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Contacting Sylvania Customer Service Center

The name Sylvania may evoke pictures of light bulbs, but the company sells more than lighting. Sylvania offers quite a number of consumer electronics, including televisions, computers and small appliances. No matter why you need to contact Sylvania customer service, there is a means to your end.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Sylvania offers customer service phone numbers for each division of the company. Call the division responsible for your product to speed up resolution to your problem.

  • Lighting: 1-800-544-4828
  • Automotive Lighting: 1-800-347-3420
  • Display Lighting: 1-888-677-2627
  • Other Automotive Products: 1-800-729-3777

When it comes to consumer electronics, you may need to check your product before choosing the number to call. Televisions with model numbers ending in SLX, SSX, SL1, SL2, SS1 or SS2 should call:

  • Consumer Electronics: 1-866-321-3927

Hours of operation are 8 AM to 11 PM Monday to Saturday and 9 AM to 6 PM Sunday.

All other consumer electronics issues can be handled by:

  • Consumer Electronics: 1-800-968-3429

Calls are answered from 9 AM to 11 PM Monday to Sunday.

  • Corporate: 1-978-777-1900

Mailing Address

All letters to Sylvania customer service should be addressed to the corporate headquarters for the North American division.

Sylvania North American Headquarters100 Endicott StDanvers, MA 01923

Official Website

The official website of the Sylvania company is located at, but if you’re looking for the automotive or consumer electronics side of the company you’ll have to visit Sylvania Automotive or Sylvania Consumer Electronics.

If you have a support issue with a Sylvania product that requires repair, Funai is the authorized repair company for Sylvania. You can find the Funai customer service website at

Customer Service Email

Sylvania offers email addresses for some customer service departments and contact forms for others. We’ve email contact information for all main divisions.

Our Experience

The Sylvania customer service line is an automated system available in English and Spanish. You can press 0 to skip the beginning message and all options. Our call was placed on hold for 1:17 before the agent picked up. We asked how long it normally takes for a customer service agent to respond to an email inquiry. The agent said she did not work in that department so she could not give us an accurate estimate.

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27 Comments on “Contact Sylvania Customer Service
  1. Your 100W bulb came apart from faulty workmanship. I was lucky I was not cut. Why do we tolerate companies who put out faulty products

  2. I purchased the Sylvania Leaf Garland lights which state on the box perfect for deck, fences and porches and then the insert states that they are for indoor use only!!! Seriously???

  3. My DVD is reading wrong region and I can’t play any DVDs. This happened after watching aovie rented from the library. No problems viewing it the first time.

    • This is not totally unusual. You’ll need to go into the setup menu of your DVD player and set the region to zero. I had to go online to figure out how to do that with my DVD player (ask the question in google, “how do I change the region on my DVD player model #xxxxx”. Manufactures don’t make it easy but it can be done and I haven’t had any problems since. Good luck.

  4. In October 2013 I purchased a halogiln light bulb, model J368. I used it in my outside light fixture. I lreplaced it today with an incadecent bulb. It burned out over a month ago. This bulb cost more than 6 incadecent bulbs any on of which would have lasted at least a year before burning out. I hope your quality hasn’ slipped to a sub-standard level. I’m really angry.

  5. Looking for a remote control #NF015UD for
    32″ TV Model # LC321SS9 B – Serial # J43814906
    If available, give cost and where to order.

  6. I can not find a manual for my TV to download. I finally gave up on Dish Satellite and am now trying to use an antenna I bought from Costco. I can not get anything on the TV so I need to know if I have set it up correctly or what I am doing wrong..
    Please help me.

    Patty Sweet

  7. I have purchased 3 digital photo frames since January for A cost of $69.00 per unit. I have taken 2 back to store. they last 2 months at the most. 1 lasting 1 month and the last for 4 days. I have contacted you and was told to return to the store again. I think you need to make this right with me and return my money or send me 2 new ones. This is not good business. I bought this with my Christmas money and am very disappointed in your product. please respond. thank you. Tammy Andrus. Pa.

  8. cannot download manual for under cabinet radio SKCR2613.
    Need help on any method to extend antenna for AM FM reception. Desired location introduces background noise.


  9. It is unbelievable how you run your customer service side of your company to get a replacement part!!! Are we living in the 1800’s? However, if we were, I believe I would receive the part that I want sooner by ordering it from the Sears catalog via telegram and having it delivered by horse and buggy in a mid-January ten foot snowstorm in the Artic Circle!!! I called your customer service number five (5) weeks ago and received a Ticket Number. The operator said that a “Parts Specialist” would be calling me so that I could place an order. Wait, what?????? Huh?????? She couldn’t take the order, rather, a “Parts Specialist” would be calling me to get my address and take my order. Again, huh???????? Okay, I thought that was pretty strange, but I went along with it. Well, it has been FIVE (5)WEEKS, yes, I said FIVE (5) WEEKS since I called for that Ticket Number, and NOONE has called me back yet!!! Like, WHAT??????? Well, this is SO WEIRD, I can hardly believe that it is 2014, and not 1803!!! Is this REALLY how you want to conduct your service end of your business????? I DON’T KNOW, but YOU ARE, and it is pretty *)&%$#@!+ STRANGE!!!!!!!! Don’t YOU think so??? It is PRETTY WEIRD to say the least!!!!! Let me know what YOU think!!!

  10. I lost my Remote Control of my Sylvania TV.Model 6720FDF A AC120 60Hz 90W CD-DVD-HI FI Stereo MTS/SAP can You Getafe me one?

  11. What a joke call to get help with a new DVD player c/service gave me a number to call in Va. Where is your technical support team at.


  13. Re: Sylvania LD320SS1 television
    TV will not turn on, either by remote or with the on/off switch on the television. Green light blinks quickly but TV doesn’t come on. Called the 1-866-321-3927 phone number, was disappointed that it was outsourced and couldn’t understand the representative that answered the phone. Anyway was given 1-816-966-0669 to contact and it is not a working number. We would like to inquire as to where we can take the TV to be looked at. Or suggestions for solutions to the problem.

  14. All I require is a replacement lamp, old one !! (Is only 10 months old) 1 of ten bought from Scewfix. Glastonbury branch, Somerset, When I phoned them to ask if they had any stock they said yes and also confermed that the lamps had a manufacturer’s GUARANTEE , just contact the manufacturer, I expect theres a phone number /Customer Service number on their website. (you will have to we can’t) So I tried, yes there were various contact numbers some were not registered others did not reply, one just beeped and cut off!! So do I get a free replacement lamp or just a free Guarantee. ? Any advice would be helpful, But a nice working free replacement lamp would really make my day. (Light up my life, so to speak)

  15. It’s not the cost of a new lamp but the way manufacturers seem to delight in making it as difficult as possible to contact any customer service department.

    In Screwfix catalogue you give a Manufacfurer’s Guarantee, yet we have to contact the Warranty departments Customer service, is there a difference? Apart from the fact that you cannot contact either.

  16. Mini twist Sylvania light bulbs 13W 120V 60Hz for household lamps are not lasting long less than 3 months. Disappointed that these high dollar bulbs were made in China. Maybe, if these were made in the US the bulbs would have lasted longer.

  17. I am a single income home so I require my products I purchase to last. I do not upgrade every couple years. With that said my T V I purchased in 2007 was a 25 inch Sylvania hdtv. I love the tv until about July of 2006 it started turning itself off and on at will. I find if I unplug it and leave it for a week it works fine for a month. Then we start the whole routine all over again. I know it has been 8 years since I purchased it but the tv I had before then lasted me 12 years and was still working when I gave it to my son. It was a Sanyo. My income is not one where I can go and purchase a tv whenever I I have no children at the house so the tv is more background noise than something I watch. It is on from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. But I might watch maybe 2 to 3 hrs a night.

  18. could not get an answer to the simple question of whether my Sylvania TV supported HDMI ARC after several calls to Customer Service.

  19. I purchased a Sylvania 10 in Magni Tablet for $219.00 from toys are us with the warranty it got stuck and they sent me another one unfortunately I only purchased the store warranty and not the extended warranty which I knew nothing about but they sent me another broke tablet and I have no warranty i have been trying to reach this company ditgital gadget for year so I’m just out of money never even used the thing poor quality tablet the pawn shop wouldn’t even give a $ for it

  20. I purchased (two) Sylvania LD320SL1 televisions in December, 2010. Since about a year ago, one of them will not turn on, either by remote or with the on/off switch on the television. The green light blinks quickly but the TV doesn’t come on. I called the 866-321-3927 phone number, and had a difficult time understanding the representative, but concluded that the TV is no longer under warranty and I would have to pay to have it fixed. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I would expect a TV of your quality to last more than five years. While it seems we live in a disposable world, my income is not and I can’t afford another TV. (I’m guessing the cost to fix it would be more than the cost of a new one…..) Is there any way you can replace this TV for me? I expect the second one I purchased to have the same problem. I await your response. Thank you.

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