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Target is one of the largest major retailers in the United States. The company target audience is the upper middle class who want a product that is just as affordable as Walmart, but don’t want the Walmart name. Target stores are designed much like higher-end stores, but prices are moderate. Some Targets offer Starbucks, a small restaurant and a complete grocery side with affordable food and deli items.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Target customer service department is available to answer just about any product or order question you have. There are no customer service hours listed on the Contact Us page.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-591-3869
  • Product Information: 1-800-440-0680
  • Clinics and Pharmacies: 1-877-798-2743
  • Gift Registry: 1-800-888-9333 or 1-800-591-3869 (online registry)
  • Target Corporate: 1-612-304-6073

Mailing Address

The Contact Us page is limited in the information it provides to customers, but we were able to finally locate the customer service email address in the Privacy Policy.

Target StoresTarget Executive OfficesP.O. Box 9350Minneapolis, MN 55440

Official Website

Customers can shop, check order details and contact a customer care representative from the official Target website at The customer service information is listed on the Contact Us page. That information includes specialty departments, financial services and more.

You can also choose to visit other sites to contact Target customer service like Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Service Email

Sometimes it is easier to send an email, especially if the issue at hand is not time sensitive. The customer service email is not available to contact Target, but we did find an email form for the order department You can use this form if you’ve placed an order via Target online. If you need to contact Target for another reason, check out the HELP page for additional email forms.

Our Experience

The Target customer service phone number is for – not the Target stores customer service line. You can press 0 to be immediately transferred to an agent. There was no wait time at all before Nina answered the line. We asked Nina for the number for Target corporate. She did not bother asking why we wanted the number; she just placed us on hold for about 30 seconds and came back with the number for Target corporate. Customers can press 1 and then 1 for English or 2 for Spanish to reach the Target Guest Relations department.

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181 Comments on “Contact Target Customer Service
  1. Your Black Friday sell sucks. You advertised you buy ANY Ipad starting at$339, you get a $60 target gift card for free. The AD is false and the store at Cockeysville MD didn’t have it. My son stayed outside the store an waited for 5 hours for nothing. He even talked to the store manager and he said they had them inside. What a joke! It is such a shame!

  2. A couple of years ago I purchase the following lights
    and now need replacement blubs. Looked in the store yesterday. But could not find any. Where do I go???
    Transparent Clear C G30 light set.
    On label #’s 051 04 0301 $7.99 Under PC lines28208 20257

    Hope all this info helps you find what I need. Thank you

  3. Hi just wanted to comment on your customer service on the 1-800 # I tried to order 4 items on the internet today Dec 1 once we put all info in and pressed to complete order it just dissappeared so we called to confirm and didnt catch the guys name who helped us because We couldnt understand him I have patience but it took almost 25min and our order was taking tooooooo long I had to spell everything out not once but 3x to 4x ughhh finally my hubby told him we change our mind we went to lunch and called again we had the pleasure to have a gentleman named Pery Beasley help us out wow great service and he spoke clearly and made sure all addresses and #’s where correct very professional and completed our order in a timely matter Thank you Mr.Beasley and your customer service should hire more guys like Pery Sincerely Mrs. Sixtos

  4. I placed an order on 11/14 for my new Sharp 60″ TV, and it arrived 11/27 damaged. I called your customer support immediately and I was told that you scheduled a pick up for my damaged TV the following day, and a new order was placed for my replacement (a TV that isn’t damaged) The customer service rep was named Simon…… Simon lied to me because an order for the new TV was never placed!
    I was supposed to receive the new TV (That actually works)the week of 12/3, and when I called on 12/5…… 68minutes later , I was told the replacement order was never submitted!

    “Customer Service” didn’t bother to contact me. After I placed a new order, they want to charge me an additional $169 for shipping and void the $100 Sharp discount I used for the first order.
    You delivered a damaged product, and didn’t bother to tell me that you didn’t place an order for the replacement, and now you want to charge me more for your mistake? No thanks! Fix this, or you will lose a customer/fan for life!

    Shame on your customer service…. I thought Target was better than this!

    I’m willing to pay the original price, but I won’t pay for your incompetence. Order # 101001743607

  5. I am TRULY concerned of the customers but especially the STAFF of this store. Last night this store made several announcements of the store closing for the night yet there were two customers still in the store arguing and using profanity with eachother. I left the store, went to the car to put my belongings away. Waited in my vehicle to see if these two customers were going to leave because I felt threatened. About 15-25mins later the girlfriend of the couple went out and later returned BACK into the store about 5mins later way past the point the store was closed. I DID NOT UNDERSTAND why Target would even let a woman back into the store after being irate, screaming and yelling so loud into the store with her boyfriend to claim an item. I am truly shocked, angry and irritated by the “professional” security of this particular store that would REOPEN the doors to let an angry customer back into the store (not knowing if armed or robbery) to claim items or such. When will you ever learn? PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES AND STAFF!! When the doors are shut and secure, the shall be! If this report is not submitted to the proper coordinators, I will proceed further. PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES!

  6. as a Canadian spending five months in FL; I have been unable to obtain a Target credit card (though I am fully credit worthy (owning a mortgage-free home in both country’s). Home Depot, Macy’s and Dillards issued cards when requested, but your system cannot understand Canadian drivers license and Social Insurance numbers etc. Surely your system can be updated to accomidate me and other Canadians. We refuse to pay 5% more than other customers using Target Cards…..

    Your comments please………..

  7. I was in the target store this evening and observed a dispicable display by the cashier and then the manager while in the staten island store this evening. The cashier verbally accosted a customer on her line. The customer turned to the manager for support and the manager stated, ” I can’t get in trouble for this”. I was so disgusted and saddened by what I observed that I walked out of the store and will not shop in Target Staten Island again. The other customers around me were equally shocked. Sad.

  8. I was very unhappy after shopping with my granddaughter at the Target store in Murfreesboro, TN tonight. Several signs in the jewelry section said 50% off second piece of jewelry mix and match. At the checkout desk, we were charged full price and told a different understanding of the advertisment. I told the checkout clerk and another employee who seemed to be a supervisor. Rec#2-2349-1126-0081-7161-4 VCD#752-255-749 from my receipt.

  9. Yesterday approximately 12:30 I was at the Baytown Texas Target located on Garth Rd. I was very careful with what I purchased because as I’m sure you are aware, the economy is tough right now. Even though I work full time and make a decent living I am still conscious about my spending. I finished selecting my purchases and was checking out. My total was around $296.00 and still had 3 items left. They were men’s pajamas the set, top and bottom. The ladies sets were on sale for 9.99 so when I saw the end cap with the 11.99 price on the men’s I didn’t think anything else. On that end cap were boxer briefs with a huge sign that said 10 dollars, and then 11.99 stickers all over the rest of the end cap. When I got to the register they rang up 19.99. I explained to the sales clerk that wasn’t the price.

    The register operator called another associate, who checked then I asked her to get me the store manager. A woman by the name of Andrea came over I asked her was she THE store manager, she said yes she was. I explained to her, before I could finish she walked off and went to check with the other lady. She came back and informed me that the price was 19.99 and the 11.99 was for the boxer which were actually 10.99. I asked her why were they misleading consumers, at this time of year most people in the past have not paid attention to the prices and just pay, to me that would have been an additional 21 dollars plus tax. Andrea said they did their job and she would not reduce the price. I told her you’re going to lose a customer 300 dollar plus sale over 21 dollars and, she said she guessed so.

    This woman was so very unprofessional, I had 2 gift cards for a total of 45 dollars and I wanted my money back on the cards, that I would not spend one dime in another Target, she could see the card balance but because I didn’t produce the correct receipt she would not refund my money. To me that is blatant theft of a consumer, as well as very misleading to a consumer to put something on an end cap I guess here’s hoping they don’t notice.

    Target I am most sure is a multi-million dollar corporation, here’s the thing. There is a Wal-Mart 2 blocks down as well as a Kohl’s and JC Penny’s that I will be most happy to patron since Target does not want my business.

    I even called the customer service number that they provided me, I was told by Andrea that Target does not have district managers or supervisors, when the customer service operator asked me who the manager was I told him her, he asked me if she was THE store manager, I turned to her and asked her are you THE store manager, she asked the other lady who I was talking to and she told her the 800 customer service number, Andrea at that time told me she was NOT the store manager she was an OTC or some other acronym she used (who knows) the man on the other end told me that was misleading as well.

    I absolutely cannot believe that you employee so called managers who could care a less about losing a customer over 21 dollars, my point of the whole experience, I refuse to look at a sign thinking I am getting something for one price and be forced to pay a higher price.

    If this store needs merchandisers I am available in the evenings and on weekends.

    One more thing, the customer behind me actually had one of the same men’s pajama set that I had thinking it was also $11.99 so there for I wasn’t the only person to think that, I’m just one that will not give away my money to a company who likes misleading the consumer.

    I would rather spend 50 dollars for each item at Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penny’s or Wal-Mart for that matter than spend one dime ever again in my lifetime at a Target who allows their employees to treat clients as I was treated yesterday, it’s obvious that the employee didn’t have my best interest NOR Target’s best interest at heart. I can guarantee you this, if it were HER business she would have satisfied the consumer, had an employee go back to that end cap and put a $19.99 sign SOMEWHERE on that end cap.

    Target lost a 331 + sale plus a customer yesterday because of an incompetent employee, regarding the gift cards, I will ask my husband to go in and purchase a gift card to ANY place other than target, or I will cut them up, one way or another Target already received too much money from me this holiday due to the other gift cards I have already purchased, but it will NOT happen again.

    I would be extremely surprised if I received a response from this corporation due to the blatant disregard of customer satisfaction that I received yesterday.

    • Hi, last month I went to store located at mc allen and when I arrived to Mexico I realized that tray that I bought (home department) and paid for it was missing, it is item 070070413 and I paid 21 usd for it. My receipt number is 2-2321-0824-0082-5469-1 of nov 16 could you please help me ? thank you

  10. I am really disappointed and writing this hoping that someone of a higher authority at Target gets to read this and knows how Target is treating their customers.

    I had placed an order on Nov 23 (Order # 10988683822) for a PS3 Bundle that I had bought as a gift for my brother.

    I got an email on Dec 4th asking me to approve on the order with an updated delivery date because of some issues. The new Estimated Delivery Date Given Was: 12/21/2012 – 01/10/2013.

    Since the evening of December 18th I have got three emails stating that my order has been cancelled by target.

    I called up the customer care center on the evening of December 18th and after reaching a supervisor, I was informed that the order had been cancelled in error and it was a mistake by Target and gave me an estimated delivery date of Jan 1 2013. She gave me a ref ID (3-857289653) and said I would be receiving an email soon with updated order details (which I have not received and have got 2 emails stating cancellation since then).

    After receiving more cancellation emails, On Dec 19th I spoke to Dalia (Supervisor), & she said the order is cancelled and nothing can be done to help. She also said someone provided the wrong information to you about the order being shipped and there is nothing in the notes. This shows how the customer service department has no clue on what is happening and are all talking different things.

    Even when I was not charged on my amount, the trouble that I had to go through as a customer getting different answers from different people and Target did not have any other way to help accept apologize.

    Target fails to understand the sentiments behind the customer purchasing the specific product. Such kind of a failure in customer service by a big organization like Target disappoints me.

    I could have purchased the product from any other store and now that it has been over a month of Thanksgiving, I know I won’t even find a deal anywhere else. For all of this of a customer’s suffering, Target did not even have a courtesy to offer anything that would make up for not losing a disappointed customer.

    After this experience, I don’t know if it matters to Target, but you have lost at least one customer for life.

    Vinit Modi


  11. To Whom It May Concern in Target Management,

    I have been a valued customer of Target for many years. I told everyone how much I love Target & spend on average $500-$600 per mth & one mth last year over $700 in your Gilroy & Morgan Hill CA stores.

    Although I love Target merchandise, I will no longer spend my $6,000-$7,000 a year in your store. Your customer service is TERRIBLE & your mangers are robots!!

    In the summer I wanted to purchase outdoor furniture that was on sale. It was the last day of the sale & about an hour before closing. Not expecting to buy furniture, I drove a small car that wouldn’t fit the furniture. It was about an hour before closing, so I didn’t have time to go home for a truck. I ask Christina A. if I could pay and pick up the furniture the next day. She said no, I needed to take the furniture with me when I pay. I explained I had a small car, so would she be able to give me the sales price tomorrow, like a rain check. She said no. ThenI ask if there would be someone there about 15-30 minutes after close, so I could come back. She said no. Target gave me no options to purchase the furniture, which was approx $650.00. I was really irritated & Target lost a $650 sale.

    Last week on 12/12/12 I spent $227.23 for my weekly visit. While there I found the perfect book for a gift I needed that night. I was so excited, I took a picture of the book & emailed it to my sister. It was on the bottom shelf of an end display, so the big price sign is also in the picture. When I reached the register I was told I could not purchase the book, as it is a dated item. My understanding of the business & professions code, is that if you have an item on display for sale & priced, you need to sell me that item. Your manager, Christina A said no we won’t sell you the book. I explained Christina I spend a lot of money here, I’m here every week & need it for a party tonight. Can’t you give me some customer service? She said No. The only answer Christina has is NO. She should have sold me the book & then removed the others, along with the display.

    These are only 2 examples of negative service I have encountered in your store. The smallest amount of customer service in all cases goes a LONG WAY. So does BAD SERVICE. I’m tired of giving my money to a store that treats me this way. I will not shop at Target, I will spend my $6,000-$7,000 at another store. I will tell everyone I know to NOT SHOP AT Target.

    Yesterday I called your corporate office and talked with Jenna A. (can’t give her full name again). She promised a return call from a manager in the afternoon. I did not receive that call- no surprise.

    Here’s my full name, I’m not afraid to give it to you.
    Margaret Sanford

  12. I have been dealing with a return issue for 3 months now and it has yet to be resolved. I have called the number that I was given at the store to resolve the problem 7 times, and each time I was told that bank card services would contact me in 3 days. I have yet to hear from them. This started because my returned item was placed onto a visa gift card that I no longer have – because the Target employee disposed of it during my original purchase since it was empty. I have contacted Target Guest Relations 7 times about this matter which has yet to be resolved. During my most recent call the Target Guest Relation employee told me there was nothing else that could be done. I feel this is absolutely unacceptable given the fact that I have had to take time out of my day (7 times now) to try to deal with this problem which remains unresolved. In addition to this matter in itself, being told on the phone there is nothing else that can be done when I have yet to receive the money for my return after 3 months is outrageous. I have never in my life been so disappointed, with what I thought, was a respectable company.

    I would like to say, when I called the Red Card Services to cancel my Red Card account, the associates were very helpful and understanding. They are working on my issue, which I believe is not relevant to their department, in hopes that it will be resolved. The only positive interaction I have had with Target in several months.

    When I told Target Guest Relations I wanted to cancel my account, the lady did not hesitate to transfer me over so I could do so and would no longer be her problem. If that is not horrible customer service, I don’t know what is.

  13. I have always been in awe of Target’s marketing campaign. The corporation has been edgy and appropriate. However, this Christmas season I am incredibly disappointed. Your company is promoting a campaign of self indulgence, so unfitting, in a time of need. To have a campaign in which, “me me me me me me me me me,” is your theme is insensitive and, quite frankly disappointing. I cringe when I watch any Target commercial, whereas before I found them entertaining. i would hope that in the future you would be more sensitive to the socioeconomic environment, and help promote the spirit of giving, not getting.

  14. I was injured in a Target store on bellflower Blvd. In the city of long beach CA. It was in July 2012. I was on the sales floor checking dates on the bread when a customer with 3 young children hanging on the cart passed behind me. The wheel of the cart caught my right foot dragged and twisted it as she forced the cart over my foot. Then in a very cold voice sad “oh, sorry” my son asked if I was ok as I tried to stand up but the pain was excruciating. Then two days later were there again. The floor manager Denice asked me if I was ok. I told her what happened. She asked if I filled out an incidence report. I said no. She said ” oh too bad” then walked off. Had I known or even had her offer to take me to fill one out I would of been able to have medical attention to take care of the damage caused by their property. I am still in pain continually due to the damage done and because I can’t afford an attorney have suffered permanent damage because of lack of concern for the safety of people in their stores. Target is a very disgraceful company and deserves to go bankrupt.everytime I see them I think of the pain they have caused me and I wish I could sue them.

  15. There is no such thing as customer service from Target. Purchased a vanity for a christmas gift. Upon assembly found it was damaged couldnt get one drawer to fix nor would they resell me the same vanity for the same purchased price. Target does not care about repeat customers or the quality of the products they sell!!!!

  16. I don’t know which Target is responsible for this professional act, but the phone number is 612-307-5000, MInneapolis, Mn. The girl was JENN. Jenn caught a fraudulent purchase made on my credit card and called me immediately. Because of Jenn, I was able to block my card and stop more purchases. What can I do to see that Jenn is honored for her quick actions? FABULOUS! Thanks Jenn!

  17. I’m very disappointed with Target. Particularly the 1-800 customer service and the way they handle problems. I ordered my daughter an art easel from target online. I had the item mailed to my mother’s house as that’s where we were opening gifts. Each of my 4 children got one big thing and an assortment of smaller gifts. The easel was my 5 year olds big gift. My baby. To our disappointment the wood frame was cracked horribly. So she got to sit and watch her siblings play with their bike, dsi and Xbox. I called 1st thing in the morning where I was told to print my online receipt and take it to my local target where I could exchange it because it was in stock in the store. After attending religious services we went directly to target. They did not have this item in the store and according to the sales associates in any store! This is strictly an online item. Then because there was no bar code on my online receipt they were about to give me a target store credit for 75% of what I paid! I don’t think so! Fortunately one target employee was smart enough to find the item number in the computer and refunded the whole amount to my debit card. She was very helpful and apologetic for the situation. My money was back on my card this morning. I went back online and reordered the same easel for the same price from toys r us. I will order from them from now on.

  18. Just prior to the end of 2012 I had several prescriptions to fill at the Target located at 475 Hartford rd New Britain Ct.

    Two of the prescriptions could not be filled until the beginning of January per the insurance company. We were going away and would not be able to fill the medicines.
    Jennifer,the pharmacist, said she would call the insurance company and see if we could get a vacation exception in filling the prescriptions.

    Through her extra effort she was able to get these pills refilled. We appreciated her going beyond to assists us.

    I always appreciate the staff at this Target location as they are always helpful and have a pleasant attitude.

    Thank you
    Diane F.Guthart

  19. I have always enjoyed shopping my local Target store until today’s experience!

    I was told by a previous cashier, who failed to ring up my coupon and after completing my purchase she was sorry but that it could be taken care of at customer service. Well there was a line of 10 people deep at cust. service and i decided to come back another day since I was running short of time to pick up my son from school.

    Today I visited the same store and presented to a manager (Justin) w/ my receipt of purchase & ($15 off $150) coupon from the day of the incident and explained my scenario . He informed me that the coupon is now expired 12/24/12, just 2 weeks ago (however valid at time of my dated receipt and incident) and could no longer do anything for me. He told me rudely (assuming I was a liar) “how do i know if you had the coupon with you”. I was shocked that was his determining factor. In my company was my six year old, and I decide to let it go and kindly asked him his name, as he never introduced himself. The thing that disturbed me the most was when i turned away to leave, he and a co-worker snickered and made some very rude comments behind my back, which was uncalled for and very immature.

    Just so you’re aware on that same day (15 min prior) I was at Customer service exchanging a few clothing items due to wrong size. In addition to my exchange I was purchasing a few more items (7 to be exact), with no one behind me in customer service line..she told me I had to go in line to make those purchases. I could understand if she was the only one in the cust srvc dept w/ a line of customer to be dealt with, but that wasn’t the case. It would have been appreciated by me if she had been able to complete the entire transaction, versus me getting in line behind 5 more people at the regular register. Just a little disappointed in the level of customer service.

    To top it off, the gal at the registered was frustrated with someone else and it showed through my transaction. She was livid when she couldn’t get a security tag off my lego box, she verbally made it known to me that she “hated these things”!

    Just in all a really bad impression from Management downward…unpleasant experience with three Target employees in one day! I hope this gets address because I really don’t care to shop there anymore when customers are treated as such! By the way i am a Target credit card holder because I shop there often and if you accessed my account you’d see that I spend thousands a year at Target. With Walmart and other’s choices around the corner I just may decide to go elsewhere.

  20. The Target on Route 9 South in Manalapan has the cashiers trained to push the consumer to open a target credit and/or debit card each time you checkout. At first I figured they were running a blitz and the incentives for signing customers up must have been very rewarding to the cashiers, as “NO” seemed an unacceptable response. I was hoping this would die down as a practice and that perhaps the offer would simply be posted on a sign at the register at some point. If you figure that an average Target customer shops approximately once a month, surely you can do the math on when this will grow troublesome to the customer. I find myself having to become defensive each time I checkout there. I am a shopper. I know how the cards work. If I politely decline stating that I will be using cash or that I will be using my own Visa that already has a reward program, then that should end the pushing. This is a hassle and the prices at Target are not competitive enough to warrant continually dealing with this nonsense. Surely I’m not alone in my disturbance so I’m asking Corporate to re-evaluate a bad practice and make it stop.

  21. To Target CEO,
    I want to let you know your return policy is the stupidest policy I’ve ever have to deal with. I got this microwave for Christmas 2012, I end of not needing it, I understand since I don’t have the receipt, I can’t get my money back but the fact cause its over $75, and it’s over 90 days, I can’t even get a store credit or do an exchange fpr soemtjing else is just wrong!! You guys have the worst costumer service for a retail! I hope Walmart or any big retail companies takes you out of business!!! Yes I am furious mad because I have a product I got from you guys store, and I can’t even exchange for something else that will be more useful to me! Never again I will shop at any Target. You guys seriously need to change you’re guys returns policy. No wonder Walmarts are much busier and makes more money than targets.

  22. The target website was not working and when I called customer service the person was NOT in America, had an awful accent that I couldn’t understand, did not even UNDERSTAND what my issue was, AND THEN placed me on hold for OVER TEN MINUTES! RIDICULOUS! COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED!

  23. Dear Target,
    I know you do alot for communities and this Country. Just wondering if you have considered putting Recycling bins for cans and bottles at your store entrances. Seems every little bit helps.

    Phil Jacobs

  24. We just returned from your store in St. Pete,Fl.(Tyronne and Park St.) This is actually comical.We picked up a bottle of wine from and end cap(signed $5.99),it rang up$9.99. Normally I would have noticed,but the cashier insisted on proofing my wife. We are a 65 year old retired couple!! I really think common sense left the building. On a positive note,the wine was light and fruity,with a hint of the tropics.

  25. I love target. Your employees are always friendly and helpful. I haven’t been to walmarts in ages.
    I love the discount on my redcard and use it all the time. There is one thing I wish you could improve on. It is your plus size clothing for women. It must be the smallest department ever.
    So please consider looking into some clothing for us women too.
    Thank You
    Camille LaMountain

  26. I visited the Target in Destin, FL today to do a price adjustment for 2 women’s bathing suit pieces that went on sale for $14 each. I had purchased the 2 pieces on Feb 15th at regular price of $17.99 each. I was told my the customer service person that Target’s policy is that you can only do a price adjustment for 10 days from the date of purchase. The woman proceeded to tell me that the last day I could’ve done the adjustment was Friday, March 1st. The items were not on sale on that date. I found her answer, and the little smirk on her face, to be very rude . I think the customer service I received today was terrible. I also think the store policy for price adjustments only for 10 days is poor customer service as well. I don’t feel like I was treated like Target appreciated my business. The whole experience made me want to shop elsewhere.

  27. I searched for almost an hour to find a certain article of clothing that had been on clearance. The department told me over the phone- we don’t have ANY in stock, while online it said they had limited amount. I asked if they could double check and she groaned. Low and behold- their was 1 left in stock. Rude customer service. I asked if they could hold it while I drove there and they said NO! I felt like a waste of time and that no one would give the time to help me find what I had been looking for!!

    One examples Prices are wrong constantly and when you bring them to the attention of the managers they say thank you for pointing that out to us and it just keeps happening.Example just today HEINZ KETCHUP marked 40 oz was only 38 oz

    My big gripe is when you advertise HORMEL Baby Back Ribs and sent in lion backs and then put a sticker on in the store claiming they are Baby Backs.You sell Baby Backs by a different company and it very clear that are not the same.
    I LIKE THAT STORE but changes need to be made

  29. Your fast-dry bath towels are not only good they also stay fresh longer as a result of drying quickly and thus require less in laundry effort and expense.

    What a boone for the person with little time and for those wanting to be Green.

    I bought more and more shoppers should take advantage of these savings that benefit all.

  30. Your market pantry tuna salad was the best ever and we used 2 to 4 tubs a week. New recipe? there is a watery taste as larger chunks of celery are put in? and thats where the moisture comes from. Use less celery and smaller chunks to get back to the greatest tuna salad.

  31. Hi people at Customer Care TARGET.COM
    I am writing you in order to cancel nr 101095523987 order placed March 31st as I had many problems with it.
    I live abroad US but stayed in Paramount hotel in NYC for a week.
    Therefore, and previous to my trip, I placed an order via internet including lots of stuff I was really needing. Really.
    The first problem was to learn from your multiple package delivery policy AFTER placing the order and not in advance.
    This caused terrible injury as the PARAMOUNT HOTEL IN TIMES SQUARE charged me Usd 15 for each package. Then, make your figures and notice how expensive I turned to me!!!
    I would have never bought such a big order If I had knew you could be delivering the SINGLE ORDER I PLACED divided into small packages.
    Anyway, upset as I felt, and because I really had great experiences shopping at in the past, I was anyway really willing to accept the resting 2 packages that I NEVER RECEIVED because I had to catch my flight and YOU DIDNT DELIVER THEM ON TIME.
    So, first thing I do was asking PARAMOUNT HOTEL TO REFUSE any package coming from you since I left the hotel (April 9th Tuesday).
    Therefore, I need you to refund me because of the things I bought and never got.
    And unfortunately, tell you GOOD BYE as I will never buy you again nor recommend you as I´ve been doing all this time to any people around me cause I was really disappointed about your disloyalty (not telling me the multiple package delivery policiy) and uncared treatment (not fulfilling the estimate date compromised).
    Hope to hear from you
    Susan Arevalo

  32. I will tell everybody never to buy a big item from target again. Got the same present for my birthday but not a gift receipt. Finally found our receipt but past the 90 day limit. They will only give lowest sale price even though we proved how much it was that is the policy. We were going to use the credit for my sons birthday present but I guess we will get it from another store.

  33. I suggest that you stop selling the video by Rock N Learn entitled “phonics and reading for ages 4 & up”. I bought the video for a 4 year old grandchild and previewed it and thought it was not well done. My grandchild has no problems. My expertise was in in teaching dyslexic students for 20 years.

    Harriet Rubin

  34. On April 25th 2013 I purchased, from, 2 Hugo Quardro Canes for elderly members of my family. On May 1st I received one of them. On the delivery receipt it showed that 2 were shipped, so I immediately called the customer service number and explained that I received only one. I was told that on May 6th, if I had not received the other one that I could ask for a refund on my credit card. On May 7th I called customer service again and told the rep that the 2nd cane had not arrived and I requested a refund on my credit card. I was told that the refund would take 6 – 10 business days. THEN, I WAS TOLD BY THE REP THAT I WOULD RECEIVE A ‘MANAGE YOUR RETURN’ EMAIL THAT I SHOULD IGNORE. (WHAAAAT???) I told the representative that I would not reply to an email to return an item I had not received. He said I didn’t have to reply to it. Indeed, I did receive the ‘manage your return’ email that instructs me to return an item I never received, AND THAT I MUST RETURN IT BY August 10th, 2013.

    I await to see if my charge card is credited and if I have any additional problems caused by this ‘manage your return’ email. I am also writing a letter to the corporate offices with full documentation of this insanity.

  35. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to visiting the store every week to find great values. The quality of your merchandise and the new lines of things you come up with are amazing. The particular store I visit is in Westminster Md. (21157). The store is always clean and very organized.Also the bathrooms are always tidy as well. Thanks for making my shopping experience a happy and budget friendly one.

  36. I just finished the online survey. Although I was glad to offer my opinions–all were favorable, I did not think the survey does well with choices for the answers. All questions must have answers. In many cases, I had no answer or I had no preference. Therefore, Target gets inaccurate feedback.

  37. Hello!
    I ordered thank you cards twice by mistake online. The guy on the phone said to refuse the package at the door so I could get my shipping price back and It has taken 2 months for me to recieve my refund. I think that Is way to long, I would have been better off refunding It In the store. Also a week before I recieved my refund I called to ask why I have not recieved It yet and apparently the girl did not process my refund after she told me she was. I will never again try to ship back my return. This has been a long process and I recommend having a easier return throw the mail!!

  38. Problem identification: On numerous occasions, I saw Korean customers place their children in cart with dirty shoes. The carts should be kept clean so that customers can place their food items, especially as we are trying to maintain hygiene standards across NYC which is a very difficult place to maintain: with taxes. They are relying on a few Japanese who still around for hygiene standards and getting rid of it with shoe germs and pets.

    Suggestion: Requiring customers to place their children in the designated seating area on top of cart. Having the security who stands around the front to check for this compliance.

  39. Every time I visit your stores in Hoffman estates, elgin, south elgin none and I mean none of your mobile carts work, which makes it ever hard to s
    hop yesterday we were at your store in south elgin all 3 were not working we left and went to Meijer to get our things. Not only lost my business but my daughters to.

  40. Since I cannot read my receipt b/c it’s so faint and 800# folks are throwing a birthday party, just want to say my experience at a Target in ABQ was the worst I’ve ever had. Manager, Tobey, was blasé and said she’d check it out. No satisfaction at all. Wouldn’t shop at Target on Lomas ever again. Completely unsatisfactory.

  41. I registered at target for my baby shower, which at the time I thought it was a good idea. I revived a lot of gifts w/o a gift receipt. I didn’t think returns would be difficult bc usually u can get issued store credit, which I’m happy with. I find out that u can only have $70 of no receipt returns PER YEAR. I can’t help it that people didn’t give me a receipt! Needless to say I will NEVER register at target again!

  42. Thought Target was supposed to be such a great store! Worst phone Customer Service nightmare ever—in The Phillippines, of course! Something about my personal data being out of the country that bothers me to begin with, but what I just had to go through on the phone to get to the Fraud Department was irritating and NO Service at all–all “pat” phrases were totally self-serving and not helpful to me at all. Gets to the point where I’m yelling v e r y s l o w l y on the phone and I know we’ve crossed that line into C.S. Nightmareland. The C.S. Rep on the phone just wanted to say, “sorry, yadda-yadda, you’ll be hearing from us”, and hang up. Of course, the reason why I was calling to begin with was because that’s what I was told one week ago tonight, and of course, never heard from anyone!

    He also wanted me to travel back to the store where I had the original issue and talk to the C.S. person there! The Nerve! If I did that, I guarantee the Manager there would hand me a slip of paper with an “800” number on it and tell me to call that number on Monday morning! I so despise people calling themselves Customer Service Reps and collecting a paycheck for doing nothing all day/night except passing the buck!

    Once I finally did get the Fraud Rep. on the phone, he was efficient, thorough and polite, thank goodness.

  43. My beloved black merona boxer brief is now with gray, I had to trash gray. I have been wearing black for almost a decade. If next time, I do not find all 3 black, I will buy something else.

  44. I called for an item that cannot be found in my local store. The employees state that they have no way of knowing what merchandise is being sent to the store and cannot request items. I called Target customer service & must have been speaking to someone in a far away country who spoke very poor English. He had no idea what I was asking & suggested that I purchase 4 small items when I was asking for a large REFILL ITEM that cannot be found in my store. There are refills for hand soap & laundry soap, but not for METHOD ALL SURFACE LAVENDER CLEANER. WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE ON EITHER THE WEB SITE OR IN THE STORES? Simple request for a very much used item. Target seems to be falling at the bottom of the list for my shopping.

  45. I bought a Philips Christmas tree at Target on Monday When we set up everything, I found a big problem which is some lights on the bottom part of the tree do not work because one wire was broken. I feel so bad because I spent more than 250 dollar on it. I called customer service and they said I have to bring it back to target store. In fact, I already set up everything even though decorations…It is hard to put it back into the box. I also called Philips customer service, but no answer.

  46. I had a bad experience today at the target on gunbarrel in Chatt. TN. The “manager” or the person in charge was John, he was short with me and very rude, told me not to argue with him kept repeating the same thing over and over again, not helping matters at all. Acted like he could care less about my problem, I shop at this store a lot, as well as my family, I have never been treated so rudely by any employee in 20 some odd years! He should be spoken to about this, and needs a refresher course in customer service !!!!

  47. We ordered 2 floor lamps on-line and drove (from IA) to the Rochester, MN Target at Marketplace
    Drive to pick them up. Unfortunately, someone on ‘the team’ had given one of our difficult-to-find lamps to another Target store. LOD Joseph and GSTL Christina immediately went to work. They finally located another lamp and arranged free shipping to our home. To our surprise, the second lamp was free of charge with their apologies. Kudos to Joseph, Christina, and the team in Rochester!
    The lamps are also fabulous!

  48. I miss the holiday commercials with the woman who is frantically getting prepared for Christmas. There is one where she has a parachute on her back. And there is another one where she is doing sit-ups. She was loud and funny. Bring the funny blond back. The new commercials for the holidays suck.

  49. THE VERY WORST “customer service” ever! They mistakingly sent me the wrong book, took about 4 phone calls to finally get a return label emailed to me (return labels are not included in package like ever other company does). Since it was over 20 days and I did not get the correct item. I called and cancelled it and ordered it elsewhere. Two days later I got an email saying they were sending the item and there was a delay. Another phone call I had to make and I get the run around again saying they could not stop the order which was not for another week. They tell me to send the item back when I get it. Again, there will be no label to return and the whole thing will start all over again. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING NOR DO BUSINESS WITH TARGET AGAIN!

  50. I was at San Mateo CA branch of Target at around 10am today 11/27/2013 going to buy an iphone 5C with 2 year activation plan as i saw on your online site. I talked to an associate who said he’s going to check at their stockroom and 30 minutes later, he never showed up. Another associate saw me and asked what i am waiting and i told her the story. She tried to find out through her radio if they have it in stock. Another 15 mins gone by and she came to me and told me that the guy who’s responsible for the inventory hasn’t showed up yet and asked me if i could wait another 15 mins. whick is by then 11:00 am. I told her i’ll wait since i’m already there. 11:10am passed by and no word as to where is this guy. Then another associate apologized for the delay and told me that the manager will come talk to me. Another 15 mins passed then this male manager came and told me that the guy that is supposed to be responsible for the phone maybe at lunch and they’re tracking him down. He’s never been apologetic after all the waiting i did. After saying that the guy didn’t show up and they’re tracking him down, he turned around and proceeded to do his thing. I run after him and asked if i can leave my phone number to be called back if ever that guy show up. 6 hours later and counting, i never got a call. What a great service it is.

  51. The blackfriday sale is a hoax and scam. They said they had ipads on sale for a special online price but then said that the item was no available online. Vert upset with quality of service and lack of honesty. Why would anyone want to do business with a company that is dishonest and lies to their customers?

  52. Its pretty bad when you try to order something online during the holiday (tried starting yesterday morning) the 20/20 experience in vinyl and noted that they were sold out on line and in the stores it is 30 per vinyl.. The problem is that by the time you get it back in then I will have to pay the 30 anyways.. such a shame that you are going to lose this sale and what else we were ordering which came to 300.00. your loss

  53. I have never dealt with worse costumer service in my life. We have been mislead by employees that did not care to pay enough attention, i had them call a store to hold something they didn’t have: i literally pulled the item up for them on the internet, clicked on it, and they looked at it for one second and then called in the wrong items. We drove a long way and payed for their poor service. And then when I asked if at least they could call me if any more of the specific items came in their answer was “we don’t do that here you are the ones that have to keep checking with us.” Also on the same trip. People don’t have time for it. Heads up, some of the worst costumer service I’ve seen. They have “helped” us more than once and have never been helpful. Most of the employees at costumer service wont even make eye contact.

  54. I will never EVER order from again. Customer service was horrible. I had placed an order for 3 video games during the Buy 2 get 1 free offer. Received 2 right away but the 3rd was sent separately. UPS tried to deliver in Memphis which is 400 miles away and sent it to the Memphis local post office. Per customer service at Target I should go to the Memphis post office to get it. 400 MILES AWAY! Told me nothing they can do. Basically I’ve been charged $45 that I will not be getting back!!! Never again.

  55. I generally love Target but was dismayed by a recent experience. There was a holiday aisle with signs everywhere stating that Holiday décor was 25% off. When I went to purchase the items that were clearly between the two signs and referenced in the sales sign, the cashier advised that the items were ringing up at the regular price. She said she couldn’t do anything about it and sent me to guest services where I waited for someone to help me. I explained the situation and he also said he couldn’t do anything about it. A third person asked me if I wanted to buy the items and I said no. I don’t understand why no one would check to verify the sales price or look at the circular. I can understand if it was a busy time but it was a slow time of the day.

    • I agree with #60. Almost my exact same experience. I don’t understand why employees are not empowered to make good decisions on behalf of paying customers. We spend thousands of dollars at Target every year, and the employees at the register and “customer service” were repeatedly unable to act on a coupon/reward that I had made purchases to acquire. The signs did not state a certain size item had to be purchased, only a certain brand. In 4 out of 6 purchases, I bought the required items; in two of six purchases I actually spent more than they were asking to qualify for a $10 gift card. But they wouldn’t cough it up. Really?! After I just spent well over $200 of my expendable in your store? Not again. Too many other choices of where to shop.

  56. Went to your harbor location by Disneyland. I was trying to us a coupon I printed out from a manufactures website (huggies), but it was only in Spanish. A manager by the name of sue was called to verify the coupon but she could not read Spanish. She automatically refuse the coupon without even trying. When I told her it was also good for wipes she ask an employee “this coupon is only good for wipes right?” the employee just says yes. She tells me she can’t take the coupon. I ask her to varify it with a different employee and the former employee lashess out I’m Spanish I know how to read. When sue went to another employee I followed and she says agian ” these coupon is only for diapers right?” the male employee tells her no it’s for wipes or diapers. Not satify with the answer sue repeatedly tries to convince the employee it’s for diapers only, but the employee points out the word in spanish and tells her this means wipes. After all that due then finds a way to varify the coupon on her iPhone and tells me the coupon is invalid. She shows me some sort of web page on her phone saying that it is not a valid coupon. I feel like she was an investigater and did everything she could do that I would not be able to revive my discount. This was very unprofessional for a manager to behave. She did not trust her customer and made me feel like a criminal. Please retrain your employee and especially managers on how to deal with this type of situation.

  57. I have a solution for your current low image problem over the credit card issue. Become the first company in the USA to offer the European type chip encoded cards. The publicity you would get would more than make up for your current problem. The chip might only work at Target stores with especially equipped readers, but that might be good for you until the rest of the merchants catch up.

  58. This security breach has been a nightmare. I almost never shop at Target, will never spend a penny there again. Went there after leaving city and getting lost. I don’t believe there was a security breach – the corporations and banksters are testing to see how we react. Are you kidding me? I pulled my funds from Chase – who are they to limit MY fund withdrawl, to cover their “security breach” especially at holiday time? I am certain this was a beta run in the US for the banksters – gauge our reaction before the Cyprus bail-in for failed Obama care hits America. Boycott Target and Chase – tell the corporate theives NO like they did in Iceland. This was the first of many money grabs for OUR money by the banksters. Take action and use credit unions. Even keeping $$ in your own house is safer than with the banksters.

  59. Although I, along with millions of others, am unhappy about having my credit card compromised on Dec.2 when shopping at the Granada Hills, CA store, that is not why I am writing. My complaint is twofold: Cashiers do not seem to know how to do coupons. Today I had one manufacturer’s coupon for $2.00 off the Tide which was $11.99. I was not given credit. Other times I have been questioned about Target issued coupons. My second concern is that this store at Ballboa Blvd. and San Fernando Mission Blvd. is not well maintained. It appears to be dirty with jars stuck to spilled juice on shelves,etc. today the escalator for the carts was not working, requiring all to use the elevators. You can imagine the backed up carts.
    I will probably not be shopping again at this store or perhaps any other Target.

  60. Horrible customer service Indianapolis east washington street tried buy a item shelf stated 19.99 a box item tag was described right and all cashier says you can’t buy it wrong price she opens the box up these are not sold in a box it was a vendor mistake as I state to my wife I will talk to a manager about the Item. I head to the service desk and the cashier has a work come get it and take off with it she then tells the manager that it was wrong and doesn’t have the item.. The manager never seeing the item cause the cashier gave it to a employee to take away she told me it was a vendor mistake I couldn’t purchase it.. makes no sense vendors know what they are doing and why hide it from me and correct your so called mistake when I want to talk to the manager about it.. the store if they messed up needs to take the blame not cover it’s tracks and screw over the customer..

  61. After several days searching for your email, which I never found, I decided I would send my “comment” although it would do no good. My granddaughter used a gift card she had and purchased, among other things), a purse (under $10.00) as a Christmas gift for me. I wanted to exchange it for another, but because I didn’t have a receipt and she didn’t have the gift card any longer or the receipt, I was unable to do so. The customer service rep said that since the item was on clearance, they (Target) no longer carried the item and because I didn’t have any receipt/gift card/credit card, I was stuck. Well, that didn’t make me happy, so instead of doing more shopping at Target, I went to Walmart. At lease Walmart gives in store credit if not cash back. So, beware Target shoppers, if you buy something on clearance there, and lose your receipt, unless it’s on a card, you have no recourse. I don’t see me shopping there again.

  62. First of all the online contact is crap. One could click on the online feedback link over and over and go nowhere…like Target really wants any feedback. I received a gift card for Christmas and it was announced that some target gift cards were not activated by target. So I went on line to see what the balance is and first of all could not figure out what numbers were what. Now, I am not some low-life idiot, I have a Ph.D. and am a retired college professor. So after being frustrated by trying various numbers I called. First they told me to go online and I stated that I had tried that. Then I started to give them what I thought might be the number and she says oh no they start with 04. There was no such number. Then she finally said you have to scratch off the silver label to get the number – what a great idea – the number comes off with the scratching! What a terrific company Target is – not! I guess I will just have to go try it in case it is worth something. Boo hiss Target.

  63. I purchased four holiday straw cups on 11/28/2013. The cups were part od the gifts for my nieces and nephew who are all under five years of age. I attempted to exchange the cup, I did not have the correct receipt so I purchased another cup. When I returned with the correct receipt, I was told that I could get an
    Exchange or store credit. I don’t think it’s right for Target to hijack MY money in this matter. After all I purchased the cups in good faith, expecting them to seal the liquid from spilling out of the cups. It certainly no my responsibility to fund quality control for this corporation. It certainly does seems that Walmart is far more customer friendly.

  64. I am so disappointed and mad. I order some items on December 3, 2013 for a Christmas gift. All the orders came in except one. I immediately called to let them know that I didn’t receive all my order but had paid for it. I was told that it was in stock and they would ship it out right away. A few days later, I received an email stating it would be January 11, 2014. On Jan. 6, 2014, I received an email stating they were waiting for me to send my replacement back so they could ship my order. I called as was told that it should be to me by the end of the day. They were considering this a “replacement Order”, which I think was wrong. I ordered in in plenty or time and had already paid for it….it wasn’t my fault they make a mistake. Then today, January 7th, I call to say it didn’t come yesterday and was told that whoever filled out the information from the beginning didn’t finish the request that it wasn’t in the order to begin with, therefore, it looked like I would be sending something back. Who knows!!!! So, today the person I talked to said she completed the request and now it should be here by January 13th. I hope so!!!!! This was a Christmas gift!!!!!!

  65. Horrible customer service at the store and online. While waiting to pay, i saw a customer in front of me purchase a baby monitor that I have been looking for and it was on sale. I was in a rush and thought that i could just go home and order online so i left the store. I got home, went online only to find out the price online is 3 times more than at the store. That was a surprise, why would they have different price?. I called online and they told me to check another local store. So i drove to another Target, found out they all sold out. The representative at Target advice me call Online Phone number again and check with them. They couldnt even order the item from Target Store and have it ship home. I went home, called Target online and this time the rep. on the phone told me that item exclusively sell online only. I told her I saw a customer purchased that item at the store, she couldnt give me an answer “why” or even agree to do price match. Target system is SUCK, that all i can say. Waste customer time, bad customer service, confusing customer. So disappointed.

  66. Jan. 26, 2014 in Sunday’s ad was advertised a 6-slice Oster toaster oven for $39..We went to our Davenport, Iowa store and was told they don’t carry the Oster 6 slice toaster oven. We had them check the Moline, Il store (across the river) and they don’t carry the 6 slice Oster toaster oven. Target is already in hot water with the public and false advertising in OUR paper just adds fuel to worsening the Target name.

    • Purchased a dresser and changing table from Target online to be picked up in Manahawkin New Jersey.After calling 3 times and being told 3 times that they do not do online pick ups I drove to the store and after talking to 2 people they found it and was all put out with the situation.Proceeded to check out and was not offered any help taking it to my vehicle so I asked for assistance.They called for an elderly guy to load this heavy dresser,finally a customer helped me get it in.If we had not spent $1500.00 there already on the other pieces I would have gone elsewhere to shop.I called the store manager after I got home,well he said he was the store manager but he didn’t act like one he could of cared less about my experience.He called himself Ryan.I will not ever shop there again and I have already passed this along to several people.

  67. After shopping at the federal way washington target on feb, 3 2014, I had the cashier ask me if I would like to link my debit card to targets so they could just take the payment right out of my account.. With all the drama of late for target I do believe its quite bold to have your cashiers asking or offering that option. I of course said no way would I trust target with that information. I’m sure she had heard that all day, but please target stop having your cashiers upsell me in the check stand. Leave me alone, I’m paying. This is just one more reason I’m weaning myself off target for other stores. Just stop..

  68. The pharmacy over charged me $11 last month. When trying to get a refund They said they weren’t sure they could refund me. I was accused of threatening when I said I’d have one of my kids, that’s an attorney, take care of it if they didn’t correct it.

    I did get my refund, but what a terrible ordeal to go through, trying to get them to correct their mistake. Needless to say I switched my prescriptions to another store.

  69. I came into the Target located at 6600 Richmond Highway about 8pm to look for a container to use for these gifts I was making for a school fundraiser. This extremely friendly worker “MORGAN” asked me if she could assist me with anything. I told her I was looking for a container that could hold a basketball and some other items. She personally walked me over to a section to show me what was available. I did end of purchasing 2 container that night. The final product turned out great. There were items donated from baseball, football,hockey and basketball organizations personally signed by the players donated for the fundraiser. I think Target needs to know that “MORGAN” definitely is an asset to the brand.

  70. We had the most pleasant experience just this afternoon (3-2-14) at the Ventura-Main Street AND Oxnard Target Stores.

    We were at your Oxnard store to purchase a Samsung camera which this store did not have in stock so your sales associate, Delia in Electronics called other stores in our area and located one for us at your Target-Main Street location and requested they hold it for us that we would be there within the hour. She gave us all the information that we would need once we arrived at the Ventura store. While she was awaiting assistance on the phone she explained thoroughly to us the camera and its features.

    Upon our arrival at your Target-Main Street location we were greeted by Michelle in Electronics and she immediately presented us with the camera we were purchasing. She was extremely courteous and explained many applications of the camera and demonstrated to us how to operate the camera and even took the time to set it up for us. Neither my husband nor I are tech savvy and so appreciated her help. We left the store two very happy campers and are looking forward to using our new Samsung camera.

    We sincerely hope that these two ladies will be acknowledged for their excellent customer service. We also know if we have further questions they will be there to assist us.

    Sue and Gary Luft
    Oxnard, CA 93036

  71. I am a huge fan of target and have been for over a decade. This evening I witnessed an event that entirely put me off. A German couple was in line in front of me probably in their mid to late 50s. They were buying some beverages and had a pack of blue moon and two bottles of wine on the belt. The woman raynette (not sure the spelling, older Asian woman with glasses) asked for their ID, which I thought was a joke and then when the guests have her their German citizens ID which is a government issued ID she refused to serve them and told them only a passport would suffice. She did not seem sorry nor did she seem sympathetic. Is this true? And do you teach your employees anything about customer service? She should have at least got a manager involved. This event just happened and I have already shared it with multiple places and people. I am very disappointed and I wasn’t even involved.

  72. I recently purchased on line gift through baby registry, making sure the gift would be delivered to me, NOT my friend having the surprise shower. the gift was sent to her, totally ruining the whole surprise! I called Target to voice my complaint, spoke with a manager, John ( refused to give his last name), and he told me he would file a complaint, and I was just dismissed! The conversation ended. All of this could have avoided, and I think you need to take full responsibility for this error.

  73. I purchased a Threshold gel memory foam pillow over the weekend. When I got home I took it out of the protective plastic wrap and it immediately filled my house w/ the smell of mold/ mildew. I opened the zipper cover and sure enough, MOLD. On a brand new pillow.

    I went to a different store to exchange it, thinking it was just that shipment. The replacement also smelled of mold/ mildew.

    Upon looking at the online reviews, it appears others are still sleeping with these moldy pillows. It’s a health/ safety hazard and I feel you should reach out to anyone who has purchased this pillow to let them know. At the very least, those that have left reviews on your site.

  74. My 93 yr old mother bought a Bright Spot cellular phone along with a required activation card. The phone did not work and returned the items to the store. Target refunded her money for the phone but refused to take back the unused activation card. I spoke with several staff members and got the brush off. Hey Target what happened to your customer service? Didn’t expect that from your company…BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

  75. The customer service representative that I spoke to on the phone was completely worthless. She was obviously just reading sentences from a script and not really listening to my issues. I have a wedding registry at Target and am heavily considering changing to Bed Bath and Beyond, last minute. I had a bridal shower yesterday and my aunt got me a red microwave. They told me it was not updating on my registry, and they were right. I had to remove the microwave from my registry myself this morning…Now, I am worried that I will get a bunch of duplicates from guests because the registry is not updating as people buy things! I am so disappointed and really frustrated with Target’s wedding registry. When I called, the customer service rep could not give me a reason why this was happening or give me a timeline as to when it would be fixed.. I was on the phone for a half an hour and learned nothing. I do NOT recommend using Target for a registry…If I could go back, I would steer clear of Target…go to Bed Bath and Beyond- I heard they’re great.

  76. You lost a long time customer today. After purchasing a product online I was given no support even though I had purchased the service agreement to cover the purchase. The local store had promised a full refund, but when I returned with the proof of purchase I was told that I was 1) too late; 2)didn’t have the packing slip–even though I had the online proof of purchase provided to me by Target; 3)that the store did not honor online purchases of electronic devices. The product which failed about 6 weeks after purchase is now MY expensive piece of junk.

    I was offered a chance to speak with the manager, but informed that he would simply repeat what I had already been told.

    At that point I asked that she inform her manager that I would never make another purchase from Target–either in store or online.

    First you jeopardized my credit and debit cards and now this. I am done with you!

  77. Worst experience ever! Don’t shop at 12901 N IH 35 Austin /TX store ,they costumer service horrible and the
    manager his name is Jim he is so mean and rude,he doesn’t know how to talk people.if like that person work at target ,I will never shop again and tell my family and friends ,they will not go target too…

  78. I have called several times today. Half of the people I end up on the phone with are not fluent in English. I have yet to get my problem resolved and I have called ten times. At the end of the conversation they ask me call back customer service or they just hang up. The two dresses I ordered are ringing up at full price even though they are buy one and get 50% off on the other. Is this too difficult to resolve? Obviously so. I almost rather pay full price than deal with your TERRIBLE customer service

  79. I bought 2 36-piece packages of Angel Soft toilet papers because of the promotion, “buy 2 packages of Angel Soft or Quilt, and get $10 Target gift card for free”. So when I checked out at cashier#4, I realized the cashier put the first $10 gift card to his drawer and charged me $10 for another gift card that I was supposed to get for free as advertised. Before even exiting the door while checking on the receipt just as a habit, I found out the error or possibly a scam. I brought it up to the store manager at the Customer Service twice, showed her the receipt, added up the entire math trying to explain the problem to her. In addition, I got charged twice for the Yogurt. The store manager blew me off with an attitude, “I have been working at Target for over 5 years, and I know what I am doing as I watched what he was doing! This is how it works, and you seemed to have a trouble understanding it!!” I began to think that was her scheme to rip off Target shoppers for her own benefits..
    It’s not the matter of the money at stake ($10 gift card), but I am writing this because it’s the matter of principle and how you treat your customers! I have been supporting Target forever because I love Target quality and pricing, and the fact that Target donates 1% to local schools to support education. However, this kind of Customer Service attitude and illegal scheme cannot be tolerated.

  80. We are so disappointed that target pharmacy is no longer participating in their own previous discount drug plan and didn’t even find it necessary to inform their ones valued customers enrolled in the target pharmacy plan. We found out that the medication refill that cost 4.00 USD before was now over 8.00 USD for one months supply.
    Our Store we pick up our Order at Sacramento Arden in Sacramento and we liked the friendliness and helpful customer service from the Pharmacy team, especially Allan.
    It doesn’t make any business sense to change something good for the customer with all of targets problems. I grew up in Business and learned something very valuable from my parents “never bite the hand that feeds you”!

  81. Visiting the Plymouth Target Store, I was extremely pleased with the customer service in the Photo Department. The young manager, Taylor (I believe)took time, was very helpful and courteous with myself as well as another customer at the same time. She is to be commended…….she is also a newly hired manager at this Target Store. Also Lisa who works in the photo department was helpful.

    I also wish to give comments concerning your Target Store in Kona, Hawaii where we visit each year. The store is wonderful, well supplied and employees are mostly helpful. However, they need better service in the produce and household goods area. The prices aren’t clearly displayed and the employees are difficult to track down at times. Since we are Minnesota people, of course we would like this Target store to effectively compete with Wal-Mart. Just thought you might like to know. Maybe you could send Taylor to Hawaii to oversee this manager system!!!

  82. Horrible customer service. I was considering buying stock in Target but not after this last (and will be my very last) customer service experience for an online sale. Mailed the wrong size for my daughters new sneaker and was told I needed to mail it back in or drive it to a store to get a refund. I’m sorry but if I ordered online I was trying to avoid all of that. They told me there was a mislabeling in their warehouse and refused to send me a new pair without charging me. I highly doubt the $24.95 was worth losing a customer for life Target.

  83. Horrible. Save precious time and energy and order through Amazon. Ridiculously ineffective customer service.

  84. I had two problems yet again at target today; first, I have people approaching me all over the store asking me if I need help finding anything. I understand you think this is good customer service but if I can’t find something myself, it invariably means you dont have it. Then I have someone following me around the store pretending to help me shop, which I don’t need. Problem two is that you have your people soliciting customers to get the credit or debit card in the checkout line, which hold up the line, in my case for five minutes. Plus now the extra time it is taking me to write this. I’ll throw a third thing inwhile I’m at it: your selection is really going downhill. I am going to try to avoid tArget going forward.

  85. This past Monday I went to target and they told me I couldn’t use my “target” coupon with my manufacture coupon. It clearly states in the coupon policy may combine both I was so disappointed in Register Clerk but I just kept quiet and moved on. Makes me not want to shop there any more I am a loyal customer love Target but not with these actions. Target use to be so great untill these past 6 months. This located bakersfield, CA

    I ordered patio furniture from Target. Was to get 3 pkgs. They all came but 1 was not mine. Was another guests chairs. I called and called and called Target and they could not get their **** together. They do not work with either UPS or FEDEX for big deliveries. They work with a place called Home Direct. I called them several times as well an no one could figure out where my order was. I am returning my furniture because the incomepentcy is out of this world!!!!!!

  87. I cannot believe how horrible Target is for online orders. Take my advice. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE FROM THEM!!!! here is MY story:
    I ordered furniture from them ~ 3 weeks ago. At that time, all was great! they took my $, got the emails it will be shipped.
    Come 8 days later, I got three boxes. 2 were correct. 1 was wrong. belonged to someone else. Called Target right away and said they would make arrangements for a pick up and for a shipment of my chairs that were to be delivered. Crickets. Crickets. heard NOTHING for 3 days. called Target again. Same ol song and dance. “We are looking in to it.” etc etc.
    I called again today (there is more to this story but I I don’t have the energy anymore do go in to detail) and they admitted to me that they cannot send me my chairs because they are no longer available!!!!! so, because my husband already put the couch and coffee table together, we have to take it apart and have Home Direct pick up everything.
    TARGET is the WORST. I have gone in to that store on a weekly basis and I spend anywhere from $25-100 each time I go in. As much as I love their products and the store, I will never go in there again. Unbelievable.

  88. I am starting to hate shopping at Target. Whenever I have an item and I want to take it back, it takes forever waiting in line. Their customer service desk lets people check out, not only return. So if you have one item you may have someone in front of you with a cart full checking out and you stand there and wait. Why can’t you just have a return and complaint service and let anybody else go through the regular checkout?

  89. I was quite disappointed after being on line for over an hour carefully shopping for items on line from your store. At the start of ordering it states “free shipping for orders $50.00 or more.” My order was about $57.00, so I proceeded to check out. I saw at that time it was free shipping with a target card only! The shopper should be notified with that information before they have wasted over an hour shopping for your store items, to be notified of your terms of free shipping! REALLY1

  90. It would be helpful if you would put some cashiers nearer
    the grocery isle. Everyone of your stores have the cashiers
    closer to the other side of the store. Really inconvenient
    when you shop for groceries only and park by that entrance.

  91. We won’t be coming back! I sent my husband to the store to purchase the 6ft banquet table @ $6.99 in this weeks flyer on May 23. The sign on the shelf said $6.99 but no tables just the rain check request ticket. He took it to the front and received a raincheck for 5 for $27.97 (unsure of the change because the ticket was left on the counter). He said it was wrong and the manger told him the flyer was wrong. He said I understand misprints but your sign put up by a human on Sunday says $6.99 and today is Thursday. If it’s an error the sign should’ve been taken down. Since it’s not you need to issue the raincheck for 5 @ $6.99 each. The manger refused and was MOST UNPLEASANT about the whole thing. My husband left with out purchasing any other items on my list. I called your customer service line and was told they would document the issue but they COULD NOT DO ANYTHING about it. I need the 5 tables for my daughter’s rehearsal dinner.
    I forgave you when I had to change my pin and checking account attached to your Redcard, that was out of your hands. This is just POOR customer service! I have you listed as spam so don’t email me. You have all my information from my Redcard, just like the hackers. You can contact me by mail if you wish to mail me the raincheck. The raincheck number is 9801-0000-2159-3583. I have learn to shop other than Wal-Mart because they are dirty stores and unfriendly staff. I can find other places to spend my weekly money if you leave this issue as is.

  92. For some reason, I can’t seem to get into the survey. This is the first opportunity I could find. On 5/23/14, 7:40 PM at the Upper St. Clair, PA location I had the most helpful associate (Lindsay)scour the store for a “Frozen” t-shirt for a gift. I couldn’t believe it. She wouldn’t give up till she found it. I was thrilled. Then I had the most wonderful check out person. If anyone was having a bad day, they would have had a different point of view after encountering Michael. Nice guy! That’s the way it should be. They need a raise!

  93. Absolutely a joke of a customer service organization. As a loyal customer who spends thousands of dollars at Target per year, I expected a little effort at solving what seems to be a simple problem. I purchased a gift card, the cashier didn’t activate it. I know within a 5 day time frame the date the card was purchased as well as the card I used to make the purchase. Connie, hopefully the most unhelpful supervisor in the organization, told me to “search for my receipt a little harder.” I’m sorry, but why don’t you train your cashiers and employees to actually DO THEIR JOBS rather than blaming the customer. Worthless. 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  94. I am shocked that you allow open carry weapons in your store. There is no way I or any of my family, and now my friends, will patronize Target when I share this with them. The obvious scare this puts in customers when confronted by these goons. Why do you think there is any justifiable reason that a man needs to brandish assault weaponry in front of women and children, or for that matter, men in the course of a pleasant shopping experience? Imagine that someone shows up at your door with rifles or handguns. And you have a gun. What happens in your stores when that eventually happens? Your firm will one day be responsible for a massacre. The blood will be on your hands. Shame on you. If you don’t have the spine to stop this armed bullying, I don’t need to give you my money any more. I will tell my friends to stop doing business with you and ask them to tell your friends.

  95. Your security system is still compromised. On 6-8-14 I had a check declined. On 6-9-14 I received a call from “Targets Collection Division” that a previous written check was returned by my CU, because my account was closed. I checked and my account was NOT closed. I called “Target” back and stupidly gave them my account no. I suspected something and checked their ph. no. and it was a telemarketer and company UNKNOWN. How did they get my check declined??????? Your system is very poor indeed. Needless to say, I won’t be shopping at your store any longer.

  96. I understand you dont wish to allow persons there constitutional rights and leave them defenceless in your stores , well two points of view , If your doing that you better be ready to defend your customers if you disarm them and second I will never shop at a store that wants to disarm me and leave me defenceless , Hope your stores arnt like sonic the day after they banned weapons , one of there stores was robbed at gun point but that stuff is going on all over

  97. It is unfortunate that your company has chosen to request customers not to conseal carry while shopping. My life is not worth the shopping experience your company offers. I live next to the most dangerous mid size city in America. I go nowhere without one.

  98. On 6/7/14 I purchased a bench at Target. I was informed that I could only get the sale price if I had a Red Card. I was ok with that as I am a big shopper at Target. However, when the pad prompted me to enter my social security number, I said to the cashier that Target had to be kidding. (I only entered my last 4 digits). Today I received my rejection for a card because my SS # was invalid. Please do some serious thinking. I am one of your customers who, on December 5, 2013, charged almost $300 at Target. We know what happened with your security breach. I had to keep a diligent watch on my credit card statement to insure no fraudulent purchases were made. Do you really think that I would now entrust you with my social security number? Your policy will make me think twice about doing business with Target.

  99. Today I ordered four gift cards from various stores. Target was the ONLY one that charged a mailing fee.

    SHAME ON YOU, Target!!!!!

  100. I placed an order on May 30th and still have not received the items. I called customer service last week and was asked to wait until Friday and given a GC for $5.00 for my trouble. I still do not have my items and the order number is 101694143492. The items were for a father’s day gift and ordered in plenty of time. I am very dissappointed and want to know what steps will be taken for me to receive this merchandise at the same price as well as discounted. When talking to customer service they suggested the REDCARD – I have it and have done what I needed to do. You can contact me via email

  101. Store service has really started to go down———if you ask to talk to a manager—-they are busy!!

    More difficulties trying to get acct. information over the phone—–sorry Target has started to down-slide

  102. Store service has really started to go down———if you ask to talk to a manager—-they are busy!!

    More difficulties trying to get acct. information over the phone—–sorry Target has started to down-slide

  103. The Complaint Against Michael Koch Age 32
    Dear Psychiatrist: June 23, 2014
    After long consideration, I am reluctantly compelled to state a formal written complaint against Michael Koch, who is the son of Joe Koch and the brother of Matthew with the same last name who I presume to be a psychiatric patient at the Round Rock Mental health Clinic based on his testimony.
    Michael met me as I was passing by at Walmart a few months ago and he portrayed himself to me as a nice guy; I then suggested he could camp in the woods near my camp which is located behind Golds Gym at Tech Ridge in Travis County. He confessed to me that he was in fact a compulsive shoplifter and against my better judgment,I took chance on him hoping that he would turn out to be the friend that I needed, Michel stated that he only stole from stores which I now assume to be another lie from him. Micheal Koch has since been barred from Walmart and C.V.S for shoplifting and is supervised at H.E.B because Mr. Koch is a skilled thieve and a damn good one at that with his finely tuned quick hands.
    Mr. Koch lives in the woods because he has a found a place where he can scream and lash out at the top of his well trained husky voice as often as needed as a psychopathic way of dealing with his issues. Micheal Koch is what psychiatrist label as King Baby and totally unworkable. In my opinion, which is based on my inferences of this individual, Mr. Koch is incapable of processing information at an adult level and apparently does not understand consideration for others and mutual respect in all actuality.
    This individual needs to be supervised and isn’t capable conducting his own affairs in an adult manner on the account of his tirades and victimization tactics, Mr. Koch is a highly skilled instigator in trivial matters. To put it plain and simple; Mr. Koch is a pest and a menace to society, due to his unstructured lifestyle, this individual loiters and malingers around like a wayward adolescent up to no good. Mr. Koch needs to be told to leave establishments at closing time and instructed by security guards to vacate bathrooms. It seems likely that he does this to purposely cause frustration in people lives on the account of his parasitic personally traits. In my opinion, Mr. Koch is not fit for society due to his vagrant disregard for societies laws and standards and enjoys very much in being a pain in the ass.
    Mr. Koch was arrested at Baby A’s for destruction of property arising from a public domestic violence dispute between him and girlfriend, Mr. Koch is unable to recognize nor willing to correct his irrational behavior out of any bad situation because he cannot recognize his bad behavior and sees his irrational behavior as normal or justified. Mr. Koch is unable to mentally develop and shows no progress whatsoever, he is still having temper tantrums or outburst at an escalated and well practiced level.
    The above incident mentioned did not trigger any introspection analysis within him and therefore he cannot see any wrong in his behavior but rather blames the situation on other factors thus incurring no accountability for corrective actions. Mr. Koch is very attached to his bi-polar characteristics and utilizes several deceptive techniques to protect it, employing “guilt trips” or “ flipping the script.”
    One of the problems I had with Mr. Koch is that I could not get this guy to cooperate with me at any level on the account of his argumentative or conflictual desires that are inherent to his aptitude. Micheal’s time is unstructured, this guy stays up until 7 in the morning and expects people hang out with him, a second person departure would cause conflicts because Micheal would take it personal or is Mr. Koch just using the situation to conflict? His relationship with his girlfriend is in constant turmoil due to his lust for conflict on the account that Micheal does not understand respect nor care to, these are adult skills which are learned, Mr. Koch does not possess any learned adult skills out of deception.
    Mr. Koch uses people as punching bags, he has developed techniques to start arguments using simple bait and switch strategies. His intro will seem sincere and then switch to a conflictual line of talk, this bait and switch tactic is a well practiced victimizing protocol in his interactions with certain people. Mr. Koch has no need for an adult friendship nor understands what that entails in all actuality, Mr. Koch needs people in his life who he can bitch at as often as needed as a way of dealing with his issues, he’s parasitic. I called the police on him several times because I could not get him to stop harassing me with his finely tuned victimization tactics, his behavior rises to the level of aggravated disorderly conduct and harassment when King baby don’t get his way and on top of that, Micheal Koch is thieve.
    Mr. Koch feels the need to get “over” on people and that ruse can show itself in many ways. In this day and age, one cannot be a devious person without pretending to good person and Micheal does that well in news situations, it won’t take long for Micheal’s true colors to come through.
    Mr. Koch has no interest in respecting anyone with regard for societies best interest whatsoever and offers me nothing but hell ride. Mr. Koch is 32 years old and still believes in ghost, he feels their sneaky presence. Mr. Koch claims to be able to “read” people real well, this special ability that he posses is certainty not used for upright reasons, what Mr. Koch reads real well is the security cameras.
    Mr. Koch does not recognize what an adult friendship entails, this is a learned trait, Mr. Koch is not a learner and his relationships are suggestive to a master/slave set up where he feels he owns the second the person to be used as a punching bag at his whim, he pretends just enough to keep the illusion of friendship in tact as a strategy to keep his punching bag victims near for quick use.
    Mr. Koch is unable to rationally cope with rejection at an adult level and cannot understand why people decide to call it quits with him, he can’t acknowledge his irrational behavior nor care to correct it, especially with his violent screaming episodes and his habitual psycho desires for conflict.
    Mr. Koch does not own a computer nor bicycle to get around and is unable to engage in constructive endeavors, like getting to food pantries. Mike likes to play facebook games on his phone with immature dialog, there is nothing sincere about him, he is phoney in every way. Mr. Koch is not carving out a legitimate existence, he lives his life as a trouble maker and vagrant with absolutely no consideration for a person’s piece of mind and he will steal that as well with absolutely no consideration whatsoever.
    Mr. Koch is unstable, he can throw a temper tantrum at any time, anywhere and doesn’t care who hears him except on the condition where he would be in the presence of what I call a “ Looker-Up,” that is someone that he chooses not to show his true colors to and so whereby he conceals his secret life as a victimizing parasite. To put it quite simply, Mr. Koch is maniac and a terrorist for all the desperate animals living in woods that he is scaring the shit out of.
    Mr. Koch shows no inclination to develop new adult skills to become a complying citizen and is perfectly content on being a parasite feeding on society’s law abiding citizens like a leach. Apparently, he enjoys being a screamer and victimizing people as a way to satiate his psycho desires. Mr. Micheal Koch feeds on people that is why I say he is parasitic, he does not add value, he takes value.
    Mr. Koch has a mixture of maybe 25% Indian in him, from what I understand,these genes do not mix well and it’s infusion can lead to narcissism and even schizophrenia, I have seen first hand what this gene mixture can do. I don’t know if Mr. Koch has these conditions or not, I just know Micheal stopped developing in a mature upright way and has no desire to be a rational, understanding and a cooperative human being, he is not responsive to people needs but rather obstructive to peoples needs, the time that he spent in his life was utilized for the perfection of deceptive strategies only.
    Micheal Koch is very vindictive when it comes to relationships that have been terminated, resorting to to softly spoken threats of revenge to the second person or open malicious gossip to get even with people who decide to call it quits with him. Mr. Koch seems unable to recognize when a relationship is over but rather views the situation as some on- going mind struggle game in the realm of dissolution, “ The ball is in your court kind of a thing” or “ you think you got me by balls sort of a situation,” Those childless mindsets are his disillusions for he is not able to see or understand things at an adult level.

    Therefore, I suggest that he be placed in an environment that prohibits violence and instructs on the, development of adult skills where he might learn different ways to react and interact with society, which by the way he doesn’t hold an interest in doing because he has so much time and energy invested into playing underhanded people games. Mr. Koch should not be living in the woods running rampant, from what I understand, he is supposed to living at his moms but they can’t deal with him either.
    Since Mr. Micheal Koch is supposed to be under the care of a psychiatrist, the police tell me that he comes under the jurisdiction of the mental health clinic in Round Rock, I suppose. I Therefore recommend that you use your authority as a Psychiatrist and order Mr. Koch out of the woods where he is hiding out in Travis County and back to Williamson County where he belongs living with mother or better still even yet; to a state institution where a message can be sent to him that his mental case mind games are over and he is no longer fooling anyone anymore.
    Micheal Koch is sociopath , he has the need to get over on people any way that he can, by lying, stealing, screaming or playing Mr. professional in view of the higher -ups.
    Micheal only his true colors to the people who he thinks he can away with, that why Micheal “reads” people real well, for the purpose of ascertaining who he can use as punching bags when he needs to victimize people to feed his mental case head with psycho win.

    Please feel free to e- mail me any comments or suggestions regarding this matter.
    Yours truly, John Roth

  104. I think Target does not need my patronage. The have the worst customer service and have forgotten that without customers they have no business. I can say Wal mart may be a butt of many jokes but the still will answer the phone when a customer calls. I can get through to Congress with more ease than breech the walls of Target. Say good bye my American dollars.

  105. I was in the Boise Target today on Eagle and Chinden. I bought a outdoor table at a great price but when I got the box to my car it was too big. The target team members were so helpful (Cody and Larry) they told me they could hold it while I got a car that I could get the table home. I have roof racks so I went home got some tie downs and came back. The tie downs were broken that I had grabbed so Cody helped me get the correct ones to get the table on my car. This is all going on whole it’s 95 degrees out and he was directing me how to get the table strapped to my car. This type of customer service is almost unheard of now and I had to let you know what a great asset Cody is to the Target store. I live in the neighborhood behind the target and since we moved here we have come to know all of the amazing team miners in this Target store. I just want to thank Cody again for all his help. I made it safely home and had a amazing surprise for my husband when he got home. I look forward to shopping at the Eagle/Chinden store for many more years

  106. My daughter did a return for 11.99, and wanted it put back on her debit card. She has been waiting to see the credit, when I looked at receipt it says they gave her gift card, They stapled a receipt but no gift card, I know not a lot of money but she is a college student and could use the 12.26 original receipt is 2-4089-1509-0075-8856-0. please help just put credit on debit card thanks, Pam Brown

  107. This may not be of interest to you, but since you do not want me to carry a gun into your store, I have a right to carry auth. By the gov. and my ccw, I will not enter your store at all.

  108. I am sorry to say but after the recent news I have heard, my family and I will no longer be shopping at Target. My wife and I are both law abiding people. But in this crazy world, there are a lot of people that do not follow the law. Because of this, both of us have a permit to carry to protect ourselves and our kids.
    I learned today that we are no longer welcome in your stores if we are carring (open or concelled).
    As and American, it is our RIGHT to bear arms. The law has given both of us a permit to carry the weapon.
    Target has now started treating us like criminals saying that they want a Safe work place and shopping place.
    You are stating that the people who follow the law will not harm people because they have weapons.
    Your type of thinking is so out dated.

  109. I just went to Target for pills I had a $5.00 off if you brought $20.00 coupon The drug department took it but never took it off my bill Of $42.18 They kept the coupon but never said anything about it I just got it in the mail Thanks for screwing us Won’t be back for a while Answer requested.


  111. After reading about your new policy regarding violating our 2nd Amendment rights, you as a private business have every right to do this. I as a consumer have every right to express my views of your corporate policies by never shopping at Target again!

  112. It has come to my attention that you do not prohibit guns from your stores.
    This is not acceptable to me or my family
    Our safety while shopping, anywhere, is of the utmost importance.
    Until you policy changes, we will not shop with you and will cancel all credit arrangements.

  113. Is it true you won’t let legal concealed guns in target? I hope this is not true. we had a mass shooting here in salt lake city a few years ago, and the reason the shooter picked the location was it was posted “no guns allowed”, please rethink this policy.

  114. Recently Target compromised there customer’s credit card security,now they want to put there shoppers personal safety at risk by not allowing law abiding citizens with concealed to carry licenses to shop at there stores while legally carrying a firearm. You people will not see my shopping dollars in your stores, it’s much to risky.

  115. Recently Target compromised there customer’s credit card security,now they want to put there shoppers personal safety at risk by not allowing law abiding citizens with concealed to carry licenses to shop at there stores while legally carrying a firearm. You people will not see my shopping dollars in your stores, it’s much to risky.

  116. I have always loved Target but because of your gun free policy I will have to stop shopping at your store.

  117. I was in the Louise Avenue Target store in Sioux Falls, SD last Sunday (July 6) to check on the iPads advertised. I’m sorry I didn’t get the name of the young gal who helped me. I told her I had several questions about the iPad and while we were talking she received one or two calls on her “walkie-talkie” from other employees asking her questions. I asked if she needed to answer them, and she said, “No, you’re the most important person right now.” Yes, I purchased an iPad! Kudos to that young gal for making me feel like a million dollars!

  118. Dangerous place to shop becuase now Tagrget is protecting criinals by telling law abiding citiizens to not carry a concealed weapon if they so choose. MN company run by Minnesota dope heads just like the governor. NO more purchases at Target BS leftist aholes

  119. My husband and I were in your Greenville, SC store on July 5th. I was very disappointed at the empty racks all through the store. We were shopping in the baby and toddler departments. Then we tried to buy a broom/pan set 002091034. There was only 1 on the floor and when we got to check out, I noticed that the dust pan was cracked. Your staff was excellent but the end result was that you had 6 sets in the backroom that did not have a dustpan with the set? I find that hard to believe and harder to imagine that it took 2 or 3 trips back to the backroom to realize this. We are from Youngstown, OH and currently have our local target in a remodeling stage that looks a lot like the Greenville store. In my opinion both stores are a mess and I’ll really have to be desperate to shop there.

  120. Your customer services really sucks! I just missed the 1 year dealine to get missing parts, by 1 month. I got referred to another number. Why even refer me, if this other team is useless and wouldnt be able to get me the missing parts. After being on the phone with them for 45 min, I was told go call the product company, room essentials, to get the missing parts. Customer service didnt have their phone number, even though Room Essential currently produces products for Target. And then customer service had the nerve to say “if you don’t like our services, maybe you shouldn’t shop at Target any more”. The manager was able to find me the phone number to Room Essential, but I will definitely think twice before I buy any big items or electronics from Target

  121. I would like to know why my order #101688053489 has been sent from ORLAND, FL to PEMBROKE PINES, FL (on the EAST coast) instead of SARASOTA, FL (on the WEST coast) where I live and placed the order. Also, why is it taking from 7/23 until 7/28 for me to receive this package from Pembroke Pines to Sarasota??

  122. My order #101688053489 has been shipped to the East coast of FL instead of the West coast of FL from Orlando. WHY?

  123. Target has possibly the WORST customer service center I’ve ever dealt with. Their ordering system locks up frequently. If you have a problem and call their CS center, which is in Central Americal, within minutes of finding a problem. If it’s not on their script they can’t help you or worse yet, lie and say they have when they haven’t. When you ask for a number in the US so you can speak to someone who has a clue, they either say they’re forwarding you, which they don’t, you’re dropped back into the call que or they put you on hold to get the number and then never come back. I waited on hold for 25 min.

    You’d think after their fiasco last year with everyone’s personal information being compromised, they’d work harder at providing good customer service. I’ve been a RED card holder and have shopped at Target online for years. I’ve place my last order and have cancelled my card. Not worth the aggrevation.

  124. I was shopping at the Target in Burbank at Empire Center. I saw a sales associate in the red shirt, Tito, on one of the aisles and I asked him if Target sold books. Tito said to me in Spanish, “I don’t speak English, only Spanish. I speak very little English. The only thing he said to me in English was I’m sorry. Thank goodness I I passed Jr. high school Spanish, level 1 and understood him. I’m all for hiring Bilingual employees, but how do you hire people do not speak English? If other words, you are fine turning away Engligh speaking customers. I certainly got the message and put my items down and left the store. I don’t think I’ll be back.

  125. I placed an order over a month ago for ride on dune buggy. It still has not been delivered. A company called way fair is delivering and scheduled for this thur. I just ordered exact same item from Walmart and it is scheduled for delivery this week. My daughter could have been enjoying for a month.
    I am very dissatisfied with this service. I love your store but this will make me think a little about ordering from your site again

  126. I am 9 months pregnant and my elderly aunt sent me $100 gift card that got thrown away when my husband cleaned the car out. It was in the envelope so all the information that was with the card was thrown out with the card. Target will only replace the card if my 90 year old aunt has her receipt. So, basically target has no problem stealing $100 with no remorse. I would think the card could be tracked by address since it was mailed to me. I will inform everyone to never register or purchase gift cards from Target.

  127. There is NO WAY to send an E-mail inquiry to Target! The links on their website lead you in a viscous circle, from one irrelevant page to another. damn. I just assembled a coffee table & 2 side tables, wrote rave reviews on them.(I guess no good deed goes un-punished) I only wanted to inquire when the TV stand might become available? (‘Out of Stock’) There’s no way to ask & no way to provide Target with consumer feedback. If there is, it’s not clearly marked.

  128. I am very shocked to see that a store the size of Target DOES NOT carry the American Flag in the store. You can buy a state flag in some stores but no Amer4ican Flag only on line. this is a disrespect to the vets. that served ths great country. As labor day is here i went to get a new flag to hang out side to find out there is none in the store. As a father of a Navy man
    this i felt is a disrespect to the vets. and to the Country.

  129. While purchasing an item with $16.99 clearly marked on the tag, the item rang up $17.99 at the register. Is this a common practice with Target in hopes the customer will either not notice or decide $1.00 isn’t worth a return visit to the store?

    Also, I was unable to participate in the online survey due to never being asked for the User ID or password as indicated on the receipt. Calling the 800 Target number was an exercise in futility as the recording constantly returned the main menu

    The Target chat person, Bill, was about as helpful as a 2 year old.

    With all the recent negative press about target, I would highly suggest the company get serious about customer relations…probably the worst I’ve ever seen.

    Target claims to welcome customer feedback….Don’t think so!!

  130. Received a a egiftcard from target #049100022045406.acess28437957. Printed from my email took it to the target store. it is no good , even though the offer reads”You can use at any Target store or on line.” I do not trust Target to handle my private info so therefore will not download app. from target. Please mail me a gift card that is good at the store or cancel my credit card. thank you charles hibbs

  131. I have not shopped at Target since your “credit cards were hacked” over one year ago. While I always used my AMEX, OR VISA credit cards I am no longer confident that my info was or wasn’t hacked so I decided to stop shopping at your stores.

    Today I figured out a wy to buy your VISA gift cards which I did and bought a $100 and also a $50 card. And figured I could those in lieu of my regular cards and also pay any difference in cash.

    So if I do and your cards are hacked again, at least my losses would be capped at a maximun of $150.00 I am wondering why I had to pay a $5.00 fee on each one to do. If that is your policy of having to pay a fee penalty each time in the future I buy your cards that really is not a good solution for me.

    So after I use these $150.00 Target VISA cards up I will start shopping elsewhere again.


    Matt Waters

  132. My wife, this A.M., tried to activate new cards received, due to Target’s hacking incident. The person contacted, via the phone # provided with the cards, apparently does not have even basic skills regarding speaking or understanding English. Why does Target contract with these providers? I suppose it is a matter of cost, at the risk of customer satisfaction. My wife was not able to learn from the contact, if the cards were activated, after several blunt questions, regarding this issue. I tried calling a local Target store, to get corporate customer service, explaining the issue, and was given gift card services on two occasions. Finally 3rd call, after being given the same bogus number, asked for a store manager, who was very helpful. Unfortunately, my call did not get to customer service, but some phone answering service in Nicaragua. The individual responding, also was almost unable to understand the issue. Apparently, wanted to get me off the phone, and suggested I call the number that was provided with the cards. I explained that the issue was regarding communication with those found at that number. Then I was asked the 3rd time, what my question was. Very frustrating………..then asked for the last four of my SSAN, and advised me that my wife’s card was activated……I explained that I had given him no information regarding my wife’s card. (Both cards are on the same account}. Eventually, I was given the response that both cards were activated. This effort consumed approximately 70 minutes, Absolutely unacceptable, and certainly don’t get any comfort that my account is secure. What say you Target? Additionally, suggest corporate review even a few of the comments found online………not at all complimentary. In the past we have held Target in high regard, but no longer. And, I do expect Target to respond, personally, to me, regarding this issue. If this doesn’t happen, I will utilize this comment section again.

  133. Target quality has hit bottom. Their Circo hooded towels for children have a polyester fill to make the rolled towel feel soft. Before laundering you find and remove the piece of polyester fill and have a thin hard towel. I found this out when I purchased the Cirlco penguin hooded towel, 064 21 0252, ROO ID 194461-0098, F16933508-Q3/14, 90642 10252. It is not inexpensive but it’s quality is CHEAP. I am giving more thought to my Target purchases, questioning each item for quality.

  134. I am not happy about Target making their employees work on Thanksgiving!!!! that is what is wrong with our country, no family time. I will shop at Family oriented stores who stay closed on family holidays.

  135. I have an issue with the Handicapped scooters at all Target stores. If one is available it may run only 10 minutes. They all seem to need new batteries since they don’t hold a charge. No one seems to care or try to fix this. Managers say “their hands are tied”. When I have called to complain they say they are working on it” I have been stranded many times. The latest excuse I was given is that their repair depends on “sales”. I get my prescriptions, groceries, gifts & personal items there but I am getting fed up for the lack of regard for your handicapped customers. This is a corporate wide problem, not just in Charlotte,NC but in other states such as NY. Even though I have never had a problem getting a cart or a cart failing on me at Wal-Mart, I prefer to shop at Target. I did not bail because of the security breach like many people did and I would like the service of mobility that you claim to offer your customers. If Wal-Mart can provide this why can’t Target? I have seen customers leave the store when no cart is available and I have done it myself. Please give this matter some long overdue attention. Thank you.

  136. I have an issue with the Handicapped scooters at all Target stores. If one is available it may run only 10 minutes. They all seem to need new batteries since they don’t hold a charge. No one seems to care or try to fix this. Managers say “their hands are tied”. When I have called to complain they say they are working on it” I have been stranded many times. The latest excuse I was given is that their repair depends on “sales”. I get my prescriptions, groceries, gifts & personal items there but I am getting fed up for the lack of regard for your handicapped customers. This is a corporate wide problem, not just in Charlotte,

  137. I really hate that you are opening on Thanksgiving. I wish you would reconsider and keep Thanksgiving for families and not your personal gain.

  138. I have been sitting on hold for 11/2 hours today to try to get a problem resolved, which target has been working on for 4 months. The pharmacy entered my prescriptions incorrectly. I spent one weekend filling out paper work to resolve the situation. No one calls me back, no one seems to know how to resolve the situation. I was transferred from department to department. I wonder how many dollars have been withheld from individuals in the pharmacy. Hopefully I am making customers aware, know exactly when changing insurance companies to know your benefits. The issue started in May of 2013. I wonder if Target would be so patient if I owed them money. I just got disconnected.

  139. had problem placing an on-line order today-so called in-1st guy was in Central America & barely spoke English. Of course he got email wrong after I spelled it out 3 times,so when he completed the order, after a frustrating hour conversation,it had wrong he puts me on hold, and then disconnected call..when I finally got back thru I found out he had cancelled that order completely, but I was then speaking to Carla in the Phillipenes who got it right. for my problem she sent me an email gift card,and can’t redeem it without a smart phone…ay-yi-yi..what is Target coming too? why can’t I take the email into a store???

  140. I ordered on my red card -to redeem my gift card =$5.00 for laundry spots remover,it is one week- ignored, not delivered ,although they promise free delivery until christmas.

  141. I ordered Christmas gifts for my granddaughter on November 14th.
    I immediately received a tracking number, however, as 1 and then 2 weeks passed the tracking status remained the same. I called your contact us number 3 times and was told to call back. I finally called UPS and was told that they never received the shipment. I called back again to your contact number and a young man told me that he would help me. Thank goodness. He canceled my originaly order and reordered everything for me. Everything was still in stock at that time which was November 28th. He insured me that I would receive my order on December 4th. Well,
    today is December 5th and no package and still no tracking number. I called your contact number again and was told that the order was still uncompleted. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she assured me that my order would be shipped today and that I would receive a shipping number tonight. Well it is 7:31 pm and no shipping number. I just received an email informing me that 4 of my items are sold out at this time. I should receive the rest by December 11th. No shipping number yet. I have lost complete faith in Target at this time. The email also told me that I would not be charged until all my items were shipped. I paid for everything on November 14th, so I don’t have any idea what they are talking about. I shopped early so that I could get everything I wanted on time. Now someone else has bought my items and I am left out in the cold. I cannot tell you how very disappointed I am. Please have someone contact me and give me my tracking number so that I can be assured of receiving at least some of my order. Also, refund my money.

  142. In my recent visit to Chicago I shopped in Target Chicago Brickyard W Divercy Ave on 21 November 2014 (10.34 PM ) and 23 November 2014( around 8.30 PM ). I mainly purchased lot of items to gift to friends and relatives back in India. Both the days, among other things, I purchased one Crock pot classic original slow cooker round 4.5 quart.( 2 crock pots in all ) The purchases were made through my citibank credit card.The customer service was good and the staff, friendly.
    I carried the gifts to India ( Chennai ) on 26 November 2014. Today, I sent one crockpot to Mumbai India to my sister in law by flight through my son. Unfortunately, the ceramic pot ( Stoneware) broke !!
    I am feeling sad as the gift could not be given to my sister in law .
    Can anyone suggest what can be done about this ?
    I will be grateful to get a solution.

  143. I will never order anything online from Target, Never. No customer service, do not receive your order and no one is willing to help.

  144. Dear sir:
    I called my Target at Knollwood in Mn toget hours for photo lab today only to get a recording for hours for ALL days from dec 21 on!

    Do you really feel your customers TODAY want to hear this when they are calling TODAY Dec14?
    I then called operator who informs me the photo lab is open . I drive to TArget to be told photo lab is not open until 10am. I call ” my customer service rep” to inform her of my error- only to be rudely informed that it is to open !
    Is this the type of people and practice you are promoting?
    I amashamed for you and will take my business to Walmart and Walgreens.

  145. In Oct 2014 I went to the Target On Howell Ave at oak creek Wi I bought my grandson his Christmas gift super Herose game at that time it was 74.oo Now it is 54.00 I had my husband take the receipt to the store to get a fund of 20.00 they said they couldn’t do that now I find out I could of taken the one that I bought for 74.00 and buy the one for 54.00 why didn’t they tell my husband to do that what ever happen to customer service? now I have a bad tast in my mouth for Target

  146. To bad Target is going out of business in different states ‘ I can see now they are they have people that work for them and don’t care about there jobs. customer service dept. is so bad my husband and I spend a lot of money at target but I don’t think I will be going there after the problem I had with my grandson gift. I sure hope they can use that 20.00 to get out of debit shame on you Target………………………………

  147. we was the manhattan ,ks store today and had made some wrong sign and had them. so we ask some of the worker if this was right and the said so we pick some up when we went through the check out line they were ruided and said even with sign up it was wrong we also bought a christmas wreath that was hanging where it said 8.00 and the peg was full of them but rang up 20.00 i have always liked target but after today i was so mad i told my driver to take me home i live 35 miles away ive worked at store before and know that this is not wright. i will do more at walmart after this and hope the states inspeter come check this out. the sign had pen print on there computer not a target sign.

  148. I will never order from Target again. Here is a warning for you. I had ordered a $75 gift card online and paid for it with Paypal. I receive an e-mail from Target a few days later saying there would be a 2 to 3 week delay in shipping as they were out of gift cards?????
    Really? Your out of gift cards! Anyhow I decided to cancel that order and go to a store and purchase the gift card. I called Target and cancelled the order and the rep said she would do it right away. I then called PayPal and told them not to fund that order. Guess what? They shipped the gift card and charged my credit card that PayPal had on file. I called PayPal and they said that they could not cancel an order before 30 days even though the PayPal rep told me she would. I then called Target again and the rep told me that they could cancel the gift card being sent to me but they cannot issue a credit to my PayPal acct. Their policy to to issue a gift card to replace the gift card that I wanted cancelled??????WHAT!!!!!!I told them to not cancel the card and then called PayPal to let them know Targets policy. They said they would take it up with their corporate. They said I could file a claim against Target if I wanted to. I am tired of dealing with this and told them I will go to Target one last time in my life and use their stupid gift card. Target wins! They can’t lose, replace a gift card with a gift card. I then called Target Corp and talked to a supervisor and let her know what was going on. She could care less. She didn’t even apologize or ask me about my order. She said she would make a not of it. WOW! I am going to post as many bad reviews as I can about this and let every friend and relative to never purchase anything at a Target Store or online again.
    This was the most disgusting customer service that I have ever had in my life and Im old! Target, you can go to hell.

  149. I am sending you this to let you know That Brandon supervisor from escalation dept. Helped me today. He is wonderful and it was a mess to fix. He fixed everything and was so helpful.The other people I spoke to before him were terrible. If they worked for me I would have fired them. When part of my order arrived a month ago with 2 lamp shades missing I called and spoke to someone and she said she was sending me them out. That was a month ago. Then today i received an e-mail saying my order was cancelled. I called today and after a wait spoke to Jacob he told me he would fix it and send me my items by the 22nd of this month. I lost him. I then called back and got a lady that I had to explain everything again to. I lost her also. I finally got lucky and Brandon answered and fixed everything. I don’t think I will ever order on-line from Target again. Brandon tried to re-order what I needed but they are no longer in stock. I had him cancel the order. This is no way to run a business. I am so happy to have finally reached Brandon. My total time with all these calls was about 2 and a half hours. What a waste of my time before the holidays. I hope Brandon gets credit for a job well done. Thank you, Sharon Lovero

  150. I very disappointed.For years I was expecting a construction of super target at 6699 S.Semoran blvd Orlando fl 32822.This area is good potential for business.Every week I drive to the Waterford lakes dr.There a lot potential because the residences & the International airport.This as to sense.This is my opinion.Sincerely a target shooper

  151. I purchased an item on December 17, 2014 Order #102107808366. I received an e-mail stating that my order was shipped on 12/18/14 and the estimated delivery would be 12/22-2014-12/24/2014. This was a Christmas gift and I have not received it as yet. I phoned the 800 # for guest services on 12/26/2014 as I was unable to track this item thru UPS. With the tracking # I had received from target UPS could not locate the shipment details for my order. I was transferred when I called to a investigation department. The first person I spoke with could not find any information at all. I also could not understand him. He started to say he would have to cancel the order and then we were cut off. I called back and was transferred to a person named Karen. She checked the tracking # and found that the article I bought was shipped out of a city in Kentucky. Then it went to Sharonville Kentucky. Apparently it will be shipped to another UPS outfit and then maybe I will get it. Karen said that it could take up to 10 working days for it to come. I cannot understand why you would send out an e-mail giving a date it was shipped and an estimated date it would be delivered. I have absolutely no idea when I might get this item but I absolutely do know that I will never order anything on line from Target ever again. Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

  152. I purchased an item on December 17, 2014 Order #102107808366. I received an e-mail stating that my order was shipped on 12/18/14 and the estimated delivery would be 12/22-2014-12/24/2014. This was a Christmas gift and I have not received it as yet. I phoned the 800 # for guest services on 12/26/2014 as I was unable to track this item thru UPS. With the tracking # I had received from target UPS could not locate the shipment details for my order. I was transferred when I called to a investigation department. The first person I spoke with could not find any information at all. I also could not understand him. He started to say he would have to cancel the order and then we were cut off. I called back and was transferred to a person named Karen. She checked the tracking # and found that the article I bought was shipped out of a city in Kentucky. Then it went to Sharonville Kentucky. Apparently it will be shipped to another UPS outfit and then maybe I will get it. Karen said that it could take up to 10 working days for it to come. I have absolutely no idea when I might get this item but I absolutely do know that I will never order anything on line from Target ever again. Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

  153. The Manager at The Target in Mechanicsville should not be aloud to be around people .. Her. Name is Stephanie and she is a which … I will never go in there again . I feel sorry for her employees … I bet they can’t stand her … Who does this Stephanie. Lady think she is…she is a manager at target. . Not a senator…

  154. i drove 45 mins to target in the snow because they told me yes we have 18 in stock. i get there and there is none i asked for help and a worker said she hasn’t seen them for a few weeks. i am mad i drove and spend gas to get there. they said yes we have 18.i don’t know if i want to shop again at target.

  155. I had written to you previously concerning your Huber Heights Ohio store, and their interaction with me. And to date I have not received a response.
    John Meeks

  156. To all to whom it may concern,
    It is very disturbing and totally not hygienic to let the dog be in the store, especially in the shopping card, after I will place my food in there which will go in my refrigerator. You are responsible for people who are not just not dog friendly, but have an allergy to animals.
    Sooner or later there will be no priority for a human existence. The whole city is a zoological garden. It is not fair, they can bring the dogs anywhere where they don’t belong, so I have to remain at home if I don’t want to get close to dogs.
    I am requesting to bring this to the attention of the health department and establish some rules with the comment since about forbid bringing animals in any store, but especially the store they sell food. I would not desire to put my clothes into the same cart ether, where the dog was sitting before, with his batt, after he but number 2 on the street.
    Please to take this in consideration and do something about it.

  157. To all to whom it may concern,
    It is very disturbing and totally not hygienic to let the dog be in the store, especially in the shopping card, after I will place my food in there which will go in my refrigerator. You are responsible for people who are not just not dog friendly, but have an allergy to animals.
    Sooner or later there will be no priority for a human existence. The whole city is a zoological garden. It is not fair, they can bring the dogs anywhere where they don’t belong, so I have to remain at home if I don’t want to get close to dogs.
    I am requesting to bring this to the attention of the health department and establish some rules with the comment since about forbid bringing animals in any store, but especially the store they sell food. I would not desire to put my clothes into the same cart ether, where the dog was sitting before, with his batt, after he did number 2 on the street.
    Please to take this in consideration and do something about it.

  158. I placed an order online on Dec. 17. It said it shipped on Dec. 18. I received one dog of the two for my sons for xmas on Dec. 23. The other was missing in transit. We never received it even though I was told it would be here on Dec. 24. (Xmas eve) I called after the holidays and they sent a replacement dog however that has still yet to be received and it is now Jan. 14. To say the customer service is horrible is an understatement. Nothing has been done to 1. refund me or 2. replace the original order.

  159. On hold for 20 min in regards to your return policy on DVDs
    Really not acceptable.
    Store was rude and now phone.
    May consider a different store from now on.

  160. I purchased the Target brand “Threshold” white dinnerware a year ago, and the dishes have grey marks like someone has taken a pencil and scribbled on them. I have dishes that have been in use for over 20 years that are still in excellent condition. I complained to the store. Their solution: We only have a 90 day policy, call the manufacturer. I called customer service – same thing. And they call themselves better than Walmart who at least stand behind what they sell. Another great store is Bed, Bath and Beyond – they stand behind any product even years after the purchase.

  161. Target Customer Service is one of the worse that I have run across. Online order goes through auto if there is a credit card on file for your account. … no way to change the credit card or go back……order went through on wrong credit card with shipping charges. tried to use my red card for no shipping but was not allowed the opportunity. Online ordering sucks.

  162. Today,at the Manalapn NJ Target I planned on purchasing Nyquil/Dayquil cold tablets,upon getting to the register the cashier asked for my license, I don’t have a drivers license which is not the point, there are NO signs or notices telling of this policy, When I asked to see a manager a individual approached whose only comment was that’s Target policy,well needless to say this was the last time I will ever shop at Target and now will do my best to inform as many others as I can of this apparently arbitrary policy.

  163. Two pack of energizer batteries at Walmart, $4.37. Same two pack at Target, $6.99. I now realize what thieves you guys are and Walmart will get all my future business. Good luck to you!!!

  164. I am very dissatisfied with two recent on line purchases. I purchased off two separate bridal registeries, placed two separate orders. When I made these purchases there was NO OPTION for me to select the shipping address as I was working from my own account. I have made several attempts to speak to someone at Target who is skilled with the English language. I have been waiting for the gifts to be delivered and called Target only to get no assistance. I finally discovered doing my own research that the items I purchased off these registeries were shipped directly to the Brides. I am very disappointed that Target would set the default shipping on their site as the registrants shipping address. These weddings/showers are May and June. A little early to receive gifts don’t you think. Be cautious when purchasing off Targets registery as they set their defaults to the registrants. One would think a major department store like Target would have their act together.

  165. The worst….you can not cancel an order after 10 SECONDS….yes the actually say after 3 to 5 seconds after you entered the order….Even if it has not shipped….which it was not.
    Once shipped you can do nothing….UPS can’t do anything either….ONLY Target can.


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