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Contacting Subway Customer Service Center

As one of the premier franchise opportunities, Subway is poised to take the world by storm. Currently the company operates more than 37,000 restaurants servicing millions of customers in approximately 100 countries. From small beginnings to global dominance in the industry, Subway maintains a commitment to the customer experience.

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Contact Info:

Customers have options when they want to contact the customer service department. The customer service department is available through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email or the contact form, traditional mail and by phone.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-203-877-4281

Mailing Address

Subway Corporate Headquarters325 Bic Dr.Milford, CT 06460

Official Website

The official Subway website features categories for customers to view and to learn about the company. Customers can locate the nearest restaurant, review nutritional information, plan an event and utilize the catering services, read more about the corporation and read the Subway FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Customers can send correspondence to the customer service department by using the customer contact form locate here No question or concern is off limits. The company does not provide a specific list of topics. Since the website did not provide the hours of the customer care department, we sent a message asking for the hours. We received a reference number for our request, but no indication as to when we will receive a response from a representative. We noticed customers can also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we didn’t realize we were in fact calling the corporate headquarters. Similar to other customer care lines, reaching the customer service department required listing to the automated system. What made our call different was the clarity of the options. The system will not confuse the customer. We were immediately connected and speaking with a customer service representative in less than one minute.

We didn’t want to waste time, so we asked if we have a question or concern, should we contact the store or the corporate customer service line. The agent explained that calling either will resolve the concern, but if we felt as if the concern is better resolved by the corporate customer service department, this is the best path. We liked that the company provided options in order to enhance the customer experience. Were your questions and concerns resolved? Feel free to share your experiences with us below.

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104 Comments on “Contact Subway Customer Service
  1. This is my third or fourth attempt to contact your company my very first attempt started March 11, 2013

    Mar 28 (7 days ago)

    All I can say it sure takes your company a long time for someone to respond when a customer has a complaint is this how you handle your complaints within your company? That is very poor customer service I can really tell you that, before I had my children and I became a stay at home mom of 2 special need children I was a manager of an office and if any of my staff would have addressed a complaint or just shoved a complaint off for weeks which is what you company seems to be doing those people would no longer be in my office. If this is how subway runs customer service in the main office i don’t think i even want to purchase any products from them any more and just think i was thinking of having some big sandwiches made up for a birthday party that we were hosting.

    But thanks for getting back to us so quickly we really appreciated you taking the time and effort of emailing up back on this issue.

    Mrs. J. Nelson

    PS I will be telling all my friends about the problem i had with your longview store and the problem we had with your customer service dept handling this matter in a resonable time.

    If you didn’t get our first complaint we had ordered 2 foot long subs 1 a roast beef and turkey extra vinger and oil jalepenos spinach lettuce cucumbers pickels tomatoes

    2nd sandwich was a cold cut combo with cheese lettuce cukes, pickels honey mustard heavy and mayo heavy spinacy tomatoes

    these sandwches only had about a slice each of each meat and then where so heavy on the veggies tasted like we were eating veggie sandwiches and where very dry we asked for extra dressing they weren’t even on there

    its pretty bad when no one gets back to you from your company

  2. I took me four calls and three hangups to customer service at the Subway headquarters to get anyone to answer. Very poor customer service. We all need to publish something on Twitter and Facebook to get Subway’s attention!

  3. I ve been insulted by one of the employee at one of the subway location.
    Called me stupid multiple times and made racial comments.
    I sent an email to complain about such a poor customer service , and despite the severity of the issue not a single reply has been made.

  4. I, like the others, have tried to report the management and abuse of one of the employees at the store located in the West Fl Hosp. Pensacola Fl. We all work there and the attitude and treatment by this employee is Unreal. We have called corporate–nothing-talked to management(??) nothing. He is still there & is getting worse. No longer go there.

  5. If Subway really wants to maintain their commitment to their customers’ experiences…then they need to understand that ordering at the drive thru is not always a pleasant experience for their customer. In reality, some days it rains and sometimes there may be a torrential downpour, yes, even at the drive thru speaker. On these particular days, especially the wet seasons, the drive thru requires a roof for a better customer experience. Not that I should have to mention, how it is the customers who are keeping Subway in business, also provide their employees with a job.

    That being said, today it was raining as I ordered at the Subway drive thru and I did get wet but was glad it wasn’t pouring down, otherwise, I might’ve opted for a drier location with an ovehead, (which could’ve been Subway’s next door neighbor). No, their food is not as nutritious but I noticed one day as I was in their drive thru under their speaker carport (which overlooks Subways drive), that Subway was not accommodating their customers with as good of a customer experience as was this restaurant …(which did not look too good on Subway).

    Also, when I pulled up to pay at Subway’s window, yes…there was a roof provided for their employee so they did not get wet.

    I am not someone that would not stand out in the rain even for hours for a good cause, but when you and your family are planning on eating and many times it’s eaten in the car on the road, especially when you’re traveling, you want to enjoy you’re food without being soaked.

    Subway compares their food to McDonald’s, Burger King and others with facts that cannot be denied. Although McDonald’s tallies up the calories, (and is trying to improve their selection with healthy choices), they do provide their customers with a roof at their outdoor menus. I feel like Subway is ahead of the game in providing a good selection of nutritious choices for their customers and should not be behind in accommodations at the drive thru which will bring more quality to Subway restaurants.

    NOTE: *This may not pertain to every Subway, but HQ should look into who may not be up to par if they are a franchise.

  6. my daughter and I recently visited our local Subway restaurant in Northumberland Pennsylvania. my daughter has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, she cannot have the bread or the buns there so we brought one of her gluten free buns along and they gave us the hardest time I’ve ever had in a restaurant all I wanted was a sandwich meat on the bun we already had brought in with us

  7. the ladies at the Subway made the biggest deal out of putting lunch meat and cheese on a bun we already have brought with us. It’s already a tough situation having to eat only certain things and bring your own items to a restaurant is embarrassing enough but the employees to a to make a big deal in front of all the other guests and say that they don’t think they’re allowed to do that was absolutely ridiculous! They totally ruined my good mood and made me feel unappreciated. The lady behind us in line even thought it was ridiculous and said that she was sorry for us. Then I asked for extra napkins and I was told there were already two napkins in my bag. It’s even worse for me working in a chain restaurant as a server myself I do everything I can to make my guests feel comfortable and appreciated every day because it’s my job.

  8. I went to subway on 28286 chardon rd. Cleveland ohio and I asked for a pizza with extra toppings, the have a sign that says extra toppings is .25 cents and he was trying to charge me 1.45 per topping and I want to know if they a sign with the price they have to give for the price that says.

  9. We purchase subs at least once a week at the Subway on Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek Georgia. I have also gotten Subs at 2 other nearby locations. We always get Turkey. The other 2 places always put 8 slices of Turkey on, however, this place always puts 6, which makes quite a difference. I spoke to Dave the manager on the phone who stated there should be 8 slices and he would take care of it however, I just returned from there and got 6 slices and the server had not heard anything different. Please respond.

  10. Well, reading all the problems Subway has is very sad.They should change the name to Flubway,this fits there attitude.Anyway my thing is we my family about 12 persons that day.Were at Hersey park and they don’t even make footlongs so I said well two 6inch make a I ordered two Italians and they don’t even make them right anyways. Then it started down hill from there I ended up with three 6inch subs in my bag.And when all the family sat down to eat all but me had wrong subs.And still today I don’t know why I had three so called subs,And I even had to ask for a bag. There hire kids to work cheap and not teach them,the kids really want to do well,but subway teaches the Mangers how to be cheap and stupid. Stay the hell away from Hersey park Subways the price is high and the value isn’t there. They don’t have subway products. Im cutting up my Subway card.Lets all work on getting them to fold,and close up shop.And find some company that will move in and make real Italian Grinders.

  11. Problems AGAIN with the Penfield NY subway located at Rte: 441 & Rte: 250. I went in there today at 1:30 PM and the alert alarm went off indicating someone was at the counter. No one appeared for 3-4 minutes, and when she did she had a mop in hand and started mopping the floor. Nobody else came to take my order after another 3-4 minutes so I walked out. A couple months ago I took my subway sub back because the bread was disgustingly stale. I always ask now if the bread I’ve chosen is fresh made? I usually hear “well ofcourse it is”..baloney! This subway is right next to the office park I work so it is convenient but I wish there was another closer than the Webster Subway (of which I’ve never had any problems, as with the Ontario, NY location as well has always been above satisfactory.

  12. Dear Marketing division,
    I am a customer of one of your sandwich shops. My favorite dressing is your “Southwest” dressing. The person who services me allows me two cups with my sandwich. Not nearly enough but rules are rules. I also shop at a local Walmart near by. Recently I noticed that Walmart carries “Taco Bell” dressing. I bought it and was disappointed. I will not buy that dressing again. I also buy at a Burger King near by. They advertise three condiments with any order in plastic bottles. The Taco Bell Dressing also comes in a plastic bottle. Your SouthWest dressing is superior to anything I have to date tried. I even notice that your recipe can be procured on line. When are you going to bottle it, same size as taco Bell’s version, and sell it with your tasty sandwiches at your sandwich shops? You could even sell it to Walmart. I am confident your customers would buy it with their sandwiches. Aren’t you? It might even boost sales. I would buy a bottle each time I enter one of your stores.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen,

    I just left the Subway store in Azle Tx., because the staff was so rude and would not fix the sandwiches I was going to order. I was picking up lunch for my work crew, which would have been around 50/60$ It is the owners loss and I will not ever set foot in that Subway store again. This franchise needs help with customer relations.

  14. Went to SW on my lunch hour, and as always i have my sandwich toasted. Well today, it was so hard i could not eat it. I mean likt dry hard, i put in the trash, being on my lunch hour back at work i could not return for anothe r sandwich. It was left in toaster too long and there was no one to tell, she put in the oven and walk away……. It was awful……

  15. I apologize. I tried Jimmy Johns for the first time, not only did the sandwich suck and only had one bread choice, it came with a long peice of black hair, discusting and pretty gross. I called too let them know and they just said that happens. Not any more, bye bye JJ’s

  16. My 15 year old daughter and her 12 year old friend went to the location at 45 Randolph road in silver spring maryland before their ballet class twice. The first time they said he was overly friendly but they ignored him Two weeks later they returned again before dance to pick up lunch. They indicated the same worker asked numerous personal questions ( their names, where they go to school) and tried to lure my daughter to the counter by telling her she left her identification there which she had not. The younger girl him fake names which he began to repeatedly call my daughter who ignored him. My daughter indicated that when she looked at him, he protruded his tongue out at here. To make it even worse they said he waited until the other customers left to do this and took a very long time to make their sandwiches NEVER TAKE DAUGHTERS IN THIS SUBWAY.

  17. My complaint about subway is simple….when a drug user dealer who is a general manager goes to a catering event and starts to hit on a manager who is married and then goes to the store and brags about it to everyone including customers that is wrong..and a manager who allows employees to smoke weed in the coolers while at work is unprofessional…thank you

  18. I have been to this location a few times simply because it is closet to my house. Now each of the few times I’ve been in there the man who’s usually back there has the most unfriendly look about him and he talks very abruptly to the customers. My wife told she refuses to stop there for connivence and is willing to drive past our house in the opposite direction to go to another Subway. Well, it finally got through to my thick skull why she refuses to go there. My 11 daughter and I went there (store #7239) for our daddy & daughter lunch after I got off work. The same unfriendly man working back there was his usual self, so I said: “Sir I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile at anyone before.” He ignored me and continued his doing what he was doing, so the lady working the sandwich station also started to take my daughter and my sandwich order. So now, it was time to put on our condiments and sauces. My daughters’ sandwich was fine, now came mine as I’m about to say “spinach” she’s already putting lettuce all on my sandwich so she says sorry and gets the spinach out of the cooler and puts a very little amount on my footlong. So I politely asked for a little bit more and Mr. Unfriendly stops making the next customer behind me sandwich and yells, that spinach cost more than lettuce and that I get a equal amount of each of each item. Which I’ve never heard from any Subway ever!!!! So I say “I’ve never heard that from any Subway ever”. He waves his hand in irritation and so I continued on with the rest of my condiments and then we get to the cookies I asked for 1 chocolate chip and 2 macadamia nut cookies. The lady puts the chocolate chip cookie in the bag and puts 2 peanut butter cookies in my bag until my daughter said those weren’t the right cookies. After my transaction she didn’t give me my receipt with my change, I had to ask for it. My daughter and no longer wanted to stay and eat there so we went home irritated!! My wife is right it is worth traveling an extra 2.5 miles to the other Subway than to ever go back to the Subway on Harlem!! We’ll never go back and we’ll warn all our friends of the horrible service there!!!

  19. I have been to this location a few times simply because it is closet to my house. Now each of the few times I’ve been in there the man who’s usually back there has the most unfriendly look about him and he talks very abruptly to the customers. My wife told she refuses to stop there for connivence and is willing to drive past our house in the opposite direction to go to another Subway. Well, it finally got through to my thick skull why she refuses to go there. My 11 daughter and I went there (store #7239) for our daddy & daughter lunch after I got off work. The same unfriendly man working back there was his usual self, so I said: “Sir I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile at anyone before.” He ignored me and continued his doing what he was doing, so the lady working the sandwich station also started to take my daughter and my sandwich order. So now, it was time to put on our condiments and sauces. My daughters’ sandwich was fine, now came mine as I’m about to say “spinach” she’s already putting lettuce all on my sandwich so she says sorry and gets the spinach out of the cooler and puts a very little amount on my footlong. So I politely asked for a little bit more and Mr. Unfriendly stops making the next customer behind me sandwich and yells, that spinach cost more than lettuce and that I get a equal amount of each of each item. Which I’ve never heard from any Subway ever!!!! So I say “I’ve never heard that from any Subway ever”. He waves his hand in irritation and so I continued on with the rest of my condiments and then we get to the cookies I asked for 1 chocolate chip and 2 macadamia nut cookies. The lady puts the chocolate chip cookie in the bag and puts 2 peanut butter cookies in my bag until my daughter said those weren’t the right cookies. After my transaction she didn’t give me my receipt with my change, I had to ask for it. My daughter and no longer wanted to stay and eat there so we went home irritated!! My wife is right it is worth traveling an extra 2.5 miles to the other Subway than to ever go back to the Subway on Harlem!! We’ll never go back and we’ll warn all our friends of the horrible service there!!!

    • Similar thing with me, they told me id have to pay $1 for extra jalapenos. They only put 4 on my foot long. I dont get it.

  20. first of all i would like to start off by saying and my daughter went to subway store # 31496-0 on january 16 2013 @ 7:41pm the address is 1830 kempsville rd 109 virginia beach,va 23513. we purchase a steak and cheese ftlong,1 chicken strips 6 inch and wanted a ft long tuna but the guy said that they were out of tuna disappointing.first of all the young lady her name is mahara was so worried about her cell phone not working to help the customers in line.there were 2 gentlemen in front of me we were all just looking at each other as the other workers started have unprofessional conversations in front of the customers but what really set me off was the other young lady started to clean the metal part of the counter window with a stainless steel wool scrub over the veggies,then i asked her to please wrap the steak sub seperatley she said ok then looked at me and wrap it whole. i really don’t eat out that much but when i do i would like to have my food done correct and just a little bit of customer service. if someone could please respond to my email i would greatly appreciate it. i was very disappointed and kind of disgusted.

  21. Quiero expresar mi profunda molestia sobre la tienda que se encuentra ubicada en el centro comercial villa country en Barranquilla. Normalmente cuando uno va a Subway se ve un perfecto orden en los vegetales, en las carnes y en general en todo el restaurante, en esta ocasión desconocí el concepto ya que en Subway se manejan altos estándares de calidad y no puede ser posible que… Hubiese una mosca en las carnes, los recipientes en donde estaban los vegetales se encontraban vacíos y además combinados, es decir por ejemplo, pepinillos y jalapeños, los vidrios extremadamente sucios, había 3 tipos y ninguno atendía, se peleaban por no atender, cuando pedí mi sub que por cierto era de atún, no tenían abasto suficiente y le rascaron para ver cuanto salía por lo mismo no me pusieron la cantidad que suelen poner, a lo que pedi hablar con el gerente y el tipo de una manera muy grocera me levanto la voy diciendo que era lo unico, me ofrecio de otros costos mas elevados, uno va a las tiendas de subway pensando que tendra un buen producto y es todo lo contrario en esta misma tienda, mi familia suele pedir domicilios en fines de semana y son muy demorados o nunca llegar, aveces me hacen esperar media hora en linea, y se escucha todas las grocerias y bulla que hacen mientras yo espero por un servicio, yo ordeno en esta tienda por comodidad y cercanía a mi domicilio, pero que la experiencia tengo de SUBWAY VILLA COUNTRY BARRANQUILLA COL., CASI NUNCA TIENEN LO QUE OFRECEN…….. CIERREN LA TIENDA, PESIMAAAAAS CONDICONES Y MUYYYYYYYYYYY MALA ATENCIÓN

  22. well damn. You must have some pretty bad subways in the US, for there to be so many complaints on this page. I live in the United Kingdom and every subway store I’ve used has blown my mind. I make my own creations, so every sandwich is custom – I’ve never had staff be rude to me, and the service is so fast most of the time, that if you sneeze you will miss your place in line!

    If you don’t like subway, make your own damn lunch!

  23. i am kranthi kiran from India,Andhra pradesh,Hyderabad, i here to register a complaint about subway i have order a veg aloo patty with coke on 5/4/2014 when i have on bite , on the other bite i got something from your sub that i have recorded with all proofs please cal me as soon as possible

  24. My complaint with subway is that I frequent subway location at 5146 Marion mt. Gilead road’ Marion ‘Ohio at least I use to. I doubt I go there ever again. I have spent a lot of money in that place and accumulated points only to find you have made it harder to redeem points and have told me what I have to get with my points. I go in there today thinking I would redeem my points and get a steak and cheese sub only to find out that I didn’t have enough points’ even though I had 95 points. Then they tried to charge me 9.95.I had wanted a coke with my order and had brought enough money for the drink thinking my sub would be free. Needless to say ‘ they embarrassed me and I told them to keep their sub. If you people are going to change the rules’ shouldn’t you let the public be aware of this? Not a tiny little sign laying on the counter when its time to pay only to find out that you are ripped off and can’t have lunch? I am very upset about this considering one of the employees there hands her boyfriend food quite often ‘ Gives!!!! Yet I couldn’t have lunch because you changed the rules and didn’t tell anyone. Just call me’ Very upset in Ohio.

  25. I have had not one but two terrible Subway experiences at the same location at 4880 Lower Roswell Rd #115 Marietta, GA. The first time the owner “Kenny Patel” refused to give me extra (anything over 4 individual jalapeno slices) jalapenos on my sandwich, and told me he would have to charge me a dollar for extra. I asked for extra mayo, he literally squirted 2 lines across the sandwich, then told me it would be a dollar extra also. I stated “Ive gone to subway my whole life, and have never heard of this. They usually only charge for extra meat/ cheese” he replied “my store my rules” i asked him for HIS bosses name, he said he was the boss. i went home called the store the next day and asked to speak with the mgr/owner, he said “i know who you are, and i don’t care”… went online filed a complaint, (got a print out for a free cookie) this Kenny Patel guy emailed me saying i was a liar and he never asked to charge me…. few weeks later i stopped by, making sure this guy was not at the store. they started making my sandwich… same thing happened. im guessing the lady that was now making my sandwich is his wife, she was similar age and appeared to be Indian also (not racist, just a observation). She did the same thing, told me shed charge for the jalapenos and mayo. i notified her that i had this problem before and complained, and i had talked to the owner KENNY freaking PATEL about this before. (she tried to protect her husband) telling me there is no one here by that name and has never been. I pay for the sandwich, hand her my print out from my previous visit, to receive my “free cookie” she went on to tell me id “have to go to the back of the line buy another sandwich, and then get a cookie” i couldn’t believe she was serious, online it said no purchase necessary.. i asked her for her name over and over, she refused to give it to me. i asked for my money back for this recent sandwich, she refused. (I DIDN’T KNOW YOU CAN CALL THE COPS, AND LEGALLY THEY HAVE TO REFUND YOU)… I left the store quietly (there was a 10 year old boy in line behind me)… i was so upset, and up until now i loved subway. Anyways i went home and have trying to contact corporate, they wont call me back. but Ive learned there’s not much they can do anyways, it is probably up to the owner of that particular store. but in this case that owner, is ridiculous. even when you go to file a complaint on a store, it goes strait to the owner, and apparently they can email you back calling you a liar and harass you via email…. these people are messed up, they couldnt to give me more than 4 jalapeno slices on my foot long without charging me $1… i went home and complained online, Kenny Patel emailed me again telling me to give up on complaints, and to “quit being so cheap”… i still have the emails as proof.

  26. I tried to take the survey and the transaction #is 50 and it will not take it. I was in store number 20401 on 5-2-14. Its ok, it is the only #on there. Anyhow I enjoyed the food and I give them a 10 on everything. Thanks, Kay

  27. I went into a subway on military dr the woman touched the floor then tried to make my sandwich! I should call the health department on this matter that is so unsanitary!

  28. Hi I had an awful experience in one of your locations. As I purchased a foot long 9 grain honey oat
    sandwich. I noticed while chewing the sandwich tasted as if it was properly cooked. I took it to the register
    and informed them and asked them if they can give me a different loaf of bread. It looks as if they were
    robotically trained to repeat the following “we make the sandwichs in the morning so it’s fresh” . As I
    explained to the lady well this one isn’t well done and I would like another one please. She said no. As I
    asked her to please speak to the manager he rudely informed me I’m wrong and it’s my mouth. He told me I had to pay to get a new one that he wasn’t going to change it. He was yelling at me telling me no.
    He wasn’t going to change it. My mom told him I was pregnant and he said he didn’t care he wasn’t going
    to change it . How can you tell a pregnant woman I don’t care we won’t service you to the best of our
    ability. This is by far the worst customer service experience
    Store 40563

  29. i wood like 2 no if subway will ever make a bread called dutch crunch. i`ve had it out on the west coast most deli`s shops had that. it`s awesome i sure do miss it here back home ????

  30. Had worst ever experience at subway ever!! I will not be returning , attitude was stinking.. Hurrying us up so we could leave quick as possible,, there was a lady who was making sandwiches which we could not understand one word she was saying to us?, as she was speaking far to fast,? And a young gentleman who was servicing on the till did not have a clue what he was doing or where anything was!! I spent 14 pound in this store! An I really wish I never!! So disappointed,, got my son a kids meal, not asked what kind of bag my child would like but handed him a girls bag which he was really upset about?? Ther was no fruit drinks left so he was offers water or a pure orange juice also when we opens the bag ther was just a sandwich and a drink nothing eles!! And positive the kids got like either fruite or a little snack!! I am very disappointed in you’s!!! Hoping to hear back!!! Thanks mrs Natalie Dixon!!!!!!! This is from metro centre store gateshead

  31. I have read that Subway has discontinued Ham and Bacon products in hundreds of store to appease a minority of muslin’s. This tells me that Subway does not want the business of the majority of customers. I work with hundreds of employee’s and we have all agreed to Boycott Subway as being AntiAmerican.

  32. I went to the subway in waite park, mn. Located on waite ave. I stopped to grab a sub on my lunch break. My sub I ordered took all of 3 steps to make. They completely botched my sub. In the last 4 times iv been there they have messed it up 3 times out of 4. Because of the employees I will not be able to eat on my short lunch break. Thanks for nothing. Will not be going back.

  33. Our branch in Spokane, WA that refuses to honor the National Sales spots for the 5.00 foot longs is horrible. The manager at that store states that Owner feels it is not necessary to follow the rules.

    Just because he may own the franchise he still is obligated to follow the national sales spots — Tired of the same crap from this store. My parents whom are on SS love the specials due to their income.

    They stopped going back as well.

  34. 9:30am on a Sunday morning at Subway store here on Hampton Rd in Dallas. Manager refuses to make a sandwich platter. Not a single customer in the store but says they have other things to do. Wow!

  35. Saw worker drop food on floor and put on counter for re-use. Same worker wiped nose repeatedly and touched my food then got rude with me when I ask that she replace items. I asked for manager, manager was non-apologetic and didnt seem to care. I sent email to corporate and have heard nothing. Disappointed that I actually paid for that food. Will not go back into that disgusting store.

  36. I went to your Wyndham vale store for our large family order, with the employee not changing their golves after touching chikcen then on to ham, that is cross contamination, then to top it off had flies crawling around the meats & salads, I advised the employee of the flies & gave the dumbest look, I walked out, if the health department knew of this, you’d be closed down, customer service was rude, & have not & will not return & I have spoken to many family & friends of your store & not getting back with customer complaints

  37. subway employee’s in Fergus falls MN are horrible, one has even tracked me down on facebook to harass me for expecting to get tomatoes on my $8 sandwich. this kind of poor product quality, and intolerable customer treatment is why I quit being a subway customer entirely

  38. I just visited store #5319. (Old Shakopee and France ave in Bloomington MN) today on Jan 1st. First of all, CORY, the ONLY person working did an awesome job with all the customers walking in (20+). Apparently his manager or boss felt that on this particular day he wouldn’t need help and he could do it all by himself. His boss had not called at all to see how he was doing and the person that worked earlier in the day did not even replenish the veggies before leaving. Now I haven’t worked in fast food for 20 years but I could tell you it would be a busy day. Cory has only been there 2 months and said he was barely trained in and has been closing ever since. Subway will lose a good kid because of poor management decisions. The reason I got all this information was because I was asking specific questions. I was shocked at the decision of management. I like Subway and frequently visit a few different stores in the area however, if management is going to continue to make poor decisions and not take care of their people, I will go to Jimmy Johns. I know JJ is held to a higher standard on many levels and they would NEVER let this happen. This was ridiculous!!!!! Subway claims to be top notch….well you better get a team of upper management and get out there and fix your stores!!!!

  39. Who even cares? Not you Subway corporate. No quality control. Blatant false advertising in your menu. Rude staff.

    Just look at your reviews. Disgusting across the board. You will do nothing but continue to aid in the decline of American cuisine and culture.

    It is astounding that a business can operate such as yours and many other franchised businesses. No one will even be held accountable for your failures.

    You and all other big restaurant business in America should be ashamed.

  40. I eat at subway just about everyday Monday thru store 20088
    palm harbor and order the same thing every time,turkey-white six inch white-
    with lettuce-tomato-pickles-& hot peppers,with oil& vinegar. the girls are great ,as soon as i walk in, they start making my sub. the store & bathroom are very clean ,that why i eat there.
    a great crew of girls working there, my hat’s of to them.

    Wayne mowry

  41. Ok Hey I Walk In Subway I Am Nothing But 14 Years Old This Old Lanky White Man Was Taking My Order I Havent Been To Subway In A While But I Always Buy A Coldcut Foot Long Everytime I Come I Have Never Had A Problem The Man Makes My Sandwich And I Give Him 5 Dollar And 20 Cents He Goes Completely Off On Me Which I Hadnt Know They Swiched It To Six Dollars So I Gives Him 6$ And 20 Cebts Thats All I Had Becus I Wanted My Sandwich So He Throws It Away And Tells Me To LEAVE … i Understand I Didnt Have Enough But You Shouldnt Come At No Child Like THAT

  42. My wife and I stopped into the Subway located inside the Walmart in Saint Cloud Florida today around 12:30 pm there was no line or crowd etc… still we found the service to be extremely rude by the employee. although we made no response to the rudeness of the employee and continued to smile and respond respectfully when ordering, I seemed to turn into discrimination and even racism when we were told that we could not use the baskets to place our food in even though we were planning to eat in the dining area. supposedly the baskets are reserved for the Walmart employees, darndest thing i have ever heard .Up until today Subway has been my place to eat lunch at least 3 to four times a week averaging 50 dollars per week sadly I don’t think I will ever eat there the way my a biracial husband business owner and tax paying citizen .

  43. Terrible attitude at the Subway in Roswell Ga. I had a coupon to buy 2 subs for $5 and at the bottom of the coupon listed the locations it could be used at which inluded Roswell GA. There are several in Roswell GA but the coupon does not specify any particular location. The person behind the counter would not honor the coupon, said her location isn’t included, they have different owners. Not pleasant and then never provided a receipt. This isn’t the first time I’ve gone for multiple orders and not received a receipt. I will certainly think twice before returning to a Subway. If you want to promote your company and get business, then you need to honor the coupons sent to people.

  44. I had been going to the subway on Garth and Rollingbrook
    in Baytown Tx since the store was opened. On Sat. June the 27th
    at 10:00 AM was and will be my last time. I was waiting at the window and no one came, even though, they knew I was there because they were looking at me through the window. The Sat. in
    question, I went inside to discussed what had happened. The young man, a Hispanic and the only one in the store, told me that he did not believe me and that had not happened as I told him, in other words that I was lying. If this is the policy of
    Subway on how to treat customer it is not acceptable.
    I tried to contact customer service by phone, but was unable to.

  45. We took our grandchildren to lunch today at the Subway on Gage BLVD, Topeka KS. My grandson is learning to read. There was a big poster with Jarad on it advertising a movie about Sharks and under the movie title it read “oh hell no”. My seven year old grandson read this out loud. I do not think this wording is appropriate in a family restaurant.

  46. What the heck did you do to the ice tea? You mixed it up with plastic lemonade. Outrageous !!! Lemonade with 0 percent juice. Come on. Now the only drink choices are ice tea mixed with plastic lemonade or carbonated soda drinks. Not good. You are not thinking of the children or diabetics at all. You are going to lose a lot of customers. Too bad. I liked your sandwiches. Guess I will become a Denny’s customer. Goodbye

  47. Hi my name is Benny Mitchell I weighed up to 396lbs,but for the last two months I been working my butt off trying to lose over 100 pounds unfortunately the thing that happened to Jared, but I believe need a fresh start a new pinched man and I hope you can put me under consideration. I’m a 39yrs old black male who is determined to lose this weight and it would be great to represent my favorite food spot while I’m going through my journey.

    • I am so sorry that your Murray and Fountain subway (80916) was too busy to place a take out order for my family. I understand that you have a special going on, but that was the whole idea was to order ahead, 45 min., to not interrupt our day and keep us on schedule. Rarely do we have an opportunity to meet for lunch. We will go to another place, and not be returning to subway, evidently it is too much to handle for the company, our future dollars will go elsewhere

  48. All customers need a good customer service, but sometimes the customer need to be patient because all employees are trying their best and there working hard to do the work. I think all employee t subway need bs deserve to have a rise and benefits, Is not east to work if there’s no insurance.

  49. I went into Subway on HWY 165, Ft.Mitchell, AL. The manager waited on me. I am 81 years old. I asked for the new Chicken Salad Sub that has been advertised. I was asked about the bread…I didn’t understand what he meant. I said I didn’t need bread…meaning “on the side” certainly he knew I needed the bread as part of the Sub. I was charged for a 12″ sub and given a “small” tub of chicken salad. I didn’t check my bag till I got home. I am furious!!!! Please get rid of that FOOL!

  50. I recently went to a subway in ga, I was in line waiting at the drive through along with two other cars I was the third car and the sign said still open while in line the workers were not working instead they were going outside talking to other people and the two cars in front of me were blowing there horns and it took them an estimated 5 minutes to come to the window the first car finally got its stuff and went on its way but the second car ended up in the same problem blowing it’s horn to get a employee. And what was so unprofessional was the employee told a customer to tell us there closed but yet the lady in front got served. AND I was told you are suppose to serve the last customer and I felt like they didn’t and I was highly upset. They need better employees because these act like they don’t want to work and work slow on there time.I demand this gets solved immediately!!!

  51. My son just quit his job at the subway in Lockport, Il after his supervisor took his tips and put them in her register. She stated “no tips for you no more.” Is this fair. Did the customers want the person preparing their food to have the tip? Of course. Who does the owner Mona Virani think she is stealing from her employees. Does Subway Corporate office allow this behavior. I guess so. This is shameful. She should have her business taken away from her.

  52. This evening I went to the local subway, ordered a sandwich w/chips and drink- Presented my rewards card and the guy taking the ordeer did not seem to know what it was. I did not think the order was added to my card total so when I got home I went to to check my balance and found I had a ZERO balance – the points I had built up had been wiped out. The order guy must have done something to do that. Sure destroys my faith in subway.
    Will Mason

  53. Hi, I need you help I mist placed my Subway Card could please send a copy of the card in a Email or a new one in the mail.

    Thank you

  54. I’m a long time customer. Thought I’d write you guys. Your value proposition is history, done, gone! a mid-priced footlong, small chips and a drink are close to $10.00!!! this is ludicrous! Mid level, sit down restaurants with a large fresh salad with an entire grilled chicken breast are $8.75-$10 everywhere.

    We both know that the amount of meat you have on your sandwiches is minimal, so if you can’t get things like a footlong “club” back to $5-$5.75….. then customers will continue to migrate elsewhere. That sandwich and a drink is over $7.00. Above that, it is simply not worth a trip to Subway.

  55. I use Subway often BUT the other day I got some very bad news so I decided to go out to eat In east Islip restaurant I ordered a foot long with different items on it I was TOLD that this comes with soda and chips I didn’t want to argue so I paid . The slip when I got home I was charged for 2 FOOT long Ins tead of paying for a 1 foot long I would like an adjustment made because I would probably not go to subway any more do to this mistake made by the person waiting on me Thank you for your concern

  56. I’ve just purchased a new phone and I cant sign in .its asking for my mobile number . A mobile number is 11 digits but its asking for a ten digit mobile number.what can be done to resolve this problem as I’ve been using the app on my old phone until I got a new one and what do I do about the points I’ve accumulated

  57. Your franchise in Annawan, I lino is has a picture of Jared in its store. I find it very offensive. Please can you do something about this.

  58. To whom it may concern,

    Hello my name is Alan Wubenhorst, my pen name is Al Holt and I have been writing graphic novel scripts for three years now. I use a wheel chair which is how my writing career started.

    For two of those years I have been pushing the boundaries with my writing and have been involved with Little Fish (comic book studio) and have been a marketing tool for them.

    I have expanded my character universe from just one character which I call Fearsome Flyer (who is in a wheel chair by day and a super hero by night) to having ten graphic novel titles. Funding has been an issue for making my dream of these story ideas into actual novels and that is where you come in! I would like to ask you for your help. I’d like to know about your charitable programs

    and if you would be interested in helping me raise funds and awareness for my projects.


    Alan Wubenhorst

  59. I went to the subway on east national highway in Washington in 47501. Went to the door on Oct 19 at 9:50 to get a sub and the door was locked . The girl at the counter looked up and put her head down and didn’t even acknowledge me even being there. I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but at least the subway in WalMart was still open and waited for me and was more than happy to make me a six in sub James Dupont 812 698 8436

  60. I am so sorry that your Murray and Fountain subway (80916) was too busy to place a take out order for my family. I understand that you have a special going on, but that was the whole idea was to order ahead, 45 min., to not interrupt our day and keep us on schedule. Rarely do we have an opportunity to meet for lunch. We will go to another place, and not be returning to subway, evidently it is too much to handle for the company, our future dollars will go elsewhere

  61. Thank you for participating in the nat’l sandwich day give away. We appreciate your good intentions but the bread that day was SO hard my husband and I couldn’t eat our footlongs. Thought you’d sell enough to keep the bread fresh but not so. I live in Pueblo, Co @ 92 Kingsley Av – 81005 and I think I shall ask the attendant how fresh is the bread is if we come back to try again next time.

  62. The workers were disrespectful to each other and to the customers. Unprofessional, worst service I have ever had. Will not return.


  64. it was a great promo tues 11/3/15 for the sharing of a sub when you buy a drink…except the subway restaurant I went to #31420-0 had no more bread….well..that was a turn around and leave moment…….sorry I missed out on one of my favorite places to eat….

  65. While placing my order in the Subway store located at 2880 Frayser Blvd Memphis, TN 38127. I was serviced by an unidentified employee (no name badge). Her service was confrontational and aggressive. I am a 62 year old woman. I had my grandchildren all under the age of 10 with me and they were also threaten by the employee. Because I was treated so rudely I asked the employee for her managers name and what time I could reach this person I was completely ignored. After asking several times the customer service employee finally stated she was the manager and she is sick of this shit! Needless to say I was shocked at the language and demeanor of this employee. I felt threatened and was very fearful of what actions would be taken by her agitated demeanor. Finally she threw a napkin at me over the counter and stated you can get in touch with them this way. I am very disappointed and afraid to return to that particular store I feel as though my rights were violated under title IV of the age discrimination act. I am going out of my area in order to continue my lengthy patronage with Subway. I can be reach at area code 901-513-6008.

    Kindest Regards,
    Mrs. Sarah Mitchell

  66. My comment is this, I have a coupon for a sub which subway will not honor , here In Aiken S..C. The coupon says to use at your favorite subway restaurant, Atlanta Ga. issued these coupons where I did eat there on a visit.

  67. I had a bad experience as the manager was very rude and told me to shut up when I asked him about using a coupon. I will never eat there again as the staf and manager were very rude and need to learn how to talk to people and also make the sandwiches, as they were horrible.

  68. 11/13/15 Was out shopping with the family went to the Subway on 2183 E South St ste 102B Long Beach Ca 90805. Its the holiday season and my 18 yr old son ask the female server were they excepting applications, her response to him was the company don’t hire male employees only females. My question is Subway discriminating against males now?

  69. I walked into the subway located inside the Walmart in east Windsor ct to order a couple of sandwich’s for dinner. The two front tables were occupied and I asked if we could sit in the other tables and the employees remark was no I haven’t cleaned that area yet , I mean really !!! Then they asked their friend to get up so we could sit and the table we sat down at wasn’t even clean !!!! I’m very upset over my experience here !!!
    Very dissatisfied !!!

  70. Prospect Hill Milford Michigan the store needs help it needs to be clean and the people there need to like the customers coming in the door if you don’t that stores going to go out of business there’s a lot of clients that would like to use that store thank you I wish you luck on this

  71. On your receipt we got last night at your Tinley Park store it said to message 782929 to get text on specials. Keep getting reply that this is an invalid number.

  72. I have been doing a subway diet ..and I’ve lost weight I’ve lost about 30 pounds in three months.. I don’t eat chicken,fish I am a vegiterian so I normally buy myself a veggie delight wheat bread.. Toasted. So I recommend buying subway for ladies out there that want to loose weight and of course I do normally 30 minutes of exercise daily..

  73. Went into my local Subway in Millis, MA and ordered 2 six inch subs. I had 2 coupons with me. The coupons were for 6″ sub for $3.00. When I went to pay for the subs I was told that I could only use 1 of the coupons. I understand the coupons are for 1 customer per visit. I had my wife outside in the car with twins in car seats. I said if I go out and get my wife they can ring them up seperately. I said she was sitting in the car with twins couldn’t you just ring them up seperately without having to bring everyone into the store? The answer was no. Last time I’ll eat at a Subway.

  74. I have had a Subway card for several years. All of a sudden, I realized that my points were no longer adding up, when I purchased sandwiches. (THE RUDE PEOPLE AT THE FRONT ST., LINCOLN, RI SUBWAY SHOP NEVER MENTIONED THIS TO ME. I was told about it by another customer.) Anyway, I am LOSING POINTS because I was not registered online. When I went online to register, I COULD NOT DO SO because you DEMAND a pin number, and my pin number is covered by silver and I cannot see it. I tried leaving two messages online yesterday, BUT NO ONE RESPONDED. I would prefer a telephone call to an e-mail, if possible. Tel. (617) 557-2200. Thank you.

  75. At Shelbyville, Indiana East State road 44. Love Subway but really disappointed with my chopped salad tonight. To be more specific, the portion. I ordered a double chicken salad with everything except the peppers and that’s what I received but also lacking lettuce. Maybe just an oversight by the young lady but disappointing just the same. Others in our party also questioned the size of the salad.

  76. Don’t get me wrong the costomer service was awesome but I got a sub and it had a large piece of cartalage that I chomped down on. Its not really appetizing to view down on something like that.

  77. I work at walmart in Wheatridge co I go to the subway in WalMart. The manager Brandy is a very rude and disrespectful manager. I am a manager and I don’t appreciate her threatening my cashier who is a firmer subway employee. I feel she needs to be reprimanded till she can prove to be a good and professional manager.

  78. Today, 03-06-2016 at 1 PM I visited the Subway store on Dr Phillips Blvd and Sand Lake Rd in Orlando Fl. I walked in and two male employees were behind the counter. Neither one acknowledged me. I have always been greeted by employees, I assumed it was company policy.
    The first concern I had was the long dreadlocks flopping around all the food he was preparing. He asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted a TURKEY salad. His next question was “do you want lettuce with that? I looked at him trying to figure out if he was screwing with me. Hello, yes I want lettuce in my SALAD.
    He proceeded to cut up 2 pieces of CHICKEN for my salad. After he put it on my salad I Informed him I asked for Turkey. He looked confused then said he would change it out. I told him chicken was fine. I then had to repeat the veggies I wanted on my salad several times.
    Once we got through that he passed me to the next guy. This guy bagged my salad and took my money. After handing me the receipt he said nothing to me, no thank you, no come see us again, no screw you, he just walked away into the back area. I noticed there was no fork in the bag so I had to stand there a few more minutes until the first guy came over to see what I needed. I finally got a fork. (Thank you!)
    I have never complained on ANY employee in this capacity before. I know how hard it is to deal with the public but these two guys are a disgrace to your company. I would like to think Subway Corporation would like to know what type of people they have representing their company. This may be a training issue but it’s not that hard to just be courteous.
    I would love to speak with a customer care specialist about this experience. In the meantime I will inform ALL my family and friends about the experience I had in this store.

  79. You are advertising meatball sandwich for $3.00 on Sunday. Today is Sunday and I visited the Subway on 2595 Maryland Pkwy in Las Vegas NV 89109. They did not have meatballs made and Vanessa says she is not allowed to prepare food and did not want to substitute the sandwich for something else. She also refused to call her manager to have the matter addressed and resolved to satisfy all their customers for today. I was not the only customer there for the sub of the day. Then, Kim who works there, I asked for the corporate number and she refused to give it, says she’s not the manager. This was the worst service I’ve ever experienced in my life. I walked out angry and hungry. I will not stop here with this email. I will let all my friends and family known about this experience and ask that they all not to eat and support Subway. I will even go further and post my view on Yelp, Facebook and other web sites about the poor quality of service, dishonesty in advertisement and people you have working in your establishment. Very upset and unsatisfied customer.

  80. Just had a horrible experience at a subway I frequent in Miami. The location is 2050 nw 107 ave. The zipcode should 33172. The time was about 1:15 pm on 03/15/2016.

    There were two female employees, the one helping simply misunderstood me. I asked for mayo and she put honey mustard on the sandwich. She then argued saying that I asked for honey mustard. She spoke to her coworker in spanish, thinking that I wasn’t latino and could not understand, and said that this was unbelievable. She was simply to rude so I told her I did not want the sandwich and I walked out.

    Was it so hard to make another sandwich?? I will never go back to that subway.

  81. Yesterday 3/17/16 my fiance purchace two chicken salad foot long sandwiches, I ate half the day it was bought and attempted the second have for lunch today 3/18/16 there was something weird that I crunched on, to my surprise it was a black broken off finger nail. I am very angry concerning this. The horrible part is that my fiance called and complained only to be hung up on. The thought that I had someone’s nail in my mouth sickens me. Never will I eat from a subway restaurant again. Anyone else would just sue, we just wanted the situation resolved. Never again.

  82. got thru to customer service on first attempt. Was concerned with an employee chewing gum and working the food line. Then the attitude of the other employees when I made a comment about the gum. Long time customer with the store and they have new employees. Sub was very good

  83. I went in for a sub at one of your stores in Spartanburg South Carolina and I had a rather unpleasant experience at store number 14566-0. While I was there a few the employees that were talking about who didn’t want to come take my order and it took them a while to come from the back. I don’t think they realize that I heard them but that’s just one of the unpleasant things that happened. Aside from the unpleasantries they also showed a lack of organization being a member of the United States Army National Guard that was very disturbing to me. They were arguing about who didn’t want to pick up the trash that was apparently behind the counter in front of the door that use to exit.

  84. Dear subway,I recently had a terrifying incident at one of your establishments,me and a few of my friends were at your restaurant on Barnum ave stratford ct 06614 and we were eating food from little ceasars,being that we had bought food from your establisment not even three hours ago,we thought your establishment would be willing to accomendate us considering the fact that we are valued customers,with that being said,we were very rudely asked to leave by your employee and even though she was very rude about it,we did as we were told,now,after we start to walk out the door,one of the other people who were being serviced at the time,came outside,and started to berate us and threaten us,saying to “clean up our mess,”While this is happening,YOUR employee did not stop the person from berating us or forcing us to put a box in a trash can that could not fit in a trash can,I was scared that I was going to be assaulted over something miniscule on your property,you need to reavaluate your hiring system,because it was very obvious the person working did NOT know the first thing about customer service,


  85. The poster in front of the restaurant located in the Super Walmart on McNab road in North Lauderdale Florida advertised pepperoni pretzels with marinara sauce and I ordered one. The pretzel clerk shoved the pretzel in a bag and asked if I wanted anything else. I asked if she had put the marinara sauce in the bag. She said “We don’t have marinara sauce but we can give you some but it costs extra.” Before I could point out to the pretzel clerk what a dumb statement that was, one of the sandwich clerks shouted to the pretzel clerk they did have marinara sauce. The pretzel clerk then said “We have marinara sauce but it will cost extra, do you want it?” I pointed out the poster advertising the pepperoni pretzel didn’t say anything about the marinara sauce costing extra, and the pretzel clerk said “well, do you want it or not?” I had no more patience left to deal with this clerk so I ordered the pretzel with the marinara sauce for which I was charged an extra $.75. I object to the advertising not pointing out the marinara sauce cost extra. I object to the clerk not knowing the product. I object to the clerk being dumb. I object to the clerk’s snarky attitude. So, for all the reasons I detailed, I will not be going back to that shop and I posted my experience on my Facebook page. I sent the corporate office a letter and I sent them an email through their website but never received a response to either one.

  86. Hi subway
    I had a terrible experience at a denver subway on broadway st…I bought 5 cold cut combos..the steak and chese …they were all bad we had to toss them…I wanted them take a redeem code fir the shop in tucumcari nm…or a gift card sent to 824 tucumcari blvd #136..tucumcari nm 88401…attn chris hadrich…thank you

  87. Hi…I made a post about bad food.I bought 4 cold cut combos…one steak and chees…meals..we had ti toss them…id like them replaced…I can eat at the tucumcari nm store..redeem code at that store for chris hadrich..or mail a gift card to 824 tucumcari blvd..#136…tucumcari nm…88401..attn chris hadrich….id prefure a instore credit for I do love subway and want to continue to eat there…thank you

  88. first time ordering drive threw, menu confusing, cant read, nothing telling you what your options are. service was good, speaker so bad I had to drive up and give my order. I then drive off and the smell of laytex was so bad I did not eat. I do not want a free meal, just want to let you know I have no desire to go back. store #2922-0

  89. I don’t know if writing this will do any good. I plan on calling corporate also. We always go to the Subway at 5394 Springhill drive, Springhill, Fl. and have had great service and great food. The young staff welcomes us each time and has always been curtious. However, our recent visit on April 30 at 3:30 pm has changed our minds about ever returning. When we arrived there was no one around. All3 staff members were in the back. No one greeted us with the usual “Welcome to Subway”. We overlooked that and ordered our sandwhich and chopped salad [ Which were very good by the way}. The young female employee was very curtious and prepared our order efficiently and with courtesy. Our issue is with the supervisor on duty. She had about as much personality and courtesy as a cardboard box. She did not offer or give us a receipt. She was curt and never smiled. Seemed like our being there was a bother; like we had interrupted her by being there. On finishing paying we went to sit down to eat but NOT ONE TABLE WAS CLEAN!!! I asked her for something to clean a table with since she was checking out people that had come in behind us. She said she would clean them. We stood waiting for a few minutes but she never came from behind the counter to do so. We finally sat at the least dirty table of the bunch {which also wobbled} and ate off of our sandwhich paper and tray. I watched to see if she would come out to clean any of the tables or to apologize when she finished with the last customer but NOOOO. Not only did she not come out to clean them but she never asked the other 2 employees to do so either. I watched to see how long it would take. One young Staff member even came out while we ate and made herself a sandwhich. They all disappeared again to the back. Finally the supervisor came out to the soda machine and then got a rag to clean them. We had sat there for 30 minutes eating and waiting. I was finished with my salad by the time she came out. SHE NEVER SAID A WORD TO US… NO APOLOGY, NO EXPLANATION… SHE SIMPLY IGNORED US!!! Once again I want to say again that every visit till that day had been great. THIS SUPERVISOR NEEDS TO BE RETRAINED IN CUSTOMER SERVICE and CLEANLINESS. I really don’t know what would have happened if anyone else was going to eat there. Maybe they wanted to but saw there were no clean tables. NEVER GOING BACK. WILL GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  90. I just wanted to tell you that I see your business suffering and I want to tell you my opinion.
    We have ate subway since our children were small, bite they are grown adults.
    We stopped going to your restaurants about 2 years ago when you started getting so stingy, if you will, with the ingredients in the subs. You spread two small scoops of seafood salad on 12 inches of stale bread. One piece of cheese, very little meat unless we pay extra. You get it. We’re not happy and no longer go to your restaurants.
    Thought you might just like to know why

    Mrs Barb Welton

  91. Poor service of sindhi muslim branch karachi pakistan. We ordered from gulshan iqbal And they brought from sindhi muslim branch. Cold Raw sandwiches and forgot to bring Drinks. When we complained no one take responsibility and show seriousness. Workers are totally ill mannered and uncultured.

    Bad experience.

  92. Poor service of sindhi muslim branch. We ordered from gulshan iqbal And they brought from sindhi muslim branch. Cold Raw sandwiches and forgot to bring Drinks. When we complained no one take responsibility and show seriousness. Workers are totally ill mannered and uncultured.

    Bad experience.

  93. I went to subway in Lincoln,Illinois @ 3091 Woodlawn rd today (5/17/2016) about 4p.m. As I was paying a female worker threw shredded cheese on me. It was in my hair, down the front of my blouse, and all over in my billfold. This was very embarrassing and humiliating!!! She had NO reason to throw food at me. Where is her professional ethics and manners? I would like a Subway official to contact me on this matter. I will NEVER associate with this Subway ever again!!! Please contact me as soon as possible.

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