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Contacting Spam Customer Service Center

In the contiguous United States and maybe much of the world, SPAM is nothing more than a bunch of bits and pieces of other lunch meats pressed together in a loaf, but there are some people who love SPAM. Hawaiians are so in love with SPAM that they include it as part of traditional restaurant menus that reach across the United States and into other countries and homes far from the state.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you have a problem with your SPAM or if you want the company to know just how much you love their product, contact customer service using this SPAM phone number.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-523-4635

The customer service department is open from 8 AM to 4 PM CST, Monday to Friday.

Mailing Address

Hormel is the mother company responsible for SPAM. When you want to write a letter to the company you’ll have to write to Hormel headquarters.

Hormel Foods Corporation Consumer Response 1 Hormel Place Austin, MN 55912

Official Website

We were actually surprised to find that Hormel had enough information on SPAM to offer an official website at The website is a bit of a comedy act with a tiny man trying to help you reach the top of the page. The top of the page serves as the starting point in SPAM history. You can slowly scroll down and learn everything about the company or skip over to the SPAM shop for some SPAM gear.

Customer Service Email

There are some customers who just want to call customer service and get it over with and others who want to write that letter so customer service has a physical copy of the communication. Then, stuck in the middle, is email. Email customer service, partnered with social media customer service, is quickly growing to the most popular means to contact SPAM. Few companies will offer an actual email address, but most offer a contact form.

SPAM Customer Service Email:

Our Experience

We were getting a bit scared when we contacted the customer service department. We expected the automated system and out of nowhere the phone call went dead. instead of ending the call, we waited. The next thing we know a bubbly representative answered the call.

We wanted information pertaining to the use of know food allergens. The agent provided the following link and explained SPAM is free of the 8 known allergens. We loved the personal interaction from the customer service team and the additional details the agent provided. Do have an interesting customer service story? We would love to hear it.

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4 Comments on “Contact SPAM Customer Service
  1. I found foreign object in the Spam. It looks like a bug.
    I took a photo of it. I can send you the photo if you need.
    I can not believe about this happen in the global brand Spam.
    Please contact me as soon as possible.

    Joseph Mock

  2. How do I get into my Spam file. My attorney sent me something and it went there.Can’t get ino account to see and why

  3. Your customer service hours are terrible. those are the same hours that I work. I bought 10 cans of spam from costco about a month ago 3/2015. I have gone through 6 of those cans. 3 of those cans had something growning in it. I am afraid to open any more cans.

  4. Your SPAM customer service link above only takes you to the contact page..WHERE THERE IS NO, REPEAT NO CUSTOMER SERVICE E-MAIL ADDRESS LISTED! I think I am done with SPAM forever…

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