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Contacting The Baltimore Sun Customer Service Center

Contacting The Baltimore Sun Customer Service Center

The history of The Baltimore Sun span more than 175 years. The newspaper started out reporting information to residents of the Baltimore/Washington D.C area. Throughout the history of the company, the main goal was to provide newsworthy information to all. In the late 1980’s, The Baltimore Sun was sold to the parent company of the Los Angeles Times. Even though the paper changed hands, the mission remained the same. If you need to contact the customer service department or the corporate offices, reach out by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available to assist customers Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to noon, EST. During the holidays, the customer service department is available 7am to 10pm.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-829-8000
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-410-332-6000
  • Subscriptions: 1-888-539-1280
  • Digital Subscriptions: 1-410-332-6807
  • Advertising: 1-410-332-6300
  • Classifieds: 1-410-539-7700
  • Community Newspaper: 1-410-884-4600
  • Newsroom: 1-410-332-6100

Mailing Address

The Baltimore Sun501 N. Calvert StreetBaltimore, MD 21278


The Baltimore SunP.O. Box 1377Baltimore, MD 21278

Official Website

Customers visiting The Baltimore Sun website have the opportunity to read the hot topics of the day, search through archived articles, read local, state, national and global news. There is contact information for the customer service department as well as featured columnists. If you are not a current subscriber, you can subscribe for the print edition or the digital edition online. In the event you have additional concerns relating to the newspaper or online edition, visit The Baltimore Sun FAQs.

Social Media

There is a wealth of information shared on the social media pages of The Baltimore Sun. What we did not notice was conversations between customer service and customers. There were a minimal conversations and the average response time was more than three (3) business days.

Customer Service Email

The Baltimore Sun provides several email addresses on the website. We sent a message using the general customer service email address. Our message centered on transferring a subscription to another person. Although the automated response system stated we would receive a response from customer service within 48 hours, we are still awaiting a response.

Customer Service:

Digital Subscriptions:

Customer Feedback:,0,4687630.emailform

Sun Insider:

Sun Plus:

Our Experience

Customers can connect with the customer service department by waiting on hold or pressing zero (0) to reach an operator. We waited on hold for approximately three (3) minutes prior to the customer service agent answering our call. After the wait, we discussed the subscription options for customers not living in the delivery area. The customer service agent explained the available options and ended the call. The experience was mixed. The call to the customer service center went well, but the other ways customers can reach a live agent are not efficient. What are your thoughts about The Baltimore Sun? Comment below.

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3 Comments on “Contact The Baltimore Sun Customer Service
  1. I called to cancel my dad’s subscription to the Sun. I waited on hold for 38 minutes. Finally got a customer service rep. He wanted to know why my dad wanted to stop the delivery. I told him my dad could not see the print and couldn’t even read the statement. He then wanted me to take over my dad’s subscription. I informed him that I just wasted 38 minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone that the customer service stinks. I did not want to hear a sales pitch. The customer service
    rep then slammed the phone in my ear thus proving that the customer service is well below average.

  2. I’m so disgusted with service from the Sun. I subscribe to the USA Today, Aegis and Baltimore Sun. I was employed by the Sun many yrs. ago.. I did not receive my USA Today Mon.. I did not receive all three papers this morning. I’ve called the so called “Customer Advocate”, left message and received return call from your outsourced phone system. I wanted a return call by the local office, not India. They are of no value, I don’t want to get a credit. I want my papers. No one seems to know if the same delivery person delivers all three papers or USA Today is a separate delivery person. I refuse to read my newspaper online. I guess the Advocacy Dept., is a Customer Advocate in name only. I shouldn’t have to take a good portion of my day, trying to get what I’m paying for. This is a prime example of why the printed media is suffering, bad service; from the delivery to the advocate’s office.

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