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Contacting The GAP Customer Service

The GAP is part of an entire family of retail companies that includes Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta. The GAP is the parent company and all other retail businesses are subsidiaries of that main company. The GAP offers specialty clothing options for ladies, men, teens, children and infants. The official website offers customer contact information for both the GAP retail store and for credit services for the store credit card.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact phone numbers are listed for various customer service departments in the GAP company, but there are no hours of operation for these call centers. The company address is in Ohio, so we assume customers can call during normal business hours on Eastern Standard Time.

Mailing Address

You may notice an address listed on your billing statement or packing slip if you ordered from The GAP online. This address is not the customer service address. To contact customer service by phone, send your letter or correspondence to:

GAP Online or GAP Customer Relations
100 GAP Online Drive
Grove City, OH 43123-8605

You can also use the corporate headquarters mailing address if desired.

GAP Global Headquarters
2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Official Website

The official website for the GAP store online is, but customer relations and the main company website is located here:

Customer Service Email

The GAP is one of the few companies that offers multiple email addresses for customer service, investor relations, press contact and more.

There is also an online contact form customer can use to contact The GAP customer service. You’ll need to choose the type of contact you’d like to make before sending your email. Some of the available email types include Promotional Questions or Codes, Email Scams, Marketing, Online Feedback and Store Feedback. We contacted the customer service department by email. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

Contact an actual live customer service is a challenge. We encountered a myriad of automated responses be for actually speaking to a customer service representative. We even attempted to select one of the automated responses in order to speak to a customer service representative. Upon selecting, the automated response system still wanted us to select one of the available options. After waiting approximately 4 minutes, we were connected to an English speaking customer service representative. The GAP representative was friendly and assisted us when we inquired about online returns and credit card questions.

You also have the ability to send an email to: We sent an email and received a response rather quickly with general information and not information answering our questions.

An email sent to The Gap customer service email listed above resulted in multiple responses to our question regarding credit card applications. The first email was an automated response and the next was a response from the customer care employee. The response time between the communications was approximately 3 hours. Both were helpful because they answered our questions as well as offered additional communication avenues with customer service. See the communication below:

Valued Customer,

This is an automated reply to let you know that a representative
will be reviewing your email and will send you a personal response soon
(generally within a day). Meanwhile, you may find the links at the bottom
of this page to be helpful since they address several common questions from

If you prefer to speak with a Customer Service Representative, you may
contact us via telephone at 1-800-427-7895 and we’ll take care of your
question right away!

Please do not reply to this email. Thank you for your patience.

Sincerely, Customer Service

Dear Gap Customer,

Thank you for your email regarding your GapCard account. We apologize for the frustration you’ve experienced. Although your GapCard is designed to be used at our stores and our websites, the GapCard program is managed by GE Capital Retail Bank (“GECRB”). As a result, we do not have access to your account and are unable to assist with billing issues. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

Please call GE Capital Retail Bank (“GECRB”) at 1-800-887-1198 for assistance. If you would like to speak to an operator simply dial “# 0″ and that will route you to a human. After doing this for the third time, the automated voice should say that it is going to transfer you to a live representative.

After speaking with GE Capital Retail Bank (“GECRB”), if you feel you need further assistance, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help escalate your issue.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We look forward to shopping with you again soon.


Customer Service Consultant

From: Richard Banks
Received: 3/16/12 10:42:44 AM EDT
Subject: Customer service question

In the event I have questions about my credit card account, is it better to contact customer service through the online email form, the outside email service, call customer service directly or visit on of the retail locations? Thank you for your attention to this question and I look forward to your response.

When you needed assistance from customer service, were they helpful. Let us know your experiences.

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32 Comments on “Contact The Gap Customer Service
  1. I bought a jacket and vest combination from a Gap store 20 plus years ago and it’s been my favorite outdoor wear since then. Even though I’ve taken great care of the jacket it has become an issue with my family that I still have it and wear it. It’s, after all of those years quite shabby looking but I love it. The style number is 112526-26-1. It’s a long shot that Gap would still have that style in stock and or on record, but I have to try. Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Evan R. Jenkins

  2. Hi GAG,

    I have a gag gift card, its unable to use in the local store, i wonder why, the card # is 6003863801761656
    thank you so much!

  3. I recently visited lake placid for Christmas Eve, when taking my family there we always make sure to stop at gap. I’m upset to say the least that they decided to close over an hour early. Although I understand they wanted to go home, I had planned on going there to do some last minute holiday shopping and purchase a gift card for my fiancé and still had over an hour to do so. But when I arrived a little before 5, the doors were locked and I was told they were slow and were closing early, he wouldn’t even let me purchase the gift card. On it said 6. I don’t see how they were slow when other people were also trying to get in and the streets were busy and stores filled with people. I would be understanding if it was a huge snowstorm or threatened any danger, but it was beautiful out with people all over the streets. So, why was my holiday shopping basically ruined? I told my fiancé all I could get her was a bass and a couple ma and pop store gift cards because the gap had closed. But, she would much rather be shipping at the gap right now. I’m very disappointed and put off by the experience.

  4. I am a new customer w Gap since end of Nov. Opened charge card on a return trip from Ohio when we had a chance to shop at a Gap store. Rec’d first bill very soon after and had payt ready to mail on 12/15 but left in my husband’s vehicle and found on 12/22 (was due that date). Immediately mailed (check was already made out to pay the bill in full). I take full responsibility for the late payt but w a credit rating of 800 that is obviously not a habit w me. I had hoped to talk w a rep re a waiver on the late charge I rec’d on 01/04 but found it very difficult to make my way thru the voice menus to a customer rep and when I finally did was informed via the voice menu that it would be $15 to even speak w a cust rep. Says very little for your organization. I have cut up my card and will never shop at a Gap again and will speak of this negative experience to every one I know.

  5. I contacted the Gap customer service to tell them about my experience with their, women’s always skinny jeans. These jeans are not made well and tear in the crotch area.
    I have two pairs and they both tore in the same place. The customer service representative said, ” The Gap is aware of this flaw with the women’s always skinny”. I asked why are they still being sold? Her response, “We can’t pull them off the shelf.” They jeans at the Gap are not cheap. She offered 20% off and free shipping. Not good enough. I bought my son four pairs of pants at the Gap recently and the sales person also acknowledged that the women’s skinny jeans tear. I would expect better customer service regarding this matter.

    • I I have the SAME PROBLEM with the Gap skinny jeans. The quality is terrible and NOT at all what I expect from THE GAP. I’m going to try and bring mine back to the store. The skinny jeans are tearing!!!

  6. Today we attempted to shop at the Castleton store
    in Indianapolis. We were not greeted…one clerk was busy with a customer at the checkout and continued to chat with other associates. My husband and I helped ourselves and had to wait while the same checkout associate helped several new arrivals at the desk.
    He was finally directed to the fitting room by a harried and poorly dressed manager. After a couple of feeble service efforts by a female associate we waited again at the checkout while the same associate helped someone else. We finally had it…left our items at the desk and went to Eddie Bauer where we received excellent customer service and spent over two hundred dollars. We will NOT be visiting that store again.

  7. You need to use some of the money you make and update your web site. Gap kids freezes up everytime I try to order from it and I have used different computers. This has been on going since before christmas.

    • Ok now I’m happy it wasn’t just me. ALL of their websites are freezing (including old navy). If their goal is to to prevent customers from shopping, they’re doing a great job at that!!!

      I’m taking my business elsewhere

  8. I bought my daughter four pair of school uniform pants from the GAP. They were more expensive than other stores and I have bought several pairs of khakis from there for myself. Every pair has a whole in both of the knees, I got patches on them and the hole reappears. She has other uniform pants from JC penny’s, sports academy, and dillards and there is no hole in any of them. I went to the GAP for quality and that’s not what I received!!

  9. Terrible service at gap kids in exton mall. After buying full price items totaling over a hundred dollars one would expect at the very least tissue paper. Was told they were out of gift boxes.

  10. I LOVE Gap (and Old Navy) customer service. Every single interaction I have had has been superb. When an order was returned (in error, by my PO) as “undeliverable, I received a call from Customer Service to inform me and arrange for another delivery. Gap did it right, the USPS messed up. Items arrive quickly, refunds are expedited, exchanges easily handled. And the clothes are a great value.

    • OMG

      i make a payment using automated pay by phone and i even got confirmation and thank you.
      so i don’t understand they turn around and said not received.
      please fix your system.

      like they always tell us they monitor and recorded our phone call its about time some one to hear it and improve the service.



  11. I’m a very upset customer right now and anyone out there who uses the automated pay by phone make sure your payment is taken don’t go by the confirmation number because I be been paying getting a conf.# and thinking it was PD to find out it didn’t go through to the bank and comes back back as insufficient funds which I never found out about till I was informed because of such thing they be closed my account really upsets me really liked the gap store did all my grandkids shopping there until now.. Could still go there with cash but I liked the deals you got as a card holder really a shame they do this to people

  12. To all of you who pay by phone your bill make sure that it is really getting paid because it doesn’t matter if they give you a conformation # it doesn’t mean its been taken out of your account right than I though it was and until several months later I go use my card to be informed that it has been closed because evidently all the times I’ve paid by phone AND got a conf.# it was not taken out of my account and for that reason I would go by my BAL. and do other things and it would come back insufficient funds and never told about it until my card got closed sorry to say I really liked that store and sure you can still shop there but you don’t get the extra perks like when you have a card so I won’t be shopping there again just a warning on using their auto mated system it SUCKS!!!!”” Have a great day….

  13. I have a problem with Gap. Online store. I place a order Now not only did my order take a extra 2days to get to me. I got no invoice with it. I called customer service only to be told they can not help me. I was told I have to email the request to them. So I did. Again being told they can not do that. I ask what happens if I need to exchange something or make in-store return. Was advise that I would not be able to do either in-store. I ask what if I want to return something by mail I don’t have invoice. Will just write a note explaining that you didn’t get a invoice. WELL, Why DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT. I have called SFO office. Spoken to customer realtions and still no one can print off my invoice. And they think offering me 20.00 off or 10 precent off my next purchase is going to make me happy. I want is what I should have gotten in the 1st place a invoice copy of my charges. Customer even told me that if I try to take it back to the store that if what I purchase is on sale they would only be able to give back that price. WHAT? Why are they making me work so hard for it. I gave you my money, now give my recipt. Thats all I want. And in todays world of computer and everything it can do, I don’t know why they can not print a copy and sent it to me. For three days now, all am hearing is, we can’t do that. Am sorry, but we do appreciate your business, but I can’t help you. So here take this 20.00 off to use on your next purchase on-line. REALLY. So sad, customer service is just died.

  14. I went to the Gap store in Plymouth Meeting PA in early May, trying to buy a birthday gift for my grandaughter. I was struggling to put a few outfits together that a 7 yr old would like and was going to walk out of the store totally frustrated. I was approached by Nateria there who was so incredibly helpful!!! I was pressed for time but within minutes selections were made. I then went to the check out where Veron wrapped everything with the utmost care. My presents were ready to go and looked great. Needless to say the birthday girl LOVED her presents.
    With employees like that, no wonder the Gap is so popular. I will certainly go back again…and I certainly appreciate their turning my almost walking out into such a positive shopping experience. Please recognize their efforts in some way.
    Deborah Bianco
    Philadelphia PA

  15. I recently visited your store in Austin and I wanted to purchase several pairs of cargo pants for men. Not a single pair in the store, just skinny/slim fit pants. I use to love the Gap, but the last few times I have been in your store I have walked out without purchasing anything. The lack of selection in your store probably explains the lack of customers in the store while the rest of the mall was extremely busy. By the way I found a good selection of cargo pants at Dillard’s.

  16. I bought four items for my niece’s birthday but they were too small and I tried returning them. The customer service was horrible I will never go here again.

  17. My shopping experience at the Gap, Fayette Mall, Lexington, Ky on Saturday, November 30, 2013 was the most frustrating, ridiculous shopping experience I have EVER had. The problem manifested when I requested to use my Banana Republic Credit Card to pay for the purchase. I did not have the card in hand, but had my social security number ready available for account look up. Needless to say, 45 minutes later, after many insane, idiotic conversations with the credit card intermediary as well as multiple personnel at the store, I left the store, thankfully without totally losing all semblance of decency, since I had my granddaughter with me.
    I had a $10 reward, that I wanted to use but could not, without charging to the card, yet was told they could not find me in the system. Once we finally reached someone who could speak English that both the clerk and I could understand, the transaction was completed. 45 minutes of embarassment. I kept saying just give me the reward back and forget it, but she kept insisting she would GET THIS fIXED. I came home, determined never to even enter the store that has extreme management inefficiency as well as a system that apparently is fraught with more problems than even the affirdable health care system. No humor intended. They kept insisting I must not have used my card in over a year and it had been closed apparently. I said, no it was used on September 7, 2013, and because of that, I received the reward in the mail.. All I want to do is use the reward. I came home, used my on line ID and password to log into the credit card account. The account immediately came up so I decided to pay the balance and cancel the card. However, when trying to do that, I got the message the account was not valid. Needless to say, after another 30 minutes on the phone this morning with the credit card company, they were able to find I really am a person with a credit card account in good standing.
    ABSURD!!!!! Deal or no deal, the odds of my continuing to maintain a Gap or banana republic card is zero.

  18. I am in earnest! I love the older style of the sexy boyfriend jean. The cut was perfect for a girl who went to college in the 70’s and has put on a few pounds! The style number is: 249284001. If any of these older styles are available in a 12 or 14 regular, I’ll take them all!

  19. I have been purchasing gap clothing for more than 20 yrs. One of my favorite purchases is your cotton men’s tee shirts. over the last couple of years I must own about 12 different colors.
    Several say 4 have had serious wear problems. lt blue and hea gray have completely lost their color (never use bleach) and most of them have opened seams on the shoulders and frayed badly at the neck and cuff. I have not had the problem with your old navy brand which I bought on a trip and needed some extra clothing.
    Since your tee shirts are not cheap( I usually buy them 2 for $24)

  20. I purchased from Piper Lime the LARKIN, embellished, printed maxi-dress, indigo tile print. The dress arrived with one of the buttons which form the “necklace” missing. I do not want to go through all the rigamarole of returning the dress for a single button/pearl. After a long time trying to get to a human being, I was connected with someone who could not seem to understand the problem. I was told that no extra button could be provided.

    I consider this to be pathetic service and probably will not order again

    Ann Cochran Heywood

  21. I HAVE SPENT OVER THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AT THE GAP STORE. UNTIL RECENTLY, I WAS TREATED VERY WELL. THIS TIME, THE 20% OFF DISCOUNT YOU RECEIVE WHEN YOU FILL OUT “HOW YOU WERE TREATED” HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT, IT ONLY HAD BRIBES/PURCHASES TO ENHANCE YOU. I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND ONE THING THE QUESTIONNAIRE ASKED AND i AM A COLLEGE Grad as is my husband when I asked him. He said you were just trying to have me buy more stuff and as to the questionnaire I am used to from taking for the last 25 years did not exist at all. My question is what did you do to the simple 15-20 questions pertaining to the store and the sales person, whom I found out was just a scammer for Gap to get more Gap visa cards. Which I will pay off immediately and never go to the Gap again due to my horrible experience and all the lying the girl “Emma” per your training used on me. My husband says I am to honest and to trust worthy, I don’t think that is a bad thing. You, the Gap used it against me. Shame on me.

  22. While placing an order today for my grandson’s uniform pants and shorts I encountered many problems/obstacles. As I was completing my order I was not allowed to enter a 25% disc. code, choose how I wanted to make payment or choose the correct mailing destination. Via my email, I learned that my order was place to be deliver to the wrong address and without the 25% disc. code. I immediately called your customer service number so I could change the delivery address and add the 25% disc. code. I was told that my order would be cancelled and would have to be reordered in order to make the necessary changes. The woman who took charge of this did not know what she was doing. This was definitely not a good time for me to deal with her (grandchildren in tow) but I wanted the correct mailing address on the order. The first order number was TTJ4RLH which I later learned from a very helpful gentlemen named Carlos was an incorrect number. I now have two orders coming to my home address. Carlos took his time and was very patient. Hopefully I will receive both orders in a timely manner at the correct address with correct amounts charged to my account. I just checked my email for confirmations and one order was confirmed thru Piperlime – confusing – Yes! The other half of the order will be confirmed soon – hopefully. Not a good ending to my day.

  23. On April 10 in the Pasadena store, I had great help from Eric Choi at check out. He was friendly, reminded me of the savings and sales, and gave me a card to use this month! I went into buy five t shirts for my husband and also received assistance from another man finding them.

  24. Sorry…Order canceled product is currently sold
    OK to want free shipping
    And Ordering and additional discount of 45% has occurred immediately
    Please add arson before shipping discounts
    Quick response, thank you

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