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Contacting Time Warner Customer Service Center

Time Warner is a cable, Internet and phone company. The company offers service in multiple areas and, in some cases, you’ll have to choose the service area before being connected with the website that offers Time Warner customer service and support. If you contact the incorrect phone number or customer service representative, you may be given a new number and asked to wade through the automated system again. We have included general contact information that should be accessible for customers no matter their location.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers with questions about new service or existing service need to visit the main website of Time Warner customer service and enter their service zip code for the most accurate customer service phone number. The main phone number for customer support is listed as a sales line – not a customer service line.

  • Time Warner sales: 1-855-820-9903

Mailing Address

No matter how many times we clicked on the link for Time Warner corporate offices, we were sent to the same main page. We managed to find the address for the executive offices in New York.

Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023


If you wish to chat with a customer service representative you can do so from the Contact Us page. Simply fill in a bit of information about your problem or concern and wait for an attendant to respond to your chat request.

Official Website

Time Warner’s official website is located at https://www.timewarnercable.com. You may be asked to enter a zip code to personalize the main page. From the front page you can log in to your PayXpress account, change service, add new service and contact Time Warner customer service.

Customer Service Email

On the bottom of the customer service page https://www.timewarnercable.com/East/about/contactus.ashx there is an email contact form. The form simply asks if you are currently a customer and the topic and summary of your contact. We were also required to fill in our name, address, phone number and email address when sending our email. We have attempted to contact customer service to see how long it takes them to answer a simple question.

Our Experience

We called the customer service phone number for the East Carolinas office. The call was answered by an automated service. We immediately pressed 0 and we were asked for the type of support we needed. We pressed 0 again and we were connected with a representative. The call was answered in less than one minute. The representative was easy to understand and answered our call about a customer service email address. We were told there was no direct address.

When you contacted customer service, what was you experience?

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76 Comments on “Contact Time Warner Customer Service
  1. i find your service to be entirely unsatisfactory. your agency charged my credit card, took my money, failed to credit my account and when contacted about the bill acknowledge that i paid but don’t know why the money was not credited to my account. So in summary, you took my money, can’t account for my money, and when i paid you again would not credit my account. Sounds like you either have an incompetent fayetteville nc office or a thief that is stealing funds from customers and defrauding your buisiness.

    one pissed off Soldier.

    • I could not agree more with all of the comments here that directly relate to Time Warner Cable’s awful customer service. I have spent over a month trying to get a refund on service I NEVER received from these idiots and still, now 32 days, zero payment from Time Warner and they keep telling men the payment is on the way. And the resolution specialist is a joke too, all she did was try to make me buy more services!

  2. You will not believe this after reading the following, but I am NOT one who complains, ONLY when things reach a nonsense level! I just spent quite a lengthy time completing a survey, thinking I would actually have a chance to voice my concerns. No real surprise that any modern company does not want to hear complaints! The idiots who run modern companies always know best. Like HELL! My wife is disabled, with many medical problems, and we were very certain to ask for an unlisted number! We now get TONS of calls all day long from idiots wanting us to remodel, etc. And, you folks do not subscribe to the email contacts service. It is truly unbelievable that you would not provide a way for a subscriber to import their contacts list! I have been told after letting all know of my new rr address, that virtually no one uses it. What, pray tell does that say for your company? If we change our LONG time phone number, ARE you going to give it out to everyone? We had NO problem before signing up with you. The number WAS unlisted, and my other ISPs actually let me import my contacts! Some of your techs actually try to help, but none know all they should, but that is NOT their fault, it is the fault of the big bosses who think they know best, and want to hear nothing.


  4. MeTV is the greatest idea of television programing Time Warner has provided San Antonio, Texas on Channel 81. It has afforded nostalgic sentimental longing for the past and a remembering of happy times and places.

    However Time Warner is not well favored by all those who remember these nostalgic and wonderful TV shows with the preempting of “Cannon” and now The Rockford Files”, with “The Nate Berkus Show” which has nothing to do with nostalgia, but rather nausea.

    Move “The Nate Berkus Show” somewhere where it belongs and stop preempting MeTV.

  5. Your installation guy was late yesterday and did not finish. Said another guy would come today at noon. It is almost 3 and no one has shown up or called. I contacted your customer service dept on the Internet and got a chatter who refused any further chat — she thought she was a sales dept but I had tried for customer service. Your schmucks do not understand the difference. I AM STILL WAITING FOER YOU TO FINISH INSTALLATION – i HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE. Pay attention

  6. I am very disappointed in your customer service..the man I spoke with insulted me, told me that the price was the price, even though my bill went up $35 a month..I asked how this was possible, and he said all my promotions had run out, and I was also now being charged for Showtime, which I didn’t ask for, agree to, or ever watch, so I would never agree to a promotion that would include me paying for Showtime..the gentleman then told me he was sure I was told I would be charged for it, which, no matter how you look at it, is calling me a liar..I’ve been with you guys for over 15 years, and as soon as I can find another service, I intend to drop your service, thanks to the ridiculous price of $ 183 a month, when I don’t even have HBO or most of the premium channels, including Showtime, which I didn’t know I had, and being insulted by your customer service rep..I asked to speak to a supervisor about this, then listened to over 10 minutes of promotions for TW..My name is Rick McCallum, I am Executive Director of Show Pros International, and my main job is purchasing advertising..rest assured, no more media buys from your company will be forthcoming..I also am going to send letters to your CEO, President, and Board of Directors, as I feel they should be aware of this..I feel that your rep wasn’t intentionally trying to insult me, but he certainly did..Thank you for your time..

  7. Terrible service. Automated and no one ever answers. They cut off my cable with no explanation even though I’ve paid my bill. They said they would replace the cable box but on their schedule so even though I paid I’d be out of cable for over a week. Can’t get them on the phone at all. I think I’m going to cancel.

  8. This service is the worst. When I decide not to wait and leave a message to calll me back I am told the tape is full and cannot take messages, Contacting you is an exercise in frustration!!!

  9. This is the worst service I have ever seen. Your tape where I attempted to leave a message is full and won’t take messages. Dealimg with time warner is an exercise in futility/

  10. time warner customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Supervisors do not know how to resolve issues and give customer service numbers that are not active. I refuse to make an additional monthly payment while waiting on Time Warner to get their act together!!!

  11. I don’t know where to start—Had interference on TV and lost network often. I would open email and the network would be my neighbor’s. This went on for 2 months or more. Worked with tech person to correct the problem. He suggested I call Apple Store because it was my computer. (I knew that it was not!) Then, they sent person out to check things out. He said a squirrel had chewed the wires and he replaced something. Told me to take box back for an upgrade which I did. Woman in office at a typewriter fixed me up. NOT! I came home and hooked it up thinking it was all fixed. I lost my phone and computer and I am in a dead zone with Verizon. Could not communicate with anyone. Went outside to call on cell phone. Call was dropped. Finally I was able to state my problem. This was on Wednesday. They said they could come on Friday between 5 and 6:00. Only time they could come. But technician said he would have our bill marked down $5.00. (We can have an ice cream cone on Warner Cable.) I said to send the woman who made the mistake out with the box on her way home. Easy. Not to be. So, I went out to the Plaza Parking lot and stated that this was an emergency because my husband is monitored into the cardiologist’s office all the time–if we are hooked up. Woman on phone said there wasn’t a chance to get it done earlier. So, I said give me your supervisor. I never did talk to supervisor, but she said she did and they would come on Thursday since it was an emergency. They did not come, nor did they call. Finally, they came and it is fixed. Is this the way this big outfit works? Is this customer service? We have been customers for a long time and this is the treatment we get. I am reading the other comments and I think Warner Cable has a problem.

  12. I signed up with TWC yesterday due to DirecTv being the worst company that has ever existed. We picked up our boxes last night, they have been set up all day, and just waiting on the technician to come. I finally call at 5:15 since nobody had showed up yet to find out the technician “re-scheduled” .. they never even showed up. All they put in the notes of my account was “unable to connect”. Lying sacks of sh*t. I’m not even sure I’m going to stay with them. On day 1 I’m having issues? I’d advise to go to dish network.

  13. Two years ago went through all the problems that TWC had with their television service, eventually switched to Direct, no problems since

    Retained the TWC Internet service, for the past few months constantly losing email service, for some reason their system cannot retain passwords, cannot accept security question answers

    Spend literally hours waiting to contact a voice, then hours trying to resolve the problem, only to appear again the following day, their staff are always so polite but the tools they have to work with are inadequate, now will switch my Internet to another provider at lower cost, but no idea if they will be any better.

    Why is the communication system in this country going down the drain ? Is it possibly because they have monopoly or duopoly, just ripping us all off.

    The Europeans have sorted it out by government action to ensure there is no way these guys can lock in you in to a crap service for two years, find it difficult to decide which load of junk to join next.

  14. Service is completely non existent. Cable is out and so are phone lines and internet direct connct is jammed. Just another day in paradise with Time Warner. They just don’t care about their customers.

  15. 12/14/12 I moved to TX from CA. Prior Internet and DVR service were with Comcast with zero problems. I brought my same computer and TV here.

    12/15/12 you installed your Time Warner TV, DVR and Internet service but none of them work correctly. The installer said to contact him with any problems but doesn’t answer any of my emails, voice messages or texts. When I inform your reps via phone, service center, and chat they do not provide repairs or credit.

    The DVR records in pixelations and cut off audio, the remote control is broken (many buttons don’t work), and the Internet freezes up.

    As I said, it is my same computer and TV I had in CA with no problems and it is the same type of DVR I had in CA with no problems so I know the problem is with your company.

    12/16/12 I called tech support and they said my DVR signal needs to be “balanced out”. He said to unplug my DVR (but very wrongly did not warn me I’d lose my settings and TV guide for hours), which did not fix the problem.
    He said go to service center for new remote and would not mail or deliver one to me. I told him I want credit for all of the problems and he said to request that from the service center.

    12/19/12 I went to your service center and they said they don’t give credit and I have to get that from the phone reps. Total run around. They said for DVR a technician needs to come to house but would not arrange it. They said I have to call to request it. Very inconvenient. I don’t want to hear your advertising bs when I call in. And when I called last time the tech person gave bad advice.

    12/20/12 I called your tech dept and the rep who answered yelled loudly into my ear, “You need to sit down!” (She was talking to her co-workers). I asked for her supervisor and was on hold for 30 minutes with your annoying advertising to no avail.

    12/20 Spent over and hour with your “chat” only to be transfered over and over until no one picked up.

    Disconnect my service. I do not owe anything. You owe me for my lost time and inconvenience. Terrible service.

  16. Time Warner is a dishonest company who will try and screw you at every turn. I have nothing positive to say about them or their practices. Use Dish or Direct….

  17. I just tried using their online chat and nothing happened with only some new window showing up.
    My 94-year old mother told me she thought she was going to have a stroke today after she called 2 numbers for them and then was subjected to a lot of questions with no results when she was simply trying to find out why they keep overcharging her and billing her for a digital box she doesn’t even own.
    I have no intention of wasting more time on the telephone with no record of what was said after already spending an hour and a half with AT&T today because of my own problems with that company and will try mailing a letter to the address i just found on this site.

  18. We have just lost tv cable service AGAIN
    Which adds up to 5 times within 1 week

    We are very dissatisfied with our service
    & TWC extremely high rates!!!

    Why are you not reducing our rates when
    We continue to have frequent service interruptions
    without view of cable that we pay for.

    How is it that you do not deduct for what
    we are cannot view???

    This is not good customer service, nor is it
    respectful of your customers!!

    Robert & sherry Moshey

    • I agree with your sentiment. I just spoke with a technician, and he was able to verify, accurately, just how long I had been without [internet] service, so you know they are well aware of the length of time you’re without their service. Would be easy enough to deduct that from the month’s bill, eh?

  19. Having just read all of these comments, I was almost sick becuase my internet has been out for nearly 5 days and I dreaded calling tech support. I’d already tried the suggested remedy given by the automated voice system, but nothing worked.

    I’m pleased to say my intereaction with Time Warner tech support this evening was very satisfactory. The hardest part was finding the phone number online! Within 4 minutes of going through the automated voice system, I was speaking with a live technician, Louis. His English was perfect. He tested my system remotely and while waiting for this process, he exaplined everything he was doing and apologized for the wait every minutes or so. Within 10 minutes (6 minutes of speaking with Louis), he had verified that the problem was with my modem or it’s direct connection and a technisicn would need to come to my home. The biggest glitch was that I will have to wait 5 days! The phone call was completed in less than 14 minutes from the time I dialed. At least this part of it was not only easy, but pleasant. I’ll let you know if there are any glitches from here out, but so far I’m relieved. By the way, my Time Warner is in the Moscow ID-Pullman WA area.

  20. I am so sick and tired of your crappy cable. I Can’t believe that with all the money we as consumers pay that you still cannot stop the digital chatter or whatever it is called. When I finally find a movie that is worth watching that crap starts. It is very annoying and aggrevating. Maybe we should Try AT&T it couldn’t be any worse

  21. Time Warner is well known around the Cincinnati, OH area to have HORRIBLE customer service. I’ve never come across anyone that has anything good to say about them. I’ve had nothing but terrible customer service from them. If you have a question about a bill/charge expect to go through 4 people to get an answer. I will never use them again and good luck to anyone that has to deal with them in the future!

  22. I am with the deepest respect ,am totally disgusted and disappointed with my interactions with your cluess staff.
    For the better part of 3 weeks our internet your service
    has disconnected while in am in the middle of work. Calling for help after being on hold for up to 20minutes.
    Then they give you the same stupid response and DON’T LISTEN TO THE CLIENT! Bigger is not better. I would like some consideration Financal compensation for lack of service. Last month you raised our bill up to $114.43,and provided worse customer service. please advise. Mr Sweeney

  23. time warner customer service sucks! over an hour to talk to a supervisor and he put me on hold for 15 minutes to tell me I have to call back during business hours to get someone in the usa to talk about my problem! wow this company sucks !

  24. I was calling about my service. On hold for 10 minutes and then disconnected. I work from home and do not have Internet/tv service. Is there an outage? When do you expect service to be back up? Thanks. Terri Palmer

  25. Billing/customer services’ service was pretty bad for me, recently. I was called constanlty about a bill that was supposedly 3 mos over due. I was paying my bill but the payments were being credited to someone else’s account. We were told after the 2nd payment and the 2nd over due notice, that evrything was okay, but we continued to get constant calls. After the 3rd over deu notice and our calling them back, they admitted that they had made an error. We were still informed that we were 1 cent over due. We are reducing our services, but they still have us trapped with their “bundling” policy.When you’re the only game in town, you can do the above with little consequences, but write useless letter of complaint.

  26. I balance is $475 but you put put it on my credit report $2200. How is that, please update your system so I can pay my balance.

  27. internet service is terrrible. I can only get a connection for about 10 min at a time and it has to be at the most random off time during the day.I have call to complain about this numerous times and all they want to do is switch the channel I am on this does not work!!! oh and thank you for increasing my monthly charge for giving me worse service!

  28. Good Evening,
    I recently made a call to time Warner cable and was greeted by an operator by the name of “Jimmy”. My TruTV channels were not working – since this channel is carrying March Madness basketball games it was essential that I was able to get this to work. I was not expecting for the problem to be solved being that it was 10:15 PM but it took Jimmy 2 minutes to give me instructions to resolve the problem by using my remote. (auto HD needed to be turned off). I’m sure that most of the comments you get are of the negative variety, so I figured I’d right a positive review. Jimmy was friendly, outgoing, and an absolute gentleman – not to mention extremely knowledgeable. I think he was upper management In his future. Thanks Jimmy!!!

    Patrick Fay

  29. I’m a brand new customer who was slated to receive my service today (5/25/2013). The installer does not show so I call the customer service line and explain the situation. Needless to say the representative was rude and stated that they called my number and no one answered. I calmly stated that I was home all day and did receive said call. He proceeds to tell me I’m wrong and makes me feel like an idiot. I did reschedule but I’m very tempted to cancel as I’m already afraid of the service and I have not even received it yet. Unacceptable

    • I want to comment on the customer service that was received from your office today. I spoke with a representative on Saturday, November 16, 2013. Schedule an appointment Wednesday, November 20,2013. The representative told me that my appointment was between 11:00-12:00. The Tech would contact me the morning of the appointment to confirm. I received a call from Time Warrner on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 2:04 P.M. indicating that Time Warner had been working on my issue and if the issue had been resolve to cancelled the appointment. I confirmed that the issue was not resolved and that I wanted to keep my appointment. In speaking with the representative on Saturday when the appointment was scheduled, she did not mention that I would be getting a call the day before to confirm the appointment. She stated that I would get a call from the Tech when he was on his way to my home. On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, I sat all morning waiting on a call that I did not receive. The phone number on file is my cell number, if I had miss a call, my cell would indicate that a call was missed. Plus I had my Mother sitting at my house waiting on the Tech that never showed up. when I spoke with the (Manager) at Time Warner, she indicated that the representatives were human and it was possible that he may have miss dial my number. If this is the case, then the Tech should be making more than just ONE call. SERVICE REALLY SUCKS AT TIME WARNER

  30. I am Switching to Verizon. you are just a hungry pig, how dear you cancel my favorite channels. You are losing a loyal costumer.. in fact I will tell my family and friend to cancel their accounts. Thanks for your service and Good “BYE”

  31. I am trying to understand why most of the channels are out this is going to make a lot of people go to another cable company just don’t know what you guys are doing and then the price is still high as I don’t know what pls give some light on this

  32. What up with twc cable app. It been down for a long long time and is not working yet. Called Technical support twice and they have not fixed it yet. Just wondering why..

  33. Absolute worst customer service! Called because my Internet AND cable are not working and rather than putting me in touch with someone, the automated machine says “there is a service issue in your area and our reps have no more information at this time.” It did not even give me an option to speak with anyone!

    Horrendous, possibly the worst company ever.

  34. Your installation personnel are not very well trained. The technician hooked up my internet service and disconnected my Dish Satellite TV Service. After 6 hours of phone calls and assurances that I would get a call back the same day I finally gave up at 10 pm. I find the customer service severely lacking. This wouldn’t have been so bad if this had happened on monday – thursday but no it happened on a Friday afternoon and no one seems to care about correcting the problem. If he would have left the cable we could have reconnected it but not so lucky, he took all of it with him. Thanks for re-enforcing my opinion of just how bad TWC service is capable of being.

  35. you say that you will not post email addresses. I just checked my message and THERE It is . what happened to HONESTY Maybe
    TWC does not know the meaning of honesty

  36. I contacted a TWC Tecnical Rep in regards to Prime Time on Demand for programming in our areas for the period 1 – 6 Octoberr 2013. Nome of the demand program for any network showed programing for October. Prime Time Demand programming was available 24 hours after original showing. What is the status of 24 hour look back? The Tech Rep could only advise writing a comment such as this.

  37. I contacted a TWC Tecnical Rep in regards to Prime Time on Demand for programming in our areas for the period 1 – 6 Octoberr 2013. Nome of the demand program for any network showed programing for October. Prime Time Demand programming was available 24 hours after original showing. What is the status of 24 hour look back? The Tech Rep could only advise writing a comment such as this.

  38. I can not believe TIME WARNER IGNORES SAFETY of it’s customers even when it’s cable presents an ELECTROCUTION HAZARD.
    I am used to poor service in all other aspects of service, but safety of the public should generate immediate service. If you have a “DOWNED LINE” in your yard “DO NOT TOUCH IT”. Even though Time Warner will tell you it is ok to grab it, wrap it up or cut it (actual instructions related to me by Time Warner)DO NOT TOUCH THIS CABLE unless a “qualified person” has determined it is safe and not energized. During storms or due to improper installation, cables do come down. They may become energized by coming in contact with surrounding conductors.
    Time Warner has no one to take “Trouble Calls” and will ignore your requests to make their cable safe. Call your local power company to come inspect and if the downed cable presents a hazard they should make the situation safe. I have tried endlessly for over a month through phone calls, missed appointments to get Time Warner to remove this hazard from my yard. They finally sent an employee out when I was not home and all he did was cut the line 6 feet from the ground, leaving the loose mid-span tail of cable to dangle free. It is still unsafe, but is a clear demonstration that Time Warner does not recognize the need for public safety.
    Your safety is your responsibility and they will not respond to your calls for service. Exercise extreme caution and do not touch or approach any downed lines in your yard.
    **Also, HD antenna works great and is less than the cost of one month of cable. Ask me how I discovered this.

  39. TW is the worst company to deal with, they pass you on to another department and everybody you talk to says they can help-I have been dealing with a simple request since last Monday-I have spent hours and dasy trying to get this figured out, I have been given order numbers and then another department says we can’t, I am so frustrated and about to lose a tenant who just signed a years lease,and I will file a claim against TW if this happens

  40. I am writing to express my utmost dissatisfaction because of the response I received regarding my needs for techical services as of today. I called for technical support about 2 pm and received help but the technician was unable to repair my TV services. He informed me that a technician would come to my house between 5 and 6 pm to restore the services, but noone came. I called technical services at 5:50 pm to find out why no-one had come to retore my TV services and the technician refused to address my request of why non-one had come to my house as I was informed. Hes replied that there was no record of my call to Time Warner technical services and that there was no plans for anyone to come to my house and he left the phone and about 15 minutes later another technician answered the phone and asked if he could help me and I told him what had happened. He apologized and said that there was no record of any plan to visit my house, but there was a plan to come to my house tomorrow and my reply was why had a Time Warner employee been dishonest with me and again he apologized and I replied that this was not fair, that as a customer I deserved to be told the truth. He said there is nothing I can do today, maybe give you a better deal on my package and I replied that I was not interested and that I was going to cancel my services with Time Warner and that is what I plan to do first thing tomorrow morning.

  41. Where Do I start? The technician could not get my internet working On the installation day. I asked him to cancel it he said he did not know how. He handed me a receipt and left. I called to cancel and was cut off 3 times. When I did get through they said they cancelled it. Then I called back and found out they did not Disconnect it. I was promised a call back from the customer service manager, but did not receive one. There is absolutely no customer service with Time Warner.

  42. We contacted Time Warner at Jasper Indiana interested in the $119.99 bundled package and the installation time was set for Friday, 12-6-13 at 10:00. The technician didn’t show up and called to cancel at 1:30. The installation was rescheduled for Monday 12-9-13 at 1:30. The cable kid arrived late and after a 10 minute stay he said our free installation was going to cost us over $300 and possibly over $350. He also said we had cable before and the wiring was old. I built the house and have been the only occupant. We never have had cable. The cable kid then calls me at work and asks if my electric service has been ran underground. Apparently he did not consider looking for overhead lines. A Time Warner representative told me later the work order stated it was a new installation and the extra cost was because it was a “custom” job. I explained it was a simple routing job due to the unique 2 foot high open space above the drop ceiling that accessed all rooms without any barriers or walls. If the cable kid would have stayed more than 10 minutes it would have been obvious.

    My wife saw this as yet another delay and called Frontier to repair our internet. It had been off for almost 4 days. Frontier said they turned it off at the request of Time Warner on Friday, the day of the first installation appointment. Really? Frontier also said it was a good thing we called as they were also going to turn off our TV and telephone at 6:00, an hour and a half from then, and we would have to pay a reconnect fee and enter another 2 year contract, the very same one we were trying to leave. Time Warner was once again called and asked about this covert cancellation and they denied all of it.

    I viewed Time Warner’s web site and I find they/you have a customer service rating of 1.6 of a possible 5. Not surprising.

    I’m leaving before I even enter.

  43. I wish to write a commendation for one of your customer service representatives. Can a customer service supervisor please contact me via email.

  44. I am seriously about to cancel my service & go with Verizon. I called a few weeks ago & had my service/package adjusted because my bill was too high. Not only did this service never go into effect but when I tried calling about it today, I had my call transfered 3 + times & was hung up on repeatedly! Customer service was NON EXISTANT! This comapany is a joke! For what I pay a month I expect my calls to be at least answered correctly. I am SO frustrated right now I can’t stand it. I was promised something a few weeks ago & then had them completely ignore what we agreed on. Well, Verizon FIOS is now in my area so so Time Warner but YOU LOSE!!!

  45. I just had time warner installed 12/21/13 with a package I thought. I paid the installer $102 by credit card. Today I received a bill for another $102. I called customer service and got someone I did not understand and I don’t think he understood me.I also noticed on my bill a charge for HBO.I was told that was free because I wouldn’t have ordered it.I don’t think this is how I want my first week with TEC. Thank you you I think.

  46. Misery likes company. After reading everyone else’s complaints I feel a little bit better about the three hours and forty five minutes I spent on the phone with TW yesterday. I have to admit that a few of these minutes were spent on the line with EarthLink because TW said Earthlink could solve part of my problem. The rude and barely understandable EL staff soon transferred me back to TW.
    My problem started on December 23 when I called the TW selective number shown on my bill to arrange a seasonal disconnect starting on the 29 the when we would be out of the State. On 1/13/2014 a bill was forwarded to us at our winter home showing that the service was never disconnected and that all premium channels had been added to our bill. Instead of stopping our service as requested they added services to raise the bill from the normal $135 to $217 per month. During my afternoon on the phone I cycled thru the TW offices THREE times. I will admit that all the staff was polite and most could speak good English. However, the only thing most would do was apologize and transfer me to another unit. In case someone from TW happens to read this I would like to say that two staff members, Luis in South America and Jack in the US were actually helpful and helped to eliminate part of the problem.
    It became clear that the costumer service staff is very poorly trained at best. For example, one person said Earthlink was just another name for TW and another person said there was no connection between the two. Most staff members were at various points in between. In another case one staff member told me that my seasonal disconnect did not go thru because of certain rules, a second person said that information was totally wrong and gave another explanation, a third person did not have any idea what a seasonal disconnect really was. The only thing several of the reps agreed on is that part of the problem was caused because I followed the directions on the bill and called the phone number provided. How bad is that????
    On a positive note I used the same procedure to seasonally disconnect service a year earlier and it caused no problems. This year is a nightmare. Also, I blame management far more than the poor staff that must listen to all our complaints. It seems like the only training they are given is to say I am sorry and then transfer us to another person.

  47. In Nov my bill went up and I was not advised at orignal set up that it would. When I called to clear this up, I was transferred around, hung up on and left on hold. I kept calling all the way up through Dec 11th. The supervisor stated they were going to make things right and told me I did not need extreme wi-fi if I don’t game in which I don’t as I am a 50 year old stuggling woman. They adjusted my service and got the bill down to $102 in which I feel is still high considering I don’t have cable througout my home and only limited stations in my room upstairs. I continously have issues and can never get through to a happy upbeat helpful person who is ready to assist. All the agents act as if you are complaining for no reason. I was sick for almost a month and my computer crashed yet a friend advised me I did not have internet around Dec 15th. I had lost my voice and could not call so I phoned last night only to get hung up on, transferred around and last got a supervisor who told me basically to quit whinning and if I want my wi-fi back then bill goes up to $119. Let me make this clear, all of the agents and actions support a facebook page about Time Warner and also the surveys conducted stating you have the lowest scores ever in customer service and service in general. There are other companies out there with better service, definately better prices and a staff that is willing to assist. I am going to cancel completely and do not feel that I should have to pay you for internet when I did not have the complete package and was not advised I would not have it. You are giving new customers tablets and better deals to lure them in and when I asked for a free tablet and better service he wanted to increase my bill by $69 dollars and told me I had to wait 3 months to get tablet making sure my bills were paid on time. I have great credit with you guys. I am going to send a copy of my letter along with dates and times and who I spoke with to your CEO and also to the newspaper and anyone else who will listen to my story. You seriously need to clean house of all your negative agents and come up with an affordable plan that compares to the latest company. We no longer have to use your company as we have other options now. I would like to see my December bill adjusted to “0” and a better plan offered to me to stay. Calling customer service by phone is long and painful with no results. Your last supervisor told me I was getting some things for free and should be happy and if not go somewhere else.

    Really????? I think I will………………
    D Murphy

  48. where to start. . .I have plenty of time. I have been WAITING for 30 days to have cable and internet installed. I believe I have spoken to EVERY customer care person who is employed with Time Warner ! and yet AGAIN was given today to have tech come and I called to confirm “so sorry for the inconvenience that is tomorrow” and every time I call in I have to punch in or say my phone number and say it again to the customer care (who doesn’t care) then placed on hold and then transfer. BUT, guess what?? I have received my first bill..!! Customer care was kind enough to wave the fees. so very sweet. To recap: Time Warner has very nice people I can talk with because I do not have TV or internet service – I think this is the communication service Time Warner is boosting about. there is NO TV or Internet.

  49. I just had a terrible experience. In mid August I explored with TWC how to handle a long term hold. I was told that I could put cable and internet on hold and leave the phone service connected. Now I found out that the phone service is also disconnected and can not be reconnected. We are thousands miles away from home and now without the phone service. The worst part about the is the attitude of the customer care representatives.

  50. Terrible! Reception is and has been bad for a long time. Customer Service continues to promise technical support will come and install new cable from the street to my house but they never show up or call. The picture flutters and has intermittent noise. I wanted them to fix this but they can’t or won’t.

  51. I am very,very disappointed in Time Warner. I have had cable with them for 30 years and this year has beenupsetting to me. My cable was out in ice storm in march 2014. I have called and left messages and I called local and spoke with employee about this.the line was knocked down by tree limb.After 3 days with no cable I put the cable wire up myself so I could use T.V.It is held together by red electrical tape.I stopped paying bill and you were here right away to either collect money or turn off cable.I showed the man how I had it put together and paid him.He asured me someone would be out to replace wire.Well nobody came.last week I took pictures ,went to local office,stood in line 2 hours.they again said it would be replaced.Well came home 9/9/14 to find cable disconnected for payment.called offered to pay bill told them about wire then they charged me a reconnect fee.what is wrong with you people.You still have not fixed my cable problem but you sure run out here to get your money.I talked to customer service last nite and was told it had been fixed-it has not.she said oh yes it has because your work order is cleared–it has not been fixed.talked to different person customer service this morning and she sald it shows they came here but could not fix. you are a cable company .how can you not fix it?What is your problem?If you can send people here to get money the you sure as hell can send somebody to fix my cable line.

  52. A wire is hanging from a pole out side our business entrance, it has a very low position and it is cutting traffic coming in and going out of our parking lot Communication with Time Warner is almost impossible. We are out of business because of that. Called a phone # that shows on line, it is disconnected. Called an other #, none of the choices would allow me to talk to a costumer service agent…total 5 phone numbers for nothing…what a great company. Would anybody be able to do some thing…???? 09-11-2014 3.40 PM

  53. This has been the worse experience ever I have been a time warner cable customer for over 10yrs I recently wanted to upgrade my package to the promotional package and 2days of back and forth being bare and switched and 3hours of waiting for a technician to show I still have no upgrade no cable and the only advice I got from supervisor janed id 1494194 to call back to cancel no reschedule in a smug like unprofessional demeanor told me retention was closed. Some experience how does a company have so many employees that are not held accountable nor do they show even the slightest remorse for the inconvienience for a semi disabled woman that has to stay by the window just to make sure the work will be done. Mind you service was not free or discounted I am paying full price for the package this is a disgrace don’t recommend this for anyone.

  54. Don’t appreciate not television Cleveland Browns since there was there 1st home game, don’t care much for the ones you televised today.

  55. We were unable to retrieve your account information and apologize for the inconvenience.
    Error Code: NOSTMTS Reference ID: 1AIO6-DTNMR-RW12P-6ZMQ9-W7VZ

    This is the kind of service I get everytime I tried to log into my account, CAN NEVER GET ACCESS . BAD SERVICE.

  56. why bother having DVR when it doesn’t record a show but the hour that the show is to be on. I am tired of recording a show and because of the sports going over there time my show only records the first half. yes it’s nice to be able to watch on demand except you usually have to wait till the next week and them you can’t fast foreword it. you people need to fix the problem.

  57. This is the most confusing customer service ever. I spent over an hour on the phone and on line tuesday. Was transferred to Ohio customer service and they could not access my account. Talked to people I could not understand, hung up,was transferred to some one
    else for additional help, however it again was a person instead of on-line chatting . Am very unhappy with time warner and their lack of Customer Service. Also two different phone numbers.

  58. For the last two years I have dealt with my parents time warner problems, I have had to replace the internet and cable box over 6 times and the outside wiring has been replaced twice. Still can’t seem to get any good service plus the bills keep goin up and no solution to the real issue it’s always a temp solution. They never can really help and customer service has been so rude been hung up on several times yet they never seem to help

  59. I Use to believe that timewarner’s name and business means integrity but since I heard that you people, Steve Case, Steve Ross, Ted Turner, Jeffrey Bewkes thinking of selling to Rupert Murdock, I do not believe you know anything about good media or communication, above all, you are for money, money alone nothing close to integrity. This country is tied of division, tired of Fox type of poison communication. Fox is where you go to insult your head, call them names because.they are Democrats, or if you want to voice your hatred of blacks, or if you want to make up something that is not true, fox channel is your place, so why timewarner associating itself with group of uncivilized people?

  60. Time Warner has the worst customer service – When things are working not too bad but if and when you have issues the right hand does not know what the left is doing – You try to make the customer fix the problems not once but some times more before you can get someone out – Too many non professionals on the line – Better off if we could just speak to someone from the start – Would never have the Box’s on all my sets because then I would be without TV completely when issues happen – Seams that the equipment is not the best and too many problems with it – Anyway would be nice to have better customer service from a company that we pay a high cost to – We deserve better service

  61. I called TWC customer service to discuss an increase in my cable bill that is being passed off as a “promotion ending” although I was told when I received my new rate 2 yrs ago that it was not a promotion. I also reported that I was unhappy with the planned increase in my monthly bill as it seemed an underhanded way to just increase my monthly charges. When I told the customer service this, she immediately dismissed what I was saying and told me that I was just unaware that I had signed up for a promotion. She then proceeded to not only NOT prevent my service charges from increasing, but tried to upsell me to the NFL red zone which would increase my monthly bill to even more than what I was already unhappy about. What a disappointing call. This whole experience has made me very distrustful of TWC. Shame on you.

  62. I fully intended to relate possibly the worst customer service ever, until I read just parts of other customer’s complaints.

    My TWC problem began on 9/2/2014 I paid for the offered add on of phone service to our already cable/internet package. Supposedly on 9/9/2014 our phone was to be switched from our 8 years good phone service from TSC. The landline was disconnected on 9/8/2014. On 9/15/2014 we had phone service restored “BY OUR FORMER PROVIDER WITH A NEW #.” Too much time without our house phone with small children at home. Major inconvenience! Far too many lies and unqualified service attendants. We are rightfully due recompense from TWC. Two months free cable and internet allowance is not too much to ask, but I now seriously doubt anything will be done to rectify the problem. We just got stuck and we deal with it to our best profit. TWC, we hold no grudge and wish you the best in improved customer service. Your customers deserve prime service from you for paying good money for your products. Thank you.

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