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Contacting SSI Customer Service Center

SSI stands for Social Security Insurance. This program is run by the Social Security Administration or SSA. There is no dedicated website for SSI, which could be why many people have trouble finding contact information when they need to apply for benefits under SSI or ask questions about an application or current benefits. You will find a portion of the SSA website dedicated to SSI that offers basic information on the program and some online options like requesting proof of income or a replacement card. All contact information for SSI is the same contact information for all Social Security programs.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are two phone numbers listed for SSI customer service. The first is an automated line that offers some customer support via automated changes 24 hours a day. If you need to speak with a representative, you’ll have to use the first number and call between 7 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Automated Customer Service: 1-800-772-1213
  • TTY: 1-800-325-0778

Mailing Address

According to the SSA, the mailing address should only be used for general communication. No applications, forms or documents should be sent to this address. If you have questions about where to send your application or documents, contact the SSA by phone during customer service hours and ask for the proper address.

Social Security Administration
Office of Public Inquiries
Windsor Park Building
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21235

Official Website

The main website for the SSA is located at, but if you’re looking for information about SSI customer service, you’ll have to visit,. This is the portion of the SSA site dedicated to SSI. The SSA and SSI website is more descriptive than functional. You can learn a lot about the programs, but you cannot make a whole lot of changes.

Customer Service Email

The email form for SSI is the same form listed for all SSA communication Use the form for general questions only. Case-sensitive questions should be addressed by the agent or case worker not general customer service. If you have a question about the SSI program, including questions about how to apply, who can apply and what documents are needed to apply for SSI benefits, those can be addressed via email.

Our Experience

We knew calling the SSI customer service line was going to take a while and we were right. We pressed 1 for English and then we faced a voice-operated system. We pressed 0 and the automated voice claimed my gesture wasn’t understood. We pressed 0 again and the call was moved to the agent line. After pressing 2 to verify we wanted to wait on hold for more than 10 minutes for the next agent, we were asked for a social security number, which we entered and verified. The call was indeed on hold more than 10 minutes. An agent answered at 15:51. We asked for a social security statement for the social security number entered after verifying personal information. The agent told us we could view and print the statement from the MySocialSecurity page.

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12 Comments on “Contact SSI Customer Service
  1. There should be a contact by e-mail to reduce the reserve needed by the disabled to convey information.

  2. Sir/madam, I’m trying to reach your toll free number but says 1800. 772 1213 does not exist can you give me the number I can call because I have problem with my monthly pension thank you in advance for your kind assistance

  3. Hey I was trying to reach customers service but I never get though or get hung up on I wented to know if my 10month old son get benefit do I activate the card with my information or his information they didn’t tell me much about his card or benefit he will be getting the card came the beginning of the week trying to see what i do next…THANK YOU IN ADVANCE


  5. I am trying to get the fax # for the Altoona SSI office. The numbers that I have keep cutting me off and I can NOT get a person on the phone to even ask. I would appreciate you help. Thank You!

  6. I wanted to fnd out if my Income Tax statement has allready been sent out or not, vecause we cannot find it in the mail, and it should be in by now. I would have liked to establish an on-line Social Security account, to check this ou. But I have a neuropychiatric disability, and find internet work very difficult. All I do is write e-mails. ┬┤So I was unable to establish an account on-line.It is way too complicated for me. Also,I do not use cell phone texting, and can only use the cell phone for phone calls.
    Is there not a way for me to send a direct e-mail to the Social Security Administration customer Service to find out if my form has already been sent, or to request a duplicate in case it got lost?
    Best regards, from Doris Koob

  7. I am my fathers payee and did not receive his money for 02/03/2015 because my card got stolen and I was using that DIRECT EXPRESS SERVICE and they are horrible I did every thing they asked and they refused to release the funds from the government and I have a new account and they refuse to put the funds in there and told me they don’t have to send those funds back to social security and so did social security matter of fact SS said they may not get them until six months later or longer how is this possible.I thought after so many days those checks go back to social security they sent a card out a long time ago with just my first name and two letter behind it and I have always used it they are trying to act like its on suspension but the real deal is the card was stolen during a move and I let them know and know they wont release the money.and social security said the are third party and can do what they want to do how is this possible with government money..

  8. I just had to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Through all the medication, health problems, and depression. My disability benefit is the only thing keeping me alive. I owe you my life and would not be here today if I was not able to receive benefits. You saved my life and I pray all the people that have disabilities understand it. My doctor’s said (I have many) that your help has allowed me to live.
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

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