is a joke.

  13. Ibought a cell phone and have a problem they sent me a new sim card . I got it today and I had a case no I put
    the new sim card in and called the no. they give me and I was on the phone for over a hour and then he sats they have a problem to call back in 24 hours now im with out a phone this has been going on since feb 19th

  14. I just do not understand how you provide promo codes that DO NOT work! It happens all the time, so I contact you to get my promo code. Then after I contact you It WILL be put on my phone! WHAT’S up with that procedure?

  15. I have a tracfone. Had it for years can’t use it where we live but we get a few miles away and it works fine and it will work from other states as well. I would like to update my phone and have the same number that I’ve had all thes years Is this possible?

  16. TracFone has the absolute WORST customer service ever!!! I have been trying to add minutes to the phone for HOURS,the system is unavailable. I can rarely reach customer service by phone ( which is far too frequent a need). The phone was a gift but believe me, if given the choice to update or renew service I will most assuredly buy elsewhere.

  17. Completely upset with customer service I just received. I could not recommend Tracfone to anyone. The poor girl on the other end could barely speak English, much less address my issues. I will not be buying additional minutes on this phone.

    Jim Schuler

  18. my minutes is renewalble and I know it , what I do appreciate with tracfone is having my phone turned off, in CHURCH ON SUNDAY MORNING,and you still call and the phone rings and everyone turns to look. all phone are to be turn off in CHURCH

  19. very poor service. can not get my phone to work. call your numbers 5 times said wait 15 minutes and call back do not get an answer . same message. call back in 15 minutes. I have been working on this problem since 4oclock. this is crazy . if your service is no better than this you need to go out of business.

  20. Cannot get in , do not remember password, need to change, HELP___NEED TO DO THIS NOONE AT STORE KNOWS NOYHING NEED TO THANKS!!!

  21. Cannot get in , do not remember password, need to change, HELP___NEED TO DO THIS NOONE AT STORE KNOWS NOYHING NEED TO THANKS!!!

  22. Quit sending me TEXT telling me information that every TracFone owner ALREADY KNOWS! It’s a SCAM to use our units and YOU KNOW IT! The ONLY reason I use TracFone is the COVERAGE IT GETS, but I can get another Cell and buy a Signal Booster to take care of that!

  23. I cannot tell you how much I regret attempting to buy a phone from you. It is lost somewhere in shipping, and the only one who seems to care is me. I’ve been bounced back and forth from Tracfone to fedex and back again and again. Every time the same thing. Call this number. I’ve called the numbers over and over, with no action. Tracfone sent me an e-mail with the WRONG fedex tracking number. Enough. Either send me a new shipment or give me back my money.

  24. I have a problem with a my cell phone LG 840,I just bought, and I have not been able to add my contacts,if you have a manual that I can have more information, I would like to have it.

  25. I Jacqueline Q.Lark lost my phone so I want to know if I can get another phone . you can reach me at that email

  26. I purchased a trac phone, on may 5 2014 along with air time. the phone was activated with out problems, As I purchased this phone so my family can get In touch with me while I may be fishing or hunting ect I intend to use it very little. I had not made one call on this phone when on the 8th the phone stopped working, I could not call out nor could I receive calls. I tried on my own for another two days to reset the phone doing as I was instructed to do. by the automated customer service. to no avail, I did get one lady who for an hr tried to reset the phone, but was not able to. she advised me to take the phone back where I purchased it and get another. which I did. I then set the new phone up to use and called customer service again to explain to the lady that I wanted to keep the same number and I had been told that since the failure of the first phone was not my fault the minutes I had paid for would be tranfered to the new phone. well after at least an hr. and a half, trying to explain my situation to people who speak to fast and with an accent so that they are not understood, and after providing the same information over and over to 3 different women who just happen to speak with an accent and to fast to be understood I was put on hold and left there for 20 minutes at which time some one cut me off. I am repackaging the new phone and returning it to the retailer where I bought it along with the air time cart and will get my money back. as It was originally all put on my credit card. just for this reason I figured I might have trouble with this company and as a precaution, instead of cash I paid by credit card, now I will notify my credit card company and get my money back….one very dissatisfied customer

  27. I am currently still on hold now for 47 minutes “waiting for the representative”….. I am calling them because they double withdrew money from my account when I bought minutes a couple weeks ago. ive had to speak to 4 people so far, waited 30minutes on hold before I hung up and tried again. I am on hold once again still waiting now for almost another 30 minutes…. still don’t have my account credited back with the money they took…. im starting to think this is their way of making money, stealing it and making me wait “or the next available representative”…… ten minutes later, im still waiting here!!! useless customer service, more like customer thieves……..

  28. gee my first review didn’t seem to go through….this is my second attempt… I am still on hold “waiting for the next available representative” for over an hour now…. I have called them to inform them that they have withdrawn from my bank account twice for the minutes I purchased a few days ago… ive had to talk to 4 different reps regarding this and now im on hold because none of them can give me back my money they stole from my account…. apparently only some supervisor can do it and since im on hold for now over 60 minutes they either are too busy stealing from other customers or are sleeping…..worst customer service ever!!!!

  29. I have gone downstairs, made my self to hot dogs and left this phone sitting on hold the whole time… I am still on hold, going on 1.5 hours….. gee, trackfone must have stolen a lot of money this past month……

  30. it’s now almost 2 hours waiting for this flipping customer service …………… must be their way to steal money..

  31. My phone is broken. I have only had it 3 weeks, I can not make calls out, and yes I have air time. I try to call someone and I get error code from Verizon. I got the phone from Best Buy on 4/28/14. Their tech person was on the line for more than an hour trying to get it to work. Tracfon’s agents are really not equipped to deal with the ZTE Valet android phone. Is there any one at Tracfone that knows how to make my pone work?
    I’m a senior, this is my ONLY phone, I need to make calls, I need to receive calls.
    I have been a customer with Tracfone for about 9 years. Customer service sucks. I will NEVER recommend Tracfone again.
    Can some one there do something. FIX MY PHONE.
    Charles Kite, Vallejo California.

  32. I JUST WANT TO TALK TO A HUMAN BEING!……and not just a bunch of prompts….especially when NONE of them answers my question

  33. Updating from older model tracfone to samsung centura. Terrible, terrible experience. I’ve been at this with 3 different reps over the last 5 days and still cannot get the correct old minutes transferred or the new minutes and time applied. (I bought this phone from QVC – they’ll hear from me too.) I’ve been a tracfone customer for years, and no problem, but never tried to do anything out of the ordinary. I don’t know what to do. I have lost (as it stands right now) a couple hundred dollars worth of minutes plus $100 for the new plan. (2058 from old phone; 1200 from new airtime card.) Please someone tell me what else I should do. This finishes me & my hubby with tracfone. They do not know what they are doing and cannot answer the simplest question or fix the simplest problem. They transferred the correct minutes, but did not apply correct text or data. However, of course, immediately they disengaged the old phone.

  34. I had tracfone for 5 or 6 years or more, I’ve had troubles but have aiways got them worked out. Sometimes it’s hard to explain or understand, when the person does not speak English well. But, if you’re persistant you will get through it. It’s a good service, I just wish they would offer better smart phones. At least a Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Thank you

  35. Why isn’t there a way to talk with a person in dealing with my issues. I want to cancel auto pay. Have not been able to use the Tracfones we purchased and Tracfone keeps taking out payments. Now it will cost $26 to block you from taking anymore payments for service not rendered. Never again will I use Tracfone.

  36. I get so frustrated when I attempt to add minutes to my pohne. No matter if I try on line or on the phone, it never works. And there is no way to talk to a live person. All I want to do is add minutes and stay on the same program I am currently using, which is a monthly charge of $6.44 and continuous service. Also my phone purchase was double minutes for life of the phone.

  37. I tried on 2 occasions to puchase air time and minutes but was unsuccesfulu because I could not understand the imbecile and what little I could understand made no sense to me. Obviously I hung up after not getting any aditional air time and minutes. I am going to throw my TracFone away after I use up the remaining minutes I am also going to advise anyone who mentions your company, NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. We still have people in the USA who read, write and speak English so I don’t understand why everything has to go to the 3rd world countries where the only concern and obviosly yours too, is the almighty dollar.

  38. Once again I had another terrible experience with your Customer Service Dept. Yesterday I wanted to add minutes from my “June Offers” book I received with my phone. The 1st time I was hung up on because I didn’t know the last 4 digits of my credit card# (I have more than 1 card & didn’t know which one it was). I called back & tried a different route that time. I was on the phone for about an hour just to get minutes added & I talked to 3 or 4 different people during the process. Finally got it done but shouldn’t have to go thru such a bad process. Hire some competent people!!

  39. I attempted to add air time today by way of customer service. The woman I spoke with couldn’t possibly be more inept. She made me repeat everything possible that is already in your data system. She actually asked me to repeat the phone # twice when I asked her why she said she wanted to be certain the phone wasn’t stolen. Would I possibly attempting to put minutes on a stolen phone!? I spent a full 25 minutes going through this debaucle. You can expect me to be a former customer when my time
    is used up.

  40. My husband and I both have a phone and they work perfectly for use in our lives, but contacting the company for anything is so frustrating. Adding air time makes me cry a day ahead of time that it needs done and contacting customer service is probably going to give me a stroke, my blood pressure is skyrocketing as I type, since I was just on the phone with a recording for 15 minutes and got absolutely Nowhere. And this problem is simple, don’t know how it would be if there were a major problem. Good place to vent though.

  41. I just contacted my Credit Union to hold payment until problems with my phone are resolved and the minutes I purchased for it are removed from my wife’s phone and put on my phone. After having to call your customer support [what a joke] a number of times this evening and being told “we can’t do that” after this is resolved I probably will not be renewing with my service with you again!

  42. On July 2nd. I tried to add more minutes on my TracFone, I did everything I was asked, a tone came on I thought that meant the minutes were added, then when I went to use it there was nothing in my phone, it was all blank, I called Wed, and waited my turn some came and said if I left my telephone number, someone would call me, well, I’m still waiting and it is July11th.

  43. I own a trac phone tried to add time the store said I have to re register phone how and why never got a answer maybe they wanted me buy new so I did nothing yet

  44. THE worst customer service ever!! Tracfone calls it “customer care” hah!!! the most aggravating, ridiculous, and stressful experience dealing with these people. A simple request to transfer your old number to a Tracfone cell phone is about as stressful as getting a wisdom tooth pulled!!! Automated voice is all you get, no real person to talk to, Just so aggravated I slammed this new Tracfone cell in the cement floor, To all who’s thinking about purchasing Tracfone cell, DONT!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I am 60yrs old and found your customer service people very rude .They talk to you like you are stupid when trying to deal with them.They need lesson on phone manners and how to listen .I will never buy a track phone again do to your customer service.I will spend my money on a different service that treats people the way they want to be treated

  46. my wifes phone would not get service after a couple months, i called 5 times, 3-4 times said could not troubleshoot as there was an outage but 2 times i was calling on my tracfone??? would not rewplace her phone as was obvious that her phone would not pick up service where all other providers & my own tracfone would, totally unsatisfied with that experience

  47. Today I tried to get some info in reference to changing my old phone for a new. The rep I got could not speak English and did a poor job communicating anything back to me. I don`t think she knew as much as me and was sooo slow. I knew in 30 seconds that I couldn`t get a English speaking person. Where do they find these people? It wasn’t poor service…it was no service. I asked for a English speaking rep to call me back. Still waiting.

  48. we have used Tracfone for years and I haven been satisfied until now. My husband and I both purchased the same phone. He activated his online with no problem. I, however, made the mistake of calling Tracfone. I talked to a real person the first time and the process was started to Xfer my phone # from my old phone and existing minutes to my new. This was over 24 hrs. ago and still no activation of my new. My minutes and # are floating around in their system somewhere. Have tried calling several times and only get the automated system and cannot get to a real person. I am frustrated.

  49. I purchased an Android Galaxy Centura phone and it is unuseable because all it does is freeze up everytime i try to use it at all. I have been to tracfones site and no help at all, went to Android site no help at all. What a waste of money.

  50. Yesterday I did a chat talk with one of your representatives about changing my phone number and putting minutes and days onto my phone from a lost phone…..I thought everything was settled then this evening I got a call and the representative told me to turn my phone off and then back on again…I did that and then I was instructed to put in several codes..which I did and the codes were accepted…then I was to see if I had the phone number changed..It did not..I still had my old phone number and the minutes and days from the lost phone had not been added..We worked at least 30 minutes to an hour and then she transferred me to another representative who knew nothing about what was going on and when I started to explain my situation..the phone I was using to call was disconnected…not on my phone’s fault, but on the tracfone representative’s phone……so here I sit and cannot get back to the person I was talking to….Now I have to start all over again…at least I had the foresight to have the chat that I had yesterday sent on my e-mail so that I have proof…but what good does that do me..No place to call or talk to someone about this….Truthfully, the crap that a person has to go through on tracfone is really not worth it…toooooo many times the phone call is dropped or the person we are corresponding with speaks a foreign language and can not be understood…I need someone to contact me and get this straightened out.

  51. I have had a Tracfone for years. Recently, I received a message from them “5 days left. Keep you service active. Add a 60 min card w promo code 30386 and get 140 total minutes.” It cam in at 10:12 AM on 8-4-14, from 90379. I did just that and only received 120 minutes. When I called them I was informed that the code was an old one that had already been used. What gives? Are these guys crooks? Is it just false advertising or is it criminal in nature???

  52. Ok I bought a 450 min card online yesterday and did not get the 50 bonus mins. I may have entered the code incorrectly. So I send you an e-mail regarding my issue, you email back requesting the code, I send it to you via email. I get another email from you saying I need to call customer service to get it resolved.

    I call, give the information and wait 15 minutes and all this ignorant person tells me is that she cannot see it on her computer, she has my name, my phone number, and the promo code and can see that I just bought a card yesterday.

    What else does she need, my signature in BLOOD? So I waste 17 minutes of the 450 I just got, instead of getting the 50 bonus I should have. And this imbicile of a customer service rep has the nerve to tell me if I don’t like it I can go with another company?

    4 years I have been with you and this is what I get?

  53. Save yourself the aggravation – get another service provider Customer service is horrible – tried to add minutes by Internet which just ended up churning and not processing. Called and after 40 minutes added time and service. Phone still showed as out of service but with time and minutes available… after 45 minutes on call with customer service – they could not get to work – asked for refund for my minutes and I would seek service from elsewhere – told I could not get a refund – another 20 minutes to speak to supervisor….I wish I could say this was first time – but have an issue every time I have to add time….

  54. My tracfone sucks can’t get service most of the time!!! Had a older tracfone worked great, but wanted to upgrade. Boy what a joke this one nothing but problems!!!! If you want to talk to tracfone that’s a joke too! Get people who can’t speak English that you can understand. Would like to find another plan. I have tracfone for many many years now disgusted!!

  55. This is in regards to a VERY SIMPLE (LOL!!) you would think, transaction. I recently changed banks, having been enrolled in StraighTalks auto refill program before, all I wanted to do was change my banking information HA! I started calling in mid August – I talked to a Katherine, a Jerry twice (the 2nd time he hung up on me!, a Deana, a Nekiha, a Ramsey (she was supposed to be a supervisor, don’t think so! – and lastly a JoAnn. All of these phone calls were in regards to simply changing my bank information. I ran out of straws (ie. the last straw was…..) so that euphemism went out with the box of 16 oz. angel hair pasta!! Anyway, the 6th phone call (August 29th) I was assured everything was A-OK even got an incident # and a confirmation # to verify that everything was going to be alright, warm & fuzzy right?! Yeah!!! Ha Ha Ha!! I got another message on 9-10 saying that I had been un-enrolled in the auto refill “We’re so sorry that you are leaving us…blah blah blah!!” Needless to say, I was beyond furious, just call me the Hulk at this point!! So I go for the 7th phone call, talked to a JoAnn this time, no supervisor available, “Ma’m I’m sure I can help you……yeah prove it!” Told her the whole story, gave her the con.# and incident #, she comes back “I’m so sorry ma’m but it appears YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED in our auto refill program at this time” REEEAAALLLYYY???!! So I had to go over all the information, again. I kept her on the phone and made her check everything while I was on the phone, got another con. # and incident #, which leads me right to where I am, writing this stupid letter that probably won’t lead to a @#$% thing. But I also sent one to the BBB. So all you others out there that have gone through similar things, I advise this not be your last stop. Go to other web sites, copy and paste, do whatever you have to. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE!!! And although it should start with them, as we can see, that doesn’t always happen. So use your voice, fingers or whatever….get the word out we as consumers should not have to put up with such bad CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Speak out my people, it just might be the only way we resolve anything!!


  57. After many many months I have used Tracfone with no problems. I have 3 members in this household using Tracfone. All phones had been using double minutes. Today, I purchased a 60 minute card and received only 60 minutes instead of the usual 120. I called tracfone and was on the phone for over 1 hour. I lost the fight. tracfone said my phone did not have double minutes. Supervisor was no help. You can’t understand these people because of their accent. Good Bye Tracfone !! good bye, goodbye!

  58. Used Tracfone for about 10 years. Liked not having a monthly bill…budgeted out my minutes to fit my needs and use a TRIPLE MINUTES plan. I use home phone (Free with internet and MagicJack!) for just chatting. Only need cell when out and about. Tried other phones and services here and there, but always went back to Tracfone. Obviously Customer Service has now moved to Philippines and it’s been DOWN HILL EVER SINCE! Been without service for one whole month, because they can’t get it right. Sent 3 SIMS cards, still not working. Sent new phone, still not working. Keep losing my ticket numbers. I have 2 pages in a notebook of everyone I spoke to, dates, promises, etc. to no avail.

  59. I sure wish I would have checked this site before I got my track phone because hopefully I wouldn’t have purchased it. But since I have been with my phone for 5 years and I have just called them that I can’t send pictures and since I had never tried before my warranty went out in a year I am just screwed. Why keep a phone you have to replace every year?? I was a loyal customer and they can’t say any more than buy a new phone and transfer your minutes. I have over 2000 minutes and I sure don’t want to buy another track phone but what do I do. I just hope that anyone looking into phones stay’s away from this company. Their service people are terrible. Not enough space to tell all but the radio shack lady that was trying to help me said it was the worst experience she had ever been threw with a phone company..

  60. I purchased air time, was billed for it, and I did not get the minutes. I spoke with two people and neither could help me.

  61. Bought phone with free shipping. Rep quotes me the final price
    and I asked her is it why more than advertised on site?
    She said it was the shipping fee.I was told to call back to
    get a refund on shipping if it was showed up on my card.Still waiting on this to happen after sending a email.Why do they advertise free shipping and then charge you?
    Rep I spoke with to buy airtime could not understand or speak English. She had no clue on promo minutes emailed to me and had to transfer me to another rep. Wasted so much time getting a phone and airtime.This used to be a great company,not now!


  63. I have had 4 tracphones go bad on me. I had to send them back to be replaced. everytime I do this they screw me out of the minites I had on my old phone.I own a shop in blueridge ga .I am putting up a billboard in my shop telling of the way tracphone treats their customers and display the pieces of crap I have bought. I will tell them to ask me of my dealings with tracphone. Im sure they wont be using tracphone. since tracphone doesn’t seem to care for their customers. I hope I can save a few hundred people the grief and ripoff they have done to me. when the minites wear off my tracphones NET 10 will be my new phone company. I have 8 children and 22 grand children. their new service will be NET 10. congrats tracphone your don’t care attitude has just cost you 30 customers plus all I can tell of you bad service.

  64. Nothing on this phone works. If you can speak Indian and or Spanish the customer service MIGHT be alright. I don’t know.
    I won’t even try to explain what a pain in the butt this thing has been. Oh well, $70 plus down the drain. What do you expect? It’s a Mexican company owned by a Jew named Fredrick J. Pollak!

    Ha Ha Ha

  65. I have a tracfone and I am ready to put it in the trash, I had tried over 20 times to set up voice mail, when I put number the recording says sorry for problem try again later, all I am doing is using all my minutes. Another thing is when I tap to open something I have to do it 3 or 4 times Thank You for nothing

  66. I Was hired as an Agent here in Mesa Arizona. There is a couple whom is advising everyone that their names are Zabastin and Stefanie. I was hired to do outside sales for Both Safelink and Total call Mobile. I have posted a blog on Glass Door to express the urgency of this matter. The only Phone number that I have for them is the following, However I only get a voicemail.602-330-6524. They drive a Black Chevrolet Malibu with chrome 5 star rims and have an Arizona License plat of BHN-4676. I was taken to Las Vegas Nevada from Mesa Arizona . the office they are using at night to turn in information unknown is 2601 #rd st , phoenix Arizona and the cross street is Virginia. Suite 218. Now when I arrived in Vegas on thanksgiving I was advised that I would be attending a Wal-Mart Location on ” Black Friday” when that day came around I was told If I did not Prostitute my self then I was not going to making it back to Arizona. I do not feel that they are representing Arizona nor Safelink and Total Call Mobile in the correct manner. I will be Filling a police report next. However the house in phoenix that they live in I was advised was A company house. I was held against my will and Locked in side and RV outside this house for more than 6 hours . With an aluminum can ( Root Beer) and a styrofoam cup to conduct a Urinalysis in. HIs Mother lives in a senior Community in Las Vegas and She called him James. that really makes me scared. Please contact these reps before your companies are facing a serious Laws suite. Thanks for your Listening Ear,
    Regina Mumphrey
    By the way the are disposing Of paper application with PII in a Normal Garbage receptacle at the same address where the live. I have a vision problem that I made them fully ware of and so that does Go against the ADA. They had me work yesterday and are telling me I am still employed but will not pay me for the 20 sales I made and stated I would get 7 dollars per phone. they are fighting with other Vendors of others companies

  67. Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired, if you can get a human, he/she couldn’t care less what your problem is and they act as if they are doing you a big,big favor… it took me two days to finally get to speak to a human being, who desperately needs elocution lessons and training in PR. It was only by sheer luck and the man upstairs that I heard some of what she said and finally got my air time, with an admonition to gobbledy- -gook the next time I add air time! Dear goodness, what a way to run a business. I seriously am considering changing company when next my minutes run out.

  68. How do I get to talk to a person that really cares that I am having a problem? Cannot add time. Have tried by the phone, on line and talking to someone that I could not understand. Can’t find the numbers that are asked either.


  69. I ordered a new Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic cell phone, beautiful phone, however after speaking to 6 to 8 operator/technicians and as many hours on the telephone trying to have my 1,214.5 minutes and old tracfone telephone # transferred. The last person I spoke with told me that they could not transfer the minutes because I had a new net10, it is not a net10. The end of the story is, my new phone was NOT activated and I requested my old number back as well as my 1,214.5 minutes, they said I could NOT have my minutes back for my old Motorola tracfone and I had to buy minutes back for my old phone. What a rip! I’m very disappointed with the lack of service and spent over $70.00 for absolutely nothing! Except a brand new tracfone without activation or minutes.

  70. That’s a cute trick, I spent 5 minutes typing my comments regarding the poor service for my New LG Optimus Dynamic Cell Phone, Customer Service was unable to activate or transfer my minutes and my old tracfone telephone number, this is the second try to post a comment, the first time I pressed “Post Comment” and this screen came back blank.

  71. I have had a tracfone for about 10 years, with little problems. Then my phone quit working, so called for tech assistance, could not understand operator. She finally told me she would send a new sim card, and to install it, this was after spending two hours on land line. Sim arrived, installed, still would not work. Called again, after an hour with tech, was told must be problem with phone, would send new one. Waited 2 wks. no phone called, and was told that it had been delivered, not to me, but back to them. Was told that I should get another with in 5-7 days. Finally got new phone, and it would activate, called tech, and was told that it could not be activated because old had ran out of days, even though I had 780 minutes and 137 days left on it. Suggest that I buy more days. When I did, they activated new phone, did not put on remaining time from old phone, and changed phone number to one out of area. Now I get at least 3 calls a day from Spanish speaking woman on the new phone, ( which I don’t speak or understand). Still have old phone with minutes and days on it and cannot use, and new phone is long distance for any one in my area that wants to call, if they have the number.

  72. First of all, the people don’t speak English; the compliant form on the TracPhone site doesn’t work – you MUST call them to get anything straighted out; the chat there also doesn’t work – it just comes up as a blank page.

    I just got a new phone and unfortunately, it is a very confusing phone with too many things on it and NO INSTRUCTIONS WHATSOEVER on how to use most of it. Right now, I am getting a chime every hour and it is NOT the alarms (THAT MUCH I figured out for myself).

    I don’t need all that garbage on my phone — google this and that and other useless things — I have my computer for that (and that is also a ripoff from Comcast — $75/mth for the computer ONLY). All I wanted was a phone and I can’t even figure out how to get to my voice mail cuz there is too many things and I can’t even get the phone pad up to get to the numbers!

    Why doesn’t the FCC investigate this owner J.F.Pollak? Make him do something instead of ripping off the customers? I have to have this phone because I can’t afford the national carriers – their prices are too much for someone on SSDI!

    Doesn’t anyone care anymore about anything? This world is going to hell (I wish Pollak would go first). I wish there were some kind of class action suit that I could join OR START to get this guy out of biz or at least make him deal with the problems!!

    This is SOOO frustrating and I have to have the phone cuz I am disabled and so is my daughter. We have the SafeLink but that sucks too because they don’t give you enuf minutes for the month. That phone runs out quickly from being put on hold from drs. offices and so on so I am stuck paying for a TracPhone too.

    Does anyone out there have a solution? HELLLPPP!

    • yesterday, I received a message on my tracfone from 7770-89.The message read: Buy 450 card today with promo code 69151 and get 950 minutes. Exp 12/31 (this message was sent on Fri, Jan 16, 12:26 pm.
      I went to Walmart and showed them this message to make sure I was reading it right.(I understood that the minutes would expire on Dec 31, 2015. They put the minutes on my card and it only added 90 days which was totally useless as I am going home to Canada at the end of March. I tried contacting them and thy said they could do nothing and would not transfer me to a supervisor. The message was very misleading. There was no mention of 90 days in the text message only the exp. date of 12/31. I have just wasted $80.00 and they don’t care.

  73. On New Year’s Eve, I contacted a representative as previous contact was useless. After much back and forth, I was lied to…. Sorry, “misinformed” regarding the status of my inoperable “Obama” phone. It was decided that a replacement would be shipped.After a week, I again contacted the company as to the whereabouts of the replacement phone. It took nine days. I then had to have THAT PHONE activated. I was told that since the original phone had been deactivated, that task could not be performed.Not having a second phone, I used ( tried to use) facebook as TracFone instructed. It was THE ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE ( if that is what you may call the experience) ever! My first contact had no response, I had chores to do and went back after two hours only to find that a response had been sent an hour previously. This happened on and off throughout the day. I dealt with three different employees, was made to repeat information repeatedly. I finally went to bed at 10 p.m. Upon waking this morning, there was a final response sent at 11:32 p.m…… saying that my account was being checked. I DID receive (finally) a site to go to yo chat. After dealing with the arrogance, rudeness and being ignored by Gelly, Mary Anne and others on Facebook, in one fifteen minute chat with Mike, the phone was activated. No ridiculous, unnecessary questions, no hour delays. He was polite and efficient and did an excellent job. Perhaps the Facebook team needs to be retrained. They abuse their jobs and hours are spent doing nothing which is theft of TracFone service, time and money. SHAME ON YOU TRACFONE for not caring about the people who keep you working.

  74. When I want customer service, I want a person. I don’t want a bunch of prerecorded messages designed to frustrate me.

  75. My son and his wife just gave me a newlg306g phone. It does not pickup at all especially when you get out of town.the minutes seam to fly away as fast as I buy them, since net10 is part of tracfone would it be possible to have an exchange for a comparable phone with out a sim card since I know net10 works very well for me? James B. Powell 306 Savannah Ave.East Dublin,Ga. 31027

  76. Still trying to get the tracfone set up correct. Had issue scratching off the service plan pin number couldn’t read the all the numbers to get it up and running on line. Going through the CS phone line is a joke, they will hang up on you if you ask to speak with a US rep (thought is was a US law if you asked you would be connected). I was trying to keep the same number and the floor supervisor messed up and forgot to keep the same number said to activate the phone and they could change it back later. Called to do this and they said the number I had was inactive for over a year – funny I was calling on it to get the number converted. Their answer was to hang up. As I wait to talk to the CS again I wish I had not purchased this plan and will not do both phones just try this one. If you use this service you my not like it I don’t and haven’t made a call on the phone yet.

  77. After reading many of these comments, it is extremely obvious that TracFone walks a fine line just this side of legal…. of course, outsourcing support to a different country changes the rules there, as well. I do not understand why they are allowed to stay in business except hat after venting, most people feel better and walk away. I tend to stand up for what is right and feel that if more people did the same, these poorly operating companies would have to change. It makes me ill to hear people say there’s nothing they can do to change a thing. It is just that attitude the government and companies want. Get together people, stand behind what you say. Turn your backs on the company that fails you! There are hundreds of phones and plans that are inexpensive without being abusive. Use one of those instead of TracFone. They won’t exist without us!

  78. I have had TracFone for about 9 years and have been well satisfied with it,..up until now! Wow, it has always been a little bit of a hassle but this year it has been TOTALLY F…ING IMPOSSIBLE. I rarely use this phone and bought it as an emergency backup and have accumulated quite a bunch of units. I’m wondering if they are blocking my renewal because I have so many unused minutes and only need the lowest new minutes with a renewal.

    It’s time for governments(people) to do the right thing which for a starter would be to preach basic honesty.

  79. can not get a live person to talk to so I’m not very happy with them. I have also had had my trac fone for a number of years and right now when I can’t talk get a person to talk

  80. The worst experience I’ve had in my life. Tryed to renew more minutes and got nothing.Their customer service is terrible. Have had the Tracfone for many years. Don’t have it starting tomorrow.This company should be going under pretty soon. See yeah!!!

  81. MY Phone kept turning its self on and off constantly even with a full battery. I called spoke to 4 ladies and they had me do the same thing take the battery out, pug in the charger, and on and on. NO one would believe the first tech who help me nor did they trust anyone who helped me finally I was told call back tomorrow and we can check your minutes because your phone is bad. Well I called back today and the same thing happened with 2 more people then I ask to speak with a supervisor. which was also a dead end she didn’t belive anything I said. One of the Techs said I had to validate the minutes I had on my phone because I was showing a negative 24 min. I think trac phone needs to fire everyone of those tech if a problem can’t be solved in 3-4 hr. My phone still turns it self on and off even if I turn it off. I must take the battery out to prevent this. I need my problem solved now. I don’t need to trouble shoot something 5 times. What is wrong with trac phone that they allow this sloppy business?

  82. This is a sham of a company with no CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!I will never get another tracfone and I will tell everyone I know DO NOT GET TRACFONE!!!!!

  83. please help,i ..had my phone i cant use it, it tell;s me it has been deactivated.ijust added 600 minutes. what is going on?

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