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Contacting TD Bank Customer Service Center

TD Bank claims to be the most convenient bank in the US. We’re not sure how convenient the bank is, but we are sure it is one of the largest with more than 1,000 locations on the east coast. In addition to personal banking, TD Bank also offers insurance and wealth management.

Contact Info

Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find a customer service phone number for TD Bank on the official bank website, but we were able to find a general customer service number off the site that works perfectly.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-751-9000
  • Customer Service #2: 1-800-YES-2000
  • Insurance: 1-877-685-2506
  • Investments and Institutional Trust: 1-866-235-1248
  • Customer Security Center: 1-800-893-8554
  • Executive Office Maine: 1-800-462-3666
  • Executive Office New Jersey: 1-888-751-9000

Mailing Address

TD Bank, N.A. – Executive Office
Two Portland Square
P.O. Box 9540
Portland, MA 04112-9540

TD Bank, N.A. – Executive Office
1701 Route 70 East
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Official Website

TD Bank is a major financial services provider on the east coast. If you have a local TD Bank and you want to learn more about the bank and services provided, you can visit the TD Bank official website at This site is also the access point for your online banking account if you are already a TD Bank customer.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email department is available to answer customer emails, but only if you use the contact form on the TD Bank website. The contact form appears on a secure page, but that doesn’t mean you can share personal financial information in the email. Make sure to only include the basic question or contact the customer service department by phone. Most banks will not reveal account specific information in an email.

There is no email address, but you can send a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Our Experience

Considered as “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, TD Bank has some work to do. The first message we encountered stated customers would have to wait approximately 6 minutes. Although we waited, not every customer has the time to wait. When we finally spoke with a customer service representative, they appeared to be agitated. It appeared as if our questions served as an inconvenience. We asked if we could still bank with the company in the event we relocated out of state.

The representative explained online banking the ideal option. Customers should never feel as if they are put on the backburner. Did TD Bank not live up to its reputation of world-class customer service? Share your thoughts below.

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11 Comments on “Contact TD Bank Customer Service
  1. We have been collecting $50.00 bills as we get money into our account.We use this for employee gifts and granchildren gifts for Christmas. Each time I go into the bank I ask for gift envelopes–not available !!!!
    Today I was told they will not get any more.
    We currently have 7 different accounts with you plus a paid up LOC. Perhaps you spent too much on renovations and should have ordered more gift envelopes. I could use 12 if you are able to find them somewhere. I have never had this problem before.

  2. I wanted to commend Mr.Juan Fuentes, Branch Manager at the TD Bank on Silverside Road,Wilmington, DE, for going above and beyond with his customer service.
    I went to TD because I needed a document notArized and
    it was 5:30 p.m.not realizing the lobby had closed at 5:00 p.m… Mr. Fuentes was leaving work for the day and the employee behind him locked the doors.
    He apologized for the bank being closed but suggested that I use the drive-thru window that was still open.
    I explained I needed a document notarized so they would not be able to assist.
    He had the employee inside re-open the doors took me inside and notarized the document.

  3. This bank is supposed to be convenient but I find that they suck. When I call in the person on the phone keeps asking me multiple questions to confirm my identity, then they ask more questions, more than any other bank I have dealt with. I have other accounts so I have closed all of my TD ones. They bought out my local bank anyways so screw them.

  4. Sir/Madam, lam trying to collect information about the possibility of investing in Dominion Bank’s mutual funds. Unfortunately, l have not been able to link up with you via email. Please kindly let me have your functioning email address because it is the most convenient and secure medium of communication for me. Thank you.

  5. Hi my name is paris goff jr and im sorry to say but I will no longer be a customer of your bank for the following reasons: on the day of Saturday I had the most horrific time of my life at your Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township Bank location first it started when I try to withdraw from my bank account at your Atlantic City branch and I was rudely approached by your manager Tara Hill she accuse me of stealing someone’s account and took my ATM card and told me I would not receive it back she disrespect me in front of customers by calling me thief and and speaking in a very inappropriate tone in front of customers and did not try to resolve the situation by giving me the benefit of the doubt and taking the time to look into the situation to get a handle so for that great inconvenience I had to ride all the way to echo Harbor Township branch where the manager there Courtney Turner call the cops on me after I sat down explain to her calmly what situation that happened to me at the Atlantic City branch I was once again embarrassed in front of a room for customers where I was accused of stealing someone’s account once again because of your managers racially profiling be before giving me an opportunity to explain my situation after the cop decide to give me the benefit of the doubt and want to look more into the situation he for fourth of the manager to call the Gloucester branch where the employees that did my paperwork calmly explain that he had made a mistake I think this situation could have been handled a little more professionally being as though I spoke to two managers and as that is the point of there position to take a situation and come up with a resolution to the customer satisfaction instead of a racially profiling him or her because we trust that are bank will treat us with respect and dignity if there is any reason that I should have to be contact to provide proof of occurrence of the situation I can be reached Thank You

  6. AMERICAS LEAST CONVENIENT BANK is more like it! Getting a mortgage with a 800+ credit rating is a nightmare….just try to get someone to call back (to get questions answered)from the Maine office.You get a standardized email sent to all mortgage apps.
    We made the mistake of applying for a small Equity loan (we have 70% of our home paid off). It was as if the Maine office never heard of us. Extremely slow to get any info, mounds of paperwork, not one thing that could be called CONVENIENT! After 30 days, still not sure of the status our application.
    Bill Looby at our Greenville, SC office great! Unfortunately, it stops there.

  7. Not only did they misrepresent their commercial of “treating people like people”, but BANKING HUMAN is a total sham. Went from 3 different reps. to a supervisor who sounded like a recording of knowing my last transaction. I needed checks. I didn’t need a million dollars. I could provide my name , address, social security number, special answer to security questions, but not appropriate to get 200 checks. This message should be shown to all prospective and current TD banking clients. What an awful way to treat a client after waiting 6 mins. Sue, Tim, Jeff and manager Shawn from Va. should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to provide humanity and customer service. Still trying to get to executive offices in Cherry Hill, NJ.

  8. the worst bank ever tellers are not trained and mistake are always made i’m leaving this week. 300w 125 is the worst of them but i’m sure there is more

  9. I had fraudulant activity on my account 5 times in the same day. I live in Bear, Delaware and someone took large amounts of money from my account on 1/23/2015 in Baldwin, New York and also Homestead, New York. Four of the transactions were made at a Wallgreens in Baldwin, New York and one at the Staples in Homestead, New York. The total amount was around $1800. I am very much upset that a RED FLAG didn’t go up in your fraud department after the first $400 Walgreen transaction. But no three more large transactions followed the same day all at the Wallgreens. Then the Staples transaction also the same day. I also have an account with Susquehanna Bank and when some one tried to use that card for $690 they quickly declined the purchase and contacted me on New Years Day. I feel that a HUGE injustice was made to me and also a LARGE inconvenience as my mortgage payment will bounce not to mention the period of time that it will take to be re-imbursed.

  10. I purchased a laptop and when I did, it said that if I apply for the credit card, I would not have payments for 6 months. I called to clear things up with them after 5 months.

    I called customer service, that rep said not their department and they sent me to account services. That rep was rude, accusatory and belittling. She told me to call the computer dealer and ask for a supervisor.

    I did and that resulted in “not their issue” and they could nto see the offers that were on their web site. That supervisor got me to the credit department.

    That rep indicated that I had to talk with the customer service department. The place I first called. She transferred me there and that rep saw the account and immediately transferred me to account services where the call was dropped. I called back and ended up with the same rude rep I talked to before. She again was rude and belittling. I asked for a supervisor and was sent to a voice mail. No one called back or left voice mail.

    Called back a couple days later and got a supervisor who indicated she would waive the interest but was cold and uncaring.

    One representative apologized but she could not help me. The supervisor did not apologize for the difficulty. No one offered to research and no one acknowledged any concern whatsoever.

    I will never do business with them again and will share my experience on social media since they just reached into my wallet for an extra $130.

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