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Contacting Sprint Customer Service Center

Sprint is one of the premier cell phone companies in the United States. In addition to cell phone services, the company also offers other mobile services, but has yet to stretch beyond the mobile sector like other mobile phone companies. Sprint has a residential and business service department. Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

From the main page of the website, customers are given the phone number to order service. Typically, customer service phone numbers for sales are answered more quickly than the phone number used for customer service inquiries for current account holders. If you contact customer service through the sales line, they will either transfer you to customer service or give you the general customer service phone number to call.

Mailing Address

There are two mailing address listed on the Sprint customer service website. One is for payments and the other is for customer service. The customer service address is:

6391 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66251-4300

If you are a business customer, you can use the same mailing address for customer service communication.

Official Website

If you are a current Sprint customer or you want to learn more about Sprint services, you can do so at the official Sprint website: http://www.sprint.com. Customers can easily sort through available phones, find out if they are currently located in a service area and even place an order for new Sprint service. At this time, all Sprint service requires a contractual commitment.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address listed on the Sprint website, but we did find an email form on the side of the Email Us page

Social Media and Sprint

You can find Sprint on Facebook and Twitter. Customer service contact can be made through either avenue.

Our Experience

Calling customer service was simple and easy. When we called, we noticed the automated system. After a few presses of the buttons, we were greeted by the Sprint customer service representative. We inquired about initiating service and the clearly spoken customer care specialist answered all of our questions.

Another resource to use is the corporate email here: http://search.sprint.com/inquiraapp/contact.jsp?INTNAV=ATG:FT:Email. We sent an email and the website stated we would receive a response within one business day.

Did Sprint give you the customer service you deserved? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences dealing with Sprint customer service.

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187 Comments on “Contact Sprint Customer Service
  1. The following is a top level sprint care rep. He was great at solving my issues. Why wait in line? Call, email or fax him directly.

    Tyrone Handon
    Executive Services Analyst
    Executive & Regulatory Services
    Office: 201-964-8070
    ERS: (866) 727-0665
    Fax: (888)-765-1071

    • Wheni first started the service it was good now its completme ly horrible. Calls get constantly Draper network code 7 & 6 allways appear there constant errors showing up can’t fix it therapy like 100 plus errros its so frustrating want
      ting to really change providers because of what keep going on is completely insane phone is only 3 months old ultra seriouslsetranformers seriousley need help or i will be forced to change providers

    • This company is worthless go to Verizon. They appreciate your money…. Customer service sucks. Sprints needs to go under and riot in hell

  2. Thank you John Doe (real name? lol). I emailed Tyrone about a billing issue. He then asked that I call him (same number as above). My problem was solved with in 10 minutes!!! Great info!

  3. I have been a sprint customer for a long time. And I am very unhappy with sprint, I am on unemployemed need to make changes on everything to make ends meet. In calling sprint customer service to do so all they can say is sorry but good luck finding a job. With the way theses times are people out of work and trying to just get by you say sorry, but good luck finding a job. sprint needs to help not charging to drop something from thier plan.So what sprint is saying you can pay us more money. I would think that your company would want to help not hender. I would think in keeping customers they would help so that when things are better and back to work customers go back to what they had. But know your company thinks that the customer dose not matter.to tell customers so sorry about your luck and is there anything else I do is very stupid to say. I guess you are not a people company. That is sad and you will loose customers I know that I will change my cell phone from sprint to another one.I have to say am very very unhappy with sprint and I will make sure my family changes from sprint to another cell phone company. Maybe one day sprint will do much better with customer service, I guess that would be something that will never happen.

    • I have had nothing but terrific customer service from sprint. I am also unemployed and if I find I’m not able to make my bill on time I simply call sprint and they grant me an extension. Any time I call for whatever issue, the problem is always resolved in my favor with little to no struggle. Be an educated consumer. Do your research before calling. Chances are you will find out more on the topic than the service Rep even knows and this puts you at an advantage.

      • I have been with Sprint for 13 yrs. Not planning to leave.
        I MUST AGREE with Gordon. All situations in my experience have been positive. I always buy a Samsung phone. No problems that could not be fixed .
        They Do give Good and long time customers additional
        Minutes from time to time. I pay for 450 , but They have given me 1300 Bonus min. Not even sure why or when..
        As Golden said … Educate yourself and when you do phone in , be polite and state your problem clearly. No yelling, or swearing, or threats to quit will improve any situation

  4. I have been a sprint customer for 6 months now and I would tell anyone and everyone to stay away from them. There service is horrible and everywhere. I average about 6-7 dropped calls everyday and everyday I have full bars. When you call customer service all they tell you is sorry and that they are updating the towers, my dad has had sprint for years and thats what they have been telling him for 6 years now. Get a new story sprint, all you do is rip people off and get people by saying that your are the truly unlimited service. Well it doesn’t matter if you are truly unlimited if you can’t use your service.

  5. I have been a sprint customer for 2 years and I am in the Dallas,Texas area and the service is horrible. Dropped calls, can’t use the phone in your house. I am even having a hard time getting them to disconnect my service. I have resorted to sending emailsl. You cant go to a store and have them disconnect. They will direct you to the 800 number which is not willing to disconnect my services . Stay as far away from sprint as you possibly can.

  6. Two and a half weeks ago, I purchased a replacement phone for myself and a new phone for my daughter. We purchased the same phone: the LG LN272 on September 10, 2012.

    Our sales associate incorrectly told us 2 items:

    • We have 30 days to bring the phones back for refund/exchange. I started having problems with my cell phone within 2 weeks: buttons would not activate on random occasions, and the battery would die within half a day (after no calls/text being made), even after being fully charged. On day 15 after purchase I took the phone back to exchange the phone for a different, more expensive phone. However, upon arrival to the store, I was told that the warranty was only for 14 days and had expired a day and a half earlier, and that I would need to send the phone in for repair; I was also told that, if I wanted to purchase a new phone, I would have to pay full price. I am shocked that, after only 2 weeks of use and no damage to the phone, Sprint was unwilling to act in a compensatory manner, especially because I was willing to upgrade to more expensive equipment. Additionally, I heard the sales associate mention to another associate that the store had recently allowed a customer to make such an exchange; the other associate said that couldn’t have happened and could not be done. Sadly, because these comments were not recorded and this was not in writing, these comments are not verifiable by anyone but me.
    • We purchased a protection plan for my daughter’s phone in case of loss/damage for $8.00/month. We were told to activate this plan at home by downloading the plan. However, he neglected to tell us that, because we opted to not have data plans on our phones, we were not able to activate a plan for which we were going to be billed. When we brought the phone into the store the next week to activate the plan, another sales associate told us that the phone was not eligible for such a protection plan. Was Sprint planning on billing us for something that didn’t exist?

    Today (October 2), my daughter showed me her phone: the entire screen is not even legible. We attempted to take out and replace the battery to no avail; the phone was fully charged and has not been damaged. Now we have 1 phone that does not work properly on an intermittent basis, and 1 phone that does not work at all.

    We have been faithful customers to Sprint for more than 10 years; because of the problems we have had, the poor quality of these phones, and the lack of knowledge with the sales associates assisting us, I am saddened to say that, unless the Customer Care Center can rectify this situation, I will be looking into my company’s cell phone discounts that are offered through Verizon as of the expiration of our next contract (if I can manage to keep my service working that long).

    • Your sales associate did not tell you anything. incorrect. The 30 day exchange is to make sure you’re satisfied with the phone. I bought a phone and decided I didn’t like it. I returned it for a different phone within 7 days. If your phones are truly undamaged and started this erratic behavior then that is a manufacturers defect which should be covered under the one year warranty. Also realize that the people in the store tend to be lacking in the knowledge department. Best bet is to do light research on the topic, And then call sprint customer service. Authorized dealers are not your friend. Also of your phones aren’t eligible

    • Your sales associate did not tell you anything. incorrect. The 30 day exchange is to make sure you’re satisfied with the phone. I bought a phone and decided I didn’t like it. I returned it for a different phone within 7 days. If your phones are truly undamaged and started this erratic behavior then that is a manufacturers defect which should be covered under the one year warranty. Also realize that the people in the store tend to be lacking in the knowledge department. Best bet is to do light research on the topic, And then call sprint customer service. Authorized dealers are not your friend. Also if your phones aren’t eligible for an insurance policy, which I assure you they are, then there’s no way they could charge you bc the monthly fee is set based on the quality and value of the insured device. How did they get this figure if they dont have coverage for that phone?

  7. I updated my phone 07/12/12 I have 95% of my incoming calls drop or sent to voice mail.I had a motorola 580 had no problems. I got a kyocera dura xt. Don’t get one in sucks. Sprint service is from 1 to 10 is a 1 at best. Don’t waste time calling they are working on the tower. That is horse crap!!!

  8. Pudieran ayudarme a terminar de cancelar mi telefono que hace un mes llame y pedi hacerlo y la compania de sprint no lo ha cancelado,en el mes de Septiembre pague $389.00
    y el mes de octubre debo pagar $213.00,decidi salir de la
    compania y no he podido y el telefono no se usa hace mas de un mes.Gracias

  9. this is my delima i told att prior to opening back up my sprint account that three individual people could use my account id like to verify with you that others are noe pirating my account that is a large concern due to the fact their is three hunded thousand dollars this business is on the midst of being launch by microsoft please help this account is only now ok for david allen johnson and john george daggy sr please no other phones ext are owned and operated by myself and my general manager if you have trouble contacting refer to 1 770 595 4044 the world plan was paid for by joy on alltel and shoulnt be directed to samantha anderson home and why is my account on automatic forward i shoundnt have 21 phone lines and i do this is getting out of hand please again help me to get the piggy backers off my account this account was time stamped to myself with bank o america as well as compass bank if you have any other tecniqual questions please leave amessage on my email i am registered with microsoft as well thank you upon getting one of the stolen phones back we realized thatsome one was forwarding verision corpate number to a cell phone that timt stamp wiyh best buy to my mothers home address please if any way not to post my numbers id like that done thank you i dont live at 6194510 and 623 3870510 to be taken off immediately this account does n`t belong to Monica or choice hotels just cause i built a kool operating systems now am being block by Microsoft Executive cause they plan to take the second time cory stop re porting my phones this will be
    worked out correctly if i have to say it all 10,000
    times over thanks for listening and i am going to have control of this shortly or i wont work for anyone accept myself again means all partners will find new jobs

  10. I have been with Sprint for 11 years. I have recently discontinued my services. The level of knowledge of the customer service agents were poor. I would ask to speak with account services. I have never seen such poor customer service before. The account services agent I spoke to last night was very rude, he would talk over me and now allow me to explain my billing issue or situation so I just said cancel my services. He manager of account services called me back about 3 hours later, already calling with an attitude, very nasty and rude on the telephone. Sprint, when you hire employees in a customer service role especially in management, being in management myself, you should not hire managers that argues with customers, that is not empathetic, and someone that listens to the customers and not talk over them. Sprint, I had 3 lines on my one account, you had a great customer but with poor service and attitude, you lost a good customer of 11 years.

    • Oh yeah…. I so agree I just dropped them today 120612 over a197.00 overcharge charge after 11 of being a loyal customer. They care not of us little people. But. I guess Verizon. Will love my money

  11. Hello my name is Sherry Rozendaal I’m from Minnesota I’m looking for payment billing from sprint that I need contact to sprint for e mail address so that I can straight to payment billing need resolve my billing by sprint. For my pager text has been suspend for while because of not payment billing so I need find the e mail address for sprint so that I can send to them to be solve it so that I can use my pager text to contact with my friend and my family if possible you can help me and give me correct exactly E mail address in St. Paul Mn

    I really appreciate it if you can help me fond one E mail address for me. Thank you so much Happy Halloween!!! Regards Sherry Rozendaal

  12. fuck your servise you guys fucking suck whty the fuck is the line buse3y every god dam fucking time i try to fucking call you stupid ass mother fucking fagets i promise i will piss on your fucking facve if i ever find you sorry worthless mother fuckers!!!!!!

  13. Our cell phones didn’t switch over to the new standard time, which became effective as of 2:00 a.m. this morning, Nov.4, 2012. I cannot reach anyone at Sprint; additionally, the phone service is a nightmare to use; there are too many options and buttons to push to get a simple question quickly answered, and it’s been this way for quite some time now.

    I’d like someone to respond my question re: why our phones didn’t automatically switch over.

    • I hate to say, but Ditto to all the negative comments mentioned above. I also have been a loyal customer for over 11 years. My phone also did not roll over the new time in March “missed a client waiting for me over an hour! also have had numerous dropped calls which has cost a loss of business.
      The lack of speed in the delivery of services is horrible and has cost $$$ due to this Last night at dinner tried to pull up the ‘map’ app to locate something in South Carolina, my husband who is with ATT had this up and running within 30 seconds This NEVER came up on my phone during dinner. This is also a disservice to their customers to not inform them / educate them on this ‘ticket’ issue in our area (whatever that means!!) Also they have been trying to get some LTE tower up for over a year???
      So how come all your competitors seem to get this technology up in a timely manner. The charges to discontinue services should be outlawed!! $1210 to cancel my contract $350 for 3 lines $160 for one!!! This is horrible that that is the way you keep your business Again it should be against the anti trust law All this tower issue was never disclosed when I received my I phone in Jan nor for my son or daughter who did so in November How convenient that this important part of the contract is not disclosed, which is not only is wrong but illegal. This service is a nightmare and as soon as I can get out of the contract I definitely will and hopefully others will do their homework better than I did in seeing Sprint’s lack of customer satisfaction.

  14. Really you don’t freaking know your towers are either over loaded,”like your busy ass customer service lines” or the towers are upgraded on our exspense! Look I have had so many lost jobs and missed communications that im ready to punt.Take a look at just a couple bills, anyones. You’ll see were taking it and ready to make the change ….I too am a valued customer and when I can’t even call you cause your service is fornicating the canine than seriously , large compensations are in order…I just resigned new contract a few months ago and have the galaxies s purchased at target.Now if you can get my phon working properly within a week I will wave the attourney fees, on account that I will find another service provider, at no extra cost. Please save me from the mental anguish I’ve taken the last few months. Amen

  15. I had a problem with huge overages due to a business issue Johnathan in customer service was incredibley helpful to me and was able to suggest a solution to help me out. What a relief to have had good service. Thank you Sprint, and thank you Johnathan.

    • can somebody tell me what to do I just got a Iphone that I bouthg at omaha nebraska and I would like to get service in mexico but for some reason my phone is lock I went to a mexican cellphone store and I was told that I need to pay $$ 100 dollars in order to get back my service cuz they said that they need to call sprint and made a payment to get unlock my phone…but this process is really expensive here in mexico plus if I call myself to sprint customer service from here,is kind of hard and expensive plus the time that I have to wait on line the cost to call to us is 1.20 dollars so if someone know a directly line call please reply this comment thank you

  16. Sprint is horrible and has been that way for way too long. I am dropping more calls now than ever before. I am now even dropping calls in my own house and on my way home from work. I was in a store recently and was told that they are replacing towers. Really? I haven’t heard that one before. Tried ordering the Galaxy S3 on Black Friday..HAHAHA! WHat a Joke that was! No one had them in stock, the website would not work and when I tried calling to oder the phone for my wife I was “dropped” after being on hold 1hr45mins. Called again, dropped after 48 mins on hold. called the next day same problem. Goodbye Sprint! Im taking my $204/month with me to TMobile or Verizon.

  17. I was calling them about the phone problem. Talked to Apple/Spring probably more than 15 times. They hung up on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow really? What kind of customer service hangs up on a person on the phone? I do believe I was quiet polite, but this just pisses me off.

  19. I just ordered the galaxy and guess what, I am sending it back ASAP. It is the absolute worse. My mom has the galaxy through Tmobile and no problems. Sprint doesn’t even have 4g and the Galaxy 3 is an 4G phone. I can’t even get all the bonuses of this phone because of sprint sorry services not to mention the calls dropped all day long. I would be talking and the next thing I know, the call dropped. I only had this phone two days and can’t even count the number of times my calls have dropped. The phone has been put back in the box and waiting for a return code to send this mess back. I will be going to Tmobile where they have 4G and no dropped calls.

  20. While in the hospital in a coma my brother tried to cancel my service and explain my problem. They told him to bad nothing they can dopay the bill or it goes to collection. So now I’m home and try to set shit straight they told me its my fault for not having someone pay my bills so now it went to collection. Sprint is the asshole of the cell phone world you can all sick a bag of dicks!!!!

  21. This is the worst company ever. I should have stayed with Verizon and paid more. I was told that because of my Company’s contract, my activation fees and shipping would be waived. Well after almost 5 hours on the phone and running back and forth to the store to get this corrected, they still are not corrected and they have turned my phones off for the second time since signing up with them in October 2012. I was hung up on several times and the store mananger was a jerk. I paid the bill less the fees and they turned my service off and my bill was not due to 12/3/2012. I will be looking for a new carrier and they can shove their contract.
    That Tyrone Handon guy listed in the 1st e-mail does not exist. I sent him an e-mail 2 days ago and no reply.

  22. Patience has run out!! The service received is so bad I want to cancel my account and go to the competition.I have been with sprint since 2005 and unless they fix my problem quickly and do it right I am done. I added a line for my fiance. She chose area code 863 and was assigned a random number in that area. The problem is that the name of the previous owner of that number appears when my fiance makes a call to a land line or cell line that doesn’t have her programmed into their contacts. We have made three calls to customer service and chatted on line twice—-still no fix and now my fiances name shows up when I make a call on my line and the old owner of her number still shows up on hers. The frustration is unbearable, nobody needs unneccessary stress.Sprint keeps on trying the same fix and says wait 72 hours to see if it works!!! My next step is sharing my experience on twitter, facebook and you tube.

  23. After eading the ” worst Sprint commenets ” I know now I am fighting a lost cause!!! Sprint never has cared about the customer….being n police work Sprint service can not be depended on. I know from experience. The customer service is terrible and so is the service. No wonder Verizon in number one in the nation. Soon will be switching over. On one day I said I was going to get a problem solved…got put to over 21 people in one day and still never got any results..I have contacted the BBB Better Business Bur. Sprint is a ” Rip Off Company “

  24. I think your customer service is the worst. I hope that the person i talked with ( Fred ) he was suppose to be the superviser gets some more training to deal with customers. I am going to cancel my phone that i have had with them for 10 years hope they like that Maybe if more people done this they would get the message

  25. I buy sprint service few days ago.i was glad to get great service from sale associate.But when I start using your service I had lot of dissatisfaction .problem is drop call and takes hour to open a page.it is three days I’m trying to view my Facebook but I can’t open .im not happy to pay almost $100 for nothing. I don’t want sprint service no more

  26. I received my bill last week and I did not get my 22% off . Please let me. Know this work because when I stop in store I was told every month I willl get 22% off total bill.
    Erika aguilar

  27. I have been a sprint client for over 15 years, the moment my contract is over i am running for my life away from your unprofessional company. I have been forced to keep a blackberry curve which is the worst phone i have ever owned. To add insult to injury you want me to buy out my contract even though it expires in February. I am paying 95 dollars per month for a phone that I can never use. I can not get on the internet, or buy any blackberry apps, nor can I even use the navigation.This is wrong and your customer service is pitiful.

  28. Worse customer service. I been with Sprint for a year. Any time I called customer service for any issues or problem it turn out to be a disaster and lost of time. Please check around other cell phone carrier. I highly recommend NOT to work with SPRINT. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  29. I was treated so badly from sprint customer services. I call in to see why I was charge a activation fee. I was treated badly because I had a past due balance on my bill. I was called a lier, and the rep would’nt give me a information. A rep put a payment arrangment on my account without my permission to get my services get disconnected. had to call sprint again to have it removed, and they informed me they couldnt do anything about it.

  30. I have had sprint for 15 years . and today when I went to upgrade 3 phones, I discovered from the wonderful sales guy I was charged for a forth line for two years I canceled four years ago. Now they say I have to pay an early cancelation fee for a line I never allowed them to restart. They are the worse customer service ever. For 175.00 bucks a month they could not return the money they took from me. My hope is they go under and I am going to pursue a legal action any way I can. So be careful to anyone that thinks to carry this horrible service. They suck..

  31. I was a Sprint customer for over 6 years. The past year and a half my services were horrible, I mean, horrible. No reception, dropped calls, internet never picked up. Couldn’t use my gps feature most times. Everyone around me with other carriers had great service in my area. I made numerous complaints, traded phones, had my services checked, talked with local sales office who said they had the same problems with their personal phones etc. Finally after struggling with no service, and it causing havoc in my life, ie, no home phone service available, I gave up and ended up my contract early – being told I would have my contract termination fee waived. I have followed up every month with customer service to resolve this issue and have been told by every agent in every call a different story. The notes are not accurate, they don’t see where I cancelled it, they do see where I cancelled it, they don’t see any reference to waiving the fee, they do see it, they need me to call back etc etc etc. After 4 months of fighting with customer service which was incompetent, incomplete, and absolutely the most unnerving experience with a business in my life………I am being held liable for the contract and charged the fee. DO NOT GO WITH SPRINT SERVICES. They accept no responsibility for their services nor their customer service. I will be a warning voice to any and all parties I come in contact with regarding the horrible experience with them.

    Thanks a lot Sprint, after years as a “valued” customer.

    OVERLAND PARK, KS 66251-4300
    14TH December 2012.
    Subject: Customer appreciation letter.
    To whom it may concern,
    As one of your customers, I recently purchased a SIII Sprint Phone from your company. I wanted to say thank you, to *KAYLENE TOKUHISA* for the assistance and outstanding customer service she provided to me in purchasing the product. I can say that I greatly appreciate the time and service.
    I would also like to say she assisted me with patience and smiles, made my experience comfortable because I could not make up my mind on choosing a phone. and even allowed me to try each one. For this reason, I was able to make the right decision.
    Again, I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the effort of your employee especially your retail consultant *Kaylene Tokuhisa* when I tried other locations and they told me they could not assist me. Your great customer service is highly appreciated.
    Yours Truly,
    Shandy L Mira

  33. I have been a customer of Sprint/Nextel for over 12 years. I spoke with one of your representatives last month regarding upgrading my phones. I have 5 phones on my plan I was forced to upgrade one of my phones because it was on the Nextel network. While I was asking questions on this forced upgrade I inquired about upgrading the rest of the phones on my plan, I was told at that time the that a total of 4 of my 5 phones were eligible for an upgrade, so I asked about upgrading the 5th phone. I was told at that time since I was looking to upgrade all of my phones I would be able to upgrade the fifth one since it would be up soon. At that time we weren’t sure what phones we would like. On 12/23/12 we went to one of your sprint stores to upgrade our phones at that time I found out that they would not honor the agreement I was given on the phone. I spoke with your customer service reprehensive named Ming he wouldn’t honor the previous agreement and was just ready to hang up on me. As I said previously I have been a loyal customer of Sprint/Nextel for over 12 years and it now shows you no longer care about customer service. I didn’t think I was looking for the word on this. You are running a sale on smart phone of buy one get one free so I was looking to buy 4 phones that night and upgrade my plan. Since customer service is no longer a priority with your company I am going to start to look for a new carrier with better customer service.
    Brian J Carey

  34. SO everyone has the same problem, horrible service, horrible customer service, we pay the bills, or we leave, and one person found one rep to help sell them a phone, wow, thats cool, but everyone else even the poor person that is so happy 10 days ago with who sold her the phone WAIT TILL SHE CANT GET ON FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, THE INTERNET AT ALL, CANT MAKE CALLS, CANT GET TEXTS, CANT USE THE PHONE IN YOUR HOUSE, USE 3G SPEED OR LESS WHEN YOU ARE PAYING FOR A SMARTPHONE AND RIDICULOUS PAYMENTS AND CHARGES< then SHE WILL BE REALLY HAPPPY THAT LADY SOLD HER THIS AWESOME NON BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE 4G LTE GALAXY THAT WILL BE USING OVERCROWDED SLOW 3G SERVICE ALL THE TIME OR NO SERVICE. SPRINT SUCKS ASS FOR SURE, and theres posts all over the forum stating the same damn thing, doesnt matter, were too small individually and they cant do shit until there towers are up and working.

  35. My contract ended in october, and still getting bills.. even thought i told then to end contract. I hate sprint for doing this to me. I havent used the mobil internet since may’ modem broken

  36. I had a replenish sprint phone and it was always dropping calls for several mths. I tried the airwave device and it did not work. I have called many times to get sprint to understand I cannot use a phone if it always drops calls. My boss was so upset with this, he got me a Verizon I phone and it has been working fine. I know from talking with one of your tech reps that their was a tower down about the same time I was having this problem. I will not pay any fee for your contract due to all the problems I have had. I also tried calling sprint many times and they also dropped the calls I made with them, this has been a awful experience and I am VERY UNHAPPY? Deb brown. Deb4dancin@yahoo.com

  37. yalls service is horrible I have had the galaxy three with yall for alil over a week and in the middle of mempgis tn it drops calls constantly…not to mention where I stay a mile outside olive branch ms I cant even talk on the phone. do something about this im giving yall the benifit if the doubt that all these upgrades are the cause but when my 30 day trial is over if it hasnt improved I will be giving your phone back and using a company that I can actually make phone calls on…not to mention that your data speed isnt even mediocre cimparably to verizon, att t mobil and even the mississippi based cspire…very disapointed sprint I thought yall had better servuce than this

  38. I am appalled at the bad service, treatment and attitudes at Sprint. I have spent countless hours calling and getting put on hold, and the burden shifted to me but no one wants to or will help me. The connection is bad, I can hardly make or receive calls, I cannot send picture mail, my calls get dropped, and everyone I talk to at Sprint, shifts the blame to me or my device (which I changed several times along with my number to see if it would correct the problem). This service is costing my business money, and causing me stress and headaches! Help!!!!!

  39. Imyself have been a customer with sprint for 12years and i just loss $100.00 by paying to get a new phone and upgrade. i never received the phone and was told “sorry no refund.i was litterally “robbed. and the manager told me. there is nothing they can do ! but im still fighting. if anyone can help, please let me know

  40. My phone drops calls in the heart of Orange county, go figure. the plan I set up and what I’m being billed for is 180 degrees off. Getting a live person is a joke, love all the hit 4 hit 3 hit5 hit7 rather then having a live person sort it out. Doesn’t Sprintmake enough money to have live people answer straight away?! I work 12 hr days, I work hard to keep each of my customers happy. I guess when you get as big as Sprint it must be impossible to give personnel service.

  41. Forgot to mention that not everyone will post reviews with negitive remarks. But the truth is the ability of Sprint to provide what the customer is asking for seems to be difficult.

  42. We have been using the I680 and had to switch to the kyocera, It must stand for
    S—t in another language. Not very happy with it, should have copied the I680 platform.
    New doesn’t always mean better.

  43. A brief story. I went to sprint on dec 16 th 2012 to buy a smartphone for Christmas. I was told I could not buy the phone without activating it. Since he was away at school, I did not want to deactivate his phone to replace it with a new phone that he wouldn’t get for a week. They told me they would put the phone aside for me so I could buy it on Christmas eve when he would be with me and get his phone right away. When we arrived on Christmas eve, we were told that the promotion had been discontinued on the 17 th. They did not know it was going to happen. The only way for me to get the phone for him would be to pay 7 times the price. It turns out that I was eligible for an upgrade on January 1st. So we could come back then and get the phone at the discounted price. We were told I could do it here or he could do it from college since he needed to go back early to work. He tried to go on January 2 and because they couldn’t reach me by phone because I am a teacher and unavailable at certain times, they couldn’t do it. Sooo.. I went last night afterwork and got the phone for him. While I was at the store, they asked me if I wanted insurance. When I said no he told me it would cost 600 to replace it. When I questioned him about the phone costing 350, the week before, he couldn’t explain the price difference. I did not persue it. He continued activating the phone. Problem is, he activated it on the wrong line. He put the new phone On my line, not my son’s even though I told him the number he was supposed to replace. So today I went back for the 4th time to get the phone set up correctly. The sales associate Andrew actually asked me to rate them as I was very satisfied. Seriously!!!!! I am not even close to satisfied let alone very satisfied. Neither the store in niskayuna, ny nor the corporate offices have made any effort to treat customers with respect.

  44. I have spent one hour on the phone with sprint and my issue is still not resolved. I have three lines – one of which is eligible for either upgrade or to take off the plan. It was just a simple matter of interchanging the numbers in order for me to keep the same number – they said cant be done and in addition I would have to pay a $50 termination fee – I hung up on the 12 year old Supervisor and told him to cancel my phone service with Sprint I will go with another provider. I have been with Sprint for over 10 years.

  45. I have been a customer with Sprint for 21 years and in today’s current market you can purchase a cell phone at a gas station or the nearest convenience store. It is very upsetting that a company that I can truly say that I have been a dedicated customer to would just terminate your services and not continue to work with you after a payment has been made. It took along time to get here but I’m thinking maybe I should explore other options and proceed with a company that really appreciates their customers…..

    very dissatisfied !!!!

  46. Unbelievable! I didn’t realize how bad Spring customer service was. I have been with sprint for over 15yrs and never any problems. My plan was grandfatherd from another company they took over years ago and only paid $45 for data and unlimited calls. But, to upgrade to a smartphone, I had to go with their new higher priced plans. After much deliberation, decided to go on a family plan with a total of 3 lines. When in the store the salesman told me specifically that my monthly rate would be $179 + 20% disc from my job. When I got my first bill, the discount only applied to the first line. When I called customer service they said “sorry for the misunderstanding, but I cannot apply any further disount” Now they misrepresented the plan to me. I had the salesman break it down for me and was specifically told of the discount to the entire plan less the insurance. Customer service trfd me to a supervisor, Eric C. but he was no help. I asked to speak to his manager and was advised they do not take phone calls. I asked for their email and he said he can’t give it to me. I asked for their name and he could only give me Jamie B. No last name. I asked for a contact # or email address and he said that was not an option. My only option was for him to pass the information along. BAD BAD BAD customer service!!! I am so disappointed. He did not give me any other options or even willing to compensate for their error. What is customer service if the customer service manager is unavailable to speak to a customer!!!

  47. on january 11,2013 i dpoke to a male finance representstive. his tone was rude and the customer serbice rep was unpleasant toward the end of call. i asked for 1/25 to pay balance he cofirmed the 1/18 then he updated the date to 1/25. i didnt hear the date clearly i was losing my signal. however he began shouting and there was agitation in his voice. i do not appreciate being spoken to in that manner when i am part of the reason this man gets a income. this is sad that as a customer you are made to feel like you are bothering an individual that is a finance rep. well i am making it clear this individual did a poor job representing sprint. thanks to him once my bill is paid to date i will take my unwanted buisness to a company that will appreciate my buisness .

  48. I will never use sprint again their customer servise is clueless. The network sucks too dropped calls big bill that follows. So long sprintnever again

  49. We have 3 lines and a web package through Sprint. I must say that we have been with u for years and the service is really bad in our area. We are leaving sprint to go to Verizon so we can have coverage . I am tired of dropped calls and my internet not working it is worse than dial up and uses all my data package I will never suggest anyone useing Sprint. We bar called and called to find out the problem with no resolution

  50. Come on June, so i can switch to another carrier! 10yrs of loyalty and this is how you treat me..Ill take my $150 a month else where..

  51. I would like to express my.dissatisfaction with your customer service and general operational practices,contracts are signed without clear terms and then are changed,resulting in more charges.This is very deceptive and is not the way to do business.I am writing letters to Consumer Reports and the Better Business Burea to inform them of your practices so they can spread the news to consumers.I spoke with many of your employees and they need education on how to take care of your customers,because without us you have no business.When I signed my last contract I was impressed with your customer service,but now you seem to be not interested in your customer service,Unhappy!

  52. I spoke with several reps, everyone told me something different, I then had to go to a sprint location to get an update. …. the guys there said “no towers for 4g lte would be available till early spring…..the last rep told me these towers would be ready by the 21st of this month. I am a long time customer, but I’ll be looking for afcn alternate carrier

  53. Excellent. Recently lost my job and they have been amazingly helpful. I’m very satisfied, and they have the best rates on the IPhone. I’m happy and Im a tough cookie to please.

  54. i have never seen a weak connection so bad that ie have twice thrown my sprint phone in complete frustration. i make a phone call and suddenly cut off in the middle of important bizniz. ie wil get a verizon phn nxt time. however it has passed my tempy tampy test. its unscaved. my mental state however is broken..

  55. I normally had great reviews when dealing with them but on Monday 1-28-13 I called to setup a payment arrangement and was greated by a sweet lady. She said that she had to have her manager approve the amount I was paying. I wanted to pay $150 until Wednesday 1-30-13. I was told I was not allowed to do that by a VERY RUDE Senior Customer Service Rep. He told me that if i didn’t like it I could cancel. I asked him how much it would cost to do that and he told me well over a $1000 so I doubt you will do that. WOW! I told him well it is tax season and that would be worth it if I never had to deal with rude jerks such as him again. I have 3 lines and pay around $250 a month for this. We ARE cancelling and going to another service. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

    • I was told I HAD TO pay $213.65 because that is what I owed. $63.65 more and it was 2 days. WOW!!! Right after that my phone was disconnected! RIDICULOUS!

  56. Reception on Sprint has sucked since they bought Nextel. Never had problems with service, was able to receive calls, never had dropped calls with Nextel. Even after Hurricanes. Sprint buys Nextel & now service sucks. They’ve been “adding” towers since then, so they say. Service gets worse & worse. I can’t get a decent internet connection in my house. My friends whether with Verizon, AT & T or T Mobile they get instant connections in my house. Dropped calls? Constantly. Everywhere I go. When I go home to Indiana I can’t even make a call unless I’m in a town. Cancelling my service when my contract is up.

  57. I went into the Sprint store today for another visit regarding the repeated poor service with my phone. I’ve called over and over so I finally went into the store for help. For the first time, I was treated poorly (which is an understatement)by the Rep. (Taryn). She walked passed me to another customer and asked if she could help him. I asked if there was still a sign-in sheet, because I was there before the other gentleman. She said “no, he was here before you”. I said “no he wasn’t, did you check the sheet?” She then stated “if you’re going to have an attitude, you can get out of the store”. There’s more to this story, but the end result was that this was the most RUDE, IGNORANT & UNPROFESSIONAL service I’ve ever received from Sprint or in my life. It took all I had to maintain my composure but, I’m glad I did. Hopefully this will be taken seriously and addressed within the Corporate offices of Sprint. I am certain this is not what they expect from there representatives who are a direct reflection of them. Needless to say, the gentleman with the red hair took excellent care of me after hearing what had just happened. The Plank Rd store in VA must seriously consider retraining Ms. Taryn, or perhaps she should find employment elsewhere where Customer Svc isn’t their main priority.

  58. Well,i have tried to contact my family and my phone will not contact at all and they are telling me to contact customer services so what do i do?

  59. Sprint is absolutely the WORST!!!! I just got an iphone 5. May as well have a basic flip phone as I cannot use 90% of the functions of the iphone due to horrible internet service. Also, at least 50% of the time (or more) my phone doesn’t ring. Goes straight to voicemail when I’m sitting right beside it. Can’t access my maps when on the road, text pics don’t go thru, can’t load facebook, PITIFUL!!!! Have spent countless hours on phone and in store to rectify this issue, even restoring the iphone to factory settings, all to no avail. I told them I wanted out of my 2 year contract and of course they told me since they showed I got excellent service in my area, that was not possible. Does anyone know of ANY WAY that one can get out of a contract due to horrible service? I could lose my job over not answering the phone (which doesn’t ring), as I work for the airlines. Sometimes I don’t know that the phone has even rung till hours later. HELP!!!!!

  60. LONG periods days,months with no service in the 607 Dryden New York area – run around from service reps. Family phones all on sprint to access sprint to sprint now we have no service MY PARENTS ARE ELDERLY THIS PHONE IS MY MOTHER’S LIFE LINE SHE IS BLIND!! My phone WHICH HAS NO SERVICE My daughter who’s husband is in the military and away she has 2 infants, my brother, and my parents KERR,RICHARD/SHIRLEY my sister we can not keep in touch through the Sprint service as Dryden tower on Walker Rd. is apparently out again. The customer service # has been busy bus busy

  61. I used to tell people sprint gave great service for me with no dropped call. It has gotten worse since last summer hen was told “they are upgrading towers”. It is now Feb. And the service is not workingv at all. When i went to the store, the answer was “they are upgrading towers. “. To me that means making things better not worse. Each day this week, i lost another service. Dropped phone calls, no or very little internet connection, now not receiving emails. I must wait to get a few bars to try to get this email to send. Most of the time i am roaming. Over $100 mo for no service is not in the contract. They have lost ME too. They have broken the contract.

  62. i have been with sprint for 6 years i just cant understand my bill can jump from 230.00 to 320.00 a month. if you really value your customer you would treat them a whole lot better. i have got 5 phones i guess if got more than 1 line you deserve a break. 1 phone 1 bill same paper work as for as bill. if got 2-5 phone no credit. you fixing lose a nother unhappy customer o but who really just go and hook somebody else promise them everything hold that carrot out there then just break it off in them have good night

  63. Not sure of all of the complaints on here. I have been with sprint for 10 years. I have 5 phones on my account,one is for my parents who live 3 hours from me. We had problem with phone and I called customer service for help, he called my parents to walk them thru things on the phone and even called back tomake sure the phone wasll work 2 hours later.
    I have learned, with been a long time customer, that you might have to call a couple of time to find the right rep to help you. I have been late on payments and always been able to call and set up a payment time to keep my service on with no problems. Sprint will let you change your plan to help save you money but depending on your phone you might not be able to get a lower budget phone ( a lot of high end droids).
    So the biggest thing is always be nice if you yell at a rep who is only makeing 9.00 an hour they will make you pay for it ….lol
    I will never leave Sprint.

  64. I hate this company. I got the service and return the phone back within the 14 days.When I came back to purchase the phone I wanted I was told they never ship the phone back and I was responsable for their mistake. Afert twenty phone calls and alot of transfers and hang ups from the Sprint Customer Services. I was able to speak to someone who agreed to credit the account. Oh wait the came back and put it back on my account. Yes! after again hang ups and transfer the disconected the service. I was attack by Ken Parker he was RUDE and very unprofessional, he told me what I can pay and laugh and told me that this is my problem. He also told me he’s been with the company for 15 years and no one will fire him, because I said to him how rude he speaking to me and he also asured me that his calls are not monitored and no one will not recommend him for his actions. What!!! we could not belivied what we was hearing. Yes this is someone who takes your calls at Corporate. Think People don’t use Sprint

  65. We are retired in SW Forida and have been unable to make a cell phone LD call for the last 2 days. So, we called one of your stores and learned you are in a 72 hour upgrade to 4G network. I thinks that is fantastic since you have been advertising for some time you are the largest, or one of the largest networks in the USA.

    I’m retired from a fortune 100 company and simply do not understand why Sprint would not have notified their vast subscribers of loyal customers of this interruption. Can you imagine how many of your customers rely on a 24/7 service to make a living?

    Please do not answer that you sent mailings etc that most people throe away. Why? Because you frankly send to much mail with far too many changes that no one of ordinary intelligence can sort out. Please forward this to you CEO and explain anyone that fouled-up this badly would be looking for work elsewhere.

    We expect to hear back that Sprint will credit ours and every ones account accounts for days of service lost.

    Bruce Aamoth and many others

  66. I am very disappointed with Sprint customer service. I switched from Verizon for a better plan but I am sacrificing customer service dearly.

    I went to a Sprint corporate store to resolve a plan issue. I was told that my issue cannot be resolved at the store. However, it should be resolved easily by calling the Customer Care. One hour and 3 reps later, I was told to go back to the store to speak with the manager and then have a 3 way conversation with the manager, Customer Care and myself to straighten out some facts. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to escalate the issue to another level and I have to wait 2 days before the store manager to work. There is no assistant manager or a backup at the store that could speak with me. I simply have to wait. It seems there is a corporate policy and customer satisfactions issue here.

  67. My husband and I visited your Sprint store in Springfield, OH, with complaints about both of our phones.
    The three employees who were working at the time, David Fulgham, Dustin Beaird, and Taylor Fox, were terrific. They gave us tips and took the time to explain about the towers etc.
    These three gentlemen were very professional and made us feel like we were important(not just another complaining customer). It was a pleasure dealing with all three of them.
    They are obviously important assets to your company and deserve recognition for their people skills.

    Thank you,
    Debby Eisnaugle

  68. After over 10 years of being a loyal sprint costomer i was told today i have to wait 8 months to upgrade my phone. Very dissapointed. 2036684818

  69. To Whom It May Concern,Annette & myself have been customers 4 many years. We pay promptly and unitil now have had good service. That was B4 my upgrade, my new phone did good 4 awhile, until March 15th I used my phone at 12:00, I checked the time about 3:00, phone was not working. It was cycling. I spent Saturday, my only day off running feom stoe to store. I was suppose 2 B on a personal job: but could not, loss was $200.00 After speaking with CC, I was told 2 go back that day, I would get a new phone, but at store they said no. I work 50 – 60 hours a week. The 2nd time I called I said I should not have 2 pay if I did not have service. I was told I had service but no phone.Well, I’m sure I bought the service & their phone from Sprint, my phone has been down 4 – 5 days now and I took an insurance policy 2 insure that I this did not happen. U R Service Centers,should have phones and parts also some loners to keep your customers in service. You expect us 2 pay on time, we do. We expect you 2 give us good timely service. We hope you will respectiful receive this comment and something will be done very shortly

  70. I got tricked into this teamview8 and i didn’t have any interest in it and now my galaxy 3 is dead. no internet, can’t even call sprint PLEASE HELP ME GET MY PHONE BACK ACTIVATED RIGHT.

  71. On March 15, I went into sprint to buy the NOTE 2. The Retail Consultant was Tracy Hammett. 15150 Shawnee Mission Pkwy,Shawnee,KS 66217. I enjoyed her. She was amazing seller. I even bought a case for 60 more. I spent a total of 396. I was so happy with her and enjoyed my phone that I came back and add a second line for my girlfriend. I did this on a March 21, six days later. They were so happy to get my money. On March 22 I got my phone wet and it was not working at all. I took it the nearest store in independence. I work in and independence and live in parkville. I drove all the way to her again. Any ways…. I took it to the sprint store 19130C east 39th street, Independence mo 64057. Johnnie Calloway and his tech took an hour to take it apart and do what ever they did. I sure and they hell could not tell you. Then he bought it to me and told me that it was to much water damage and that I was going have to pay 200 dollar to replace it. I told him to put it back together and I will take it back to the store I bought it from. I call tracy ahead of time and she said to bring it and they will se what they can do. I had to run my store and stay at work. I was sure that tracy could help some way and told her that I would send my girlfriend. She took it to tracy and her team and they took it apart and found water damage. I girlfriend said that tracy sprint,smile and everything else change in a matter of minutes. Tracy became short and rude like. I was going to leave tracy out of this review but, if you rude to me. I can take it but not when you rude to my love’s ones. I told tracy to cancel the lines because my girlfriend had call me at work and gave tracy the phone. She said no because the phone was bad and they would not take it back. I told her to cancel the second line and that I would call the rep over the phone and talk to a high-manager. I call /taylor and told him everything. He did went back to policy and said I need 200. I told him to cancel my phone now. Today at 9:00 on March 23,13. I told him he would loss 2160 total for the two year contract and that they could have done something. Meet me in the middle or something. They phone wasnt even 14 days old. My account number is 503368435 or was. I will tell my family,friends, and my company about this horrible experience. We will use you all as a example of what not to do. Darnell Washington

  72. Worst cell phone company in my opinion! won’t help you over the phone or in person if you do not have a PIN# that was issued several years ago. Im only trying to pay!!! and you tell me to wait for the bill but once the bill comes, you are charged of late fee! WTFF… you call to get that waived and they tell you NO. And I asked to be transferred to the manager and while i’m waiting for one, it gets disconnected. I do not know how i have managed to stay with this company even after the reception failed on me numerous times. I’m SO Glad with Verizon. It really is true how horrible customer service is when you have a problem. Most customer service will be happy to take your money but NO~ Sprint will make you wait to collect more money from you! STAY AWAY from Sprint! SPRING REALLY SUCKS ASS!

  73. left at&t for sprint biggest regret starting from the store since december i spoke at least 4 times trying to get credits for connection fees that i wasnt told than charged 38 $ late fee & $39 .that aint it now denied $150 rebates they say there wasnt receipts in envelope im dealing with rebate for 20 years never happend bunch of liers or trying to get you disgusted stay away you be paying more than anybody misleading from store to managment.

  74. well its 733 pm and i have been with out a phone all the only phone i have the phone has not worked all day was to sprint store two times they said they were work on the tower what are they doing to it building it from the ground up i need my phone back how much longer

  75. Sprint is horrible! I had a terrible incident happened to me of getting robbed at gun point for my phone. Therefore, why should i pay retail price for another phone ( iPhone 4S) . My line currently is suspended because i dont have the money to pay soo much money for another phone. Only because i dont have insurance ? That’s bs.

  76. I am extremely dissatisfied with the account specialist that “assisted” me when I asked to cancel a line due to a death in my family. She continuously attempted to convince me to maintain the line after I asked her to stop as I was having a difficult time making the call. She was insensitive about my situation. I would have considered adding another line soon as I have many family members that potentially could be added to my account but I will not consider it now. In fact when my current contract ends I will seek other mobile phone services. Unfortunately I have over 1 1/2 years left only contract. I have been a sprint customer for close to 10 years and expected more sensitive treatment during a very difficult time.

  77. I’m glad my contact ends 6/1. I have never been treated so unprofessionally in my life. Escaltion manager (kemo)I250289288 is rude and won’t even let you explain the situation without interrupting you. Not to mention he hung up on me as I was speaking. Thank God this contract ends soon. I would advise anyone looking for company with anykind of customer sservice stay away from Sprint. I came to sprint to try and save a few dollars but I see it’s true you pay for what you get

  78. I wish i had this phone, the dumb ass that didnt give me a pin or security. Question so i could get help with tthis and your coverage area shoved up someones ass. Send me the bill for early termmenation

  79. I pay for what I order but nothing more! Turn on my phone if you want to get paid. I did not order international calling. can’t is not in my vocabulary

  80. Upon my second visit to the retail location that provides tech support, I received horrendous customer service from their lead tech MISAEL SOSA. SPRINT STORE – FLAMINGO – 748
    This tech replied to my inquires about the poor service with the following statements.
    “you are not the only one experiencing these issues”
    “what do you want me to do about it?”
    He asked me if I needed to write his name down to make a complaint and vulgarities were exchanged where he called me a “douchebag”.

    I have been a Sprint customer for 10 years for business and personal. If Sprint retains employees that provide this level of poor customer service I have no problem cancelling my accounts and switching to another service provider.

  81. I bought a HTC ONE 4G from Best BUY which is one and half blocks from me. They told me the tower will be upgraded in two days.All this time I called Boost about 10 times, went to Best Buy 4 times, called optimum
    not knowing why I still couldn’t get on the web, after 3 weeks I found out you will not have 4 G service in my area. Boost tells me to just accept my new phone as a 3G. Ha.!! Not much difference-he tells me. So many lies to buy your phone and plan. How rude . 10530

  82. I spoke with nicole and michele, and they could not replace two phone’s that are less than 5 months old….so they didn’t just lose one customer they lost TWO!!!!! They endorse the phones but cannot backup the sprint name which they have put on these phones…SPRINT has gone to hell in a hand basket……DON”T BUY SPRINT

  83. I bought my daughter the IPhone 4S from Sprint. I have always hesitated to do business with Sprint,based on stories my friends and associates had told me. I decided to give them a try…big mistake. Customer service is horrible, supervisors promise to call you back, because they are too busy to speak with a paying customer directly!! Every month there is an additional charge added to your bill, that no one can justify!! I’m a very unsatisfied customer, will be terminating my contract effective immediately, and I would not ever refer anyone to Sprint!!! If you are reading this…take my advise and take your business elsewhere!! The most unprofessional cell phone service company I have ever encountered!!!

  84. Sprint si horrible switched cell phone companies will never ever do business with them customer service reps are horrible very unhappy customer . HORRIBLE HORIBLE NIGHTMARE THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE .

  85. We have your carrier with 2 phone lines….it could be better,much better and we live in the Louisville Ky area. I can see down town Louisville from my home and we still get drop calls….We also have the Sprint internet service…what a JOKE….we are leaving Sprint real soon…..

  86. we have been with Sprint for 5 years. I honestly really do not have any negative things to say..I mean it is the best rates for family plans along with data plans as well.
    if you are nasty with the reps..they will be to you..they are the ones that can help you or not…try to be nicer and see what the outcome is. they are doinf what they have been trained..dont take it out on the bottom people..take it to the top……

  87. I have been with sprint for about a year and 6 months now. Recently I had moved from San Diego to Hemet, Ca. Come to find out that I have no range at my new address. So I went to the Sprint store on Tyler in Riverside, Ca. where the store associate assured me that Sprint will be happy to supply me with a signal booster free of charge and that they would just validate I had no service at my new residence. They asked me to inform them after I established cable service, as I would need it in order for the booster to work. After I established cable service in my residence, I contacted Sprint to inform them I was ready for the free signal booster,…only to be told that they have depleted inventory of the free boosters but I can buy one for $150.00. Not gonna happen Sprint! Since the nationwide network could not give me a signal booster for free, I had to go back to Verizon where my signal is good once again.
    Now Sprint is actually trying to come after me for early contract termination. I guess missed the fine print where it stated Nationwide Network with the exception of Hemet, Ca.92544. If Sprint wants to come after me for breech of contract,….Lets boogie! Because they are the ones who actually broke the contract.

  88. I’m still being charged $5.60 extra per month than I am supposed to be which doesn’t include the higher tax % on a bigger/improper charge.
    I still have yet to receive the $100.oo credit on my account for the phone purchase.

    You have a limited time to fix it or its peace out Sprint & hello T-Mobile…….

  89. My name is Cortney McClellan and I have been a sprint customer since 2006. I have been happy with the company and even tell my peers that Sprint is a great company to have service with. However, as of yesterday I will tell anyone who asks me about Sprint to never use this company due to lack of knowledge around the products your company sells and lack of actionable customer service.

    I recently (Tuesday 6/4/13) received a replacement phone due to a burnt port on my original phone. On Wednesday (6/5/13) I went to the Sprint store on W. Main (Kalamazoo Mi) to have my contacts and pictures from my original phone transferred to my replacement phone. After the store employee realized that I had a large amount of photos and the transfer would take a while he pulled my SD card and began to transfer contacts. When he put the card back in it was corrupt and had lost all information aka all of my pictures from the last 3 years of my life – graduations, weddings, baptisms, all family events, including pictures of people who were very close to me who have now passed. These pictures are irreplaceable and I understand that there is no way to get them back. A brief apology isn’t going to fix the issue. He also put a new SD card in a 1 GB replacing my 8 GB but didn’t inform me of the downgrade. I started crying and left the store only to find out that something had messed up my text messaging.

    I got home and called the Sprint service line, and a gentleman walked me through multiple steps all the way to a total system wipe and the texting was still not working. He informed me to take it to the corporate store on Westnedge (Portage, MI) to get the texting working. This is two hours into the day of dealing with Sprint. I went to the corporate Sprint store and the text was finally working. Then when he was starting to transfer over the contacts and photos he informed me that the card didn’t have enough space to pull the pictures out of the internal memory of the original phone and that Sprint phones now have internal memory and no longer come with SD cards. So unless I BOUGHT a new SD card I couldn’t get my pictures back anyway. He was able to transfer my contacts. At this store I did not sign anything. So I didn’t agree that Sprint wasn’t responsible to the data on my phone,

    After leaving the store I called the service line back to see if they could at least replace my original SD card. The woman said the original store would give me a courtesy 8 GB SD card but I would have to go back to the store. Mind you gas is $4.29 a gallon in MI right now and the stores aren’t exactly close to my house, and I felt embarrassed going back to the original store because I was so emotional earlier in the day. When I arrived at the original store they found a 8 GB SD card “laying around in the back” and put that in my original phone. The card had someone else’s pictures on it and completely erased all of my pictures from the internal memory. So not only had my SD card been “corrupted” now all of the memory had been completely erased from my original phone. The store manager apologized and said there was nothing further he could do other than give me someone else’s SD card and blame the other store for the memory out of my original phone being deleted. So he gave me someone else’s used SD card and all of their private pictures and that was it.

    I then called back to the service line and after talking to 3 members of your service team was informed that a $25 credit was all Sprint would offer for my troubles and yet again it was NOT Sprint’s fault. SD cards can easily damage when they are continuously being moved from phone to phone. I informed the man that I had watched Sprint employees move that SD cards at the least six times that day, but it was still MY fault this issue had occurred. He then tried to convince me to take the $25 deal and that I would drop the issues. That was not something I am willing to do. He told me he was the highest person I could talk to at the company and that was all that would be offered. I was not ok with that and he said another evaluation supervisor would call me in the next 24 hours.

    After I got off the phone with him I realized that the texting was out yet again. So I had to call back again to have a service team member try to figure out the text issue. Luckily this woman could get my texting back up and going. The lack of knowledge and professionalism displayed by your company is unacceptable and I never want to deal with Sprint again. The whole ordeal yesterday took over five hours and left me so upset. Like I said I have been with your company for almost 8 years and to be treated the way I was yesterday is ridiculous and the fact that I have to pay $240 to end my agreement with the company is absurd! Why would I pay a company that treats me so poorly. No wonder everyone has Sprint issues.

    Then a third evaluation manager called me today and offered me a $40 credit. So five hours of my time, my gas, and all of my photographed memories of the last 3 years is only worth $40? I find this extremely insulting. Please tell me who I need to contact to get this issue addressed. I went to one store twice yesterday and another one once – three times in a Sprint store in one day and problems kept escalating. I would like you to address your store policies in regards to unnecessary movement of SD cards and lack of knowledge on what effects the data stored within the devices. I would also prefer to completely cancel all service with your company for FREE. If the cancellation can’t be done I believe at the least you should upgrade my phone into one that can more securely hold my data and give me at least a month of service for my troubles yesterday. Cancellation is preferred.

  90. Sprint does cash checks that are not made out to them….I was told that all checks sent to them are cashed and the funds are placed into a misapplied payments account?
    I have been chasing my money for 5 days now and received
    noting but grief…..I have been passed around to several people and departments. sprint can be charged with fraud, theft, bank fraud, forgery and a bunch of other felony charges. I was advised to Get an attorney immediately and if I do not receive the funds back today this will be the direction I will take.

  91. I can’t find my phone it has been missing for about three hours now. Can you please shut it off and confirm for me please!

  92. Sprint is horrible, I recently bought the 4g HTC one and I don’t get 4g anywhere and the 3g is slow. My metro pcs was twice as fastt as I could actually use the 4g everywhere for half the damn price and no contract It took me over a minute to load this damn page >=(

  93. I had trouble with my phone staying on (saturday) so I went to the Sprint store located at 4416 Portsmouth blve Chesapeake VA. They said I had ins so they ordered me a new phone and said they would call me or email me in a couple days when it came in. I never heard anything so I called them Thursday and they said yea its here. I went and picked it up and they said it would take time to charege the battery (I thought it was a new battery). I also was told I had lost all my contacts. The next day the new phone is acting just like the old phone so I went back. Now they tell me it has the old battery and thats probably whats wrong and that they didnt have batteries. Now my feeling when I’m in the store is that they hate to look at phones and all they want to do is get me out of there. They didn’t explain things to me, they didn’t know how to check the phone for problems, and they didn’t have the battery I needed. So what the hell! Why cant you train them to check a battery? Why cant they carry batteries? Why do they act like they hate looking at phones and dealing with customers? You guys could do better!

  94. After 12 yrs of customer loyalty w/ sprint i finally said goodbye! At least I thought. They had the balls to send not only 1, but 2 monthly bills with texting charges AFTER my # had been ported out and my account closed. This will be a no brainer to resolve!-WRONG-Trying to resolve this through CUSTOMER SERVICE resulting in me wasting an entire morning (3 hrs) and getting hung up on 2 times and get this, one of the CS Rep. said my texting was on a diff. “billing cycle” than the reg. phone service! Huh??……Bottom Line. They were trying to sneak additional text messages in and didn’t think i’d notice. I obtained my texting records from their retrieval Dept. with #’s (in&out) for the 3 previous months to check ‘em out against my 3 previous bills. EVERY monthly bill had inconsistencies in the amount of texts that benefited SPRINT. Example: My texting records showed 50 for the month of April. Sprint billed me for 59. For May my records showed 84- my billed said 122. I wonder how many months this has been going on?? A little here…..a little there. Back in the day, my bills used to show an itemized usage. Then that stopped. They call it a bill that “was easier to read”…right. 10 texts from me and a little from the other 50 million texters adds up to alot of change for Sprint. Needless to say, for the most part i was a satisfied sprint customer and now I’m glad i’m done with Sprint BUT I was very disappointed & pissed off to discover this blatant mischievous behavior, and CS trying to twist it against their own documented information, that went back for who knows how many months/years before i caught it. DON’T take things at face value when viewing your monthly bill…….it’s probably not what you think it is or have been paying. Or should I say OVER paying.

  95. We are very disappointed in Sprint performance. We live in metro St. Louis, MO and can’t get a signal much of the time. We had U S Cellular service and got along very well. We have talked to the salesman and store people with nothing but polite excuses. I would like to get out of my contract so I can try another phone service.

  96. we all need to get together and fight back together, close them down go to Verizon. they do know customer service. and sprint can email any time I am going to stand behind my words. We can not even get a address of there main office. we live in St Louis and we talk to customer service in Texas. whats up with that

  97. So, did a recent upgrade on my husbands phone for Father’s Day and there was a $50.00 rebate offer on the phone, which still cost us $192.39 out of pocket that day. Well, yesterday (7/30/13) in the mail was the rejection postcard not giving any reason other than, the phone may or may not qualify so either way, no refund will be given. Way to go Sprint with awesome customer service! Guess we know now why in the 2nd quarter of 2013 you lost so many customers.

  98. Like many of these comments, I have been a customer of Sprint for 11 years. Today on one of my free days I spent 2 trips to the local store, 2 phone calls and dealt with the slow web site and still now at 11 pm I have gotten nothing but a very bad headache. Yesterday my son jumped into the pool with his phone in his back pocket. Okay, so I’ll just see if we can upgrade no big deal right. So first trip: sorry your up grade is not until 4 months (Dec) we can only do an upgrade as early as 3 months. We could call a rep and see if you could upgrade early it might cost about 100. I’m thinking not to bad. OR We suggest buying a used phone and we can transfer. Fine. Couldn’t find one local, go back to store, trip 2. We call sprint rep on phone. She tells me Mrs. it’s going to cost you 175.00 per phone (I thought maybe I would get my daughter too) for early upgrade PLUS the cost of the phone. WHAT??? Then in Dec you can upgrade. Okay that’s not going to happen. So your telling me after 11 years of loyal customer service you wont upgrade my 2 phones 4 months early. NOPE. Then she said I know how you feel the same thing happen to me with VERIZON. Well let me guess how that ended. So by this time frustrated, left pissed off. Went to web site it don’t work right. These cheap phones they talk about you can buy, are if you get a new 2 year agreement. Well that’s not going to happen because when my agreement runs out IM GONE. Sad part no on at Sprint even gives a sh## that people are leaving due to poor customer service.

  99. Good Afternoon,

    I would like to take a minute of your time and express a problem as well as a concern that I have. My name is Dennis Whitner and I was a loyal Sprint customer since 2006. With that being said, my cell phone ended up in a lake for the third time, as I am a professional Fisherman. As it went in the lake I was just lucky that I had insurance on it, or so I thought. Usually I have gone straight into the Sprint store, paid my deductible and would be shipped to my house in two to three business days. This time when I went into the store to do so, she handed me a card and said I had to call Ensurion to file my claim. i called them on Sunday at 10:30am and I was informed they needed my credit card to pay for the deductible. I informed them that I have done this three times and paid cash in the store all three times, I am hesitant to use my credit cards as my identity had been stolen a few years back. A long story short, I spoke with two customer service reps at Ensurion, as well as three managers there and they told me the same thing. So I called Sprint. I was on the phone with Sprint until 1:15pm, was hung up on twice. I spoke with three customer service reps, as well as FIVE managers and they all told me the same thing. I told them that this was ridiculous and I should be able to pay cash at the store to replace my phone, just as I had done in the past. After getting no where I said if they could not accept my cash at the store, I would cancel my account. The manager at that time told me she would connect me to the proper department to do so. When I got on the phone with the service rep over there she asked me what the problem was and I told her. She got another manager and after being on the phone for THREE HOURS with Sprint the last manager I talked to was name Emily. When Emily got on the phone the first thing she said to me was if I wanted to cancel my account I would be billed for next month, as well as an $80.00 cancellation fee. I told her I am honoring my contract, it is Sprint that is not honoring their side of the contract by allowing me to pay cash for my new phone through my insurance plan. I told her I would contact the CEO of the company with my complaint, and I would also contact BBB. She then asked me whether I would like the deductible charged to my account or if I would go pay it at the store. I asked her why did I have to wait THREE HOURS to do something I had done three times, all with no problem, and now that I was threatening to cancel they were willing to do it at that time. It wasn’t that Sprint couldn’t charge my account, or take my cash at the store in Mill-bury, MA, they simply didn’t want to. After spending THREE hours on the phone I was so irate I told her to cancel it and I would reach out to higher management in the company, as this was ridiculous and I felt like Sprint Customer Service Department was forcing me to give them my credit card, and after battling on the phone for three hours and when I threatened to cancel they then wanted to give me what I wanted. I told them at 11:30, the second manager I spoke with that if they were not willing to accommodate my need to pay in cash at the store I wanted to cancel. I loved Sprint and Sunday in that three hours they let me down- BIG TIME. The next phone company I go to I am quite sure they will not have a problem accepting my cash. Now for the last seven years I have paid an extra 5$ a month just to pay in cash, and now for the first time they REFUSED to take my cash. Customer Service Department is by far one of the worst I have ever dealt with. The automated computer asks me all these questions, just to have the rep ask me the same questions over, what is the point? Every time I got a new rep I had to answer the same questions over and over and over. I also said it multiple times that these are the reasons that Sprint is losing so many customers. I can not believe that Sprint would let go an 8 year member over $50. You would think they would have been more than happy to assist me. NOPE. You would think that after all that trouble Emily would have said you know what MR. Whitner, I am sorry for keeping you on the phone for three hours, talking to a total of over ten people, answering the same questions over and over again, that this new phone is on us, Sprint will pay the $50 before they let go another customer. NOPE. And that is not what I was looking for. I just wanted to pay for my new phone that I had insurance on and be on my merry way. But it just didn’t happen that way. The more I researched these are all the same issues that Sprint is having internally. Why not just take my payment at the store, and forward it to Ensurion? That wouldn’t be so difficult and I would have left a happy camper. I mean statistically you cant tell me after someone has been with the same company for eight years that they are not going to stay for the long run. Now I have to look for a new phone plan. I’m not venting. I wanted to stay with Sprint, and I still do. SO I guess I am sending this in hopes that Sprint will make this right. I am only going to go so long without a phone so I hope you get the chance to read this before I get a new phone. The telephone number that I called from that day was (508) 234-2501, in case the calls are recorded you could check for yourself. I was on hold for at least an hour and a half total. I am shocked that the five different managers I spoke with at Sprint would have been a little faster and getting to a disgruntled customer. 28 hours later I am still in shock that it went the way it did. I am not kidding this is by far the worst experience with any business in customer service I have ever seen or been a part of for that matter. Everyone is aware of the increasing customers leaving Sprint, and if the company continues to treat customers in this manner it will not be long before Sprint is struggling. People are always going to need cell phones, but that doesn’t mean they are allowed to treat people in such a way. I have also read multiple comments and have seen many people take the same route I did and they all say the same thing: nothing happened when I complained even to the CEO of the company nothing happened. How many customers is Sprint willing to lose before they fix the huge mess that is the customer service department?

    Used to be Loyal Sprint Customer,

    Dennis Whitner

  100. Hi there!!!! i want to know i do not have service on my phone? i did pay my bill, I am trying to make a call and just said no service. please i need to know whats going on.

  101. Sprint is the worst cell company I’ve ever had the misfortune of working with. I have had them for a year now and have had dropped calls and poor reception. I am going with virgin mobile again. Sprint customer service is worthless and the prices are high. At virgin mobile I get much better reception with no dropped calls. With unlimited everything for 55 a month is also a much better buy.

  102. Today my sister and I, who are on the same account,went into the Sprint store that we have been doing business with since moving to Houston about 8 years ago. Our purpose of the visit was to get assistance in properly downloading the new ios7, as well as,making an inquiry regarding international use our I-phones for an upcoming trip. During the course of these inquiries, it was learned that I was elegible for an upgrade. I impulsively agreed to upgrade. Admittedly, I do not stay abreast of the current and rapidly changing technology. However, I do know that I specifically asked the sales person if he knew when Apple would be coming out with their next and newest model of the i-phone. He told me that it would not be until some time next year (2014). A few hours after purchasing the i-phone 5,I was telling my neice & nephew about my new phone. They both informed me that the newest (5s) would be available for placing orders tommorrow (9/20/13). Needless to say, I am very upset and I intend to return this phone tommorrow. When I first walked into that store, the thought had not crossed my mind that I would be walking out with a new phone. If that had been my intent, I certainly would have done a little preparation beforehand. Not only did I not get the latest model phone, but when I got home, I realized that this salesperson had downgraded me from a 32GB (my old phone) to a 16GB. I am extremely upset. I have been a satisfied Sprint customer for approximately 15 years. However, after todays experience I am going to be wary of any further dealings with Sprint. I only hope that tommorrow Sprint will see fit to right the wrong that I feel has been done to me.

  103. Pretty hard to write a comment when you don’t get any help.
    I need to know my pin and haven’t found anything here to help.
    this sucks.

  104. For the past two weekends I have gone without service. The first time it went from Friday night till Monday . The second time it went from Friday till Sunday . I have my service through Boost , They run off your towers I guess. I tried several times to find out what was going on through boost and all I got was aggravated . One TXT to sprint and I was put in touch with someone that answered my questions right then . I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you. And to say I am sorry for being short with the ladies I contacted . I was so aggravated with Boost and getting the runaround with them that I may have carried some of my anger over expecting the same treatment. If I could afford to change my phone I would . But being on disability it is not going to happen anytime soon. But to Cindy U & Mindy H & Marsha N . The ladies that I contacted in your company . Thank you for being patient and for the help you provided . These ladies represented your Company very well and should be recognized for the work they do. If you can put up with my anger and give the service you did , Then you should get a raise . Thank you. It truly was a pleasure dealing with you.

  105. I moved and talk to change my address, and the person who help me make a mess in my account. Plus the signal here sucks. Time for me leave.

  106. We need to remove a phone that is no longer being used. It has not been used in more than two years. We need to have it taken off of our account. Since the phone has shown no activity. We need to know what to do to take it off, so we don’t keep getting.charged every month. Please respond as soon as possible.

  107. Your network is crap. Received voicemail notification 2 hours after the message was placed. Had been waiting for important call which did not connect to my phone and went straight to voicemail. Then received the notification 2 hours later. Terrible service!

  108. your phone service is a joke you lied said it be 3 times better than nextel how dare you i live in one of largest cities in the country calls rarely last more than 10sec.You have a record of it.you did not and will not let us out of our contract yet you re fuse to keep it and your resolution is to ignor us.you company is a joke 0 intagratty.I think your to big to good job you greedy bastards and dont have balls to reply me you owe us

  109. I have been trying to replace my sons phone before he goes back to college as he got into a car accident and his phone went up in flames. I am being told that I cannot purchase a phone for full price for his account. He returns to college on Monday and no one can get me a replacement phone in time when I have 6 accounts with sprint and have been there a long time. So much for customer service or loyalty.

  110. I have had sprint for 2 years. It has been the worst phone service I have ever had. The signal is horrible. The customer service is not good. I am trying to cancel my service and have spent two days trying to do so. I have been calling customer service all day today and it just rings. I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.

  111. It’s wonderful how life has made social media available to everyone and anyone.It gives us a opportunity to share with the world how bad your service really is.Your company is very dishonest and your customer service horrible.I think it’s time to share that with everyone on social media and direct their business else where. today will start the petition on Fcaebook, Twitter, and others.

  112. Last two days have been getting harassing texts. Tried to block the specific number myself through the website, but could not figure out how to navigate it. So, I contacted Customer Service through live Chat and got someone right away.

    He said he blocked that one specific number from calling or sending any future text messages. Great, or so I thought.

    Later in the day I picked up my phone to use it and no service. Long story short, the local store had my phone for several hours. They were able to restore my service, but then no calls could come in or go out, no text messages could come in or go out. Yikes.

    After another 45 minute wait in store, the agents were able to get the phone at least to take and make phone calls. The store agents said that I would need to contact the 800 number or live Chat to get the rest figured out. The store agents said someone would be available today until at least 11 pm. (It is almost 7:00 pm).

    Came home and tried to get live Chat (no one available, it hung up on me). Called the 800 number and automation said they could not help me if I called from my phone.

    Well, needless to say, even though the store agents were very friendly and apologized for the hassle, my phone is still not fixed and it appears there is no way to even talk to someone about getting it fixed tonight.

    Makes it very difficult to contact people who are coming over for Holiday Festivities, when my phone just wouldn’t work all day.

    When you ad this to the horrible service (since we switched from Verizon we have had constant calls dropped), it makes for an unhappy holiday.

  113. My husband and I keep dropping calls. A friend if mine also is dropping calls. My husband is looking into leaving SPrint. You really need to get to the bottom of this situation.

  114. I will tell everyone I know how bad Sprint has become, and definitely will look for a reputable cell phone company. The FTC will also hear about this fiasco.

  115. I have been a customer with Srint, when it was nextel or mertged. I have not been so happy with Sprint . You would have loyal customers if the service is good. I have lost a lot of money and calls. You have offered me no help.Only a system that took out my internet and what ever else is wrong with my computer. very very fustrated.

  116. You have the worste customer service I have ever received and I worked in customer service for eight years. Your sales associates are any but helpful and your phones are a disgrace. I had nothing but trouble with my phone and when I took it to a store to have them check the battery, they told me they could not touch the phone because I did not buy insurance for the phone even after the sales associate over the 1-888 number told me they would check the battery. Your sales associates need to tell each department what the other one is doing. I was told I would need to buy another phone because mine just quit working – again. This was the third time I complained about the exact same problem.. The phone went dead and would not turn on. Often I would let the phone charge all night and in the morning it would not turn on. Your phones are absolute junk. It was cheaper for me to go to another provider and buy a new phone and use them wiuth no plan. Your phones are expensive and junk. I got a phone and service with no monthly plan for less money than you wanted me to pay for a phone! their monthy fee is cheaper than yours also. I will tell everyone about my horrible experiences with sprint.

  117. I have been a long time Sprint customer. I would like to compliment your Sprint store staff at 3934 Taryn Trce Zanesville, ohio. They are always so friendly and willing to help. The manager, Katie Lee, does a wonderful job in keeping people satisfied. So many times we hear all the negative and not the positive. Just wanted to let you know they all go over and above. Thank,
    Linda George

  118. I have a sprint Kyocera rise cell phone that I am trying to activate on to pay as you go plan online and telephone and I am not getting the best of results…………….so can you please help me??????????????????/

  119. I have been a Sprint customer for the past ten years and never had any be major problems until about two months ago. If you would check my account#794768440, I have been billed for $232.99, due that I had NO
    Coverage one the second weekend of October. I went to spirit to see why and my phone has broken the week before, I was charge with 50. OO for insurance fee and plus 100.00 termination fee due that Sprint didn’t try to help with my problems when I had no coverage due to I was told Repairs work on the system. I had a friend that had a Verizon use phone so I change over due to what happen with this at Sprint. This is not my fault and I should have not been billed for termination fee And insurance. I am an handicap with limit income and hardship I appreciated that Sprint will do the right thing and take these charges off my bill and send me the balance or I will see other action. Please reply by e mail ASAP.

    Thank you

    Angel Gunter


  120. My son Corey Williams is a former customer of yours, He contacted you on several occasions about dropped calls. I live alone and he was fearful that I could not get in touch with him in an emergency. He changed his carrier because he wanted the assurance that I could contact me if I needed to. I have the cell phone records from my cell phone provider to prove this fact, and if need be I can provided your company with these records. He told me that you turned him over to a collection agency. Please take care of this situation ASAP

  121. Sprint does not pro-rate your final bill based on the number of days that you receive service. You are charged for the full month even though Sprint provided you no service. Sprint is an absolute rip-off.

  122. Hello –
    This past Christmas I went to purchase a car charger for my daughters cell phone, I went to the Sprint store in the mall. Went home and wrapped the gift. Christmas morning she was happy to get what I bought her but the day after she informed me that it was the wrong item. What the salesperson gave me was a house charger, not what I wanted. I agree it took me a couple weeks to go back to exchange it.
    After getting there, I was informed that I couldn’t return the item (I didn’t want to, I wanted to exchange it) He said “It’s been more than 14 days and our “policy” is no more than 14 days. Again I told him “look, the person that sold it to me gave me the wrong item, I don’t want to return it, I want to exchange it for what I had asked for to begin with” Again he said no. So now I have something I have no use for. So much for “customer service”.
    Needless to say, I am not a happy customer. A little help and understanding would have been greatly appreciated.

    Unhappy after Christmas
    Kam Hujber

  123. Im paying almost $200 for two phone lines. My bill should be $171. Still too much for two phones. On top of that. The phones suck!. they freeze, glitch, run slow, etc. And the signal sucks as well. And my questions never get answered. Im still trying to figure out why my phone bill is so high…

  124. Sprint has PISS POOR customer service & PISS POOR management!!! I’ve made 3 attempts to get them to correct my bill and they have yet to get it right. I just WASTED my entire lunch break a whole hour on hold after being hung up on TWICE. No one (management) wants to get on the phone, and the reps aren’t smart enough to figure out what the heck has happened to my bill, WHO ASKED You to move me… I DIDNT’.. now you want to charge me to move me back…. THIS IS INSANE.. I’m going to T-MOBIL an let them pay me CANCEL FEES.

    I have been on the phone for over four hours now attempting to get help from Sprint customer service to no avail.

    I have spoken to 5 different customer service agents, who keep hanging up the phone on me when I ask to talk to a manager.

    Right now I am experiencing the worst customer service ever from Sprint.
    I reported my phone stolen and no Sprint customer service agent is able to clearly explain to me what my upgrade options are, since I have to get another phone. They are getting upset at me over the phone when I ask them questions and hanging up the phone on me because they don’t have a clear answer. One lady yelled at me and told me that I did not have any upgrade options available to me.

    I am at the point of giving up on Sprint.
    If I do not have this problem resolved ASAP, I will move on to a different service provider. Believe you me, I do have options available to me!!!

    Every agent I spoke to today was RUDE and REFUSED to connect my call to a supervisor/manager, but rather chose to hang up the phone on me – WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Waited and waited. I heard someone on the other end. They didn’t say anything. I started saying hello, hello, but they hung up.

  127. I have had the worst experience with Sprint the past couple of weeks. I pay for phone lines that the service and reception is so poor that customer service asks to be called back on a LAND LINE!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

  128. I have been trying to get sprint to cancel my account. I keep getting the runaround and after numerous phone attempts still no action. the account was started by my dead husband for me many years ago. I am 78 and no longer need the service. I do not know the pin number or any of the start up that was used. all I want to do is to cancel the service. what do I need to do this simple taak. why do you make it so hard for the elderly who are not computer or electronic savvy to do a simple task such as cancel a service. another thing I have a hard understanding to customer service reps that have talked to me and not hung up on me. please give me some help

  129. I have been a customer since 2006 , and I now cannot wait to find another service provider…Will also be telling anyone who will stand still song enough to listen of the way you have treated my husband and myself, and my husband is 100% disabled veteran. Think that your CEO is getting WAY too much money, when considering that you are now outsourcing your customer service again, and not with good results! These people are taught to lie to the public, right down to their name!(RYAN in the Philopeans??Yeah, right!)I HATE this comapny now, and they will not work with anyone having payment issues for their service–which is higher than the other currently!!Will be off now–Going to give as much negative advertising as I can get out there today!

  130. What a bunch of screwed up people…lies lies….two months and haven’t received payment for switching phones…NOW I REMEMBER why I left Sprint to begin with…unacceptable…can’t wait to switch…again…HORRIBLE salesperson, didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing….unbelievable I even switched….

  131. How do you do it? Stay in business I mean? The service is absolutely horrible. I can drop phone calls standing still. Call the customer service people and they don’t understand care. There is no one that I have spoken with put the customer first. I am having to pay to get out of a contract for services NOT rendered.

  132. I’ve had sprint for in excess of 15 years I will never sign up with you people again this is the most ridiculous organization I have ever been with I don’t understand why I signed up last time but you people do nothing for customers at all I pay you $200 a month and I get no service in my home and all I get our cock and bull story is about bullshit that you and I both know Jott you just don’t know what you’re doing can’t wait for my contract to be over with you because unlike some people I fulfilled my obligations to our contract y’all suck

  133. I switched to Sprint – from Verizon – so I could convert 5 different phone contracts into one….”how bad can they be?” I remember thinking….turns out that Sprint can be pretty bad….that is if you want to use the phone, or email, or web browse….for some reason you can text phone to phone just about from and to anywhere – but you sure can’t rely on the rest of the products. My email arrives 40 mins to an hour after it first arrives on my desk top – or my tablet (anywhere). web access is so slow I keep thinking I still am using my old blackberry – ouch!

    for all this poor quality, throttled serve and access – they charge pennies less than ATT & Verizon….so I guess the business office knows what they are doing her hee.

    My recommendation to anyone considering the different services – BUY THE VERIZON product and laugh at the rest of the posers.

  134. your company sucks, I am telling everyone how bad your service is.
    1. new up grade in phone 2 mos ago still can’t use phone.
    2. taking it back 2 times no help, told to take to another store,
    no help, phone no good will order me another one would take 2-3 days been 11 days no call.
    3. all your phone numbers just ring, or recordings no help.
    4. only calls I get is to pay my bill for something I don’t have.
    5. my email is right you don’t want to hear what I said about your bad company and so call service,
    6. your company is on BIG LIE.
    7. if I don’t hear from sprint today you can take your service and stick it, will move on to someone better.

  135. I stuck it out with Sprint for 16 years. I did it, in part, because I was supposedly getting a better corporate discount on my monthly fees. For most of that time, I had multiple lines of service, as many as five open lines. Sprint got a lot of my money over all those years, and they got it faithfully. I was signed up for automatic payments and *ALWAYS* paid on time. I wasn’t always completely happy with my network coverage or customer service but I didn’t think it was that bad and it seemed I heard complaints from other people about those things, regardless of which carrier they chose.

    In July, I decided to venture out and try another carrier. I rolled my phone number over (which I assumed would notify Sprint immediately) of my change. None-the-less, I called the next day (July 23rd) and spoke to a Customer Service Rep. I wanted to clarify how much if anything I owed Sprint or Sprint owed me in settling my final balance. My bill for July had recently been paid but I was a little unsure about what period that covered. Two days prior to my phone call, I had received an email showing I had a full month’s service due to be paid on August 9th.

    The C/S rep was confused and in hindsight, I see that she gave me bad information. I was told I would only owe for about five days in July. I wanted to pay right then-and-there on the phone, but she couldn’t tell me how much I owed since a final bill had not been generated. She refused to take a payment to close out my account. She told me to wait until I got my next bill. I had been signed up for paperless billing and AutoPay by Credit Card deduction. If I didn’t owe it, I didn’t want the full month’s payment coming out of my credit card and I wanted control over the final payment. So I changed my preference to PAPER billing and removed the AutoPay. Of course, since the bill generated on July 21st was prior to my closing the account, I thought it was in error with what I actually would owe Sprint. I thought I had plenty of time to receive a FINAL paper statement in early August. I didn’t expect that Sprint would wait until AFTER this full month’s payment had been deducted from my account to send me a FINAL bill because the C/S rep told me I didn’t owe a full month. She didn’t tell me to pay the August bill and then expect another FINAL bill in late August. Actually, that was the advice I should have been given and I see that now.

    August 9th came and went. I patiently waited for a final bill. On August 23rd, I finally received a paper statement showing my account is “PAST DUE” and charging me not only for the full month’s fee but also a $4.03 “Late Charge”! I immediately called Customer Service and explained what had happened and what I had been told. She looked into my situation and explained that the August 9th bill was for services rendered PRIOR to my change of carriers (mid June to mid July). And while I had service with Sprint for a few days afterward, she said there would be no additional charges and this would be my final bill. She credited my account for the late charge after I explained the situation. I offered to make a payment on the phone immediately for the remaining balance, but she said she wasn’t able to do that and referred me to making an online payment or visiting a Sprint Store to make one in person. Since I had already removed my credit card on record with Sprint and didn’t know if the system would even allow me to access for payment since my account was cancelled, I decided to mail a paper check within a few days.

    Only three days after receiving the (ONLY) paper bill, I received a threatening email from Sprint telling me I was on a Collection Agency Alert and if my balance was not paid within SEVEN DAYS I would be turned over to collections!!!!! Seriously, Sprint???? After a faithful 16-year relationship and all my efforts to understand my obligations and pay you one last time, you threaten me with collections less than 30 days after “missing” ONE PAYMENT???? And the REASON you missed a payment was because of your own Customer Service Agents spreading misinformation and your own failure to communicate more clearly with me about my obligations to you??? There was truly no need for this and it was a grave insult to me. You realize, I was going to pay you anyway; I had even already tried repeatedly to pay you over the phone!!!!

    I paid you. Fine, you got your money. Happy? Because that last contact with me soured whatever goodwill I still had towards Sprint. And in any further contact I have with other people about cellphone carriers, this final slap-in-the-face will undoubtedly be mentioned in my disdain for Sprint.

    Good riddance. And I hope this posting combined with their own questionable contacts with Customer Service will cause other Sprint users to reconsider their relationship with Sprint.

  136. The Sprint service has been down for three consecutive days. When I called about it they couldn’t give me a date that it would be working in the area. When asked I asked am I still being billed for these three days, the lady stated “yes, but if you call back in when its working we will consider how many dropped calls you had during that time. I guess the lady wasnt listening a the phones have no service. No service means no dropped calls. I guess its time to change to a reliable company.

  137. I have tried to pay my bill several times and cannot. We switched users and they dropped us like a lead balloon. We no longer exist. I can’t sign on to pay. They don’t answer cust. serv. #. I thought I made a mistake changing to Verizon. Now I’m glad I did. If you want to get paid answer your ____ phone!
    Bill Snyder

  138. Today I went to Sprint to upgrade my family’s phones. We came well over an hour before the store was going to close and there was one person working. We patiently waited while he was helping the other customers. As we were looking at the phones, we overheard the person working talking to the customers about going to a club called “Faces,” drive-ins, Chinese food, and a BUNCH of other unnecessary topics. In the 30 minutes we were waiting for him to help us, we did not ONCE hear them discussing any matters regarding their phones or plan. After another group came in the store, that was when he finally called out someone to help, but still no one came out. This reminded me that we weren’t even greeted or acknowledged the whole time we were there. This was the worst experience I have ever encountered! This person was completely rude and unprofessional. I have never encountered anything as close to this horrid experience at T-Mobile or AT&T. Not only did we waste our time, we did not get what we came for.

  139. Sprint sucks. I have been waiting for my Visa Card cause Damon screwed up on it and have been patiently waiting for it so I called last night and was told oh this is over. Damon screwed up not me so why am I having to pay for it. Of course, I was given a email address to respond to, yeah that helps me. Sprint is the most unprofessional company ever and I will be letting everyone I know, know exactly how I feel.

  140. Hello my name is Carlos Mendoza , before I go into detail I just want to make this point clear.
    Today was the “worse” cell phone and customer service experience I have ever had in my entire life. This started with my interests in the iphone 6 plus 64g lease plan. I heard about it via a commercial and then checked your website and was completely blown away. So I called today.
    My first call was taken by (Jay) at 11:48 a.m. Everything started well and then had to go through a background check with (Rob). I passed that and was approved for the phone with no money down, however this is where things became complicated. (Jay) did not stay on the line and he hung up. Rob connected me back with Jay and apologized, Jay put me on hold then hung up on me. I immediately called back after 2 minutes since nobody returned my call.
    I spoke with a woman by the name of (Sherri) who could not direct me to Jay. She put me on
    Hold and then hung up on me. At this point I was beginning to be frustrated. I returned a call and spoke with Jen. Jen asked me for all my information all over again, I told her I already did this process and that I would like to speak to her supervisor, she replied ok and then put me on hold for 5 minutes then directed me to (Nick) who works in the service center that has nothing to do with sales nor is he her supervisor. Nick helped me out and directed me to his supervisor who put me on hold and then hung up on me. I called back upset, at this point I just wanted to get this done. I spoke with Chris who told me not only did Jay and Rob not save my information but that I would have to start the process all over again. In anger I told him fine, we did it and then all of sudden I have to make a down payment of $300 which is not advertised nor did I have to deal with before. I was approved the first time as “prime” credit now I am A+.
    I told him I am not paying that after being on the phone at this point 2 hours and being hung up on and purposely redirected to the wrong department. He hung up on me.
    In my last attempt not only to get headway but also satisfaction as a potential returning customer I called back and spoke with Rodney, Rodney forwarded me to Rashi.
    Rash explained to me that I have to make a down payment I explained to him I had already been approved to not do that by Jay and Rob and told him my whole ordeal. Not only did he tell me that’s not true, but he questioned my honesty and ethics by that statement. As our conversation continued I could hear people laughing and chatting in the background and someone say this guy is ridiculous. I questioned him immediately on it, he said and I quote ” we are a happy and loud sales team” I replied what does that have to do with being unprofessional? He did not respond. I was shattered as a potential customer, and the way I was treated. I figure at least I can email corporate and let you know of this atrocious service and experience I went through and that you guys are losing great potential customers because of people and service like this.
    Now why would I come back to SPRINT after this?
    That is all..

    Carlos Mendoza

  141. As a “valued customers” of many years, it is extremely disappointing to call to ask for help with the hotspot on my cell phone, and trying to connect to the internet on my lap top only to be told by a recording that because I am using my cell phone at the time, Sprint cannot assist me. I “should seek assistance” on the sprint website. HELLO, I cannot connect from my lap top and when paying over 200 a month for 2 phones, I think I deserve a lot better service! Ps I am pressing 2 for English !!

  142. I have been a sprint ccustomer since 2009,now im tired with their flexible bills each month,i have been using 3 devices from sprint now as my phone unlimited talk text and data usage but i received the higher bill extra charge of 130 dollars because of over usage of data,can anyone tell/help me why it happened aleays with sprint or they want to rarn easy money? Im really tired i decided to take all the drvices back to the store and stop working with this company,to sell their product the sales person talk politely and they act like they knew everything about sprint but when you have problem they don’t want to talj to you,in my case the sale person told me that i will have 200 to 220 dollars bill each month but i have been receiving 436 to 340 dollars each month it is due to sakes person mistake. Crazy if you want more money don’t stole from simple customers instead go the bank with sacks.

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