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TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) is a communications company founded in 1979 by Ted Turner. The company is a part of Time Warner and broadcast channels, including, TCM, truTV, Boomerang, Adult Swim, cartoon Network, TNT, HLN and CNN.

Contact Info:

When you have a question or concern for the customer service team, a representative can be reached by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media. The customer service team is available Monday Through Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Office: 1-404-827-1700

Mailing Address

TBSOne CNN CenterAtlanta, Georgia 30303

Official Website

Customers visiting the TBS website http://www.tbs.com/ have the opportunity to review the current lineup of show and view past shows on the website. You can also view clips and behind the scenes footage of your favorite TBS shows. If you want branded merchandise, there is a portal leading you to the online store.

Social Media

If you have questions and post them on the social media pages of TBS, the customer service team has answers. We found several customers questions on the pages and appropriate responses from the customer service department. When you have difficulty reaching an agent through other means, we recommend using the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Customer Service Email

When we visited the TBS website, we noticed there was only two customer service email addresses; one for media inquires and the other pertaining to the online shop. We sent a message to the online shop and asked for information relating to seasonal returns. We wanted to know if the return policy was the same as merchandise purchased after the holiday. We will inform you of the results of our inquiry when the customer service team responds.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer support team was great. We encountered the standard automated system, but were surprised when we were able to speak to a live agent in less than 2 minutes. The automated system provided an option, 0, to connect with the agent. After selecting the appropriate option, there was no wait time. The conversation lasted approximately 4 minutes from start to finish. At the end, we can say all of our concerns were addressed. We like the customer service team at TBS. Can you say the say regarding your customer service experience? Share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comment section below.

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98 Comments on “Contact TBS Customer Service
  1. This station has a lot of good shows. But the voice track is always way off. It is a total problem if you want to watch a show. Sometimes you can be watching a show and no problem then right in the middle of it it the voice track is out of wack. Wish they would fix it

    • I agree with Baltimore-bias and ED commercials. Ugh! But if it was Ron Darling with Johnson on the KC games, I enjoyed the games on TV more than I have in many years. The comments and analysis of the game I love, played and coach were spot on. The only thing better was the day I heard McCarver was retiring from announcing. Good job TBS, and thank you.

    • Can everyone pray all blk sitcom, dramas and films on all blk networks so we can find them. Can everybody pray on black entertainment its got hate, severe discuss on it. I Only watch blk stuff lately extreme offensive feeling, distaste, turned off if it doesnt ha ve prayer on it. LMN network gives you a calm, serene,, euphoric, analgelic flow of heavenly peace. Give interracial couples blk men and their different species their own network. Far away from tradition bible believer. Interracial hate is Chasing me all over 10,000 channels.

  2. There is no valid reason Keith Oberman should hold any job in broadcasting, let alone on an established channel like yours. Please let me know when you have righted this.

  3. Rays vs Indians. Very annoying sound affect being used every time the catcher receives the ball or the batter hits it. Sounds very fake and it needs to be taken off. It’s obvious the are trying to enhance the sound but it is horrible. Please remove in future playoff games.


  4. I would like to comment on the horrible play by play announcers calling game one of the Dodgers @ Braves. I have heard better commentating in the men’s restroom. Damn get chip and Joe

  5. I am watching the Dodger/Braves on your network, this is California time, before 8:00. You are running a viagra commercial and I have my grandkids watching the game. INAPPROPRIATE for kids still up watching the playoff game. I don’t care how much $$ they pay you, think about your own young kids, Think about it, Please.

    • Absolutely terrible advertisement placement, during the MLB Postseason games we have had to watch for the Viagra commercial every game. What moran even dreamed this was the audience to run the ad for? This is a WHOLE family event. It is appalling TBS couldn’t identify how wrong this advertiser is for this audience. Have some decency and pull that horrible ad. It truly ruins all advertisers, because we just mute or pause & fast forward through all the ads.

      • Totally agree. It seems like they are trying to convince you that you have ED(subliminal advertising?) Bad enough that advertising has gone as far as they have, and the newest one with the blonde laying down and being very provocative, makes for interesting viewing for the kids!! Regardless, TBS makes the decision to air them during the game.

  6. Really announcers for Tampa Bay vs Boston couldn’t be more bias – who is giving them their paychecks ??? Is it Tampa Bay or TBS?????

  7. What an idiot calling Beltran-Holiday on an out….Why do we have to put up with jerks.
    Keith Oberman is a joke…get him off the pregame.

  8. Playoff announcers are the worst they don’t get players names correct. They say Fly ball to right Holiday under it for the out. Gee Holiday is the white guy over in left field where he always plays. Also Wainright is the Cardnials ace not the Covers. They didn’t do their homework on the teams worst announcing job I have erer seen and I seen Brett Musburger announce.

  9. Yes, Keith Oberman is an intelligent man. Yes, we all know he is a flaming liberal and has been fired from every job he’s had because he’s an obnoxious know it all. I really liked him when he started at ESPN because he is smart and was different than the rest of them. But his one man, aren’t I brilliant performance on TBS makes me want to puke. One of the most insufferable assholes of all time.

  10. the baseball games should be on regular tv! it is america’s national past time but if you don’t have cable you can’t watch it. LAME!

  11. Have to say the announcers you have calling the NLCS are just awful. Not knowing a player’s name or stats is one thing, but their commentary is so pro-Dodgers, its not even funny. It wouldn’t kill them to throw a compliment the Cardinals’ way every now & then. They had the best record in baseball this season, they’ve been to the post season more than any other team since 2000 & they’re leading the series! Give them some credit! If you’re gonna host the best of the best in baseball, you should get some better announcers. Not a fan.

  12. I was watching Conan about a week ago, and then this weird, quirky guy came on. I wasn’t really paying attention until I saw the monologue. Where did you get this guy?! He’s hilarious. I’ve been watching every show to see if I would get tired of it, but I’ve actually been liking it more and more. Pete Holmes is awesome after Conan. Conan gets celebrity and athlete interviews and it’s very structured, but what’s fantastic about the Pete Holme’s show is that his guests are his friends or people he admires – and there is no book, tv show, or movie to promote. It’s a very refreshing style of late night. I hope you guys keep the show on because it got me really enjoying late night again. Conan was getting a little too serious and drab, but the Pete Holmes show makes both Conan and his show more refreshing.

  13. I love TBS! It has so many of my favorite shows. But, just one suggestion. Maybe you could have more news shows in the morning. Instead of putting a rerun of another show on i would prefer a news show. Other than that, I love TBS!

  14. While watching the studio show prior to the late game a video was shown of a young Seth Greenberg and someone use the expression “Jew fro” to describe his hair. This is highly offensive and warrants an apology!

  15. Sorry to be nasty can’t stand Ernie Johnson as an announcer for baseball and especially for basketball his bow tie is ridiculous he looks just like charley McCarthy when he comes on I change the channel when half time for b ball comes on I have to go to the bathroom please ask him to take his tie off please thank you

  16. The reporting on the Uconn / Florida game tonight was absolutely the worst I have ever seen. Never once did they show coach Ollie , the Uconn team or the fans. the entire broadcast was the worst we’ve ever seen.
    Even after Uconn won they did not show them.
    P.s…Mr. Turner , may I have permission to hunt on your property ? I will trade you home baked goods.
    Sincerely, Candace
    I am a very good baker & cook!:)

  17. Absolute worst announcers for Kentucky v. Wisconsin game. The announcers were all for Kentucky and they are supposed to be neutral. Awful and pathetic. This is why I do not pay for tbs. I had no team in the hunt just hoped to hear neutral announcers for a good game. Wasn’t the case with TBS. good luck in the future online world. This will drag you to nothingness.

  18. Please tell me how to remove my name from your mailing list! I received three pieces from you today! They come often, and it’s MY time used to shred them to protect my identity! I’m real tired of all this mail!

  19. I really wish King of Queens would go back to its previous time slot. I really miss it as part of my after work relaxation. It’s a great show as is everybody loves Raymond! Thanks!

  20. Why do you show a limited number of bing bang episodes? If you will just acknowledge that you only have access to a limited number i will understand

  21. I was very disappointed in the “Deal With It” episode tonight. Why would anyone find involving a Military Vet in a “joke” that clearly was not funny. Do you as a station have any idea what military vets have been through? It was not funny by any means, Being a Military Veteran, married to an Active Duty Husband, and mother of a so whom is also currently serving I was personally insulted. The disclaimer at the end of the “joke” was also a joke.I believe I will be discontinuing watching this show, and encouraging friends in my social media to do the same.

  22. I did not appreciate the skit of DEAL WITH IT, mocking veterans. I am a Vietnam Era, Desert Shield & Storm, Pre and Post 911 Veteran. I am encouraging all military personnel and their families to BOYCOTT all advertisers connected with Deal with it, Moshe Kasher’s performances and Howie Mandel’s also. Also, America’s got talent until Mr. Mandel is removed from the air. I did not sacrifice my life for my country to have anyone mock any and all military members past, present, and future. Shame on TBS for airing this show and it WAS not very funny AS MOST of TBS shows!!!

  23. how about putting baseball on over something other than king of queens believe it or not , not everyone is in to out of state baseball or tylor perry. let me guess its all about the money.

  24. TBS have resorted to playing a show’s opening credits and show SIMULTANEOUSLY, to fit as much advertising content as possible. Ridiculous.

    Don’t think this sort of thing goes unnoticed.

  25. What crap fills the air waves these days, with the show “Mom” being just one more example. I sat back and watched a bit of “Mom” this evening, and was disgusted by all the lame humor. I’m sick and tired of all pro-homo, pro-drug and pro-sex crap being pushed today. It’s clear that the big boys (or girls) at TBS must be a bunch of full grown infants with poop on their brains to air this kind of trash.

  26. Im really upset that u took the show Are we there yet off weekdays@ 8am.. that was my favorite show..any chance in it returning?

  27. Ive seen the same 15 or so episodes of Big bang theory at least 3 times in the last month or so. Im about sick of the same ones over and over and over. When are you gonna show some of the other episodes?

  28. It is 830 on Tuesday evening. A night we have been waiting for 29 years. The Royals make the post season and the whole family is enjoying the game. Then a vulgar Viagra commercial comes on. Isn’t it bad enough we have hear about erectile dysfunction between every inning ? Now we get the whole thing explained to us in how and when an erection works or fails. Really? Can we get some boundaries. Now I get to explain to my children what that is all about. We have gone way too far. TBS… understand your audience. Last I looked, baseball was a family sport. I implore you to review your advertising spots and rid yourself of these ads.

  29. If I wanted to buy groceries in the DR I would contact Pedro Martinez. However, I’m watching BB in the US and don’t need to listen to this lop try and speak English.

  30. i am absolutely besides myself with the broadcast of the American League playoff game between the Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles. Your announcers are pro Orioles and con Tigers. I will continue to watch games but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be listening to Detroit radio broadcasters. After the playoffs I will never watch TBS no matter what’s on. Your broadcasters are biased and not fare to both teams. To me that is a sin

  31. watching detroit tigers-baltimore orioles game.
    never have i heard such biased play by play by
    announcers like the yahoos that are announcing tonight.
    i’m so angry i don’t think i will watch tomorrow’s game.
    i will listen to it on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Watching the division series of baseball of the Detroit tiger vs Baltimore Orioles , the horrible play by play announcers are not able to say players names correctly and are for one team only . I would suggest allowing each team at home have their own announcers. I decided to listen to the radio and turn off the sound on your tv station.

  33. America’s Favorite past time is worth commercials advertising erection help….Horrible for the kids —-I think TBS should be fined for showing the Viagra commercials, girl sprawled across the screen talking about sex etc and the kids want an explanation.. After these games I won’t ever use TBS..I find it in very bad taste and when you call they right away put you over to a leave a message line.

  34. While watching a Seinfeld episode on On Demand There was a commercial for the MLB Wild Card Game between the Royals and the Athletics tonight at 7:30 PM. This was 4 days ago now. Please stop playing that spot. Thank you.

  35. So this year we have to prematurely explain Viagra and Cialis to a 6 year old and dodge explaining what an erection is. Can’t wait for next years sponsor; Trojan, KY… Families watch the playoffs. Idiots, know your target audience and fire your marketing VP that signed off on it.


  37. What’s with the partiality in the MLB Playoff games? I realize that Kansas City hasn’t been there for 29 years but the amount of attention the announcers spend praising that team, and the camera work spent on the Royal players is ridiculous. Roll the film and it is completely biased for Kansas City. Completely unprofessional and sad

  38. Can you please add a features to you Baseball Playoffs, (1) Due up next! Nice to know who the next three batters are going to be. Can you show the bull pin so we can see who is warming up every now and then?! Your Baseball Playoff broadcasters are terrible! Incorrect facts stated all the time, boring and just monotone.

  39. Get Dennis Eckersley off the post season broadcast he’s the most impartial analyst on the post season. Baltimore has played great and he discounts everything that Baltimore has accomplished. He’s horrible. Go back and listen to his comments so far and you will agree.

    • Your right. I think he needs to be taken off the broadcasting. He is for sure a Kansas City fan.
      This is very Bias. The camera spends most of the time in the Kansas City dugout!

  40. Why do you have to have the very suggestive Viagra and Cialis ads during the baseball playoffs??? Have you watched these ads with your child or grandchild and had to answer questions about why you should check with your doctor to see if your heart is strong enough to have sex before using these drugs and other more specific questions? Kids don’t need to get their sex education from a seductive female on tv!!! Are there no other companies that would sponsor the baseball playoffs??? Or are you greedy enough to take the highest bidder and not care about the age of your audience and what you are advertising?

  41. MLB coverage with erectile dysfunction ads? What the heck. My my young boys are watching this. Are you that insensitive?

  42. While watching the baseball with our grandchildren, we turned you off during your commercial. Why would you put a Viagra commercial on and talk about erection. How nice and no more watching TBS.

  43. Aamerican Dad? — You have probably taken the most viewed Prime time TV shows,( Friends,Seinfield, The King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond) and replaced it with a “Stupid Cartoon” Isn’t “Family Guy” enough? If you want cartoons on your network, then I suggest you find another time slot to put them in, or get rid of this sitcom entirely. Am hoping you get enough complaints and bad reviews on American Dad, that you make the decision to go back to showing the sane “Sitcons” that your audience has been enjoying for years,and would like to continue to watch

  44. I would think that during the playoffs and world series games TBS could keep in mind there are children of all ages watching and keep the Viagra commercials Off! Are you not making enough money to have something family, which baseball is suppose to be about, oriented? Bad taste and poor decision.

  45. Hello, I just wanted to say my family and I love to watch TBS. But this Robot Chicken has to go. It is the worst! We change the channel every time it comes on. Please take it off the air!!!
    Thank you, Randy Mitchell

  46. Deal with it should get out of hospitals you shouldnt harass people that are sick. I feel like coming to howie mandels house and seeing how he likes being messed with bet he calls secrurity. Well the hospitals should call the cops on your pathetic network

  47. Just wanted to say thank you for putting How the Grinch Stole Christmas on. Every other one is with Jim Carey. I like the original cartoon that I remember growing up with!

  48. The “Deal with it” tv show has a mean spirited “I’m rich so I’m better than you” undertone. I was floored to see it has been renewed for another season. The whole idea of having celebrities dangle a $5,000 carrot in front of “regular” people and then having these celebrities come up with creative “mean” ways to humiliate them on tv while they are in the studio laughing at them is disgusting. And quite frankly, very disturbing. Why don’t you just name the show “let’s make the poor monkeys dance for peanuts while we laugh at them”. This show’s premise is wrong on so many levels, especially given the financially hard times working american people are going through right now. The celebrities on this show should be ashamed of themselves. It is obvious they have forgotten what the real world is like outside of Hollywood. Believe me, the channel is changed very quickly when it is time for this show to air. We watch tbs quite a bit in this household as we enjoy the syndicated shows such as Seinfeld and Friends. But if Deal with It continues to be part of the line-up and if we have to continue sitting through the incessant commercials for this show, we will seriously reconsider having this channel in our home.

  49. Please show more Everybody Loves Raymond episodes. Hate that you have Married With Children 8-9am instead of Raymond. Also not on in the afternoon or evening. That was the best show ever. I laugh no matter how many times I have seen an episode. (Comcast channel 29 in NJ).

    • More blasphemy, Married with Children is classic. Everybody Loves Raymond? Are you joking, what a boring,humorless show. Don’t need sleep aids when you can buy a DVD of that show and it’ll put you right to sleep.Married with Children airs in more than ten other countries, E.L.R., can barely stay afloat in ours. ……unbelievable.

  50. Do you guys and gals still care about America and your fellow countrymen? I am inquiring of this for the simple fact I was watching channel 55 tbs here in Salem, OR last night when a car commercial (Acura ILX to be exact) came on and towards the end had 2 extremely violent flashes of white light2-3 seconds apart that hurt my eyes and flashed up against the walls despite the fact I had 2 standard household lights on – both with 60 watt bulbs in them. Did you know that bright flashes of light like that over a large screen (especially in dark rooms) can cause some people to have strokes, and/or seizures? Did you know the vast majority of people who watch several hours at a time of tv on a reguar basis are in ill health? So why would you subject someone who is already struggling with mental or physical health issues to such stress!?! No one has a right to hurt a persons eyes inside their own home – especially over a rotten commercial which can pop up unexpectedly at anytime.

    • Oh by the way – I have already stopped watching tv shows like “castle” that implement bright lights in their beginnings and commercial breaks indicators. Am I going to have to stop watching a whole tv channel just to stay away from the problem?

  51. Was looking forward to the Sunday night airing of the movie The Blind Side. Then I started watching it. What a disappointment! It was so edited and butchered up that it took the enjoyment out of watching. I changed to another channel. This practice by television stations of editing out parts of shows to make room for more damn commercials is an epidemic. It shouldn’t be allowed. People would be better off canceling their cable/satellite service and just watching DVDs.

  52. Opening day for MLB is around the corner…..is TBS showing any games? Huge baseball fan but couldn’t find any info on the website.

  53. I would like to think that TBS could have announcers that would not choose the team they want to win. It’s obvious in this Oklahoma vs Michigan State game. They are very bias for Michigan State. Horrible looking for a game on another station. Bad

  54. Chris Weber is a TERRIBLE announcer! It’s obvious he hates the UK wildcats!! I’m not the “biggest” Cat fan, but my husband is!! I’m busy puttering around the house, doing laundry, playing Candy Crush, but I can certainly hear Mr Weber’s bitter attitude towards UK. Does Mr Weberr ever shut up?!? He is a terrible announcer!! Please, please ask Chris Weber to keep his nasty, bitter, rude commnts to himself!! I’m cconfidentr there are better suited people to call such important games. Mr Weber, you’re a Wildcat hatin’ jerk!!! Love Greg Gumble, Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley,, Kenny Smith & Conan O Brien!!!!

  55. The commercial with the man with false teeth is not only disgusting to watch but the sound of those false teeth is even more disgusting. Please think about removing it. Let another station air it. I have to mute it every time it comes on.

  56. The announcer for the Kentucky Wisconsin game is so bias for Kentucky it’s sickening. Anyone else picking up on this. Come on TBS. You can do better than this!!!

  57. The announcers for the Kentucky-Wisconsin game are pathetic shills for Kentucky and have no business broadcasting a nationally-televised game. Viewers expect neutrality, not prejudice for one team. This is a disgrace I am not a Wisconsin backer, but I am a strong believer in broadcast fairness. This kind of stuff casts doubt on your network’s credibility.

  58. Watching final 4 on your channel but going to watch rest of game on TruTv as they have talked about both teams and not biased for one. Both commentators are vocally rooting for Kentucky and talking about how bad the refs are. I don’t pay for cable to listen to that crap. There are two teams playing not just one. Too bad as I usually like tbs shows but will think twice before watching them!!!

  59. I am not a Wisconsin fan in nature but the ncaa should demand that these two announcers be banned from another game. The color commentator must be the pr man for kentucky

  60. WHAT’S WITH THE TBS ANNOUNCERS? I HAVE NEVER HEARD SUCH A BIASED TOWARDS UK! I am neither a UK or Wisconsin fan but find myself discussed by how the announcers are pulling for UK.


    Put the game back on CBS!

  61. Re: Family Guy, American Dad…..only one word needed…Disgusting! I have checked with most of my family members, co-workers, and others and have not found anyone who watches them. However, by the previews, it appears that these shows appeal to the under 30 or under 30 emotionally crowd. Immature humor directed toward immature viewers. Disgusting is the only word that I believe fits.

  62. Please enough BBtheory, Friends, Simpsons are trashy. You use to show movies Friday nights 8 it was great. What happened? I am in a woman’s Club no name on here. well known 10000 members we are ready to stop watching.

  63. Whatever happened to objective, unbiased announcers? We listened to the Wisconsin Basketball games against North Carolina and Arizona and were appalled at the obvious prejudice shown by the announcers – Levin Harlan and Dan Bonner. They spent at least 60% of the time trying to coach the Wisconsin opponents and constantly offering advise on how to beat Wisconsin. Review these broadcasts, listen to the excitement and loud cheers whenever opposing players scored. In the Arizona games, one of the Announcers made a comment that Frank Kaminsky is “dominating our Bigs”- Our Bigs, how biased is that? Of course, Wisconsin won both those games plus beat #1 Kentucky so we can get satisfaction from that! From now on, we will make it a point not to watch TBS if at all possible and those announcers have some answering to do to Wisconsin fans!!

  64. I was watching My Family or Yours. Not at all funny; but more importantly then that, since when is it ok to take the Lord’s name in vain? I’m no holy roller but there is no reason for this. And this show is considered a comedy? It’s pretty trashy like most shows on TV.

  65. hey man. I was trying to figure out what the movie was on 5/17/15 by around 6-7pm it would have been going. there doesn’t seem to be a way to look at the schedule per month. which would be more helpful, you see, I was at work and could barely see and didn’t have time to look up what it was. any help would be great news thanks.

  66. I have a problem!!!!! How the hell are you just going to end The Big Bang Theory like that!!!! You couldn’t give us one more week!!!! I need y’all to put it back on ASAP!!!!
    Thank You,
    Big Bangs huge fan
    Naomi Lockhart

  67. I would like to present a request for the old show “Perfect Strangers”. Who can I contact to request that your network start to run the re-runs for this hysterical program? I used to laugh until I cried EVERY episode !! Would LOVE to see the episodes again !!!

    Sincerely ,
    Kimberly Chirhart

  68. I have just finished watching your new program, “Proof”. As a registered nurse, I have thought, many times, about life after death. And, as a Christian, I believe in God and feel that this is true. But I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this new program because it focuses on both the skeptical as well as the believer side of this issue. The use of a surgeon as the main character is perfect as I have found many surgeons to appear cold, unfeeling and highly suspicious, especially in regards to events that cannot be explained scientifically. This is especially true they when are told about circumstances such as these. While I do not believe that anyone or any program can answer this question for certain, I hope that “Proof” will explore similar stories that “real people” have experienced and, include skeptical analysis in a way that non-medical people can understand. Please keep it as “true to life experiences” as possible. After all, I think, deep down inside, most people do not want to believe that their time on earth is all their is…

  69. 6 min of commercials. Sickening. I am done wasting my time. It’s terrible. I will not eat at Dominos, buy a Honda, or call E Harmony. DVR or just read a book.

  70. Get a New morning lineup..married with children stinks you have opportunities to put better programming than this come on an give people who rise early or stay up late a break please..

    • Blasphemy ,how could you say Married with Children stinks ,it is an American classic, in fact it’s so good that it runs in more than ten other countries. If your staying up all the way til 5:30 in the morning what to you need to do is get a job. TBS,disregard this persons comment, for they know not what they speak.

  71. I was just hoping that you could put king of queens back on in the evening instead of two hours of Seinfeld. Thank you for your time.

  72. Every morning before work I would have my coffee and watch Married with Children , but now all of the sudden you are slowly doing away with the show by airing that awful show Rules of Engagement. So now because of my schedule I barely get to see my favorite show ,between 6:00and 7:00am. Would be nice if you took off that horrible  show and put back on Married with Children.Please………. I’ll be expecting it soon.thank you .

  73. Dear TBS
    I would just lik to say that I would appreciate it if your company would consider bringing the old Boomerang back. I like the old bumpers and idents. Everything was much better with the old boomerang and it should be retained. Boomerang is not meant for new shows. It’s meant for only classic cartoons which should contain the classic bumpers and idents. Please take these suggestions as constructive criticism and consider putting it back the was it was meant to be.

  74. Cannot believe you took off Married with Children in the morning and in place put on Rules of Engagement. You have ruined my mornings before work. I used to be in a good mood having laughed all morning. Now I only get to see one episode before I have to leave. Rules of Engagement is a nightime show. Anyway, get your act together and fix this.

  75. Please take off Rules of Engagement and put back on Married with Children in the mornings, you’re ruining my “before work” time.

  76. PUT BACK ON MARRIED WITH CHILDREN IN THE MORNINGS AGAIN,TAKE OFF RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Nobody wants to sit down and watch a sitcom like “Rules of Engagement ” before work, Married with Children is a perfect “before work” show. Your people are completely out of touch aren’t they? Certain shows belong on at certain times. And Rules of Engagement is NOT a “before work getting ready drinking coffee running atound” show” !!! JUST DO IT

  77. Take off “Rules of Engagement ” and put back on “Married with Children weekday mornings, are you crazy . Noone wants to watch a nighttime show in the mornings.I hAve to leave at 7:00 am, and I watched Married with Children every morning, you have ruined my days now that I don’t get to laugh before work anymore.

  78. I was watching TBS, tonite when Conan Obrien came on. I have never completely, hated TBS ,the way I did tonite. After just 2 minutes into the show, and I was so descusted by the preview for the up coming show . Oh Jesus. You should all be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is a fake show, or a joke, believe me . Get ready to have a lot of angry people. If this is a real television series coming soon, then I will keep you all in my prayers ,and have mercy on your souls because God, and Jesus will not………………….. So disappointed in this network

  79. Other than Conan being absolutely horrible and acting like a complete idiot on camera all the time, the show about “Clipped” has to be a complete waste of money for you guys. Remember when TV was funny? You probably dont

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