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Contacting Terminix Customer Service Center

Terminix is a pest control company that provides products and services for residential homes and commercial buildings. The company specializes in termites, general home pests and bed bugs. You can contact Terminix for a free consultation complete with an estimate cost for service. This consultation is available by appointment only.

Terminix is more than just a pest control business, however. There are other businesses working under the same main company as Terminix, including Merry Maids, TruGreen, ServiceMaster, American Home Shield and FurnitureMedic.

Contact Info:

Terminix has different contact information for residential and commercial accounts. Both are listed below so customers have access to the best contact information no matter what type of account they have with Terminix.

Phone Contact Numbers

A customer service representative is available at the one and only Terminix phone number we could find.

  • Terminix Customer Service: 1-866-319-6147
  • Commercial Customer Service: 1-901-766-1247
  • Commercial Fax: 1-907-766-1210

Mailing Address

We were surprised to find that Terminix is an international company, so the address we’ve provided here is for the main corporate office.

Terminix Corporate 860 Ridge Lake Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120

If you have an account with the Terminix Commercial Division, use the following mailing address.

Terminix Commercial Division Management

860 Ride Lake Blvd

Memphis, TN 38120

Official Website

Your official Terminix website is available at http://www.terminix.com. Visitors can learn more about the services provided by Terminix, request a free in-home consultation or register for account access to manage their Terminix service online. These options are available for both residential and commercial customers.

Customer Service Email

Terminix allows customers to contact the service department using the contact form. You will need to fill in your account number to send the form. If you don’t know your account number you can look on a current bill or call customer service for other account verification options.

We sent an email to the customer service department asking for information relating to ridding a location of a specific pest. The automated response stated we should receive a response within 1 business day.

Our Experience

The customer hotline features several options directing customers to the appropriate department. We selected 0 to expedite our call to the customer service department. When the agent answered the call after approximately 3 minutes, we asked if the chemical agent was safe around small children and pets. We were assured the chemical were safe, but the company recommends vacating the home for a minimum of four hours after the initial treatment.

Considering the question dealt with such a sensitive topic, we are glad the representative gave us an honest answer. How did your call to the customer service turn out? Do you have a moment to leave a comment below?

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12 Comments on “Contact Terminix Customer Service
  1. I made an appointment to start quarterly service started for my home. I made this appointment a week ago online and received 2 conformation emails that we were good to go for this morning, 6-29-13 between 8-10 am. I received a call at 9am stating that there was no service tech in my area. Isn’t that what an appointment is for? I stayed an extra day to go on vacation to wait for terminex this morning. I understand if someone calls off or is late but to tell me that no one is in the area? That’s a lack of customer respect for the customer. I made this appointment a week ago. I also run a large business with more then 100 employees and currently use terminex, but with customer service like this I am going to pull my business from the commercial terminex too.
    I’m sure this complaint will fall on deaf ears but I felt like your company should know about a lost of a residential and commercial customer.

    Thank you

  2. We have bed bugs & our rooms were treated on July 25 & August 14th. I have questions but when the guy calls too broke up. Please email how long I need to keep clothes, pictures, books, & all of our items in black trash bags including dvds

  3. Horrible. !! I cancelled my service before I moved and obviously they did not remember they talked to me and now 6 months after I moved they have sent me a statement that I am late!!! I CANCELLED my service and obviously they do not understand cancel

  4. Service techs did not show up for scheduled appointments. I am very irate customer and would like to terminate service.

  5. I am quite perplexed about Terminix and its overall competence. I received an EMail from you a few days ago indicating that you were coming this Sunday March 23rd. This struck me as being a bit odd so I called Terminix to verify that you actually mean’t Sunday. I was told that some offices actually work on Sunday. I accepted this at face value and expected someone from Terminix on Sunday. Today I get this EMail asking me what I thought about your service on Wednesday the 19th. I did not even know you were here Wednesday so it would be difficult to give you an opinion. The only opinion I can formulate is that you are not very good at advising customers when you will be at their homes.

  6. I have had the same service tech for over a year.Rachel is excellent. Rachel knows exaclty what to do. She always promt and handles herself in a very professional manner.If I see i have any problem between services she always returns and takes care of whatever is needed. Rachel is very through and has a great work ethic, I am extremely pleased with the service she provides

  7. To Termimix the house that my Grand Childern reside in 1517 Onipaa St.Is beening tented and poisionous mist is beening sprayed into the house.

  8. I bought a home that had a termite contract. Had an appointment to check for termite damage. No one showed. Went to local office got no satisfaction. Made another appointment and got to the home 2hours before appointment. After they did not show I called and found out they said had come out and checked earlier in week. Left no communication they had been there.also said no termite damage in area on Area in question. I also want told they do not pay for repair of damage they just treat. What good is the insurance if they don’t back up there service. What a ripoff. These people need to be shut down. My experience in mena are. My cost of repair around 30000 so far

  9. I called Terminix because I received a “we want you back” offer in the mail. Well I guess they didn’t want me back enough because after waiting most of my day for them to show up I finally called at 5pm and was told they were there but no one was home. Turns out they were given the incorrect address. I repeated my address at 3 times when making the appointment. When the manager finally called, 5 days later, I told them I want to compensated for them wasting my day, I was told I was already being given a discount and the lady manager was quite rude and kept changing the story for the charges. I told her I didn’t want to do business with such a disorganized business. 1 week later two men show up at my door from terminix to do a termite inspection. I never made this appointment and told them my experience. This one gentleman told me he would call his manager and see what he could do. 4 days later I call this rep and he says he will call his manager right then, the manager is in a meeting and calls me the next day. When I tell him experience, he flat out tells me what do you want me to do. Kinda rude, so I say I want the service and the $77.00 charge for the first visit, he tells me he will see what he can do. That was 7 days ago, still no call. Most unprofessional group of business people……don’t do business with them. Terminix you are terminated!

  10. Terminex solicited at my door to sell mosquito bait treatment.
    I had and still have a horrible mosquito problem. The service
    for the bait was guaranteed to help with 90% of the problem but
    there was absolutely no difference in the mosquito problem. I have called three times to request a refund, and I am told their newsworthy guarantee does not apply to this service and it would need to be approved by the local manager who has never called me back after I made three attempts. How can Terminex not stand behind their warranty/guarantee after advertising it on national television and it is even on their own recording.

  11. Customer: HAMMER, SUSAN

    Customer #:9671943

    I contacted your company, Terminix, to remove the bats from my home. I called about incorrect billing right away, since your website says I owed 2495.00, which you transmitted to SMAC. However, I had already made two payments and both your customer service person, and SMAC confirmed that only 1995.00 was owed. However, neither of the 2 payments made it to SMAC, so now they show my payment as LATE. A few days after this call, a bat was in my LIVING ROOM apparently the Bat removal only, DID NOT work. My husband and myself called more than 15 times over 3 days, trying to get someone to help. You do understand they carry RABIES. We were put off more than a dozen times. Finally a supervisor called saying he’d call back, HE NEVER DID, and still no help for the bat in the house. Two more bats were found, one on the deck and one on the deck cover. More bats are inside. I am invoking the guarantee, and want a full refund of the money sent. A complaint has already been filed with the BBB and we have been assured that since nothing you did corrected the problem, we have a full right to the refund. SMAC has said that they will stop requesting money from me once you have handled things on your end. You did not send them the corrected bill, you did not remove the bats the first or the 2nd time, I had do it. Your customer service has been less helpful than any company your size should tolerate. Total sent to Terminix for services $590.15. Total service rendered 0

    Today is August 27, I will expect a check within two weeks.

    Susan Hammer-Cantrell

    customer number listed above.

    Today is October 3, 2014

    The Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee is the strongest in the business. We’re committed to defending your home against pests and termites. Because it’s your house, not theirs. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.


  12. I contacted Terminix back in March of this year,threw online just to find out how much it would cost to come out and do a service. A week later with no call to let me know how much it would cost, I had a Terminix worker at my house saying I had set up a date and time< (this day) for them to spray my house. Anyways, I was very aggravated at this point but I accepted the service for that day and paid on scene. After he put out traps, he tells me that he would have to come back in a week and spray. Still don't know why he had to wait a week to come back but oh well. I paid in full and he assured me that the problem would be taken care of…. Well of course it was not. I had to call him back in 3 weeks and schedule another visit in witch I again paid in full, even paying a $10.00 credit because the terminix man didn't have change! I didn't call him back in a few weeks or a month, I was done with there services. The Terminix man called me back in a month and a half, left several messages for him to come back. Finally he just shows up at my house and my father in law told him we no longer needed his services. End on problem right??? Well I got rid of our bug problem myself by buying store brand spray! And today I receive a bill saying I owe $63.00 for canceling your services!!!! Oh minus $10.00 that I had over paid because your service guy couldn't make change!??? I want a full refund of any money I paid! This is ridiculous!!!!!! Your service man never got rid of my insect problem…. I did!!!! I feel like I have been harassed from the beginning to take your services and now I am being harassed for stopping your services with you asking me to send you more money. No more! If I don't receive a full refund, my husband a Sheriff's Deputy for this county will be contacting a lawyer. Get your facts straight and start treating people with respect. If you cant do that, at least start doing your job right or get better employees. If you cant do any of that right, at least give people there hard earned money back for services unrendered!!!! 11/09/2014

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