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Contacting SNCF Customer Service Center

SNCF is a French company that specializes in high speed rail development and production. In France, the company is responsible for more than 800 daily rail trips and 1,100 miles of high speed track. SNCF does not have that impact in the US, yet, but the company could change the face of rail travel and create a plethora of jobs in the US as a result.

Contact Info:

Contact information for SNCF is minimal. The website only openly lists a contact form for email communication, but we dug through all the pages and managed to scrape up a little more, including a phone number to contact SNCF.

Phone Contact Numbers

The only SNCF phone number we could secure was for the French railway system. The company, though working on high speed rail systems in California and Florida, does not openly publish contact information for the US division.

  • French Client Services: +33-8-92-35-35-35

This is an international call. If you are in France and speak English, you can call 36 35 and press 1 for English.

Mailing Address

The mailing address we found in the legal policies posted on the SNCF America website are for the main company in France. Before sending your letter, take it to the post office to secure enough postage as international costs are higher than domestic costs.

Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais (SNCF) 34 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte 75014 Paris

Official Website

The US website for SNCF is located at This site tells about the railway systems being planned in California and Florida. The rail systems will reinvent travel between major cities and drastically reduce the number of people flying short distances. The California trains are expected to reach up to 220 mph and Florida trains up to 186 mph. Effectively; the Florida train could reduce travel time by 2/3 based on driving times and reduce overall cost of travel significantly.

Customer Service Email

Email communication is clearly the preferred method of customer service for SNCF, because it is the only option listed out in the open. You can email SNCF by filling out the customer contact form at We sent a message asking when the company expects the high-speed railway to be operational in the United States. Although the system stated the company received the message, there was no indication as to when a customer service agent would respond to our message.

Our Experience

The unfortunate side of an international company is not all of the time does the company provide a phone listing for the U.S. We are relying on our email to provide an indication of the level of customer service provided by SNCF. If you have reached the customer service department and want to share your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.

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