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Contacting Timex Customer Service Center

Timex is a watch and timepiece company established in the late 1800s. The company started out developing affordable home and mantle clocks under the name Waterbury Clock. Waterbury Clock expanded to include Waterbury Watch, which created the first affordable pocket watch. The name was changed to US Time Company in the 1940s. In 1950, the Timex watch was released and soon the company changed its name to Timex. Today Timex is responsible for cutting edge technology and beautiful watch design, but it maintains a firm foot in the affordable and functional watch market.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Timex customer service department is available to answer calls about products and repair requests.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-448-4639
  • Corporate: 1-204-346-5000

Mailing Address

There are two addresses listed for Timex customer service. One is dedicated to just answering customer service inquiries and the other is the corporate address.

Timex1302 Pike AveNorth Little Rock, AR 72114


Timex Group USAPO Box 310Middlebury, CT 06762

Official Website

The Timex official website is available at http://www.timex.com. Visitors can find a complete list with pictures and descriptions for all current watches and timepieces in production by Timex. There is a link for the Timex support department, which is different than the customer service department. Support is available for Timex owners who’ve registered their piece. Visit http://www.timex.com/timex_support to register your Timex.

Customer Service Email

In the event that calling takes too much time and letter writing seems like an impossible task, there is an email address for the Timex customer service department. You can email Timex at custserv@timex.com. This is a standard email address, so fill in the subject line of your email to ensure your message is sorted and opened by the proper department. If you wish to be contacted in return by a means other than email, include your contact information in the email.

If you have a Data Link or Beepwear product and you need technical support, contact data.link@timex.com for more information.

Our Experience

We want you to have the best customer service experience possible, but that probably won’t happen when you call the Timex customer service line. The automated system uses a robotic computer voice that annoyed us in seconds. Press 4 if you are calling about an advanced product like a heart rate monitor, GPS or Data Link. After that initial message the voice changed to a normal voice, but when we pressed 0 to skip the list of options, the call was disconnected. We called back and waited through the robotic voice again and all the options and our call was transferred to an agent. The agent gave us the address of the nearest repair center.

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6 Comments on “Contact Timex Customer Service
  1. I am going to return a watch of yours I just purchased. I have been buying your watches since I was in college in the 60’s. They are durable and fashionable. However, it is as if you are making watch bands for the most obese women in the United States. It is to the point that I could wrap the band around my wrist two times. Over the last couple of years it has been hard to find replacement watch bands in your brand which are not enormous. Everyone I know agrees that this is a problem. I cannot every buy another watch by Timex until you start making watch bands for women in reasonable sizes. Even my husband found the most recent one I brought home ludicrous.

  2. Just for fun, thought I’d tell you that my Timex ladies’ watch given to me in 1963 still works!!! After being buried in the snow years ago, played with by toddlers, etc. What a great watch!!!

  3. Three years ago when I retired a autistic student of mine gave me a Timex watch. I was very upset this morning when I realized I had put it through a complete wash cycle. Just wanted you to know its still ticking.

  4. I am unable to find a watch band for my watch.Can you explain to me why that is a problem? The model number isWR200M. Wonderful watch but I need a band that looks right on watch.Have had watch for over 10 years still ticking though.thank you very much.

  5. I only buy ironman timex watches because they are durable and I can wear it to work and to the gym and it does take a licking and keeps on ticking. However my band has broken after 3 years of continued wear and I am lost without my ironman. I do own two expedition that I will not put to rigors of my ironman. Let me know if I can send my ironman in for repairs?

  6. I have been buying Timex watches for years, but I have the fourth one that the stem has been lost from. Sorry but I’m switching brands. Just FYI I bought the latest one on 21 Nov 2014. It is Expedition Scout #T49963.

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