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Contacting Subaru Customer Service Center

The Subaru company is known throughout the world as one of the leading producers of dependable vehicles. As any Subaru owner will tell you, the vehicles don’t start running right until they’ve passed the first 100,000 miles. Subaru also sells generators and other equipment.

Contact Info:

Subaru offers multiple means of contacting customer service, but they are listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page, which is dominated by an email contact form. Some customers may not scroll down far enough to recognize the information listed below.

Phone Contact Numbers

Subaru customer service is available by phone Monday to Thursday from 7:30 AM to 8 PM, Friday from 10:30 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. All hours are EST. There are no customer service agents available on Sunday.

  • Subaru Customer Service: 1-800-782-2783

There is a note on the customer service page that states Hawaii customers should use a different phone number to contact Subaru. There are no hours listed for the dedicated line.

  • Subaru Hawaii: 1-808-564-2260

Mailing Address

If a pen and paper is the only way you want to contact Subaru customer service, you can address your letter to:

Subaru of AmericaSubaru PlazaPO Box 6000Cherry Hill, NJ 08034Attn: Customer/Dealer Services

Include as much information as possible if you are inquiring about a vehicle problem. Contact information and VIN should also be included in your letter to improve customer service. It will likely take longer to receive a response by mail than by phone or email.

Official Website

Information about Subaru models, company and financing is available from the official website at

Customer Service Email

Sending an email to Subaru customer service is a quick and easy way to have a simple question answered. The email form is located at, but there is no standard email address. If your question is concerning a warranty issue, include the VIN so the customer service agent can look up your vehicle to verify warranty. Other quick options for contacting an agent include social media websites.

Our Experience

You must listen to the beginning message before pressing any buttons when calling Subaru customer service. After the message you can press 1 for roadside assistance or 4 for a customer service representative. Our call was placed on hold for just a few moments before another list of options started. We pressed 0 and the list of options just repeated. You have to press 2 for recalls, 3 for Subaru security policies or 4 for an agent. It took us three minutes to make it through the automated system only to be placed on hold for an additional two minutes. Finally, when the call was answered by a customer service agent, we asked about Subaru insurance, one of the unique options available to Subaru buyers. The agent told us we would have to call back and listen for the option to speak with Liberty Mutual insurance.

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19 Comments on “Contact Subaru Customer Service
  1. Please, forward this email Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President & CEO FHI/

    Good day!

    Hereby I want to tell you about sales Subaru cars in Russia and St. Petersburg in particular.

    The problem is the sole distributor of Subaru in the North-West Russia – Holding RRT-motors. Thus, under the contract number 24.10.2012 PLK_ZRA_12_0000635 sale of the vehicle, namely – Subaru Outback, VIN: JF1BR9L95CG122044 I paid the full cost of the vehicle in the amount of 50 098.42 $. Delivery time car contract – 11/14/2012, at the moment, distributor “Subaru Center Pulkovo” (Holding Company “RRT” North-West “), and did not give me a car. LLC “Subaru Motor” Acknowledgment representative Subaru brand in Russia, can not affect the current situation, in fact – simply do runaround. Very unpleasant formal approach.

    This state of affairs is at odds with the Message from President, President & CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga. Only sincere and long-standing friendship with the manufacturer one of the most advanced and reliable cars – Subaru does not allow me to give up my choice in favor of a more premium segment cars such as the WV TUAREG and VOLVO, whose value is approximately the same.

    To date, the delay in delivery of the car – Subaru Outback, VIN: JF1BR9L95CG122044 under the contract of sale of the vehicle
    PLK_ZRA_12_0000635 is 30 days!

    I ask you to influence the situation, and to assist in its resolution.

    Sergei Kozinets, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, tel. +7-911-151-51-45,
    fax. +7-812-320-03-99,

  2. Hello!
    I just wanted to report how much I love my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek… we picked up our new car last week just in time for the blizzard that hit the Northeast. The car drove perfectly in the snow. We are thrilled with this car.
    Also, I would like to compliment our dealership, Prestige Imports in Pleasantville, NY, our saleswoman, Diana DiLello is terrific.
    Thank you for your wonderful, well thought-out product.
    Genie Watsky

  3. On June 26th after 167019 miles my 2002 Subaru transmission broke CONK CONK CONK! I took it to Suburb service they said $8000 to repair a lundry list of things, I just wanted the transmission, towed ti to Kirkland transmission, At that point I decided to rade the car ti was worth $4000, and it would csot $8000 to fix everything, even if I did fix one thing some thing else would die! (Money pit)

    June 28th I went to Carter Subaru Shoreline (206) 542-1166 to look for a car, I took a test in an 2012 Outback I likied it but the payments were steep $470 / mo, I told them of my car that died, Travis Bleken said they would give me $200 for it, I said thank you for your time, and quietly left.

    June 29th I went to the greenwood car show, sponsored by Carter Subaru, as I walked about, I got a call from Travis Bleken he told me that he would give me $1200 for my dead Subaru, and had a car that might work for me, I said my payments have to be twixt $290 and $325, and we could talk, we said bye he would call if he could do some thing.

    Travis called and said he had a car an Impreza Cranberry with charcaol interior, and sports pkg. I said I will come take a look, Travis siad he would drop $1000 off the car for me, I thought that might just work, I forgot to ask if ti was an automatic or a stick, I was upset because of my 2002 automatic subaru outback wagon was dead.

    I arrived and looked about for the car, it looked cool, I was not to crazy about the color but thought I will take it for a spin, the car was a stick, I thought, ok I used to dirve a stick with my Honda CRX, let’s see what this does, the MPG was way better than my 2002, it drove nice I took it to a lot to try to break it, it was a tough car so far, but I really wanted an automatic, but this was the best they had for me.

    Travis dropped the price from a sale price of $19,988.00 to $19,000.00, not bad I thouoght, but I really wanted an automatic, I asked they said the paymets would be more, than $348.00 / mo I really wanted payments of around $325, but this was not the case, and this car was going fast, (I smell hussle right now) well I needed a car, I was happy at first, starting out was 15,460 miles on the tac, now I have 16,048 miles on it, and I am not happy with the stick.

    July 1st though about what I did, I thought that I should have gotten an earlier model Subaru, too late now, called some dealers to see what cold be done, nothing, I even tried to go with a newer stripped down Impreza, nothing, the payments were gettiong higher with the dam negative equity, I called Wilson at Chaplins Subaru, he was shocked by what happened to me at Shoreline, that they would not take the car back.

    Ryan called I told him I was not happy with the Stick, I wanted an Automatic with a lighter interior, in an impreza, Ryan said that he could do the trade if I put $3800 down on the car, the negative equity, he said that if I kept the car and made payments on it for 2 years then traded it, I could get what I want, The car would depreciate! So I am STUCK with this car I said, yep Ryan said.

    This Red Sports PKG Impreza with black interior is HOT in the summer so far, not pleasent to drive. I got STUCK with a red car again! and it’s not an automatic, I thought Subaru had a logo, “Drive happy” Well I am not, I will make payments up to 2 years, but trade it for a cooler car with light interior christ, talk about no help.

    So far Shoreline Carter Seattle Subaru, your not making me very happy I got this car…. years ago walkers was easy to get a car, this time around they could not help me what-so-ever… Nor could Auburn Subaru, I am STUCK with a HOT to drive car! If it got real HOT in the car I am suseptable to heat seizures.

    Thank you Cartter Subaru of Seattle for all your help in making a not happy customer when they need help. You STICK them, and convince them (Raailroad) that this is the car for you! Just to make a sale! Christ!

  4. I am a Subaru owner and a lover of the service I have rec’d at Subaru of Austin on Huntland Dr. in Austin, Texas. Not only is the 2004 Forester I have a fantastic car, but the service department there has always made me feel valued and important.
    Today I called to schedule an oil change and was told it would take 90 minutes to perform. I have never waited that long for an oil change before, and I regularly told the service advisors I worked with how great it was that their team could deliver the goods in an hour or less. It is one reason I planned to make my next car a Subaru, too.
    Something must have changed. I wiil be buying my filter from your parts dept but taking it and the pressure ring to a local shop for my changes from now on. I will miss the way the staff treated me, and I will be back for repairs and important maintainence, but not for everything. Thanks.
    Lisa Stevens

  5. I accompanied a friend who had found a CPO’d Subaru in another town 250 miles from Boise, Idaho. After arranging financing for the sale in Boise, we drove to Pocatello to arrange to pick up the car. The car was in very poor condition. It had had the front bumper repaired, poorly. The passenger side mirror, had been replaced and re-painted. The aluminum castings on the front of the engine were severely oxidized, with no apparent effort to clean them up. The battery hold down was rusted and the battery itself had rust residue on and around it. I have owned two Subaru autos, but I am really wondering about the company commitment to the customer if it allows a vehicle like this to be Factory Certified Pre-owned. That designation seems to be meaningless and worthless for the consumer.

  6. I just purchased a Subaru Impreza 5-door and filled out the survey.
    But I forgot one item: Subaru is doing a disservice to itself and its customers by installing Yokahama tires on Imprezas. Yokahama tires are generally good and long lasting, but this particular model gets very noisy at about 25,000 miles. As soon as my new Impreza was delivered, I installed Cooper Zeons on it and was amazed by the improved ride, handling, and quietness!

  7. My wife and I have owned three Subaru’s, two of which we currently drive. The first-a 2005 Subaru Forester was a GREAT car. We traded it in at 200,000 miles. The second-a 2007 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport wagon has been a good car-except for one MAJOR thing, which has cost a lot of money and is a big safety concern. I have contacted Subaru corporate at least twice about this, but despite assurances, I have NEVER received a reply. Without warning, my lugnuts will loosen on my rims. It has necessitated driving with my lug wrench in the front seat and doing spot inspections every other day to make sure they are tight. My mechanic is at a loss to explain this, as we have replaced EVERY LUGNUT and STEM at least once. No one should have to worry if your wheel is gonna go flying off when you are doing 70 MPH on the freeway. I am very frustrated. Unless Subaru resolves this issue, I WILL NOT be buying again. My Name is Mark Johnson-and I am perfectly okay with it being published.

    lUG NUT

  8. I just went to buy a replacement key for my 09 Forester. The guy quoted me $260 for the key and $55 for the programming. $300 bucks for a KEY? Are you kidding? There is no way to justify that, Subaru, that is really apalling.

  9. I am on my fourth Subaru and love the car but not your costumer service program . Having tried email and phone nothing worked. You sell a very good product but that is not enough you owe it to owners of a Subaru to have better costumer service.

    Morio Nakagawa

  10. I had an amazing experience with Subaru. Amber at main customer service helped me fix my head gaskets that were leaking- 70 k on car. I am very thankful and impressed with the service
    Frank at Lake forest office in Calif. is amazing as well.
    thank you subie!

  11. I currently lease a 2012 Honda Pilot. The lease ends in mid May. I would like to order a Subaru to coincide as close as possible to the lease end. The description:

    2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited
Moonroof Package + Keyless Access & Start + Navigation System + EyeSight

Exterior Auto Dimming Mirror Kit w/Blind Spot Detection 

Electrochromatic Mirror
      w/Compass and Homelink
 Rear Seat Back Protector 

    Crystal White Pearl 

    When would be the best time for me to order it?

  12. In February 2013, I bought the top of the line Outback and $3300.00 extra primarily for my first time Outback and first time navigation system and primarily for hands on phone and Bluetooth i-tunes
    I just bought new I-phone 6 plus AND I can only receive calls, can not call out,can not download phone numbers and can not play I-tunes. The dealer answer- buy a new car. No way I bought your outback to drive it more than 3 years as you promised..
    I expect some other answer YOU MUST HAVE THAT ANSWER

  13. I would like contact information for Subaru Canada (either email or fax) as I have just had to have my 2006 Impreza head gaskets replaced after only 81,000 kilometers and feel I need to discuss this directly with Subaru Canada. However, it is impossible to find contact information on the web for their Canadian customer service or CEO. An early response to this message is requested.

  14. I currently own a 2005 Legacy GT Wagon. I love it! Unfortunately, subaru stopped making it! Why!!?? Will not get another subaru since non of your other cars have the horsepower and overall versatility of my legacy GT! Please make another one with more then 250HP!

  15. Dear Subaru,

    This is part one of a series of emails BEGGING you to bring back the Baja!
    I live in a small mountain town in Colorado and currently drive a 2003 Subaru Baja. I use my Baja for everything from hauling groceries, kids, dogs, paddleboards, mountain bikes, yoga stuff… the list goes on. It is the BEST car that I’ve ever owned but with 140,000 miles and no new Baja to replace it with, whats a girl to do? I believe the Baja fits into the realms of a TV show that was cancelled before its time. If this car were to be brought back, I can promise you that they would be extremely popular. I get stopped at least once a week by someone who comments on how much they like my Baja. So, PLEASE bring it back!!!

  16. Just wanted to compliment you on your new commercials. Whoever designed them is a genius. Love love love them. We have a Golden and truly appreciate what you have designed. Your commercials are better than the Super Bowl Commercials. God Bless You!

  17. My last three Subarus were built in Indiana, a state that is now passing “religious freedom” legislation that will enable lawful discrimination against gays, lesbians, transpeople, muslims and jews and whomever else one deems a “sinner”. This is Jim Crow all over again and unconscionable in 21st century America. As a corporate citizen of Indiana, Subaru has a voice and I hope you will speak out against this travesty.

  18. All three of my Subarus were built in Indiana, a state that is passing “religious freedom” legislation that gives businesses the right to discriminate against gay and lesbian people, transgender people, muslims and jews or anyone one else an individual considers a sinner. Jim Crow is back.
    As a corporate citizen of Indiana, Subaru can and should have a voice and urge the governor not to sign such an unconscionable law.

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