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Contacting StubHub Customer Service Center

StubHub is the spot where ticket buyers go when they can’t find the tickets they need on other sites. Unlike other major ticketing portals, StubHub allows ticket holders to sell tickets, which is especially fruitful if the event is sold out. The prices are set by the people selling the tickets so those prices are often higher than the price paid – sellers are out to make a profit.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Most ticketing companies offer separate phone lines for customer service and new sales. It appears that StubHub offers one main phone number for all customer needs.

  • US and Canada: 1-866-788-2482
  • Australia: 1-800-910-921
  • France: 0800-919-278
  • Germany: 0800-181-10-77
  • Mexico: 001-800-514-8175
  • United Kingdom: 0800-358-8585
  • Other Countries: 1-415-222-8400

Mailing Address

Some customers prefer to contact StubHub by mail. If there is an immediate problem with your order, you should use the email or phone contact information provided. Mail communication takes longer than other options and may not provide customers with a resolution before the date of the event.

StubHub, Inc. 199 Fremont St. Ste. 300San Francisco, CA 94105

Official Website

Ordering, customer service and ticket printing can all be accomplished from the official website at Some companies offer detailed and instant customer service options, like live chat, for current customers once they are logged in to an account.

You can also choose to contact StubHub on social networks Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

We found a customer service email form in the customer help section of the StubHub website, but hidden in the Privacy Policy is the direct email to customer service. If you email you can talk with a representative from your personal or business email. Don’t send any financial email to this email address, but you should include your order number if you’re asking a question about your order. The agent can use the order number to better assist you.

Our Experience

We called StubHub customer service to test out the automated system. We were able to press 0 to move through the system. When the system first starts talking press 0, then press 0 when she asks about your phone number. You will be placed on hold. The agent answered at the 2:35 mark. We asked if StubHub supported ticketing in smaller towns and arenas. The agent said all tickets are listed based on the nearest large city.

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27 Comments on “Contact StubHub Customer Service
  1. I request a refund for the cancellation of the exhibition game scheduled for March 29, 2014. The refund amount is $93.54.

  2. Serious issues with ‘instant download’…No matter whether I try to use that feature or not I get the spinning wheel of death. High traffic?


  3. Very worried as i am yet to reieve one direction tickets for the 31 may. No reply anywhere. Not impressed but hopeful!!

  4. Very displeased with experience. Placed order 11-29-13, charaged price of tickets 11-29-13, anticipated receiving tickets no later than 6-4-14 for program presented 6-7-14. As of 6-6-14 no tickets or notification regarding said tickets. Called StubHub to find out that my order was cancelled 4-27-14, however, I was never notified of the cancellation. Needless to say there are unhappy individuals. The only saving grace is that the cost of the tickets was returned to us. ($289.15) Buyer beware.

  5. Not very good service……I repeated my order number three times and all three times they did not recieve it…
    I have ordered several tickets in the past as I’m sure you’ll know. I have received all other tickets but my last two
    # 166911147. $ 218.00. Sect. 13. Row 17……. Please respond… Thank you…

  6. i ordered the wrong performance time tickets for the Trans Siberian Orchestra and when i called customer service i was told to try to sell them on their website.(the wrong tickets were bought on stub hub also).since the ticket didn’t sell,i had to spend ANOTHER $112.00 for a ticket for the right performance,i’m out $90 for clicking on the wrong time and the customer service person offered me no refund because they had already paid the seller.

  7. Had my computer hacked so was advised to use another email address and password. Checking listing activity today and my account had been de-activated. Don’t know what has become of tickets and concert is tomorrow night.

  8. This really sucked!!! My daughter has never been to a concert. At last minute we found 4 for her, mom, and 2 friends for $114.00. This was at least do-able, so went into stub hub, put number of tickets , login etc- then just as I was putting in credit card info a msg comes up saying seller decided to raise price to $198 per tkt. I know these are hot tickets but should a seller be able to raise when im in process of ordering, on last step. Had to back out and put my daughter to bed in tears. Fifth Harmony is her favorite group but the bureaucracy broke her heart. These prices are out of the league of average fans. The whole “we love our fans” shit is a farce.. Its all about the $$$$$$ They should take a lesson on fan treatment from Pearl Jam.

  9. Ordered and received 4 tickets for the Bulls Bucks game today (4/25/15) for my son, his 2 friends and his dad. They traveled 3 1/2 hours to see the game only to find out StubHub had sold the ticket twice. They refunded the money and credited my account $100 for another event. But that still doesn’t account for the money and time it took to travel to Milwaukee. As far as I’m concerned, I will NEVER purchase anything else from them again. My son may, but I will not.

  10. I have been calling you, desiring tickets to the Alabama/USC game to be played in Dallas on 9-3-16. I can’t get through to anyone. You Just put me on hold and I listen to a repetitive recorded message with bad music in between. Or should I go through Vivid Seats?

  11. hi iv been told by ebay that all concert tickets go b y you now well i baught 2 tickets from theater ticket finder ltdddddddddddddd iv heard nothing from them was charged a hell of a lot for the tickets i baught everyone said i should have gone to you stubhub as there aint any messing about with your company iv never baught concert tickets befor so this is a first well it was my husband that sent for them sadly i lost him a few nights ago and im at a loss please can you help me out in this matter i would ne very greatfull look for ward to hearing from you very soon ill copy ans post my bank statement to show you how much n proof that the money was paid 12 Oct 15 THEATRE TICKET FIN CD 1260 DEB 276.95 £££££55.39
    12 Oct 15 THEATRE TICKET FIN CD 1260 DEB 276.95 all in all they taken 55 poundand i cant rmember giving them permition to do so i must have as the must have had my details all id like was a refund to maybe help with my husbands funeral as i have nothing at akk since this has happened please ill look for ward to hearing from you x

  12. hi i baught 2 tickets from theater tickets ltd for 55 pounds for both iv just lost my husband and wont be going to the concvert please can you help me as iv now found out thar theater tickets work with you now and you have got a very good reputation in this kind of thing i dont want to go om now writing as im getting upset but without my husband i just cant go to the event i hope you can help me im looking fortward to hearing from you in the near future thankyou cheryl miller 01445402454

  13. I am very dissatisfied with Stubhub. I bought a Visa gift card with cash then purchased a Stubhub gift card so as not to put a large charge on my credit card. I have a discount code, but was told a gift card is considered a discount and I cannot use the discount code. How is a gift card a considered a discount? I paid the same amount of cash as the value of the gift card.. no discount anywhere. What if a person doesn’t have a credit card and chooses to pay via gift card, you gen penalized for your method of payment and miss out on discount codes? I feel this is horrible and just a loop hole!

  14. My Granddaughter picked your site to sell a concert ticket she was not able to use and had a very successful experience as a result. The ticket sold relatively fast and she was notified when her check was mailed out.
    Unfortunately, she used a nickname instead of her birth name for the remittance and was unable to cash the check as a result.
    Unsure how to resolve the matter i called the customer service number listed and a very capable young man named Corey quickly assessed the situation and requested a reissue check immediately.
    I am very impressed with your online ticket sale services and want to compliment both your professional services as well as your very qualified customer service person.
    What a pleasant experience for me as well,and I thank you!

  15. unable to book any tickets on your site

    keep getting this!

    Well, that was unexpected.
    Our code just hiccuped. Don’t worry – we’ve fixed it, your information is safe and you are still on StubHub. Tap below to continue your transaction.

      • I dealt with the “that was unexpected” error code today. To the credit of the customer service agent I was on the phone with, he tried virtually everything to help me (tech support, wipe and reset my account, walk through all the fields, tried an alternate email address) and the only thing not changed was using another credit card. I only have one card, so am not enthused about having to get another one just to add it to my StubHub account.

  16. I purchased (2) tickets for spring training game March 5 2016 SF Giants vs
    Cleveland Indians @ Good year Park Section 106 Row A seats 1 & 2. I paid quite a bit for good quality seats and line of sight. The TV camera was right next to us and completely obstructed the view of home plate, batter, umpire, or any action.
    I was not informed of this obstructed view and certainly would have purchased
    different seats to be able to view home plate area and enjoy the game. I feel like I was taken advantage of and received what I had purchased in good faith.

  17. I can’t post my Uefa euro 2016 tickets? And cannot get ahold of the German stubhub telephone #? Can you please tell me why and help me

  18. I have made 4 phone calls and spent over 2 hours on the phone with customer service reps, who had me on hold while talking to tech support. I am trying to purchase tickets and keep getting this error code:

    Well, that was unexpected.
    Our code just hiccuped. Don’t worry we’ve fixed it, your information is safe and you are still on StubHub. Tap below to continue your transaction.

    One customer service rep told me the tickets were sold and no longer available but 2 days later I still see them. I tried creating a new account and get the same error.

    No way to treat a new customer. If the tickets aren’t available, seller should take them off so I can look elsewhere!

  19. To whom it may concern,
    I completely understand the concept of StubHub’s way of selling tickets. This is not the first time I have bought concert tickets from you. But, this is the first time that when I printed out my tickets, they show that they were purchased from Ticketmaster, with the original purchaser’s name on them. Personally, I would not want my name on anything going out to a total stranger.
    Thank you,
    Linda Pettigrew

  20. I had a very complicated issue involving a ticket I purchased but did not receive. Latasha J, stuck with me for at least 30 minutes attempting to solve my problem. Ultimately she succeeded. Latasha was great! Friendly and determined to discover what had happened to my ticket. She made my emergency her own! This woman is a real asset to your service.

  21. I have sold a lot of tickets on your sight, I had slipknot tickets for sale in Seattle area, they disappeared completely there is no sign of them sold deleted transfered or removed I have emailed several times to resolve this please contact me ASAP

  22. I sold a ticket on Stubhub and would like a check sent to me as payment

    As we agreed on when listing the ticket

    Have chatted with customer service on your site and was told a customer service manager would call me back

    That did not happen

    Called back 4 days later
    was put on hold for 15 min and waited
    I did hang up after 15 min

    Please just send me a check
    It’s my money

    Very very unhappy customer

  23. I spend money in hotel and airline tickets because i bought my concert tickets ina secure place as stub hub my surprise is that i never receive my tickets i lost the concert and i am very upset and nobody response and never i receive my refund. Its a total lie and its a huge dark company i request an explanation

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