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Contacting Straight Talk Customer Service Center

Straight Talk is prepaid cellular service offered through Walmart. The concept of the plan is to offer service for one set amount per month with no contract or monthly service charges. Customers upload money onto the phones where they receive unlimited talk and text. Several plans offer unlimited data. A benefit of Straight Talk includes no credit check and the ability to start and cancel service on your terms.

At times problems arise and customers need to contact customer service. Customers tend to contact the store where the phone was purchased, with little to no resolve. Instead of contacting the store, customers can contact the company directly by phone, mail or sending an email.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Straight Talk provides a 24-hour customer support line for new and existing customers. Questions regarding billing and account information are the priority, but the customer care representative also is knowledgeable about the product and the available plans.

Phone customers: 1-8777-430-2355

SIM card customers: 1-855-222-2355

Mailing Address

Customers that want to send detailed correspondence to Straight Talk can send mail to:

Straight Talk, Inc.
Attn: Executive Resolution Department
9700 NW 112th Ave.
Miami, Fl 33178

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Straight Talk website have access to all the information relating to the services. The website features how the plan works, a link for customer support, ways to activate or reactivate a phone, refill minutes and a shop featuring phones, SIM cards, service plans and applications. Customers do not need to have an active account in order to access the website.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to send correspondence by email need to send communication to We sent an email asking if an iPhone will work with the service and still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We reached out to Straight Talk in order to speak with a customer service representative. We encountered an automated system giving detailed instructions with a multitude of options. We had to press 1 several times in order to speak to a representative. We were placed on hold for approximately 5 minutes and eventually a live representative answered the call. He was polite and apologized for the wait. I asked several questions regarding transferring from an existing service to Straight Talk. He answered the questions with authority as if he was well versed in the product and services.

Aside from the unusual wait time, our experience went rather well. Not all experiences have similar ending. Was your experience the same as ours? Shout out below.

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  1. I just ordered a phone and had it overnighted for $14.95. I received the phone the next day but when I tried to activate the SIM card was invalid. I asked for a refund of the extra shipping and was told no with a rude explanation that didnt make sense. I still dont even know my phone number or when I will receive a SIM card that does work! This is my first time with Straight Talk and I think I have made a huge mistake. I am so frustrated right now I dont know what to do!

    • Straight talk is a joke! I got a phone with a month of service that was with the package that I bought. I get the phone and it didn’t even work, so went to their joke of CS only to be passed around to people that didn’t even have a clue as to what I was talking about. Finally got a new phone but it had a different # than the one that I had before I sent the old phone back, had my phone for 5 day’s and they cut my phone off saying I had to refill my service even though I never used my month of service! Straight Talk, get your CS together and have some folks that speak english as a first language. Sick of this already!

      • Your not kidding their a F#@&*$g joke, all these rag heads want is your money, they shouldn’t even be allowed to be in our country, they should have people in each and every store that knows what they are doing!!!! I live 30 miles to my closes Wal-Fart and all it is a parking lot for trucks, and they never even have phones in stock, REALLY,

        • I have had straight talk for years, I wouldn’t go any other way. You have to do your homework and buy a phone that will work in your area, I can only use Verizon so I have to make sure the phone I buy has Verizon service. I love my straight talk.

          • Straight Talk SUCKS!!! You must be an employee is all I know! I’ve had ENDLESS problems with them, their products, their messages cutting off my phone conversations, crappy products, incompetent customer service, the list goes on and on and on!!

  2. I ordered a android from Straight Talk. When it came and I tried to activate it,it said I had no towers here. I called and asked why they sent me a phone that did not work here. They told me they didn’t know I could send my phone in and recieve a refund in 30 DAYS! Anyone looking for a phone. STRAIGHT TALK IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!

  3. I’m looking for help on my phone I got my new sim card but it said check restricktions -34 please help me I can not use my phone

    • This same happened to me about the restriction 34. So I called cust. serv. and found out that the service provider didnt have any towers in my area.Straighttalk was very easy to work with and sent a prepaid postage box for me to send my phone back for a replacement,although I just went back to Wal-Mart and the phone person easily exchanged it.Call to make sure what is the best provider in your area and then ask the store person which phone belongs to that provider. My area uses Verizon and there is a code on the phone box. For Verizon the code is CDMA-V. And I was still able to get an Android.

      • i am having the hardest time ever getting that shipping box sent to me so i can return the phone i have had for only a month. it froze and non of the techs could help me so they said they will send a box so i can return it. today i spent an hour with them again and nothing resolved. im going back to walmart to return it now. worse CS ever.

  4. i locked my son out of his phone by too many pattern attempts and he forgot his password soo we r locked out how do i change the password or find out what it is thanks for ur help

  5. I purchased an LG Optimus Q from StraightTalk about a year ago, and have been very satisfied with it, up until now. It shows my 3g data icon working, however, when i try to launch any application or text someone, I’m unable to do so. I tried doing a factory reset, thinking that maybe if i just dump anything that may be affecting the phone settings, it would be ok then. I was wrong.

    It could not establish a reliable data connection to the server. I’ve tried this in multiple locations, so it is not just in one location.

    If I could get some help with this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

    • If its a restriction 34 u have 2 go back to the activation zip code. Example u have pronvided the zip code 31826 to activate ur phone. That would be ur activation zip com.

    • Tap menu, setting, wireless n network, mobilenetwork,make sure uve it has a check mark. Turn off ur phone ang check ur web

  6. my phone don’t text or call. just added new service card and phone hasn’t worted properly since. first, it would not text; now i can’t call. 706-889-6911

  7. your customer service is the worst n the industry as soon as i can buy a new phone with another company I am living you behind

    • Strait talk was a good service and phone when I first started using one about 3 years ago. Now there are so many issues with it that I am frustrated. Customer Service are people who know NOTHING and cannot speak English well enough for you to understand and they do NOT understand whenever you talk to them. WHY WHY WHY don’t they have any people working for them who speaks and understands English????
      Then the other night when I could not get online for a week I called and my phone was reset to factory settings….all my music in my sd card was gone!! I was not told that I would,d lose it all! As for losing minutes every month…..that happens all the time. One month I am told I would have to add minutes by the 5th of the next month and then it would be the 3rd. WTF is going on with this service and phone company? I think this service is from Nigeria or Kenya or some other foreign county and we all all being taken!

  8. I have had straight talk for over 2 years now. When I first started by start date to refill was the 15th of every month. Now you have me due on the 13th. This has been happening for over a year now. I feel you are cutting me off before the due date, therefore loseing valuable minutes for me. If you do the math right. You owe me 24 days. Almost a month worth of service. NO, I have not gone over my monthly minutes. Is this your policy?

  9. love my straight talk! have had this service for over a year, and i am very pleased. ive never had any problems, and my service seems much better than what i got when i was with att.

  10. my phone shut down two days ago and it is not out of time but if i try to text i get error 97 and try making a call it says contact customer service i contacted your customer service and spent 2 hours on the phone trying to find out what is wrong but they couldn’t tell me squatt except it has something to do with the cell towers well starting on day three and no phone and 3 days used up on my phone and i wasnt using it why can i not use my phone


    • i agree, called 5 times and they dont understand a word i am saying, very frustration. what language do they speak anyway. im not against other languages however when i need a problem resolved and it cant get resolved with the language barrier. i felt sorry for the customer support rep, it had to make her feel ignorant, when clearly she just didnt understand me.

    • Soooo right there with you! Hate calling customer service anymore. And the way they have the website now you have to call to get anything done. Soooo considering a different carrier now!

  12. I am not at all happy with your company. I will be changing to another carrier. I washolding on the phone for over 45 minutes. I was at work and the person that was on the phone was having a problem helping me. I have never been taken through so much mess in my life. I really did like straight talk until today. you need to educated your telephone operators a little bit more because she couldn’t help me. I was carried through the same thing over and over again. Ijust wanted to add time to my phone and it took an hour for them to do it. I have never. When my time is out I will be switching to another company.

  13. For day’s now my phone will work for an hr or two, then it quits and I have to call there lovely customer service wich is a joke. Then I get to stay on hold forever!!!! I don’t recomend Straight Talk and will be reporting them to the BetterBuisness Buero.

  14. i have never even been able to reach a customer service person.
    My calls keep getting cut off by a recording telling me how many minutes and text i have left. If i can’t stop this i will quit straight talk

  15. I have a straight talk phone for almost 4 months and now my phone wont charge. I have not only had this problems but others, if straight talk had better phones and service i might consider staying with them, but after this i frankly had enough of calling in to the non-functional people. The part that you plug your charger into your phone some how had broken off and now my android wont even charge. I dont know how to fix this problem.

  16. i have had my phone for a long time now all of a sudden i refill my phone and it tells my i dont have enough money please refill i hope that your not starting to scam people you arer starting to make your bussneiss look fraud so please put my service on that i paid for thank you i dont want to have to tack you down or sue you because i will

  17. i should not have to track you down after i have paid for refill i hope your not starting to scam people because i dont mind sueing you for fraud so lets not go there please put my service on i paid for you are starting to make straight talk look bad and fraud get it together

  18. please return my call ***-***-**** put my refill on my phone and stop deceving people be honest if your not carefull someone else will own your bussiness when people pay there money give them there service it a shame you have to go through this

  19. your voice automated shit sucks.. i tried 5 days to reach a real person and was without a phone, and when someone did answer it was a person i couldnt understand and they didnt do any good!!! i still don’t have a phone and i bought a 30 dollor card for nothing….

    • I bought a phone called to activate it and then had to do the *22890 thing its been two and a half hours and my phone still isn’t programmed and I can’t get ahold of anybody in customer service straight talk is a JOKE…

  20. Contacting straight talk customer service over the phone is very unorganized and you have made it clear numerous times you do not care about your customers because if you did you would actually ASSIST them. Myself, and others, have been put on hold for hours. This is a NEGATIVE review.

    • Trust me. Your better off buying a better working Android phone from .T..Mobile. and just ordering the sim card from Straight Talk. That’s what I did. Though at this point I’d recommend you to find a better service provider instead.

  21. I love the straight talk service because it is feasable with expenses, but ever since I have gotten these new straight talk droid phones they don’t function properly and stop working. I have had the most problems.

  22. The service center sux. i can never get threw. i like the price & features of my phone but when i make or receive calls, my screen shuts off. i can’t do anything but hit power button to hang up. what gives? I have mulititasking. Its a droid for christs sakes. help me out here

  23. The phones suck the service sucks and customer support is a fucking joke!!! would not advise anyone to purchase this shit!!

  24. i purchesed a $60 refill card this month and added 30 days service to my phone. after 3 days my service was canceled, my phone still reads that i have 26 days left, but i have no service. i called customer service and was told sorry about your luck buy a new card. since then i have meet other people that this has happend to. it is totally clear to me that someone at straight talk is steeling peoples money ill say it again and again

  25. Very poor customer service policies, full of rules…the people that work in customer support are off-shore and most are not properly trained. They type in the problems in to a search log and wait for the instructions to tell the customer…. if that doesn’t work.. off to tier two…Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the rep….they use American names to blend in and a company which has a home base in Miami, yet out-source it labors to a cheaper base to get a larger profit, which none of it spills over to the people that grew the company. Don’t expect any better service, or quality phones, it’s last pickin’s….two year agos’ phone models with small internal storage, poor features and nothing to drive the APPs. If it wasn’t for the fact that the top five wireless companies drive these phones, Straightalk would be in the “no money” list. Mr. F.J Pollak makes allot of money of the backs of the people he doesn’t respect enough to provide the service we all pay for. Five separate phone companies under Tracfone, and millions made, yet NOTHING put back to the customers that support the business ….”throw them crumbs to follow” While the “Unlimited” feature is alluring, the other problems one has to deal with are too much. Hours on the phone, support that doesn’t know how to “fix it”, out dated phones,etc, etc…You get what you pay for.!!!!!

  26. This site say 24 hour customer service. I call and am told 8-10 sorry this is not 24 hour service.. Have a friend who changed over 3 phones, is supposed to be on auto pay which he set up. ALL PHONES ARE SHUT DOWN!!!! I am also set up for auto pay I dont want this happening to me, took 3 days to get my number changed over dont want to loose it now. I will call during the hours they are open see what happens.. I feel bad, all the comments here are negative, scary..I also agree that they need people you can understand when trying to receive help.

  27. I bought a brand new $90 smart phone 3 weeks ago, and in that time have had 15 major problems, had to reset it 9 times, losing all of my stored data, info,apps and settings each time, and have spent over 15 hours on the phone with support! It is also hard to find the 24 hour nmber since it keeps getting deleted when I reset my phone, and the 15 hours doesn’t include wait time, I’ve been on hold for over 2 hours at a time before. All in all, STRAIGHTTALK SUCKS!!!

  28. I f i miss a Dr. appt. becuse of the phone sending calls to voice mail instead of ring through you ppl could end up with a law suit i have a severe heart problem and if you think my daughter would’nt love to sue your asses should something happen to because of this problem THINK AGAIN

  29. i am attempting to use my new phone. is there a special process to get the service started. my old phone no longer works now that my service has been switched to straight talk. i have to have phone…

  30. I am very upset and i think,this company straight talk is a ‘Rip off”…why??.The International plan for 60$ stinks and if you make a private call and you go over certain time,which is NOT UNLIMITED calling,they go ahead and disconnect and then they tell you on the phone it was not used for private matter,because they can filter phone calls over certain time and just reactivate your service…their explanation then is… to excessive use for commercial or roaming or what ever… I told them,they could check the dialed number and would find out,it is just a private number for family use only….no one cares about that and after 2 days,where my service card was running out and I put new minutes on my phone,without any notice at all,my phone was disconnected,but the service days was still to see in my display…If they have no proof or whats ever,they just go ahead and do what they want to do…this is politics against the small people…be aware off them…just another Gangsta……barbara

  31. my wife bought a straight talk smart phone a couple of years back. phone would not work, when we contacted the company over a three week period they kept us on the phone no less than one and a half hours each time to come up with the same result no service.
    we requested a refund and was told to send the confirmation number when we sent the phone back and we would recive our refund within a week.
    almost three years later no refund and i have proudly talked at least fifty people out of buying a straight talk phone at wal mart since so thanks for nothing and i will continue to be an advocate against your phones and service every chance i get.

  32. I have talked to your computor numerous times in an effort to discontinue service. I always get the same automated response,”Too busy now,call back later.” I have emailed straight talk and requested service be discontinued. No reply, I guess the Better Business Bureau is the next stop

  33. I’m so freakin tired of straightalk been on hold forever and it’s getting on my nerves I will not recommend straightalk I will be changing company’s asap

  34. On 2-06-2013 I called twice in one day to contact Straight Talk Technical Support on both numbers and had to wait on hold for 54 minutes before finally hanging up the first time and as of 8:42 pm EST on the second try I have been on hold for 49 minutes and 23 seconds…..Hopefully this can be fixed or I will swith poviders.

  35. FINALLY!!!! After an hour and ten minutes I was connected with customer technical support. Yeah!!! If I actully had a life I might have missed something. TERRIBLE!!!

    • I believe I’m going to have to switch also, but I do like there plan, they just have an issue with there technical support. Hire some more people, im sure they are making a lot of money.

  36. My phone stop working far as me making calls, receiving calls, sending out and receiving emails. I tried calling last night and this morning and the number stayed busy. When I finally got through, I was put on hold for a long period of time, like fifteen minutes until I had to hang up because my break was up on my job. I feel like that everyone who had this experience on February 6 thru 7, should get an extra two days of free service due to the technical problem on their part.

  37. Straight talk service and customer support get an F for me. I have to call them at least once a month, sometimes twice, so I believe I’ve had enough interactions to provide that grade without it being emotional or an exaggeration. Foremost among my complaints is that the service is not what they advertize it to be. They advertized 4G and you, at most, get 3G. Additionally, I have to call 1-2 times a month to get them to “fix” it so that I can even get 3G. Further, they will offer extended days to my plan as compensation but at the end of the old cycle, they still bill my account and then claim my reference number does not not say what they customer support person said it did.

    All in all, I find them very frustrating to work with and am disappointed that I went out and bought a $300 phone to use on their service that I’m now stuck with.

  38. For no reason at all, at least not any that i am aware of, my straight talk cell phone keeps telling me that my prepaid service had been disabled! I have tried calling every number they give you for customer service and i have had NO LUCK and have received no help. Getting help from you has been impossible for me so far and i am not happy.

  39. it has been most ridiculous situation I have ever had to experience .I bought phone from Walmart in Dec 2012 been trying activate it since : Dec 23 it is now Feb 9 2013 I don’t even have a phone now they r sending me one they say but I am not holding my breath.I have been told this several times.Sad part of this the phone was for friend I convinced them Straght Talk would be better for them .Boy did I open my big mouth.I will never tell another person I know to go with them but I would tell everyone find another carrier Boost or something..

  40. The stright talk “Tech” person is the worst representative of WalMart I have ever encountered.
    I tried to chenge my wifes number back to an old stright talk phone identical to the one she was using. It had gotten wet and I purchased a new one which she just dropped in the sink. The old one was functioning perfectly but UNREGISTERED SIM. I waited 30 min to get a human. Bad enough. Then the tech told me I could not transfer back to this phone. The exact phone that had this number a few months ago. The tech then said they had to send me a new sim card for it. I explained that this phone (Motorola flip up simple) had a permanently mounted sim card. She insisted they had to send me a new card. I asked how it was possible since these cards are locked in. I though perhaps we did not communicate well or someone had to tell me how to remove one. If so the sim on the wet phone could be transfered. This tech got rude so I asked for a supervisor. Instead of transfering me she said I would have to wait another half hour and they would tell me the same thing. I told her to transfer me anyway. It is required esp I wanted a supervisor in the states although this tech was english fluent. She made a nasty comment under her breath. She said she would transfer me rudely and then hung up on me. Totally rude, not well trained, treated me very poorly and it turns out it is TRACPHONE Really disgusting.

  41. I followed the steps to change my number and now I can’t make calls or send texts???? Someone help I have a Fiancee that travels and if I don’t answer he is going to freak.. Please help

  42. I refilled phone at 6:30 in morning. phone reads I have 30 days of activation. YEA RITE. cant make a call. I have called them 9 times so far, been on hold for 35 minutes with no answer, been hung up on when I ask to speak to supervisor, nobody can understand me and I cant understand them… WTF?????? How can I get a refund??

  43. I have had straight talk pretty much since it came out and I purchased a 1 year unlimited card and called tonight to activate it and it said it was activated sucessfully but that my service would expire in 3 months what the hell I aint even about to pay 495 and only get 3 months someone better fix this real quick

  44. I think what all these people are saying are the TRUTH! I just bought a new phone and having all kinds of problems with it. The light is set to stay on for 10 minutes. I turn on my phone and try to make a call and the light goes out. It constantly does this and I am so frustrated!! Where are the AMERICANS that speak English to help us with this???

  45. I have had my Stphone for only a few weeks and I am not pleased with it- the computer generate number is not callable from my landline/ my work phone. When I called to obtain a different number (local calling area), the computer only changes the last four digits- still not within my calling area.
    Foreign customer service is horrible -they do not understand what you are trying to telling them- it appears they “only” know basic troubleshooting issues. then I spoke to a manger he was no help – I stayed on the phone over 2 hours between him and 2 female csr to no avail- the number which has been changed at least 6 -7 different times but still not a local dialing number. I even re-entered our two zip codes and the computer stills continue to generate /change the last four digits of the number, which are still non-local dialing number.

    I am sick of trying to talk with/ to foreigners who just do not seem to understand. According to the supervisors it is a local number-because of the area code – he suggests that I dial all ten numbers- like calling long distance-, which anybody with common senses in the United States – knows that the number is not a local number. The number is only dialable /useable if the/a caller has long distance. They are useless in resolving problems. I attempted to give them an example of the problem- if I am out of town and my daughter needs to call me – she can “NOT” call me using our home landline- because it is not a local dialing number. I do not care how “cheap” it is – $45.00 dollars is like 45million to me and if the number is inaccessible to callers without long distance, it is useless to me.
    As of today, still have an un-callable number to those without long distance. There is no 24 hr support- told to call back during regular business hours.
    Class action lawsuit might get straight talk/ Wal-Mart/ trace phone attention to the issues. My plan ends March 9 and I do not plan to renew it.

  46. So my phone is saying no.service. I tryed calling just to be hung up on when i asked for a supervisor i habe emailed with no responce. Ive had it. Screw straight talk

  47. i got a refill card tryed to call the no. they wont even give you the option to refill it now,called evey no. on there web site,,,no options no people ,tried reloading it from there web site that was a joke just stalled and nothing happens ,can youysay class action law suit???

  48. Ive had straight talk for about 8 months. Ive always used a AT&T phone! Had two AT&T prepaid android fusions. Ive had basicly no problems with the phones other than it being a low grade phone. Ive never had the straight talk phones(Glad)! I have had a problem with a bad sraight talk sim card. I called customer service after being on hold for 30 mumites and then customer service for hours at a time trying to understand each other from the Pillippines(Which would have took a english speaking american only 10 minutes to do). They sent me a new sim card overnight and it made it to me overnight! I have recommended ST to friends in the past but now I have a new problem!! I did a phone upgrade and realize i need to change to the micro sim card! Shot a email and tried to call 2/25/13..I was on hold from 2:00- 2:45Pm Eastern Std Time…then I hung up the phone to go to work! Tried to call back on 2/26/13 12:30Am EST! There customer service hours are 8AM to 12PM EST!! Receiving high call volumes..I wonder why?!! Even night shift customers needs to bottleneck everyone into your 16 hr Customer Service! This one is for the CEO! I would call you out by name but even google dont know who you are! What are you doing behind that big desk! Your not running a business! Your running a customer service playground!! The only thing your customers have is this phone number Your 5 days later email!! You think your making great big decisions trimmen the fat(customer service), your really trimmen your customers! What kind of bonus did you get last year? Let me guess somewhere between 1.5 and 5 million!! Im going to call in a few hours and see what happens with this micro sim card!

  49. I recently sent a phone via FedEx back to you in provided package due to phone error. Have not heard anything back from ya’ll or received the new phone I was told that I would receive. What’s up with that?????

  50. i need help on getting my phones signal coverage back please contact me and let me know how i can do that

  51. I have had straighttalk for about two.years and ever since i got the smartphone they keep shuttunofff my internet its ridiculoys i pay 45 a month!to have unlimited and i got the samsung galaxy s2 n january n they have shut off my data.3times already.ummm wtf im switchin back ti tmobile where they actually have 4g service….good riddance

    • I agree with Allan. Lousy 411 service!!! Doesn’t even recognize the closest town to me where I do most of my business and need phone numbers the most.

  52. Enough is Enough you fucking suck you scams bastards, I’ve had it I’m throwing my phone in trash and hope you scam bastards are put out of business and I will be contacting BBB to report u scam bastards and hope that everyone who’s on this site does the same enough is enough!!!

  53. straight talk customer service is the worst service i have got any where. speaking with incompetent reps, in a foreign country, who barely speak english, with poor, crackly cell coverage. when they cant answer a question you get put on hold forever only to end with having the call disconnected.
    Straight Talk, you greedy idiots, get a clue, spend some money on decent service reps!!

  54. why in the world do u advertise a 24hour customer service number…when u call it u get a message that says please call back between normal buisness hours. wht the fuck does 24 hours mean? i will be callin back during “normal buisness hours” tmmrw…only to demandn my money back on the card i purchased and activated at least 7 hours ago….yet still can not use my phone. u may think straight talk is the way to go because its cheap….but whn u have an issue it cant get taken care of and is not worth the hassle!!!! dont start straight talk,or switch now!

  55. My phone currently has 28 days service on my screen and I believe I have already paid this once already this month then I get a message on my phone being deactivated and I can’t reach customer service to speak to a person to tell them this problem, I think it’s time to change my servi9ce to another company!!!!

  56. Ordered two phones online and paid for two $45 a month unlimited services. Tried activating the phone the day it arrived and spent hours on the phone with customer service after finally getting through automated hell. I get someone who I can barely understand. The next day I drive 15 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart. She can get the phones to make and receive calls. I take it home and the closer I get to my home town the bars are dropping off like flies. ZERO signal at my house. I make a second 15 mile trip to Wal-Mart to return the phones only to be told they did not accept returns. I finally give up and go to MY cellular company US Cellular (a customer for 10 years) and get two new phones for what it cost me for the two refurbished ones I got. NEVER again will I switch trying to save a few bucks sometimes just doesn’t pay off. Now I have to eat the $90 in phone cards and will be lucky if I get a refund on the phones in 6 months.

  57. I purchased the samsung galaxy proclaim. I have also purchased apps from straight talks google play store which they canceled after i paid for them. Rip off. I called e ery day for 3 months because every day my mobile web was shut off for no reason. Still having the same problem but not as often. Also when my wifi stopped working a very rude costimer service rep informed me i didn’t need wifi and made no attempt to resolve the ptoblem. I paid for it therefore i better have it whether they think i need it or not. Customer service at straight talk is a joke. A trained chimpanze would be more intelligent than any of the people i have spoken to at this so called phone company. I have already contacted the better business beuro as well as the attorney generals office. Next stop is a lawyer for a breach of contract law suit.

  58. i tried to get custom sv the took 4 days off of me when i put my new card on call me at 740 258 8827 help me earl

  59. I bought a Straight Talk Home phone. I have been trying for a over a month to port my landline number to this phone and it still isn’t happening. I have wasted countless hours trying to resolve this but no one can understand my problem and keep sending me on to “the most qualified person”So I guess no one is qualified!!! DON”T buy this phone!!!! They keep giving me a date and time that it will happen and then it doesn’t. It is just their way of getting rid of me because they don’t know how to fix it!!

  60. does anyone know if there is a service number where a english speaking rep can be reached. it is not possible to fix a problem if you cannot communicate with the service rep and they do not understand the problem. i cannot access 95% of websites without updating my browser and as of last month they are billing my service to an expired credit card for one of my phones and cannot get it updated
    because so far the only people in the service center speak
    limited english and i do not know their home language

  61. hi this is about my phone i spoke to someone at strsight talk about my phone ive been haveing problems with my phone ive been waiting for a new phone to be mailed i was told 3 bussnuise days i havent recieved my new phone yet ive been without a phone for almost a week my number is 978 302 3961 ive been with stright talk for almost a year and i want to keep it like that all i want to know when i will recieve my new phone in the mail thank u

  62. I got my new sims card today,but i don,t have a phone to call to get it turned on.My#is 304-893-2145 new sims # 89014104255937556629 i will leave my phone on.

  63. I have been reading these post that I found when checking to see how to change my son’s iPhone 4S. From a different provider to Straight Talk Local Walmart where we live say they don’t sell the SIM card it would need. Then I read it doesn’t need one. But after reading the problems. And customer service, I think we might be better off staying with his current provider even if it costs more.

  64. i bought a phone card and put it on my phone like i do every month. as far as i know it was advertized that i pay less and get the service for 30 days. 11 DAYS LATER MY PHONE IS DEACTIVATED?! this has never happened before i have been very happy with the service provided until this point so i would like this problem fixed or this company will lose another customer which judging by the comments on this page happens too often. so this needs to be fixed asap or i’m switching services in 24 hours

  65. Straight talk stinks, I would never buy another phone again, They never took the time to fix my phone said it was defective and send old phone to the company and well replace it once we will receive a new one, and its been 14 days , with talking to them people who don’t speak english. One person said phone is in the mail the other person said the new phone is on hold. I can’t take this anymore.. Now they lost expensive phone and still don’t have one yet.

  66. STRAIGHT TALK IS BULLSHIT!!!! It is one of the WORST services you could possibly use. The customer service SUCKS! I tried to get my number changed because someone was harassing me and it DISCONNECTED my service completely. Not only do I NOT have the money for that since I got a 3 month service card last month, but I don’t have the TIME to mess with the automated system. I REGRET getting a straight talk phone. All it has given me is a hard time. The phones aren’t worth shit and then when you call customer service to try and FIX the problem you’re having, you find out that the customer service isn’t worth shit either. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON STRAIGHT TALK!!!!!!!!!

  67. I bought a phone from straight talk just a few hours ago and it took money out of my bank but it didn’t send me an email with my order and it says i didn’t even buy anything from straight talk website but now i’m out of 36$ will i for sure get my phone or did i just lose 36$?

    • Test you will receive your phone, but with all the problems they Service having, you might want to send it back…

  68. Your company needs to understand what K.I.S.S. means.You have people in a foreign country who barely speak English
    that I can’t understand. When I go to my computer I should be able to give my phone # only, to give my credit card # to debit my minuets.

  69. i love the service but having issues paying for service and cant understand the techs so if idont get this res
    olved i intend to disconnect

  70. Customer service sucks takes ten thousand hours to get them on the phone after a ” brief” operator pisses you off! 5 then 6 then 2 then 1 then 1 again you reach people who tell you they need a serial number of my phone I tell the lady I’m on the phone can’t see the number she tells me she can’t help me without it for security reasons! That was kool until I went thru the trouble of taking my phone apart and writing the number down I call back at 1045 my time go back thru the brief menu n get a message saying we are closed 8 to 12 midnight their time! Needless to say I have to pay the phone bill

  71. N I’m not so sure that Walmart is where I’m going to pay it straight talk is rediculous yea cheap but as always you get what you pay for in life;(

  72. Very frustrating experience. Every time I call they have trouble understand my questions because they don’t speak English well. I usually have to ask for a supervisor to get them to understand my issue.

  73. My phone is a touch screen LG and I had it in my pocket and it typed in my password to much now it’s locked and says to much pattern attempts and I forgot my google account information can you please help me unlock my phone. How do I unlock it ?????

  74. very annoyed because last week I bought a new 45 dollar card to add to my phone. then it said i had 32 days left. and then two days later it said it was deactivated. well i called and it took forever but I got it fixed. well i used my phone all morning trying to plan my wedding and doctor appt and now i tried to call my fiance and its deactivated again. d

  75. I bought a card from Wal Mart and came home to add the time and they tell me the card has already been used. How did that happen. I have been with them for 3 years and have never had this problem. They would not help me out except to tell me that I would get an extension for 5 days. Then on the 4th day my phone was deactivated. WTH. Of course, even with a receipt Wal Mart will not refund my money because I scratched of the strip on the back of the card. Now I have to spend another $50. This is crap. I am definetly contacted the Better Business Bureau.

  76. I think its very inconvenient that your customer service isn’t a 24 hr site. I locked my phone up right as you guys closed so I’ve been all night without a phone.

  77. I have had Straight Talk for 31/2 years with no complaints. Recently for the last 3 weeks I have had a problem with making calls. Where I used to be able to make calls now (and it happened all of a sudden) I have no service. It has cost me business. Has anyone else experienced this. Please help. I know it’s no use in contacting Cust. Service. I was hoping for suggestions.

  78. Looks like I will b findin another carrier for my phone service . U say unlimited data & i get cut off of my internet. Then when I tey to talk to someone I keep getting send to autovoice . That is wrong… I will b contaxting BETTER BUSINESS ON THIS MATTER

  79. As a new potential customer,I have been trying to speak to ANYONE at Straight Talk for the last 22 minutes. I have used several telephone # and have gone through several prompts, all to no avail. If this is any indication of how you do business, I am not sure I should be considering a change. I can be reached at 570-954-6224

  80. I’m very unsatisfied with the website. I used to be ok with straight talk despite having connection problems from my house. But lately I’m seriously considering switching to another carrier even if it means paying more. Your customer service and website stink anymore. No matter what I click on with the website it always takes me back to the plans page. Had to call to get my daughters service renewed and then I had to deal with someone who couldn’t understand English and ended up hanging up on me. If you don’t change something soon your going to loose 3 customers just from my house.

  81. somebody keeps adding money to my prepaid phone, and i know nothing is free, it,s causing problems in my home and i need this to stop, i need a new phone number

  82. I have been with straight talk for over 4 years now and have never had any problems. Until now. I have had to master rest my phone not once but twice in less than 8 hours! And then when I call customer service the lady on the phone says its not our problem ma’am its yours. I don’t know how to fix that. Bullshit! Straight talk is the worst phone service EVER! Her solution was I can send you a replacement phone that may take up to 3 weeks to get to you. I run my business with my phone and I wont have a phone for 3 weeks? Are you kidding me? That’s bullshit and when I told her I just wanted her to reset my phone once again she gets an attitude with me? Wow worst customer service ever and the phones suck too!!! Straight talk can kiss my ass Im done with all the bullshit. I will go back to boost and pay the extra 5 dollars a month.

  83. I have been trying to contact customer service to cancel my grandson phone service. I can’t get to talk to a human person. The phone is lost and my grandson have left me stuck paying for a phone out of my social security card. I truly need to cancel this service so I want be paying for a phone that is lost and that I can’t afford to pay for. Please help me remove this service from my card.

    Thank you

  84. I have been trying to have to credit my account. I been charge twice for the month of July. I email them three time no reply also I call and call. The first time cant found my information and were ask all can of question about my card and back information so I hung up. Call on July 26 and now the computer is down really.

  85. I have had one of the absolute worst expierenced with this company. I tried the bring your own phone which my phone did not meet their qualifyifucation so I had to buy another phone and have it unlocked when initially they said my old phone would work. Second instead of having me on ATnt towers they’re have me bouncing off of sprint towers. I’ve called serveral time have been on hold for at least and hour or more with still no correction of the situation no service and a waste of time . I wish I never would have changed to this company they are so full of it

  86. I have a horrible experience with Straight Talk recently. I can’t seem to find a customer service number that lets me talk to a real live human being and when I tried to put a $30 card onto my phone instead of the $45 which I can no longer afford, it tells me that the Pin is invalid for my plan…PLAN! It’s a pay as you go. There’s no plan involved. If I only want 1,000 minutes instead of Unlimited because I don’t need nor do I use over 1,000 minutes then I shouldn’t be met with all this grief. I have been with out a phone for two days, My job only has one number to get ahold of me by and that number is currently out of commission because of this whole mess. Is it to much now a days to ask fore to just talk to a live human being who I can actually understand and can help me. That would be the least of my worry’s if first I could actually find a number where I could talk to someone instead of always being re-routed to an automated voice recording

  87. I am trying to email customer service to your company in hopes that I will receive better service. I am very unhappy with your customer service via phone calls. I have used your service for 6 months and recently purchased a phone from WalMart one of your biggest suppliers of phones. I as well purchased the insurance plan for my phone. I dropped my phone and it broke in pieces. I have been dealing with your company for 3 months now waiting for the package to arrive to return my phone as your representative instructed me to. It has been 3 months! I phoned today and was told, Oh no you don’t have that insurance plan you only have the plan to cover technical problems, are you people kidding me. I asked your rep where is that disclosed. His reply was ” you have to ask for it we don’t disclose that. I would like a reply regarding this situation and some help with it. I have tried several times to find your email address for customer support and cannot get an email to you via your posted email address. Gini Jenkins Roseburg Oregon

  88. This morning when I turned on my straight talk phone, that I have had for 2 YEARS–unregistered SIM came up on the bottom. I called and after talking to someone from India for 20 minutes, I was told that my phone was new and needed to be registered. I was at work at the time, so I hung up. I got home at 1 p.m. and called talked to someone for 27 minutes, and the phone disconnected. Called back and proceeded to talk to 3 different people for an hour and 7 min before getting disconnected. I called back about 2 hours later hoping that different people would be able to assist, but the 1st call was 36 minutes before disconnecting and the 2nd call I actually screamed and said some curse words before I HUNG UP ON THEM. But what I was so pissed about was that EVERY TIME I talked to a different person I had to repeat everything I said to the last representative. I want this company to go down in flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Do these people have more than two or three English speaking employees? Is the customer service call center even in America? Is there anyone in customer service? When a real person finally answered, my issue had to be handled by a supervisor. He spoke English, he needed a code that was supposedly inside the phone. He said to call him back at a specific number. When I called back with the code a representative said there was no such person. She did not speak good English. After more than an hour and several transfers to other people, issue was taken care of by a young lady who worked from home as a third party representative for straight talk, in Arkansas.

  90. What a joke. Bought a straight talk phone from, trying to activate the phone and they say the Serial number is not valid. Have been on the phone for over 45 minutes now and issue is still not fixed.

  91. Bring your own phone is a scam. Told me I could use my IPhone 5 but that was a joke. Now I have been out the money for a sim card that was for a IPhone 4 and a $45 unlimited card that they will not refund my money on. Lying fraudulent POS company. Stay away from them.

  92. Straight talk is the worse, I have been just about a week and straight talk still cant seem to get my phone right after I spent my money. Once my 30 days are up I will be finding a new provided.

    • People warned me on the web that your customer service really left a lot to be desired. Exactly,30 days ago, I tried to activate service with my new sim card, my old number and new phone on their web site. Well, that happen but it did not port my number. Since, this was a holiday weekend, I called the following Tuesday. A new sim card was sent out and today, I tried to activate the service with the new sim card and port my number. After 45 minutes on the telephone, I got a call back that stated that I needed to call back. I did just that and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was cut off. Given my tenacity, I called back and was told my ticket number was no where in the system. I checked my follow-up email from the person I talked to earlier in the day that gave instructions for setting up the data plan and thanking me for my request. This verified that I had not been talking to the invisible person. Meanwhile, my account said the port was in process with a sim card number that is not mind. Imagine that. At that point and after a battery of questions from the customer service person who was becoming a little irritated (I know it time to get off) but my time and money has been throw down the drain and he is irritated. Well so am I! Three strikes you are out Straight Talk. People warned me and I will take the warning.
      YOU DO NOT WANT MY BUSINESS and your service is terrible.

  93. Hello, I am a very displeased and unsatisfied customer. The service is great don’t get me wrong, but it would be nice if Straight Talk would have an ACTUAL 24/7 customer service phone number. I had just put a service card on my phone and it went through. The next thing I know I am unable to send a text message or make a phone call. It seems that my cell phone has become deactivated. I tried to call the number listed above, but all I got was automated voice. Then once I think I might get through to a live representative, I get the answering machine service stating Straight Talk’s service hours. I tried to use the Automated help, they can’t help me with the problem I am having since my service card has already been approved and is useless now. So what I am trying to get at here, is that Straight Talk needs to have a 24/7 customer service helpline for these type of emergencies. I have my two sons staying with their daddy right now. What if something were to happen to them, how would their daddy get a hold of me? Anyways, enough of my ranting. Please think about the 24/7 customer service helpline. Thank you very much for lending me your time. ~Brittney~

  94. Sure would be nice to call customer service and talk to someone that speaks and understands english, this is the worst phone service I have ever had! I plan on changing my service ASAP! I will never have another straight talk phone!

  95. Please give me more details as to how exactly this works and if there are any costs involved. Please don’t have anyone call me, just send me an email reply. Thank you. Sarah.

    • Sorry to say it doesn’t work. No costs to set up, just an hours and half minimum of trying to set it up with someone who speaks minimal if any english. Once it is set up don’t ever ever expect any sort of service.

  96. I dont think they care about there customers! just baught a new phone and transphered my number…there automated system is messed up and you cant reach any HUMANS!!! I emailed them and it said i would have to wait 6hrs! I HAVE NO PHONE NOW AND I RUN A BUSSINESS SO IM QUITE PISSED!!!!

  97. If I could have given less than one star I would have. This is the worst service I have had from any phone company. Tried to change credit card numbers for auto refill on phone. Incredibly difficult to make person understand what I wanted to do. (they did try, but i still couldn’t make them understand) It was like they kept reading from a script and did not listened to what I said. Finally it seemed to be OK and my number was updated. The person told me everything was OK and not to worry. Today my phone is shut off. I called and again got someone reading from a script. Finally asked to talk with a supervisor. Again script reading. My God how much does it take to understand a simple request. Obviously a lot. The company should send their customers a sheet with the script on it to speed things up. The 15 minute conversation went nowhere. So I used the text chat. I kept asking if there was any notes on if I called the previous day and updated my credit card. I was a little worried that the number might have been stolen. Couldn’t get a straight answer. Just kept writing “you have to reactivate by calling the reactivation number”. Hello????? Was there a note showing I updated yesterday. Couldn’t give me an answer because of some data privacy crap. Excuse me I did not want to know the number, just if there was any indication I called yesterday. Finally after several tries got an answer that “YES”, there had been a change. The rest of the conversation went round and round. No help and he left the conversation with a “Have a nice day!”. I suppose he will since all he has to do is “NOTHING” to help anyone. God help the young generation if this is what they have to look forward to.

    • I also have tried to change credit card numbers and for 2 months they tell me everything is ok. We today my phone is off. I have tried unsuccessfully to get those people to understand what I want but if it’s not on their script they cannot understand. This is the worst customer service of ANY company I have ever had. For Gods sake hire Americans that can speak our language. Tomorrow I am going to Verizon.

  98. Well in that case let me explain. Fix our phone .our brand new phone is so slow it can’t watch tube or look at sites.I’m not up there working but if I was probly have our phone fixed soon even without calling.that’s what’s sup.connect me back to that fast server.again we also need a signal boost.out here in these woods lot of lost signals later than.sorry I can’t write to good.

  99. straight talk customer service sucks!!!!! always have the worst customer service ever no matter when you call thinking you can get someone who can understand you but no never fails, I would recommend do not ever try to talk to them because you will get frustrated.. cant understand half of them.. very freaking disappointed….

  100. My phone wont dial out i keep getting a recording from version saying the number is either wrong or not in service i cant even call straight talk

  101. My new straight talk phone has already been activated but the carrier is a different one from my old straight talk phone and does not work in my area

    • telmex owns 55% of tracfone.they service straight talk. they could care less about customer service. just pay up and hope every thing turns out well. they deactivated my good phone when i returned their lousy phone. they agreed to credit my wife’s phone 45 minutes after being on the phone with them on another of their incompetent services. I called them the next day & asked about this. they said it was a mistake on their part and they couldn’t do it. unprofessional thieves.

  102. i was very upset with the fact i sent my phone back the day befor thanksgiving it was a replacement phone i had never activeted but used wifi it stoped working so i sent it back. i called bc i hadent recived my phone back in a couple weeks. they told me there was record of it by fex ex then said they couldnt find it and wouldent send me a new replacement phone after i had given them the fed ex tracking number an they said they had receved it. yet i never activeted it so they couldnt send me one. so there for im out 100$ s took me ten or more people and 2 hours of useing someone else mins on there phone! i finnaly got someone who could look at my account an help me find tht phone after a month i should have my new phone in 5 to 7 daysTHANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  103. I had to change phones,back oct,28th 2013,which my auto refill date was the 26th,so i went to walmart and got another sim card,i told them i wanted to keep my same # i have had for many years,so they activated it and changed my # anyway .i finely got my old # back after throwing a fit and 3 hours on the phone with them ,they said that sence they had already charged my debit card and i had purchased the new sim card i wouldn’t have another auto refill until dec. well i got charged in i called and they said ok they will fix it and i wouldn’t have one due until january 28, my debit card was charged again dec.28 .and now can’t send pictures or recive any either

  104. i cannot understand a single thing customer service people say where are they from ? can’t get an honest answer, sometimes i’M told that ST is not the carrier to ST phones,bullshit, you people are really crazy, you will never be able to compete with the big boys, they know how to keep their customers,it’s to late for ST,your phones look cheap, can’t do nothing with them, after you buy one you can’t even use the carrier you desire, well that can easily be taken care of.

    • My daughter got a but when.she.switched over to it from.another staight talk phone and the new one.wont letbher use her original email…why? she did have her number changed when she went to new phone. she would like to keep her gmail account but it wants her to go to yahoo??

  105. The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! We have yet to talk with someone who speaks American fluently. My husband ordered a SIM card and paid the extra $14.95 for overnight shipping…that was 3 days ago and still haven’t received it! We have called customer service a few times and the reps are always rude and refuse a refund for anything!! We will be going back to our previous service, and reporting this business to the BBB!! If more people make complaints about this, maybe the BBB will give them a horrible grade to match their attitudes & service!!!

  106. This has happen twice to me.
    Goto change the phone number on your straight talk phone.
    1)They deactivate you old number and your phone.

    2)Then tell you it takes 24hours, when the 24s hours is up. Your phone will still not work.

    3)You call them back, go through all the BS again trying to talk to a real person (from india).

    4)They will tell you 24hours again !!

    5)Then say the phone is defective, Have you mail them the old phone, so they can send you a new one.
    6)2 weeks later you’ll have a refurbished phone.

    7) you have to go buy time again

  107. most of the reps barely speak english and are very hard to understand. also, it takes a really long time to get them to possibly understand what you need and then they may do things right or not. usually not. The hold times with them are way too long. It is very frustrating trying to talk to them.

    • I concur that most of the reps barely speak English, or English with a very heavy accent that is almost impossible to understand. Today I was attempting to add more time to my account online from a card I had purchased at Walmart – I brought my own phone, so don’t have the prepaid menu – but the website was down and when I called to inquire about it, the person to whom I talked to said she didn’t have that information. Unbelievable. We went back and forth until I finally asked to speak to a supervisor. At that point she claimed that she was a supervisor, which I sincerely doubt. I then asked if they didn’t have an IT department she could transfer me to that might be able to answer the question. And at that point she said she was the IT department. So, let’s review: the woman is a customer representative who also happens to be a supervisor and is in the IT department, all at the same time. The trifecta. What are the odds? Eventually the website did come back online. Straight Talk’s customer service is right up there with Comcast.

  108. I ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III, they sent one that was only for Straight Talk. which I didnt need. I spoke with them and they said to send it to the returns department. Which I did via USPS and they documented its return down there. I included the invoice that I had with our name – order number EVERYTHING. He told me ” alot of returns had come in and they could not find mine…but if only I had attached the phones seriel number to the package” they could have found the item… but that I am out of luck – they cannot find the phone or credit me. $400. We are filing with Visa to contest the payment and have charges reveresed… Smar Talk WAS TERRIBLE!!!! Customer Service is the worst!

  109. I purchased a mobile hot spot. I have not yet been able to get the answer to the amount of GB left on my account. The technician said his system was updating. This went on for at least 5 minutes. I asked to be transferred to a service center in the US as he was unable to help me. He said his supervisor said HE had to help me which he could not do. I went to the website to check. It is unavailable. I gave up and added a card to my account not knowing if I should add it immediately (as I had no idea what the balance is) or add on end date. I added to end date hoping I will have service! VERY UNHAPPY with the poor service!!!!!!!

  110. i am trying to call to ask about home phone order it cant get know one all kind of certain button to push but never get thru a reprensentive upset

  111. Straight Talk is a lg business trying to be a phone company but from my experience they are not qualified to be in the phone business. Anytime I switch phones it’s an ordeal of lost time on the phone trying to get my new phone authorized to use. In Dec. I found a phone on their website that was app capable, so after being told my a Straight talk Rep that it was capable of operating a GPS app I bought it. Once I got the phone, I found out it was not GPS capable but the Rep’s just brushed that off. I was still using my other phone when trying to authorize this new phone & 2 days after it was supposedly authorized the minutes transfered from my old phone to my new phone but it took about 3 days more before my new phone was usable because they did something wrong on their end. Then one week later my taling minutes shut down & Straight talk claimed I had used all 1000 minutes of talk time so all I had left was messaging minutes. In the month of Dec. they debited entried my bank acct twice, so I called straight talk about the double entry & stolen talk minutes several times & only one straight talk rep could see the double entry so I reported back to my bank & they varified Straight talk did debit my bank account twice on the 3rd & again on the 7th. My bank told me to get their fax number & the bank would fax Straight Talk to attempt to get my money. I was looking for the fax number when I ran across this comment section. In the month of February I’m using the original minutes that came with my new phone that was supposed to be put on my new phone by Straight talk in Dec but instead they used my debit card). When these minutes are gone so am I from Straight Talk as well…. By the way, I’ve been a Straight Talk customer for about 5 years & have had more than enough of this ‘company’.

  112. I have had straight talk for over a month now. my phone stopped working yesterday and so i was on the phone with them for 7 hours straight telling my that i needed to fax them proof of my purchase and that i stole my phone.. that really pissed me off

  113. On January 26, 2014 I made a payment for phone. That is the only time I have authorized payment for these numbers from my checking account. Today I looked at my checking account and there is a pending withdrawal of 50.22 from my account. I can’t get any satisfaction from anyone the phone and actually it hard to get anyone to answer the phone. I want my money back and I want you to delete my credit card number from your system.

  114. i cant even get a valid email!!!! havent gotten texts in 3 DAYS!!!!!! how am i supposed to call them if i dont have landline???!!!!! Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!!


  116. I’ve been trying to get a resolution to my absent data issues and the ability to pick up WI-FI with my iphone that I brought to the byop program for about 2 weeks, with no end in sight, just countless reboots, hard resets, and powering off and on as delegated by the numerous customer service reps that I have spoken to. Now,after all of this, I get another rep who gives me another ticket number and tells me that my sim card, that I got from them is defective and that I should receive a new one in about 3-5 days, but what he doesn’t tell me is that he cut my phone number(which I brought with me and have had for 6+ years) off and gave me another one, which a friend notified me of when she tried repeatedly to reach me and got a recording that stated “the number you have dialed is not a working number”. Needless to say I called Straight Talk back and TRIED to resolve this problem and asked them where were my incoming texts going to, not to mention that the least that they could do was to redirect or somehow store my calls and texts going to my original number until I got my new and improved sim card. His response “you should not be upset at this, it is only 3-5 days that you don’t have your phone number,this should not be such a problem”. I can’t fathom how someone can tell me how I use MY cell phone, or how people who think that I am receiving messages will respond to me not acknowledging their text, let alone changing my number without notification. So people be warned, this is what could be waiting for you when you contact your friendly STRAIGHT TALK Customer Service Representative, just so we are clear I AM NOT SATISFIED!!!!!!!!!

  117. I’ve been without my phone for 4 days now. And trying to get ahold of your customer s revise is a jOkE!!How do you accomplish this feat of getting ahold of customer service???

  118. straight talk is a joke I have had trouble ever since I left boost mobile wish I had stayed with Boost half the time my phone don`t work I keep being told take the battery out & put it back in I even took it back to walmarts when it wasn`t working the guy takes the battery out & put it back in my phone wasn`t even a month old what a joke I recently moved from Florida & moved to another state tried to get an Alabama # what a joke that is I was given 4 new Florida # I was told I couldn`t change from a Florida # to an Alabama # don`t want to know what I think of straight right now when I get the money I will be changing companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. I bought a straight talk phone and tried to update it on March 7, 2014 and transferring my trac fone telephone number. Well, they charged me on March 7, 2014 and then twice on March 10,2014. Straight talk is nothing but a rip off and aggravation. I would never recommend them to anyone. And it is really stupid they have so many things they go by like Straight Talk, Tracfone and Net 10 when it is all the same company. I am very dissatisfied with my experience with them. I still have not been refunded for the over charge!! :(

  120. the customer service is a joke. every time i have to call them by blood starts to boil before even speaking to anyone. i have not once ever spoke to someone who understands what iam explaining to them. they all barely know English none of them are American all from the phillipines i believe. UGH! what else can i say but it makes me sick even thinking about having to call them for anything. it is TERRIBLE!!!!!

  121. URGENT, hello, my phone stopped working today. I had 3 days of service left but my call dropped and then said “there is not enough money on your account to place this call”. I used my prepaid card and the money was received so that I now have 33 days of service left. Still, I can not use the phone, the message says “there is not enough money on your account to place this call”.

    Please Help ASAP. I need my phone for my business!

  122. I order a phone plan online with debit card and was charged 16.53 two times heldout of checking allready but do not have info to acttovate my phone or any kind of info

  123. Does anybody on this PLANET have a real STRAIGHT TALK customer service number to call!! I want a god damn number to talk to a real fucking person or I am going to sue the shut out of Trac Phone who own straight talk!! This is bullshit!! I want the device plan I pay for or else!! I am calling the BBB and you can bet your sweet ass I will contact every news agency available and will not shut the fuck up until I am treated like a human being you robbing ass mother fuckers!!

    Paul Phillips


  126. Got my card to work gave me a number,got to make one call then if fudged up my i phone,now it don’t boot up or nothing,just the apple symbol wtf,and they won’t take it back,I hat pe walmart I just burned up 60 dollars for what!!!!!!

  127. I have had my Straight Talk for about five years…no problem until now. And now I am ready to call it quits. My phone has no minutes on it, which is absurd as you took my automatic payment on April 14 for 1,000 minutes. WHY CAN’T I REACH A LIVE PERSON??? This is maddening!!! All I hear on your stupid recording is that you “need to check my Straight Talk programming.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Then I wait the recommended 15 minutes and call again, only to hear that you “need to program some codes into my ST phone” then “you should be receiving your ST minutes shortly.” Where is Customer Service when you need them? Our lives don’t end at 5pm and neither do our cell phones. Please be available to us or you’ll lose us!!!

  128. Your automative help is a joke. I just want to scream…. I hate dealing with this…CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS

  129. Straight talk has the worst customer support that I have ever experienced. These people are not very knowledgeable and have to look everything up while you wait and wait and wait (40 minutes last time) and the problem was not resolved. After spending all this time and getting nowhere, they escalated me up to the next person who started with the same questions all over again…I hung up in frustration. I will be getting rid of straight talk.

  130. I have been trying all day to talk to a person & not a machine , I want to close my account , I have a different phone & different phone service, I hate talking to a machine , that is just a way of not paying a person, your customer service sucks

  131. I’ve had service with them and had no problems until my phone got stolen and I bought another one. I’ve had the phone for 5 months and nothing but trouble. Phone calls to tech support each time on the phone while they try all the bs steps for 3 hrs or more each time, I am beginning to think these people that answer the phone is all they really do. I use my phone for personal and work they cant reach me because the phone doesn’t work, and when it does you cant hear them because you only hear every other word. I’ve asked for supervisor and they returned me to the main line. It’s obvious the phone is defective and they don’t want to replace it they would rather loss a customer. Bad Business.

  132. Have had my phone for 5 days,still not activated, no one at customer service speaks english so they don’t understand.My 45.00 plan is on and I am loosing my time. Now I can’t even get them on the phone. This company is a joke i thought is was a good deal, but it sucks. Would not recommend it to anyone.Going to call the BBB and report them, wish i could get my money back. These companies need to give the work to people in the US instead of outsourcing so we can understand them all they are interested in is making money..


  134. I’m not a customer due to the lack of customer service relating to refilling the minutes. It is the stupidest thing that i cant call you and pay the bill over the phone without the third degree about things that are not my concern i just want to be able to call there and speak to someone and pay the freaken bill.

  135. Your customer service is terrible.I refilled my credit with45 dollars, my phone is yet to be credited, called customer service and I have been tossed around from fax to voice messages.I have been disconnected. YOU ARE HORRIBLE

  136. there is no customer service!!! my blue voice mail light has been blinking for 3 months, cannot access it as I need a password, no password was given at the beginning. have gone to
    c/s 3 times with no response!

  137. I tried to add a phone card to my dad’s phone for him, but because he had not used it in a couple months it did not work. They had given his number to someone else. This means they get a free month of service and he gets screwed. The funny thing is, that is what 3 of the straight talk reps told him. He is disabled and n¾eeds his money as well ad his phone, but they took his $45.00 and he doesn’t get anything! What a bunch of crooks! All my friends and I will go to a different service and try to cause as many problems for those bunch of crooks as possible. In the end, they will be the only ones losing!

  138. I am one very unhappy camper here in Minnesota. I am on my Third Straight Talk Phone. Now I finally get it to work and I have no internet service. I will never do any business with this stupid company ever again. Furthermore I will tell anyone thinking of buying these made in China, Piece of Crap Phones. Have a Nice Life Loser Company!!!! GRRRRR

  139. I think its pretty sorry that you don’t give refunds when you have your service disconnected. I just paid for the month 3 days ago. I will never get straight talk again!!! Not to mention when I call for support I always get a person that has such a thick accent (Where ever they’re from) that I can’t understand what they are saying!

  140. How about paying for service and not being able to use it nor a refund ;Co. LOST MONEY ;What type response did I get From S.T BUY A NEW PHONE ARE YOU SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. What a joke of a customer service. This is so sad when corporate america out sources their customer service to the phillapenes to save a buck yet most of those employed can’t speak English good enough to understand. I just got robbed by the straight talk company. They debited my acct 2 times for 50.69 each time yet did not provide the minutes to my phone. I believe that this is fraud and I will contact the FCC and file a police report concerning this matter. Won’t trust those crooks with my cell service ever again

  142. I was charged twice by straight talk for a service plan. I know my first mistake was me giving my info for them to take the money out of my account. When I noticed this I called them and they wanted my credit card info again and I refused and told them in my account will show what I paid and what they took and I was not giving my cc number again and I was told until I did there was nothing they could do. I will 1) never give out my info again ever its cash from now on and 2) I will never have straight talk again I am furious over their horrible service!

  143. Straight talk service and customer service has been an awful experience. I have had my service interrupted and disconnected mid service month. Someone else gained access to my entire contact list and was calling my home phone with my cell phone number. My number was changed in my phone without my knowledge. When I called to find out what was going on I was given a new phone number on May 22, 2014. I was assured that my old number was deactivated as well. I was also assured that my auto refill would work on June 4, 2014 and that my service end date was still July 4, 2014. (My credit card WAS charged on June 4th) I was asked for my home telephone number and a password was placed on my account for future. My phone was disconnected today! When I called customer service today. They did not have record of my password or auto refill information. They had NO record of any of my past issues. Now I am immensely concerned that my auto refill will still happen on July 4th. They had no record of my past phone number either. Absolutely awful!


  145. Your customer service site sucks!!!!!! I could not contact you only write a review. So here it is. I wanted the text messages (constantly)to stop about refill time. I already have auto refill. These are SOOOOOO Annoying!! The people who do answer the audio customer service do not speak English very well, have deep accents that are very hard to understand. And usually know nothing about what they are doing or the product in question. SAD!

  146. Why would they make phone camera’s like HUAWEI H881C (let alone any camera) without a flash. Dumb design! I have a hard time still trying to understand this. A camera without a flash makes NO SENSE. Useless!

  147. Please can someone help me .. I purchased a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 a week ago I was pushed a McAfee Live Save security at the store at a reduced price, I decided to install it,I was given an avtivation code BY McAfee but after I tried putting that in a message came up that this device was already linked to another e-mail address and that I should try and install it using that address, well that e-mail address had nothing to do with me and therefore I could not go any further, I contacted McAfee to explain they asked me to go to my Android where they found my Android ID,apperently that ID is idedtical to another one. McAfee informed me that two Tablets must have the same ID, Samsung was not much help when I rang them they said that could not be possible, Currys the store where I purchased the Tablet wern’t much help either.. What I would like is for someone to tell me is it possible for someone to have the same Android ID, would it be ok for me to carry on using this Tablet knowing this,would having the same Android ID cause issues for me in the future, or is it better that I take this Tablet back to the store to excange it ?? Would be most grateful for any help, I am an elderely lady .. thank you

  148. I brought my own phone and could not get someone to understand all I wanted was to buy a sim card for it. I have been a straight talk for over 4 years and the customer service rep. could not understand that . BAD!!!! service !!!!!!

  149. worst customer service ever. Foreign talkin people who can’t speak English worth a crap. can’t talk to same tech twice. always hanging up on you. never call you back. Been without service for 6 days. All a big hoax so straight talk can force customers to get a new phone. They say your sim card is no longer compatible with AT&T or who ever. I am going to join the class action lawsuit against them. Never use them again!!!

  150. I have been with straighttalk since they started straight talk service. always said good things about the service sorry to say I don’t feel the same anymore. I have been having problems with my phone for almost 8 months now. I have been hung up on and everything by Straight Talk customer services. I only expected straight talk to fix my phone or give me a new one. they have troubleshooted my phone 4 times and still have not successfully fix my phone. I have never seen a company treat such aloyal customer so wrong. after this month I will no longer be going to straight talk ever again. have contacted so many different customer care people. and they tell me there’s nothing they can do

  151. I’m currently on a family member’s phone because my Samsung galaxy centura (from straight talk) is screwing up. Everything was going fine until apps started messing up.. My data is out of wack and I just refilled on the 29th of June. Facebook, instagram, kik, messenger, and everything else isn’t working. I can barely call or text, and now I don’t know what to do because apparently customer service is bad at their job. I’m just angry and confused. If I basically JUST refilled, why is it doing this? And whatever happened to “unlimited data”?????? Seriously..

  152. I would NOT recommend straight talk phone service to anyone.
    You repeatedly get text messages of needless non sense offers
    that you neither asked for or your even interested in. I asked
    them to stop doing this, but they continue to do so. When my
    30 days expire I will switch over to ATT

  153. Today 7/13/2014@2:00p.m.e.s.t.,I called the crust.served”hot line”,after several prompt’s I was able to speak with a Live human being.She spent about 35mins.with me on the phone,trying to Help me with all my Multiple Issue’s that I have been Dealing with for 9 months or so.Until We both Decided it was best to Replace my Android Smartphone with a FactoryBuilt New One.I thought everything was fine until she stated she would be sending me a Email stating the proper address to where I needed to mail my phone to.But this was to happen once we hung up on my home phone.Here it is Same day,but close to 4 hrs.Later I have yet to receive a Return Mailing Address to Straight Talk so the Comp.can send My New phone to me.Once we Hung up.I said how is this person going to send me a Email when this is just 1 of the Multiple Issue’s I continue to Experience.Well here I am Up the Creek without a Paddle.And it is Raining.I sure do hope someone calls me to Inform me of Confirmation.If not,I really do not want to be Forced to Buy a New Phone.Warranty does not mean Anything.Still Paicently Waiting.Sincerely……!

  154. i think your service totally stinks. Your rep told me that I could port my current cell number with verizon over to straight talk with no interuption to my current cell service and once the number ports over and the straight talk is activated, the old cell service would disconnect. He aLso stated that it would probally take several hours as it was a cell and not a land line but could take several days. NOT TRUE SO HERE I SIT WITH NO CELL SERVICE AT ALL. This is a business cell and with no cell, guess what, no business. Now I am really ticked off and can’t call them because they screwed up both cell services. What a dumb a__.

  155. why do you expect money from people when your service sucks. I’ve only had phone 7 months and it won’t let calls in. doesn’t notify me of texts. guess it,s time to get new company. sure as hell won’t support your scam artist ass

  156. you have no right to limit my freedom of speech because I tell the truth that you are scam artists. try going back to basics and offer a honest service then people wouldn’t have to say it

  157. What customer service? None exist. I have tried for more than 2 weeks to get my phone number ported over BEFORE I turned in Straight Talk Wireless Home phone system. It didn’t work. Had to call numbers 2 to 3 times before they got through. When and if you get some one, you get conflicting info, put on hold for 20 minutes and then you can’t understand nothing that’s being said in English. Save yourself some time and energy. Don’t buy it!

  158. I was also asked to go back to Walmart and get the the “barcode” and this was after I had sent the serial number also requested. I fax the serial number which was on my receipt on 7/18/2014 and was told today, they didn’t get it. I have the fax confirmation number. The are still asking for barcode to port my number that they told me had been deactivated by them!

  159. Every time i call my pin number in i can not get them it is a recording i have called 7 times before i can get them!!!!!!

  160. I’ve had my phone since jan. this year u people won’t let me on facebook. What kind of game is this? Maybe i should go to a different company.Last 2 weeks…my facebook has been in spanish..another game. What kind of employees do u hire ?

  161. my straighttalk phone froze up when I went on line to view videos.Now I cant make or receive calls.What do I do?

  162. Customer service is very bad they farm it out to some foreign country never understand what they say. Had a problem with a Samsung Galaxy phone sent it in for replacement and what I got was a cheap replacement, worth 100 less then my phone. emailed customer service to complain said they could not handle through e-mail and gave me a number to call it was track fone. They apologized and said send it back and a proper replacement phone would be sent in 3 to 5 business days. Five days went by and had to leave town for a week Since I know UPS will just drop and run checked everyday for notice of shipment never came. I was going to have someone come over and pick it up. Come home and find wet box sitting at front door. Check tracking number its been sitting there for 5 days. If it doesn’t work they are going to replace this phone as well I don’t care if the tag is turned pink.


  164. I am writing this in regards to customer service, my phone when it is being used makes a gargling sound. To make a long story short.. They wanted me to send them my phone and then send me a new phone and that it would take about a week. I had bought a 2 year service plan and they said that this is their policy. I would not send them my phone without having one to replace it first. I have sick family members and need a phone at all times. To top it off,I could not talk to anyone in the U.S. had to talk to people in the Philippines. The customer service is all about them and not the customer. So I am dropping them and joining another carrier. And I would suggest you do the same. I will now tell my customers of the bad service I had with them.

  165. I hate your servic, but I guess you really do get what you pay for! I paid 249 for my phone! And heaven help me if I need a phone in a hurry!

  166. I am totally frustrated with Straight Talk. I signed up for auto refill and all was well for a few months. On July 30 they took my payment from my checking account as usual and sent me an email saying service was refilled for August. Actually, my phone says service end date was July 31 and I have had no service since then. I have made numerous attempts to contact customer service by phone and have followed instructions. When I call back I continue to get the same message. There seems to be no way possible to talk with a real live person and get this matter resolved. I am contacting my bank and cancelling the auto withdrawal and will file complaint with BBB to attempt to get my money back. I also will tell everyone I know to steer clear of Straight Talk.

  167. I just bought a straight talk phone and I come to realize that I cant call my family in central America. I was not told that the $60.00 unlimited international only apply to certain contries. Now they expect me pay $10.00 more so I cant loose my plan. This is false advertisement. I feel that I should be reimburse for my time, troubles and stress and frustration. I was not very helpful over the phone. What disappointment!



  170. I have been trying for 3 days now just to get my number ported over. As for now, I am without a phone as this is the onlyone I had. I will NEVER reccomend Straighttalk to anyone. These people do not know what they are doing. But they are causing a lot of frustration for a lot of people and they know it, but don’t care.

  171. My husband who is very ill with cancer 2 times I have put minutes on his phone and even switched a phone and the minutes are not even on the phone. I cant even talk to a human. This is the only phone he has to get in contact with me. I have to work. What happens if he has an emergency. I am very upset. That I can not even talk to a human. I think it is very bad business. I had my phone from straight talk for 3 years and never had a problem until now. I think they need to have an option to talk to customer service after everything with his phone I am going to have to go to another company.

  172. This is the worst company I have ever done bussiness with. I called about my phone service. Was on the phone for well over an hour, was tranfered to multiple different people. Each time I had to go through the same spill again. Is there no communication within this company??? Then after the last girl decided to transfer me to someone else, she hung up on me instead of transferring me. I call back, get transferred to three different people this time, and was then hung up on again. What a terrible company and what sorry customer service. This company should be ashamed they are actually taking peoples money. They provide no customer service.

  173. I have purchased 2 phones I the last 2 days.i have spent over 3 hours with your people and still can not get the problem resolved.i have been with your comp.over 3 years .you neeed more confident person to resolve issues .I will try again tomorrow to get my problem resolved .I have 25 days of service left ,and when I make a call it says I have no minutes .very frustrating.

  174. I have been trying for over two months to get some answers. I bought Basic Talk and will have everything charged back to my credit card if I do not get some answers” have been trying to transfer my number from metropc but have not been able to do so. I have answered your questions numerous times but still cannot. I do not have the Basic Talk number you originally gave me, because it is not on the phone and now I cannot reach anyone,

  175. I tried to get my old phone number put on my new phone I was told I had to active both phones the old phone buttons don’t work all the time. They said they couldn’t change the number at this time so now I have a phone that doesn’t word with time on it and a phone with time that does I had to pay double the price and I can only use one phone STRAIGHT TALK PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM


  177. I tried to reactivate my wife’s phone, the so called 24hr customer service was closed. The message said it was only open for four hrs. a day EST. So much for 24hr. customer service, just bad business.

  178. Customer service here is a misnomer! It does not seem to exist. Your service is the worst I have ever had in my life. I don’t want to talk to a machine keying in numbers when I have a problem. This is America. Put some one on the line who can speak plainly and in American, it is hard enough to understand a phone let alone someone who is heavily accented from another country. On your product; it is too small to read the even smaller numbers. Your printed instructions just plain suck. I will probably go through the rest of my life bad mouthing your service and products.

  179. I have read most of the comments, DISTURBING. I too cannot charge my phone by the port, I luckily, have a second battery & a battery charger. I’ve had this service for a while & haven’t had to deal with customer service yet. But I’m getting ready to call them in the morning. My text messaging has gone crazy on me all of a sudden. Sum of the people I message is like all of their replys are at the top & mine are all below theirs. So I have to scroll up to read their replys but if I can’t get any help, I will probably just buy a new phone. Guess all of the complaints are awful compared to mine. We shall see what happens.

  180. I am so mad right now so seriously thinking about dropping Straight talk and getting 2 cans and string that is about as good a service as you get with the tech personal got a notice that my phone payment didn’t go through which was strange as I have auto pay and have had since I have had my phone well my bad long story short had to get new card and didn’t realize that I had to get ahold of straight talk and give new number as I thought it came out of my account so same day called and talked for 30 mins. to some one who couldn’t speak English for nothing thought got it straightened out but come 2 days later my phone was shut off called again surprise surprise got another person who spoke even worse English asked to speak with someone who spoke English “they all busy” he says 45 mins. we go at it this man is as worthless as teats on a boar hog I was so pissed.


  182. On auguest 15 I call the strightline tech suport because my phone froze up and I was unable to recieve call or make calls from my phone . The tech support said the phone need to be sent back in and they would send me another phone ( the same phone I was sending in ) Ticket number 1096940115. I gave them my information and waited they said I would recieve the prepaid package in 3 to 5 days. 5 day later when I did not recieve the package (Aug 22) I called back and the person told me that the 1st person never sent it out, she did not do the claim right. But ashored me that he had it all taken care of, and I would recieve it in 5 to 7 days this time . So agian I waited the full 6 days and on the Aug 28 I did recieve the package and sent the defective phone back. ticket number 1097280585 I then called on September 3 called to confirm that you recieved the phone on September 1 which they said yes they did. the Fed x number I was given was 832833642353170 order number 80118. They then said it would arrive in 3 to 5 days The new phone. that it was not sent out yet the person said the other person did not put the order throw yet it was not done right but said this time it was done right. I would get the phone in 3 to 5 days . I then called on with I then called on September 5 to check and see what was going on with the phone and was told onces again that the persone before them did not put it throw right, and had done it wrong, it had not even left the wear house there was a hold on it. They were not sure why but would check on it 2 hr later tells me that not sure what happen he dont know ? but he put the order in and I would recieve it in 3 to 5 days and that was all he new and when I asked what could I do I was getting upset I keep being told the same thing every time I call and he said he had it and that was all there was. (On sept 11 at 1:20 I recieved a call from hospitail my brther in law passed away and it was 3 hours later before I was able to get ahold of my husband because ( this is his cell phone he works on the road driving ) So On September 12 I called to see where my phone was and the lady told me it had not let the wear house it was still at the wear house they had not sent it yet. ( I am pissed ) So I asked if I could talk with a supervisor and was told she was one . and that there was nothing she could do I had to wait the 5 day I said you just told me it was not sent yet and she said you still have to wait the 5 days befor we can do anything . I said I wanted a boss and she then said ” one was not available for 3 hours and I said I would wait and she then said no that was not the way it works and hung up on me !!!!!!! I waited and calmed down because I was pissed off and when I did I spoke with a man ronnie and ticket number 01096940115 . phone number 866-667-6470 ext. 726325 and put in a complain and asked what was going on and he said. the phone was being shipped and I should recieve it on 9/16 I did recieve the phone on 9/16 but I sent in a touch screen and slided out to to text phone and recieved a flip phone with no text ablility . So i called and spoke with someone who said well that all you get. So I asked to talk with a boss and she said why and I said I was not happy and need to talk with a boss. she put me through to a boss and after 2 hours we got dissconnected and I had to call back and start all over again 40 min later i get to a supervisor and they tell me they can send me the exact phone i sent in they had some in the wear house. I said great why did they not send it in the frist places and they said they did not know . They asked if i wanted to pring off a shopping label and I said yes so it would go faster. they gave me a ticket number 1098440486 . said use this ticket number now . when can I print off the ticket and they said any time it was sent I said ok . Got off the phone and checked email and guess what no email wlith ticket number but i waited 24 hr and guess what no email still i called back and i was supriced when i was told the person never put my email address in so it was not sent they did it wrong . So again i gave all the information and email address ( still have not recieved email ) and was giving a new ticket number 1098510350 .. please I dont undrstand the lack of knewledge the people have the lack of respect for the people calling and there own workers blaming it always on the one before them . I have had 3 phone ( down to 2 right ) I have not recieved my repacement phone yet … I am not sure i will stay with this company any more . I would hope to here from someone about this matter ASAP and That something is done about this !!!!!!!!! shelly boyea

  183. Not at all happy with Straight Talk! Bought an expensive phone last Monday and was given the wrong information by the electronics department when I purchased the phone. Now I have the wrong number on my cell phone, have spent probably 8 hours or more this week on the phone with ST technical support and this morning was finally told that I cannot get the right number on my phone unless I reactivated my Verizon number, so ST can activate my phone with that number! To have done all this and still not get the right number makes me a very unhappy person! Think I will return the phone and go on to US cell or something else with no contract. This is just ridiculous!!!!!! Thanks ST for your nonexistent technical support and customer support. If any of you are going over to ST, be sure you leave your existing number IN SERVICE until ST gets things worked out! This whole process has left me with a very bad first impression of ST!

  184. I have been trying to get my phone activated .I gave all info to customer service ,they said i would get an e-mail. I have not received anything and my phone is not activated.I need some answers.

  185. I have been trying to get my phone activated .I gave all info to customer service ,they said i would get an e-mail. I have not received anything and my phone is not activated.I need some answers.

  186. I have been trying to activate my straight talk phone to same with the same phone number I had on my tracfone is that possible ? If so tell me how the info on my tracfone does not have what your asking for.

  187. the phone card I got dosent work ! Now I’M Out of a Phone And A PHONE And A PHONE CARD WHAT are you Going To Do About it!

  188. This has been the worst service for the last 6 months that i have ever had ,looking for a refund on my last payment, I have a new phone co . Good by STRIGHT TALK WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


  190. the service really sucks more than2 months ago I canceled my service to my hotspot since it no longer works and still they are billing my refill for it I have no way to contact them and my lawyer says to let them keep billing so we have a large ammount when they read thos I want resultsont I think strieght talk thinks they are as big as att or Verizon and immune to the working peoples needs I hope a class action suit will open their eyes even just trying to get to a live voice in the customer service is next to impossible , fro a very upset former customer,cancel all my accounts there keith mitchell

  191. I have 2 phones from straight talk and today they both won’t make calls I can still use the internet, receive phone calls and text but I can not make calls anyone else having this problem?

  192. The online help is a joke waited for several hours and then again the next morning for over a hour . Never got to speak to anyone. Then when they switched my phones from one straighttalk phone to another disconnected old one but didn’t turn on the other. Still I have not heard a word. Still no phone service on the new one. This happens every time I have bought a new phone.

  193. my service was off for 8 months I bought a straight talk card to activate my phone unbeknowing an no clerk informed me that once I used the card that it went on someone else”s phone that have my old phone number and I expect to be recompensated for the 50.00$ I am now out of due to straight talks negligence I wasn’t informed prior to the transaction will be writing the corporate office..

  194. my service was off for 8 months I bought a straight talk card to activate my phone unbeknowing an no clerk informed me that once I used the card that it went on someone else”s phone that have my old phone number and I expect to be recompensated for the 50.00$ I am now out of due to straight talks negligence.

  195. They have a reputation in frustrating their customers. They took money out of my bank account twice and refused to refill my phone. They told me that my bank declined my payment when they did. I had to drive to Walmart to purchase phone refill card because my service will expire today(October 14th). I ended up spending a total of $148 to purchase one month’s refill service. I complained to my bank today and they promised me a refund back.
    Straight talk, your end is near if you continue in your arrogance, bad billing and customer service. Many customers like me will flee to other phone companies soon. Your pride will soon go before a fall.

  196. i have been trying to talk to someone for over a week and cannot get a person to answer my questions. I also sent a text from my straight talk phone with no reply

  197. I tried to add minutes with my debit card and it took $51.62 off my card and I have no minutes!!!!!!!!!!! Then they said they didnt take it. I WANT EITHER MY MONEY OR MY MINUTES!!!! Not a happy person right now. Live chat is a JOKE!


  199. yes straight talk services suck on 10 28 2014 i bought two min cards in the morning and there auto mated system put my second phones mins on some one esle phone eve know my girl friend put right number in for my phone and have card and receipt that i bought it but they dont want to strait it out so i am done with straight talk be careful those sob will ripe you off ever chance they have

  200. I signed up almost 2 years ago to unlimited data, talk and text. Last month my data slowed to a fricking crawl and I received a text saying that I had exceeded my data limit. What gives. UNLIMITED said nothing about slowing my data.ATT is getting sued about the same thing. Please correct this. I had to use my wife’s phone for a GPS because mine was crawling.
    Thank you.

  201. I’ve been wanting to and trying to move my service to StraighTalk. But I cannot communicate well enough with customer support to understand what they are saying or even know if it’s ENGLISH! I struggled 6 times in a row! I finally got someone that could help me, but now I have a SIM Card and not sure I want to move to a service who isn’t english speaking or savy enough to get people who can speak English without having such an accent that you can’t tell what they are speaking. FFS!

  202. The worst customer service ever in the history of customer service. Can we please bring back these jobs to America. Have not yet got an English speaking person. It is a nightmare. all they can do is repeat the question in broken English. I was asked seven times “the first name of my mailing address”. This is the worst part of straight talk service. The customer service.

  203. I have previously bought a straight talk phone and I have had nothing but trouble with it since I activated it. It continually freezes up and the only way I can get it to do anything is to take the battery out. Then at that point I have to reset the time and it becomes a pain in the ass….I have cleared the apps off it, I have disconnected the Bluetooth and frankly I just want to throw it in the river…I am really disappointed with the phone.

  204. I called to give them my new credit card # ,since my old one was cancelled ,and I WAS ON THE PHONE for 1 hour and 4 different people and never did get set up.all I wanted was to give them the new # .

  205. I have a straight talk ph. that is hanging up..(freezes up) can I put my time on my other straight talk phone? plz help

  206. I have a straight talk samsung galaxy s3. I bought a 30 dollar service card at walmart. When I tried to use the card to add air time to my phone it said that the service pin is not compatible with my device. Does anyone know why this is or how I can get my money back?

  207. Do not consider straight talk as a phone service. They have spent over a MONTH replacing a defective phone under warranty, been promised for almost 3 weekis on 4 different callos that it would be to me in 3 to 5 days. Though it still has not been shipped. They have the worst customer service I have ever been subjected to, maybe ever and I still don’t have a phone. Just don’t do it.

  208. Just bought and activated Samsung Galaxy thru straight talk this week. Love the phone, hate the customer service. Have had to call several times, not sure if reaching Phillipines or India. I have a hard time understanding them and they don’t understand what I am asking. Highly frustrating. They keep having me repeat. Also thought I was getting the $45 a month plan, but when I went to set up auto pay for refilling each month, my rate went up to over $49 a month because they tell me I am using a credit card. However, if I go to store each month and pick up a pre pay card, it only costs me $45. I am ready to take phone back to store and sign up with Verizon! I would never recommend or want to use straight talk again.

  209. not really pleased with straight the understanding was they were nation wide,using all carriers..not so my current phone is only verizon too many blind spots across i liked..this phone restricts me from posting pictures on facebook.i drive a truck for a living.people like to see my pictures..cant even post them..from when i started using straight talk til now i noticed its quality going south..

  210. I have had straight talk for about 5 years now. I have never had a problem. I would highly recommend straight talk to Family, Friends and anyone else.
    Great Service even while traveling. Good Customer Service.

  211. The absolute worst customer service experience ever. The call center is absolutely abysmal. The accents are so thick the reps can not understand the letters you are using to verify addresses and you MUST use the codes “A as in Alpha” etc. (no I do not live on Hiooz drive, it’s Hills for the seventh time, and STACEY is not Staaice). I understand everyone has a job to do but these people are rude, unapologetic, and do not need to be a call center for an Company as “American” (at least in image) as Wal-Mart. I am not a difficult ult person to please and I am very patient, but when I wait for 15 minutes to talk to a live person and the first three times I am immediately hung up on, I get a little frustrated. Then when I finally get to talk to a supervisor, they give me information completely contradictory to the hold message AND all the information on the website? Then when I question it he says he is correct and he is the highest authority I can talk to and then hangs up on me?!? I’m really infuriated. Walmart needs to 1. Train their associates to sell and service the product 2. Fire that abysmal call center and 3. Anyone contemplating this service should understand you are completely and utterly on your own. If you still want it for the cheap plan, go ahead, but I find it’s just like shopping at walmart, I’ll pay a little extra to avoid the hassle and frustration. Metro PCS is a better choice for me. Great customer service, just lags on 2 part texts. Ah well…

  212. OMG – trust me, avoid this company like the plague!! I’ve had SO MANY negative experiences I dont even know where to start! First of all, I use their $30 plan, why else would I use them?, they want you to use their “unlimited” $45 plan, of course, and the way they convince you to buy the higher plan is by interjecting annoying “phone messages” telling you how many minutes you have left, even if you know, or dont WANT to know, IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PHONE CONVERSATIONS! These little messages disconnect you from whom you are talking to! So today I called to complain,once again, about this extremely annoying practice of theirs, the rep couldnt figure out how to fix it after HALF AN HOUR, had to find ANOTHER PHONE to talk to him on, we got disconnected eventually without him fixing the problem. Half an hour later, I go to use my phone, guess what? The idiot not only “deactivated” it but apparently REPORTED IT STOLEN!! Again, I call back on my husbands phone, only to be told, oh gosh, we’re sorry, but we can’t “re-activate” your phone for THREE DAYS now!!! I told them I had NOT reported my phone stolen ever, but it didnt matter, even though I’ve paid for the service, may lose hundreds of dollars in business myself (I’m self employed) they could turn it off in one minute, but couldnt turn it back on for three days!!! Now, if you are still considering using this company, you must be insane. I’m going with Sprint now.

  213. First of all. I HAVE GOOD CREDIT and can get phone service anywhere. I chose this service because of low cost, no contract and no hassle. Yesterday I bought a service card; added it to my reserve and got the text saying my new service end date is 1-22-2015. Now today I get a text from you saying my service is up tomorrow????????????????? REALLY..!! I call customer service and get a operator telling me I have to update my phone “AGAIN”. Then she hangs up on me. What kind of dumb a** game are you people playing here? My wife bought a year of service and has not had to update her phone in the six months since then. I AM CONSIDERING GOING BACK TO A MAJOR CARRIER AND PAYING THE PRICE FOR SANITY…!!!

  214. your service has interupted many important phone calls,3- today,breaking into my phone call to tell me how many minutes i have left,then hanging up my phone call….this needs to stop!!if this continues,or you interupt an emergency phone call ,i will file a lawsuit against you.please respond to my e-mail and assure me that this doesnt happen again!

  215. I am a long haul driver. few if ay truck stops have payphones, which is one reason I have a cellphone. far from the only reason, but it is one of them. My straight talk phone has stopped dialing a few numbers in my directory.When I call them about it, they were willing to tell me to find an alternate number to call from or they could not help me. I was about a week away from the house and none of the places that have truck parking seem to have payphones. I can use my phone for about 5 of the numbers in my directory, the rest say “this number is invalid” or “this number is not available at this time, please call again at a different time” or go to a perpetual fast busy. I left Verizon because of bad service. I would have to buy a new phone and get a contract if I leave straight talk, but at least I could TALK ON IT. At what point does the script reading idiots realize they are about to lose a customer, and do they care!!!!!!



  217. I agree avoid thiscompany….i can actually look out my
    Window see a tower and have two service bars…they
    Say its the phone…funny my nephew has a $15
    Phone works ten times better.. and dont try to
    Customer support.. unless u speak spanish or what
    Ever it is…

  218. I need you to trun this phone back on and keep the billing the same please MEID# 268435461210014766 @ 8433590307 payment should come out on 1/07/15 . I didn’t ask you to trun it off. I just wanted to know how someone could change anything on my account cause my mom put a code on it for me.. Thank You Vince Lockliear…. New code cooper1464

  219. Called in for help on a phone transfer on another phone needed help setting up. The lady I talk to did not know what the heck she was doing after the 3rd time she told me the same thing and I told her the same answer she hung up on me. I was floored.

  220. Can someone tell me who to contact straighttalk and cancel the auto payment. I cannot get any information and how to do it.

    Please help.

  221. the custumer service at straight talk ” sucks my wife is talking to customer service as we speak and she has been on the phone now for 50 minutes and is now on hold agian . when one cant figure it out they pass you to another person and they ask the same as the first well she is on number four now and still nothing,so good luck to us and every other poor sole out there.

  222. Straight talk cust svc is a joke, we have had almost continuous problems with their billing and phone service for two years. Cust svc is located off shore (NOT IN USA!!!!!!!) and reps are about as sharp as “shit cut with a club”. Absolutly useless in emergency situation! Will switch to Verizon and new phone this afternoon so I can have svc when needed. IF ENGLISH IS NOT THE PRIMARY LANGUAGE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES YOUR CUST SVC CALL CENTER IS IN THE WTONG COUNTRY!!!!

  223. I just got a new cell an switched it but I can’t call anyone my cell doesn’t call out…. Please fix I…. I called you at 877-430-2355, 800-876-5753, 855-222-2355 an 800-299-7784 an none of them worked…. I also called several other numbers an they didn’t work either…. Tell me when you fixed it please….

  224. My name is John Taylor and my wife & I have been a straight talk customer for almost 5 years with almost no problems. We have enjoyed the service. Today I needed a new phone because the old one was starting to have problems. I brought it home and it took 2 hrs to activate. Then I was on the phone because it would not send our messages. It kept telling me insufficient fund to send text. When I called I had 1188 minutes on the phone with unlimited texts. After 3 hours on a different phone it was resolved. However I am down to 599 minutes with 498 texts with a $30 dollar plan that is supposed to be unlimited texts. The loss of minutes is thievery and the limit of 498 texts until 1/23/15. This will be my last phone with straight talk. I have enjoyed your service and hope that the new phone lasts and keeps better records for calls and texts. If it doesn’t my next step will be with the FCC. I have always recommended you but in the future no.

  225. well after reading all the bad customer service reports, maybe we all should start contacting the FCC. Let them handle straight talk. As soon as I get address will post.

  226. I purchased a phone online just last week & it just stopped working , the person on the phone said i had to return it to a store or service center then i can have a new one snt to me , online is not the way to go , buy it from a store , or you can have it shipped there same day , a few guys i work with all have straight talk & they love it

  227. I unfortunately had a very negative experience with your service. When i tried to activate the phone on line it would not take the SIM number and I could not use the phone. This caused major problems for me as this was the only phone I had access to. In addition the man at Wal-Mart would not offer me much help and seemed to want to rush me and wait on other customers. I finally went with a BoostMobile from Target. The man there spent time helping me and made sure the phone was activated and working before I left the store. I wish that the experience with StraightTalk had been the same but it was not.

    • Not at all happy with the service plan, put a clam in, they asked if my cell phone had damage, I said no. They told me that I had to call1-866-661-7162, I called they as if I spoke English said yes, then was my cell phone damage said no, then the line went dead. Not happy.

  228. Seriously never had bad a service. i brought my iphone to them and had to buy the sim pf course thinking this was gonna be the answer to me finally getting a phone again. and BAM! everyone i gave my number to says that at one point or another they had been getting and sending texts to someone else stating the persons name and everything that this girl has my SAME NUMBER!!!! now someone says that shes facetiming them cuz i wasnt facetiming anyone so had to be her. now customer service acts like theyre so busy that they can’t solve this i havent even spoken to a live representative yet. kmnew i shouldve went with metro again! never had an issue. this was too good to be true i knew it just wanted my iphone to stay my phone grrrr.

  229. my strait talk phone was stole almost new service card on it want it shut off till i get another phone last time yall allowed somebody to change number so ill answer my securty answers and want to make some harder ones where theifs cant get my stuff that easy please cant afford keep waisting my money

  230. I’ve always had a good experience with the customer service representatives until this morning. I called to purchase a service refill card as I have done several times in the past, spoke to 3 different reps who asked me for information that they should already have in the system and still didn’t get to purchase a refill card. Bottom line is that my address is incorrect in their system all of a sudden but still makes no sense after I’ve given it to 3 different people this morning.

  231. I have an unlimited account with straight talk. I realize they throttle back after so much data usage, but they have just told me thru data usage I will no longer be able to use internet ,email , via mobile networks. I’m trying to get a person to speak to to find out why with 877- 430-2355 no. to no avail. there is no customer service option. if I can’t find out by Monday will cancel service.

  232. I am very disappointed in the service of this company I can never refill my phone and it never lets me talk to an actual person I try and try and I will not waist my time on this no more! this is a very unprofessional company!!!!

  233. I think Straight talk has the worst customer service ever I dont know how they are still in business. I had to leave because when you call they dont seem to understand what you are asking and my husband is still with them and I am trying to convince him to leave because for the last couple of months its been a nightmare with him swithing phones and them cutting off the service and its been really frustating

  234. I had a straight talk phone and I bought a new straight talk phone and transferred my phone no. to the new phone. Why didn’t the time on old phone transfer to new phone 34 days and all this was done Feb. 20

  235. You don’t get what you pay for! have had I card that won’t load on the phone number doeshave had I card that won’t load on the phone number that’s not mine. Hasn’t even been off 34 hours!! In a snowstorm with elderly invalid veteran. An hour away from hospital I can’t call. Don’t waste time!

  236. Yesterday I bought straighttalk sim/time
    Change from att. Happy with them just 1gb not enought.
    Activated phone yesterday with stalk still no signal. How do I know it’s going to work??? After readi ng complaints I’m wondering if it will ever work. No use calling cs from the complaints that are listed. I’m unemployed and on fixed income. Guess I’ve throwed $60 of my food money away. If they don’t activate my phone by the time I get to att today I’m buying att time and do without food. Shame on them! Walmart makes a lot $.

  237. I have had my straight talk service on auto refill at least one yearChristmas 2014 I received a new Samsung phone. I called straight talk, and changed my service over to the new phone. This has been working fine till feb.27,2015. suddenly I had no service.Called straight talk. rep. told me I was no longer in auto refill. My credit card was charged for service on 1/28/15 for service. Rep said I would have to pay to have my phone reactivated. I said ok because I didn’t have any choice . I am very disappointed. Explain please

  238. Straight talk sells Lie’s unlimited data BS, 24hr customer service BS
    Walmarts plan has to be better then straight talks, I’ve had nothing but problems 4 the past 3-4 years

  239. I am sending this via a public wi fi because I have yet to be able to get the hot spot to work in accessing the internet. This is after 60 days of working with various tech support staff at straight talk, supervisors who admit this do no know anything about the device and keep transferring me. AND all to no avail. I have wasted $60 in data charges plus the initial purchase of the device.

    The device has been reset by me three times and twice by your tech support. I was told the last time that a supervisor would talk to me and could authorize a replacement. This has not happened. When they finally do get back to me they say they are not trained in the hot spot.


  241. Phone worked for the use I purchased it for. Now I can’t get live customer service to respond. There is no option on the web or the phone number provided to talk to a live representative. Getting frustrated. Have been on phone and internet for over 2 hours.

  242. I love Straight Talk, I have had it for 2 years and never had a problem with them. I am purchasing my third phone and will continue to use Straight Talk as my carrier.

  243. Awesome Phone they’re loosing charge while being turned off.Have had nothing but headaches with straight talk phones.

  244. If you advertise unlimited data you should provide your customers with unlimited data.I’ve only used 3 gigs and now my Pandora will not play anything. All it does is load but never plays anything. Also no youtube just does same thing. Why advertise unlimited data if it’s not unlimited. I’m going to switch to Sprint at least they guarantee unlimited 4g data. Straight talk blows. I would not recommended it to anyone i know.

  245. Having trouble getting voice mail info when following ALL of the instructions from customer service. Very frustrating!!!!! Cannot even change password access without the darn thing cutting off…….H E L P

  246. How is that every single way to get in touch with straight talk to refill your service be having technical difficulty at the SAME TIME? Website, phone service, and automative all down at the same time!! How long will it be before i can add minutes on my phone?!

  247. I tired strait talk for 30 days and everything was fine until the phone auto refilled for another 30 days. After the auto refile happen I lost my data connection phone still worked but could not get Data or text. So I called support on a Thursday and was hung up on 3 times. I tried the internet chat twice no luck. So after 3 and half hours I was able to get someone who said wait 24 hours and call back it the phone company. I called back the next day I was only hung up once this day so after a hour the rep said he sees the issue and is going to e-mail “Network” and to call back in 48 hours if problem not fixed. Here it is Sunday I call the Lady rep I talked to said that there no info on my account and the last time I called in was 30 days ago when I activated it. I asked her to send me another Sim card which a rep recommend before to fix the problem. Guess what happened she hung up on me. Here was I can just about guarantee if you call this organization for help.
    1. Every time you call you get a different answer for your issue
    2. If they get frustrated with you or don’t know what to do they will just hang up on you.
    3. They do not listen to you and will make you try the same trouble shooting steps every time you call
    4. They will not refund anything if you asked they probably hang up on you

    I can promise that the last time strait talk ever hang up on me. I went to Verizon and got my $110 a month 6 gig plan worth the extra $70 to never deal with them anymore they should be band.

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