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Contacting TBS Customer Service Center

TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) is a communications company founded in 1979 by Ted Turner. The company is a part of Time Warner and broadcast channels, including, TCM, truTV, Boomerang, Adult Swim, cartoon Network, TNT, HLN and CNN.

Contact Info:

When you have a question or concern for the customer service team, a representative can be reached by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media. The customer service team is available Monday Through Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Office: 1-404-827-1700

Mailing Address

TBSOne CNN CenterAtlanta, Georgia 30303

Official Website

Customers visiting the TBS website http://www.tbs.com/ have the opportunity to review the current lineup of show and view past shows on the website. You can also view clips and behind the scenes footage of your favorite TBS shows. If you want branded merchandise, there is a portal leading you to the online store.

Social Media

If you have questions and post them on the social media pages of TBS, the customer service team has answers. We found several customers questions on the pages and appropriate responses from the customer service department. When you have difficulty reaching an agent through other means, we recommend using the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Customer Service Email

When we visited the TBS website, we noticed there was only two customer service email addresses; one for media inquires and the other pertaining to the online shop. We sent a message to the online shop and asked for information relating to seasonal returns. We wanted to know if the return policy was the same as merchandise purchased after the holiday. We will inform you of the results of our inquiry when the customer service team responds.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer support team was great. We encountered the standard automated system, but were surprised when we were able to speak to a live agent in less than 2 minutes. The automated system provided an option, 0, to connect with the agent. After selecting the appropriate option, there was no wait time. The conversation lasted approximately 4 minutes from start to finish. At the end, we can say all of our concerns were addressed. We like the customer service team at TBS. Can you say the say regarding your customer service experience? Share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comment section below.

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19 Comments on “Contact TBS Customer Service
  1. This station has a lot of good shows. But the voice track is always way off. It is a total problem if you want to watch a show. Sometimes you can be watching a show and no problem then right in the middle of it it the voice track is out of wack. Wish they would fix it

  2. There is no valid reason Keith Oberman should hold any job in broadcasting, let alone on an established channel like yours. Please let me know when you have righted this.

  3. Rays vs Indians. Very annoying sound affect being used every time the catcher receives the ball or the batter hits it. Sounds very fake and it needs to be taken off. It’s obvious the are trying to enhance the sound but it is horrible. Please remove in future playoff games.


  4. I would like to comment on the horrible play by play announcers calling game one of the Dodgers @ Braves. I have heard better commentating in the men’s restroom. Damn get chip and Joe

  5. I am watching the Dodger/Braves on your network, this is California time, before 8:00. You are running a viagra commercial and I have my grandkids watching the game. INAPPROPRIATE for kids still up watching the playoff game. I don’t care how much $$ they pay you, think about your own young kids, Think about it, Please.

  6. Really announcers for Tampa Bay vs Boston couldn’t be more bias – who is giving them their paychecks ??? Is it Tampa Bay or TBS?????

  7. What an idiot calling Beltran-Holiday on an out….Why do we have to put up with jerks.
    Keith Oberman is a joke…get him off the pregame.

  8. Playoff announcers are the worst they don’t get players names correct. They say Fly ball to right Holiday under it for the out. Gee Holiday is the white guy over in left field where he always plays. Also Wainright is the Cardnials ace not the Covers. They didn’t do their homework on the teams worst announcing job I have erer seen and I seen Brett Musburger announce.

  9. Yes, Keith Oberman is an intelligent man. Yes, we all know he is a flaming liberal and has been fired from every job he’s had because he’s an obnoxious know it all. I really liked him when he started at ESPN because he is smart and was different than the rest of them. But his one man, aren’t I brilliant performance on TBS makes me want to puke. One of the most insufferable assholes of all time.

  10. the baseball games should be on regular tv! it is america’s national past time but if you don’t have cable you can’t watch it. LAME!

  11. Have to say the announcers you have calling the NLCS are just awful. Not knowing a player’s name or stats is one thing, but their commentary is so pro-Dodgers, its not even funny. It wouldn’t kill them to throw a compliment the Cardinals’ way every now & then. They had the best record in baseball this season, they’ve been to the post season more than any other team since 2000 & they’re leading the series! Give them some credit! If you’re gonna host the best of the best in baseball, you should get some better announcers. Not a fan.

  12. I was watching Conan about a week ago, and then this weird, quirky guy came on. I wasn’t really paying attention until I saw the monologue. Where did you get this guy?! He’s hilarious. I’ve been watching every show to see if I would get tired of it, but I’ve actually been liking it more and more. Pete Holmes is awesome after Conan. Conan gets celebrity and athlete interviews and it’s very structured, but what’s fantastic about the Pete Holme’s show is that his guests are his friends or people he admires – and there is no book, tv show, or movie to promote. It’s a very refreshing style of late night. I hope you guys keep the show on because it got me really enjoying late night again. Conan was getting a little too serious and drab, but the Pete Holmes show makes both Conan and his show more refreshing.

  13. I love TBS! It has so many of my favorite shows. But, just one suggestion. Maybe you could have more news shows in the morning. Instead of putting a rerun of another show on i would prefer a news show. Other than that, I love TBS!

  14. What crap fills the air waves these days, with the show “Mom” being just one more example. I sat back and watched a bit of “Mom” this evening, and was disgusted by all the lame humor. I’m sick and tired of all pro-homo, pro-drug and pro-sex crap being pushed today. It’s clear that the big boys (or girls) at TBS must be a bunch of full grown infants with poop on their brains to air this kind of trash.

  15. Im really upset that u took the show Are we there yet off weekdays@ 8am.. that was my favorite show..any chance in it returning?

  16. Ive seen the same 15 or so episodes of Big bang theory at least 3 times in the last month or so. Im about sick of the same ones over and over and over. When are you gonna show some of the other episodes?

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