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Sony is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Few people have a concept of complete range of products sold by personal computers, GPS, televisions, Blu-ray players and more. Customer service for Sony products is split between the departments or subsidiary companies operated under the Sony umbrella.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

One thing Sony doesn’t mess around with is customer service and support. Not all customer service phone numbers are toll-free. The customer service hours for the Consumer Electronics line are 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST weekdays only.

Customer Relations

  • Consumer Electronics: 1-239-768-7547
  • Playstation and PSP: 1-800-345-7669
  • VAIO: 1-239-768-7545
  • Technical Support
  • AIWA: 1-800-289-2492
  • Blu-Ray Players: 1-239-768-7547
  • BRAVIA: 1-239-768-7684
  • GPS and Navigation: 1-239-768-7547
  • VAIO: 1-239-768-7669
  • Camcorders, Cameras and Digital: 1-239-768-7547
  • DVDirect: 1-888-750-7669
  • Dash: 1-866-918-2485
  • AIBO: 1-239-768-7697
  • Internet TV: 1-800-222-7669
  • Location Free: 1-239-768-7671
  • Memory Devices: 1-239-768-7545
  • USB Devices: 1-239-768-7672
  • Mobile Phones: 1-866-766-9374
  • Mylo: 1-239-768-7677
  • Playstation and PSP: 1-800-345-7669
  • Digital eReader: 1-239-768-7678
  • Portable Electronics: 1-239-768-7547
  • Recordable Media: 1-800-942-7669
  • RoomLink: 1-239-768-7679
  • SD Memory: 1-239-768-7545
  • Sony Tablets: 1-239-245-6476
  • Television: 1-239-768-7547

Mailing Address

Sony publishes the corporate address in the FAQs section of the website. Customers can use the address to connect with corporate about customer service issues, product problems and more. There are even some customers who praise Sony by writing to this address, but if your issue is one that requires customer service right now, you should call customer service before sending the letter or in addition to sending the letter, if desired.

Sony Corporation of America550 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022

Official Website

The main retail website for Sony is located at If you’re looking for the support page for Sony customers, visit Sony also offers customer support on social media websites like Twitter where customers can direct questions to @SonySupportUSA. IF you prefer Facebook try

Customer Service Email

Customers with a technical question can find email addresses on the technical support page However, not all questions on technical in nature, so customers also have the option to visit the Contact Sony Support page to find email forms. The Other Sony Divisions page also lists email forms for products like Connect music service and mobile phone support.

Our Experience

The customer service phone number for Sony customer care is a toll number, which means you will pay long distance charges to make the call. You can listen to the options, which routes your call to a specific division of Sony or you can press 0. Next Sony will ask for your phone number. We tried to press 0, but it did nothing but trigger the message again. If you don’t push anything a customer service agent will pick-up the call. Our agent did not tell us his name; rather, he answered the call by saying, “Welcome to Sony, please tell me the problem you’re calling about.” Sony automatically assumes there is a problem with their products or services.

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34 Comments on “Contact Sony Customer Service
  1. I recently purchased a camera online b/c of the promotion to “recieve $100 off purchase if you use your Sony credit card.” It didn’t say you had to open a new account in order to receive the $100 off; but to make sure I understood correctly I wanted to chat with a staff member and ask the question in order to have it in writing. I plainly stated, “I already have a Sony credit card, can I use the card I have and still receive the $100 off purchase or do I have to open a new account?” She replied back, “you can use your current Sony card and recieve the $100 off your purchase which will show up on your statement.” So with that being understood, I proceeded to pay for the camersa online with my Sony credit card. I received the item in the mail last Friday. I went online to check my statement and it showed the full price and no credit was entered. I called your customer service dept and explained what the situation was. It was then I was told that I had to open a new account in order to recieve the promotion. I told the person I had a print out of the conversation where I was told otherwise. He said there’s nothing he can do except offer me $20 off my total. The only reason I bought the camera that day was b/c of the $100 off, otherwise I couldn’t have bought it. If I was told upfront I had to open a new account, I would’ve had my husband open one but that wasn’t the conversation. I’m very upset and expect you to stick to your word or allow me to proceed with the price and open a new account. I am returning the product and will not be looking at Sony for future purchases. It is wrong what was done and I can’t believe you would tell someone one thing then do the complete opposite! If you can stand by your word before I send the item back please get in contact with me ASAP. I really want to keep the item for a gift but can’t/won’t unless I can get it at the price I was quoted: $289.99

    • Approximately 18 months ago I purchased a Sony Model KDL – 40 EX 640 TV. I have been buying Sony products for 30 years and have never had a single problem until now. I understand that such things may malfunction, and I am ok with that as long as the problem can be remedied. The USB LAN Adapter UWA-BR100, according to the Sony Technical Support Team, has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. I must say, the support team was the best I have ever dealt with and were extremely helpful. But, and here in lies the problem, Sony does not stock the adaptor nor can they order one for me. Imagine if you bought a car or appliance and 18 months later a part broke and rendered the device inoperable only to find out you could not use the device because the part could not be replaced.
      I worked in Customer Service for an appliance manufacturer for years and we would supply parts for products 10 years old and even older. We would even have a part made up special at no charge to the customer just to maintain good customer relations. To date, I am stuck with a Sony TV that will not hook up to the internet as it had for 18 months. I am wondering if Sony will assist me or if I need to shop for another brand. Also, I purchased this particular TV because the USB plugged into the side of the TV. I was told by the store (Best Buy) that this was better than if the Wi-Fi was an integral part of the TV in which case you had to “dump” the TV if the Wi-Fi malfunctioned. With my,TV all I would have to do is buy another USB LAN Adaptor…fat chance of that happening. I am wondering just what Sony will do to help.

  2. SONY IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY. i am shocked at how badly i have been treated. i orederd a part that was verified by 2 different people and then they sent the wrong part. when i call in , all the agents are in phillipines…you can barely understand them. they are NOT helpful at all. i asked for a supervisor or an adress to complain to or even a different agent and i was REFUSED ON ALL THREE REQUESTS. this is absolutely ridiculous i have bought alot from sony but never would have if i knew the awful state of their so called “servie” and i will NEVER buy from sony ever again.

  3. SONY has horrible customer service and I will never buy a SONY product again.
    Customer Service makes promises to repair and backs out of their promises related to television service.

  4. I am trying to find a dust cover for my Sony dvd player and cannot seem to. Could I get it directly from you.
    I have always used your products.

  5. For a company with so many wonderful products, your customer service stinks!. I have been trying to get someone to help me with a camera with which I’ve had continuing problems. This is my second cybershot camera. The first was excellent and I had no problems. This second camera will be my last Sony product if this is an example of the kind of help I get from Sony.

  6. I had a pair of the Sony MDR EX10 headphones for almost two years when they finally gave up. I work on a golf course and am constantly on equipment, these headphones provided great noise reduction from mowers, tractors, etc. I was excited when I saw them on sale at best buy, for $14/pair so I bought 3 of them, figuring that would last me a long time. The first pair made it about 10 days before the left ear stopped working. The second pair literally made it a day. The last pair has made it 2 weeks and stopped working today, all with the left ear suddenly stopping audio output. Didn’t know if this was a common problem, but I am usually very satisfied with all the sony products I’ve had in the past. This time however, I am not. Just thought I’d make you aware of this. Another employee also had bought these, after I had raved about my origional pair, he has had two stop working for him in a shorter amount of time. I use them with my iphone 5…don’t know if it’s too much for these headphones?

  7. I am greatly disappointed in the recent release of the PS4 and it’s unavailability. My son whom prefers his XBox360 over his PS3 decided 2 days after launch he wanted a PS4 for Christmas. Of course they are not to be found anywhere unless I chose to be taken for a ride on ebay by low lives whom feel they need to make a lot of $$$ on your system. I refuse to pay more than market price and unfortunately wonder how many kids will be let down at Christmas just because their parents can’t get the PS4 for them due to none available.

  8. this is ridiculous
    you call for help and all you get is a useless machine and an advertisement
    when you release products have a good support system to help customers who don’t understand
    Sony you suck

  9. My new Walkman D-EJ011 is very pretty, but the directions for its use on the packaging are in such small print that I am unable to read them, even with a magnifying glass. Please advise.

  10. bought MDR-IF245RK laster 6 months then began to cut off. had to disconnect and restart over and over. called got a return. cost 15.00 to return. goa a recertifier unit not a new unit and it won’t work at all. called customer service on jan.29.30 31. held for 30 minutes plus each timepromised 3 times to email me a return tag. never got. by the way i have a replacement policy i bought on the unit. this is not the sony i have dealt with in the past. i must agree customer service is non existance.

  11. Tried to find where to get service for my Sony TV on the Sony Web site and after 45 minutes finally managed to find a location in center city Philadelphia, 45 minutes to an hour away from my home. Apparently there are no others closer and they don’t recommend any local service people. Then tried to check on my warranty and after an hour and a half still haven’t found out how to do that. Horrible web site goes hand in hand with horrible customer service

  12. I recently [3-15-14] purchased a 60″ Sony TV- KDL-60R520A for about $1299 before tax. at Costco. A posted advertisement, I have a photograph of same; said get 6 months free Netflix with purchase; Sony refuses to honor the ad; Sony 239-768-7604, says ad expired Dec 31-13; this is after they required me to fax my receipt and the name of the Costco store manager to them. Poor business practice. If it does not resolve shortly, I plan to either return TV to Costco or sue Costco for lost of 6 months of free Netflix. In any event, I will not buy another Sony product.

  13. I purchased my very first gaming system. Waited in line on Black Friday to get a PS4. I have used it for streaming but recently purchased my first game (as you know they aren’t cheap). A week later, the PS4 would not turn on nor eject the game. I sent it in for not ejecting the game and was assured it would be returned to me. I did recieve a new system but no game. Sony refuses to return my game because the technician did not place it in his notes as he told me. This is NOT my fault that Sony hired someone whom is incapable of doing thier job accuratley. It was sent for stuck game so obviously there is a game “stuck” inside. Now I have a gaming system with no game. It is bad enough the system only lasted a few months before it burned out. Now my first experience with customer service is so negative. My $200 Sony headphones went out after 4 months and were not covered also. I was interested in a Sony Alpha camera as well as an Xperia Z Ultra phone….I think that I will pass as I can see they have poor customer service and unreliable products.

  14. Hello.

    I am a computer drafter so I spend many hours at the computer. I usually listen to music while I draft. I am a big Sony believer and buyer. Everything I have is sony for the most part. I stay pretty faithful to the companys that I get attached too. Nike is one for example is one. Folgers is another. etc etc…. However the reason I am writting you is I have purchased many headphone sets lately three in the past seven months. I have purchashed the earbud types that I use when I draft. However they havent held up at all. My first pai I bought lasted three years. My problem with them lately is one side quits after a month or so of use. I take care of my things so they shouldn’t go out like this. I don’t twist the chords up at all which might cause breakage I know. I have a cubical hook that I drape them over. When the first pair went out I figured things happen. After the second pair I got concerned. After the third pair I thought maybe Sony is starteing to slack on their product or something. I wanted to know if you wanted to make it right by sending me a new pair. I don’t want to start buying a new brand since I have been loyal to you for over 30 years. I also wouldn’t take the time to write you if I didn’t think you cared about the customers of your product. It would be nice to know after all the Sony equipment dvd players, blueray players tvs, camcorder, Home stereo with surround speakers etc. Plus the headphones that you would do this for me as proof that you don’t only back your product but you do your customer as well. I want to thak you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. I purchased a replacement remote from Sony over the telephone. I was told delivery would be about one week. When I called back in 8 days I was told delivery would be next week or a week later, nothing definite. If I knew at purchase delivery could take 21 days or more, I’d never make the purchase. I asked to cancel the order since it was not available for delivery yet, but was refused. This service is way below other major e-retailers, and clearly deceptive.

  16. My son recently
    bought mineceaft on the ps3 and i used my credit card and yous charged me twice could you fix this problem.

  17. My sons bought mine raft ps3 version and he stopped the payment before it went through.Later that day i decided to buy it.Your company charged me €16.50 and €18.99.Could you fix this?

  18. I recently purchased a M70BT Marine Radio for my boat. I had a few quick questions concerning lights remaining on when the radio was turned off. After 20 minutes on hold, I spent another 10 minutes(due to communication problems and the need to repeat myself) giving the necessary vital information to register the radio. Once completed, I informed the person of the problem. When she attempted to repeat what the problem was, I informed her she was wrong. She continued to look up the information that was not my problem and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was disconnected. In attempts to contact a supervisor 2 more times, each time it was a 20 minute wait. I find it discouraging that such a fine company such as SONY lacks the support services for it’s products. HELP!!

  19. I have been trying to get a hold of a person in customer service all morning. I have called serveral times, go thru the menu pressing 1,2 etc. to get to where I need to be. It keeps coming on saying I will talkd to the next avaiable person and then after 10 minutes of waiting I get cut off! Seriously, is this how you treat your customers?

  20. I bought a Vaio Tap 11 from Best Buy in November 2013. After two months the computer would not turn on. Since it was no longer covered by their warranty Best Buy sent it to Sony for repair. A couple of months later the same problem happened and again the computer was sent in for repair. Again in June the computer would not turn on. After numerous calls to customer service, beginning July 1, spending several hours on hold, being promised return calls that never materialized, I was told on July 10th that I would be sent a box to return the computer and receive a partial refund. When the promised box did not arrive by July 24th I again called customer service, spent an inordinate amount of time on hold to be told that the agent did not know what was going on, had no authority to do anything, would make inquiries and get back to me. After hearing nothing for almost a week I called again and was told to email the Sony Customer Relations team and they would respond in one to two business days. That was three days ago and again no response.
    I bought the computer because Sony had a reputation of selling high quality products and offering stellar support when needed. You can rest assured it will be the last Sony product I will ever purchase. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with any customer support for anything. It is bad enough that I was sold a faulty computer which was out of commission for much of the time I owned it and I have had to buy a new computer so that I can continue to work, but in the past month I have spent well over 10 hours on hold and being given the runaround. It frightens me to contemplate how long it will take to finally get my “partial refund” if it has taken almost a month and they still haven’t been able to even send me a box.

  21. about 6 years ago I bought a 50 inch Bravia T.V. from ABC and purchased the warranty with it. Good thing I did I had to replace the lamp two times under the warranty and now the warranty has expired and it needs a lamp again. It has not been even two years since the last replacement am not happy with this Sony product.Is there anything you can do to help me?? Has anyone else complained about this? Afraid you are going to loose a loyal Sony customer over this

  22. I have been online to register a Sony DVD that I bought. Firstly according to your website, the model number that I bought does not exist or cannot be found, and secondly the store where I purchased the product, Fred Myer in Portland Oregon is not listed!!! So I called your customer service number and for the last 15 minutes have been on hold!!!!!!! Absolutely unacceptable……what customer service?? Please contact me via my email and at least show me the courtesy as a customer who has purchased Sony on numbers of occasions.

  23. I purchased 20 (2 different orders of 10) Sony headphones from Ingram Micro and I do not like them. I need to return 10 of them, they are not a good fit for our business. The items have never been used or opened. All I need to do is return the items. I called customer service and was advised I needed to call a different department, I want to do is return he unopened product. Been holding for 20mins to finally get disconnected

  24. i am trying to get soney telivision tel# why do rou not have these # as one open up the web sites why is it so diffecult to get .
    my problem is i have a 40 inch flat screen tv some times half of the screen is blank and the other half is showing good picture what is the problem

  25. Good Morning,

    I am writing this email because I am at a complete loss of words on how my warranty claim has been handled. I have been without a TV for going on three months now. I bought a 70 inch television last year and it went out on me in October 2014, not even a year. I was thinking SONY was take care of it asap as you are SONY and a leader in your industry, but I have got the complete opposite. This is perhaps the worst warranty service I have ever encountered. Like I said, its been almost three months since I have had a working TV, that is completely unacceptable, I can understand if I bought some knock off cheap brand but I didn’t. I went with SONY because I used to think they were the best and also had the best customer service, I was dead wrong. I would never buy another SONY product in my life, not because the TV went out on me, I get that its electronics and it happens from time to time, but because of the nightmare I been going through for the last three months trying to get mine repaired and when that didn’t work, trying to get a replacement. I would never recommend your product to friends and family as I will always tell them of my horrible customer service experience in trying to get SONY to honor their manufacturing warranty.

    First, dealing with your customer service agents is a joke. Not to take anything from the hard work they do, but honestly it was a joke. It took me three days of talking to them to even get a reference ID and formally lodge my warranty request. I literally got the run around for 3 days. If it was not for FRYS, the place where I bought my TV, I don’t think I would have got anywhere.

    Second, your contracted service provider in my area, Precision TV, is even more incompetent. I receive a call from them to schedule a appointment for the tech to come out and take a look. They tell me it will not be for another two weeks as they have to wait for parts, which I do not understand as they should have parts in stock. Finally the day arrives for them to come and I took the day off from work as they gave me a 4 hour window and I really wanted my TV fixed. The tech arrives only to tell me that the repair parts for my TV were misplaced and he could not do anything. Fast forward another week till they could come, so I take another day off. The tech arrives with two of the three parts, replaces both, and closes out the work order because even ensuring the TV works. He plugs in the TV and nothing. The TV does not work. The tech leaves and tells me he will b e in contact with me over the next few days for what’s next. Four days pass and nothing so I call Precision TV back and their reply is my work order is closed so they cannot do anything until I call SONY back and open another one! All because the tech closed out the work order with even making sure the TV worked! I was not going to call you guys again after the horrible experience the first time around. Once again I called FRYS and they helped and you guys called me and told me you would replace the TV. Great, I am happy thinking I will have my TV in about a week, not the case.

    Last, here we are about a month alter after I was told that I would get a replacement TV and I am still waiting. This is the customer service I have received from SONY, completely unacceptable. I am completely at an utter loss of words to explain my frustration. I always put SONY up their with the best name brands such as APPLE, GE, and IBM, but you guys are no where near there in term of customer service. Three months for a replacement TV is ludicrous, especially coming from SONY. I hope this email sounds some alarm and you do something about it to ensure that this never happens to anyone because it is frustrating not being able to have people over for games, not being able to relax and watch my favorite shows, and explaining to my kids why they cant watch there favorite cartoons.

    Event ID: E60592414

  26. I can’t tell you how unhappy I am with your company! I have been very happy with my first two Bravia TVs and I just purchased 4K ultra HD. I had problems with setup and called for help- stayed on the phone for 15-20 minutes only to be told the department that I needed was having technical difficulties and she would have a tech call me as soon as possible- no call on that day and missed a call on the next morning telling me that he would call me at approximately 5:00pm ET- again no call yesterday or last night and still no call today! Yesterday, I get an email asking me to sign up for Sony Rewards which I did and find out I get no credit for the $3000.00 purchase! I am very disappointed! I was thinking about the purchase of another TV but you have changed my mind! Terrible business!


    • hi

      my computer is sony notebook which i bought around 3 yrs ago.
      nowdays i feel too much slow so i want to go back to original setting. please let me find where its program is. i mean the process to go back to original setting.

      one more thing is when i type word, cusore move forward automatically .

      i look foward to seeing your response so soon.

    • hi

      my computer is sony notebook which i bought around 3 yrs ago.
      nowdays i feel too much slow so i want to go back to original setting. please let me find where its program is. i mean the process to go back to original setting.

      one more thing is when i type word, cusore move forward automatically .

      i look foward to seeing your response so soon.

  28. Sony used to be the best, now they are the worst, my Blue Ray DVD player that I bought less than a year ago is not connecting to my internet while all my other WI FI devices are connecting without a problem. I have now been on hold for over an hour waiting for tech support and still waiting…. I will never buy any Sony products again. Samsung is the best and their customer service and tech support is prompt and professional.
    Sony you really have problems and you are loosing your market share, you should be ashamed.

  29. If it matters:
    My wife and I have had Sony TVs for decades.
    Today I called two times to ask about 40″ Bravias and why there were more than a dozen model #s associated with a 40″ Bravia.
    I got great salesmanship from both CSRs, but no answer to a basic question.
    We now have our first Samsung.
    Point is, when a customer like me asks a straight question, Just answer it.

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