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Contacting Thomson Customer Service Center

Thomson is a travel agency located in the United Kingdom. The company was established in 1965 with just a few employees, but today they’ve grown to employ more than 18,000 and help people travel throughout the world during all four seasons via cruise, plane or rail. Before checking out the travel pages of Thomson Holidays, make sure you know what kind of trip you want to take because in just a few clicks you can get lost on the vast website with seemingly limitless holiday options.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Thomson has one of the most detailed lists of phone numbers we’ve encountered. If you want to contact Thomson, you’ll have to choose the right contact phone number.

The customer call center for most Thomson customer service lines is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday and 10 AM to 5 PM Sunday.

  • Weddings: 0871-664-0131
  • Groups: 0871-971-0560
  • Special Needs Assistance: 0844-871-1600
  • Payments: 0844-871-0878
  • Advance Passenger Info: 0844-871-1597
  • Flights: 0871-231-4787
  • Ski Trips: 0871-971-0578
  • Ski Groups: 0871-230-8117
  • Ski Weddings: 0871-230-8124
  • New Cruises: 0871-231-5938
  • General Cruise Questions: 0844-871-0872
  • Shore Trips: 0871-687-0377
  • Special Needs Assistance: 0844-871-1600
  • Cruise Groups: 0871-971-0560
  • Blessings at Sea: 0871-231-4908
  • Pre-Book Cabins: 0871-231-4908
  • Thomson Airways: 0844-871-1603
  • Lakes and Mountains: 0871-230-8181
  • Groups: 0870-166-4954
  • Weddings: 0870-166-4991
  • Worldwide Travel: 0844-050-2828

Mailing Address

Thomson Customer ServicePre Travel Services TUI UKColumbus House – Westwood Business ParkWestwood Way – Coventry CV4 8TT


Thomson Cruise Service CentreMariner StreetSwansea SA1 5BA

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Thomson website can plan a holiday, locate and  book hotel accommodations, manage packages as well as find special deal and promotions.

Customer Service Email

There are multiple email addresses for Thomson customer service, but we’ve added the most important. Every kind of trip question you could have for Thomson travel agency can be answered by one of these customer service departments.

You can also choose to write to the After Travel department of Thomson Holidays with your travel complaint.

Thomson Holidays

After Travel Customer Support

Wigmore House – Wigmore Lane

Luton LU2 9TN

Our Experience

We did not contact Thomson by phone because the travel company is located in the UK. If you have experience working with the Thomson customer service department, make sure to leave a comment on the piece to help us keep consumers informed. When it comes to booking a vacation, no one wants poor customer service – does Thomson offer that or are the customer service agents a dream to work with?

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7 Comments on “Contact Thomson Customer Service
  1. dear sir/madam I have been traveling with your company for the pass 5 years and I and the family have been happy I have found a holiday for next year in Majorca with the price at £1044 .00 I have looked at the price and it says that I have got to pay £100.00 p/person please can you tell me how many 16/17 year old people can pay £100.00 deposit on a holiday when not working

  2. I have booked a flight only with thomson fly …. is it a ticket less flight .. please tell me do I just go to the airport and submit my passport to board the flight I have purchased from yourselfs …. please reply as i am confused aboutnyour policy … ..i tried to print off a ticket but to no avail …

  3. last year in October myself and my partner had a fantastic week in October at the melpo antia apts in aiya napa. The reason I am contacting you is we wee hoping to go back this year but I cannot believe how much it is to go this year we are so dissapointed.When we went last year we paid about £1235 and to go back this year at the same time will cost about £1600 we were all inclusive my booking reference number for the holiday was1533820 should you wish to check

    kind regards but a very disappointed customer
    Ann Johnson

  4. I have just been on your web site to book a Holiday in Tunisia at the Riu BELLEVIEW Park for a Single person next January it is coming up at £1724 surly this not right as I only paid £1054 this January. I await your reply.

  5. I have been on phone all day trying to speak to an advisor I need proof for my insurance company that my wife and I had to cancel our flight on 3january2015 from Glasgow to las palmas flight nos TOM1600Y can you email me proof or tell me who to contact please

  6. hello
    my family and i are seasoned cruisers and like to book a year plus in advance,to my horror your new 2016 itineries have disgusted me,firstly a sharp increase(new ship to pay for) secondly the Discovery ships itineries are very limited and uninspiring ,thirdly the cruise we wanted to do -The adriatic is now ADULTS only and is in a school holiday,who ever arranged this can not have children,all year adults only can go when ever they want so leave the summer holidays for those who cant.
    Thomson Ipswich agreed with all these comments,i have found a similar adriatic cruise with celebrity for 2,000 less how can that be.Thomson please do not be greedy,look what has happened to Tesco,people will move

  7. I booked a cruise only from Palma mallorca on the6/7may leaving palma on the 16th may for 1week using my credit card I got no confirmation and with great difficulty I eventually managed to get in contact with thomson who informed me my money would be refunded I have since been in touch and no refund so far
    I have since been trying to book again tryind no end of company’s even my family have tried in the u k we have all been told the same that the lead name and phone number must be in the uk how can I possibly do this as I am in Majorca at present and will be there till till the 26thmay I have been booking cruises with Thomson for the last 10 years and never had any bother why now I am bitterly disappointed and frustrated
    After the amount of money spent on phone calls and getting now where would someone please explain and try and get this sorted as the ship leaves on Saturday and I would like to be on it
    Regards Annie mckak

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