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Contacting TaxSlayer Customer Service Center

Taxslayer is an online tax preparation website used to prepare personal and small business income tax returns. The company claims customers can file taxes online for free, but we’re certain there are exceptions to this offer or that the company offers lots of pushes to sell upgrades to make up for the money lost on tax return submission fees charged by similar companies. There are five versions of Taxslayer – Free, Classic, Premium, Military and Books.

Contact Info:

There is some contact information listed on the very bottom of the main page of the Taxslayer website, but we also found some information in the Support Center. We’ve listed all contact information below. If you need to contact the state department about your tax return, check the State Contacts page.

Phone Contact Numbers

We found just one phone number for Taxslayer customer service. The phone number is listed at the bottom of the page with no information about the number or hours of operation.

  • Taxslayer Phone Number: 1-703-922-6741

Mailing Address

Writing a letter to Taxslayer customer service is one option, but it is a slow option and letters are the least secure of all customer service contact options. If you must write a letter, keep your social security number and financial account numbers out of the letter.

TaxslayerAttn: Customer Service3003 Allen DrEvans, GA 30809

Official Website

Go to for the official Taxslayer website. You can start your tax return for free, choosing upgrades along the way if necessary or desired.

Social Media

You can find Taxslayer customer service on Facebook and Twitter and though you can use these pages to contact an agent, you should never include your sign-on information or financial information of any kind in the communication.

Customer Service Email

You may find the answers you’re looking for on the support page of the Taxslayer site. The support page lists common questions and answers to those questions.

Click the Email link to send your email to customer service.

Our Experience

When we called the number listed at the bottom of the page the number just rang and rang. We tried on several different phones, including landline, cellular and VOIP phone lines with no luck. We are unsure if the phone lines were just down or if the number is obsolete. If you have a contact number for Taxslayer customer service please leave it in the comments below so others can contact Taxslayer customer service.

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18 Comments on “Contact TaxSlayer Customer Service
  1. is terrible. Their state tax calculator does NOT include provisions for previous amd in part year (2012) residents who left state and then returned. Furthermore data entered for state tax was not saved. Also Taxslayer Phone Number: 1-703-922-6741 called at 0610 EST went unanswered. What do you expect, they’re in Georgia, land of rebels (i.e., traitors)

  2. That’s not the half of it. If there’s a mistake on a form, you can re-fill it out 3, 4 or in my case, 5 times over and over and it doesn’t fix it. Funny how they always say it’s FREE but when you’re all done, you suddenly don’t “qualify” to file for free.

    I’m also currently stuck in the “We are processing your credit card payment. Please do not close the browser window.” screen, and their phone number is almost impossible to find on the site, if it’s there at all. I had to google it, and when I found it, it wasn’t even an 800 number! HORRIBLE tax service. Don’t use it.

  3. I love Tax Slayer and have done my returns for a few years with them. My problem this year is i did my return 4/14/13 and my printer is broken and i cannot print out my return.Is it possible to forward the return to another computer email address to print it. please respond

  4. I can’t pull up prior years info and I can’t find customer service number. I try direct access online to chat with rep, but it doesn’t work either. Please contact me at earliest convenience 9853772335. Thanks, Yvonne

  5. I have filed my taxes with you 8 weeks ago. I have never received a check or any information when it may come. Please contact me as soon as possible. please send me a email with some information about this matter.
    Thanks Joy

  6. I’m in need of my prior taxes 2012,and can not get through that number it gives. It just rings n rings. HELP !!!! I need it for Childcare purposes or I’m gonna get cut for not providing document. I’m a single mom and wanna keep my job.

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  8. I need to know when I will receive my tax refund the it’s said it was sent to my bank Friday 2/22 but I had the funds taken out of it because I couldn’t pay for it so I need to know when it will be sent to me

  9. I was filling my info in to program. When I wanted to put Becky’s info in the program acted as if I had finished filing.

  10. This website is not a TaxSlayer website. If you are in need of any assistance from TaxSlayer regarding your taxes, you must visit their website directly. The phone number this site is listing as the TaxSlayer contact number is posted incorrectly. Just FYI.

  11. Re-logging into tax Slayer is impossible if you have changes to make or need to print out your return. The only phone number they have is fake. I will NOT use it in the future. I only hope I don’t end up with tax issues because I trusted this company. Contact me ASAP! to avoid the BBB.

  12. They charged me four times and I still don’t think it filed it. I cannot get a hold of customer service

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